Nash-Richards-Gaborik line gives Tortorella some new options


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By Rick Carpiniello

GREENBURGH – John Tortorella’s got a new toy, something he hasn’t had in his first three-plus seasons as Rangers coach.

He has three legitimate first-line players, and with it the opportunity to put all those eggs in one basket from time to time, or for as long as he can.

But, as with anything as potentially intoxicating as sending your three most potent players over the boards time after time, a coach has to proceed with caution.

There is a danger in falling in love with the Rick Nash-Brad Richards-Marian Gaborik line, which has been responsible for both of the Rangers wins this season, and which disappeared in the loss in between against Philadelphia, which comes to the Garden tonight.

“When the big line has played, they’ve played very well,” said Tortorella, who tries to get defensemen Marc Staal and Michael Del Zotto out with that group as a unit of five. “We lose the game in Philly when I had them together and they were an absolute no-show. The two games that they do stand up and play, we end up winning. But, sure, it’s a concern on the other part of it, the balance. I think there’s a number of people that need to get more consistent in all phases of the game.

“It would be nice to keep that line together, but other guys have to get going. We can’t just rely on that line, and that’s where I’ve got to be really careful. I can’t get a dependency there because if that struggles we have no chance. We need to get other people going, and that’s part of my responsibility as a coach … I’ve got to try to find a way to get them into some situations where they get some confidence back and that’s where it comes (to) maybe splitting up that line at times. These are all things that go through my mind each game, and as each game starts I have a blank sheet as far as what I want to do. I just try to let it play out throughout the game.”

A number of teams have top-loaded up this season with success, notably San Jose, where Patrick Marleau leads the NHL with nine goals playing on a line with Joe Thornton and Joe Pavelski (they have 36 points in six games); in Minnesota where Mikko Koivu plays with Zach Parise and Dany Heatley; in Tampa Bay, where often Martin St. Louis plays with Vinny Lecavalier and Steven Stamkos.

Richards, in fact, played with St. Louis and Lecavalier, under Tortorella, at times in Tampa … and won the Conn Smythe Trophy when the Lightining won the Stanley Cup in 2004.

“He put me Marty, Vinny together a lot in the early years when we won and before we won, at different times, even in the playoffs that year sometimes you’d load it up,” Richards said. “But it depends on how the team’s going. If you’re winning with two lines that are going good, you don’t have to do that. It kind of depends on how everything’s going within the group.

“The mindset is, obviously, we feel like we’ve got to accomplish stuff. You know, we’re not out there to kill the clock. But for all three of us, I’m pretty sure our whole career we’ve been going out on the ice, offensive guys, always going out with a mindset of trying to score, try to produce. In that sense it’s no different.”

It would make the Rangers better and Tortorella’s decision-making a lot easier, of course, if the Rangers got more offense from a second line that has not produced much at all, or from a third. Gaborik (5-3-8), Richards (2-4-6) and Nash (1-4-5) have more points than all the other Rangers forwards together.

So maybe, eventually, Gaborik plays on a second line with Derek Stepan (0-4-4) and Ryan Callahan (1-0-1), while Carl Hagelin (0-0-0), for example, moves up with Richards and Nash.

Or Tortorella can ride the big three for as long and far as it will carry his team.


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  1. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Well, hate to say it, but for $27M, or whatever, they should be a top trio. Problem that needs to be sorted out is that the team is fairly top heavy in salaries. The depth that some of us talked about needs to be remediated. We have already seen a team like the Debbies beat us with 4 rolling lines in the playoffs. Hope Glen can put together enough with our $3.4M of cap space that we can roll 4.

  2. Matty:

    I won’t disagree with him having a few decent seconds here or there but it comes down to a guy who can’t do much of anything getting $4.5 million. That’s what bugs me. Sather got into a habit of progressively overpaying for 4th-liners and he’s not gotten anything back for it. I’d still rather have Colton Orr.

  3. Maybe, instead of Sanchez, we can get Brook Lopez (7′ 270). He could put his dinner plate and wine glass on Chara’s or John Scott’s head.

  4. LW, sorry for the delay … I saw Kreider today. He was walking with a slight limp. I don’t believe there’s any reason to think it’s other than what they’re saying it is.

