Rangers-Penguins in review



1) Wowzer. I don’t even know where to begin. That was just putrid. I thought there was a stretch there in the second period where the Rangers righted themselves a bit, and then they shot themselves in the skate with the Derek Stepan giveaway for a Sidney Crosby (who else?) breakaway … WHILE THE RANGERS HAD TOO MANY MEN ON THE ICE.

2) So let’s get right to that penalty because it was the fourth of the season and the third on the three-game homestand, each of which ended up in a power-play goal, and in this case, the goal that put away the Rangers in a game in which they were lucky to be down just 1-0 entering the third.

3) I have to be honest, I don’t know whose fault it was — since I was kinda watching the Crosby breakaway. I know it wasn’t Stepan because of his cough-up. It wasn’t Henrik Lundqvist. It wasn’t Michael Del Zotto, who was chasing Skid the Kid. Ryan McDonagh, who has become a go-to guy in the lockerroom, who doesn’t sugar coat, who understands what’s what, was asked if not having a preseason was the reason for all the too-many-men penalties (I happened to believe it was in the first week, but not at this point.

McDonagh said, “I don’t think it should matter if there’s preseason or not. It’s simple hockey 101 that we just seem to just not be on the same page or mis-reading our teammate coming off. It shouldn’t be that hard of a play.”

4) Maybe it would have actually been better if the Rangers had just gotten their doors kicked in than hanging around on the scoreboard — I didn’t think Pittsburgh played magnificently — and losing on a penalty like that.

5) That first goal, no doubt Henrik Lundqvist needs to stop it. But goalies who play on their knees as much as Lundqvist does are going to be vulnerable up top. And that was a shot, by Evgeni Malkin, that few in the NHL could execute. It certainly shouldn’t have decided the game, but the Rangers’ offense made it stand up.

6) Or lack of offense. The key words, I thought, in John Tortorella’s presser were “slow” and “dumbfounded.” That was Rick Nash’s worst game as a Ranger. It was Marian Gaborik’s worst game of the season. It was a bad one for Brad Richards. Stepan had those two chances when he went around Malkin, but otherwise did didley. Carl Hagelin, ditto didley. And if you’re expecting offense out of the rest of the forwards — Taylor Pyatt, Brian Boyle, Jeff Halpern, Benn Ferreiro, Mike Rupp, Arron Asham, Stu Bickel — well, don’t hold your breath.

7) I still maintain that last year’s team, with Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Brandon Prust, Ruslan Fedotenko and even John Mitchell, would grind out a game like that, at least compete throughout, and often steal a point. This year’s team hasn’t done much of that. I make the Nash trade 100 times out of 100, and even more now that I’ve seen what a complete player he is. I understand that Prust wasn’t worth what he got from Montreal, but he was a much better player than Asham. And I wonder if Fedotenko > Pyatt and Mitchell > Halpern. We will find out.

8) I’ll say this, though. None of these problems would look nearly this bad if Stepan and Hagelin were scoring and Chris Kreider was contributing as a top-nine forward.

9) How good is the Penguins’ PP?

10) At least the Rangers roughed up the Penguins a little bit in this game. Del Zotto is probably facing a suspension for his clean hit on Crosby (sarcasm). I liked the way Dan Girardi bounced him off the boards after the whistle (and I doubt any player in the NHL other than Crosby gets that call), and went at it with Malkin a few times. And Marc Staal took a lot of crap from Malkin before they tangled, and he even said Malkin “tomahawked” him. Anton Stralman hit Crosby hard and clean, and Matt Cooke, that piece of cooke, too.

11) In fact, I thought the Rangers’ D men were involved and engaged throughout. Not so much for the forwards.

12) Is Ryan Callahan really that irreplaceable?

13) All my complaining aside, I’m not judging anything on 3-4 after seven — two against Pittsburgh, two against Boston, two against Philly. That’s insane.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Anton Stralman.
2. Dan Girardi.
3. Marc Staal.

Mark Romeo’s Rangers Stars:
1. Ryan McDonagh.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Derek Stepan

Your poll vote for the Three Rangers Stars:
1. tie, Rick Nash and Martin Biron (12.63 %).
2. tie, Anton Stralman, Marc Staal, Henrik Lundqvist (9.47 %).
Nicely done.

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  1. defenseman are far from the rpoblem. wish mcdonagh could put the puck in the net, does everything else at a elite level. maybe that will come…

    crosby is a joke, whines contasntly, gets every call. he spseudo slew foot i think gabby and got zilch called and then went in the blue on henrik again no call. dubi do that he gets 2 minutes…

    pittsburgh is not that good…ytd best team is st louis and san jose..

    need the younger guys to play much much better…

  2. My old boss, before he fired me, said that I was slow, unfamiliar with the net, spent way too much time skating in the office, and that all I wanted to do was fight with everyone. Luckily, I found a spot on the Rangers’ fourth line.

  3. LMFAO@Marty Biron 1st star
    You know you’ve got a problem when your goaltender, who was at fault for the game-winning goal, is one of your best players in that game.
    I thought they looked decent through 2 and were already halfway out the building soon after the start of the third.
    Callahan’s out… no excuse. It was Pittsburgh… no excuse. The refs basically proved that they’ve got a hard-on for crysby by caving to his whining on a couple of occasions and absolutely ignoring two BLATANT-AS-HELL tripping calls by him and at least one on another pens player (which they most definitely did)…. no excuse.
    If they ever make a rule allowing the team that gets a power-play to decline it, they should JUMP ON IT. How pathetic is the power play?
    Are they trying to prove the theory “if you give a team like the pens enough power-plays they’re eventually going to score”? Sure seems like it.
    I don’t know if I want to keep watching. If they won’t put the effort in, why should I?

  4. So far whenever I’m present for a Panther’s win, I get the pleasure of coming home and watching a pathetic group of NY Strangers (which is what they should be called until they prove otherwise) practically gift wrap a game for their opponent. Thank god the Panthers have only won twice. If there was an actual correlation between the two I’d be cheering for every visiting team at the BB&T Center.
    It really sucks when you get really pumped by a team playing hard and getting a win that they absolutely deserve and then coming home to watching your favorite team, a much better team, decide to take the night off.
    They weren’t getting the bounces at all and when that happens your team’s got to put a lot more effort in to have a shot at winning. They didn’t do that. They stopped hitting and putting any type of effort in in the 3rd. They should’ve nailed crysby and malkin every time they had the puckl. They did a decent job of it in the first two, but in the 3rd…. nada.
    Their shooting was horrible; No one screening Vokoun, taking shots from the blueline, passing it off instead of shooting in the slot.
    This was not a strong and unbeatable penguins team that played tonight but they got lucky playing the take-every-second-or-third-night-off NY Strangers.

  5. OK, I will close this out with a question : how many of you ever played the ice hockey game?
    I could probably guess, without really knowing any of “youse”, who is who.

    Keep your emotions in check at all times please, the hits just keep on coming, the good hits, the refs are silent, and you know you are loosing the game, so does the coach and there is nothing to be done about that.
    Hey, there’s always another game the day after tomorrow, isn’t it?

  6. and now some want the ol nose picker back. did you not watch him all last year. he made his bed with the fishnaggles he signed for which made it easy to remove his salary to bring in a legitimate top line player in nash.

  7. Ugh! Glad i got blacked out last night – not sure i’ll bother putting myself through the pain/embarrassment/frustration of watching it “on Demand”. When are we on next? Saturday? Cant come soon enough

  8. Whatever you do… don’t watch the blacked out game… even if you become able to. lol

  9. game was a bore. leep at 2-0. we cannot finish. does this team practice offense? no smarts around the net. did I say I hate Crosby? Okay, that is it.

  10. iDoodie Machetto on

    Marc Staal? Really? I thought he was terrible. Especially his play on the third goal. WOOF.

  11. Good morning, boneheads!

    The team looked listless and disjointed. Pittsburgh looked like they were ready to concede 2 points last night, they didn’t play well either. One of those games you should forget fast and move on.

    I started to read some of the comments last night and had to stop. I understand the emotions after they played poorly, but the thinking process…. Geez, are you really questioning Nash trade? He is the best player on this team, save Hank. At his price, he’s a bargain. And do you really think if we didn’t have him last night but had Prust instead, the outcome would’ve been different?

  12. Nash trade was great….

    But this Rangers team just isn’t that good. Lets face it.

    Depth is shallow, organizational depth is shallow, offense is inconsistent, special teams have not been good.

    This may not be the top 5 or 6 team we thought we had going into this Season of Great Expectations.

  13. A bit too early to conclude that, Per Djoos, no? They didn’t look great after 7 games last year either

  14. When is Sather going to start taking some hits in the media for putting together soo many guys who can’t freakin’ score!

  15. Ill say it again, the rangers lost 6 of their first 9 games last season and they did alright no?

    Oh and they weren’t playing Pitt, Philly and Boston every night either…

  16. At the game last night – one thing that was obvious to me is that there is something up with Richards and he’s obviously a big cog in the machine. His skating/stamina still looks to be below last year’s levels. I also noticed that Tortorella isn’t trotting him out there on the PK, even with Callahan out – which I think is very, very telling.

  17. I stand by what I said weeks ago- too much talent here for them to not be a good team. 7 games and Richards, Stepan, Hagelin, Krieder, Callahan- 5 out of the top 9 on this team have scored a total of 4 goals. FOUR!! 2 are from Cally and now he’s out. Krieder aside- if these guys played all of last season as invisibly as they have started this one all the success and excitement cease to exist.
    And yes 4 of our grittiest heart and soul types have been replaced by 4 guys who range between average and washed up.
    Add it all up and I almost feel relieved that they’re only 3-4.
    They’re obviously struggling. Not sure of its someone in the locker room or a specific game or a minor trade or call up that will provide the spark they need. But if the ship is going to get right then those guys I mentioned above need to be a factor every game offensively.
    As I said last night- all of those guys above should be throwing every piece of puck on net at this point. No one seems to be able to make or take a pass at the moment so they might as well try it and maybe 1 or 2 can fight their way out of the funk

  18. As for the nursing home line-Asham, Halpern, Rupp and their grand kids Boyle and Pyatt, they are what they are. It’s not going to get much better. This years team was going to live and die by its top two lines this season and these guys are just cementing that in stone game by game.
    Feds, Mitchell, Prust ad Dubinsky were faster, grittier and overall more athletic than what we have now. That’s a problem that probably can be tweaked but not fixed until the off season. So the other guys better find their games because its going to be a short bench or a quick death.

  19. I’m all for Nash. Think he’s a great talent. But, two games in a row now, every shot he’s taken on net has hit the goalie in the middle of the chest and no rebound. Time to start shooting for the perimeter of the net maybe?

  20. Stranger Nation on

    Just remember that with the injuries Feds, Prust, or god forbid, EC would have been on the second line last night – not really an upgrade.

    Reality is Kreider AWOL status both on and off ice is what is killing this team. Step needs wingers to make him better which should be the other way around, but that is what it is at this juncture.

    We need the Kreider, more than we needed him last year.

  21. I have an answer for Pyatt, Fedotenko, Mitchell, Dr. Halpern, etc…

    Fedotenko has not looked very good in Philly. So, for me, you add the words “in Tort system” and I absolutely think that Fedotenko > Pyatt and Mitchell > Halpern. Mitchell’s face would be better off if he had stayed by the way. That puck to the face did some damage.

    In this system, which some of these guys still have to learn, those guys were simply better at grinding and forcing.

  22. Czechthemout!!! on

    Everyone needs to relax about Kreider, including the lunatic coach. The kid had a misdiagnosed injury that he should not have played with. In fact, he really only played 3 games. One of hose games he was benched by his coach who seems to think that playing an impotent buffon in Mike Rupp on the third line is a better option than Kreider.

    The Rangers need to stop this nonsense of playing 7 AHL/4 liners at forward. They need to call up JT Miller to see what he can do here. Benn Ferriero,Mike Rupp are not the answer on the third line. And neither is Taylor Pyatt. Christian Thomas is also playing pretty well down there and even though he is only 5 10″, if he is anything like his father, he plays with jam. Plus he can skate!
    You cant put a team on the ice with so many poor forwards and expect to beat anyone other than the Maple Leafs.


    That goal LQ gave up was a low shot.

  23. We seem to create more offense when we penalty kill?? Can we decline a penalty when we get one called against us? Really think torts is missing the boat after 4 seasons and we still are putrid on the power play.

