Rangers-Flyers in review; Live Chat at noon today


Don’t forget to be here at noon for the Live Chat … during which, the twitter widget over there ————> might provide us with a Ryan Callahan update. We’ll see.


1) Obviously, first and foremost, and much more important than a fairly solid win and a third in four games, is the Ryan Callahan injury. Normally, the Rangers say two things about injuries. John  Tortorella normally says “He’s fine” or “It’s not serious” if the player is fine or the injury is not serious. When he says, “No idea” that usually means bad, and it looked pretty bad. I’m playing doctor here, because I’ve seen subluxed shoulders that pop back in, but my guess would be that best-case would be he misses a couple of weeks, and worst case would be a 6-8 week rehab, or worse, surgery. In a 99-day season, that can’t be good at all.

2) I thought the second part of John Tortorella’s remark about Carl Hagelin was right on, albeit it probably didn’t need to be so strong: “I focus on the dumbness of Hagelin,” Tortorella said. “He played a helluva game, but that’s all washed off because of the dumbness.” He was referring to the too-many-men penalty on which the Flyers scored a PPG to make it a tough finish. But I thought Hagelin really used his speed throughout this game, killing penalties, on the forecheck, on the back check, to get pucks, to force turnovers. In the first period he streaked back to turn a Flyers 2-on-1 into a 2-on-2, then took his man to prevent a rebound shot. Too bad about the “dumbness” play.

3) Michael Del Zotto. Some of you guys will never accept this guy, but right now he is so important to the Rangers offensively and defensively. The goal he scored was as much about Benn Ferreiro’s steal and Brian Boyle’s screen as it was about Del Zotto. But the 2-0 PPG by Callahan, on which Del Zotto went to the net to redirect Rick Nash’s pass, was a great play.

4) Nash really likes these divisional games, doesn’t he? I still marvel at all the things he does in all three zones. Guy is just a big, fast hockey player.

5) That first power play wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t good either. Brad Richards, no longer a point man, was still drifting toward the point, and for a portion of the power play the Rangers had four players above the circles. It won’t work. It can’t. And I’m sure they don’t practice it that way. Again, on the second PP, they had Dan Girardi on one point, Del Zotto on the other — though he didn’t stay there — Richards won the draw, Nash made the play to Del Zotto, Callahan did what he does on the rebound. That’s the way you do it.

6) As a hockey player, Tom Sestito makes Mike Rupp look like Mike Bossy. Eventually, Peter Laviolette has to figure out that there’s not going to be a lot of success when those two jackwagons are in the lineup. Doesn’t he? That said, the Flyers sure miss Scott Hartnell, and their defense is suspect, though their goalie — again, I can’t believe I’m typing this, was pretty good in the first two meetings.

7) How about that play in the second where Ryan McDonagh missed the net then raced back and caught Wayne Simmonds from behind?

8) Until the PPG, when Jeff Halpern failed to identify Kimmo Timonen as three Rangers and three Flyers battled in the corner and Simmonds won the battle, this was easily Halpern’s best game as a Ranger … also the fourth line got to play some shifts. Halpern excelled on the 5-on-3, even after being hurt by a shot and losing his stick.

9) So what do the Rangers do now? Taylor Pyatt, I guess, has to play second-line minutes with Hagelin and Derek Stepan. Unless Chris Kreider can come back quickly, the Rangers will have to bring up a forward, or use Stu Bickel on the fourth line and also move up Rupp. I don’t see that as an ideal option by any stretch.

10) This, I thought, was also Henrik Lundqvist’s best game of the season. He was tested, especially late in the first, and then for the final 13 minutes after the Flyers cut it to 2-1. Almost vintage. And as far as playing Martin Biron … yeah, they need to get him a game here and there just in case they need him at some point … but there really is no reason that Lundqvist can’t play all or most of the games for the foreseeable future. And I’m sure he’d want to play them all, or as many as they’ll let him play.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Michael  Del Zotto.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Rick Nash.

Headzo’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Michael Del Zotto – D man providing O. 2 points & solid defense.
2. Ryan Callahan – game winner & career point #200.
3. Rick Nash – power play assist and typical threat.

Kenny Albert Rules!’ Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Michael Del Zotto.
3. Ryan Callahan.

