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Courtesy of the NYR:

January 31, 2013 (Game 7, Home Game 5)
Madison Square Garden – New York, NY
Penguins 3, Rangers 0.

Team Notes:

–        The Rangers were defeated by the Pittsburgh Penguins, 3-0, tonight at Madison Square Garden, to finish their three-game homestand with a 2-1-0 mark. The loss ended the Rangers’ three-game winning streak at home.

–        The Blueshirts are now 3-4-0 (6 pts) overall, including a 3-2-0 mark at MSG this season.

–        The Rangers out-hit the Penguins, 34-22, with 16 of 18 skaters being credited with at least one hit in the contest. Anton Stralman led all Rangers and tied for the game-high with four hits in the contest.

Player Notes:

–        Anton Stralman tallied season-highs in shots (five) and hits (four) in 16:04 of ice time.

–        Henrik Lundqvist made 26 saves and is now 3-4-0 overall, including a 3-2-0 mark at home this season.

–        Derek Stepan led the team with a season-high, six shots on goal, was credited with three hits and won 7-13 faceoffs (54%) in 17:12 of ice time.

–        Brian Boyle and Carl Hagelin tied for the game-high with three blocked shots apiece.

–        Brad Richards registered four shots on goal and won a team-high, 15-26 faceoffs (58%) in 20:25 of ice time.

Post-Game Quotes:

–        Dan Girardi on tonight’s game… “We wanted to be physical on their top guys and I thought we were pretty good at that. We just couldn’t get much going offensively. We held the puck for a minute and they turned it around and came back and trapped it on us. It wasn’t the game we wanted to follow up a couple of wins with that’s for sure.”

–        Ryan McDonagh on tonight’s game… “We were kind of playing too tentative, I think.  We weren’t playing with that aggressive mindset we had the last two games.  That is what won us those two games – being aggressive, taking chances, getting in on the forecheck, taking two more hard strides in the neutral zone to get to the puck.  We just didn’t have that aggressive mindset, and kind of let them play their game.”

Team Schedule:

–        The Blueshirts’ practice schedule for tomorrow, Feb. 1, is 11:00 a.m. at MSG Training Center.

–        The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Tampa Bay Lightningon Saturday, Feb. 2, at Tampa Bay Times Forum (7:00 p.m. – TV: MSG Plus; Radio: Bloomberg Radio), to begin a two-game road trip.


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  1. I don’t know how anyone can argue with the Nash trade, regardless of how it pans out. It was a move the organization needed to make at the time, and the price was better than we could have dreamt. Sure, Dubinsky and Anisimov are missed on the lower lines, but Nash is a superior player in most every way. I think acquiring someone like Dan Cleary could be really beneficial to this team as currently constructed.

  2. Latina, no it was not. Refusal to sign/keep pust, feds, Mitchell, dubi – all result of Nash trade, clearing a room for a one goal monster.

  3. E3 pimp's angel on

    Latona – I agree with you. Nash has been the best ranger by oders of magnitude. Too bad we couldn’t have sent AA, erixon, and step. stepan is terrible.

  4. jay reimenschneider on

    Nash isn’t the problem with this team, the lack of any sort of power play is a problem with this team—and just about every Rangers team I can remember for the last umpteen years.

  5. E3 pimp's angel on

    Fed tank was useless during the season but his play during the post season run was spectacular. Hank hasn’t stolen a game yet, he needs a few more games. What bother me is a first round opponent like Pitt or Bos. I think we could get swept. Hope I’m wrong.

  6. Latona, I was really against trading for Nash and yet I still don’t disagree with what you said about that trade having to be made. Nash has proven himself awesome and, perhaps more importantly, far more consistently a factor than I expected. I completely admit to being wrong on him in a bubble. That said, the cost of Nash both in players (Dubinsky and Anisimov are both *very* good 3rd liners on a good team) and on the books (Prust becoming prohibitive) has hurt. Like most things, its not binary, a good can have associated bads. Where I admit Nash has been awesome, you (and others) have to admit that we may have lost part of what made us better than the sum of our parts last year. We’re easier to play against. Last year, ice time, Rupp was our 12th forward and it was pretty inarguable that he really was our 12th forward. If we had no injuries and someone else arrived, Rupp was gone. This year, he’s on our 3rd line. Pyatt, who is really just a younger Fedo, is on our 2nd. We’ve built a great master suite, but the foundation took a huge hit. And so has my ability to form clever analogies. But you get my point.