  24. Carp, McD has not only become a go-to guy in the lockerroom, he is becoming a go-to guy on the ice. And I sense it wasn’t imposed by his coach, I think he took it upon himself, sensing how listless his team was. He made a couple of individual moves, using his speed and stick handling, moving around Pittsburgh players, trying to jump start their offense. Let’s hope his offensive ability is still well hidden. As well as his leadership skills. That’s about it, if you want to talk positives after last night…

  25. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    The Rangers did accomplish one major feat last night – Webster’s felt compelled to add a new word to the 2013 edition of their Dictionary, to describe last night’s performance by our forwards – “McSorleyesque”

  26. I don’t know, maybe it’s me, but does anyone know what Gaborik’s peculiar play is where he takes the puck and drops it off into a clear space away from any player, team mate or opponent.

    This team from the outset has been vastly over rated. They just don’t get it yet.

  27. Fran rarely do I disagree w you but I do this time.
    With respect-Who exactly doesn’t get it yet? If its the guys that have been here they’re in a lot more trouble than it seems. As for the new additions beyond Nash- do you think they need to learn the system? Bc to me it’s more that they’re just plain old ineffectual within it. Maybe time will prove me wrong but considering their ages and capability I don’t think it will.

  28. First time at the new Garden last night. I’m not sure I like it just yet, still going to have to get used to it (especially those congested hallways… geez!!). Maybe I would’ve felt differently had I been to a Ranger game, because the circus was in town last night and there were nothing but clowns on the ice!

    We’re playing a blue-collar system, but we don’t have any blue-collar players. This is a problem.

  29. ilb made the point above, but, does anyone remember the first 13 or so games last season? I believe the Rangers start was _worse_ than this one. And they had less talent and a regular pre-season to get adjusted. Let’s all allow Tort to right the ship.

    Last night was by far Nick Rash’s worst game as a Ranger. He was floating. I also think he was benched for a good part of the 3rd period.

  30. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Manny – Carp clearly pointed out that it’s Torts not Tort. I thought we had a gentleman’s agreement to use Torts, so we wouldn’t confuse the children?

  31. Agree w the above post about getting Step some wingers. I think it may be time to put he and Gaborik back together and when Kreider comes back put him on the left side. Spread some of the offense out and maybe Richards/Hagelin or Gaborik/Stepan feed off each other and start to produce (excluding Gaborik who obviously is doing his part)

  32. Carp – ok, well its great to be back and see sloppy hockey (wait that was week one excuse ). While I may have made the Nash trade as well – this group has zero identity right now – none. we have made more mistakes in the offensive zone than Hagel has speaking of anything he did positively in the past 12 years. I have seen two games at garden and rest on MSG.

    Say what you want, these other forwards are Not going to make significant contributions like last years group – who played with passion. Cally does make a huge difference – but so did Prust and dubi at times. One thing coaching teaches you is that the sum total of a group in unison is always going to trump the superstar. Torts also has this knowledge – and he is going to havve a hell of a time getting this group playing like last year.

    So – how much longer before we see a trade ( ala arnott ) in this teams future?

  33. Fat Guy – A while back some Jackwagon came on here in all their “fire Tort” glory and referred to him as TORT. Ever since, I have only gone by Tort. I believe LW is with me on this and some other boneheads. As we said to the 13 colonies, Join or Die!

    Thanks Yergs.

  34. MANNY!!!!! Ill give them 20 games to get it together maybe even 25 to get it right. Can’t hide the fact that they look bad- worse than they did in the losses over those first 13 last season,I’m sure.
    It’s not so much the win v loss that has me pondering if and when they’ll get hot. Just the over all effort and capability thus far. Still very early tho. I keep saying too much talent to not be better

  35. All who still think that Nash trade was great, would you change your mind if he ends up with single digit goal count by the end of the season? Was he worth reconstructing half of the team, ie, 3 and 4 lines? Prust asking.

  36. This team looked like they wanted nothing to do with each other last year until Joe Jumbo Shrimp Thornton jump started them. Never looked back.

  37. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Manny – It’s certainly not worth dying over, so consider me a colony. TORT TORT TORT TORT

  38. Your all missing the key issue with this team.

    We continue to get nothing offensively from stepan and hagelin. They need to score not just show up with effort

    It’s time to stop pampering these two.

  39. Carps #7 says it all. The teams success last year to their own admittion was based on their identity. It is what they worked on as a team under Torts the past few seasons to develop. When you lose 5 players from that roster, you are no longer that team. I loved Dubinsky and think his presence is missed, but trading him and Arty for Nash is a no brainer – agree you make this trade 100 times out of 100. When they also let 3 other players from last years “identity” also leave in Prust, Feds and Mitchell it completely changed the whole teams makeup. These were all players that were here buying into that system for more then a few weeks or months. So with the roster changes, no training camp or preseason we are left with what we currently see – a different Rangers team that has to start over again in developing an identity. Unfortunatley with a short season it doesn’t give them a lot of time to figure it all out. And from the looks of things so far – they have along way to go. Last night the only positive thing I saw over last season was or 3rd pair def in Gilroy and Stralman. I thought they had some jump and played pretty good together for their 1st game together. Torts should give them at least a few games as a pair to see how they develop.

  40. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    what ever happened to positive feedback and constructive criticism? What would so many posters, OUR OWN BROTHERS IN ARMS, constantly tell us that we’re missing the point or key issue or keen insight? I want, no, I NEED, to hear what I am getting, what I am nailing, in fact, instead of always only hearing what I am missing. A much better approach and good for our collective psyche.

  41. Carp, all great points, but one. I don’t know how you can say that was Nash’s worst performance. He was the only guy on the ice playing both ends. If you want to talk about worst games of the season, Gaborik was terrible, tried to do too much. Richards stunk as well. Nash is our best player in every game. Del Zotto gets points for blamming the Skid against the glass, and Girardi for putting him on his back. McD showed some offensive moves.
    Our energy level, drive and grit were absent. And Pitt stunk too, so it’s really a testament to how poor we played overall on home ice, AGAIN.

  42. Oh I’m judging, Carp.

    Too many penalties in most games this year, PP isn’t connecting, little scoring, team has lost its edge, etc.

    I’ve watched other teams in this league play; Detroit, Pens, Boston, Tampa, San Jose, Chicago… There’s one word that comes to mind about our Rangers after watching these teams play….

    Right now Torts is in the hot seat. Because the Rangers stink. Sure miss AA’s forecheck, sure miss Dubi’s reckless abandon, sure miss Feds and Mitchel working the boards, sure miss Prust instigating and getting the crowd going.

    All of those components are gone and what replaced them doesn’t measure up. Sather screwed up this “team” real good.

  43. Gaborik to me is a straight ahead player with a very quick release. He is also fleet of foot, but thats it. He is not very crafty, it seems he is not very hard to check, unless he gets a step on you. At times he goes for the net, when he gets in front thats when he is most dangerous. Last game he basically skated up and down. He was no threat at all.

  44. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    maybe the Dolans overdid the MSG interior redecorating. Obviously the new lack of feng shui is forcing us to hit posts instead of the net

  45. Duberstein: you get many things. Don’t listen to the negativity. I will help you positively reinforce yourself.

    For example, Kovie – really? You think Nick Rash is going to end up with <9 goals this season? And yes. Even if he does (which would mean he gets injured) the trade is still something you do 100 out of 10 times. I would make the trade again and again and again.

  46. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Manny – Don’t worry, I won’t fire until I see the whites of their eyes. Did Schoolhouse Rock invent that strategy, or just popularize it?

  47. Stepan and Hagelin (and Boyle) had good games last night. NO ONE put the puck in the net. How about that top line put a few home? When the top line is scoring 1+ a night and we are still losing games I will start worrying about Stepan and Hagelin. Until the top line does that though, the focus will remain on them.

  48. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Nash is a great player. Hags and Stepan need to do something more than just take up space. This team has 1 great line, 2 good D pairs, and 1 great goalie (but he hasn’t been all that special this year). The rest of the team wears sweaters and ice skates but contribute nothing.

  49. The Kings proved last year that you don’t have to have the BEST record to win the Stanley Cup!
    But you have to be in the top 8 at the end of the Year.
    There is always a 2 or 3 games in a whole season, you just have to hit “flush” at the end of it. This was one of them. Forget about it and move on.
    There are not alot of easy teams to play this year. Carolina, Ottawa, Buffalo, & Tampa are all stronger than last year.
    This team has to win on speed and skill this year, because are grinders are gone.
    Somehow Torts has to coach Kreider up, get him in there, and HOPEFULLY he can get scoring like the other hot rookies out there. I thought he would be a Calder contender at the beginning of the year.


  50. I agree with you Sioux. I actually believe that, based on this opening performance, it’s time to, when The Kreider is healthy, just pop him in the lineup and live with it. It’s not going to help him to be up here and just be scratched all the time. It’s also not going to help him playing 10 or less minutes a night. Our 4th line, last night, is horrendous. It’s horrifying to have them on the ice. Asham-Dr. Halpern-Bickel. Is that a joke?

  51. Meanwhile, in other news, the Penguins 4th line kept our 1st line pinned in their own end on multiple shifts.

  52. Best thing about the game last night. I didn’t have to watch it LIVE.

    Daughter had a dance thing. Dad had to be there. So the DVR went flying through after I lost my patience with the Rangers.

    Why does it always have to be the Penguins?????

  53. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Stepan and Stemkowski

    Both wore #21
    both play/played Center
    Both slower than mud.

    Stepan is slow by 1972 standards.

  54. I was shocked when I read that Stepan had 6 shots on goal last night. I like the kid, and I want nothing more than for him to succeed, and I realize he is no superstar, but he has been invisible all year. I know it is the little things, but there are large, and I mean LARGE, stretches of the game that I forget he is even on the team.

  55. I don’t like playing our big three on the same line, but it had been working. Now with Cally out, we need to put someone on the second line that can generate a little and keep the puck out of our own net. I guess all the eggs in one basket will have to do for a little while.

  56. Stranger Nation on

    report from last night – perspective is needed, but time is not on our side – what to do, what to do!

    Stranger Nation January 31st, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    Last year through 7 games – 14 goals, record 3-2-2

    This year through 7 games – 14 goals, record 3-4

  57. Stranger Nation on


    Miami Pimp February 1st, 2013 at 8:29 am
    Our PP is analogous to a train derailing into a a forest fire.

  58. Yeah Manny. If we had a second line that was an absolute scoring threat and contributing offensively, then I have no problem with big 3 on first line, but we CLEARLY do not.

  59. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    I don’t really think that depth is the problem, especially when comparing the marginal differences between 3rd and 4th liners. It’s all about the performance of their secondary scorers.

    If Richards, Stepan, Hagelin, etc. were playing more like their 2012 selves, then we wouldn’t be talking about depth. You cannot have allstars on your 3rd and 4th lines in a salary cap league…it just isn’t going to happen.

  60. Manny, smth tells me you WILL change ur mind once Nash ends up with nothing to show for the money he gets AND the price paid for him.

  61. Yeah, that is pretty much what I just said. In this league, you need two good scoring lines and two good checking lines that will put in a goal here and there. Right now, we have 1 scoring line, and three that are just playing so/so hockey. Our best game of the season was the last game against Philly, up until the third period when we decided to have a parade to the penalty box. After that, despite a great penalty kill, I didn’t think we looked great, and it certainly carried over to last night’s tilt.

  62. I disagree. I knew when getting him that Nash wasn’t just about goal scoring. Yes, he has had a bunch of 30 goal seasons, but this guy is the complete package. I make the trade every time to have him on this team.

  63. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Think Tort gave the boys some positive reinforcement during Carp’s hour long wait for Tort to attack the podium for the presser?

  64. I am really hoping you are wrong, Kovie! Only time will tell though.

    Totally Nasty. We need to have two scoring lines and two good checking lines. That’s why I think it’s time to just let The Kreider go crazy and see what he’s got. Let him learn on the job. I think he really helped us in the playoffs (overall) because he was scoring when Gaborik had only one arm/shoulder. Why not even get JT Miller up here. Slap one on a line with Richards-Nash and one on a line with Stepan-Gaborik. Something along those lines…

  65. Finding Possitives-
    Faceoffs much better lately (hopefully Halpern is teaching everyone while he is here)
    Haglin although not scoring yet, seems better all around and good on PK.
    Hank has been very good and will make sure we get into the playoffs.
    Staal finally seems fully recovered and is getting his game back (and some Snarl, doesn’t seem worried about his melon anymore).
    Nash is better then most of us new in ALL 3 zones and worth what we had to give up.
    Kreider will improve as the season moves along and has lots of scoring potential.
    Pyatt has been a good signing for the price and will add to the teams depth over time.
    Gilroy if given a chance will give us a more solid and offensive 3rd pair with Strals. (nothing against Bic, but he needs a little more time to develop before playing everynight)

  66. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    Good point about the penalties….that is another contributor. Right now, now secondary scoring and discipline have been their biggest problems.