Your poll vote for the Three Rangers Stars:
1. Michael Del Zotto (24.46 %).
2. Henrik Lundqvist (21.71 %).
3. Ryan Callahan (12.54 %).

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  1. don’t know what to think about Callahan. now that I’ve had a few looks at a replay it doesn’t look like his shoulder was separated, more like dislocated. Then again, it’s also possible Talbott broke his arm and let go when he heard it break. dunno, but I don’t like a scenario where Callahan has to miss more than a few days. this team can not afford to lose anybody.

  2. team is unbelievably screwed if Callahan is gone for a significant length of time. basically they’re going to have to sign someone because there’s no way in hell you can have Mike Rupp playing on the 3rd-line.

  3. rupp cannot and will not play 3rd line minutes no chance better off with jt miller or others.

    kredier needs to come back asap and help out.

    mcdonagh is close to breaking out offensicely and looks like MDZ has figured it out, just get the puck on net. every shot does not need to be a bomb.

    man if hagelin could score, he can really skate….he is gene carr from the 70’s.. rico fata but better…

    again give gilroy a game or 2, over bickell…….PLEASE

  4. got to go outside the organization if it comes to it. miller isn’t ready and I don’t think you can expect Kreider to make enough of an impact right now to throw him into that spot. and after line three there’s no one not named Jeff Halpern who should play more than 5 minutes a night.

  5. Stranger Nation on

    with cally out, may need to break up big line and move Gabby down to line 2, especially if the Kreider comes back. Nash needs a sniper on the other wing (and not Halpern)

  6. Cheap play or not on the Cally injury? I didn’t see it live but I’ve watched the replay a few times-they had their hands on each other and the captain ain’t gonna back down, but did the other guy try to yank him by the arm to throw him down? Usually when you’re at that point you don’t try to tackle the guy to the ice right?

  7. hard to say. looked a bit like he was trying to put him in an arm bar and I’m not exactly sure why you’d do that given the way hockey fights usually work. like, a lot of people are saying, “oh it was all unintentional, they were fighting and that stuff happens,” but I can’t recall seeing a hockey fight were one guy tried to pin the others arm that way.

  8. Why did Center Crushed Ice force me to watch the philthy feed? This happened last year as well. Most of the time there was only one feed to watch while all the other teams had two (home and away) to choose from. More often than not the one feed wasn’t the Rangers’. It’s bad enough that I’m forced to watch the games in less-than-standard definition as Crushed Ice doesn’t broadcast a single game in HD here.
    I used to enjoy when Bill Clement was the color guy on ESPN, but last night he could’ve given Chico Retchid a run for his money in sounding like a blind homer.

  9. If Cally is not OK then it just increases the need for a 2nd/3rd liner even more. I’d love to see the kid Miller up, he really has had a great couple of months but they probably will want him to finish the year at AHL level and learn the pro game more.
    The solution is either to let Kreider loose with Stepan and take the occasional mistake or go out and get a stop-gap free agent, but as we’ve seen that is a thin market and made up of veterans who are borderline retired or 4th liners.

    It doesn’t sound like Bourque, Thomas, Hrvik, Jean or any of the other CT guys are tearing it up and reading HockeysFuture.com i can see why Torts is thinking that a call-up is not an option.

  10. I just read the article on Ray Lewis about all that Deer Antler stuff and there is one line that shows were a lot of the various sports drug policies fail miserably (especially MLB and NFL:

    “He’s retiring after this season, and it’d be tough for the NFL to suspend the game’s biggest star before his final game Sunday night”

    No it wouldnt – if he cheated, and you have solid proof, punish him by banning him with immediate effect. Don’t get romantic because its his last game and he’s been a “great” player, and its the Superbowl – if he’s been taking these substances he is a CHEAT!
    Or just bury heads in the sand and say “there’s no such thing as Balco” 3 times and it will all go away

  11. you think maybe its time to go find another D man? they are carrying 8, and using 5. waste of roster spots.

  12. I have had the same injury multiple times, and it sure looked like a dislocation/subluxation of the shoulder. On the bright side, these vary in severity. It could be a minor subluxation and he can come back quick. One thing I can say is that they eventually get worse and more frequently pop out. He will ultimately need to get it repaired.

