Are not … Arnott fails physical, so his deal with Rangers is off


According to several reports Jason Arnott’s physical exam caused the Rangers enough of a concern to scuttle their free-agency deal with the former Devils center.

That’s why the Rangers did not announce the signing and why John Tortorella would not comment on it Saturday.

The $1.6 million contract was pending his physical exam. According to Nick Kypreos, Arnott, 38, had off-season knee surgery. According to Steve Zipay, Arnott had both knee and shoulder injuries last season.

More as it becomes available.


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  1. I think Dominic Moore could be a solid signing to help secondary scoring… plus the guy always seems to show up in the playoffs

  2. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on


    Heard a San Jose announcer saying Gomez looked good in his first game,too. Redden has 2 goals?

    Looks like Sather DID make good signings a few years ago. Problem is both of them were, perhaps, a bit misplaced. Perhaps if they have a team around them both are good. When they have to do all the creating and are the focus, no. Here in Rangerland, both Gomez and Redden were signed expecting them to be the best at their position on the team. Might have been a case of expecting too much from them. Now, for a lesser salary, they are not the focal point so they can have a chance of prospering.

  3. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Of course, Chico can’t admit Brodeur is too old to move for a rebound. Of course.

  4. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Brofat missed the puck. Off the boards, he had no idea.

    “the Canadians get the bounce..” should be “Marty completely missed the puck”

  5. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Who else is out there? Knuble was. Another size man. Is there anyone else with skill and size?

  6. Yea. I don’t think we want to get Pyatt and Moore together for the most depressing locker room ever. And I don’t mean that in a bad way or joking way or whatever. Moore probably needs some time to grieve.

  7. So Chico essentially just said that Cole wasn’t being held by Greene, and then interfered with Salvador on the GWG.

  8. Why do we keep asking who is out there? I don’t get it.

    Ferrari looked good. JT Miller could be ready to come up soon. We have The Kreider. We have plenty of bench players now. No one we can sign from god knows what scrap pile is going to help us more than the guys we have in house.

  9. unreal was wathcing all the games away from the computer and now i see arnott fails physical. are you freaking kidding me. arnott would have gladly helped.

    watch i bet he goes to flyers now and burns us

  10. Matty, I’m going to guess that Redden has something left and something to prove, and he’s got a new lease on his career. He will be fine with lower expectations and lower salary. Might even play a few more years.

    As for Gomez, he was pretty lousy in Montreal last year. I don’t expect a lot of him. I could be wrong.

  11. At least we don’t play St. Louis during the stumpy season – hope we don’t catch them in the playoffs!

  12. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    It seems the centers still available in no particular order are:

    Daymond Langkow, Dominic Moore, Brendan Morrison, Brian Rolston, Blair Betts, John Madden, Darryl Boyce

  13. Actually, I wonder if Pyatt has reached out to D. Moore to speak with him about his loss. It’s unfathomably terrible.

  14. dare i to make a comment about this bit of Carp-iness
    was Arnott retired
    and Sather got him
    to unretire and sign with the Rangers?
    or did i get that wrong?

    if that is the case then i can see
    him not doing such a great job in rehabbing the

  15. They still got a point, dammit. I wonder if anyone has ever told Chico that what he says is laughable oftentimes. I wonder if he realizes it…And still does for entertaining purposes. Because no person in their right mind can come up with stuff like that.

  16. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, it’ll be interesting to see with Gomer. He sure was awful in Montreal. Beyond awful. Again, different situation. He was asked to do too much for his level. In SJO, he’s a 2-3rd liner. Could help? I do get your point.

  17. I wouldn’t mind Langkow as a depth guy, but he plays a little more of a skill game. Of course I’d take Moore, but like ORR said, who knows if he’s playing this season. No Rolston or Madden.

  18. And Arnott might have stepped on the ice as a Ranger and got run over in a collision with one of his teammates and put both of them out for the season…

  19. Well, Arnott is probably gonna retire now.

    Don’t know about Dom Moore though. There’s a reason he bounces around. He’s like Mike Sillinger 2.0.

