Rangers-Lightnings in review



1) There’s going to be a lot of obvious stuff said in the next bunch of paragraphs because there was nothing subtle here. It was very obvious. For example, the Rangers had the puck for a lot of this game, more than in any other game this season. Did it get a little wide-open at times? Yeah, but sometimes you take what the opponent gives you. The Rangers had the puck a lot, were aggressive in going to get it, used their speed (and only three lines) to cause turnovers and create possession. And that’s how you slow down the best offense in the league and get some offense yourself. Obviously.

2) Obviously, also, the Rangers have been absolutely starved for secondary scoring, and they got it. That’s three or four good games in a row (other than the “dumbness” penalty) for Carl Hagelin, who again used those wheels when he had the puck, but even more effectively when he didn’t have it … and then again on the goal. And a really good two-way game for Derek Stepan and Taylor Pyatt, too, who had solid shift after shift. Stepan looked like he was going to break loose right from the start.

3) Honestly, I was thinking it was time to bust up the big line because Stepan and Hagelin needed a finisher on that line, and because the Rangers so desperately needed a second line to contribute, and because the big line was a little stale. Then Rick Nash goes and scores that go-ahead goal in Nash fashion, and that line had some really strong shifts, especially early. On the goal, there were a couple of other key plays including the breakout pass by Marc Staal (I thought it was Michael Del Zotto at first), and then another by Brad Richards to get it to Nash with speed.

4) Obviously, it was a terrific start for Martin Biron, who hadn’t started since, when? You can’t imagine how hard that is. His stick-handling, too, I thought slowed down the Lightnings early on.

5) Steven Stamkos=Monster. Obviously.

6) I know that the PPG by Tampa Bay in the second was on Rick Nash not getting the puck out of the D-zone, getting stripped from behind. But I don’t like that over-aggressiveness on the PK, where a D-man (in this case Ryan McDonagh) chases the puck beyond the circles. Especially when there’s a 60-goal scorer lurking around the net. Don’t like it at all.

7) Matt Gilroy had a nice outing, too, for his limited time.

8) John Tortorella sure looked happy with that little lineup snafu thing pregame.

9) Going back to the wide-open early going. I am sure that Torts doesn’t like the trading chances, but the Rangers  created more than they had the last few games. Maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world for them to play a game like this. Better to watch than that slop vs. Pittsburgh, too. By a lot.

10) The third line wasn’t bad, either, shutting down (Torts’ boy) Vinny Lecavalier at even strength all night. Jeff Halpern and Brian Boyle get some credit there, blocked some shots, too. I also liked that Brad Richards was taken off for Halpern for some D-zone faceoffs.

11) A couple of days old, but I still can’t believe — after watching the replay a few times — that Evgeni Malkin got away with that hatchet-job on the top of the head of a guy who had a concussion last year, Marc Staal. Brendan Shanahan finally did his job yesterday with the John Erskine suspension. It’s always easier when a scrub player does it to a good player (Wayne Simmonds this time). But the great player can do whatever the hell he wants, apparently.

12) We will have our own little Super Bowl party here tonight, with a special edition “It’s Go Time!” … so somebody bring the Buffalo Baby Buffalo chicken wings and the little hot dogs.

13) Hey, they forgot to take a too-many-men penalty.

My Three Rangers Stars (obviously):
1. Derek Stepan.
2. Carl Hagelin.
3. Martin Biron.

Dc62’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Derek Stepan…his most consistent game in a long time.
2. Rick Nash- dominant performance.
3. Carl Hagelin- speed  with a purpose.

Your poll votes for Three Rangers Stars:
1. Martin Biron (24.74 %).
2. tie, Carl Hagelin (20.96 %).
2. tie, Derek Stepan (20.96 %).

Photo credits:
Top photo, and Biron by Getty Images.
Hagelin, Nash and Tortorella by the Associated Press.




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  1. ThisYearsModel on

    First? Nice win against a good team. Good to see Nash score and the seconds contribute. Looks like Pyatt is quite a find.

  2. Excellent observations. I agree with everything except the order of your three stars. (obv…nevermind)

    Best game yet.

  3. carp, totally agree about the Malkin tomahawk chop on Marc Staal. I tweet Shannie, when is he going to look at the hit? It was o a guy who lost games to a concussion.