  5. “TSNBobMcKenzie So P.K. Subban re-ups with MTL, two years, $2M in Year 1 and $3.75M in Year 2 for $2.875M AAV.”

    PK Slewfoot

  6. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Because we have some depth issues and Kreider has proven to not be able to play, at this point, on the second or fourth line, I’d like to see the experiment of him playing with Nash and Richards or Nash and Gabby. Maybe they make him better.

    Before sending him to the AHL for a long period and messing with his already fragile head, I hope Torts (who I have total confidence in) remembers back to the playoffs and recalls how he played with some of the best players on our team.

    I don’t quite get how he can play in the AHL, like some other team’s prospects do, and come up here with what appeared in the 2 home games he played in, very weak on the all around play needed to be an NHL’er. Not to say he possessed those talents in the playoffs. Torts used him sparingly and brilliantly. He was not good away from the puck then and is not now.

    But, the kid has some talent. Maybe give him a try on the top line which, BTW won’t always play against the other teams top line (so his lack of checking and defensive talent won’t be as glaring.

    I find myself wondering if, over the last couple of years, these kids are being prepped the right way.

  7. Markov, when healthy, is one of the best point men in the league, Matty. He’s effective enough in his own zone as well.

  8. Absolutely agree with you Carp.

    The only other forward besides our big three that has done anything offensively has been Pyatt. Our other forwards, especially Callahan, have been missing offensively and they need to be productive in order for this team to go far.

    I personally expected Hagelin to struggle early since his production really hit a wall after the trade deadline and we all know Boyle’s numbers in 2010-11 were a complete fluke so he’s not a top 6 player either.

    It’s also too much to expect Kreider (whose never even been to an NHL training camp before to step in and be a top 6 player. He has tremendous tools, but his play away from the puck hurt him in college, in Hartford and still plagues him now.

    The two players that we are counting on to be productive are Callahan and Stepan. The third year in the league usually dictates what kind of player they will be. Will Stepan be a 60+ point player or will be a 40-50 point guy. Dubinsky and Anisimov’s production topped off and it made them expendable. Only time will tell what kind of player he turns out to be. As for Callahan, he has to continue to be a 25+ goal scorer to balance out these lines.

  9. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Colton Orr is making less than Rupp and is not too dissimilar. I don’t disagree with that. I hope that hockey moves away from these type of players as I think it’s a waste of bench.

    I also feel very strongly that, despite the price, had Sather handled Prust (who could well be just what we are currently missing) smartly, he might still be here. It’s an old story and it means little now, but Bryan Murray up in Ottowa played Chris Neill the right way. The approach was to speak to him a year BEFORE his contract was up. Feed his ego. And sign him to what, $1.9 for 4 years????? Sather TOTALLY misplayed that one and instead, the guy decides, and rightfully so, that he wants to check his FA market value most likely because Sather played his usual one size fits all hard as GM style.

    Other GM’s sign guys (Lou with Zajac) a year or so before contract is due. It is very rare for Sather. Wonder what he’s gonna do with Hank next year. Cally?

  10. Rick's Gnashed Cabaret on

    I would be the least worried about Callie’s scoring touch returning. He not only has the intangibles that we all love, but has serious scoring touch. Once he starts scoring team going to look more potent.

  11. Matty:

    And if you recall, Sather passed on re-signing Orr so he could pay more money to Donald Brashear. That worked out well.

  12. Colton Orr should have taken up boxing instead of hockey.

    Rupper isn’t out there to do toe-drags and skate backwards.

    Rupper isn’t out there to make the crowd go “Oooo” and “Ahhhh”.

    He’s out there to play five hockey for 5 minutes and not make a dumb mistake. He’s out there to maybe challenge the oaf on the other team who also fights. He also might be out there to score the odd goal…

    He has his name on the Cup. He is a good locker room guy. Is he overpaid? Yeah, maybe, but probably not by much…

  13. With the lower cap. It will be the third and forth liners that pay the price. The stars will likely still get the bucks.

  14. Holy Smokes!!! Blue jackets have 3 1st round picks in the 2013 draft which is supposed to be deep. lets see if Doogie Howser and his crew can get it right and build a good team.

  15. Orr has 11 goals and 9 assists TOTAL the past 8 years! Rupp, in two less years, has 38 goals and 30 assists. At least our guy has a vague idea of where the net it or passes it to someone who does.

