Kreider out with a bone chip; Ferriero called up


A little late to the party with this. Sorry.

Chris Kreider has a bone chip in his ankle and, as of now, is listed as day to day. Apparently he had an MRI yesterday.

So newly-acquired Benn Ferriero (from Pittsburgh, for Chad Kolarik, earlier this week) has been recalled from Connecticut for tonight’s game against the Maple Leaves.

From the NYR:


NEW YORK, January 26, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has recalled forward Benn Ferriero from the Connecticut Whale of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Ferriero, 25, tallied an assist while making his Whale debut in last night’s 4-1 win against Manchester. The Rangers acquired Ferriero from Pittsburgh on Thursday, in exchange for forward Chad Kolarik. Prior to the trade, Ferriero registered four goals and 14 assists for 18 points, along with 14 penalty minutes in 34 games with the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (AHL). He ranked third on Wilkes-Barre/Scranton in assists, was tied for fifth on the team in points and ranked second in shots on goal (97) at the time of the trade.

Originally selected by the Phoenix Coyotes as a seventh round choice (196th overall) in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft, Ferriero signed as a free agent with the San Jose Sharks on August 23, 2009. He has registered 14 goals and eight assists for 22 points in 92 career NHL contests over three seasons with San Jose. He established a career-high with seven goals in 35 games last season. He made his NHL debut with San Jose on October 1, 2009, at Colorado, and registered his first career point with a goal two days later at Anaheim. Ferriero has also notched one goal in eight career playoff contests with the Sharks.

The Rangers will begin a three-game homestand tonight when they face-off against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Madison Square Garden (7:00 p.m.), in an Original Six matchup.


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  1. Oh and will he actually be given an opportunity to make an impact or will be benched in favor of Rupp and only see the ice on a line with incapable Stu Bickel..

  2. looks like Bickel’s prucha’d.

    but opportunity to make an impact? … speculation he will play with Asham and Halpern, so you tell me.

  3. Cross Check Charlie on

    Why this guy that hasn’t been in the system? Was Newberry that bad in his 5 minutes of playing time?

  4. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Kind of glad to hear that Kreider has an injury. He was sat in the second period vs. Boston and got off the bench and skated around bending his leg, kind of testing. I was wondering what was going on. Was he benched and trying to provide an excuse of an injury by flexing? Was he benched because he was playing bad? I saw one give away, but heard he had three turnovers in the first and was on the bench following that.

    He has looked lost out there. Hasn’t shown fire or decisiveness. I look towards other teams rookies and wonder why our ‘golden boy’ looks like he does and Matteau, Henrique (last year), and many other rookies, look so fluid.

    No doubt he has a lot of talent. Is our system handling our kids so they can get up to the majors and be ready? Hope so……

  5. Ferriero’s got a rep for being relatively conscientious in his own end. Tort’s goal is to expand line rotations without swallowing Tums.

  6. Original Six matchup check

    nhl network check

    means hockey night in canada feed more than likely…….oh the humanity!!!!

  7. Stranger Nation on

    Is Rupp better than Asham on Line 3?

    I thought Asham could skate a little and we know Rupp turns like a aircraft carrier and skates lide he has a parachute attached to him.

  8. What’s going on with Subban in Montreal? Any talk on trading him? How would he look on our power play and clearing out the crease…

  9. Carp

    That’s the problem. Maybe this Ferreiro kid can be a useful piece, but putting these call ups in a position they can never succeed is not the way to go about it.

    Throw him on the 3rd line over Rupp and see what he has. It’s the only way you can see if he can be a contributor…

  10. I’m kind of shocked that Gilroy (right hand shot, offensive threat) hasn’t been given a chance. Especially over Mrs. Eminger and Stuart Bickel

  11. Last I read about PK Slewfoot was that he was going to, “take the weekend to think things over” and that Montreal refused to go higher than three years for him.

    Although he’s a right handed defenseman, I wouldn’t look for him to be a NY Ranger. Guys a bit dirty and, as Latona pointed out, it’s not really in a way that jives with the Rangers system.

  12. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Manny, our ‘d’ had an exceptional year last year, especially without Sauer. Gilroy is a fill in. We are getting forced back in our zone and have had 4 games where we have had trouble getting out of it. Hemmed in.

    Perhaps his offensive ability helps. But he’s another type of MDZ-type player.

    We continue to need a hard hitting clear out the crease guy. Sauer might have been that. Seems like we are praying McIlrath is that player. Hope he is!!

  13. All good and fair points, Matty. But I am shocked that Gilroy hasn’t gotten a shot on the 4th line. Say, over Stuart Bickels.