  13. cw – i had a minor one at the start of December and was back playing (soccer) 3-4 weeks later, still aches now though but i dont have to shoot a puck with a stick so might not be the best guideline to recovery (and i’m 12 years older than Cally!)

  14. Stranger Nation on


  15. Stranger Nation on

    Not sure what Torts is accomplishing calling out a player in his presser. Hags had played well and made a mistake. I am all for accountability but praise in public, criticize in private is the coach’s credo.

    and that is a post game hattie….

  16. Evrockriser –

    I’d wondered that myself in the past. The answer I typically got was that Dolan is a jerk and makes business deals a pain, if not nearly impossible.

    But after the lockout, problems like you describe, plus GameCenter Live having 25+% games blacked out, plus the streaming app for PS3 still not even ready, I’m done with the shabby treatment by the league and canceled it all. I find other ways to watch the games – I’m not paying a dime to them this season.

  17. Thought it was an excellent effort last night. There is of course room for much improvement.
    I understand where Torts was coming from calling out Hags; but geez, the kid had a really excellent game!

    I still can not believe how good Nash is defensively. He is the complete package. When he starts burying his scoring chances….. LOOK OUT. We have never had, in my lifetime a power forward like him.

    The loss of Cally is incalculable. He is an intangibles guy with skill. He is so important to this team. I sure hope that THE KREIDER comes back and shows us what we saw in the playoffs last year.

    Things are sure better around this place when they win, eh?

  18. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp! Hagelin probably played his best game so far, but had a little brain cramp and it cost them a goal. Even though I agree it was a dumb mistake, I don’t see the purpose in saying it on national TV. Doubt it will boost Hagelin’s confidence. But that ‘s just Torts.
    Nash impresses me more and more. His offensive ability is obvious, and again he was instrumental on Callahan’s goal. But his PK abilities and willingness to blog shots isn’t something I anticipated. Did you. folks. I guess he is tired of not winning anything at 28, and totally believes in Tort’s system. Can’t ask for more.

    Bryan Boyle was very good too. Strong on the boards, protected the puck well. In general, as a team, I thought it was their best game yet. Still ways to go.

    Carp, I’m very impressed with your assessment of Callahan’s injury. I know you’re not a doctor, but did you stay in Holiday Inn Express? ;-) My guess is that they won’t know until later this morning/afternoon. He’ll need an MRI to see the extend of shoulder joint damage. A couple of weeks is the best case, like you said. Could be much longer…

  19. Agreed, Stuart. If someone needs to join the fourth line or any forward slot from our current crew I would like it to be Gilroy over Bickel.

  20. I see a lot of you are realizing that Bickel has no business on the ice. And Torts is realizing it too it seems. With Ashem and Rupp in the lineup, there’s no need for a third “enforcer” I’d rather see Gilroy who still has SOME skills or even Emenger. On Hagelin, I thought that might have been one of his best games as a Ranger, yet, he makes one dumb mistake and he gets called out. The kid played great on both ends of the ice, was almost always the first man on the puck and even had 2-3 excellent scoring chances. Luckily that was just a brain cramp and should be easily forgotten.

    Not sure what you can do about Cally. I think it has to be Kreider. I think he’s got so much potential that you just have to deal with the mistakes and chalk it up to being a kid. The more he plays the better he’ll get.

    Last night was the first game I REALLY thought they looked like last year’s Rangers for a full 60 minutes.

  21. When you allocate most of your budget to 4-5 players you sacrifice depth.

    As other teams see that Ranger lines other than the first are limited offensively ,they will concentrate on simply stopping the #1 line.

    The D grew weary in the third period and almost gave it up.

    As always with Lundqvist they are a middle of the pack team.

    Where are all these great prospects and at this point is McIllrath still considered a legit prospect? If so,how about him with Stralman(underrated) as the 5-6 pair?

  22. In regards to 3) I thought Pyatt caused DZ’s goal. Great forecheck support and pressure/hit on Giroux.

    The Monster Nash willed that PP goal. Man he is good in traffic. Heads right for it and still makes it happen.

    Breezy-galov was really good, though he maybe shoulda had the first one. Should have been second star.

