It’s Go Time! … Super Bowl edition


OK, time for our annual Boneheads Super Bowl party!

As I’ve told you, I’m having a really hard time with this game.

Torn between rooting against that cretin and criminal Ray Lewis (and fearing the disgusting love-fest that will follow if he and Baltimore win) and rooting for Ray Rice (left), whom I have known since he was a kid football/basketball player at New Rochelle High.

Also, I am not a big fan of either Harbaugh, or of Randy Moss, or Terrell Suggs, or a whole bunch of other jackwagons in this game.

But I will tell you this, despite my rooting or lack thereof, the final score of Super Bowl XLVII will be, without a doubt, Baltimore 34, San Francisco 31.

Anybody else got any prognostications?

Post them here … then run out and get the Buffalo Baby Buffalo chicken wings and little hot dogs. Get a lot, because after last night’s thread Chris Christie might be stopping by.


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  1. Later, ‘heads! I’ll need some help, I know about football a little less than how to grow potatoes.

  2. E3 pimp's angel on

    Carp – be honest… I bet you would hang with us even if it weren’t your job, yes?

  3. IBleedRangersBlue on

    I wish this was a go time for a rangers game instead of the commercial bowl

    Not a single hockey game to watch tonight

  4. IBleedRangersBlue on

    i dont understand why people like watching a sport that averages 7.5 minutes of actually playing time in an entire game

  5. E3 pimp's angel on

    Better prediction – how many at the game had ray Lewis nightmare last night…. Imagine him charging into the crowd with swords a flying

  6. Not to worry, ilb – Pete Gogalak, Hungarian born kicker for old NY Giants knew only “Kick ball, get check,” and he’s in the Giant’s Ring of Honor.

  7. E3 pimp's angel on

    As a G man fan going back to the Tarkington/homer jones/Ron Johnson/spider Lockhart days – last year was better….

  8. IBleedRangersBlue on

    and then not only is there 8 minutes of playing time…you play 4 mins of offenense and 4 mins on defence…but can only play once a week thats sad

  9. IBleedRangersBlue on

    4 minutes on offense X 16 NFL games = 64 minutes of playing time

    I think McD played 62 minutes in one game in the tripple OT game vs washington

  10. best part about today heads


    glad to see devs/isles with a winner in regulation.

    rooting for ravens


    49ers 34 ravens 17

    too much speed for 49ers indoors

  11. Akers is the scary part. Harbaugh dressing him is like Torts dressing Haley in game 7. After all is said and done, you’re either a genius or an idiot.

  12. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Im too pasionate of a fan to wait a week to watch my team play…The rangers loose and have two days off and im miserable for two days…i cant imagine if i had to wait a whole week for another game

  13. E3 pimp's angel on

    Carp – Willie Williams, spider, Scott Eaton, Fred Dwyer, tucker fredrickson, don Herman, bob tucker, jack Gregory ( one great year) Greg Larsen, Aaron Thomas – those were the days

  14. E3 pimp's angel on

    Love my Gmen – but I am married to the rangers…. Love hockey – such a pure game

  15. When Bobby Hyland, all pro center at Green Bay came to the Giants, he asked for 50 grand. Mara told him, ‘we don’t pay centers money like that.’ As Cole Porter said, ‘Times Have Changed.’

  16. IBleedRangersBlue on

    kick off…commercial…three downs punt…commerical…touchdown…comercial..extra point…commercial…kickoff…commerical…three downs…COMMERCIALLLL

  17. You got it, RangersBlue. If you ever go to a live game, it’s worse. During all the TV time outs, all the players just stand around staring at each other.

  18. John Mendenhall, Brad Van Pelt, Brian Kelly, Troy Archer. some great players on bad Giant teams.

  19. Let’s go Ravens! Being an RU guy, I want to see RR get a ring. I so look forward to the post game press conference where Jim Harbaugh’s head explodes.

  20. Guys who play football with their hands… Shoudn’t it be called handball tackle kick game?

  21. George Carlin preferred baseball. In football, you wear a helmet, in baseball you wear a cap, and your main goal is to go home. Anyone who hasn’t heard this (is there anyone?) should.

