Post-practice interview: Tortorella


Two funny things. First, somebody’s phone went off during John Tortorella’s presser. That’s always good for a laugh.

Then, after he was finished, he talked about the Super Bowl and laughed that Phil Simms “spent an hour” saying the blackout wouldn’t affect anybody and then all of a sudden there were 17 points slapped on the board.

John Tortorella:



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  1. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    You are posting new posts faster than Chris christy sprinting toward a buffet table.

  2. E3 pimp's angel on

    Carp – given what you know about torts, what do you suppose his reaction would be if during the Devil’s game and rangers up 2-1, late in the 3rd, and Hank stops someone on a breakaway, then does a 20 second end zone style celebratory funky dance – and a Devil grabs the puck, scores, all while Hank is busting moves??

  3. I guess nobody is around today….but if anybody is around today:

    Am I the only one super annoyed at the lack of discipline for that Erskine hit on Simmonds? That was as dirty as you get and he got the same amount of games that Hagelin got during the playoffs for an accidental hit on Alfredsson? Erskine should have gotten 7+

  4. Wow. Getting rid of Rupper for spare parts. Hope the CT Whale have room for another goon on their squad.

    Guess this means Ferrari will get some 3rd line time!

  5. Although, if you’re going to punch people in the face, what better surname to have than *POWE*

  6. And Powe’s Wiki is already updated:

    Darroll Bradley Powe (born June 22, 1985) is a Canadian professional ice hockey centre and left winger who plays for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL).

  7. Vitaly – That’s the only thing I can think. Tortorella did not seem to dislike Rupp, but it was strange that Asham was on the third line over him on Saturday. Rupp’s job can be done cheaper by Bickel.

  8. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Rupp, we hardly knew ya

    There is poetry,there are lyrics, and there is this…

    They call me…..Dr. Love, they call me Dr. Love (Dr. Love), I got the cure you’re thinking of, they call me Dr. Love (Dr. Love)

  9. Another great line and the reason that Tort probably wanted him:

    Powe is generally regarded to be a role player and has excellent penalty killing skills. Another of his strengths is his forechecking prowess.

  10. Not only are Stuart and his Bickels cheaper than Mike Rupp, they are more effective and way better at punching.

  11. Minnesota Wild ?@mnwild
    BREAKING: #mnwild acquires C Mike Rupp from @NYRangers for C Darroll Powe and RW Nick Palmieri. Details: #NHL

    I think Nick Palmieri is the KEY to this trade.

  12. D. Powe: 27 Years old, 5’11”, 212lbs, Signed through 2013-2014 at $1.067M (Cap Hit)

    M. Rupp: 33 Years Young, 6’5″, 243lbs, Signed through 2013-2012 at $1.5M (Cap Hit)

  13. So we are short a body to fill a roster spot now unless:
    a) Kreider comes back tomorrow
    b) Bickel and Gilroy (or Biron??) plays at forward
    c) Sather got good news from the scouts and a deal sketched out with another GM…

  14. czechthemout!!! on


    Before you say it, yes I am very happy. The woest player on the team is gone.

    Could be a prelude to something else soon as well.

  15. I love that Palmieri is another 6’3″, 230lb player. We have a bunch in that range! At least he’s a Right-Handed shot.

  16. Well hey, great trade by Slats. Who knew you could actually get TWO players for Mike Rupp. Guess the Wild are a bit desperate to protect their ex-Devil.

  17. Powe rarely fights, ‘heads. Fourth line center, kills penalties, can skate reasonably well. Played for Philadelphia….

  18. From Hockey’s Future:

    “Palmieri is a big burly power-forward who now knows how to use his size to his advantage after some consistency issues coming up through junior. He drives hard to the net and isn’t afraid to take up residency just outside the blue paint and fight for rebounds and get those garbage goals. He isn’t the fleetest of foot, but moves well for his size. The owner of a sizzling shot with a quick release, Palmieri has above average finishing skills. He’s responsible defensively and likes to get involved physically.

