Tortorella pre-game


I’m going to be a between-periods guest on the radio tonight, on 98.7 during the first intermission.

So please give a listen.

Here’s Torts.

John Tortorella:



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  1. Yev, I asked a while ago and pretty much everybody said to get rid of Avery but that they didn’t mind keeping Dubinsky, Anisimov and Prust in the widget. I don’t care either way.

  2. Torts sounds more and more like he’s getting back into angry bearded mid season Torts mode..I like it.

  3. Yeah, he’s making an effort to answer the questions … but he’s still growly sometimes. At least he’s not a complete jackwagon like he was at the end of last year.

  4. Carp, if they do miserable this season I’m blaming it on your blatant widget jinx. *the kabosh! *

  5. Hey Carp I’ve seen you talking about that before. I stepped away from following a lot of this last spring. I didn’t realize the coach was being that bad. Did he seem fed up with you guys or do you think it was something else?

  6. It was just his faux tough-guy act, and it reached disrespectful proportions last year when the team was finally getting some media attention, and so he took a beating for it in the papers and on the radio and even on TV, and he learned a lesson from all of that.

  7. May as well keep them. Hardly anyone on there now as it is. Prust might be interesting when the Habitats come in.

  8. All this beginnings type crud on MSG is soooo much more tolerable when the team is playing awesome(ly)

  9. Thanks for explaining Carp. That’s unfortunate to hear. The last I remember was him getting Ornery after Dolan interrupted that presser a while back.

  10. Why so much hate for Bickel? God forbid the kid gets some NHL experience to grow from.
    Where are the die hard Beukaboom fans that wanted a monster on the blue line when you need them??

  11. Torts had 153 penalty minutes in 1985-86 for the Virginia Lancers. He’ll drop the mitts.

  12. I know, James. Such nonsense. The kid works hard, wants to learn, isn’t much worse than most team’s No. 6, is probably just as good or better than Eminger, and is legit tough. But some people need everybody to score goals or they suck. Like all of a sudden, everybody love Pyatt and hates Stepan.

  13. i like Bickel but i understand where he fits in the lineup, his role, limitations, etc. At times he is good in his own zone, other times he’s a mess. I agree he needs playing time though to gain consistency.

    but i like all the Rangers! no hating here! LGR!!!

  14. I find it ironic that Bickel is roughly the same build as a guy like Beukaboom who some of us coveted as a blue liner back in the day. I never saw his first couple seasons with the Oilers but I doubt he was NHL all star caliber. But he learned and improved and was eventually traded here and played a big role on the blueline for years. I wonder if people would have wanted him dealt for only scoring 1-3 goals a year if he was playing today..

    ps- I have to admit I like Pyatt’s game so far lol

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