  22. E3 pimp's angel on

    Ron Johnson was my fav player – great comeback saw giants win – time was gonna get me the game – but that night he was on Ed Sullivan show and got a shout out….now, he has full onset dementia – very sad

  23. The Ryan brothers are probably not even watching, especially the werewolf that just got fired in Dallas.

  24. cooscoos lol

    Can’t really get these NFL guys, are they really as stupid as they appear? Showing a bunch of interviews on Norwegianpansy-TV, one dumber than the other

  25. coos- Didn’t Carlin want to leave the injured players on the field and keep playing?

    Oh yea- Ravens 27, Niners 23

  26. Don’t remember that, Romeo. So many years since I last heard it. But, I’m going to tune it up again one of these days.

  27. To Ray Lewis: “There have been twelve assaults with a deadly weapon and we haven’t even kicked off. Lewis: “I heard about that, but I didn’t see nothin’, as god is my judge.”

  28. While we’re yappin, Carp has been in the kitchen eating all the little party dogs. No dogs for you!

  29. On TV here, they just asked how the 49ers should best attack Ray Lewis and take advantage of him. Not entirely sure they were talking about the game.

  30. Niners 23 Ravens 14

    I haven;t been watching any coverage, but I am already sick of hearing about Lewis. Man should be rotting in jail.

  31. He’s calling the Pats Pats game today. I cant wait to see how many mentions of the Patriots he can squeeze in today!

  32. I don’t care much for this “football” bowl thing and care even less about who wins, but I’ll play along and predict San Francisco will go to Disney World.

  33. Carp has sent us all out in the back yard with a 12 inch TV with rabbit ears while he finished the shrimp and started in on the stuffed mushrooms.

  34. True story: There was a President, either Yale or Harvard who tried to eliminate football because he found out that the offense took advantage of defensive weakness instead of attacking their strengths. He thought it was ungentlemanly and inappropriate. Needless to say, the Alumni ran him out of office.

  35. The 49ers kick returner takes a knee. Meanwhile, Chris Christie takes a leg, eight wings, some breast and some liver.

  36. E3 pimp's angel on

    Yale QB – ” go down the sq. root of 23, slant at a pi/4 angle, I will throw the ball with a position vector of 28t^2 – 14t + 12 = f(t) – on three

  37. Stuffed mushrooms gone. Filet Mignons next. Carp looks out the window: “How you jackwagons doin?”

  38. Carp says: “If any of you fellows are cold out there, I have some large napkins you could borrow.”

  39. ilb: large tattooed man just threw the ball up in the air to another man and he caught it. :-)

  40. I liked the “wheelie” post last night about Christie in a Jet. Forget who dropped it on us.

  41. E3 pimp's angel on

    Go daddy – what Christie’s kids say when their dad is charging towards the fridge.

  42. >>Carp just came out into -the yard-.

    Speaking of which, has anyone seen the Canadian show called The Yard? Hilarious stuff!

  43. E3 pimp's angel on

    Ref – “two calls offset one another – SF illegal procedure #85. Ravens, stabbing # 52. Replay second down

  44. E3 pimp's angel on

    Tike – teach a man to fish and he eats forever, give ray Lewis a knife and he says “keep it – I got my own”

  45. The Yard:
    “The six-part half-hour miniseries starring kids takes a new approach to the mafia mentality by bringing the mean streets to the schoolyard with the kids running the show…”

  46. I live in the mean streets of Park Avenue and Central Park West. You think it’s easy being green? Kermit’s got no idea.

  47. lol e3! All Jim Nantz did all week on talk shows and pre coverage was laud the Patriots. Is he sleeping with everyone in that organization?

  48. “Judge, oh, you gods, how dearly Caesar loved him. This was the most unkindest cut of all!” What’s up with Shakespeare saying “unkindest?”

  49. the actress that Brady dumped like a turd while she was pregnant was in that commercial of all the cbs tv shows!

  50. Another comment awaiting moderation. I said, “Belichick.” Guess the word chick is taboo?

  51. “Two takeaways this quarter.” Meanwhile, Chris Christie is up to six.