  23. Stranger Nation on

    One aspect of Nash’s game that has been totally surprising for me has been his willingness to set up opportunities. He is easily the best passer on the team and almost seems more like a natural center setting up wingers. That along with his defensive zone awareness, begs the questions, is our best center playing right wing. Realize this will probably never happen but…


    Just think how effective Nash will be when (if?) Richards gets it going. He has been their least impressive front line player, though seemingly did much better on draws last night.

  24. woke up this morning with flu.

    was at game last night and saw instantly cally skate off. best case 2-4 weeks worse case surgery done for the year. seperated/dislocated. looked real bad.

    i have preaching the lack of depth for the first 12 days of the season and now after this I dont see who they can call up to even come close to compensating for this injury. .

    my take just get in playoffs i could care less about 1st or 8th at this point.

    an no mike rupp cant play 3rd line minutes

  25. Not sure anyone here agrees with me, but I really don’t need to see Brandon Prust’s tweets about a “great win for the boys!” He is talking about the Habs and I for one could care less about what he now has to say!

  26. Love that The Kreider goes straight from struggling in the AHL to struggling in the NHL to benched for his play to bone chip in ankle to FIRST LINE.

  27. Stranger Nation on

    do you mean our best offensive threat in the playoffs last season?

    do you mean the first round pick, power forward with speed to burn?

    do you mean our savior and answers to the question – will the Rangers ever draft a first line offensive player this century?

  28. They’re finding their legs, eh? I have no problem with Torts calling out Hags. Dumb dumb penalty that put us in a tough spot. Yeah, he played great, but if you’re gonna do something stupid like that, you’re gonna have to take the criticism despite what else you did on the ice.

    Del Zotto = smart monster.

  29. HAHAHA FGD. Hageline = Brett Gardner. Classic.

    The Kreider was benched for his play. Look at his AHL numbers. Listen to what Tort has said about him. Sure he will be a 1st line player but everything the coach has said implies that he will bring him along _slowly_ . That includes him starting the season on the 3rd line and seeing very, very little ice time. Rupp levels of ice time.

  30. Team dominated the game for the first two periods and again can’t put the puck in the net. Rangers consistently make the other teams goalie look like Patrick Roy.

    Team needs to score goals, bottom line.

    Derek Stepan looks lost out there IMO.

  31. I don’t think they made Bryzgalov look good. He actually was good. The game could’ve been over before second period. And we would’ve seen a lot of Stu Bickel and along with Flyers’ clowns thereafter.

    Don’t expect Kreider to play right away. I don’t think he’s healed yet. On the other hand, they haven’t called anyone from Hartford.

  32. I don’t think they would, ilb. They have Ferrari who has fit in really well. Dr. Halpern handled a lot more minutes than usual. About 120% of his usual minutes. And in really important situations. We also have Gilroy, Bickel and Eminger up here. Two of those guys have been pushed into a forward role at times.

    Who would we call up? I think with Hrivik injured (thanks to Rinaldo) there isn’t really much we can do.

  33. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Yea, Hags had a nice game with much fly. Torts says it like it is. Don’t make stupid mistakes, kid, but good game.

    Lots of guys looking better. They are coming around. Everyone needs to pitch in to fill those big size 11’s left dangling there….the captain will be missed.

    great write up CARPY!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Was very pleased with newcomers last night. Halpern, sans one not so great play, did a lot of good. And he can be trusted on important face offs….which is needed. Pyatt, more at home. For whatever its worth, Ferrarrieairro was steady, driving, bothersome to the other team, if not small. Until we find someone bigger to do that, he’s ok for now.

    Hank, too. Good game. There when needed.

  35. Hagelin had no lack of pats-on-the-back after he hustled back to take away the 2-on-1. He definitely gets praised when need be.

    I actually think that calling someone out in the presser is … not a big deal? He doesn’t want the media to inflate the kids head. But Hagelin wasn’t there watching the Presser and crying. He probably never heard it until someone brought it up to him.

  36. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    if MDZ starts putting the puck nearer to the net, he’ll be much harder to criticize. Obviously still working on his decisions on D, but hey, not everyone has the benefit of breaking into the league on a pair with Rod Langway

  37. Carp,

    You are right. This team has no shot of repeating what they did last year. The team just doesn’t have that same work ethic or puck control like last year. Now without Cally we will be a 6-8 seed and get knocked out in the first round. This team is lost and done.

