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Game 8.
Rangers at Lightnings.

Holy mackeral, after tonight one-sixth of the season will be gone already.

The Rangers (3-4) will start Martin Biron in goal (first start, second appearance of the season) against the Lightning (6-1), the most potent offense in the NHL (37 goals in seven games), and a lethal power play (34.3 percent).

Matt Gilroy remains on defense, Stu Bickel remains at forward. Chris Kreider (ankle) skated but still cannot play and Ryan Callahan (shoulder) remains out. Steve Eminger is prucha’d.

John Tortorella and Brad Richards will be included in a video highlight package celebrating the Bolts’ 20th anniversary pre-game.

Tampa Bay has won five in a row and is 5-0 at home. Mathieu Garon starts in goal for the Lightnings.


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  1. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " just win ,baby!!!" ...says Greg L. on





    FIRE OLGA!!!

    GO RAAAAAANGERS!!! lets go gog gog og gog og gog gogogo!!!!


  2. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " just win ,baby!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!! LETS GO boys lets make some NOISE!!!!

    lets go lets go lets go lets go!!!

  3. Stranger Nation on

    they are showing Beer-on highlights with some juicy rebounds, and those are the highlights?


  4. Izzy Mandlebaum on

    Since they have the stick salute at home, if they win on the road, they should go to center ice and “shoot” the fans.

  5. What is with the freaking red clock tonight?! I am not color blind but cannot see that from across the room!

  6. Stranger Nation on

    boyle comes in on 3 on 2 with gabby and nash and tries to take the puck himself – what a freakin dumbassen

  7. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Sam telling us the weather in Tampa, u trying to makes us jealous here in the metropolitan area?

  8. The visor that doesn’t cover Hagelin’s eyes is the perfect accompaniment to the chin strap that doesn’t touch his chin.

  9. Evening gang.

    No more free Center Ice, so ‘watching’ via twitter until I can find a stream. Biron getting fed to the wolves should be miiiighty interesting.

  10. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I’m at work, so I’m not reading anything about the game (LGD), but wanted to say thanks carp and lw re last thread and games missed!


  11. Stranger Nation on

    torts must be pulling his hair out with the back and forth action

    i like these lines, lots of hustle out there

  12. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Take Richards off the fist line and replace him with Stepan. Put Richards on the 2rd line lol

  13. no help from me, Wick.

    I agree that Torts doesn’t like the wide open style, but I think the Rangers have had the puck a lot more and have created more than the last few games. Maybe it’s not the worst thing in the world for them to play a game like this.

  14. Not the best period, but not the worst period. I do not think it was their best period as John is saying right now, but there were definitely many positive movements out there.

  15. McD against Stamkos. Bet you Sather envisioned exactly that when he signed Gomez. Agree, Olga?

  16. They managed to avoid the lazy, pointless penalties that usually make up their first periods. Glad to see it.

  17. The way his season is going, Stepan is likely to become Bosley’s patient before he scores his first goal :-)

  18. Tampa building is so quiet, that I could hear Torts whispering to Nash’s ear: “safe is death”

  19. Czechthemout!!! on

    So that bumb Rick Nash has set Gabby up with great chances with zero result. Clearly its Nash’s fault. If Dubi,AA,Feds,Prust, Mitchell were still on the team, Gabby clearly buries those two chances.

  20. This two outdated, fashion and commenting wise, Bozos in studio, can really compete in The Most Ridiculous and Unattractive Show.

  21. and a lot of shots that hit the net are not necessarily considered scoring chances … and it’s pretty vague and arbitrary when teams count scoring chances, much less when a statistician does.

  22. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mike Rupp showing his superior passing skills.

    Look at this joke of a line out there. And a stupid penalty too.

  23. I really still am doubting the Nash trade and letting certain players walk. Probably sounding like a broken record.

  24. N.Country_NYRfan on

    it’s sad when Joe and Sam call the first period one of the best of the season, yet we didn’t score a goal. I hope they don’t have anymore “great” periods like that again.

    Don’t we need to score goals to win games?

  25. Stranger Nation on

    can somebody mention one positive contribution fron assham this season. what a waste

  26. CCCP I’m not saying that at all. Tampa does have a lethal PP. All I am saying is that from viewing this team this year, we have massive holes and no depth.