    And the people complaining about Gaborik really need to back off. He has as many points and three more goals than Malkin through 7 games. He is the least of their concerns.

  67. I’m actually hearing, on the Marek/Wyshynski podcast, that DAN BYLSMA is in trouble and may not keep his coaching job if the Pens don’t pick it up.

    How can that be true?

  68. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    Manny, I think you’ll get your wish with Kreider if he is healthy. I can’t see them not playing him while Cally is out.

  69. I think last nights stink fest partly had to due with Callahan out of the lineup. It shows the rangers are a 1 line team for sure now without callahan. Unfortunately the rangers are in a bind. The prospects aren’t ready, not going to get much better player right now through waiver wire and the rangers aren’t in a position to make trades without breaking up there team. I think things will change later on in the season where it might get easier to make trades or pick someone up through waiver. Unfortunately the rangers have to roll the dice right now qwith what they have and hope it’s good enough to get into the playoffs.

  70. Yea. The Kreider playing on the second line is a *must* with Callahan out.

    Also, 27NYR, I have to agree. If Gilroy is going to be trusted to play 10+ Minutes (10:26 Last Night) well, that’s 6 more minutes than Bickel is trusted to play. So, come on. Just play Gilroy on Defense and PUT HIM ON THE RIGHT SIDE. Why is he always on the left side and paired with another Right-Handed shooter?

  71. LA had the bad streak until they hired Sutter. It was him that turned things around in La. The Kings also had a lot more depth than the Rangers have at this point.
    Krieder can do everything better than Rupp except play the game. When you got a super talented guy that makes stupid mistakes. You still have a guy that makes stupid mistakes. Its sad when you got Rupp out there lumbering around, with people out skating and out skilling him all over the place and he is still more effective than Krieder.

  72. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    If Ty Cobb can find positives in a man he hates, we should all be able to find somethign good to say about last night.

    Al Stump: Come on, Ty, aren’t you going to give Ruth credit for anything?
    Ty Cobb: (pauses) He could run okay for a fat man.

  73. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    Morning all!!

    Very accurate write up Carp!!

    I also think they just have ZERO puck luck right now!!

  74. Before the start of season I truely felt the Rangers had a better than good chance to win the stanley cup. I knew then the guys that got traded for Nash, and that Prust was not going to be signed. I didn’t realise that Feds and Mitchel were also not going to be resigned. I still don’t understand why. These two guys were effective players that knew the system for not much money. That was a big loss, and its showing now.

  75. Stranger Nation on

    Not for nothing but the pace of play and all the FO BS is making this season a snore fest so far. Even the Filthy game was boring as hell. last night, if you were not a fan of either team, would asked for your money back.

    Is there a league directive to toss at least one center out of each FO this year? And, I am all for obstruction calls, but the call on Halpern behind the net and the call on the piece of Cooke were marginal at best.

    The PP parade may be a way to increase scoring but there is very little flow to any game. Seems like pre-season..hey, wait a minute…it is preseason, but these game count!

  76. @NYDNRangers@ Kreider, Pyatt, Stepan, Hagelin, Rupp, Boyle, Ferriero, Asham, Halpern, Bickel, Lundqvist, Biron, Gilroy, Eminger on ice for optional #NYR


    Guess we might see The Kreider getting 15+ minutes tomorrow night…

  77. Mitchell averaged about 11 Minutes of Ice Time last year. That’s more than Rupp, Halpern, Asham, etc…

  78. Blogmama from AZ on

    Good morning all! So, I guess I’m not all that upset that I couldn’t watch and even missed some audio. Anthony, bless his heart, still wanted to hang in with 2:16 left, but we mercifully shut the iPad. Here’s hoping for Saturday.

  79. if the big line is not split up any time soon we WONT WIN games.

    a line of pyatt step and hagelin as 2nd line guys is awful.

  80. Being labeled as a “Boyle Hater” I thought Boyle played his best game of the year. Maybe the reason Carp you think Rick Nash wasnt up to par because he was put on the second line half way through the game because Hagelin was having a good game.

    Nash should never be replaced on the 1st line and if Hagelin is doing good where he is for godsakes keep him there. Aren’t we always talking about balanced scoring and getting other lines going ?

    This was a putrid game by the Rangers, I cant even single out one guy. Just got to move on and forget about it.

    Also Sam Rosen must have said ” Young Defenseman Simon Despres ” a dozen times, it reminded me of his Kaspars Daugavins lovefest of last year.

    You know things were bad when I’m yelling at Sam from my couch. Got to move on from this stinker.

  81. kovie February 1st, 2013 at 9:31 am

    All who still think that Nash trade was great, would you change your mind if he ends up with single digit goal count by the end of the season? Was he worth reconstructing half of the team, ie, 3 and 4 lines? Prust asking.

    For the 3rd time, the Nash trade was Dubinsky, Anisimov, and Erixon for Rick Nash. 2 3rd liners and an AHL player for a top 15 player in the league. That is it. And we came out with more cap space than before the trade. The way he has played he is worth every penny and more. By the way, I believe he is in the top 5 in the league in shots on goal so the only thing that hasnt happened is the puck hasnt entered the net.

    IMO Prust > Asham talent wise by a considerable amount, Pyatt > Feds not by much, Mitchell = Halpern although Mitchell is younger…

  82. Brandon Dubinsky at 4 million for 10 goals. Artem Anisimov a good third liner and Tim Erixon who couldnt even crack Columbus D corp this year. I sure would. Nash is a force anyone who doesnt see that isnt watching the games. He has one goal now. But its not for the lack of chances.

  83. Even as someone that was pretty against the Nash trade, I’ll say he’s been their best forward (I’d say McDonagh has been their best skater night in and night out). My issue was always whether he’ll be as good as he’s played so far for the long haul, because he has to be at least a pro-rated 70 point player for the deal to be worth it.

    However I don’t agree that the team that ends up with the best player is the team that won the trade by default. The odds were always going to be that Nash was going to be the best player out of that deal, no one is disputing that he’s individually better than the guys the Rangers gave up, but the replacements they’ve used for the middle 6th depth haven’t been up to par so far. This isn’t yearning for Dubi or AA, but rather not liking the guys they brought in as their replacements.

  84. No-brainer on Nash. This team hasn’t had anyone with his skills, size, etc. since…..I can’t really recall. And he is much better defensively than anyone imagined.

  85. He is way better defensively than I knew before he got here. We will eventually find better role players to or get these current role players to perform better. The Kreider, Brandon Mashinter, Kyle Jean, JT Miller, etc.

  86. E3 pimp's angel on

    Step and hags on pace to never score again. An amazing trivia stat for future reference

    What player scored more goals in his first NHL game than he did in his combined years three thru 12?

    Answer: no one any good

  87. Oh! And Marek Hrivik has supposedly been skating. He would be a good addition.

    Ferrari has certainly earned his spot.

  88. And you still make that trade any time, CTB. At some point they’ll find appropriate complementary players. Next time a player of Nash’s magnitude may become available, Lundqvist may be pushing 40. And before someone mentions Getzlaf/Perry, you can forget about them being available this summer. Anaheim is most likely going to trade Ryan than letting any of them go.

  89. Yeah you make the trade because the players they gave up should be more easy to replace than if they traded someone like McDonagh or at least what we’re hoping Kreider can be. Again though, as much as it looks like the Rangers got a great player out of the deal, Nash has to be playing like he has for a sustained period of time.

    But my final evaluation on the trade and what they did to the team this year is whether they win it all in the next couple of seasons. They cashed in the chips they felt they could spend and defined themselves as a win now team. I couldn’t care less if Nash puts up a pro-rated 40 point season and they end up winning, although I suspect that Nash will play a big role if they end up winning.

  90. watch J Mitch not score another goal for the rest of the season…

    btw, Bobby Ryan has 1 goal and 1 assist in 5 games… lets get him and send Nash to AHL!

  91. I don’t think anybody questions the Nash trade. It’s the rest of the changes that seem to of upset the style in which they play.
    Nash for Dubi & Artie =upgrade
    Should of only had to replace one of those on last years roster by adding Pyatt.
    If they resigned Feds or Mitchell AND PRUST, the playing style would not of changed much at all(if any) – and should have actually improved in adding Nash’s skill in all 3 zones.
    I haven’t checked but I think it would of all fit under the cap.

  92. and if they end up winning then they end up winning so then the end up will be what we all want and at the end we will all end up happy that it ended up this way…. right, CT? :)

  93. Do you think they had a chance of winning it all over the next few years with Dubinsky, AA, Prust in the lineup without Nash? The way this team was constructed last year? I think the odds are against that notion.

  94. Stranger Nation on

    remember Hags played in the TOP SIX last year.

    Kreider then played on the TOP SIX in the POs.

    their lack of production along with Step’s is the reason for the lack of offense.

    Dubi was playing on the 3rd line in the POs last year at $4MM per – thath is depth we can’t afford – the youngsters have to step it up – pun intended!!!!

  95. If the only two choices are keep last year’s roster intact or choose this one’s, then they probably have a better chance to win this one but I’m not sure it’s leaps and bounds better. If we’re talking about making other moves then they may have been able to piece together a deeper team while still upgrading in skill.

  96. I feel bad for krieder, I feel the Rangers made a big mistake with him. They let guys go on the hope that he would be able to fit in. Then when he wasn’t ready, and they had to have known it, they decided to bring him up anyway, and put more pressure on him. I still say they should have left him in Hartford to play without the pressure. Torts can’t trust him, he’s not going to get the mins. I just think it’s wrong. There’s been lots of guys with loads of talent do little in the NHL. I’m sure we all remember Nick Zerdev.

  97. enough with this nash nonsense. 100 times out of 100 u make that trade.

    we lose because we coddle these two clowns step and hags and some of you think they are not the issue. THEY ARE.

  98. the way this team is constructed right now there is no time for kreider to develop in ahl. he is surely needed tom in tampa and beyond.

  99. Couple observations:

    1. Don’t know why you people are killing Hagelin. The guy is one of the few who plays with high energy. He is not a big-time goal scorer, and never was. But he makes things happen

    2. Anyone else notice that Gabby has no wrist shot? It is soft and it IS ALWAYS at the goal tenders chest. Every time. If I am a goalie, I know he’ll shoot it there cuz he always does, and make the easy save

    3. I agree with many of yuo Stepan has been awful, and Richards looks worn out already and it’s less than 10 games into the season.

  100. When you have success, you improve by tweaking it. NASH for Dubi&Artie was enough to improve over last years roster without changing the teams identity. You add to improve, not subtract from what works. Nash was the piece that was missing – they should have left the rest alone and did was was needed to resign the others.

  101. J Mitchel will score 32 goals? I’m sure the Aves are hopeing. I am not worried about Nash he’s a great player. I wonder why they didn’t resign a guy like Mitchel. I thought he did a great job for the Rangers last season. I don’t know how much money he gets, but I doubt its that much.

  102. lobster

    when you look at the rest of the lines

    rupp boyle ferriero
    bickel halpern asham

    im sorry but all the effort speed wont compensate for hagelin not scoring becase with those bottom lines HAGELIN NEEDS TO SCORE.

  103. OK, I’m going to call the Guinness Book of Records to see what the record is for stupid commentary following an early-regular season loss, because last night we sure produced a few … as we usually do.

    Crack of noon!

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  104. Gaborik has been flipping the puck at the net, Latona. That’s true. Agree with you on #1.

    Re: #3 – thought Stepan played a much better game last night. Delivered a few good hits, etc. No one on the team had a good game last night, except for Boyle a/k/a Big-Rig.

  105. By the way, I brought up Mitchell because I thought, to this point, he might be better than Halpern — certainly younger, better along the wall and probably faster. But let’s relax a bit, because last year pretty much everybody thought Mitchell was an absolute zero until he won that one faceoff in the playoffs.

  106. Halpern has been doing exactly what he was signed for the last two games.

    Here is something that is killing me. PASSING. It’s been a problem again, players passing from wing to wing and the puck is just bouncing across the ice so that no one can actually put it on net.

    I liked Mitchell, Carp. Don’t count me in with that negative lot. Kid wore awesome suits and was pretty funny on 24/7. Thus he was endearing. Also, he won faceoffs and played with a lot of JAM.

