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  1. NYR – you got Carp’d. Nice try with the New Post thing but you got it slightly wrong. That’s why I have this job and they pay me the big bucks.

  2. Darn it, Fat Guy. If you’re going to change your name you need to keep the Fat Guy…like Fat Guy D. Duberstein or something until people KNOW it’s you.

  3. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Manuel – Good pernt. I thought my announcement late last week was enough, but it’s no problem.

  4. I’m glad the Arnott signing did not happen. I don’t want to see the rangers signing any has beens. I like what I saw out of Ferriero, give him a oppurtunity. Hagelin and Ferriero with boyle in the middle look decent.

  5. Excellent Torts’ presser, I liked it for change – besides usual brutal honesty, also a very thorough quick and sense making analyses of team’s games. Thanks Carp for given opportunity.

  6. Fat Guy – Just important to remember that only like me and three other losers read the blog that often.

  7. What about Blair betts, he did a lot when he was a Ranger. Penalty kill, and he was a good checker. He a forth liner at best, but he has always been a hard worker. He is not going to score much for sure, but can they expect to find a goal scorer at this stage of the game. I am not even sure that he is available.

  8. If Jason Arnott was going to make or break the destiny of this years squad, they aren’t going very far.

    Pat Verbeek always gets left out when people talk about “no luck with ex Devils”..Bruce Driver was respectable too when he didn’t try to stop the puck at the blueline with his glove..No one mentions him when they talk about ” who’s the last Ranger not named Leetch who had a decent shot from the point on the man advantage” either..

  9. Thanks, James. Totally, beyond 100% agree that if Arnott is going to be the difference maker, we are screwed.

  10. From the NY Post:

    “I thought that little s—- Ferriero played well,” Tortorella said. “I liked his speed and his composure. What happens from here, I don’t know, but he played well.”

    LOL! “that litte s—-”

  11. Amen, JamesG!

    I do not see the urgency to sign someone just to sign someone…Let’s see what this group has.

    Manny, Fat Guy- I like FGD!

  12. I think so. Why not? He’s pals with Avery, they own some restaurants together. Why *wouldn’t* they design dresses?

  13. I just read that Betts was picked off wavers by Montreal, but he didn’t pass the physical so he was returned to Philly. He didn’t play last year at all. To bad I always liked him as a Ranger. He was one of the best penalty killers, shot blocker the Rangers ever had.

  14. lol you’re making a lot of sense right now Manny. might still be too soon for the Betts/Brash comment though : P

    we can do the “where are they now” like at the end of the movie Miracle. Drury: Pizza chef…Voros: dress maker. Redden: All star dman for the St Louis Blues..(teehee)

  15. Ilb, can’t we turn them into something useful like license plates? NJ License plates of course…

  16. I watched Redden play against Minn. He looked a lot better than he ever did in Ranger blue. No huge expectations, no big paycheck to live up to. Its likely he’s having some fun playing now. He’s playing on a good team also.

  17. Anybody think that Phil Kessel would be available or would be a good person to pick up? (Right Handed shot) Seems like the Make Believes need to make some moves.

  18. good to see we are back to praising Blair Betts. pretending he was a useful player. used to be when he was a Ranger many people here had him as the best checking center ever. now he was a great shot blocker too. soon he will have been a clutch goal scorer.

  19. CCCP,
    I am over 500 for the first time ever in your league, and our division is now 1 and 0 against your division. can see where the power teams are.

  20. It’s ok, bull dog…To me it’s a good sign that we are discussing which 4th line player we should pick up elsewhere, as opposed to who do we sign to play first line minutes. Ditto with 6/7 defenseman.

  21. He would be a decent pick up, but, honestly, I’d keep $1.6M cap space to get someone at the deadline instead. If they are in that position….

  22. Paul Mara is available. He’s playing in Houston. I bet he would jump at the chance to get back to NY.

  23. Calgary is in the middle of those years that Sather put us through. thinking they are good enough to win now, thinking the fans won’t wait for a rebuild. so they are stuck being crappy, and refusing to believe it.

  24. Calgary has been that way for a while. They’re turning into the Maples Leaves West. Iginla better do the right thing and waive his NTC if he wants to help that team rebuild.

  25. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Everything I eat tastes like peaches. And I forgot how to multiply. I can subtract, but I can’t multiply.

    Any doctors in the house?

  26. Thanks, bull dog. Iginla would be a dream come true I think. Perfect fit for a Cup run. I guess Kessel would probably do better in Tampa or Washington or some other open, offensive system.

  27. CT,
    if he was to waive his no trade, helping them rebuild should not be his priority. going somewhere he can win should. to bad if it is not the best deal Calgary can get.

  28. I doubt Calgary makes the playoffs. They will have to trade Aginla, next season I expect. Its well past time for them to rebuild. Plus Aginla would be better off out of there. Better for everyone all round for that matter.

  29. I agree that he’s done all that a franchise could every ask for any player, but if he wanted to get out to win would he have done it by now?