  20. jpg, apparently he planned on continuing his career … got no offers, obviously, because the lockout was coming. But reportedly had three Western teams and two Eastern teams interested in him. So, no, Sather didn’t talk him out of retirement.

  21. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Flyers have $12K left in cap space. They can buy a few cartons of pretzels. That’s it.

  22. thanks Carp
    for the answer

    i wasn’t sure if i read that or not
    and just wanted to doublecheck.

  23. Phlyers can’t sign ANYTHING. At all. Literally. They can’t even fly to games anymore. They have to walk.

  24. Matty, Flyers can use Pronger’s LTIR salary

    I’m not sure anyone in that list is better than Halperm.

  25. dominic moores wife dies a short while ago from cancer doubt he is in a mood to play hockey.

    sad story…

    i say stay within the organization for now.

    if need be try miller or others..

  26. I think the season is getting back to normal…The Fishsticks’ defense still stinks.. The Jets look like the Thrashers who play in much louder building

  27. With their cap’s limit, Philties can’t only buy anyones love, but even bunch of used condoms…

  28. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Man, watching this Isles-Jets game is like watching the AHL. So sad the Icelanders are this bad. What’s even worse is their color commentator. Howie Rose is ok, but who is this guy? He’s pedestrian.

    What a farce of an organization.

  29. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I would only go to the arena for a game like this if there was good food there. Pitiful hockey.

  30. Madden played for the Panthers lost season. He joined them a while into the season too.
    Thanks for the reply Carp. The BB&T center (it’s 123456th name in 3 years) is a circus. When people answer trivia or whatever else, if they get it wrong they still win. They’re probably hoping that the visiting team will be too busy laughing at them to play well. It ain’t workin’ either.
    BTW, you asked what people thought of the Stuart/Landeskog hit yesterday. First point of contact was clearly the head. But they actually seem lax on calling the head hits this season, Probably because they’re too busy making interference calls every odd minute.

  31. Well, the Fishies may suck, but the Jets do, too – they’re now trailing the Fishies 3-2….

  32. Did you guys see “tough guy” Luke Schenn going after Vinny Lecavlier? Vinny hasnt fought in like 5 years and last time it was against another captain by the name of Jerome Iginla. Philly is treating Schenn well I see.

  33. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    If you’re either teams GM, you have to hope these teams are rusty. Lockout rusty. If not, they just plain suck. Pitiful. This is the reason this league should not be diluted and have teams south of the Mason Dixon Line.

  34. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Fitting way to end game. Nabakov leaves a rebound as big as the Empire State Building off a turnover, of course.

  35. I feel the same way, Latona – but at least WPG tied it up in regulation. I didn’t think they had it in them, after going behind by 2 in the 3rd..

  36. Well better he fails now then signs the deal and then cant get himself on the ice. But that big body would be nice.

  37. for the record, I was one of the people who thought Redden was a better option than at least three of the defensemen currently on the Rangers roster

  38. as far as Gomez, he’s sucked mightily for, like, three years and a couple of largely inconsequential games against San Jose doesn’t change that

    Redden got buried by the Rangers thanks to a horrific deal by Sather and was never going to see the light of day again. It’s a shame because the guy obviously has something left and no matter what is better than Eminger, Bickel and Stralman.

  39. Lloyd, so did I. But with the salary cap decreasing next year, Redden had to go as one of the buyouts in the summer. And the Rangers correctly chose to not take the risk of him being injured severely during the season, making him unable to be bought out in the summer.

    The sad thing is, he would never have been considered for the team this year even in the absence of that injury/buyout stipulation. He’d be probably be better than Bickel if he were blind and had both his hands tied behind his back.

  40. Stranger Nation on

    understand about Redden this year, but what about last year? did they not want him with young Dmen, was here a Shoney-Redden rift, did he have compromising pics of Dolan, what the byfuglein was happening?

  41. think it’s been about the salary most of the time, though if he came across as despondent, I’m sure that would more or less seal his fate with the current regime. I can understand buying him out once the Union worked for that deal so I don’t really have an issue with him not being here. But when you see some of the garbage they’ve been running out there as 5th and 6th defensemen over the last few years, it’s a shame Sather gave him such an atrocious contract.