  4. Wins mean squat without equally-impressive victories in the follow-up games this coming week.

    4-3″4 record still = amateur-hour

  5. ‘Speed with a purpose’ should be Hagelin’s middle name ….. when he’s on his game of course.

    Carl ‘Speed with a purpose’ Hagelin

  6. 4th line ice time –

    Bickel: 3:27
    Rupp 4:28
    Ferriero 4:52

    no ice time after that penalty three minutes into the second period. Need Kreider and Callahan back. I agree they don’t deserve ice time either, except Ferriero.

  7. Best game of the year. Obviously. Racking my brain trying to think of a player in Rangers history equal to Nash’s particular set of skills. There have been guys who can make moves like that, but with his size? Wow.

  8. I was hoping it wasn’t going as close as it was because Tampa played the night before .

  9. ZzZz NASH ZzZz "Monster Nash!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Nice to see the new guy ” bully” his way through the defense.

    Nash takes the puck from Richards and goes through the defense with power , his goal was a beuty . Look for more of that . Nash is used to carrying a team on his back and with our Rangers sometimes we need that. Gaborik is good but he can’t command a presence like Nash .
    Richards -Nash-Gaborik is probally the best line we have ever had . Sure Mess and graves were good but this line is outta this world!! Anyone have any thoughts on what was/is the best Ranger line ever?

  10. Jagr and Lindros had size and skills, but Jagr was almost 4 years older when he got here. Lindros was the same age, but it seemed like was older when he arrived. Maybe becuase he missed almost 3 seasons worth of games.

    Best line ever? ’71-’72, 189 goals from 7, 11 & 19.

  11. Greg L.: Hadfield-Gilbert-Ratelle? – they were called the GAG (goal-a-game) line – although in hind site, one goal a game for three stars doesn’t seem exceptional

  12. ZzZz NASH ZzZz "Monster Nash!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    GAG line WAS our best line at one time…Now I think we have a more dominating line once it fully comes together . Its alot of money on one line …might wanna call it the Money line.

    Lindros and Jagr had success before they got here . Nash has proven hes a scorer and unlike Jags and Lindros he can make his name with the Rangers cuz no ones gonna care what he did at Columbus after we win the cup.

  13. Czechthemout!!! on

    Great effort all around. The Rangers actually should play this type of game. They are much more talented than they were last year and are still without Cally and The Kreider. They are not as much of a grinding team although they can still do some of that, but their talent, mobile defense and superior goaltending allows them to open things up and more than hold their own against anyone. Torts is a good coach who should adapt to the strengh of his team. I am sure as the season goes on, he will.

    Thought that Nash had a really strong game. Set up Gabby twice for tap in goals that he missed.
    Great player who will only get better as the season continues.

    Stepan and Hags should not be broken up ever. They played great. Look for both of them to really start steeping up their production.

    When Cally and The Kreider return, they should call up JT Miller make that the third line and make yesterday’s third line the 4 line. Send Ferriero down, bench the utterly useless Bickel ad the even more useless Rupp.

    By the way, Asham is by far the better player than Rupp. He had a very strong game as did Halpern and Boyle who is a very good fourth line player.

  14. AW

    I’m getting sick of falling asleep during these games. This is the third time it’s happened. Gotta find a way to get past that.

    I was there for a period and then suddenly I looked up and it posted the score of Ranger win. Talk about PO;d.

    Ah well….tbw says it’s just old age creeping up on me. I gotta have some strong coffee with me from now on. ( I shudder to think what it would be if I drank beer.) If it happens during super bowl, then I know some serious steps have to be taken. Other wise, the rest of you can be content with what happened…( Big guy finally came thru big time hey? Against a really good hockey team.) Gilhuly probably felt like old home week. Aghh…not Gilhuly, GILROY
    DAMN IT.

  15. Rick Nash = Nick Rash = Monster Mash / Monster Nash.

    He did the Nash. He did the Monster Nash.

  16. Cross Check Charlie on

    Didn’t get to see the game, but I saw a highlight of the Nash goal. Why Columbus didn’t surround him with better players is beyond me. He was wasting away in that hell hole. I can’t believe he only has two goals on the season. The way he plays I can envision him getting 50 in a real season.