  107. I think Latona was more referring to when Gaborik is shooting from the slot and is filpping the puck instead of ripping it at the Goalie. The way this team passes they need as many rebound opportunities as possible.

  108. Some notable scorers with 2 goals or less…

    Malkin – 2
    Kovalchuckles – 2
    Ovechcant – 2
    Perry – 1
    Erskine – 1
    Kessel – 0
    Iginla – 0

    Among others.

    Not like Nash isn’t the only scorer not scoring. I’m not worried aboot him. He’s a little too unselfish though, that’s my only problem with him. Gotta put the puck on net when you have a good scoring chance.

  109. Doodie Machetto on


  110. Point taken Carp…but that’s just one. I love Gaborik and know he has the most goals, but I am guessing that roofer you are referring to might be the only one on a good wrister. The others are right around the net., which we will definitely take, but the guy used to have a good wrist shot. Shoulder??

  111. Funny story about goal scoring. My friend, who is a moron and a Caps fan since 2010, txted me last night, “Joel Ward _HAS_ to be leading the NHL in scoring”

    He didn’t like my response that Marleau has at least 9 so far.

  112. I just dont understand how the Nash trade is related to the other guys that were/were not replaced. If they werent part of the deal they were their own transactions.

    Prust priced himself off the team. Mitchell no one wanted back on July 1st, it’d be pretty funny to google old threads and see what people were saying about him. Fedotenko, i personally wanted him back a lot, was getting up there in age. And I really like Pyatt and will root for the kid.

    Hindsight is 20/20 but on paper replacing Mitchell with Halpern seemed like a very small deal, even an upgrade because of Halpern’s face-offs history.

    I really could only understand arguments for Prust/Asham but we are not off to the start we are off to because we have Asham and not Prust.

  113. now gaborik is the problem. stop please. yes he and nash struggled last night but we are 0-7 instead of 3-4 without them so enough.

  114. Manny, does your friend also think that the Caps have the best record in the league? Was he also one of those that booed the Caps off the ice?

  115. Probably yes to both, lev. The kid is an idiot who knows nothing about Hockey. Shockingly different from most Caps fans. Haha.

  116. AGROSS Both Carl Hagelin and Derek Stepan say the chances are there for them. Claim no extra pressure to start producing goals. 7 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    what you two clowns waiting for game 45 of 48.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    Went back and watched the Richards tying goal and Staal OT winner. The roar of the MSG crowd gives me chills.

  118. doodie

    i had that game saved on my dvr until opening night when i had to move on from last season. wish i could go back to last year. this is painful right now

  119. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Carp – Not sure if you mentioned this already, but any idea what was said behind closed doors before Tort fired out to do the presser?

  120. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Manny, Doodie – Talking about the roar of the crowd, the scary thing is that the roar would be even loader when Nick Fotiu scored on Rollie Melanson during an otherwise meaningless regular season game…times have changed

  121. man that was one ugly loss and suspect more of the same will happen without Callahan in the lineup. pretty amazing just how invisible Brad Richards has been for most of these games. last night my friend actually asked me at one point if he was even playing and to be honest, we didn’t remember seeing him on the ice for an extremely long period of time. but no, there he was, skating around doing absolutely nothing.

    as for Nash, the guy really needs to finish. look, he’s not a dazzling goal scorer, never has been – more of a quick release/reaction type player, but he’s got to put pucks into the net. this isn’t meant to get on his case because I think he’s been the best player on the team for the most part, but he has to score goals. there’s basically zero goal support right now and he has to lead in that category.

    the Malkin goal was terrible. also looked to me like Malkin not only chopped Staal across the head but head-butted him, too. I’m sure nothing will happen since he’s on Crosby’s line and those guys can draw penalties all day long but are never assessed them.

  122. 5 more game we are at the quarter pole of the season. has sykora been called yet how about jt miller he ready yet.

  123. Never been a Stepan fan. Outside of the occasional sweet pass, he can’t finish and is a horrible skater. I still think the Nash trade was a no-brainer, but I would have been much happier if we shipped out Stepan & kept either Dubi or Artie.

  124. see you all in a few hours. need a blog break. this team and blog and the damn flu i have has given me a migraine now too

  125. Cally please hurry back. We need you. Hell, I need you. I’m a mess without you. I miss you so damn much! I miss being with you. I miss being *near* you. I miss your laugh! I miss your scent. I miss your musk… When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together!

  126. Stepan’s a really soft player but so is Anisimov – they may very well both be total dogs but Anisimov is definitely already a dog. Dubinsky has a limited skill set and to be able to get Nash, a guy who can do everything Dubisnky does and more (and better) made Dubinsky immediately expendable.

  127. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    For those who would rather have Dubi thanStepan, you would not be happy with the additional $3.1M cap hit. They would have the same production, and you would not have any money to bring in another player.

  128. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I understand doobie love, but is all the *Dubi* love around here more a case of “Misty Water Colored memories” or more ‘Don;t knwo What You Got Until It’s Gone”

    See how I did that? Doobie and Dubi

  129. I don’t get why everyone is saying nobody imagined Nash being this sound in his own zone. He played under Hitchcock for several seasons. Also, with the lack of depth on essentially every CBJ team ever, I’m sure he was on the ice in all situations.

    eric, why are you talking about Sykora and Miller? Stepan and Hagelin are the issue you claim. Sykora and Miller are not going to replace them, and it doesn’t matter what anybody else on the team does as long as they conitnue not to score.

  130. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    And since we only judge players based upon seven game samples:

    GP G A Cap
    Dubinsky 8 0 3 $4,200,000
    Stepan 7 0 4 $875,000

  131. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Carp – Thanks for asking. I’m on a different computer during the day than at night – I don’t know the nighttime problem, but I’ll e-mail you later with some ideas.

    Nasty – if you need to make yourself vomit, either drink about a Coke can full of hydrogen peroxide (works on my dog), or rewatch last night’s 3rd period.

  132. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Stepan would look good on my over 50 team. We are all slower than molasses and we are not allowed to check. Also none of us can score. Heck, none of us can play – Stepan could easily play 3rd line for us…

  133. manny

    I have watched extensively Gilroy playing for two different teams ( Bolts and Sens,) and one thing about him comes to the fore and I have referred this repeatedly in the past as to how ineffectively he has been used by Ranger coaches who insisted on playing him on the left when all his effective activity has been when placed on the right defense where he belongs. The Bolts played him on the right and he was effective especially on the attacks.The Sens acted like they didn.t know what to do with him for he’d be left one time out, and right the next. He certainly didn.t disgrace himself last night. Now as to the Tort Torts thing, I am glad that to date I have managed to avoid getting caught in this trap, for I usually just refer to him as “the coach.” ( God forbid I ever slip and say Tortous.)

  134. Thanks fran. I remember you bringing that up yesterday or the day before. I don’t get why Gilroy isn’t on the Right Side when he shoots Right and why he’s paired with Strahlman is beyond me…I would think Del Zotto and Gilroy would be quite an offensively minded Defensive pairing with a lefty and a righty.

  135. Said it last night and I will say it again: this “team” is NOT making the playoffs.

    Classic case of wanting the shiniest and most expensivs toy in the store and having it fit I. Wot the rest of your house.

  136. I am very confident this team will make the playoffs, but the odds of them winning the cup have changed for me. Still lots of games to play though.

  137. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    The problem with playing Gilroy on the right is you would either A) have to move Staal or MDZ to the third pair, or B) move Bickel to the left side, which I don’t think he’s played before.

  138. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    It must be awful to have balls bigger than a building. Sort of like a horse.


  139. Stranger Nation on

    OK, I’m going to call the Guinness Book of Records to see what the record is for stupid commentary following an early-regular season loss, because last night we sure produced a few …

    classic – LMFGO

    Our 2nd line should be Artie-Mitch-Dubi – that would solve everything!!! Bwahahah

  140. Stranger Nation on

    positives out of the poop

    Stralman has been playing great – frankly the D has been playing much, much better offensively. All in all, think Volkoun was lucky with the posts and saving short he did not see (Gabby deflection)

    Someone said it earlier – put this one behind you and kick the Bolts Assens tomorrow

  141. The whole debate on the new players vs last year’s players is really a moot point. They are gone, the page is turned, and here we are. Simple as that. It is up to the guys in the room to right the ship. I didn’t drink the kool-aid about the rangers being the best team in the league from jump street. I thought after ten games we would have a 4-6, 5-5, or 6-4 record. I knew it would take time. The teams that are tearing it up are the ones I thought would, save the Isles. This team will make the playoffs. I see us finishing 4th or 5th. This Cally injury definitely hurts us, but it is not something we can’t overcome.

  142. @AGrossRecord@ Ex-#NYR property Jonathan Audy-Marchessault named #AHL player of the month for January.


    More things we let get away…

  143. Stranger Nation on

    AGrossRecord Ex-#NYR property Jonathan Audy-Marchessault named #AHL player of the month for January.


  144. Tampa won’t be a cakewalk tomorrow night. Last I checked they have the most goals scored in the league and Vinny has been turning back the clock.

  145. It was good to see Gilroy play as good as he did last night. I didn’t expect much from him, but he handled himself very well. The Ranger have a pretty solid D.

  146. E3 pimp's angel on

    If you have 10 cookies divided among the number of kids represented by the number of goals stepan will score the rest of his life, you will have infinity.

  147. Doodie Machetto on

    I like your Orr impression more than the actual Orr. No offense to you Orr, but impostORR is terrific.

  148. Stranger Nation on


    if all are clicking, only problem is who gets to wear the hat

  149. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    Stepan, 45 and 51 points the last two seasons. Dubinsky 54 and 34.

    Some other 2nd line centers:
    Briere 68 and 49
    Zajac 67 and 44
    Krejci 62 and 62
    Mike Richards 62 and 44
    Stastny 57 and 53
    Cammalleri 47 and 41

    When you factor in the minimal cap hit, what more do you expect? Are you going to find a significantly better 2nd line center? Are the Stepan haters willing to write him off after 7 underwhelming games?

  150. The D is definitely not a Rangers problem, hockeymon, even when Bickel plays (waits for backlash).

    Don’t worry, Sally! Big John will be a one-time commentor just as he always is, and he will be back later today with a different name, complaining about something else.

  151. E3 pimp's angel on

    Ranger PA announcer: “ranger goal scored by number 21 Derek …….wait, that CANNOT be correct, who really scored that goal”

  152. Anybody notice that Vanek just put up 5 points again. I think he just tied some record with Mario Lemieux.

  153. Doodie Machetto on

    Foodie Machetto was my short-lived alterego after the renovation when I would go around and try the new MSG offerings, sort of like Chico Eats, but with less annoying Chico Resch, and more expensive food.

  154. Vladimir Tarasenko (6’0″ 191) was drafted in 2010 (16th Overall). Chris Kreider (6’3″, 230lbs) was drafted in 2009 (19th Overall).

    I am going to take this as proof that Kreider needs to play, play, play and he will figure it out quickly.

  155. I’ve said before, if Stepan turns into a player like Krejci, then that’s no bad thing at all. Even if being a 20-40-60 (full season) scorer is seen as some kind of bust level performance by some.

  156. Beginnings:

    Marc Staal’s mom: “He never lost his temper unless someone deliberately hit him over the head with a hockey stick”

    Mike Rupp’s mom: “His dad bought him an ice chopper to keep the driveway clear but he never could get up the ice.”

    Marty Biron’s mom: “As a teenager, he was always sitting around drinking, so we gave him some hockey lessons and now he still sits around a lot but he is sober and makes a lot of money.”

    Stu Bickel’s mom: He was always so much bigger than the other kids in the neighborhood, and would beat them up, so we bought him a pair of skates, and the rest is history.”

    Carl Hagelin’s mom: “He was such a cute little fellow, we dressed him up in a tiny uniform and he would scoot all over the house like a little rocket ship. I don’t really know what his goal was, at least none of us ever saw one.”

  157. Vladimir Tarasenko was drafted _after_ Dylan McIlrath… i am going to take this as a proof that we have another bust on our hands. Thanks.

  158. Exactly, @CCCP@ A point that can’t go unnoticed.

    I heard the reports on Tarasenko, from the Russian Scout for the Blues, was that he was *the* best player he had seen since Ovechkin. Whatever that’s worth…..

    Mcllrath better get up to the big times soon so he can play RW on the 4th line for 4 minutes a game!