  16. Good article, Carp…This team will eventually go as far as their 2nd and 3rd line take them, the first line can only give them wins for short period of time….It will be much more important in the playoffs. Fourth liners, that we keep discussing at length for some reason- not so much.

    LW- bone chip is actually a lay term for avulsion fracture. There are different grades, and some take longer time to heal. In fact, some require surgery. So just because he isn’t skating yet doesn’t mean they are hiding something more serious.

  17. Orr gets so confused when he’s on the ice and the red light comes on, he thinks he’s being pulled over.

  18. subban had no leverage had to take this deal. markov been playing well. subban will cash in next contract.

  19. Looking at the standings I see the NJD lead. It just boggles the mind how they can say an OT win is worth 50% more points than that 5-0 drubbing for example.

    If someone misses the playoffs because of OT games they would be a little upset. they probably even out over the year but it is so grossly unfair I don’t see why it isn’t discussed.

  20. Carp, nice write up! Best thing that could happen tomorrow aside from the win they will hopefully get, would be some signs of offensive life from Stepan and Hagelin and or Callahan

  21. agreed, James. I’m not concerned about Callahan’s production, though he hasn’t played well. He will score enough. Stepan’s been a lot better than Hagelin, but neither have been good enough.

  22. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    In the games I have watched, Cally has been trying to be responsible defensively and check a good amount. It must be pretty hard to add some offense into the mix. It will come with him. He gets so few chances.

  23. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Albeit against a weaker opponent, Hags had more jump Saturday and was playing more along the boards.

  24. Cally with one black eye and who knows what else, still sticks his nose in front of the net and battles like a wet bantam rooster. He’ll come around, always has. (Hurry Up)

  25. Why do I have the feeling that if Torts went to the Point, he would have somehow straightened out Iraq and squared away Afghanistan?

  26. Nash-BRich-Gaby should be called our 4th…this will end all concerns about poor production from our 4th line guys.

    You’re welcome.

  27. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think all of you who consider rupp a goon or not able to play hockey are making a mistake. Rupp is not a heavyweight or a goon and can play hockey.

    He isn’t going to dazzle you with speed, dekes, or 50 goal seasons. He is a decent 4th line player that is a straight line guy who is willing to stand up for his teammates and will fight anyone despite knowing he is over-matched in most of his fights.

    Just my opinion tho

  28. Looking at Edmonton’s bench you could easily think you’re watching WJC. Most of them haven’t even started shaving. How many high draft picks did they have over the last few years? Probably as many as Islanders did. Except Edmonton keeps most of them, the Islanders- not so much. Both teams still stink. Go figure.

  29. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    When I first read the article (very good article btw) I saw the part about “tonights” game and I thought I forgot to set the dvr lol

  30. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If this team continues to play on the losing side of the physical battles, it wouldn’t shock me to see slats go after a Clowe or Neil type.

    Isn’t Corey Perry an UFA this offseason?

    I would still like to see miller and mcilrath on the big club this season

  31. Turns out that Pierre isn’t the only one fawning over Dougie Hamilton? Did anyone hear the Carolina broadcast crew? Sheesh. I hope someone flattens him one game just so we don’t have to listen to the incessant worship.

  32. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Teach me how to Dougie, teach me teach me how to Dougie. I’ve had enough of it Latona lol.

  33. I think he’s a little too old be still called Dougie. That’s one of those nicknames that ends once you hit puberty…

  34. Haha, Wick … that’s the newspaperman … writing for tomorrow’s editions. Actually, that story is my story for tomorrow’s newspaper. Hence, the game is tonight.

  35. I’m surprised he even made it to puberty as Dougie. I figured he’d have started losing lunch money in third or fourth grade.

    Anyone know why the benches in EDM are on the opposite side of the ice?

    Two thirds of my PHX prediction hold true as of now! Ochocinco with the shutout and Korpikoski with a goal! Now I just need Morris to score!

  36. Latona, I have always thought the benches should be on opposite sides so you don’t get that stupid second-period long change.