  7. Book it, this team misses the playoffs. And all because Torts and Sather had to have the shiniest toy in the box.

  8. E3 pimp's angel on

    Mister D – Pyatt is no where near as good as a younger fed tank. I always like Dubi. We should have kept him. Stepan has lost any trade value he may have had. It’s bizarre. He was better as a rookie than he is in his 3rd year.

  9. Pyatt is younger and does what Fedotenko did last year. Disappears sometimes, matters sometimes, seems to pot a few more than you’d think. A 9th/10th forward.

  10. I do admit that, Mister D – I said it in my post. We created a new, and in my opinion needed, role by acquiring Nash, but didn’t adequately replace the roles filled by Dubinsky, Anisimov, and Prust. Attempting to replace those players with lower quality players is counter-intuitive to the Nash trade. That’s why I mentioned possibly trying to acquire Cleary – I think he would improve our depth vastly, and he’s similar to those players (albeit possibly more skilled , and certainly more experienced). I doubt we could acquire him, but just a thought.

  11. (But oh my dear, is he slow. Those first few strides take an eternity. And I say this as someone who really does like him a lot.)

  12. Stranger Nation on

    Last year through 7 games – 14 goals, record 3-2-2

    This year through 7 games – 14 goals, record 3-4

  13. That was a tough loss. Not enough offensive pressure by any line. You can’t generalize, heck this Penguins team just got blown out by the Islanders and the Jets.

    Without Callahan, and expecting more out of Kreider than we are getting, the team can’t seem to compete with the top teams. This team doesn’t look like it will dominate the regular season.

    If Hagelin, Kreider, Stepan work hard all year and improve, they may be a potent team at the end of the season, if Henrik returns to form. I was way too optimistic heading into this season.

    I am gonna go hide my rose-colored glasses.

  14. E3 pimp's angel on

    Their passing is suck awful too. A novelty would be hitting a tape in stride. Ranger are not fundamentally solid. Rather remarkable given these guys are in the NHL.

  15. Stranger Nation on

    Prust was not part of Nash trade – Pyatt is the replacement and hash to play second line because Kreider is AWOL – think Prust could play second line minutes and look good?

    Artie got more abuse than anyone on this blog, was easily knocked off puck and would dissappear for long stretches.

    Dubi could not put the puck in the net, was not good defensively

    Mitchell – you kiddin, right? who’s next Erica?

    Got to play well down the middle and we are not on all three lines, at least Boyle has picked it up the last few games, too bad his stick has puck repellent on it…

  16. Instead of “Beginnings.” they should have a show called “Endings” about how once promising athletes played their way out of the NHL.

  17. Part of the passing issue, eddie, especially on the PP, is the lack of movement. Makes it really difficult to complete a pass when you allow the opponent to position themselves in the lanes.

  18. The slow thing? Pyatt. I really, really like Pyatt and I think, no other moves involved, picking him up for Fedotenko would have been a nice step forward. But he really is slow.

    (I’m just going to say it. I think we’re a worse *team* with Nash even though Nash absolutely is better than most everyone on our team. If that trade doesn’t happen and you keep Prust with the money not spent, we’re better 1 through 12. Dubinsky and Prust on the 3rd with Boyle rather than Rupp and Ferriero is a huge, huge difference.)

  19. Prust was not part of the Nash trade but he was collateral damage. Adding a $7MM player to one roster spot while moving a $4MM and a $2MM still necessitates another cut. Direct line to Prust.

  20. When Nash has the puck, and is collapsed on, linemates have to find open ice, and he’ll find them.

  21. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I just loved Prust. THe money he eventually got wasn’t worth it. It was up to the GM not to let him go free. He didn’t.

  22. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Part of what made Nash such a lure here was that if the collapse happened here, he would find ‘stars’ to pass to in the open ice. Not so sure those other ‘stars’ are playing like that. Gabby, eh. Richards? Ugh.

  23. Richards has to be bought out after this year. Even if he plays to last year’s level, you can’t commit to seven more years knowing what the likely downside is. Its a no-brainer thats being treated as a no-brainer the other way.

  24. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    And, oh, man, Eddie do I agree. What happened to the guy who had a HAT TRICK his first game???????Stepan is nada. He can play some ‘d’, but for a guy who practices so much, he’s got nothing. Slower than Rupp, worse shot than Bickel, ok, some defensive smarts. But, really, he’ll expect to get paid what next year????? Nope. May be smart to see what’s around soon for him.