  27. Cmon how can you not even fuggin set up on the pp? There has to be an answer for how to fix it

  28. Can’t say anything else about PP – it’s beyond ridiculous/ But after – yes! Finally. All they needed to get rid of PP

  29. Czechthemout!!! on

    I know Boyle is a popular player on this blog, but boy has he sucked for most of the games so far. He just got out muscled off the puck by the big bad Cory 5 8″ Cory Conacher.

  30. They have to check this against the official height of the crossbar in Toronto, which differs from the height of the crossbar on the ice.

  31. N.Country_NYRfan on

    I agree Carp, the other two lines suck assen, but at least it helps keep our mediocre lines fresher for blocking shots and missing the net with shots.

  32. Apparently, if you keep your opposition in their zone, you’re unlikely to give up scoring chances.

  33. At least this game is keeping me awake! Playing with some passion, but still giving up way too many odd man rushes.

  34. Actually, pp aside, I liked tonight Rangers – it come closiest to the last season Rangers – more energetic, more passion, better forecheck, lack of scoring.

  35. Vinny called them “real NHL game”. I hope he doesn’t do opposite to what Jumbo Shrimp did last year :-)

  36. bickell will not see the ice again tonight after his shrewd penalty.

    bickell still better then Gilroy? no chance. play him against philthy and very few others.

    rangers playing very good. shorthanded.. forward depth obviously is a problem. look for kreider on Tuesday and bickell being prucha’d..

    Halpern best game so far.

    mcdonagh not as good as usual. something not right with nash…seems a little slow or tired not sure what..

    boyle needs to get his shot off some how someway…

  37. the -third- second, third and outside of two games the first line’s been good in this game, but hasn’t produced jack all season.


  38. Stranger Nation on

    Nash is following his role models, Richards and Gabby who onlyhustle when the puck is on their stick or they can get a pass. bunch of floaters…

  39. Meanwhile, our beloved Artem is going for a hattrick (2 so far) against Red Wings. His 4th this season. Where have you been all your staying here?

  40. _Meanwhile, our beloved Artem is going for a hattrick (2 so far) against Red Wings. His 4th this season. Where have you been all your staying here?_

    uummm… playing fourth line for Torts?

  41. Rangers has to win this one in regulation or OT, Biron stands no chance in a SO with this scoring stars constellation in this team. (and lack of in our team)

  42. Blogmama from AZ on

    Good evening all! Oh please boys, let’s break Tampa tonight….

    Right now watching Little Anthony, formerly Tiny Tony, of AZ on the ice. Sadly, the Arizona Knights aren’t getting the W, but it is freaking weird sitting in an ice rink in the desert. Cool watching Anthony’s grandson following in his Papa’s foot…Eric, skate steps……


  43. Doodie Machetto on

    On a night when Anisimov has scored twice, it’s nice that Nash finally put one in. What an amazing goal.

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    I think our bottom 4 defensemen have been terrific tonight. The top 2… not so much.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    Hagelin and Stepan had a strong start but have disappeared a bit here in the second half of the game.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Please, son, please stop testing out the upper registers of your voice just because you can. Please sleep. PLEASE.

  47. Stranger Nation on

    hags best game all season

    got somemgrind and jam

    thought Beer-on much better with puck than Hank

  48. Nope … that reminds me, we’ll do an It’s Go Time! tomorrow for anybody who wants to have a Boneheads Super Bowl party. Somebody get the Buffalo Baby Buffalo chicken wings and the little hot dogs.

  49. Saying Sami Salo has had injury problems “the last couple of years” is like saying the Islanders have struggled to make the playoffs recently.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I have a really deep voice. But I do love to hear myself talk. So maybe he’s got some of me in him after all.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    LW, bigger understatement is what Duguay said during intermission:

    “Stamkos is probably one of the best pure goal scorers in the league.”

  52. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Except for that brief stretch in 2nd where they let a few odd man rushes, they have owned this game. Just needed to

  53. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, Carp.

    This is a nice win, Biron has been a breath of fresh air.