  159. I never thought I’d have to worry about Tampa this year…but it’ll be good to catch them on the second game of a back-to-back. Here’s to hoping they go to OT tonight.

  160. All we have to do against the Lightning is STOP TURNING THE PUCK OVER TO ST. LOUIS AT THE BLUE LINE! No more breakaways for him.

  161. kreider absolutely needs to play.

    boyle talks alot for a guy who stinks…the 15 + goals was a anamoly.

    kreider in and sit the great bickell.

  162. Carp, enough about Bickel. He’s already in his late 20s and has played almost 60 NHL games already. Stop praising someone who you have obvious favoritism towards. Like Izzy said to Jerry- ‘bringing that trash into my house you’ve got the wrong attitude!”

  163. The worst part about the loss was that it ruing _Beginnings_ for me. I pretty much root for the Rangers just because of _Beginnings_ .

  164. Great lines from old movies:

    “Play it again, Sam.”
    “This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
    “I coulda been somebody instead of a bum, which is what I am.”
    “In Italy, for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed. But they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock.”
    “I guess fatso there just forgot to shake my hand, I guess.”

  165. No offense taken, Doodie.

    Giroux drafted after Sanguinetti
    Tarasenko drafted after McIlrath

    Maybe, stop drafting d-men?

    Also a push, but Eberle was drafted after Del Z. But I like Del Z, so I wont crap on that selection for now.

  166. Stranger Nation on

    Milan Lucic-David Krejci-Nathan Horton – I believe Krejci is their first line center – Bergeron is second line center

    compare Step against our division 2nd centers and you can see which teams are set to win – Pitt & NJ and which will struggle NYI & Phi:

    Crosby 3-4-7/ 8-29-37 (22 games) age 25

    Couturier 1-3-4/ 13-14-27 – age 20

    Nielsen 0-7-7/13-17-30 – age 28

    Elias 2-5-7/ 26-52-78 – age 36

  167. I think maybe Brian Boyle has scored all the goals he is ever going to score. Thats OK with me as long as he uses that big frame to win puck battles, block shots, and throw big hits. He also has been good as far as give aways so far this year, and not taking stupid penaltys. If that continues he alright in my book.

  168. Agree that Stepan doesn’t compare to some of those other centers (takes some deep analysis of advanced stats to determine Crosby > Stepan though…), but we can rank entire teams by a single player now?

  169. How is last year’s early record to this team’s an accurate comparison in such a short season?
    The one positive about having a crappy season is the discount we’ll get on our free agents after the season.

  170. Tampa have been pretty good so far Orr. The Rangers will have to play a lot better than they did last night to win.

  171. James, I have no favortism toward Bickel. Just show me how many teams have a better No. 6 … or how the Rangers can afford to not have his fists in there against certain opponents. He’s not terrible. And Gilroy or Eminger are not much better if at all.

  172. I know they’ve been good, Hockeymon, but I’m just saying, put them in our position, going against the Bruins, Pens, and Flyers, and maybe they wouldn’t have the record they have, and the amount of goals.

    Not saying they’re crappy though, but I’m not scared. NYR will get the win.

  173. What a disgusting game last night. I don’t think I’ve heard the Garden so quiet in a long time.

    Some random questions…….with the loss of Sauer, whose career might be over, what is up with Dylan McIlrath? I know the Rangers could have drafted many other players in his place, specifically Cam Fowler, whose been starting for 2 years already if I’m not mistaken. I thought McIlrath would be an NHL’er by now, so when I read the Rangers are drafting better in recent years, this is not a good case for them.
    Also, since they have been drafting better, how come they never have anyone else to bring up besides Chris Newbury? The Penguins last night had some rookies playing, and they usually draft late. I’m tired of seeing the Rangers not commit to Bickel as a D-man, and putting him on offense. They really have no depth whatsoever on offense or defense after the first 2 pairings.
    Lat thing. I know you can never keep anyone, but wouldn’t the Rangers look better with PA Parenteau on the 3rd line? Ever since he left the Rangers, he’s been pretty damn good.

  174. Anyone who has seen or heard Bickel interviewed can easily see that he is bright, modest, personable and humorous. He knows what’s expected of him and he produces best he can. Easy to root for.

  175. In my post, the spell check screwed up. I meant to say in my last point, “I know you can’t keep everyone, but wouldn’t the Rangers look better with PA Parenteau on the 3rd line, maybe even the 2nd line. Ever since he left, he’s been pretty darn good.”

  176. Fact: If Kreider had played all 7 games thus far and been healthy for all of them he would be playing top 6 minutes. Unless he was a serious liability in his own end- like worse than the other guys there’s no way to justify any different with the way the rest of the forwards have played thus far.

  177. I like your confidence Orr, I wish I had simular. It was over half way through last season before I felt confident about them winning before the game started. That was the best I felt about a Ranger team in years. I gotta say I enjoyed it.

  178. That’s a great assessment, coos. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Bickel talk.

    Gmen11- it takes a little longer to develop a banger on the blueline than an offensive d-man, especially if you expect him to drop the gloves….

  179. Gmen
    I like Mcilrath, In my opinion he was a good draft. Although I have read that he was one of the ten biggest draft screw ups in I can’t remember how many years. I have been watching him play. The guy missed all last season,but he’s coming along real well. I am fairly certain that he will be a fan favorite when he does get his chance.

  180. we could only hope stepan turns into half the player david krejci is on boston.

    for my money when all healthy the line of lucic krejci horton is one of the best in league easily top 3-5

  181. Eric
    When you look at that Boston lineup top to bottom. They have to be the toughest, meanest, hardest to play against in the entire league. Them and the Sharks would have a good go at it right now. To bad it won’t happen.

  182. I’m sure that thing is installed in NHL headquarters…..Explains why they play the Dulcolax ad every TV break….

  183. ilb – “The little guys with the big seat.” LOL Somehow, Chris Christie must fit into this joke.

  184. Stranger Nation on

    point on second centers in division is we are in the middle of the pack – better than flyer & isles and not pens and debs. not the only barometer for any team, but being strong up middle is an absolute must – Step is young and nobody thought he was a legit top line center coming out, cold even consider him ahead of schedule

    Bigger issue may be Richards shape, lack thereof

  185. Foodiesie, what the heck is going on? Are you having an identity crisis along with the bankruptcy?

  186. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    According to the numbers, Stepan is more than half the player Krejci is.

  187. the Krejci comparison isn’t bad, really – Stepan has 50-point forward written all over him.

  188. Sheriff to Brando in “The Wild One,” “What are you rebelling against, son?”
    Brando: “Whatcha Got?”

  189. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    And 80% of the league is/would be happy with a 50 point 2nd line center. But, some fans seem to expect 70-80. If Stepan averages 20-25 G and 35-40 A, you take that to the bank.

    He may not be the fastest skater, but guys like Nylander have been successful using vision/awareness.

  190. I like Stepan a lot. The problem is that is shortcomings are magnified by the lack of a supporting cast. Because the bench is short, people already had elevated expectations; without Callahan, those expectations rose even higher. I mean, really, look at this team. After those top 5 forwards, where is the offense going to come from? And one of those 5 is Hagelin who is a debatable offensive talent. So yeah, Stepan as a 50-point 2nd center is more than adequate, but there’s more pressure on him when one of his linemates is Taylor Pyatt.

  191. Torts to team assembled in locker room, holding up a black disc. “Gentlemen, this is a puck.” From the back of room: “Could you slow down a little, coach?”

  192. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    I’m wondering if battling the flu at the end of -hell week- camp put Richards behind the eight ball a bit. He started slow last year too though.

  193. Well put Lloyd. Well Put. I am in agreement and believe I have previously been annoyed as heck on here that Stepan’s lack of production is because of his linemates. He looks great when Gaborik is putting in 20 goals and 18 of those are Stepan’s assists. When he’s feeding the puck to Pyatt and Ferrari. Well….

  194. Gravy, Extra for Callahan... on

    Lloyd, agreed on those points, but what team really has significant scoring beyond their top 2? Granted, we are talking about replacing only one of the top 6, but there’s a reason they are the top 6.

    The Pens the last few years are one of the few, and that was when they had Staal and healthy Malkin and Crosby. Speaking of which, I’m convinced they could put a garbage can on the wing of their top lines since the ’90s, and it would get 30 goals.

  195. Right now the Rangers don’t have significant scoring beyond their top 4, though

    and they go from quote-unquote significant scoring down to completely non-existent scoring. that’s tough to overcome.

  196. hopefully tampa blows out winnipeg tonight comes out flat tomorrow.

    lindback in goal tonight possibly garon tomorrow

  197. Guess I’m finally back now, and it’s not because they are 3-4. I think they’ll finish 5th or 6th in the conference. But I was one of the main people during the summer that was against the Nash trade and I stick by that.

    Nash is overrated IMO, but he’s surprised me this year with his playmaking ability. He’s not worth his $7.8 mil though.

    As for the rest of the clowns we brought in, look at what Mitchell/Prust/Feds/Arty/Dubi are doing compared to the 5 replacements of Nash/Pyatt/Asham/Halpern/Ferriero.

    The former 5 add up to 11.425M (current 5 add up to 11.75M) and when you average their current stats and put them over a 48 game season, they are on pace to put up a combined 30 goals and 25 points more than the current 5 that replaced them (5 less assists though). Plus the current players are heavily skewed due to Nash’s assist/point total.

    Right now, the Rangers 2nd-4th line has a combined 3G and 6A, the former 5 alone have 8G and 7A.

    So while Nash has actually played better than my expectations in regards to his total offensive game, we’ve actually hurt our depth of scoring, which was something this team prided itself on (everyone contributed), along with the defensive mentality of blocking shots and hitting everything. This year’s team is NOT better than last years team IMO because of that, and even though it’s early, so far the stats (not the W-L, but goals/points for players) prove that.

  198. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    The Rangers just arent that good…

    For those of you who compare this season’s 3-4 start to last season’s equally substandard start,
    let me remind you there are exactly 41 games left to play in this season, not 75!

  199. Mitchell is the only one of that bunch doing anything

    and it’s asinine to write Nash off after 7 games

  200. Listening to Tavares being interviewed on Hockey Central. He’s going on and on about how important it was for him to be put on the ice in all situations immediately and to really learn on the fly.

    Obviously we have to balance that desire with winning but maybe Kreider needs it (not that he has potential to be Tavares)

  201. Lloyd – I’m not writing off Nash. I’m saying that the total package we got to fill in for those 5 guys that we lost isn’t worth it, and because Nash is eating up most of that cap space, he wasn’t really worth it. He’s putting up career high averages right now in assists and points, so he’s performing (as I said, that surprised me). But we are giving up depth for 1 player, which isn’t worth it if the team doesn’t show signs of improvement.

    And the other guys are doing more than anyone who has taken their spot. Arty and Dubi have 3 points each, Prust and Feds have 2 points each, and all 5 are playing more minutes than they did last year. We know what they add defensively as well in regards to blocking shots.

    Halpern (I think he’s been pretty good actually outside of offensive numbers) and Asham (who is awful) haven’t added anything on the stat sheet, Ferriero (also been pretty good) only has 1 assist, and Pyatt has jumped in with 3 goals. That’s 3 goals and 1 assist for the 4 guys (not including Nash) replacing the 5 that left. Then through Rupp in there, who hasn’t contributed much of anything either and there goes your depth.

  202. Carp, I agree Bickels fists are in need against a few opponents and you are correct, he is not terrrible – but he is not better then Gilroy overall. They both bring something the other does not, but Gilroy is a better skater, puck mover and shooter. They are maybe equal on positioning. Bic only gets the nod for toughness and his fists. If you are dressing Rupp and Asham – Bickels fists are not also required (on most nights). They need to get the offense going from somewhere besides the top line, especially with Cally out. Gilroy is the best choice of the 3 (Bic,Gil,Em) to help give them some offensive support. I just don’t see them as equal, sorry it doesn’t add up.

  203. Manny:

    Kreider is going to have to get that chance (provided he is well enough to play) in this next bunch of games. The problem is that if he doesn’t play particularly well he’s going to find himself marginalized again.

  204. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Im loathe to admit this sort of thing, but thanks in large part to Bettman’s rewarding of inept franchises with high draft picks, the next appearance of the Stanley Cup in the New York area will be when it is paraded around Brooklyn’s Prospect Park by John Tavares, et al….