    (Feels wrong not using Brodeur for this stuff.)

  52. The 3 points could be the difference, but they’re playing to win. He showed his team he’s coaching to win, rather than coaching to not lose.

  53. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Imagine how big Marty would be if Christie lived in another state….only so much food to go around.

  54. Good evening all! Just stopping by to say a quick hi, cause I could care less about this over hyped sporting event/stupid commercial fest. Can SF win and Rice get a ring? That would be my ideal result.

  55. Only reason it didnt make sense is they have great kicker, could have gone up 14. But I have no problem with it. Coaches need to have more of a sac.

  56. So at the end of this, Jim Nantz oversees the presentation of the green jacket from Eli Manning to Ray Lewis in the Butler cabin, right?

  57. Np coos! I respect your opinion.

    They got a TD out of it the next drive. They showed the balls, and in the end, they got a TD instead of the FG.

  58. Thanks coos, that may be first for us I think :)

    Wish I was still in AZ, where the trees are green and sun shines warm and bright.

    Just for fun, let me share a story Anthony from AZ shared while I was visiting….It’s funnier when he tells it, but…

    In 2000, Anthony want to a Rangers fantasy camp in Montreal, and became buddies with LaFleur, Park and Stemkowski. They were out bending elbows one night when the topic of gay players came up and LaFleur was saying hey, no biggie, but we just kept in quiet, at the time, on behalf of the player.
    In fact, Guy says, there was a gay player on the team when he played. Guy offers to tell Anthony who it was, but Anthony has to swear to secrecy. He does. Guy leans over and says, come close and I”ll tell you….Then plants a big fat wet one on Tony’s face.

    Hope that doesn’t offend anyone, but I LMAO.

  59. You used to laugh about
    Everybody that was hangin’ out,
    Now you don’t talk so loud,
    Now you don’t seem so proud
    Dooooooo you?

  60. Big reason for the War of 1812 if I remember correctly my history class. Why did I bother learning things like this when I could have worked on my wrist shot?

  61. Same thing happened in Falcons game, 49ers got torched in 1st half, Jim Harbaugh made adjustments at halftime, then shut out Falcons in 2nd half.

  62. Anthony has a million awesome stories. You’ll laugh your pants off, but he keeps his on, thank heavens….OK, signing of…TA!

  63. His wife wears the pants now. For the rest of his life. Unless he wants to sign over the house and come up with 10 million and another $25,000 a month.

  64. a wicky….I figured that coos :) Rose from AZ also wears pants, but she’s not looking to soak Anthony, unless it’s in the shower :)

  65. Amazing the lack of posts while all the foxes are dancing. During the game, everybody’s got something to say.

  66. Idiot on radio says what a beautiful, glorious half time show, then he announces the Auto Zone player of the year, as if anyone cares except the Auto Zone player of the year.

  67. E3 if you can remember the Kingston trio then you remember nipsey Russell…I think he’s the head ref tonight

  68. Lotsa controversy on this ref. Some officials off the record say he’s been overturned numerous times and graded poorly. Racial overtones?

  69. E3 pimp's angel on

    dc – yes I do ……nipsey – great tapper – song/dance man and player on password

  70. Youtube has made a lot of older acts available. Gives he kids a chance to see some real talent.

  71. Ray Lewis has almost nothing to do with this win and yet he will be the focus of all the media tonight and tomorrow. I’m going to puke.

  72. E3 pimp's angel on

    Former colleague of mine went to cal tech for grad school. His advisor was Richard Feynman. Great stories. C c

  73. Boomer just said he was gong to check the elevators and his lame sidekick literally begged him, in all seriousness, not to leave. Guess Boomer is his Bickel.

  74. Thank God this didnt happen during either of the Giants-Patriots Super Bowls. I might have a croaked from a heart attack waiting through this. Thank you God!!

  75. Wonder if you turned Shannon Sharpe upside down if the marbles would fall out of his mouth.

  76. Remember when Cal Tech kids programmed a live scoreboard years ago and put up Cal Tech 62, USC 7, or something to that effect?

  77. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Some great analysis by the four stooges. They need Eddie and Kooz down there!