  30. I don’t think they have enough to get Iginla from Calgary. But his expiring contract, along with his ability to play what Torts teaches, would be a perfect fit. And, if they keep their current cap space, they’ll be able to afford him

  31. ilb,
    you are talking about him as UFA, correct? it would be a hard trade to make. they are struggling with depth right now, if they were to trade a Miller, or McIlrath, it would really hurt the organizational depth. plus they traded away there 2013 1st rounder already.

  32. Ccarrie diaries
    Deception dallas ahl all star game 2013, farmers insurance final round

  33. Off to Calgary to pick up iginla. How
    Long drive back to NYC.

    Iginla and rangers perfect fit. Expiring contract.

    Trade deadline day April 3rd will be all about iginla.

  34. watched plenty of other teams play games this season, the vast majority of whom have all looked pretty fresh and energetic. can’t say I’m really buying this stuff about the Rangers being so completely wiped out when they’re overall a fairly young team.

  35. CT I don’t think Aginla is unhappy there. I just think that its time for a rebuild there, and I doubt he would be part of it. Plus I think it would do him good to get out of there.

  36. Carp,
    without a number one it will be tough, so they will probably have to give up the Damn they drafted this year. figure Miller, and Thomas as well.

  37. We could give them Casey Kelly, or jorge de la rosa, casey fossum, michael goss and brandon lyon! Or we could give them something better than all of that combined, the remains of Boogie! ;)

  38. Rupp Asham Halpern and Pyatt for Iginla. Get it done Slats.

    ps- CCCP lmbo@ Martin Rucinsky is on his way to NYC. He’d probably net 10 goals in 5 games then miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.

  39. I don’t see any team giving up there top players/prospects for a few month rental. If the flames pull it off, more power to them and as long it isn’t the rangers.

  40. so what’s the comparable Dubinsky, Anisimov, Erixon combo now?

    Figure two of the three will be Stepan and Del Zotto. Callahan’s not going to get moved so who’s the other guy? Hagelin? eh

  41. the rangers couldn’t even sign Iginla in the off season because he would want at least 6-7 mil. If the rangers added that to there cap they wouldn’t be able to keep there own players.

  42. Trade Gaborik straight up for Iginla. That would be a sweet pick up..only giving up a guy that should have been bought out this season….

  43. I really like Iginla, he’s a great player, but I don’t expect to see him in Ranger blue anytime soon. I’m with Lloyd I wouldn’t trade any prospects for him. Right now they can’t get a deal done on a retread.

  44. let’s assume they do trade for Iginla. at the end of the season, when it comes time to work on his contract, he’ll be 36-years old. for the amount of money he’s said to want, how long do you sign him for? anything more than a couple of years is too much and do you think he’s going to take a 2-year deal?

  45. and remember that Hagelin, Stepan and McDonagh will all be up for new contracts this summer

  46. Rick's Gnashed Cabaret on

    Tiki, good points in prior post..i actually think Rangers are going to be a better playoff team as presently constituted. If only, the ability to sustain offensive pressure will make their nose to the grindstone more effective. Also, Nash, not being a liability and being the top skill guy. Just think this will be a bumpier year for them. They are a much more fun to watch this way too. More of the ‘can score at any moment’ type feeling with Nash being here, and gabby being the elite goal scorer that he is. Stepan is a big key for this team…i like him, because like nearly every player we have there is an endearing aspect to them, but I still feel like he is too easily taken off the puck.

  47. “Untouchables: Lundqvist, McBust, Nash, Capt. Callahan, Rammer, The Kreider”

    There is no such thing as untouchable…

  48. Nash looks good thus far but seriously at that price the jury is out on him until he starts finishing with some regularity. It’s early days yet so I’m not too worried about – have to see him putting the puck in the net before I get really excited.

  49. Love how Gaborik is still being dumped on… We would only have exactly ZERO wins without him this year is all… And the league is just streaming with 40 goal scorers too!! The Rangers have two of them and people are ready to drop Gaborik like he’s a bum! I just don’t get it. The rangers have only had a handful of players score 40 in Rangers blue and it’s like Gaborik doesn’t matter that he made the list twice!

    So confusing!!

    Gaborik > Iginla


  50. Trade Rupp for Mark Sanchez. Rupp can play tight end, and Sanchez might help us get the puck out of our end.

  51. Carp

    Almost certainly pointlessly speculating here, but is there any indication that Kreider’s injury is something other than a bone chip?

    Landeskog getting mushed in the head, finishing the game then two days later being sat for a head injury just makes you wonder. Not that players and teams would ever disguise delayed concussion symptoms these days…

  52. Though you wouldn’t know it by looking at him standing behind the offensive line, Sanchez is bigger than Asham, Callahan, Ferriero, Gaborick, Hagelin, Halpern, Richards, Stepan, Del Zotto, Eminger, Gilroy, Girardi, McDonagh, Stralman, Biron, and Lundqvist. And he outweighs Bickel, Nash, Stahl, Sauer, and probably Kreider. If Sanchez would be the team’s punching bag, they’d better chain him to a goal post first.