    …Just sayin’

  205. the negative nacy’s on this site are amazing whiner fools.

    some reality; stepan is 22, kreider will be 22 in a month or 2, hagelin is 23, mcdonagh and mdz 23 or less, cally is a ancient 28, etc….

    this teams performance the last 2 years was not a mirage…they need the younger guys to pick up the offense, they need nash to score, they need to reduce the penalties and improve the PP.

    they do not need to blow up 1 of the youngest teams in hockey……

  206. You’re right, Lloyd. He will get marginalized again if he plays himself there. But I am changing my tune a bit and suggesting that he be placed on the 2nd line and told to PLAY. Yell at him all you want. Make him serve penalties for other players (too many men, etc) and throw him under the bus in the media but please, just let him play. Let him make mistakes and score goals and grow. We really need him to be good.

  207. Manny – As I said, I’m not writing Nash off, he’s been good. I’m just curious to see how the rest of the year plays out in regards to the depth guys. If they don’t step up, losing those guys for Nash wasn’t worth it.

    Stuart – That is true, but we did kind of blow the team up in the offseason when we let Prust/Feds/Arty/Dubi go, even Mitchell to a certain extent. Those guys weren’t superstars, but they were pretty important pieces of what made the team successful. They blew that up to bring a top 25-30 scorer in and hoped they could fill the depth with seasoned veterans.

    They’ll definitely get it together once they get used to playing together since they missed training camp. But I see them as a 5th seed and maybe getting through the 1st round, but I don’t see them getting out of the 2nd, especially if they have to play a Pittsburgh team that is much more skilled top to bottom (outside of goaltending).

  208. JonnyD:

    I’m not denying the depth issue – in fact I’ve said numerous times here that their biggest issue right now is the lack of depth. I think that becomes less of an issue with Callahan healthy and with Kreider playing well. Halpern was signed to be a 4th line center. Pyatt’s been good but he’s not any more than a 3rd-liner. Asham was hired to be a goon. Ferreiro is the product of what was basically a swap of scrubs made a week ago and who knows if he’s even here in a couple of weeks.

    The Rangers primary issue is a lack of bodies. None of those guys you mentioned are offensive contributors but they did provide more people who Tortorella could play (and yes, all of them are better than Asham and Rupp). That the Rangers are forced to dress either Bickel or Gilroy at all (let alone as forwards) is all the proof anyone should need that depth is lacking. I do think they will need to go outside the organization one way or the other to bring in a forward. Even if Callahan can come back within that 10-14 day period and is 100%, you’re still relying on Kreider to be a lot better than he’s shown this year (between Connecticut and here) and I’m not sure if that’s fair or wise.

  209. Artie and Dubi can go (because they returned Nick Rash). So They are moot.

    Prust, possibly my favorite all time player, wanted too much. We simply couldn’t keep him.

    Mitchell and Fedotenko…well…I can’t believe they aren’t here. It’s nuts. How in God’s name is anything we have on the 3rd or 4th line better than them?

  210. Lloyd – we’ll have even less depth next year when the cap rolls back. That’s my only true complaint about taking on the Nash contract is that is limits any roster flexibility due to the cap space it eats up. Just have to hope the young guys keep progressing.

  211. Manny:

    Absolutely agree with you. If this is my team, Kreider is on the 2nd line and either Hagelin or Pyatt gets dropped. I thought Tortorella’s decision to play Kreider with Boyle was terrible. Boyle is a good guy and obviously plays his butt off but I don’t believe he’s got a legit offensive skill set. Kreider has a lot more upside than Hagelin (who has jello between his ears) and should be the guy getting exposed to your 2 best centers. But I know what Tortorella saw from Kreider this year: he saw Kreider lifting his leg every time a puck came at him rather than trying to block a shot. With this coach, if you aren’t willing to expose yourself to injury, you fall out of favor rapidly.

  212. eddie eddie eddie on

    waitress: Gov christie would you like to see a menu

    Gov Christie: yes

    Waitress: Are you ready to order

    Gov Christie: yes

    Waitress: what will it be today?

    Gov Christie: Ahhh, I think i will have everything…..just bring me everything in the kitchen

  213. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Stu –

    Usually i’m not a negative nancy, but i do not like what im seeing from this team. I have to call it like i see it. I still love the Nash trade, but what he brings in scoring hasnt made up for what was lost in depth. And in a tough division and conference with a shortened and compacted schedule, mediocre starts where the Special teams and team toughness have been in question, im a bit skeptical.

    This Rangers team is sneaking up on nobody. They were the First in the East last season (thanks to an inexplicable late season defensive meltdown by the Pens), and thus all teams will be using them as a measuring stick.

    In a 48 game season, there isnt much time to wait while the team rights itself. Perhaps the absence of a full-length Tortorella-style training camp is the issue? They lost a lot of that hard-hat work ethic that has won them so many games this year. They are target every night.

  214. I’m actually interested to see how Kreider does when he comes back, now that we know he was injured before he even got to NY this season. He looked slow (still fast, but almost looked like bambi out there at times), so I think now that his ankle will be healed, he’ll get that speed and strength back and with it, his confidence.

  215. Manny:

    hahah Ok let me bust that up. I think the guys here now (when playing in their proper spots) are better than Mitchell and Fedotenko. Mitchell has surprised me so far and it would be a nice story if the guy turned out to be a really good player but I sort of doubt he’s more than a 30-35-point guy. And let’s say he stayed here. Do you make him the 3rd line center and drop Boyle down. Would you be getting anywhere near the kind of production Mitchell has put up so far if he was playing 5 minutes a night? Fedotenko is 100 years old and was one of the most overrated Rangers ever.

  216. forgot pyatt he is bigger and better then feds and a few years younger..

    sather put together a good team… it is on the players. 4 too many men on the ice penalties in 7 games is ridiculous…

    3 pp goals against on those 4 penalties. that is a point or more right there… inexcusable…

  217. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Spider –

    This list makes it all the more frustrating to watch these guys. The power play is (and has been since Leetch was traded away) an inconsistent mess.

    At least Del Zotto has shown improvement since last season.

  218. that power play assessment was obviously written from the point of view of Rangers fans who are the only people scared of the Rangers power play

  219. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    This too many men garbage has to stop…

    …and this is an “elite” team???

  220. Oh Lloyd – I would have just kept Mitchell instead of Halpern. I guess Halpern is an all around better player with that whole age and experience. We have seen that he is really good on the PK and not afraid to sacrifice the body.

    As I said earlier regarding Fedotenko: I think he excelled in the Rangers system. He hasn’t looked good in Philly. I am shocked he would have wanted to leave a system that he knew and was good at. This system can definitely make some players look a LOT better than they are.

  221. Good point. I am horrified of our PP. I am with the people that would rather “decline” the penalty rather than risk a PP opportunity.

    I mean….look at how we got busted last night. Depres out of the box and….a-goal.

  222. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Lloyd Braun:

    So true– i cringe when the Rangers are awarded a power play late in a game down by a goal…. “Here comes choke time!”

    And im sure im not alone.

    This is just a tiresome, quixotic mess!

  223. Lloyd – I don’t get why Rangers fans hated Fedotenko. Was he a sure handed goal scorer? No, but he’d chip in with 20-30 points. His real quality was that he was tough as nails and did all the little things right. He blocked a ton of shots, dove to keep plays alive, and wasn’t scared to sit in front of the net to screen the goalie.

    He probably should’ve scored more (he had a bunch of chances), but he did so much more away from the puck.

    Per – The Rangers PP was pretty deadly in the first 2 years after the lockout when Jagr was around. It wasn’t top of the league, but they scored a bunch of goals then with Rozsival and Rachunek firing them from the point (along with Jagr/Nylander/Straka).

  224. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    if your name were actually Nancy, would you be offended if someone referred to us as negative Nancies? Or is that too PC?

  225. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Manny –

    Halpern was hired to win faceoffs…

    And i agree with your assessment on Feds — he excels in a Tortorella system – both with the NYR and Tampa. I was really taken aback when he left, too.

    Asham = waste of roster spot. He plays slightly dirty, not cool with this coach…

  226. Here’s a positive the loser if tonights flyers caps game is in worse shape then the rangers.

    41 to go better right the ship soon otherwise be hard to make up ground with all the three point game out there.

    Seeing isles devils go to overtime last night drove me nuts.

  227. Halpern was hired for more than just faceoffs. He has really proven his worth the last 2-3 games as well. Really good performances from him.

  228. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    The Jagr era did have a decent power play…

    I wonder if Jagr were still available as a free agent now the Rangers would sign him?

    I would not have minded Petr Sykora coming back for a second run here…. Probably the only ex-Devil to have success as a Ranger.

  229. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Manny – right – Halpern is a defensive player, that can also win you faceoffs.

    Rangers had trouble winning faceoffs last season. A big issue in playoffs.

  230. But the one time we desperately needed a faceoff…MITCHELL won it. He was also taking faceoffs on the PP when we had the puck in their zone and then skating off for a change after winning.

  231. The nash deal was a no brainer. rangers gave up huge salary which will only increase when artie gets more dough. that departing salary was bringing minimum results.

    The other guys left for various reasons unrelated to the nash deal. so you can not combine all those leaving as related to rick nash.

  232. how about Verbeek?

    Sykora’s another soft guy who doesn’t score any more. and old. though better than fourth liners they have, not an upgrade.

  233. speaking of not scoring anymore, the personnel on the Rangers 3rd-line right now have a combined 2 points and two of them have 1 point each in the last calendar year.

  234. If the three-point games make it hard to make ground back in the standings, is it not also true that it becomes equally hard to lose that ground in the first place?

  235. On another unrelated note, nice to see that Phoenix Coyotes ownership situation, which was supposedly fixed in July, is still very much un-fixed.

    But, LW, there sure seem to be a lot of teams getting Bettman Bonus Points for losing.

  236. Since Torts doesn’t play the whole 4th line, why didn’t we just resign John Scott for cheap. Dump Rupp, not sign Asham, really don’t even need Bickel to fight.

    Give Scott his one staged fight once in a while but just never play him and let Nash take his spot if they do roll the 4th line.

    Why not have the best fighter at the cheapest salary than sign Asham/Rupp for money you could invest in a Prust type who will play?

  237. Brad Richards played more minutes than any other Rangers forward last night

    I simply refuse to believe that’s true

  238. True, Carp. Better get a poll up about which players we want to draft when the Coyotes disband….

  239. Stranger Nation on

    Rupp was already signed and Ash-hat was replacing Prust, not Scott. Bickels (as big as…) is replacing Scott

  240. Hope you didn’t lose track and not realize that I was being highly sarcastic about favoritism towards Bickel, Carp.

    Verbeek was an awesome Ranger. And one of the most productive ex Devils turned blue ever. He was just old and Smith claimed he couldn’t pay him AND keep Beukaboom. shame too he woulda looked better beside Gretzky the following couple years than Kovalev and Lucky Luc did

  241. jshim,

    to be serious, what you said wasn’t even really wrong but Rupp has an untouchable contract. short of them buying him out he’s not going anywhere.

  242. Ownership wants to put a competitive team on the ice, fill the Garden, make the playoffs, and then hope for good luck. That’s about all you can expect, and you’ll get that. Everyone playing coach and GM is fun, but it’s, in sum, inconsequential.

  243. John Scott was exactly what the Buffaloes needed. Someone to punch Lucic or anyone else in the face.

    I actually saw him get a breakaway earlier this season. So funny. Flashbacks. The best part is when he weakly throws the puck into the goaltenders chest and then shakes his head. Like he could have done better.

  244. I’m curious about what you guys think about this. Who is the more important player for this team? Also, who is the better player? Nash or Gaborik?

  245. in terms of dollars and sense, Nash. he’s got the potential to be an impact player beyond what Gaborik can do and he’s signed to a huge contract for the next 35 years.

  246. lol this is fun. and to think, Asham and Rupp are signed through next season too! Wonder if they’ll try to lock up Halpern long term after his one year deal is up
    : D

  247. Soooo everyone said they needed Nash so we didn’t have “just one star forward up front”…Now he’s here…and we should make him the only star forward and get rid of Gaborik…Makes sense..

  248. all aspects. I don’t know if he’ll outscore Gaborik but he’s got more dimensions to his game.

  249. I only ask because in terms of production for your money, Gaborik actually gives you more. 7.5 mil for a 40G+ scorer who gets a PPG vs. 7.8 mil for a 30G scorer with 60-65PTS a season.

  250. I’ve not really seen much evidence in Nash’s career that he’s a pure goal scorer, but because of the size of his contract, he basically has to deliver at a pretty high level or people will be calling for his head and burning him in effigy. I do think he has phases to his game that no other Ranger forward has, and that’s a good thing.