    Of course, Columbus is probably saying, “Rick who?” Anisimov has 4 goals. lol

  17. Stranger Nation on

    Pie-hat is very strong along the walls and likes to plant himself in front of the crease – could be surprise of the season at this rate

  18. Best line ever? The GAG line is one of legend. I’ll also throw out Messier-Graves-Verbeek in ’96. Barring injuries Mess and Verbeek could have BOTH had 50 goals that season.

  19. Stranger Nation on

    Beer-on made some subtle plays that allowed Rangers D to quickly move puck out of zone. Hank has a bad habit of holding on to every puck near the crease and also catching shots that are 3 feet wide of goal.

    forcing draws in your end is a dicey proposition especially with our FO % and Dzone play by first 2 lines.

  20. Carp you forgot to write “zing!” After #13 lol.

    Thrilled that Hagelin and Stepanwolf got the doughnuts off their backs. Both looked great last night

    Def Credit Biron he’s really got a good head in his shoulders. Although his helmet should say “”Mylec” on it.

    My fiancé brought up the point that they’ve yet to win when I banter on w yous guys during the game. Supersticion got the best of me and she won another argument. She also won best comment of the night when she saw Duguay post game and asked with 100% seriousness: “why is Barry Manililow being interviewed about the Rangers?”

  21. Manny ill have you know Rupper is one of the most trusted members at the shady pines retirement home. His is the room they leave all the arts and crafts stuff in at night

  22. Nash scores a goal exactly like we signed him up for. Power fwd move late in game walked around a good dman and whammo stuff home!

    Should biron get another start? I kid.


  23. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp! Obviously :-)

    Not much to add, except Nash is what this team was lacking for ages. A game breaker. Who can score an individual goal when the game is tied, played defensively, and can go either way, and boom- the opposition has to open up and take chances. He also, seemingly, made that play out of nowhere. There was no immediate threat, Tampa looked OK defensively. And the D-man he made look silly isn’t necessarily small or slow. It’s their defensive stud, #77. He is also young, and it showed.

  24. asham is better then rupp because he is a much better skater. for a thug asham can skate.. he will score 6 goals a season more or less.

    bickell is a utter waste, torts affinity for him is weird…

    add kredier and cally and you have about 9 forwards more or less with skill.

    you also have hagelin, kreider, ferrerio, and gabby who have exceptional speed..

    this team should be a more talented version of last years team.. again ad Nash(elite) hags, stepan, kreider(very talented, big, and fast) and the young d should get better. I expect a long run this year anything else will be a disappointment big time..
    jt miller had anotherpoint last night.

    boo nieves had a huge weekend for the wolverines. big and fast….skinny at present he is only 18 but had about 6 points this weekend…

  25. Czechthemout!!! on


    Watched Nieves play three games on tv this season. Impressed with his speed ,stickhandling,and passing ability. He needs to shoot the puck more because he always looks to pass first. Maybe the number one center in the not too distant future( two seasons?).

    Look for Oscar Lindberg to get a look this year when his season is over in first week of March. New NHL rule allows Swedish players to join team their season is over. Strong, fast, great faceoff man,takes the body,who is around 6 2″. He found his offensive game this season as he is in the top 10 in scoring in the SEL. Could do for us what the Kreider did at the end of last year.

  26. prust was not resigned because he got ridiculous money from montreal… talk to me in a year and a half not 7 games..

    prust is a very good 4th liner, who kills penalties….thank czechthemout for that update. how is fasth doing also? heard he is a tremendous skater.

    man I wish sauer was healthy…only issue on this team is forward depth/secondary scoring…

    need the young guys to contribute not ridiculous amounts but become viable options….

  27. I don’t know who he’s scouting, vogs, but I hope whoever it is, if not essential to the team or somebody I like, can be traded for Dougie Murray!

  28. Czechthemout!!! on


    Fasth is doing very well too. His numbers are really good, and he will also join the tea, in March when his contract and team is finished. He will probably go to the Whale to start but you never know. You could see him here as well.

  29. And Stu Bickel is around because nobody else on this team other than Rupp and Asham will drop the mitts, and this league has turned into a goon league.