  38. the fact that tortarella doesn’t give time to 4th liners is a joke. Isn’t that his fault in terms of coaching?

    anyone can coach nash, richards, etc etc.

    a good coach will turn the lower end of the roster into a positive.

    glad bickel suited up again. 4 guys under 10 minutes of ice time. nice work.

  39. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I am ok finishing 6-8 and reserving some energy for the playoffs.

    When you have Nash, Hank, Gabby, I guess, Richards….and some guys used to playing with them, as well as Hank….you have a shot. Don’t know what you’re talking about, unless ‘Mike’ is Keenan and very jealous of this team.

  40. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I don’t want the team to repeat what it did last year…I want them to go further. Puck control got us knocked out of the PO…I’ll trade a little more wrinkling of the twine for puck possession any day.

  41. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Spiderpig – do you really leave hoof prints on the ceiling, or do they come right off with the Shamwow?

  42. And following that….. Great coaching by Lavi-eau-de-toilette for rolling Rinaldo and Tostitos out there for 5+ and 6+ minutes. Really tremendous players. If only they had Jody Shelley in the lineup as well. That’s a way to win!

    And by win I mean be 2-5.

  43. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I know Tort(s) and DeBoer are like fire and ice, but Laviolette is actually the guy who just looks like someone you want to punch in the face

  44. Callahan out for a while is going to really highlight the depth we lost over the looooooong offseason.

  45. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    He makes car parts for the American working man, because that’s what he is, and that’s who he cares about

  46. I wish MSG would have shown a replay of the too many men penalty. I saw live that a Ranger came off of the bench way too quickly to try to defend the rush and thought before the TV timeout that it was whistled for a penalty on the Rangers, not offside on the Flyers. Was Hagelin the player who came off the bench or the one going back to the bench? I assume he came off if it was his mistake.

    Hagelin also screwed up on the penalty kill after the Flyers scored because he was making the same mistake as Halpern, going towards the scrum with the three other Rangers while there was a Flyer on the other side. At least he realized this before the puck came free, which happened to be after the power play ended anyway.

  47. Not sure if it was mentioned in any previous post comments, but I thought it was decent of Talbot to immediately cease the scrum when he knew Callahan was hurt.

    That said, they sure looked much better last night – they seemed to be skating and getting to pucks.
    On another note, having a player like Nash in his prime is really fun to watch. He’s not lighting the lamp, but he continues to make everyone around him better (and he has by drawing defending player to him, leaving guys wide open).

  48. Fat Guy – with the Tommy Boy quotes you have really gone up a notch in my book. Let me just adjust my ledger here. Wow, you’re pretty high in my book now!

    “Oh, I’ve interrupted happy time! Now I know you want to sit there and keep being not slim, but we gotta work a little today.”

  49. Ray Zalinsky: Went a little heavy on the pine tree perfume there, kid?
    Tommy: Sir, it’s an taxicab air freshener.
    Ray Zalinsky: Good, you’ve pinpointed it. Step two is washing it out.

  50. grenzo – you did do Maths didnt you?

    Quick lesson:
    4 lines over 60 mins = 15mins average

    For each player who plays a minute over the average one must play a minute under.
    Eg. 20 mins or over for Gaborik, Nash, Richards) = 10 mins or under for Asham, Rupp, Ferrari

    Also exacerbated by giving away 6 powerplays and the 3 players not being part of the PK.

  51. I’m just having fun. If we didn’t get the wings, so what? We still got that meat-lovers’ pizza in the trunk.

  52. Well put, UK. Better than I could have. I would have gone with the typical, “Jackwagon” response only.

  53. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    I guess they can kick the tires on Langkow if Callahan is out. Not my first choice, but he does have some -deteriorating- offensive skills and speed. His faceoff % was poor for a C, but I feel like I remember him playing the wing at times, as well. All depends on the cost.

    Hopefully Kreider can come back and develop quickly.

  54. Stranger Nation on

    This is not a ‘fire Torts’ post but hoping we can gain perspective re Kreider and Hags and offensive development of young players. We are riding the King and a defensive first approach which will yield 2-1 games against an undermanned and unimpressive Flyer team, but will it yield post season success? We all hope so.