  37. Some Einstein caller on WFAN tonight recommended eliminating checking from the NHL because of injuries.

  38. Did i read that right or did someone compare Pruster to Travis Zajac? I like Prust but he is just a 3rd liner and they tend to get taken care of once a GM has an idea of how much money he needs for his top 6 forwards, goalie and top 3-4 d-men.

    iWicky – Getzlaf and Perry will be UFA this year (unless re-signed before then). As for Clowe he would be great on this team as he’s a 40-50 pt guy who plays tough and can drop the mitts, but at $3.6m now i think he will be gunning for a big (and/or long) contract to see him through his early 30’s. Might be a good deadline pickup if San Jose let him go and dont want much in return.

  39. Good morning, boneheads!

    Today is the 4th. Anniversary of RR, ‘heads!
    This is what happened 4 years ago:

    Thanks, Carp! For making this place what it’s become. Because it’s not just a blog anymore. It’s a community. Thanks for staying with it even though it’s been tough oftentimes. Thanks for still going strong even though it was supposed to be until they “figure out what to do with it”. I don’t think we appreciate enough what you’re doing for all of us

  40. Thanks Carp, for keeping it going. Sam who?

    I agree on the benches too – sometimes those 2nd periods descend into a chaos of criss-crossing changes, surely getting fresh players on faster would improve the flow of the game?

  41. 4th anniversary of the Fritsche/Reitz trade that changed the course of the franchise, of the NHL and possibly of mankind itself.

  42. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Good morning all. Thanks for everything Carp. Well said Ilb, couldn’t have said it better.

  43. Just read this about Toronto trading away its draft picks for Raycroft/Kessel:

    “What would the Leafs look like with Tuukka Rask, Logan Couture, Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton?” says Craig Button, a former NHL general manager and now analyst for TSN. “You’d have a No. 1 and No. 2 centre, a top-three defenceman and a No. 1 goalie.”

  44. Burke’s tenure in Toronto is exactly how Sather’s shoulda coulda woulda went here if Dolan didn’t fall in love w the guy.
    High profile GM comes in: “we are gonna get this team back to winning”..big trade for Kessel mediocrity. Desperate attempts, bad signings and more of the same.. Soooo looooong!

  45. I love that Stepan is 22 scored 96 points his first 2 seasons here and now 5 games into a short season there’s conversation about “needing a second line center”.
    I wonder if everyone would be so quick to give up Taylor Hall if we had him. He’s been in the league just as long and has put up virtually the same points total.
    And yes I’m comparing these two players because no matter what you say about talent level, Hall being no 1 in the draft, or Stepan playing more games, at the end of the day all people care about (ESPECIALLY here) is production.

  46. Just throwing it out there that *Latona* predicted the Ocho Cinco shutout. In advance. And the Korpikoski goal I believe.

  47. Proof:

    *Latona* January 28th, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    I call a shutout with Korpikoski and Morris scoring for PHX.

  48. Manny – i saw that last night and was rooting for Morris to score. Go Latona! Whats the prediction for tonight, i feel some online gambling coming on!

  49. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    Carp – After all your hard work, you are looking a little thin. Here, sit and have some nosh.

  50. Great find by UKRanger on the Bruins/Leaves deals. A lot of credit for Boston’s success to current Rangers Asst GM and former Bruins Interim GM Jeff Gorton. It was Gorton who stole Rask from Toronto and drafted Kessel in 2006 (along with Lucic and Marchand).

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    After the game tonight they will be 1-5. They will lose so badly that they will take their last win and change it to a loss retroactively.

  52. and than kessel got boston Dougie Hamilton and Tyler Seguin and another player in a trade that was draft picks that turned into those players.

  53. I was really disappointed that the rangers lost to the flyers. The flyers defense is not good to begin with but even worse right now because of the injuries they have and also the injuries they have on the offensive side (Biere and Hartnell) and yet the rangers lost 2-1, inexcusable.

  54. Thanks Anthony – i love those type of articles, it gives you a better picture of how those trades worked out long-term when the pick turns into an actual player

    Nice to see A-Rod reinforcing the Lance Armstrong model that never failing a drug test doesn’t actually mean you aren’t on PED’s?
    Apparently the new Lance Armstrong movie is called “Team Lance : Dope Police” and being done by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the main characters will be Lance himself, Travis Tie-dye and Dick Pound as they hunt Europe for a mysterious doctor, Michele Lamborghini and his stash of PED’s.