  30. vogs the rough stuff is overrated.

    bickell is useless if he cannot play a safe d game from the blueline.. if he cannot get the puck out of the zone he serves no purpose. you can win without thugs…

    rupp the loser and asham are sufficient thugs even though they lose every fight. asham use to win the middleweight fights before he came to the rangers btw…

  31. PAL, they got the G-A-G name because for a while they were each averaging a goal a game … as in, the line was scoring almost three goals per game.

    Good morning, Sally! Before the crack of noon, today.

  32. Stu Bickel, is a slightly better version of Dale Puritan. does not belong in the NHL. Rangers need to do better than Bickel.

  33. I thought Asham played well last night. he fits with Boyle. much like the guy who took the money and ran did.

  34. I’m crying reading that thread last night, especially these by cooscoos:

    As a kid, he used to go out on Halloween and say, “Trick or Meatloaf.”

    In high school, when the coach told him to haul ass, he had to make six trips.

  35. I don’t think we’ve had a player like Nash since Graves, and Nash is more talented than Graves was.

  36. He-Man Hagelin is back. He has the power! Great goal….great hair…

    Step-On has stepped up. It was only a matter of time. He was getting very good chances all season so far. Is he still “not very good”?

    It really makes you realize how bad Columbus for all those years….having a talent like Rich Nash on that team and never winning a playoff game. The guy is an absolute stud…

  37. more talent, yes. but he will never be a 50-goal scorer … maybe not a 40. and I will take Graves for the other parts of the game.

  38. The Sharks are clearly interested in Mike Rupp. Who else could they be watching? They will probably trade us Marleu for Rupp straight up.

  39. Wait a second. We are having a Super Bowl Go Time? I’ll watch with you…Just tell me who we are going for….Which means which team has less jackwagons.

  40. Maybe we can have Mike Rupp fight Stuart and his Bickels to see who remains on the team when Callahan/Kreider come back.

  41. stranger nation on

    if Nash played with the third all time assist leader in NHL history he would have netted in 60 IMHO.

    Gravy is my all time favorite Ranger, but scored 35+ goals 3x with the 52 in 94 a huge standard deviation from his career stats.

    Nash can only hope to attain the other intangibles Gravy brought to the team and franchise.

  42. Adam Graves is truly a one of kind person. Tough to put him in the same sentence with anybody. Everybody should try to be more like him. It doesn’t matter if you are a hockey player or not. You can always learn how to do something the right way from Adam Graves…

  43. Dont trade the Rupper!!! :) In my opinion, Stepan still needs to fill out gain about 10 to 15 pounds of muscle before he’s able to become a “consistantly” good NHLer. Until then I’d like to see Stepan use his speed more by centering the 2nd line with Hagelin & Kreider-(when he gets back from injury), even though both Hagelin & Kreider are more used to playing left wing.

  44. Yea. Vibin’. Graves can teach us much about life and zen and being a good person.

    Only question for this game is whether the Penguins win by 7 or 10…

  45. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Nash is going to be a huge huge star…..Now we just to resign Avery

  46. And, how to win a Stanley Cup, and how to score 50 goals, and how to beat the crap out of anyone who touches your captain….

  47. That’s a joke. Obviously Ilb is a standout member of this and any other community. Anybody who has bought me a drink is a GREAT person! Love you, ilb. Scab or not.

  48. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    ilb is a loser no good terrible loser idiot no good moron loser ding-a-ling

  49. Obviously it was a joke :) Ill happily buy you a drink when we meet, Manny. As long you promise to utter the words “Schilling is a criminal”

  50. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    adam graves was the strong silent type…..those are the dudes you never mess with…guys with the biggest mouth?…not so much….of course, avery is an exception to that rule

  51. I don’t need alcohol for that Tiki. That’s kind of my morning mantra. It’s like in Game of Thrones when Arya goes to sleep and lists the name of everyone she wants to kill.

    Holtby is LOOKING GOOD!

  52. I know the Crapitals had to let Wideman go because his contract was absurd (Especially when you’re pying $6M+ for the man-of-glass, Mike Green) but holy crap their defense looks awful.

  53. Actually, Tiki, I started reading it after Season Two. I caught up and had to just keep reading. I am currently halfway through book IV. It’s total crap literature but really fun and enticing.