  25. Re Richards: Anyone who is 32 or 33 in this league and still has all his teeth, somethings wrong.

  26. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Only team that buys out Richards, might be Flyers. They just went long on Bryz. THeyre dumb enough

  27. Stranger Nation on

    after Nash still $3M under cap so Prust not collateral damage, but priced himself out. Prust had a lot of intangibles he brought to the team in addition to he obvious grind and jam which is, IMO, his greatest asset and the hardest to replace.

    B Rich is not playing well, Step is not playing well and Kreider and Cally are now out…do the math

  28. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Put a fork in this team. This is so g-ddamn depressing. The Fishsticks will be making more noise this year than either Rangers, Debbies, or Fly-girls… Thats the nHL/Bettman reward for ineptitude – high draft picks. And the Fish have had em for years… Cup will parade around Brooklyn Battery Park before its ever seen again at MSG. Sorry, just sayin’.

  29. C’mon, you’re only looking at one year here and we both know if Prust wanted $3MM for 1 year, he’d be a Ranger. The problem was down the line, when the RFAs started getting paid, we couldn’t carry a 9th/10th F/PK guy like Prust because we now had four $6MM players on the books.

  30. Trainer to Torts: “The Deer Antler Spray doesn’t seem to be working.”
    Torts: “Well order the Moose Antler Spray and shove it up their azzez.”

  31. just the facts. nash has 1 goal in 7 games, yes he has done a lot of things well in the d zone etc. but he needs to shoot more and score… he is making $7 mill. to SCORE.

    richards is a nice small, passer…

    gaborik only shows up 70% of the time.

    hagelin, stepan, mcdonagh, boyle, staal, and others need to score on occassion…

    you cannot win if you cannot score. this team has had plumbers for years. why can’t they ever score???

    a team that has limited skill but they try to complete passes like they are the french connection, shoot the f-in puck…………..

  32. boyle takes 4 seconds to shoot, he is a 3rd liner at best but on a really good team he is a 4th liner…

    he is so slow and deliberate with the puck it is a joke.

  33. E3 pimp's angel on

    Latona – even when the players are moving their feet, the rangers cannot hit tape, cannot hit hit each in stride, passes behind, passes too far ahead, passing sideways when both passer and passee are moving forward – it’s not just the half court awful PP. at some point, some of this is on torts. Those too many men penalties are atrocious. The one in the 3rd was utter lunacy – it wasn’t even close …

  34. Per Djoos (Stay thirsty, my friends) on

    Howabout this:

    The Rangers just are not that good. Period.

    Lets accept that and move on..

  35. Right about the passing, E3. The point of the game is to move FORWARD out of your own end, not throw it in reverse unless you have no other choice.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    they looked confused and disinterested tonite. it was strange. no Capt to role model? dont know but it seemed like they were zombies.

    that and fugg cyndy, what a wuss

  37. E3 pimp's angel on

    If Crosby has a pee pee bigger than 1 inch, I would be shocked. Slight chance, he doesn’t even have a pee pee.

  38. Beginnings: Stu Bickel’s mom says, “He was always so much bigger than all the other kids in the neighborhood and would beat them up, so we bought him a hockey stick. And the rest is history.”

    Carl Hagelin’s mom: “He was such a cute little fellow, we dressed him up in a tiny uniform and he would scoot all over the house like a little rocket ship. I don’t really know what his goal was. At least I never saw one.”

  39. It’s really not a hard thing to understand. The trade was Dubinsky, Anisimov, and Erixon for Rick Nash. That is it. We came out with more cap space from that trade than we had before. Deals with Prust, Fedotenko, and Mitchell had absolutely nothing to do with Rick Nash. Hindsight is 20/20 but if we google old threads it will be funny to see what the people who want Mitchell back said about him last year. Prust priced himself off the team.

    It’s ridiculous to question the Nash trade itself. You can question not resigning the players we didnt resign (again, many were not questioning on July 1st last year) but you do the trade 24/7 and run.

    Paging Stepan, Hagelin, Boyle. Season has started.

  40. Czechthemout!!! on

    Brandon Prust is a 4 th liner at best and a career 4 g a season player. He is not, i repeat NOT the reason they are of to a slow start. Barely worth half the money he got.

    Dubi was a favorite of mine. After his breakout season, I thought he was a sure fire second line pivot who played tough and create some offense. Last year was a disaster for him. This year has not started much better after a change of scene. He will never duplicate his breakout year again.
    Certainly not worth 4+ million per year.