  53. Chain him to the net? Bury him under the ice like that commercial? If everyone had a Mark Sanchez to punch when they got angry, the world would be a better place with less crime…against people not named Mark Sanchez!

  54. Given the seriousness of the concussion injury, it would be reasonable to think that players would be careful with their futures and their lives. It didnt come across as sarcastic.

  55. the reason Mike Rupp is a problem is because his contract is terrible. he’s getting paid a lot of money for a guy who for all intents and purposes should be a healthy scratch. he can’t skate, can’t fight and certainly can’t score. for a guy who’s little more than a locker room prop to be owed another $3 million is ridiculous. if anyone would be willing to take that contract on, they should be rid of him in a second but I can’t imagine why anyone would pay that kind of money and part with more than a bag of pucks.

  56. Rupp’s problem is offense, not fighting. No one in the league is happy to fight him; it’s their job, not their joy.

  57. Rupp gets his ass beat by everyone who fights him. That may not have been the case several years ago but he’s a punching bag now.

  58. Speaking of smarter, you can’t say “smarter than him is smart.” It’s “smarter than he.” Not for nuttin’, but if we’re talking smarts…..

  59. Im probably Gaborik’s biggest supporter here, spending long, endless hours, being a loser, and arguing with a bunch of people here during the playoffs about Gaborik’s value to the team, but in no way is Gaborik a better overall player than Jarome Iginla. Not a chance.

    Stepan is untouchable? Yea, right. Keeps playing the way he’s played for about 20-25 games including the playoffs and he certainly wont be.

  60. If you look up Rupp Hockey Fights, you’ll see that Rupp had 12 fights last year, and he was voted to have won 8, lost 3, and tied one. And check out his tilt with Cam Janssen, Dec. 20th.

  61. and if you watch the fights on hockey fights, you’ll realize that most of the people who vote are morons

  62. “he can’t skate, can’t fight and certainly can’t score.”

    Remember when Rupper scored a hat trick against the Rangers?

    Remember when Rupper scored two in the Philadelphia Classic?

    Remember when Rupper pummeled Kopecky for what he did to Del Zotto?

  63. perhaps the Rangers could bring back Wayne Gretzky since he once did things really well, too

  64. Some people who were handed 2 million dollars last August by their rich uncle now say, in the sleet of winter: ‘But what has he done for me lately?’

  65. Well, he can score. He has the ability…now, he isn’t Rocket Rupper Richard but he can put a puck in the net

    It’s tough to score a hat trick if you’re only on the ice for 5 minutes/night….

    Remember Hollweg? Ortmeyer? Those guys literally couldn’t buy a goal…they didn’t get paid enough…

    I’ll take Rupper for what he does…

  66. He’s not supposed to score goals. The problem is he can’t do anything else either. As Lloyd said, he cant even skate. He’s a lumbering ogre.

  67. Agreed, NYRFan, if Torts didn’t want him here for good purpose, he’d be in Connecticut.

  68. the guy has put up 5 points in 65 games as a Ranger. I’m not sure how that equates in any sense to “he can put a puck in the net.”

  69. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Lloyd, gotta say that for Rupp, he has played fairly well. That would be a qualified “for him”. He has had a few shifts each of the three home games, especially the last one, that he and his linemates got the puck deep and cycled. He hasn’t played the boards 24/7, but did give a glimpse of what he ‘could’ do over time. I believe they drew a penalty v. Toronto, along with losing his fight.

    He’s slow, not a good fighter, is overpaid, but was also nagged by that knee injury most of last year. He seems a bit better, for him, this year.

  70. I usually snarl when I see (player 1 > player 2), but the only reason I did that before with Gaborik and Iginla was because I had to cut that post short! I was saying that there’s no way I’d trade Gaborik for Iginla right now! No way! I also didn’t say that Gaborik was a better all around player and never would, Iginla is a future Hall of Famer.

    While I know Iginla can still play, I’d take the almost 6 year younger Gaborik over him right now without hesitation and I was really just responding to the suggestion of trading one for the other (now)…


  71. Please note the comments about various players shortcomings and “guess” who is the responsible cretin hired by the evil dwarf?

    Thirteen years of continued mediocrity following at least another ten as Oiler G.M.
    While wasting millions, throwing coaches under the bus and failing to actually develop one power forward or one large ,mean crease clearing D. The only thing saving this franchise at this point is the “blind squirell” pick in the seventh round!

    O’ that it were possible to rescind a premature election to the hockey HOF and banish this stiff to Banff!

  72. Matty:

    I won’t disagree with him having a few decent seconds here or there but it comes down to a guy who can’t do much of anything getting $4.5 million. That’s what bugs me. Sather got into a habit of progressively overpaying for 4th-liners and he’s not gotten anything back for it. I’d still rather have Colton Orr.

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