  78. E3 pimp's angel on

    Kooz – greatest cal tech stunt – an undergrad was locked out of his room and it was filled completely to the ceiling with water

  79. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    A little worried for the folks in the stadium, Eddie. That one side under the dead lights is pretty dark. Ray could be doing some serious damage. Anyone see him?

  80. This is the only time you can believe a TV sportscaster, when the lights go out and he’s too scared not to tell the truth.

  81. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    This is all Beyonce’s fault. It didn’t happen with Jagger or Bruce or even Janet.

  82. If this happened during either Giants-Patriots Super Bowl, Im fairly certain I wouldve just stabbed myself in the chest to save some of the tension.

  83. Ventura highway in the sunshine
    Where the days are longer, the nights are stronger
    Than moonshine.

  84. From the Outhouse to the Courthouse to the Statehouse to the White House. It’s MOVIN’ time! Remember Jesse Jackson’s mantra?

  85. Had an old Dodge that broke down in California. I remember because I left my Dart in San Francisco.

  86. I usually get paid for this stuff, but I have to play around with a hockey blog. What’s wrong with this pitcher, Don Drysdale?

  87. E3 pimp's angel on

    If you look out your window, regardless of where you live, you can see chris Christie.

  88. He’s actually their weak link at his age. No one in professional sports reporting except Carp will tell it like it is.

  89. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    A super bowl record for stabbings set tonight by Ray Lewis – breaking the previous record, also held by ray Lewis.

  90. One day, it’s going to come out that a 49ers fan was responsible for the power outage, to give his team time to recover mentally from that kickoff return td.

  91. That number 78 in white. Bet his cholesterol level is higher than the whole Rangers team combined.

  92. I don’t really care about the outcome here. I do care that I won the coin toss and a free Papa John’s pizza. Great game by our boys yesterday.

  93. If you need a ride home, go into Papa John’s and order the pizza delivered and tell them to take you with it.

  94. Speaking of no prophets in their home land, Brooks Robinson said in an interview that he had a monster game in the World Series with three fabulous stops and 2 homers. When he got home, he said to his young son, “What did you think,” and the kid said, “who won?”

  95. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Chris Christie – “Does GPS stand for giant pepper steak?”

  96. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Culiver: “are you gay? I ain’t covering no gay receiver”

  97. #78 in white looks like he can barely walk let alone run. It’s a good there’s a whistle every 10 seconds.

  98. “The skies they were ashan and sober;
    The leaves they were crisped and sere-
    The leaves they were withered and sere;
    It was night in the lonesome October
    Of my most immemorial year.

    Memorized this one in grad school. eerie.

  99. They’ll kick the FG, but the gutsy decision, the Belichick decision, is to go for it. Short pass to Welker.

  100. For some strange reason, Poe doesn’t get the place he deserves in the canon. There are no poets writing today who even come close to his genius. IMHO

  101. coos, they got 7 points instead of the 3. It’s been said by Simms and Cowher and Esiason. Failing on the fake FG, they pinned SF back in their own end, then got good field position, and scored on their ensuing possession. That’s a +4

  102. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    But flacco was hit out of bounds earlier – no call there either

  103. Next time, they’ll have proof with Lewis. Ring imprint on victim’s jaw before shots ring out.

  104. If the lights went out in the Montreal Bell Center, Subban would score three goals before anyone knew what was going on.

  105. Agreed. You cant allow the game to end on a punt return. They could have taken a shot deep and hoped for a miracle pass interference and a FG to tie it. Or a penalty of some sort to extend game.

  106. they always give it to the QB, but how about Boldin? Or the guy with the 108-yard kickoff return? Flacco? give me a break.

  107. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Baltimore ensures people who don’t know anything about football now know how many points a safety is.

  108. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Carp – Ray Lewis got my vote. He played with a killer instinct.

  109. Tiki – what you say reminds me of a Met game I was at years ago when the dumb Met left fielder, with one out and a man on third in the ninth, caught a deep foul ball and the guy on third tagged and just about trotted home with the lead run.

  110. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Ray Lewis – you just won the super bowl, what are you going to do?