    Palmieri has the perfect skill-set to play in a complimentary role as a top-six forward, doing all the dirty work for his linemates. He played very well in the second-half for New Jersey last year and it looks as though he has sewn up a full-time spot at the NHL level. He has 30-30 upside in his future.”

    It seems a little far-fetched that he is so talented if he could have been picked up for free before the season, since the Wild had to place him on waivers to send him down to the AHL.

  19. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Is it pronounced POW as in Adam West’s Batman fight sequences,

    or is it pronounced POE as in Kung Fu Panda?

  20. Guess we can close the book on that whole, “San Jose Sharks here to scout Mike Rupp thing….”

  21. Cross Check Charlie on

    So, the Rangers keep trying to replace Prust. Let’s hope Powe is the answer (because Wellman sure wasn’t).

    Spider – Have to agree with your last paragraph. The Wild got him for nothing and they’re giving him up for nothing. Doesn’t sound like he’ all that great to me.

  22. The Wild are reporting that they have traded Darroll Powe and Nick Palmieri to the New York Rangers for center Mike Rupp. This comes after the Wild calling up Charlie Coyle, and reportedly scratching Powe to “send a message” to Devin Setoguchi and Mikael Granlund.

    This is certainly an interesting move for the Wild. Rupp does not play an altogether different game than Powe. Nice to see the Wild off load the Palmieri contract somewhere, freeing up a contract spot, and getting rid of a kid with a strong sense of entitlement.


  23. I have no idea why people said he was a goon….I saw him fight once, he wasn’t very comfortable doing it.

    On Nick Palmieri- don’t get too excited, there is a reason he’s bounced from one team’s AHL squad to another….

  24. Hey, I will tell you this, Rupp never really did anything BAD per say, but I think injuries have plagued him while he has been here. I don’t think his knees are 100%. I will always remember what he did in the winter classic and if that is his legacy as a Ranger, so be it. best of luck to the guy.

  25. stranger nation on

    addition by subtraction – no winter classic – no need for Rupp

    got two younger players with some upside for a broken down wanna be goon with a glass chin and no hands, but a GREAT locker room presence.

  26. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Just had a daydream of there one day being a Haley-Powe-Asham 4th line appearance.

  27. Bye Rupp! Not only did we NOT take on another player who won the Cup with the Debbies (Arnott) we got rid of the one we had!

  28. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I was vibin’ during Beyonce’s halftime show? Do you think Beyonce is a Jewish name?

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Big meh on this trade. I don’t think Powe helps much more than Rupp did, and Rupp was useless. Palmieri is an AHL lifer. Slats probably saw that a Palmieri had a hat trick over the weekend and thought he was stealing a good player for Mike Rupp. He couldn’t understand why the Wild also threw in Powe.

  30. Still will always think that Rupp was unnecessarily under too much criticism from a bunch of fans here. Good guy, defended his teammates, and beat the Flyers in the WC. Best of luck to him.

  31. but we got Palmieri who played for the Devils. Our ex-Devils quotient has remained the same. DJK.

  32. Rupp hasn’t helped the Rangers since the Winter Classic game.

    To me he looked really slow this year. So getting some speed back on the 4th line, and a player for the Whale that could move up down the road, seems like a win/win trade for both parties involved.

    MN needs more grit, and Rupp will fill that role for them.

  33. czechthemout!!! on

    Powe will easily replace future hall of famer, its just pain Prust. He is a bettet skater and passer. He plays a physical game and scores a little more than Prust on average but does not drop the gloves like Prust. He also costs a lot less than Prust. This is a good trade that improves the talent level on the fourth line.

  34. Losing nothing on the ice with Rupp, gaining a guy who put in 200 minutes on the PK last year. Works for me.

  35. Agree on Rupp, Lev….

    I wonder who will be the next scapegoat on the blog….Any suggestions?