  55. thanks, ilb, and all … I didn’t remember that …

    but I do remember my then-editor asking, Would you mind helping out with the Rangers blog until we figure out what we’re going to do? Um …

    Good morning, Sally!

  56. Hank will be in tonight…makes no sense to not play him. Two days off, divisional opponent, a chance to make up for not showing up last week.

    It’ll be Hank.

    Hank against the Flyers and Pittsburgh and then put Biron in against the Lightning…it seems we never win in Tampa.

  57. Yea. Real shocker that A-Rod is now linked to actual doping and it’s current and it’s not some “I had no idea what I was doing!” situation. And Gio Gonzalez, and a million prospects, and Nelson Cruz and boxers and tennis players and basically anyone that plays sports or is athletic in any way.

  58. If i were Torts i would be thinking about the Lightning and Caps games for Biron, then one each of the back to backs on the 7/8th March and 18th/19th March.
    Hank will want to be getting in around 38-40 games i would think and with no back-to-backs in Feb unless there is an injury worry i’d only expect 2 or 3 games each month from Biron

  59. I dont see any Hockey names though? Is that cause they all go back to Canada/Russia/Sweden in the off-season and not hang out in Florida juicing up ?

  60. cjp

    we won in tampa last february when stepan banged home a rebound. how I remember this is it was 1 of the top 25 ranger moments according to boomer esiasion on msg show.

  61. just rest HANK IN MONTREAL. we wouldnt win there even without a goalie for montreal.

    i think last win there may have been when rangers won on super bowl sunday when giants upset the 18-0 patriots like 5 years ago.

    pizza boy drury may have scored i believe

  62. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    yeah, we never win in Montreal…must be exhausting trying to sneak across the border with all your gear when the prairie is cold and icy

  63. bickel playing because it is philthy.

    they need to give gilroy a game or 2 soon.

    need a much effort then the last game against philthy.. fatigue hould not be an issue…

  64. Bickel, Rupp and Asham will end up having staged fights with Sestito, Shelley and someone else like Grossman.

  65. good news is finding 3rd and 4th liners who can play to that level easier then finding first line talent.

    how about a goal from hags and stepan tonight!!!!

  66. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    be honest – anyone else here still like the young, Cannonball Run-era Adrienne Barbeau?

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Happy anniversary, Carp. I have to admit I was skeptical of what would become of this place once Sam was gone, but I have to say, with no disrespect towards the fine job Sam did, that this place has become better than I ever thought it could be. Thank you for making it so special.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Ha, I just read the thread ilb posted and found this great quote:

    “None of us personally will be able to be as involved as Sam was, but we will try to keep you informed, and to hear you.”

    We sucked you in, Carp! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

  69. Adrienne Barbeau, a mighty chest had she!

    Speaking of the past,hasbeens,retreads,antiques,old and useless…………..when will we hear from Sather?

  70. ” A blog is only as good as its readers – or participants might be a better word.” – Carp


    Guess it’s our fault that this place gets called “worst blog on the internetses”

  71. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    Happy anniversary HEADS!!!

    Thanks Carp for all you do!

    LGR and LGD!!

  72. Adrienne Barbeau, to me, was the epitome of “Butter Face”. Had a lifeguard working in the same condo complex I worked in when I was 16 and she could have been related. Ah, memories

  73. Stranger Nation on

    I believe tennis players have a policy that they can be tested anytime, anywhere – probably doesn’t make them clean, but you have to admire that approach.

    A-roid – who would have thought. Juicing last year and still no power – not money well spent.

    Tostiito – Bickels round 2 tonite? popcorn ready

    Adrienne Barbust – married to director John Carpenter of ‘Creep Show’ fame

  74. There are a lot of sports where random un-announced testing is allowed, football (soccer to you), athletics amongst them. Cycling have this biological passport the last few years, which is one of the reasons it seems its rife – its mostly because they can monitor almost ANY anomaly in the blood make-up, and they’ve caught out people that in-competition tests might not have.

    To get this out they need to find out (from Armstrong and others) how these guys have avoided being caught out and close those loopholes. The problem is some sports are afraid of what they might uncover and a lot of athletes worry about being seen as snitching.