    Ray ” I am gonna kill somebody cause I am crazy”

  111. coos, that’s insanely stupid. A manager has to have his players prepared in that situation.

    Murderers = bad. Murderers who beat the Patriots = excellent

  112. Where’s Bettman?

    Also, hockey is the only sport where we don’t have to suffer the billionaire owners immediately after the championship … the trophy goes to the players.

  113. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Chris Christie is looking at those goal posts like they are pieces of icing from a cake.

  114. There’s a Centre Avenue in New Rochelle. Spelling must be a holdover from the French Huguenots, like Huguenot Street.

  115. Good for you Joe Flacco. You ripped apart the Patriots secondary like they were children. You earned this!

  116. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Ray Lewis – “But Baltimore, before we bring this trophy home, I am gonna go kill some peeps”

  117. Yes, the NHL may be the only ones where the trophy goes straight to the players, but it goes through Bettman first. How awesome would it be to just skip that part and have the dude with the white gloves just hand it out? And the NFL has had their share of labor strife, nobody boos Goodell. Everyone hates Bettman.

  118. I just got the chills. “When God is for ya, who can be against ya” That was both touching and wise. When God is for you, who cares who’s against you.

  119. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Nice job on the score Carp. Thought it was impressive you were that even before the safety.

  120. To give you an idea about Beyonce, Carp, the blog went dead for seemingly five minutes. Everyone was blogging during the game, but not during the performance.

  121. What happens with God when Boston College plays Notre Dame, Tik? The father, son and holy ghost take the last train to the coast?

  122. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Latona – I would pray not. I would only have to outrun someone close to me…

  123. When the shark is chasing you and your friend, you do not have to swim faster than the shark, only your friend.

  124. I’d say Notre Dame, because -God hates- I hate Boston. :)

    I never would have guessed Carp was pro-gays.

  125. You called Culliver a cretin. I didnt think you’d be in favor of gays, gay rights. Glad to be wrong.

  126. Anyone remember the parking garage on The Odd Couple. They win a car, then can’t stand the alternate parking regulation, so they to a local underground garage. Byner? runs the place. He quotes them $400 a month, but the sign on the wall says $150. Felix and Oscar refuse. Byner tells them even his mother pays $400. As they go to leave, Byner hollers: “Yiz will be back, crawling on your hands and knees, just like my mother.” Classic.

  127. Culliver also acted like a complete dirtball throughout the game, right from the start. And was burned a couple of times, and penalized, and couldn’t catch the punter when he took the safety. That’s a shame.

  128. Stranger Nation on

    thought that fake FG would be ravens undoing and almost was save for some poor calls inside the 10 by the 9ers. the whole experience is hard to watch and Simms has become unlistenable. Nice guy I hear, but not very insightful.

    felt bad for rice, but the won. New Roc City!

  129. “Meet locals. Go green. Date your neighbor.” And all photos of guys and one of the guys is holding a stuffed hello kitty toy.

    This is the ad on top of the screen on the blog.

  130. Ok Carp. Ill just ask next time.

    That fake FG was the difference in the game for the Ravens. As John Harbaugh said after halftime, he did it knowing if they didnt get it, the 49ers would be pinned back. After forcing a punt, they got good field position and scored a TD. 7 points instead of 3.

  131. If they had the 3, they likely dont get the 7. Nearly same scenario in Giants-Steelers game earlier this year. Listen to sideline reporter after halftime quote John Harbaugh. I respect ur opinion, coos.

  132. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    kooz – i am just hoping ray lewis dont be coming and killing my assen

  133. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    chris christie seeing ray lewis charging him with a knife…..”hey ray, put a 32oz steak on the end of that will ya”

  134. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    any word on the number of recent unsolved homicides in Nawlins?

  135. You know, I was thinking. Carp ace-ing that odd score probably would have netted him a million bucks in Vegas.

  136. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    2 kids – “hey this deserted dark alley looks safe” few minutes later….”whose that guy wearing a white 52 jersey carrying a giant sword running at us?”