    (Nice timing with my Mike Green comment, eh?)

  54. Cool, Manny. I’ve thought about getting the books because I like the TV show.

    Come on, just one moment of brilliance Luis!

  55. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " Devils NEXT!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Yeah Carp Nash will never get 50 goals always passing to Gaborik!! Gaborik always wanting the puck to score , Gaborik this , Gaborik that !! How can Nash get a break? Only reason the guy has only 2 goals this year cuz hes always passin it up. Don’t get me wrong Nash shoots alot but when your on a line with Gaborik …ya have to take 2nd stage.

  56. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    manny – hell with drinks….i will share the good stuff with ya

  57. stranger nation on

    Gravy is THE man – whole person – parent, son, friend, competitor – class personified

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    I had Hagelin 1, Biron 2, Nash 3.

    Carp, I agree with you on the PK. They need to go back to a passive box instead of an active one.

  59. I can say this, Tiki….The books are different. Book I (Game of Thrones) is pretty much exactly like the show. But in Book Two (Clash of Kings) it starts to stray. Book Three (Storm of Swords) is unreal. I read that 1,200 pages in like…5 days. It’s mesmerizing. I don’t know how they are going to make that into a television series. It’s nuts.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    Also agree on Gilroy. He was very good last night. All 4 of the bottom 4 defensemen played a very strong game. Not so much for the top two.

  61. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i am rather enjoying the late night bull sessions on this blog…kooz and I were going crazy last night

  62. I don’t know, Doodie (and Carp) this PK, and it’s active box format, has generated a TON of chances short handed. The Lightning have one of the best PP’s in the game. Maybe in certain situations, like against the best PP, we can sit back but so far, I like what I see.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Finally, you said “Steven Stamkos=Monster. Obviously.”

    If it were Duguay, it would have been “Steven Stamkos=Monster. Probably.”

  64. stranger nation on

    Who is passing the puck to Nash – both goals he had to create on his own for the most part – Richie’s ‘slow’ play and Gabby’s shoot first mentality will keep him off the board.

    Heck, last night Boiler came down on a late developing 3 on2 with Gabby and Nasher and decided to try to deke the D-man 1on1 – too bad the puck repellent was on his stick.

  65. Oh. That reminds me Stranger. Lately I have seen Nash just default to playing Centre on that line. When he actually is creating his own chances he finally slides to the RW and just creates. On his own. I was hoping Richards would be a good Centre for him but he’s been floating way too high in the zone lately. (Although that was a really nice drop pass to Nash who was trucking)

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Ton of chances shorthanded but ton of goals against on the PP. 78.4%, good for 19th best. Last season it was 86.2%, 5th best. It’s a full 5 percentage points worse than it has been in any season since the lockout ended.

  67. Doodie – do you think that some of that was early in the season? The last 3 games Dr. Halpern has been a beast on the PK and he was relatively invisible lately. Maybe the aggressive PK will result in less broken bones from shot blocking?

  68. ilb, I am torn … Baltimore has the double-homicide obstructor of justice with the disappearing bloody white suit who paid for everybody to get off, and now has six kids with four women, or four kids with six women … that we know about … and claims that God guides his every move. Steaming piece of giant carcillo.

    But Baltimore also has Ray Rice, one of the most humble superstar kids I’ve ever met … I covered his whole high school career (basketball too). So I can’t root against him.

  69. Richards had about 5 drop passes etc intercepted around the blueline last night.

    obviously Richards is far from the problem but can he get the puck deep please?

    this team will be fine..beat the debbies on Tuesday and get things back to the way they are suppose to bem

    bickell sit and kreider in on Tuesday. hard for dinasour trots to do loves bickell against a tough team like the debbies….I sit bickell and keep ferrerio in the lineup, he has nice speed…

  70. carp all the players are nuts so deciding based on who is less of a lunatic is a bad method…

    there are dopes, criminals, and lunatics on both teams I am sure of that.

    I want the ravens, SF has won enough lately and I like John more then his belligerent brother Jim..

  71. trots? wasn’t that 2003?

    Here’s a question for the haters — if Gilroy is staying in and Kreider returns, would you rather have Bickel or Rupp on the fourth line wing?