  75. “…Nothing is more permanent, that anything temporally…”, Carp.
    As a not too frequent, but one of the oldest(longest survivalist) on this blog, I can tell, that to be married to Carp is very different than was to Sam, that’s for sure, and diplomatically avoiding labels “who’s better”, I can only firmly state that Era under Carp’s rule is by far more entertaining. Which I totally attribute to his sober and deliberate and slightly distanced manner of running this blog, irreconcilable and uncompromising disgust toward idiots of all names, colors and origins. For all that and what become a huge part of my life I, personally, am eternally grateful to you,Carp, as I deeply feel we all should. It takes not just professionalism – more like art…Expecting much more very happy returns. Together with the Rangers to Lord Stanley Party!!!

  76. I think that baseball needs to smash its Player’s Association. I can’t believe I am saying this in the wake of the lockout, but I believe it to be true. If a player is caught using Steroids then the team should be able to invalidate their contract and stop paying or immediately re-negotiate a new contract (during the suspension). Baseball has not shown any actual desire, or ability, to rid the game of performance enhancing drugs. I believe it’s quite the opposite. They make hollow statements and guys like A-Rod get to continue making ungodly amounts of money when their entire contract is based on a falsehood.

    Baseball is not a balanced partnership between owners and players. The players hold all the cards (as well as being on the baseball cards) and the owners don’t care to rock the boat because they are making gobs of money. Something has to give and the sport itself needs to admit that it’s not 1894 anymore and an actual balance must be struck.

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    In honor of the anniversary, I have to repost my all time favorite post, from the departed Kaspar:

    kaspar August 1st, 2007 at 12:01 am

    I call up Sather, I say ” be nice to Comrade Avery. Why you callink him not nice things in your brief”
    Then Sather say “who is this speakink?”
    I say “it’s me boss! Kaspar from hartford”
    He tell me, “you are very lucky not to go to arbitration this year dumkoff. Take your 3 million, play with kids and don’t piss me off”
    I say, “just kidding this not Kaspar, this that guy Malakov. goodbye”

  78. For those of you all who hav e criticisms of Tortorella in any capacity either have short memories, or no recollection of Renney that they should ask around about his casual, distraction from what was going on the ice during his tenure. they will see the great difference. ….The difference between a coach and a school marm.

  79. Good morning and happy blogoversary, Carp! You are still the awesomest.

    “Or Tortorella can ride the big three for as long and far as it will carry his team.” Weird mental images there…

  80. actually he’d be great with kids. And whether or not you guys all want to blame him for everything bad that happened with that bad roster … he’s still got a good hockey mind and was a good coach. Not great. But good.

  81. You can do anything you want, Sally! … because you reminded me that I’m the “awesomest.”

    and, Renney was far from the worst coach the Rangers have had since the late 1990s. In fact, he was second best since then.

  82. czechthemout!!! on

    Tom the Hayena Renney.

    By the way, according to Adam Rotter, we are scouting some Swiss guy named Vermin.
    Ok, fire away with the vermin/rodent jokes.

  83. He was far from the worst, but that’s not saying much. He primarily played a defensive system with no defensive players and one of the best scorers in NHL history.

  84. Thanks for the shout-out Manny and UK.

    I liked Renney. I think that he took our team as far as he (and it) could have gone, and then the reins were appropriately handed over at an appropriate time to an appropriate Tortorella. How appropriate.

    Happy birthday, Carp!

  85. Carp,

    You’ll respond by telling me it’s the bloggers here that make this place what it is but a Captain is still the one with the C on his chest. You’re the one who roles the crepes and puts the magic in magic pan. Happy Anniversary.

  86. Renney was an important building block. Well put, Latona. And you’re welcome for the shout out. I like to give credit where credit is due. Good Karma is like a boomerang. You throw good deeds out there and they come back to you eventually. So, you owe me.


  87. Also, Carp, you either misinterpreted my comment about the benches in EDM or were trying to be a troublemaker. The benches are located camera-side, and it’s not just that the cameras are on the opposite side. The logo is positioned appropriately.

  88. Renney the worst?! does anyone remember John Muckler or Bryan Trottier?! Lord (and my psychologist) knows I cannot forget them…

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    Sally, that’s actually a great ORR impression. Now you just need to make the link in your profile a celebrity porn site and we’re all set until the trade deadline (when you have to create a bunch of fake trades).