    Coaching roles:
    Shoney handles D men development and coaching.
    Allaire handles goaltending
    Sully handles in game strategy and pp (oy vey)

    This team will only go as far as Step, Hags and Kreider develop and provide GOALS. Step looks unsure of himself, Hags is called out as dumb and the Kreider is AWOL. Maybe they are over-hyped and don’t have the tools to flourish offensively on this level?

    Is this Torts focus, Sully’s or both?

  55. Stranger and Co.: When has Stepan _ever_ been a scoring Centre? When? From what I have seen he has _never_ in his life been a scoring Centre. Definitely more of an assist guy.

    If we are seeing how far this team will take us, I would say Nash, Richards and Gaborik, ya know, the goal scoreres, have more to do with the scoring than those other guys. Unless The Kreider turns it around he’s not seeing more than 8 minutes of ice time a game. Hagelin didn’t score for the last what, 30 games last season and we ended up in the Conference Finals.

    If Gaborik, Nash and Richards can score at a rate they are capable of, especially when not on the same line, the depth of this team is increased two-fold.

  56. 6th – 8th seed is fine. Seeding doesn’t matter nearly as much as who’s clicking and healthy.

    Yeah, we’re a different team from the one that went to the ECF last year. We’re still strong, though.

  57. Well, the pens lost there captain for half the season and found a way to almost have the most points in the eastern conference. I’m not worried to much because the rangers should be good enough to make the playoffs. By than hopefully Callahan will be healed.

  58. The mood around here seems to be that people think we are *not* as good as last season. I am pretty sure that I feel comfortable saying the addition of Rick Effing Nash makes us a much better, more dangerous team than last season. Once the grinding guys and role players get going, we are much more lethal.

    Just imagine if Sauer Pauer ever skated in the NHL again. How good this team would be top to bottom.

  59. I don’t blame torts for not playing 4thine guys more then 4-5 mins. Asham and rupp Are useless out there.

    We need finish ability from step and hagelin. Be
    Nice if hagelin in the best game he played last night bury a goal. If not on breakaway bs bryzgalov then when

  60. I’ll just go ahead and point out how selfish Callahan was on that play. Completely pointless “fight” that would have done nothing but energize the Flyers.

    Captains shouldn’t do that.

  61. Manny, I think we’re better, but drastically different. Nash is probably more fun to watch than anyone else on the team, but the team as a whole is less fun to watch. If that makes sense.

  62. Sorry, Jeff but Capt. Callahan is protecting his goaltender in that scenario. He did the right thing. Grab the guy that’s your size and get him away from your goaltender. Leading by example is a huge part of being a Capt. It’s why he breaks bones on blocked shots. It’s that exact attitude and willingness to sacrifice his body that makes him the Capt.

  63. Everything you say makes sense, The Doctor. I agree with your sentiment. Just think that it’s early and no pre-season and once we get going, watch out world.

  64. Didn’t look to me like Callahan was wanting to start a fight at all. Talbot was the aggressor in terms of dropping the gloves.

  65. If all he wanted to do was “sacrifice his body” then why not jump under the zamboni? It’s more efficient.

    He got suckered into a pointless fight and now he’s hurt. Hardly visions of Messier.

  66. Manny – imagine next year if Sauer power comes back and McIlrath makes the grade! BOOM! Keep your heads up boys!!

  67. Don’t do that to me UK. I might not be able to work for the rest of the day. Just thinking about that makes me require an oxygen tank to keep from passing out!

  68. Agreed Jeff. Leave the fighting to the players our team can do without. Bickel, Rupp. He’s too important and should be smart enough to not get suckered into a fight. Maybe a playoff game with playoff intensity, maybe after Henrik gets run over by an opposing player. But not in regular season game #6. A very classy move by Max to let up or he couldve been hurt a lot worse. Let’s hope Cally is only out for a maximum of a week or two weeks.

  69. Face it folks, Callahan was very foolish getting that kind of injury on a non-hockey play. He got duped by Talbot to engage for no good reason at all. And if he is out 8 weeks, the NYR will barely even make the playoffs.

  70. iDoodie Machetto on

    Hagelin and Stepan can’t buy a goal. Pathetic how many chances they got.

    Also, I get that Nash can really dish the puck, but c’mon man, you won the Richard once. Shoot the puck!