  54. Halpern’s game today made proud of being in medical field. He is officially off life support.

  55. This Lightning guy is yelling like a maniac. What’s the likelihood they score again with 21 seconds left?

  56. They got their goal, yelled like maniacs over it, and then may have gotten Lecavalier injured, haha!!

  57. wow, that last minute of play in the 3rd period was ridiculous. I’m glad I have a strong heart, jeez.

  58. To change karma through the game, I decided to keep my negative comments to myself. It worked.. Your welcome Boneheads.

  59. Stu Bickel bordering on an all time high there with TOI of 3:27.

    Gilroy (8:29) HAS to stay around when Callahan comes back and Bickel would ostensibly leave that forward slot.

  60. Biron was pretty incredible tonight. Hope they can build off this, but the third period we got a little sloppy. Hope they do not eat too many wings and drink too much beer tomorrow so they are ready to play Tuesday. I hope the Devils game will be EPIC!

  61. Jaffe …..must be Dolans nephew. What an effing arse hole. I can’t watch this silly smirken idiot anymore.

  62. not sure why Ben F did not see the ice. he can skate just sit down the 2 big, slow guys.

    nice win. besides the mega move I did not think Nash played great.

    stepan and hags played well and Biron did a great job…

    nice ranger type win..

    Richards had about 5 turnovers at or near the opposing teams blue line….

  63. Taylor Pyatt’s play has been a big plus for this team. The guy is slow as hell but he reads the flow like an allstar.

  64. Who’s Duguay’s barber – Mister Bruce? Or Edward Scissorhands?

    Carp, BTW, – Is that old weightlifter in the Seinfeld episode Jeff Bridges’ daddy?

  65. Hard to believe Richards commands 12 million dollars, 2013 salary and bonus. He’s useful, but come on!

  66. Never mind the dollars, coos. The problem is the cap hit and the number of years. That’s going to be dreadful in a couple of seasons.

  67. Have the feeling that the coach is giving the Irish kid more leeway seeing that he has some nice stick handling moves in the offensive zone. Led to a couple of 2 on 1’s tonight,though. A baby Leetch? Someday?

  68. Can’t see many more of these long term deals going down, Carp, unless the recipient is young, young, young.

  69. Torts” “I’m not going to talk about individual players. But, Hagelin is dumb, dumb, dumb”

  70. Dougie Hamilton talk on Hockey Night Live. WHY, WHY, WHY!

    Also, Billy Jaffe, he wasn’t a first overall pick.

  71. Hooray! Stepan-Hags-Pyatt looked great, Nash did what we were all waiting for and left us shouting in excitement, this is what the Rangers were supposed to do out of the gate this year…their best game of the year and closest to last year’s strong performance. Lucky on some of those missed pinches but came back nicely to backcheck on those. Defense played well on the whole, but let Tampa get behind the defense more than a few times, great at forcing the offensive flow. Boyle’s linke looked fine. Stamkos is awesome, could have played the Rangers single-handed with his hands tied behind his back and the score would be the same.

  72. Doubt Richards gets bought out after this year, not with this coach, and not with that much money still owed. Gonna cost a lot. Maybe after next season?

  73. I don’t think they’ll use any compliance buy out after this season. Their cap situation is stable for 2013-2014…But, yes, if he under-performs this year end next, he maybe a candidate….

  74. I could see the rangers buying Richards out after next season. Callahan, Lundqvist and Girardi will be UFA’s.

  75. Except for that last goal (didn’t look screened, but may have been,) Biron with no training camp and coming in cold after all these games deserves serious kudos.

  76. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    This is a mediocre team at 4-4…

    Not impressed yet with these guys. Sorry.

    My foot remains on the cliff.

  77. Good. A solid biron is avoid omen. Henrik or Martin vs his sieveness on Tuesday?gotta go with the king

  78. If he wins the Stanley Cup, he’ll be on that night saying: “We have a lot of work to do for next season. Can’t play like this and expect to win consistently.”

  79. stranger nations on

    E3 – Step came through for ya

    NYR – great line about Nash’ move – needs to figure out another way to score

    Thank you refs for letting them play – not as many FO tosses – heck, not as many FOs – barely any penalties – seemed to flow a hockey game, not a basketball game with all the whistles

  80. Saw a cartoon where an office worker is dropping a note in the suggestion box. All you can see written on the note is FU.. A supervisor who is standing behind him says “That’s not a suggestion.”

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