    Artie is a very skilled, soft, and inconsistant player. He may still find that consistancy and become a legitimate second line pivot.

    Tim Erixon was a disapointment. He couldn’t even make a poor Bluejackets team to start the season.

    Fedetenko had nothing left in the Tenko. He played well in the last two games against the Devils in the playoffs but was dead the rest of the games. His career is over! And he will be scratched when the season passes the 20 game mark.

    Rick Nash is a star! He has been by far the team’s best and most consistant forward. Except for tonight, he has been great at both ends of the ice. We all want to see more goals from him and they will come. It’s not for lack of chances. He has just been snake bit. The problem is that the only other forward to do anything has been Gabby, and even he has only played well in four of the seven games.

    The problems are two fold. First, they have no PP of any kind. Second, they have zero clue of what or how to play the offensive part of the game. Torts has forgotten about that part of hockey . He said once last year that the staff never coaches or strategizes offense. Only defense. I found that statement by Torts to be incredibly stupid considering that the objective of this game is to score more goals than your opponent. This is the coach who coined the phrase ” safe is death” . His Stanley Cup team was a pleasure to watch. They forhecked hard, but also played an incredinly creative game. This team has as many weapons as that lightning team had accept that one point man like Dan Boyle. Torts needs to find the offensive part of the game again or pretty soon he will be looking for another job.

  41. We miss Callahan badly…it was pretty obvious tonight. He’s like our little engine that could.

    But I also agree that this team carries too much deadweight

  42. The only solution that I see is to make small trades for 3rd line players. Maybe a border line 2nd line player. But we need to understand that such a trade may cost us one of the “untouchables” from last year. No one will do a lateral trade of Rupp for someone or Asham for someone. It may take Boyle or Hagelin going the other way.

  43. This team is a couple of pieces short of reliable man power with Cally in the line up. When the time comes that Krieder comes back they will still be a couple shy. Thats not good when they have healthy key guys playing poorly. Its bad enough when Rupp’s on the third line, but its a real sorry thing is he will likely stay on the third line when Krieder returns. I’m sure the plan was that Krieder would get first or second line mins. so they unloaded guys and picked up a tough guy and a guy to fill in the forth line for depth. Well that plan went out the window at game one, when Krieder was god awful right out of the gate and didn’t improve a bit as time went on. When he went down, his game wasn’t missed for sure. The guy they traded for and brought up has been a help. He has done a good job. He deserves credit. Someone mentioned a guy like Dan Cleary would be a help, and I agree, but where do you get a guy like Cleary at this point. Cleary might have lost a step over the years, but he would blow by Rupp and Pyatt, and out work three quarters of this team. I think they would have to give up to much for a guy like that. It will be interesting to see how Arnott plays when he finally does get picked up, and he very likely will get a chance to play again soon.

  44. This really was just a bad game, but you don’t have to know much about the game to see that. That was easy to see.

  45. Relax. They haven’t played their best. Injuries have them moving Pyatt, Rupp, etc. up. They are still 3-4 including 4 games against 2 of the top teams.

    I take this all with a grain of salt anyway because there were people here last year complaining all the way through last season.

  46. There aren’t many teams with endless supplies of 2nd line players stashed on their 3rd amd 4th lines.

  47. Why is Asham tweeting…shouldn’t he be sulking in a corner or hitting his head against a rock or someone’s fists?

  48. I would like to complain about the complainers, just to make it all even. If there were no complaints, there would be nothing to complain about. And then everyone would have plenty to complain about.

  49. Mister D Spot on Totaly agree with your post below. We have a great Hockey Player in Nash but we gave up so much speed and depth in losing Prust, Anisimov, Dubinsky and FedItenko, SPEED, GRIT, HEART. Unless Kreider comes back healthy and performs to last year’s expectations while Cally is out with his separation we could be in trouble. The four above players radiated an energy that we no longer have.

    Mister D January 31st, 2013 at 11:43 pm
    The slow thing? Pyatt. I really, really like Pyatt and I think, no other moves involved, picking him up for Fedotenko would have been a nice step forward. But he really is slow.

    (I’m just going to say it. I think we’re a worse team with Nash even though Nash absolutely is better than most everyone on our team. If that trade doesn’t happen and you keep Prust with the money not spent, we’re better 1 through 12. Dubinsky and Prust on the 3rd with Boyle rather than Rupp and Ferriero is a huge, huge difference.)

  50. May have to call it a season, come back next year with Getzlaf instead of Stepan and Iginla instead of Hagelin.

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