  137. Boy that NO is the pits! Rampant corruption, half the police force absconded during the hurricane, etc., etc. You go there, you have to swallow a bottle of Jim Beam and head to the Jazz clubs and hold on to your ticket out.

  138. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    kooz more impressive – carp called all 7 beer vendors ray lewis stabbed in the 3rd quarter….

  139. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    especially over by the super dome …not a bueno neighboorhood…..ever eat at Mothers?

  140. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    love the po boys and gumbo …..and those baguetts……i sound like chris christy is channeling me

  141. Hey, Tiki – if everyone agreed, this blog would be just: “You’re right,” “No, you’re right.” “Well, we’re both right.” Eventually, the blog would be like the desert in Shelley’s Ozymandius : ‘boundless and bare, the level sands stretch far away…” How’s that for a pretentious literary illusion? :-)

  142. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    politics became christie’s passion after he read about Ike’s promise of a chicken in every pot….

  143. N Orleans. The cops who were nice enough to stay, started robbing the citizens, too, along with the muggers and looters.

  144. Speaking of Ike, ever notice everything booms under a “do-nothing” President? It seems to be true.

  145. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    that is one bad assen city….even ray lewis is thinking,
    “damn, i might get stabbed”

  146. I think maybe Carp misinterpreted Tiki. Least, I hope so. They’ll surely kiss and make up. Uh, I wonder if I can say that.

  147. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    50’s boom was after ww!!..low unemployment…GI bill, home loans made available with low interest rates….high taxes….not much disparity between CEO and labor….good time to be an american

  148. I think in those days, people actually repaid loans, and big time CEOs were making less than shortstops.

  149. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    its all good….its 2013. bout time the christian right wing nut jobs stopped caring who does who….they love small government except when it comes to your bedroom

  150. I’ve never seen such blatant hostility from both sides. The Houses of Parliament in GB can be nasty to one another, but there is usually a smile on their faces when they do it. The far right and far left are scary.

  151. Yeah, I think Rizzuto made 7 grand one of those years. They really pushed for the World Series because they needed the extra dough.

  152. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    less nut job crazy on far left…..for every todd akins, bachmann, murdoch, cantor….we only have maybe one third crazy…

  153. I like the fair middle. Clinton, dopey as he could sometimes be, seemed to get it right. I think Obama is too far left and Bush too far right.

  154. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    we can talk politics as long as my brutha czechthemout isnt listening

  155. Ha. I like an old essay I read somewhere years ago, I think it was Roland Barthes, and he talked of the “sclerosis of systems.”

  156. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    the system is in dire need of repair…no doubt….way too polarized…getting back to your comment about house of commons

  157. Both sides (pols) try so hard to convince us that they are completely correct that they inevitably only skewer everything, IMO.

  158. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i say x, you say z, how bout we shake and agree on y…..not enough of that, sadly

  159. Jack Kennedy seemed to know how to do it. Humor, and he invited various opponent politicians, along with his own, to the White House weekly for scotch and cigars to just shmooze, not necessarily politics (probably Cuban cigars, which would give them all a laugh.)

  160. You can’t just see your opposition as the literal enemy because you will get the war you didn’t want by osmosis.

  161. E3 pimp's angel on

    Kennedy was a genius in his press conferences – true- but that was a different time. Vietnam, the assassinations, Watergate, among other things changed forever the rules in politics

  162. E3 pimp's angel on

    As an undergrad, I took a lot of grad courses in American lit… Mostly 19th century

  163. Guess so. We live in the information world. Once, there would be a war somewhere overseas and we’d hear about it a month later. I think most Americans know geography these days solely because of warfare.

  164. I have a first edition of Lord Byron’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. 1812. The strangest thing is that in the back of the book, there is an ad for a Jane Austen book which doesn’t say Jane Austen, but rather…Pride and Prejudice, by the author of Sense and Sensibility, (or something like that) Back then, women didn’t sell, genius or not. :’)

  165. I’m sometimes embarrassed for this country when I speak to Europeans. Not all the time, because they can be smug, too, but too often.

  166. I love it when people on blogs call one another maroons. Imagine a moron calling someone a maroon? I mean, who’s the moron?