  71. What every player does to the goalie, Tiki. Jab at a puck that the goalie has covered up. Further, not immediately leaving the crease when the play is over. I mean, this is standard hockey stuff. Happens in every period of every game. Scrum after a goalie gets a whistle. Pretty normal.

    Callahan did absolutely nothing wrong. I don’t even know how to address people that think otherwise. You can’t tell someone to drop a part of their game and expect them to remain the same player. He’s our Captain for a reason. And it’s not because he is an elite goal scorer.

  72. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Losing Cally will not prevent us form making the PO, luv the guy and he’d be a top player on any team, but it’s not like we’re losing our only 100 point player or starting goalie. We’ll make due if we can get guys to show even more grit and Defensive responsibility, and a willingness to stand in front of the net. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

  73. Yea I mean. Great points, Fat Guy Duberstein (as usual). Doesn’t Callahan get injured like…I don’t know….EVERY SINGLE SEASON. Doesn’t he break something and miss 6+ weeks? We survived before and we will do it again.

  74. Another very early stat for you, Manny: Rangers allowing 2 more shots per game, from 6th place last year to 16th this year.

  75. iDoodie Machetto on

    In those years, we had more *depth*

    I wonder if the Rangers doctors reevaluate Arnott…

  76. They made the playoffs without Cally for 20 games 2 years ago when they didn’t have Nash, Richards and had a half functioning Gaborik. I think they’ll be fine.

    And Nash being 3 shots off the league lead in SOG isn’t shooting the puck enough?

  77. What happened to Larry Brooks? Is he still writing for the Post? Haven’t seen an article from him in weeks.

  78. iDoodie Machetto on

    I’ll say this about Ferrari: the kid has heart and he hustles. I love the work he has put in.

  79. Just my opinion, grab the guy, facewash him, push him out of the crease. Dont fight him, Callahan’s too valuable.

    I dont remember the exact circumstances, but I remember when Jaromir fought, I believe it was Scott Gomez, and hurt his shoulder in the 2006 playoffs. I thought it was stupid and it cost the Rangers any chance at advancing.

  80. It wasn’t even a fight, Jagr swung wildly and missed.

    And that Rangers team’s luck had pretty much run out by March or so that year.

  81. As LW said. Callahan did facewash, grab and remove Talbot from the crease. To LW’s point, Talbot was the one that dropped the gloves. It even looked to me like Callahan possibly injured himself throwing his gloves off. Which means he was probably going to get hurt one way or another.

  82. Larry Brooks is *sick* . Surprised how many people notice his absence.

    Vibin’ CT. Home state Vibe.

  83. iDoodie Machetto on

    CTB, I am talking about high percentage shots. At least 4 times he passed up great opportunities, with only one of those being one where the pass really was the better choice (McDonagh’s whiff)

  84. Stranger Nation on

    btw – Richards is not a premier goal scorer but a premier set up guy – has only finished above 25 goals once in career. He is averaging 50+ assists per season over last three he has two finishers this season – should be over 60 assists if they keep the first line together.

    Step is a set up guy as well, but needs someone to set up. Who is going to finish on the second line if no Capt Cally and both goal scorers on line 1? Es grande problema, no?

    this is why we need THE KREIDER!

  85. If this is a 2-3 week thing then we can cope, Cally always seems to miss a few games – its the price he pays for playing the game the way he does.
    if is is a 2 month or more thing then we might need to make a move unless Hagelin, Kreider or Stepan pick up the scoring

  86. I’ve seemed to recall Nash getting quite a few close in chances on breakaways or in the slot. Like that shot he had that Reimer did the big glove wave and snatched it out from going into the upper corner. I have zero complaints about how Nash is playing right now, aside from bad puck luck keeping the goals out. I don’t think he’s going to shoot at just under 4% for the rest of year, even if he shoots closer to 10% (still under his career average) for the year that means he’s going to get a hot streak somewhere.

  87. Rob in Beantown on

    I can’t believe we’re talking about how classy it was of Talbot to stop beating on our captain after he ripped his shoulder from its socket. Shouldn’t that be the default behavior in this situation? Give these guys more credit, they’re professionals and they all have to make a living playing this game. Plus, if he’d kept hitting him, I’m sure he would have be suspended. So it’s not entirely selfless either.