  14. And yes. CLEAR THE DAMN CREASE. We really need a guy like that and as soon as McllRath is healthy I would love to see what he’s got.

  15. I would take Subban in a second. Not sure we could afford him under next years cap though…

  16. A Subban trade would deplete the depth and prospect list even more. And if Sather calls, as long as Bergevin isn’t working from the GM handbook Bob Gainey left in his office, his conversation would start with McDonagh.

  17. Yea. I can’t imagine what we would have to give up but I bet it would involve one of our top 3 defenseman. Plus some picks. Plus JT Miller or something of the sort. Not sure Montreal wants to trade with us anymore after Gainey.

  18. I see we’re putting all our eggs in one basket again (Nash – Richards – Gaborik on one line).

    Can someone explain to me why the Penguins can put all sorts of no-talent clowns with their talented players and those clowns score 30+ goals and meanwhile no-talents like Hagelin can’t even buy a goal when riding the first line?

    Absolute amateur-hour.

  19. I personally really, really hate the idea of Nash-Richards-Gaborik all being on one line. We need scoring depth. We need defensive responsibility. We need puck possession.

  20. ranger17: Not a bad deal really. Del Zaster (Age 22, 6’0″ 194lbs) is signed at 3 years $2.65 (Avg.) which is probably about where Les Habs want to be with PK (Age 23, 6’0″ 206lbs). I know they won’t exceed 3 years. PK makes about $800K now so that would be a big raise for him if we gave him 4+ years and about $2.85M PK is a right handed shot, and is a good point player for the PP. I just don’t see it happening (not that I know anything). Just don’t see PK being part of this team, *chemistry* wise.

    Totally not against attempting to make that trade but I bet Les Habs want a lot more than Del Zaster and Hagelin.

  21. oleo, i don’t necessarily disagree, but it’s not like Hagelin’s lighting it up on the third line, either. maybe he will play on the third line. At some point, he probably will.

    Much as they like Rupp, I’m sure the coaches would rather have Rupp and Asham playing fourth-line minutes. They’re both equally as bad. Actually, Asham’s probably worse.

    but if the kid is only here for a few days, or one day (because I assume Bickel goes back in for Philly), what’s the difference if you put him in a position to succeed or not? The idea is more to win a particular game at this point.

  22. I would imagine, yes, the Habs would want McDonagh and Kreider. Not Del Zotto and Hagelin. Even if it is Hagelin, then what? Pyatt is really going to play second line all season, and Rupp or Asham third line? That’s a delzaster.

  23. While Subban is better than MDZ and Dmitry Kulikov (or at least projects to be more dominant), I can understand the Habs not giving in if he’s seeking double the contract those two got.

  24. I agree the Rangers are in trouble depth wise for sure. What I don’t understand is why they call up Ferriero. I watched the Whale play last night, the team played well enough, but Ferriero certainly didn’t stand out. There were guys getting a lot more done than Ferriero. I just don’t get it here’s a guy, who looks to me to be an average player at best. He is also not familier with the system, get called up over guys who are playing better hockey, plus they have been in the system for a while. I gotta be missing something.

  25. Something that hasnt been mentioned about the Habs is the fact that Andrei Markov is back for them and he’s playing better than ever. If only we had someone that can shoot from the point like that.

  26. Well they traded for him so I assumed they must want him. That still doesn’t tell me why they would call him up right away. To me the guy is nothing special. Why would he be called up right away?

  27. Nasty what row are you in?I sit in sec 221 where practically neighbors I will try to stop by.always good to meet a fellow bonehead.

  28. I know they are not likely to bring Macilrath up this year, but I am looking forward to when they do. He is a good young D man with a great future. He’s fun to watch, they don’t push him around, just what the Rangers need.

  29. Carp – what do you think the chances are that the Rangers make any serious moves in this shortened season? Isn’t the trade deadline very late in the season?

  30. Then maybe if we make The Kreider and McWrath produce a child that child will be the ultimate two-way player prospect.

  31. manny

    april 3rd deadline april 27th sat last day of regular season. 34-36 game mark is deadline.

    rangers lose tonight time to deal

  32. hockeymon, all due respect, but I think they might know a bit more about him than we do … and I’m pretty sure they’re not idiots and they do things for a reason.

  33. Stranger Nation on

    shooter from point needed? i think we need to gt MDZ some contacts or widen the goal by 3 feet on each side.

    seriously, Stralman is their steadiest offensive Dman, can get his shot off and makes good choices with puck, but gets sloppy seconds on pp. he doesnt have a cannon of a shot but is accurate

  34. Stranger Nation on

    if ferraros canolis is nothing special he will blend in perfectly with bottom 6 forwards.