  167. E3 pimp's angel on

    Women were not allowed to do many things….shoot, 1969 and Princeton didnt accept women into their ph.d math program

  168. Imagine through history how many bright women were confined to the spinning wheel and the wash tub? We’re still barely crawling out of the dark ages.

  169. E3 pimp's angel on

    I know. We’d have a cure for cancer, cars would run on air, and the rangers would never lose if women had a level playing field.

  170. I knew Palin was a complete and total lightweight when I saw what she named her kids – Track, Trig, Piper…. I can take that stuff from Frank Zappa, but not my VP/

  171. Did you know that the Rangers used to employ a woman figure skater coach to teach the defensemen how to skate backwards with skill and speed? Don’t know if she’s still there. I guess if she were, we would have heard.

  172. E3 pimp's angel on

    Women have been frozen out of many careers in math , science , and engineering – my undergrad is EE and out of 140 – maybe 3 girls

  173. I don’t get this country. He built his rep as a prisoner of war and his father was an admiral. What I don’t get is how most of these politicians just get voted into office on the basis of some strange sympathy, or one rousing speech, or…I think I’d rather be governed by a computer, or, as Bill Buckley said, the first 400 people in the Boston metropolitan phone book.

  174. E3 pimp's angel on

    Oh sorry – you said Buckley – very smart too …. Too far right for my tastes but I appreciate his genius

  175. Bradley, I was told by some athletes (not basketball, i guess they heard it) that Bradley, when he played defense, neither of them looking at the basket, would stick a finger or two inside the waistband of the guy who fronted him, and it worked!

  176. E3 pimp's angel on

    In my household, my wife is a way better abstract thinking mathematician than I am… I am better applied…. But she can write circles around me theoretically.

  177. Remember Pat Moynihan, senator from NY? He was left, left, brilliant but he was the son of a bartender and he never lost the common touch or the perfect bon mot and moved to the center when he thought it was called for. I admired him.

  178. E3 pimp's angel on

    Well, I think that is one big difference between re pubs and Dems… The concern for all – the other side would disagree however

  179. Men want answers. Women want answers, too, but they go about it in a different way, I think. For instance, many times when a woman asks you your advice, they’re not really asking for advice so much as understanding. We think, well, here’s the simple answer, and that’s not good enough. You can’t live long enough to figure all this stuff out. Ha

  180. E3 pimp's angel on

    Right – men solve problems whereas women tend to want understanding…. Emotional understanding.

  181. Yeah. We (men) pride ourselves on the direct answer, but often there was really never a question, just a bonding exercise.

  182. E3 pimp's angel on

    The msnbc crowd is flawed, yes, but they aren’t bat turd crazy like the Fox News loons

  183. You can imagine my consternation on campus. All faculty was in one camp or the other and they refused to come out and listen to anything that they hadn’t already preconceived. And they’re all telling their students to open their minds. Very troubling.

  184. E3 pimp's angel on

    Yes, especially given your subject matter. In mathematics, we are dealing with far less subjectivity.

  185. I see both FOX and CNBC as “entertainment faux news.” They both draw in the gullible. Neither tell the other side of the story. You know, thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

  186. Without the feminine influence, I think we would have blown up this planet long ago playing little boy war games.

  187. E3 pimp's angel on

    Right…. Mainly pushing an agenda that may not even be positions they hold individually.

  188. E3 pimp's angel on

    Agreed – take Limbaugh – a bombastic oxycotin addict spewing nonsense that I am convinced he doesn’t hold dear to his heart.

  189. I have a good friend who is an electrical engineer, works for United Technologies, Sikorsky. He was always top of his class through high school and college, then applied for a job w/UT. He found out he needed a Masters, so he lied and they hired him. Next few years after work, he tried to get the Masters credits and did. Today he is at the pinnacle of the company. I said to him, well, you were always top of the class, I’m not surprised. He replied: “No, whenI got here, I talked to some of the employees up here and realized that they were far superior to me. Their problem is they can’t write. I can present things directly and cogently, and that’s why I jumped much smarter engineers and got to this spot. Interesting.