  72. Since you’re using that line of reasoning, Carp, you root against Baltimore this year. Because Rice has several more years left in the NFL to win a Super Bowl (although the shelf life of running backs is short) while Lewis is done after this game.

  73. But I must say, I do NOT want to see the network lovefest and all the news photos of Lewis as if he is the only guy on the team … and you know if Baltimore wins, it will be all about him. (and God, of course).

  74. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Ray Lewis “I didnt kill no-one…I just be covering i up”

  75. Give me Rupper…like Manny said, he has a chance of scoring a goal (or 2 outside or 3 against the Rangers)

  76. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    it would be funny if ray lewis pulls a muscle doing that whatever he calls it dance as he is introduced and has to miss the game…

  77. Harbaughs are good guys. Respectable men, great parents, very charitable, no bad background. Jim is a bit eccentric.

  78. Happy for Steps. He’s been taking a lot of abuse lately. First time in a while he can enjoy his morning OJ. Carp’s re-cap is like Hemingway or James Salter or Cormac McCarthy – concise, smart, direct, insightful. Pyatt tough in front of the crease. Love that. Remember Tim Kerr of the old Flyers?

  79. Actually. My gut says Bickel. Stuart and his Bickels are more likable (and less costly) than Rupp. But Rupp is a veteran and something says we should use him instead. Maybe because he gets _almost_ 5 Min. a game and Bickel gets 3 Min and spends 2-17 minutes in the Penalty Box.

    Personally I would like to have a viable 4th line and I think that begins with a solid third line. But Stepan and Hagelin being good together with Pyatt, where does Callahan go when he’s back? Can you put him on the top line? Something like…(which Renders Rupp obsolete)

    The Kreider-Boyle-Pyatt

    Prucha: Bickel (play him against idiotic goon teams only)

  80. That lineup looks to have a lot more depth to me. Especially when you consider the guys that could come up form Hartford: Mashinter, Jean, JT Miller, Thomas, Mcllrath etc.

  81. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    odds are about even as to who scores first…eddie shore….rupper

  82. Looking at it now, Rupp really destroys our lineup. Once he’s on the 3rd line then that line is useless and the 4th line includes a not trustworthy defenseman playing 3 Minutes of LW. And, in that 3 minutes, he takes a stupid hooking penalty when he’s playing Defense, his natural position.

  83. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    kooz – i agree Re: step…he looked happy to have that monkey off his bak

  84. Thats a misconception. They constantly deflect attention away from themselves in news conferences, did it all during Super Bowel week too. Jim is a very good coach, he made Andrew Luck, he succeeded with that bum Alex Smith, and he’s now made a SB with a qb in his 10th game

  85. Trying to be objective, the Ravens should make quick work of the 49ers. I really don’t give a rodent’s rump about Lewis or Rice. Or Colin Kapernick (sp?) Joe Flacco is going to win this game. Of course, I could be wrong.

  86. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    rupper may be good in the locker room…but so are toilets….and we dont see Kohler playing 4th line

  87. “rupper has as much chance scoring another goal as I do”

    So, you’re saying there’s a chance!

  88. for all my negative comments towards stepan and hagelin last night they played like they were second line players. this needs to be consistent not just once in 21 games and or 36 games for hagelin.

    overall very satisfied last night all around. coming from me thats weird to say

  89. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    eric – i do enjoy your optimism….positive vibrations are catchy…

  90. manny I like your line combo’s.

    cromartie has about 8 kids from who knows how many woman.

    I root for the city and laundry. if I based my rooting interest on the likeability of the players I would root for no one. you do not want to know most of these guys.

  91. Between Antonio Cromartie and Ray Lewis, they have 18 kids by 12 different women (that we know of). And both of them speak directly to God (between hookups.) Spreadin’ the junk with the sign of the cross.

  92. Duguay was attacked by three muggers last month in San Francisco. Two of them held him down and one of them did his hair.

  93. Actually, Bickel’s a bargain at 750M when you consider they’re paying Haley 600M to “skate” with the Hartford Sperms.