    Step has 3 assists in 4 games but has been inconsistent. Cally has one point, pp g, but nobody mentions him much.

    one pp idea if B Rich remains at point is to try Nash in front (big body, great hands) with Gabby and Cally on off wings for one timers/better angle shots.

  35. Carp
    your correct for sure, but as a long time fan, I feel its my given right to question everything they do, even if they know what they are doing and I don’t.

  36. Carp is it likely that both Mashinter and Ferriero be up playing g 3rd or 4th minutes at some point? Ferriero is pretty scrappy and afraid to drop the gloves. He’s not an enforcer or anything just scrappy. Mashinter is big and can dance with the big fellows. I’ve seen clips and read positive comments from some Shark’s fans (Where both have played some games) about each of these players. So…are they AHL’ers for life or legit bottom six NHL’ers? Either one or both an attempt to replace the feistiness of the Brandons?

  37. I know less about these guys than you do. I never heard of either of them before the Rangers got them, have never seen them play, wouldn’t know either one if I ran them over.

    hence, I don’t question any decisions made about either of them … or JT Miller or anybody else I haven’t seen play.

  38. This year the bottom two lines are not looking so great and the seems really thin. Be interesting to see how things shake out. Trades? Sign Arnott? Call ups? I have no idea but am curious.

  39. Ranger West…. Mashinter is a big man, and he can handle himself. He also has scored a few since he has been in Hartford. He has been good, I could understand why he would get a call up. Ferriero on the other hand might be scrappy, but he’s not any more scrappy or speedy as Christian Thomas who has been there and knows the ropes. Thomas has been playing real well for a while, and I think he deserves a chance thats all. Not just Thomas there are other guys there that are as good or better than this Ferriero guy. Like I said they know what they are doing and I don’t. Maybe Ferriero shows us why tonight.

  40. Hockey Mom: Makes sense. It might be because Benn has NHL regular and post season experience and they don’t want to rush Thomas. Having a long stint of playing well at the AHL might be good for his confidence and development.

  41. Sranger Nation
    Thanks but I am not a hockey mom. It just happened that there was a pokeymon card sitting where I could see, when I was trying to think of a blog name.

  42. Let’s cut to the chase and tell it like it really is:

    This so-called “team” is an absolute train-wreck-waiting-to-happen that is led by a no-talented conductor who mixes lumps of coal with talented-but-mismanaged oil slicks to form a weaksauce and combustive combination that implodes at the very first sign of adversity.

  43. Fact is that, last year, the fourth line could play against the opponents’ top lines and keep the puck in the opponents’ offensive zone for most or all of their shift. This year, not so much.

  44. “wildplaces”:

    That’s why I was wondering if Mashinter and Ferriero might become 2/3 of the 4th line. The 4th line has been terrible for the Rangers. I guess we’ll see how Ferriero does tonight.

  45. Ranger West
    I will give you that, it makes sense thats likely the way it is. I also agree that its a good idea to devolop young guys in the farm system. Let them learn the trade without the big time pressure. I also wonder why they decided to bring Krieder up, who was under achieving in the Ahl, to the NHL as soon as their season started. He struggled hard, got no where, and now he’s injured. I guess likely they were hoping he somehow he would become a confident, reliable player with the promotion.

  46. I don’t want to take anything away from Krieder. I truely believe he will be a great player, once he finds his way.

  47. So, O’Byrne (wearing a visor) decides to fight Stuart and gets a double minor, 10 min misconduct and 5 for fighting….Marleau scores 2 on the extended PP….WOW

  48. did O’Byrne instigate the fight? … I think there are extra penalties for instigating while wearing a shield, but not for fighting with a shield.

  49. czechthemout!!! on

    I love reading the ridiculous posts on this blog every time a trade potentially is discussed.

    McD and Kreider for Subban. Lol! Slats wouldnt trade McD for PK straight up, much less add Kreider.

    MdZ for PK stragit up is about right.

  50. I am in section 223 row 5 seats 10 and 11. I am pretty sure I just saw 5FootZero walk past me on the train with her family/army. Lol

  51. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, are you expecting the continued experiment of Richards on the point tonight?

    They know more than me, but I don’t like it a bit. God forbid a puck gets by him and he has such average to slow speed and can be knocked off the puck so easily, that it’s an accident waiting to happen.

    Rather see…ugh…Stralmann there. Hate to say it he was ok in the playoffs. Not great, but ok.