  190. And, I think you are correct in that many of them are showmen, making large bucks, and they hold whatever view is in vogue in their particular medium.

  191. E3 pimp's angel on

    Engineers are noted for many things good and bad. On the whole, they don’t write well, speak well, share their ideas well, have a hard communicating, socially awkward etc….. When I have taught intro to engineering, lots of writing/speaking/group work projects…

  192. E3 pimp's angel on

    Always felt I made a difference – getting them to understand passion is a good thing, and intellectual curiosity a lovely trait

  193. Yes, always writing. Novels and short stories. Viking was (is? you never know day to day) my house. Two novels are out of print, alas. My last submission was replied to by Viking to my agent (who sent a copy of the letter to me) as (to make it brief) “Unrelenting spiritual misery. Makes Mr. Sammler’s Planet read like the Ode to Joy.” Can you imagine reading something like that from your publisher? They had changed senior editors, so this guy was a new addition. Strange thing is, as you can imagine, the book was a riot, funny, alive, etc. I think it was too un PC for his tastes. When I write, I’m not too concerned with an editor’s feelings. He wanted major revisions. I refused. That’s why I’m a writer and he’s an editor, frustrated writer.

  194. E3 pimp's angel on

    NASA is pushing a lot of project management type influence into engineering curriculum which is fancy talk for just people to share and work in teams – no loner wolves allowed

  195. E3 pimp's angel on

    I would be happy to read it if you like….was about to start Frank Norris’ McTeague again. But I have read it about 10 times….

  196. When Einstein graduated from college in Germany, he applied for a teaching position there and they turned him down. Later, when the world was dazzled by his genius, the administration said they didn’t hire him because they didn’t want to hold him back. This is the kind of hypocrisy that is pervasive in every society, but the US is premier.

  197. E3 pimp's angel on

    I think Einstein studied under minkowski who was very tight with David hilbert. Minkowski thought his charge to be lazy and simple. He needed help with the mathematics – and Herman Weyl came to his rescue

  198. Funny, one of my stories is called “The First Law of Classical Mechanics,” another is titled, “The Second Law of Thermodynamics.” Neither one has anything to do with the titles except to… oh well, I’m yakking, yakking.

  199. I think Einstein thought as a child, though a brilliant child. If he had accepted all the “laws” that were then ascendent and accepted as fact, he never would have accomplished anything much because he would have been working with faulty info.

  200. E3 pimp's angel on

    His conceptual physics ideas needed Mathematical vetting – he was unable to that by himself . His surrogate became Herman Weyl

  201. One of these days I’ll send you a story or two so you don’t have to devote a month to a novel and you can tell me what you think. I’m working on a new long work now, and have the rejected one from Viking on my desk and want to see if it really needs revision.

  202. perhaps folks were so overwhelmed by Phil Simms’ relentless auditioning for the role of future Mrs. Colin Kaepernick that they failed to notice Flacco completely outplayed him

  203. E3 pimp's angel on

    Good enough. I like Henry James ,Hawthorne ,Melville ,Emerson ,Thoreau ,!frank Norris Steven Crane, Fitzgerald Salinger , twain

  204. All the vetting, to me, in any field is for the academic and peer groups who won’t accept genius unless it has been agented and verified and imprimatured by lesser agents. However, it is what it is.

  205. Hey, in Gatsby, the narrator, Nick Carraway says that he has tennis friends and he has literary friends. Very telling comment, as though the two could never coincide. And here we are talking engineering, literature, and hockey. LOL Sometime, we have to talk about Salinger. What an interesting character. Until the day he died, he was receiving residual checks of over 100 grand a year from ‘Catcher.’ Many think that Catcher in the Rye is a book about Mike Piazza’s drinking problem.

  206. Simms lately really gets on my nerves. I think he works for the NFL, loathe to ever express an opinion on any official’s obviously bad call. Do you remember the substiute refs in maybe Green Bay’s first or second game? That totally irresponsible call actually cost the Giants from getting in the playoffs!

  207. Coos Coos

    “The Highwayman” right?

    Can’t beat that tempo…..
    By the way……..1812 gave us LOOziana didn’t it?

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