  251. They are building a another huge building in the Toronto area, just to give the Coyotes a place to play. Now all they need is some guy or guys with money to put them there.

  252. Rick Nash not a goal scorer? Well maybe not, but he will score 30 or 40 every full season. So he will be some help.

  253. I didn’t say he’s not a goal scorer. He averages somewhere around 32/season for his career. I said he’s not a pure scorer, as in he’s not a guy who is going to score dazzling goals, pulling off great moves to beat the goalie. He’s a quick release guy. But he’s got a lot of other things he brings that makes him a bigger chip than just 32 goals.

  254. for what it’s worth, Nash had 2 goals, 5 assists 7 games into the season a year ago and hasn’t really come out of the blocks blazing since the 09-10 season.

  255. Nash has been on a couple of olympic teams, He has represented at the world championships I don’t know how many times. I’m pretty sure he won the scoring race once. The guy has had loads of success. Except for a slow start there is no downside. As Brian Burke you would have to make that trade everyday all day long.( although I don’t know if Burke would make the same trade again, if he knew what he knows now.}

  256. Czechthemout!!! on

    I see the nonsense is still going strong on the blog.

    Lets see, Rick Nash is a bust. even though he is a point a game player so far who has been robbed of at least 3-4 goals and about another 3-4 assists. He has been great ( except last night ) each and every game in all three zones and the PK. But according to some, if you include players into a trade who were not traded for him and who chose to leave the team for money, Nash is a bust! Never mind the fact that the trade for Nash left the team with more, not less cap space.

    Fedetenko, a player who was playing on fumes and has been awful in Philly, is missed even though he was mostly useless last year.

    John Mitchell is talked about on here as if he were the second coming of Bob Gainey. A player who failed to crack a garbadge Leafs team for years and played 4 minutes a game would also have been better to still have than Nash.

    Future hall of famer Brandon ( its just pain ) Prust, a player who while courages, used to take one dumb penalty a game ,scored on average of about 4-5 goals a year, and wanted 3.5 million ( holy crap! ) per for those fantastic stats would have also been better to still have than Nash, even though he chose to leave here.

    Derek Stepan sucks already. He is way past his prime at age 22. He only improved in both of his first two seasons from 44 – 51 points. How awful for a second line center!

    Carl Hagelin stinks! He has played all of 51 regular season NHL games. He is too coddled by Torts.
    After all, he was the guy who made the top line work last year because of his speed and forchecking ability. Trade his assen now!

    Chris Kreider has been very disapointing and is clearly not ready for the NHL. This brilliant judgement is based on a player playing two games and six minutes, on a bad wheel, who relies on his blazing speed to be effective, who’s lunatic coach has no patience with. Even though he was the best forward in the Devils series and one of the best in the Caps series. Non of that matters now. Mike Rupp is a better option on the third line. Kreider has earned nothing with his at times brilliant play in the playoffs last year.

    Easy. Reverse everything. Problem solved.

  257. Czechthemout!!! on

    The real problem is no PP point man who can shoot.

    Total failure on Sully’s part to come up with a credible and creative power play after 3+ seasons ” coaching” it.

    No game plan or clue by the coach to come up with an offensive system nor to adjust his offense when its not working.

    Total lack in drafting offensive players who can do more than just chip the puck into the zone. Stepan used to do that but must have been yelled at for a mistake enough times that he is now petrified from trying to do something other than playing dump and chase hot patatoe with the puck.

    The biggest problem at least last night was having seven, thats right seven forwards who are nothing more than 4/AHL line players.

  258. some of the most ridiculous comments ever saying this team stinks and the players we sent away would be doing such great things….this team is way more skilled, and thus better chance to win once they got running on right course….i also like that they actually have the threat to score, as opposed to last year’s soccer style. Now you see why i have to create characters to troll folks? Because the commentary by some folks is lugubrious at best…dare i say ‘retarded’?

  259. I will watch another Whale game tonight. Paying particular attention to Mcilrath, Miller and Mashinter…….

    38 seconds in, Tessier from Miller behind the net. 1-0 Whale

  260. Definitely. These coaches don’t know anything!

    Let us fans with almost no knowledge of personnel and no investment make the decisions.

  261. Czechthemout!!! on

    Right. We have zero knowledge and we dont invest hundereds if not thousands of dollars into watching this team at the Garden. We also dont buy their Jersey’s and dont subscribe to cable T.V.
    See, real easy. We have no right to say anything. We should just be happy that they let us watch this game for our own money and time.

  262. Czechthemout!!! on


    Its been said on the network and written in many different publications that he is. On the last telecast John Giannone referred to him as the pp coach. If you know something different, i would be glad to revise my comments about him.

  263. didn’t say that, didn’t say that. But when I watch practice, it sure looks like the head coach is running the power play, IMO.

  264. Czechthemout!!! on


    It’s not just Brooks. He has been referred to as the guy in charge of the PP on the network many times. And if its not him, it doesnt matter. The ottom line is that the PP stinks and has stunk for years. It needs to be fixed, be it Sully or Torts. I dont care.

  265. it’s stunk for years and years, with a blip on the screen the one year Jagr felt like playing, since Gretzky left.

  266. One thing for sure the Whale has is grit, and lots of it. Newbury, Haley Mcilrath, Carroll, who they just signed yesterday. Mashinter, and even thomas can handle himself. They could fight their way to the cup.

  267. Czechthemout!!! on


    I agree. But this regime has been in charge for 3+ seasons with the same results. These guys get paid millions of dollars a year to come up with solutions and they have failed. They don’t try anything different. Always the same strategy. The players are better now than they have been in a long time. At least the top six forwards and the top 4 dmen. They still do same things they did in Tort’s first season as coach.

  268. Czechthemout!!! on


    If you are watching the game, how has Thomas looked? I haven’t seen him play in about a month.
    He looked very good when i saw him play last.

  269. Yup. Though he did put in a couple of wrinkles that worked late in the last two seasons and at times in the playoffs … but set plays are easy to defend if you use them all the time.

    They need to keep Richards off the point, IMO, and let their top five D-men play those spots … McDonagh, Staal, Girardi and Stralman are all decent at getting low hard shots on goal. Richards doesn’t.

  270. czech, I’d give them some more time. It can be argued (by others, not me) that Marian and Brad werent enough talent. They’ve only had 7 games (and no training camp), if they cant manage to improve the power play with Nash here as well, then there’s a real problem.

  271. He has ben playing pretty well for while. He hasn’t done a lot tonight yet. he is always dangerous because of his speed and good shot.
    Mashinter just had his first fight as a Whale. He can throw them. Big guy.

  272. don’t know if this was mentioned already
    Boo Nieves scored Michigan’s 2nd goal tonight

    (it was followed by Jake Chelios goal for Michigan State.
    and yes, dad Chris was shown in the crowd afterwards)

  273. Well so far the most noticeable things that Thomas has done so far, are not good. Miller is playing real well though. Mashinter is going pretty good to.

  274. don’t know Carp
    but i do know that i saw
    Chris Chelios at a
    Pearl Jam concert at Alpine Valley
    in 2011
    and he still looked like he was in good
    enough shape to take on the whole
    Bonehead legion
    all by his lonesome

  275. Richards – because of his horrible long term contract which pays him like a top 10 player in the league, Rupp, Asham, Halpern, Pyatt ….. Bad decisions by management in Free Agency the last 2 years. Stralman not so bad. Who is making the call on these acquisitions?

  276. The Whale and the bridgeport tigers are going to overtime. The only Whale player that stood out was Cam Talbot.

  277. Refs blew that call in the DET-STL game. Definitely an interference call on Backes, but he didn’t make any contact with the head at all and his elbows were down.

  278. Not even close, Latona….Blown call. I wonder if the ref behind the play called it, because his head snapped. But there was no contact with his head…

  279. I just hope the refs don’t call a bogus penalty on DET because of that. The concept of make-up calls is vomit inducing, IMO.

  280. You think the NHL network showed Hitchcock long enough to read his lips? Enough to see him mention about 5 “byfugliens”

  281. It used to be the case that if you had censorship turned on when you visited the FOX Sports website, Hitchcock would appear as HitchBLEEP.

  282. Now let’s see how the former future Ranger Zach Parise is doing against future Rangers Getzlaf and Perry

  283. LOL Latona – I responded to a Yahoo article using the term “homo sapiens, and it was filtered as xy6xk! sapiens.

  284. Yes. As suspected, it is “awaiting moderation,” and if the past holds true, it will appear eventually, buried in the middle of old posts. Hah.

  285. Olga Folkyerself on

    My take on Nash trade and the other personnel decisions by Sather…

    Win some. Lose more. These latest moves are just a variation on a 13 year theme.


  286. ilb – the most hilarious example was a number of years ago when (I think it was) the Christian Science Monitor filtered an article about Tyson Gay, an Olympic sprinter as “Tyson Homosexual.” Their filter was programmed to substitute Homosexual for Gay. Why? No idea. Absurdity rules. :-)

  287. Anybody totally certain that there IS a Sather? Could be something like Te’o’s girlfriend, cooked up by Dolan.

  288. He acquired Jaromir for nothing and was responsible for only half of his contract, he got Nash for nothing and saved cap space, he got rid of Gomez and his onerous contract for McDonagh.

  289. Olga Folkyerself on

    Nash for nothing? Not the way I remember it. In any case- Win some. Lose more.

    13 years and no Cup.

  290. Nash for 3 nothings and a 1st rd pick. Cant guarantee anything from a draft pick. So, IMO, nothing.

  291. Sorry but that Erskine elbow to the face of Wayne Simmonds (who I would take on my team ANY day of the week) is all-time levels of jack-wagon play.

  292. E3 pimp's angel on

    Jonathan toews, Rutherford b Hayes, in a daze, through the maze, it won’t faze, crazy days, purple haze, do what I says, lagoons and bays, Fay wray’s pays to plays, horse say neighs


  293. E3 pimp's angel on

    Say what you will about Kathryn Tappen, but she knows her stuff. That, and Barry melrose has some serious hair.

  294. If, for some outrageous reason we don’t make the playoffs, our opening night, April 27 starters at home against the Devils should be Ruff, Bickel, Haley, Mashinter, and Mcilrath, with Ashram in goal.

  295. Hey, whatever happened to the Pens backup goalie that busted DiPietro’s face? They didn’t keep him?

  296. Not really on porpoise, Jimbo, barracuda been. Ever notice Carp is named after a fish? Sup wit dat?

  297. Turn the lights back on and cue the hockey music…

    Which team currently has most #1 picks playing for them? Rangers have 7. Gab, Nash, DZ, Pyatt, Staal, McM and the Kreider.

  298. Olga Folkyerself on

    I haven’t felt comfortable at the start of ANY Ranger game this year. Lightning struck for 8 tonight. Let’s hope they tired themselves out.

  299. Man, that Domi was one tough little SOB. Circa 1991 conversation: “We’re bringing up a 5’8 midget to play on the wing. Hope he doesn’t get himself killed out there.”

  300. E3 pimp's angel on

    Olga – I drank beers with don Murdoch at Charlie O’s after ranger/flyer playoff game 1980

  301. E3 – beers with Murdoch? You should have checked his socks. That’s where he kept the good stuff.

  302. When the Sharks come in, I usually watch the game on a perch near the bar. Can’t get the smell out of my pants.

  303. They used to play “New Kid in Town” by the Eagles for him. Sadly, it became prophetic: “They Will Never Forget You ‘Til Somebody Else Comes Along.”

  304. E3 pimp's angel on

    Kooz is one funny dude – so are you Jimbo – and of course Olga – smart and clever – I love it

  305. I hope Carp doesn’t get hooked on any of this. At 25 cents shot, he’ll be Marlin hunting with Hemingway in the Keys.

  306. Gene Carr – couldn’t put the puck in the ocean, if he was standing on the dock! (Big Whistle!)

  307. Duguay is appearing on a fishing boat in the crew’s lounge. He’s wearing a Linday Nelson sport coat with ascot, doing old Ronettes favorites.

  308. Hahaha!!! Duguay! He was (maybe still is?) married to a real hottie though…Kim Alexis..?

  309. He’s held onto it pretty well, too, E3 – look at Dave Maloney, his contemporary – not much follicle left there…

  310. Ever see Shultz in the old Reels, running around like a Hammerjaw looking for trouble? Couple nights, he found it – Clark Gillies and Nicky Fotiu. When he retired, he said Fotiu was the only player who ever scared him.