  42. Redden will do just fine with a 3rd pair role and a bit of PP time, he was always weighed down by fan expectations due to his enormous salary. He’s better than Bickel, which isnt saying much at the moment, and better on offense than Eminger, but too slow now to play against the likes of Crosby, Giroux, Tavares etc and doesn’t have the physicality to make up for it

  43. Rick's Gnashed Cabaret on

    No training camp obviously tough on all teams, but maybe rangers are still tired from last year’s run and playoffs with their punishing style. Sometimes wonder why torts doesnt rest starts and end of games that are out of reach or we are well ahead. Let this guys get their rest.

  44. I have often wondered why Mike Bossy’s name has never appeared among the “analysts”
    lineups for his slant on the state of the game…or perhaps he is the shy type. But when you speak of pure goal scorers, he has got to be among the top ones.

  45. Small sample size to say the least, but in the Penguins game that was out of reach, Bickel played 14:15, Halpern 11:25 and Rupp 9:03. They basically haven’t got close to that in all the other, closer games.

  46. Good morning, boneheads!

    If they’re still *tired* now since last May, they all need to open pizzerias in the area instead of playing hockey to make a living. Not sure I understand the rest of your entry, Cabaret….

  47. Ilb, not in the case of the Rangers (because of the extended lockout and the fact they didnt win anything), but i see Cabarets point. I watched NESN after the Bruins knocked out last year by the Caps to soak in the moment, and they discussed the difficulty of trying to repeat, especially in this day and age, with the mental and physical fatigue from the prior season coupled with offseason of celebrations.

  48. Very happy news for me….and a lesson learned, always log into this blog more than twice a day…..

  49. Cross Check Charlie on

    Yes, they’re tired. They’re so tired that they came back from a 2-0 deficit against Toronto and scored 5 straight goals with 4 of them in the third period when they all should have been in bed taking a nap.

  50. And btw- SO WHAT about Redden and Gomez?
    It gets said here almost every day that some people just can’t handle the pressure or the role they take on in NY. Luc Robitaille was a scoring machine most his career. He came here and played w Ray Ferraro, Mark Messier and Wayne Gretzky as his centers and still couldn’t produce. Goes back west and he’s a star again.
    Redden and Gomez had solid careers w teams where they weren’t looked at as the guys to get it done. They got grossly overpaid to c I’m surprised he doesn’t have 5.

  51. Damn iPhone. *grossly overpaid to come here and put under tremendous pressure. Gomer fell apart. Redden was more dead weight bc of his salary cap. We should be shocked because he has 2 goals? I wouldn’t be surprised if he had 5 this time next week

  52. Daymon Langkow 5 years ago >Our knot > Dom Moore

    Watch them bring Betts back for face offs and penalty kills lol

  53. Very interested to see what Slats “Plan B” is now. I think Dom Moore would be a good addition, although only 3 weeks after his wife’s death is he thinking of getting back on the ice?
    Otherwise there are not many names which Slats could go for:
    Jesse Winchester (good PKer?)
    Marco Sturm (always had a rep for his speed)
    Daymond Langkow

  54. Poor Blaire Betts. Not much worse you can do then sign Brashear and put them on the same team. I feel like that guy goes to bed cursing Sather nightly.

  55. If Arnott failed his physical, that tells me he’s in no way ready to handle the pressures of playing NHL hockey.

    ESPECIALLY the style of play the Rangers play. The last thing we need is an old, plodding injury case limping up and down the ice. Someone who, if he goes down to block a shot, will need a crane to get him back up.

    It’s still only 5 games in. I am still looking to see what this team has to offer. Plenty of guys off to slow starts, let’s see what happens. Brian Boyle should be working on faceoffs in his sleep. With his size he can be what he was at times last year, just needs to get his head on straight.

    A healthy Arnott might have been helpful. But if the docs say he can’t go, you have to believe they saw something troubling.

    Next two games are gonna be a litmus test. Get revenge on Filthy and then see if they can make up for the complete annihilation the Pens did to us on opening night.

  56. Made my first trip last night to Chelsea Piers in Stamford. Better than the Olympic training facilities in most countries. Wow.