  36. Esp since Rupper got his ass whooped in his last fight…if he couldnt do that anymore, rupp what were you good for…

  37. 4generations 4 cups on

    oh dang, Powe was SECOND in the league in blocked shots last year with 91. I guarantee thats why Torts wanted him.

  38. I like this line from

    “The addition of Rupp gives the Wild a veteran presence with Stanley Cup experience. The 33-year-old will likely play on Minnesota’s fourth line”

    I guess they couldn’t get that from Parise, Heatley or Cullen.

  39. Mike Rupp = great guy, adequate player

    However, he has an “energy line” role and he’s got almost no energy.

    Powe isn’t Hagelin or anything but he can skate rings around Rupp and he can get in on the forecheck.

    He’ll be ensconced on the fourth line, he’ll bring grit, responsibility, forechecking and a PK shift.

    EXCELLENT trade.

    Palmieri = Jessiman. We took on the contract to get Powe.

    And it’s still an excellent trade.

  40. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    KAR – Beyonce Duberstein does have a nice ring to it, come to think of it. I would crash down on her like an avalanche.

  41. Stepan needs to remove the weights from his feet if he wants to not be the scapegoat anymore…or get lighter skates…something…

  42. stranger nation on

    like the idea of a speedy fourth line with some grit/size pinning the D inside their zone with a heavy forecheck.

    Halpern on the 3rd line last game sealed the deal with Rupp – when Cally and Kreider come back, Hags and Pyatt will be on 3rd line and Halpern, Bickel and one of these two on 4th

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    This trade is a win based on the names. Rupp sounds like a small fart. Powe is like a punch in your kisser. *POWE!*

  44. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    So now Powe is the guy from A Beautiful Mind? Crashing the borards by night and solving KGB codes by day?

  45. Powe is an attempt to replace Prust, not Rupp – similar sizes and skill sets, doubt Powe fights as much as Prusty does but he will be killing penalties with Boyle.

  46. I wouldnt get too excited about the Palmieri kid. And from what the Wild fans are saying doesnt sound he like enjoyed being in their AHL affiliate too much. Or whatever they mean by “strong sense of entitlement.”

  47. Palmieri is an AHLer, Lev….

    I don’t think they are trying to replace Prust, I believe they want to give more PK support and decrease Calahan’s PK time after he comes back from shoulder injury, and going forward.

  48. Yea Palmieri will be fun on the Whale and up here for a few games when the Ferrari thing wears off.

    USA! NY!

  49. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    AGrossRecord #NYR will assign Nick Palmieri to #CTWhale. Darell Powe expected to be available for tomorrow’s game vs. Devils.

  50. The greatest loss with Rupp is what he provided to the media: thoughtful insight, great interviewee.

  51. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Maybe this type of thing wakes up the club (shakes things up) and has the guys playing harder, especially against a divisional opponent. 1-3 so far.

  52. czechthemout!!! on

    Just watched some videos on Powe over at SNY. This guy is a very good skater. He took on a really tough couple of guys in Tanner Glass and Steve Ott. He just doent do the staged fight crap that Prust does. He can handle himself.

  53. Wow – we got got peter, paul, & mary for Rupp I hear. What talents! The garden should sound much nicer.

    Carp – is Torts serious about the cell phones?

  54. You Boneheads were serious about that! I actually thought the postings the other day about The Wild scouting The Rupper was sarcasm… Love the trade! Getting two Torts type depth players for a guy I question if he has the speed to be an NHLer anymore, koodos Slats.

  55. Angry Goldfish on

    Clutterbuck – Konopka – Rupp

    oy vey

    Actually the one you want is Clutterbuck. Great hockey name and hits everything in sight.
    He would allow Callahan to give his shoulder some rest.

  56. good trade. rupp lacks speed and the tough stuff is overrated. palmieri I think is from upstate NY also.

    powe is small but he can skate.. this is a marginal upgrade.

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