  311. Yes, Coos – I remember him doing that regularly. Gillies was one hell of a fighter – I hated him, but you couldn’t take that talent away from him…

  312. I remember one game, Eddie “Boxcar” Hospodar decided to try his luck with Gillies – he never was the same after that savage beating he took…

  313. When Gillies was a rookie, Schultz jumped him for no reason as the opening puck was dropped. Mistake #1.

  314. Hospodar was like that blonde guy in “Fight Club” – he sure wasn’t pretty any more after that fight…

  315. And Gillies plaid tough, but was really a mild mannered guy. Schultz deserved everything he got – and more.

  316. Avery was a very interesting player – but so many of his teammates hated him. He must have been very difficult to get along with.

  317. You’re right about that Rolphe “fight.” Still sticks in the memory. Rangers did nada. Who did they have in those days – Vickers?

  318. Absolutely – Gillies never went around headhunting or looking to start trouble – but woebetide to anyone (Hospodar!) who went after him, looking to tussle…

  319. E3 pimp's angel on

    Jimbo – same with Steve vickers – that dude was one bad mutha – that 73-74 semi vs filthy – vickers kicked some assen

  320. Well, Vic Hadfield was still a Ranger then – until he was caught yukking it up in the penalty box after Rolfe took his beating…

  321. A couple of Rangers were quoted off the record as saying that Avery made the opponents play meaner than they ordinarily would. They said they could rarely steal a game. There are a few snoozers you can steal during the year. Avery woke everyone up. ?

  322. E3 pimp's angel on

    Too many men penalty – the cat put hadfield in the box with about a minute or so to go….camera caught him laughing his assen off

  323. The Rangers had absolutely nobody who was in the same league with Schultz, brawling-wise, Coos. Vickers was a tough mother, but not to stand toe-to-toe with Schultzie..

  324. E3 pimp's angel on

    Fotiu was my fav bad assen…. George McPhee could go for a lil guy …. Kocur was great

  325. Yeah, Kocur was another one – homicidal….Probert was one of the most fearsome beast of all, again, may he rest in peace…

  326. Loved it when Fotiu would do the Marquis of Queensbury with some of those bloated bullies. Couple times, they were so afraid to go inside on Nicky that both players got delay of game instead of fighting majors. Very funny.

  327. McPhee was a strange one, because he was a pretty small guy – tons of heart, but not a heavyweight, and not very tall either..

  328. E3 pimp's angel on

    Jimbo – that whole team was tough – Schultz Kelly dornhoffer Ashlee DuPont – the long haired D man -forget his name –

  329. And the thing is, Domi was so much smaller than Probert, but he had NO fear….none at all!

  330. You know, maybe that’s why the Garden is so quiet these days (besides the prices that only corporates can afford) – we have fighters but no entertainers.

  331. Even “regular” players who went to the Flyers got “beer-muscles” after they got on the roster…

  332. E3 pimp's angel on

    I saw, on tv, Orr beat the piss out of pat Quinn – started at the blue line – rent round the net to the other blue line – Orr just effing killing quinn

  333. Yeah, you didn’t mess with either of those guys – they were tough as they come, but could play rings around most other players…

  334. Yeah, Pat Quinn was a pretty tough customer in his day, but Orr kicked his ass all around the rink…

  335. Schultz, in a book, stated that he spent a career protecting Bobby Clarke, and Clarke would take him out for beers. Then, when the career wound down, Clarke wouldn’t even talk to him. He thought Clarke was his friend. He didn’t realize that Clarke had no permanent friends, only permanent interests.

  336. And Clarke got away with MURDER using his stick on people – he was a vicious little Bastard!

  337. In “93, the Rangers brought in and dumped a lot of cash (for the time) on Kovalev. He came with a translator. One day in a scrimmage, Kovalev (who was pretty big) drove Joey Kocur into the boards with a high stick. After practice, Kocur asked to speak to the translator and told him “Explain to that X%nS* who I am and what my job is here, and tell him the next time that happens, he goes back to wherever he came from in a long box.

  338. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    …..and here I am, on the grandest ship in the world, drinking champagne with you fine folks.

  339. And never, ever saw Clarke beat up, hardly touched because you had to get through a nasty wall that he hid behind.

  340. Yes, Kovy is a BIG guy – and Kocur wasn’t a giant, but again, he was like a homicidal maniac – he didn’t need to be so big!

  341. Jimbo – I’m sure Kocur spoke to the translator because if he ever gave the golden boy a beat down, he’d be toast with the organization.

  342. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Kooz – kocur was great…. Clarke the rat used his stick as an extension if his hand – dirty sob

  343. Olga Folkyerself on

    I have such a different feeling watching Chicago than NY. I always expect them to win, but have such little confidence in the Rangers ever since Sather took over. If the Hawks fall behind I think they will catch up. If the Rangers fall behind I think it’s pretty much over. I had that feeling with the 94 Rangers but not since.

  344. Oh!! If I had to post on one of those “faux-keyboards”, I’d never check-in here!! I hate them with a passion! I have an Android device that uses a screen keyboard, and I HATE it!!!

  345. Kocur learned from Probert. Like Plato studying under Socrates, or Seinfeld and Jack Benny.

  346. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Olga – hawks win the cup thus year / that is one scary team. Rangers, on the other hand, could miss the playoffs. I don’t Like torts – he and sather are too blame

  347. I know what you mean, Olga – recent Ranger teams have been quite “fragile”, although there was one season a few years ago when they kept coming from behind to win games – that has not been the norm for this franchise under the current management…

  348. Hawks only possible weak point may be in goal, although Crawford has looked good so far this season. I don’t know about Emery as his back-up. I think he may not be up to the job..

  349. E3 pimp's angel on

    I like the hawks. Good team. Hitchcock is a good coach – wish the rangers had hired him

  350. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chicago was such a sorry ass franchise when old man Wirtz was alive. After he died, it was amazing how someone that knew what they were doing could turn a franchise around and win the Cup in 3 years. It really showed you something when the fans booed through the moment of silence for old man Wirtz.

    I feel that way with Sather. And Dolan. I just hope I don’t have to wait until they both drop dead.

  351. If Steve MacIntyre got fed up with Sidney Crosby and popped him a few times, wonder which one they would option out to Stop@Shop.

  352. Olga Folkyerself on

    Yeah Crawford and Emery are not the best tandem but The team is SOLID. When they had to part with Niemi Byfuglien and a few others I thought it set them back a bit. Much like the changes Sather made to disrupt a semi-final team that just needed tweaking.

    Chicago kept the core, and “we’re BACK, baby”.


  353. Crosby isn’t even a sportsmanlike player, like most of the prototypical Canadian hockey-Gods are supposed to be.

  354. E3 pimp's angel on

    1971 – great series with chi. Stemmer in 3ot – yes, kooz – hawks have best uniforms.

    While I loved those early 70’s teams, never really a fan of slats as a ranger. I liked bobby Rousseau a lot…Bruce macgregor too e under rated guys.

  355. Olga Folkyerself on

    That Black Hawk Jersey is the best in all of sports. I bought a black third jersey after they won the Cup. That was the last dollar I spent on the NHL.

  356. Olga Folkyerself on

    E3 do you remember Bobby Sheehan? He caught lightning in a bottle for NY in the playoffs one year, but ultimately, never worked out. I think he was a career AHL’er that just came up at the right time.

  357. I call him that because when a call or something goes against the Hawks, his eyes look like they’re gonna pop out of his head and wind up out on the ice!

  358. Olga Folkyerself on

    My favorite was Greshner. I still think #4 should be retired. He was a career Ranger, and a good one.

  359. Big Whistle on Greshner: “He’s got those strong young legs and he can move the puck, Jim.” Hmm. Sounds a bit like Micheletti.

  360. I have all of Jerry Butler’s albums. He don’t love you like I love you – if he did he wouldn’t break your heart!

  361. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ferguson traded Middleton for Hodge. He changed the Rangers jersey to that awful crest jersey in the 70’s. He was a Montreal mole sent in to destroy the Rangers franchise. Best thing I have to say about him is he’s dead.

  362. Hey – was that old baldheaded Messier who used to sneak into Madonna’s apartment, or am I having LSD flashbacks?

  363. Gresh was good – unfortunately, he came along at a time when the franchise was heading for the doldrums…

  364. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Olga – please No – the Middleton for hodge trade the SINGLE worst deal ever

  365. Middleton. There’s a blast from the past. He and Duguay with their long wigs flying in the breeze. They all should wear that hairstyle so we know when they’re actually skating. Oh, sorry, helmets.

  366. Most of the 70’s was a Ranger wasteland…..terrible times, save for the ’79 Smurfs.. And the Goddamned Fishsticks poached our territory!

  367. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Funny – I never had a flashback – and I have seriously tripped my balls off plenty

  368. Hahaha!! Some good memories! Lots of bad ones, too…

    Gotta get out of here – ‘Night, Boneheads!

  369. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Jimbo and I have discussed this often, 4/11/75 rangers Lose Game 3 to isles / changed the team thereafter. That was one loud garden that night – loudest I ever heard

  370. Olga Folkyerself on

    The 86 team was a pleasant surprise. The beat the High Flyers in the first round with a lunch-pail gang. (Smiles)

  371. A bunch of them used to hang around a bar I frequented in Rye, NY, where they trained. Good bunch. Saw Davidson fall off a barstool one night. He got up smiling.

  372. Stayed in touch with a couple of them over the years, and they still know what’s going on, (or pretend to.)

  373. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    That is way cool. Hockey players are the salt of the earth

  374. Olga Folkyerself on

    86 had Kjell Sammuelson- the Human Tripod. “Fire when ready” Ridley, “Plexi-Rexi” Ruotsaleinin
    Wow. So many more.

  375. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    I wonder what they think this year’s team is doing wrong.

  376. You know, they really are, for the most part. Not like many other athletes who seem to like to keep their distance. And most of them have no college, but are brighter and more polite than all the phonies who “graduated” on baseball and football scholarships. I think they were brought up better.

  377. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Mike Ridley was good – wasn’t pierre larouce on that team too? 48 goals that year

  378. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Even college hockey players – while pranksters – were wonderful to have as friends – Loyalty is their credo.

  379. The ones I know, 3, like to talk about money and compare themselves and teammates with all these big earners today. The old stories, though, are never-ending, as with the Kocur thing.

  380. E3 pimp's angel on

    Olga – that was a surprising team – going against the rookie, wah, I thought the rangers would beat the Habs and go to the finals – great series vs caps that year

  381. Of course, they all wished they had gone into baseball – long careers and big checks. Some of these guys could have done anything sports wise. And close to being scratch golfers, too. Probably in the best shape of all, along with basketball players. Ulf Nilsson, who I never got to know other than hello, played skinny, but when he went out for an extended period due to Potvin’s cheap shot, was a natural 240 pounder when not skating and working out.

  382. E3 pimp's angel on

    I wonder if carp would entertain a live chat room so that we could talk real time as opposed to post….

  383. Didn’t realize the time. Hey, I had a good time without single malt scotch. It can be done! Stepan seems like a nice kid when I’ve seen him interviewed and I kind of cringe when he’s booed, but I really don’t see a whole lot there.

  384. Olga Folkyerself on

    Stepan did alright previously. I’m not ready to condemn individuals yet, but I don’t see much teamwork on the Rangers. They aren’t pulling together yet. There is no coordination.

  385. #11 and #15. Back then, Swedes were though to play soft. They stayed strong, took abuse, but prospered.

  386. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m up late because the Chicago game was on the coast, and I don’t have to work tomorrow. That and Bock Beer has finally made it’s appearance.

  387. E3 pimp's angel on

    Now I feel bad. Ok, I hope he goes on a scoring tear….Olga- very discombobulated

    Night kooz e – enjoyed the chat

  388. “We’re drinking my friend, to the end
    Of a brief episode…
    So make it one for my baby…
    And one more for the road.

    Do they write them like that anymore?

  389. Well, I don’t have to cut the grass in the morning, but I’m sure there’s a to-do list that will be waiting for me by the toaster. Nice chattting, Olga, et al

  390. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    K00z I play the more French and sicilian against 1.e4 and play more 1.d4 as white

  391. Chess? My doctor asked me what I do for exercise and I said I watch baseball on TV. He said. “Start watching tennis”

  392. Once read a book called “How to Beat Bobby Fischer.” Since then, I’ve been underprepared for other opponents.

  393. Good morning, boneheads!

    Almost 800 posts? Between e3, coos, Jimbo, and Olga, bet you there is some good g(j)ibberish! Gonna have to spend hours reading it later. Dammit!

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