  57. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Nedved has been working out. He has the physical game as well. Rupper, asham, stu b., and nedved. 4 guys that can skate, score, and drop the gloves ….

  58. Since Redden and Gomez are having such a resurgence, why not check if Markus Naslund has kept in shape? Or Captain Clutch?

  59. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Pete Stemkowski has another year in him. He could help plenty on faceoffs.

  60. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Duguay’s hair looks like it could play another season ….. Ooooo la la Sassoon

  61. Slats is probably trying to get Korpikoski back from Phoenix. I think i’d rather he traded for someone, he always seems to find a way to fleece another GM.

  62. Manny, if i remember correctly Betts and Brashear didnt play together. After Brashear broke Blair’s orbital bone the Rangers signed Brashear and Betts went to the Flyers. I really liked Betts on our team. Great on PK. Not sure if he’s *the answer* right now though.

  63. iDoodie Machetto on

    Lev is correct re Brashear and Betts.

    Get Bobby Holik on the horn! I’m sure he would like another 9 million bucks

  64. If I remember correctly, I corrected Manny 86 minutes before Lev did. Still, nothing wrong with repeatedly correcting Manny.

    Since we’re extending the unrealistic re-signing theme…am I right in thinking that Captain Clutch wasn’t so injured that his buyout couldn’t proceed?

    It was long enough ago that the Rangers would be allowed to re-sign him, he knows the system, Tort likes his -pizza- jam, he can win faceoffs, can teach the current captain how to dump it in at the blueline, good for at least one 4th line goal even while crippled. What is there to lose?

  65. IBleedRangersBlue on

    With the two days off you guys think Tortz goes back to Hank? or gives Biron the start with the Pens coming in on thursday?

  66. Rick's Gnashed Cabaret on

    Tiki, thanks for keeping an open mind. I guess folks think these guys are just like video games. I didn’t mean that they just needed a nappy poo, but as tiki mentioned the physical fatigue of playing their hard-nosed style. Most teams have an off year after their first year of being successful, and then they sometimes go on to perennial success. They just may be too tired to do it in a year without getting proper conditioning prior to start.

  67. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Ah, there’s nothing like Eddie to crack me up while I am sitting at work and have everyone start at me wondering WTF is wrong with me!!!

    Eddie, keep it up!! My brutha….

  68. kinda think you have to let Lundqvist play himself to game shape. I’ve not yet seen him look particularly great this season and most of that is most likely attributable to rust.

  69. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Yes, Lloyd, he was not tremendously sharp on Saturday and had less than 20 shots. Left some rebounds, didn’t snare some shots. He’s not his old perfect self yet.

  70. IBleedRangersBlue on

    I think they gotta give henk a day off soon…so either tonight so he can play pitt on thursday or they let him play tonight and thursday and he sits against TBL on saturday b4 we play NJD and NYI

  71. IBleedRangersBlue on

    I just bought tickets for tomorrow so im hoping they go with Henk…nothing against Marty but i always like seeing Henk in net in person obviously

  72. Cabaret, I do disagree, though, due to alll the time off due to the lockout. They were definitely more fatigued during last year’s playoff run than a team like the Kings were. Playing that physically demanding style, playing 20 playoff games of playoff intensity in 40 days, with not much time in between games to rest the body and recharge the mind, is physically and mentally draining. There’s a reason no team has ever gone to 7 games in both of the first 2 playoff series and then gone on to the Finals.

  73. Actually our track record with Devils only sucks with the ones who won a Cup with them:

    Driver, Holik, MacLean, Gomez, Rupp, Sykora,(he was probably the best of that bunch for us if not MacLean), Peluso (we invited him to camp one year but didn’t extend him a contract offer), Oliwa, I think there are a couple others I’m missing.

    However, we did OK with the couple of former Devils that DIDN’T win with them: Shanahan, Verbeek, MAYBE Asham (maybe not).

  74. From the post:

    “I thought that little s— Ferriero played well,” Tortorella said. “I liked his speed and his composure. What happens from here, I don’t know, but he played well.”

    LOL! “that litte s—“

  75. Rick's Gnashed Cabaret on

    I meant to add mental fatigue as well. These poor guys may just be too haggard right now as evidenced by their sluggish skating.

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