  94. Did you guys know that the Pie-hats and the Stahls were friends growing up in Thunder Bay? Wow…

  95. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i bet Duguay’s nipples would be hard as rocks in thunder bay

  96. Haley’s only making $300,000 while he’s in the AHL … next year it’s $600,000 whether it’s in the NHL or AHL.

  97. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    hope that didnt sound sexist….

    Nigel “what wrong with sexy?”

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d take Haley over both of them. They all can’t play worth a damn, but at least Haley can win a fight.

  99. Then get Haley up here! We need another undersized fighter!

    I heard that the Pyatt brothers and the Staahl brothers used to keep each other warm on cold nights in Thunder Bay. I think the Garth Brooks song, “The Thunder Rolls” is about that.

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    Call Haley undersized all you want, but he’s like Prust. He takes all comers and can punch way above his weight class. He isn’t much of a hockey player, but I’ll take him over other nonplayers on the team such as Rupp, Asham, and Bickel.

  101. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    doodie – i always liked Haley…dude can throw bombs…and he aint shy about doing it either

  102. Haley stinks. Sorry. Didn’t he also fight someone on our team a bunch of times? Like Bickel? Stuart and his Bickels can be our Sestito/Rinaldo/Shelley any day of the week. Prucha him most times play him against the dumb teams.

    But the Goon role in the NHL is going away. Especially with stuff like Shawn Thornton. For which John Scott feels horrible.

  103. Haley jumped Bickel last year….His only contribution this year is Bickel’s picture in waseka —–>

  104. Bickel > Rupp > Asham > Haley

    That’s my list. I don’t like the dirty stuff.

    The Prust is, was and forever will be in a league of his own.

  105. “You mean, let me understand this, ’cause, you know, maybe it’s me, you mean, I’m funny, how? I’m f,,,ing here to amuse you? What do you mean, the way I talk? What?”

  106. Doodie Machetto on

    I wonder if they give him a cup of coffee at this level and then move him like they did with Sanguinetti.

  107. Carp if you want to take a screen shot with the iphone just press the top button that closes your screen and the main button at the base of the phone at the same time it’ll automatically take a picture of whatever is on the screen and it will go to your camera roll

  108. Bar I used to frequent in my Caesar Salad days, everybody was known by a nickname. It took me three years to find out Bobby Lox (locks) was a locksmith. I thought he sold fish.

  109. what a freakin game last night. gotta think that step, hags and yea even nash despite how good hes played will start contributing consistently now. does richards have a hand injury or something? not just the faceoff problems, but he missed a wide open net badly last night. he just doesnt seem to be playing that well. nash is really carrying that line lately. gabby and nash are great together too. how bout stralman? hes been damn good too.

  110. I thought Garon, as well as Biron, were good last night. Garon made some very good saves on Nash and Gaborik…

  111. Good point, NYR. It really highlights how great our team played last night (all 3 lines of offense and 3 defensive pairings) when you look at how good Garon was.

    Also, Mrs. Manny was really excited about the Biron vs. Garon matchup because the names are fun when placed together.

  112. How in the world is Ovechkin the CAPTAIN of this team? It’s absurd. Definitely a quick summation of what’s wrong with this team.

  113. I found the first period disturbing, because at least 3 times I saw Rangers run into Rangers in their end. Once one of them ran into the goalie. But they righted the ship nicely.

  114. Doc Emrick is insufferable. He tries to make awful PP passing exciting…Ovechking to…Riberio..OOOOHOHHH slides under his stick….Turnaround pass…..JUST WIDE of Ovechkin….

  115. That was Pyatt that almost knocked over Biron. Pyatt also skated hard into Rupp at one point.

    I am just going to take that as them attempting to play Hard on the boards…

  116. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    My favorite ranger line ever (and its not even close) is graves-messier-little ball of hate

  117. E3 pimp's angel on

    This is between you, me, and soon to be spending the rest of his short assen life in agonizing pain rapist here….

  118. czechthemout!!! on


    I would rather have you on the fourth line than Rupp.

    This is not about hate. He simply cant play this game.

  119. A little of ARod’s deer antler spray and Rupp might turn into a ’57 supercharged Corvette.

  120. ZzZz NASH ZzZz on

    ” plus, when was the last time Rupp scored an indoor goal?”

    Very true words Carp …interesting way to put it.