  52. czech, I believe we were saying that’s what Montreal would want … of course Sather wouldn’t trade McDonagh for Subban.

    Matty, I agree with you on Richards at the point, and on Stralman … he’s got a reasonably good low shot, good instincts.

    But what do I know?

  53. That is the rule, but the code is lose the helmet with the shield if ur going to go. Unless u get jumped. It. Does seem more and more bitches r fighting with the shield and have no intention of taking it off.

  54. MDZ for PK about right????? I hate. PK n still high on MDZ but come on u need more than that. Btw our D will be ok we need some grit and a top 6 scorer…. Not easy

  55. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I just don’t see his value there given his lack of real size and speed. He is a good passer. Has been unwilling to settle the puck. And he doesn’t have a booming slapper, at least that he’s been willing to show us since he’s been here.

    They need someone on the point that will shoot the puck once he finds a clear lane. Or take a shot even into traffic. Richards is, if he is doing anything, looking for a set up.

    Not the right guy, for me. Then again, I’m not in love with his game compared to other guys with the contract he has.

  56. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    The other teams, so far, have been coming up high and pressuring the points with him there. It has worked, as we can see, quite well.

  57. I don’t watch the games either, Carp. I thought we established that most of us don’t watch the games last season?


    *Stranger Nation* January 26th, 2013 at 3:52 pm
    miami pimp = eric?



  58. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Hedberg, I believe our ‘d’ needs to be able to knock some people around and away from the crease. They did it, to a degree, in the playoffs. Not doing it yet this year. They are certainly not hard to play against at this point.

  59. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Thats where a Gilroy, Stralmann, Eminger, they’re not the guy we need.

    Un-retire Beukeboom!! Un-retire Ulfie!!!

  60. It’s true, Carp and NYR. There is _supposedly_ an extra two-minute penalty for instigating a fight while wearing a visor.

    Should be a 5 game suspension for fighting at all while wearing a visor.

  61. czechthemout!!! on


    Any word on Mcilrath? Has he progressed at all? He is supposedly the type of dman we need to knock some people around.

  62. Is -Willie Mitchell- Dougie Murray a Ranger yet? If he gets on a plane RIGHT NOW, he has a chance to play the 3rd period.

  63. Carp

    Yes, O’Byrne instigated and you are correct re: the rule…It was a classic case of a clean hit followed by a revenge/staged fight…

  64. NYR – what’s the actual rule? I was under the impression it was a two-minute tack on for instigating a fight while wearing a visor.

  65. I think everyone here will like Macilrath when he gets chance. He’s a lot like Beukeboom, and by the time Beukeboom is done with him, he will be a lot more like Beukeboom. The kid was a good draft pick I think. A lot of people laughed at that pick. I think the Rangers will get the last laugh there.

  66. Cool. Glad I was wrong. The penalty for fighting with a visor should be as harsh as possible. For now I will take the instigating rule.

  67. “DarrenDreger

    DarrenDreger Veteran free agent Jason Arnott believed to be en route to NYC. Rangers and Arnott exploring mutural interest in signing. #TSN”

  68. Patrick Marleau has 4 multi-goal games to start the season, 8 goals. The last time a player did that in the NHL was 1917. _supposedly_

  69. Sorry for reposting this but I really wanted to hear some feedback on this as it’s bothered me for the entire 6 seasons I’ve been down here:

    Hey Carp, when the Panthers successfully kill off a penalty the p.a. system plays a loud “ch-ching” and occasionally announced the end of the kill. I know home ice advantage means certain things, but how can it be legal to help notify the players that way?Your thoughts? (or anyone else’s who feels like jumping in)

  70. Do that, Manny and players will purposely instigate fights against visor wearers. It’s not like Newbury wasn’t looking to fight McGinn on Thursday, anyway.

  71. DarrenDreger Arnott and NYR agree to contract. 1 year. Cap hit around $1.6 -$1.7. Contract being finalized now. Arnott en route to NYC.

    Here’s comes veteran leadership…

    another ex-Devil!

  72. Wait, did I just see Lucic knock down Carkner in a fight yesterday?

    I thought the Rangers needed a guy like Carkner to stop guys like Lucic doing stuff?

  73. wow arnott deal. love the move depth down the middle wont play top 6 minutes . for 1 yr and 1.6 it couldnt hurt

  74. Czechthemout!!! on

    50-50 on the Arnott move. If it gets Rupp out of the lineup, i am all for it. I doubt it would happen though. More likely that Halpern comes out of the lineup.

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