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  1. This is *GREAT* news. As they say in the Big Lebowski… “Our [faceoff] problems are over, man.”

    Love that we were all talking about this the other day. We finally got something right!

  2. Czechthemout!!! on

    50-50 on the Arnott move. If it gets Rupp out of the lineup, i am all for it. I doubt it would happen though. More likely that Halpern comes out of the lineup.

  3. Czechthemout!!! on

    As I posted on an earlier thread. Scary that there is nothing in Hartford up the middle to help out.
    The system is bare of centers. One player who is worth anything at this point and that is Oscar Lindberg.

  4. Joson Arnott is an crafty old vet thats still got it. He will help the Rangers. He might even score a bit. good on Slats

  5. with what they have currently on the 3rd and 4th line this is no brainer. big center who wins faceoffs and could chip in some goals

  6. Czechthemout!!! on

    Jason Arnott has a big shot. At least he used to. They may use him on the point somewhat as well.

  7. Interesting move. Not only Sather drafted Arnott, he also traded him to the Devils. They have some interesting history.

  8. with or without arnott tonight must win still.

    lets get the medical done hour to puck drop can he get in in time.

  9. Well, he has hurt us as a member of numerous other teams – hope he won’t hurt us as a member of ours!

  10. I wonder if Colton Orr will be in the mood to “dance” tonight? And if so, who will his partner be?

  11. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Are you all in favor of this? Do you see him being a contributor? Seems unnecessary at the moment.

  12. Not sure what to say, Kenny. I’m afraid they realized they figured Halpern was cutting it.

    DVR for me again, make sure they start fast :-)

  13. Brilliant,…just brilliant.
    Should sign him year ago, when I commanded so…
    Too bad, they didn’t listen.
    He will be the savior. Really. You’ll see.

  14. Dying to see him against Debbies.
    Can he punished them, like former Rangers periodically do to our team?

  15. FreeToBeYouAndMe on

    Is this Sather’s revenge for putting Matteau Jr in a devils jersey? Good price, bad waste of a roster spot. He didnt do squat on the Blues, devils let him go, and he was considered “weak” by the time the preds let him go in a trade to nj

  16. Adding Arnott really gives the rangers a whole new look. It might move Rupp back to the 4 line, and it might move Hagelin up with Callahan. That would leave Arnott, pyatt , Boyle. It really doesn’t matter who Torts puts with who, Jason Arnott will help this team. I hope they will be looking for a guy to upgrade the forth line. Maybe Ferriero will be that guy.

  17. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Instead of the PBA, Patrolman Benevolent Association, we will have them as our third line.

  18. That makes sense. Last I heard he (Arnott) was skating with some other team. I think the Dallas Stars.

  19. Pretty Sure Rick Nash just called Brad Richards, “Richard” in an interview on NHL Network.

  20. Leaves will probably be “snarly” tonight after getting embarrassed at home by the Fishsticks…

  21. Last five years on faceoffs for Arnott: 50.3%, 50.2%, 48.8%, 50.6%, 48.7%

    Might not be the massive improvement in that area the Rangers need.

  22. nice that MSG gives the Rangers, at home on a Saturday night, the crappier station because the Knicks are playing.
    Also, it’s a HNL night, so no postgame. But plenty of discussion about Buffalo and the Isles — two teams that could merge and still miss the playoffs.

  23. SufferingSince79 on

    Last “good” point years Arnott had were back w/ Preds in 2006-2010. Not too bad on a point per game basis but we’re going to need a DeLorean if we want that kind of production again. Nothing to write home about in the playoffs but not much of a sample. He Was -9 with the Debs back in 2010-11. Guess he lost a step or two. Still, he’s a veteran with a lot of playoff experience, won a cup and a former captain, no? Worth a try as long as one of the other slow non-productive old guys sits in his place. We’ve got a few to choose from.

  24. well, if he can help on faceoffs, and take a beating with his size in front of the net on the power play (assuming he still has the great hands) this is a no brainer signing. i’m just wondering who gets taken out of the lineup. especially since (i’m hoping) krieder is back in sooner than later.

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