  88. Doodie, you’re obviously talking about Nash. It’s great that he’s so unselfish. But sometimes, he’s got to be a little less altruistic.

  89. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “any time your captain is injured, the reasons are inexplicable”

  90. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “if Stepan does not start scoring goals he will finish the season with not very a lot of them”

  91. iDoodie Machetto on

    Tiki, Jagr wouldn’t have made a difference. Hank played like garbage. He chalked it up to migraines, but to me it looked like *fatigue*

  92. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Psychics seek his futuristic visions

    Winter borrows cold from him

    Ice melts with his glance.

    I don’t drink beer often, but when I do, it’s Dos Equis.

    Stay thirsty my friends

  93. Rick's Gnashed Cabaret on

    Rofl @ Sally’s line on Callie!! Line o’ the day!

    These type of injuries could be given to fatigue carryover from last season. That is my conjecture.

  94. Wow. New York Rangers just released more tickets for the game on Thursday! And here’s the great news guys. Only $317 a piece!


  95. It’s easy to say that in hindsight, Doodie. At the time, we lost a 54 goal scorer and a guy who made most people around him better, even the likes of Nylander.

  96. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “Torts must step on the throttle and pull back on the gas pedal in order for the ranger team to desalinate”

  97. czechthemout!!! on

    I have to say that Rick Nash has been just about all that I had hoped for. The only thing missing is some goals. Its not for lack of chances, its just some bad luck. I think that will soon change big time.

  98. Good morning, Sally! Season over for the fourth time, already!

    I’m not even going to bother responding to people who say A) That Callahan did anything but be Callahan and a great captain by getting involved in that scrap or B) that Mike Rupp, Jeff Halpern and, for God’s sake, Arron Asham, should be getting more minutes (especially on a team that doesn’t ever score enough goals).

  99. No comments as to Boyle’s play in the 3rd period. Also, Giradi quietly plays some strong defense. If we didn’t need Mc Donough on defense he might make a decent winger. Has a better than average shot.

  100. “Selfish Callahan” must be all the way up there on the list of utterly….ummm..incorrect statements….

  101. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Cally shouldn’t fight 20 times a season, but there is nothing wrong with him dropping the mitts a handful of times a season.

    I think talbot did what he is supposed to do, agitate and scrap if necessary and then stop when an injury occurs.

    Cally did what he should have done including drop the gloves.

    Hockey play that sucks for us because cally got injured.

    Cally isn’t a big guy at all and with the way he plays, you have to expect him to be injured quite a bit.

    Bring up jt miller

  102. “Maybe you were watching a movie with that funny comedian, oh what’s his name? Buddy Whackett?”

  103. I’m with you, Wicky. I’ll never get over people having to assess blame for everything that goes wrong; sometimes things just happen. It sucks Callahan got hurt but he did what he was supposed to do and Talbot, from my vantage point, did nothing wrong. Bad things occasionally happen through no fault of anyone.

  104. I keep going back to the Asham-Paul Mara fight, when Mara hurt his shoulder during the fight and Asham stopped fighting … and later Mara went to the visitors’ lockerroom to thank him.

  105. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    ok, fair enough on jt miller. I’m just interested in seeing what he might or might not bring to the team.

  106. Oh, me too, Wicky. I just don’t think he’s ready to make a serious impact and play top 6 so he’s better off honing his skills down there while he continues to learn how to shave.

  107. Wicky – this one is for you and specifically you and it’s just too long to txt. I was just in the men’s room at my job. Some guy was in a stall doing his natural business. He apparently was burdened by a fully loaded, Glock Semi. He choes to place his pistol on the ground very close to the barrier of the door and the rest of the Men’s room. Therefore making it very easy for anyone to bend down and pick up his Glock.

  108. How can people say what Cally did was selfish? I’ve been playing hockey since i’m 6 years old and still play, and plays like that have been occurring ever since. It happens in Peewee, it happens in Men’s league, it happens in Juniors, in College, and in the NHL. But you’re always taught to protect your goalie at all costs. Callahan did what 99% of hockey players (minus the pussies like Jagr who would never), would’ve done in that situation. Take a guy who was chopping at your goalie, and stop him and let him know the goalie is off limits.

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