  121. czechthemout!!! on


    The only two forwards Rupp is better than is you and Bickel. Bickel isnt a forward and you are a semi pro.

  122. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    arod has so many fake parts he is nearly cy borg…or Bjorn Young

  123. czechthemout!!! on


    Actually, I changed my mind. You are bettet than Rupp.

    Duguay at age 52 is better than Rupp.

  124. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    given rupper’s dad is Adolf, is it any surprise he is slow offensively?

  125. E3 pimp's angel on

    Bickel makes mistakes – who doesn’t? The kid is loyal and protects his mates – he is one of my fav players..

  126. Greg Wyshynski ?@wyshynski
    I really miss fat, sloppy Capuano. Now he just looks like a gym teacher.

    Bwahaha! Me too!

  127. After watching Jason Bay the past few years, I can’t stomach anyone with a name that sounds like his. Talk about throwing millions up in the air!

  128. czechthemout!!! on


    Watched Asham play for a long time with the islanders and Flyers. Also watched Rupp with the Devils and Pens. To me without question Asham is a better player.

  129. If Bickel’s purpose is to open and close the door when Biron’s hands get tired then he does a very good job. If his purpose is performance/hockey related pretty sure you will have 30 NHL coaches pick Rupp over him.

  130. It’s ridiculous though to even say that Bickel has a purpose on this team when if he plays 3 minutes in a game you’re checking if that is his career high.

  131. When a speedy first or second liner is jumped, or intimidated, Bickel takes his number and Torts tells him, sandpaper your knuckles, son, we might be needing you bye and bye.

  132. E3 pimp's angel on

    I asked few minutes ago – any thoughts on over/under on ray Lewis post Super Bowl homicides?

    I think 5 is Vegas line

  133. ‘I’m not talkin’ bout movin’ in,
    And I don’t want to change your life,
    But there’s a warm wind blowin’ the stars around,

  134. If Bickel’s role is going to be purely as the team muscle, then how effective his three minutes is doesn’t matter a great deal (without getting into the debate about whether that role has much relevance at all).

    If he’s still being worked on as a viable candidate as a bottom pair D-man, then he should be back in CT playing some minutes.

  135. I dont necessarily dislike Bickel I would just rather Eminger play as the 6th Dman and get his 5-7 minutes of icetime rather than have Bickel play 1-2.5 minutes just in case a game gets ugly. Did anyone expect a game against Tampa to get ugly and require having 3 fighters in the lineup?

  136. E3 pimp's angel on

    LW – good point – giving him max minutes will improve his game…..great point.. I think he really has upside….

  137. Calgary is off to another very poor start… I really gotta feel for Iginla. If there’s one guy in the league Ive always wanted to see in a Rangers jersey it’s Iginla. But I wouldnt trade whatever it would take to get him right now. Hope when his contract is up he will just look to go somewhere to win. After so many years he deserves it.

  138. (Ray) Knight and (Doris) Day, You are the One
    Only Youse beneath the stars or under the sun.
    In the roaring traffic’s boom, in the silence of my lonely room,
    I think of yiz, night and day.

  139. E3 pimp's angel on

    Too bad rangers can’t get a bunch of 5-0 leads after 2. Bickel could get 7 minutes in the third….

  140. E3 pimp's angel on

    Lev – I agree on Iginla. Put him on the rangers and they win the cup this year. I believe that!!!

  141. Jarome Iginla will never hit the big time. You need a name like Mickey Mantle or Mark Messier. It’s all in the alliteration.

  142. me too. …

    or as my buddy says, “he parts his hair in a circle” … or “where’d you get the haircut with the hole in the middle?”

  143. Stranger Nation on

    Rupp reminds me of the Tin Man – cranky legs, cranky gands, cant turn, and tin chin.

    like Bicks playing forwrd and Gilly in lineup

  144. I can smell it’s going to be some SB party…..I think I’ll join you after little lady goes to bed. Make sure I don’t have to catch up on 400+ posts. E3, coos? Thanks.

  145. How do you get invited to this party? I hope it’s come as you are. My tux is at the cleaners.

  146. Ted Williams and Howard Hughes never wore a tie – Hughes wore tee shirts to formal gatherings. Who cares?

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