  90. Latona, I did misinterpret that, and figured that wouldn’t be allowed … but I still believe the benches should be across from one another, that it would remove the second-period long-change thing, keep the penalty boxes separate, keep the players/coaches separate. Benches should be at center ice in a sport where you change on the fly.

  91. Ron Low..I always felt bad for him. Another obvious Sather lap dog who never really rubbed me the wrong way like Trots and Muckler. Although wasn’t he the one who had Sather coaching with him from the sky box via an ear piece?
    Reminds me of that interview with Muckler that time..when he said “hey umm….umm…uh…” they just rolled his chair over to the window so he could stare at the ocean after that…

  92. Stranger Nation on

    TWEET: Stu Bickel Proud to have played a yr in this junior league #NAHL ———–>>>>>>>>
    There may be more at this rate…

  93. czechthemout!!! on

    Tom Renney never won anything of any consequence at any level of coaching. He was able to ride an mvp season from Jagr, some decent play from his czechmates and Sean Avery and the best goalie in the world into the playoffs. The Rangers made the playoffs in spite of his” coaching” not because of it.

    He refused to make LQ the number one goalie depsite the fact that he totally outplayed Weeks. Only when Weeks got hurt did Renney finally play LQ . Had Weeks not gotten worse, who knows what would have happened with the King. He also refused to keep Cally up with the big club despite the fact that when he was finally called up, he was one of the better forwards on the team.

    He is not now and will never be missed.

  94. czechthemout!!! on

    As for Muckler, he may have been an a-hole in general and to Carp in particular, but he did win a Stanley Cup.

  95. Fat Guy Duberstein on

    I realize Renney was not the perfect answer, but he righted what for years had been a listing ship, focusing on D, which is the only way for a failing franchise in any sport to rise from the ashes.

  96. Renney focused on D without any real D-men. Jagr and Lundqvist righted a sunken ship. And Tortorella IMO will be the guy to bring the glory back.

  97. Can’t really castigate Renney for being carried by his players on the one hand then laud Muckler for winning a Cup with an inherited team of Hall of Famer-laden Oilers (even without Gretzky) on the other.

  98. Yes, you can. That’s not an equal comparison, it’s a comparison of apples and oranges An equal comparison would be if Renney also won a Cup.

  99. Renney wasn’t bad he just lost his players after having the same problem Torts has to this day- not enough goal scoring. Back then they didn’t know what they would eventually have here in NY with Staal and Girardi on D. And for a brief moment Rozsival and Malik weren’t awful(ish) least Lundqvist covered it well when they were.

    What killed it was the Gomez and Drury ordeal in 07. Once Nylander walked and took the chemistry away from that “Czech line” with Jags and Straka it all went down hill. And all the Rucinskys and Zherdevs in the world weren’t going to be able to hit the brakes.

  100. Does it make anyone else kinda annoyed to see Prust calling Slewfoot his “buddy” in the widget?

  101. Stranger Nation on

    “No question when your power play isn’t zipping, it is draining. You’re using your best players and you’re wearing them out. We have to look at it. We have to fix it, for sure.”

    They find themselves sitting near the bottom of the League in power-play efficiency. Through five games, they’ve converted just two of their 26 man-advantage opportunities into goals, for a paltry 7.7-percent success rate.

    Sound familiar?

    Quote is from Babcock (one of E3 fabs)

  102. Actors who will portray Rangers in the movies:

    Brian Boyle – John Cleese , “The Ministry of Funny Turtles”
    Carl Hagelin – Owen Wilson, “Speed Racer”
    Arron Asham – Javier Bardem, “No Country for Aboriginals”
    Brad Richards – Bugs Bunny, “What’s Rupp, Doc?”

  103. Wasn’t making a direct comparison between the jobs Muckler and Renney did, rather the basis for the comparison.

    Reading comprehension insult, A-Rod, Oldham, blah blah, rinse and repeat…

  104. You don’t have to take everything so personal, and I didnt mention Oldham.

    I know you weren’t making a direct comparison between the two. You said that you (czech) can’t castigate Renney on one hand and laud Muckler on the other.

    A reasonable person can laud Muckler and castigate Renney.

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