It’s Go Time!


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Game 5.
Maple Leaves at Rangers.

Ya boys sitting at 1-3, and this is really the only break in the first seven games on the schedule — two with Pitt, two with Boston, two with Philly. Must win? Of course not. Should/better win? You betcha.

Henrik Lundqvist starts his fifth straight in goal against a bad, but offensively explosive Leaves team.

Benn Ferriero, obtained from the Penguins this week, was called up from the Whale this morning and makes his Rangers debut.

In case you missed it, Chris Kreider had an MRI which revealed a bone chip in his ankle. He’s listed as day-to-day. Arron Asham  returns after missing two games with a groin strain. Stu Bickel and Matt Gilroy will be prucha’d.


Few reminders:

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  1. Last five years on faceoffs for Arnott: 50.3%, 50.2%, 48.8%, 50.6%, 48.7%

    Might not be the massive improvement in that area the Rangers need.

  2. What else do you need from coach – brutally honest, straightforward, patient and forgiving.
    Should’ve love him. I do!

  3. nice that MSG gives the Rangers, at home on a Saturday night, the crappier station because the Knicks are playing.

    Also, it’s a HNL night, so no postgame. But plenty of discussion about Buffalo and the Isles—two teams that could merge and still miss the playoffs.

  4. Leave a “must win” to the last game before missing PO. (God forbid…and rip. off my tongue).

  5. Way to feed into the inferiority complex of Rangers fans. Right or wrong, hockey isnt as popular a sport.

    Go Henrik!!! Go Rangers!!! Let’s get this season on track!!

  6. Isles have looked much better than the Rangers so far though….

    I like the Arnott signing. Lets Go Rangers! Score early and often. Prediction: 6-2 Rangers. Hopefully scoring will be spread out to get everyone going.

  7. Evening gang.

    Pretty busy day for news. Jeez! Nothing like cramming everything into one day.

    5-0 Leaves tonight?

  8. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " TIME TO SHINE!!!" ...says Greg L. on





    3 periods of raking leaves!!!! Lets bag these bum and take the 2 pts outta here!!!!

    LETS gogog gog gog ogg ogg gogogogo!!!!




  9. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " TIME TO SHINE!!!" ...says Greg L. on



  10. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " TIME TO SHINE!!!" ...says Greg L. on


  11. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " TIME TO SHINE!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    OH YEAHHH !!! Hockey night in Canada TONIGHT!!!!!!


  12. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " TIME TO SHINE!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    LETS go ggog gog og gog og gogogog!!!

  13. I’ve got this one on TV again rather than GameCenter, so no Pitbull, no leaving the gate open, no Pidto…


  14. LA Kings ?@LAKings

    If only there was some sort of guide so the women watching this @NYRangers @MapleLeafs game with us could understand it


  15. Tonight it will be the game, I came for from lockout hibernation, I just feel it…
    If not, I going to hang myself on MSG rafters and set own body on fire to start Rangers Spring revolution.

  16. None of the most beautiful double anthems I’ve ever heard made tv…….that’s why I also double listen to MSG radio…..

    good evening all!!!

  17. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Wholly crap!!!! What the hell is going on??? I’ve been moving the last couple of days and I don’t get to see the rangers play tonight :( on top of we sign arnott and Bickel is prucha’d and none of you aasens call or text me? C’mon heads, keep me in the loop!

    Back to moving so LGR and LGD!!

  18. Rangers feed on Time-Warner Cable has consistently lower audio volume than all other channels on the system, no matter if it is on MSG1 or MSG2….

  19. Aaaaand another fight.


    The players aren’t soooo pretty when they fight! Stupid boys fighting! Must hide cause I don’t like this! (is that typical ‘female’ fan enough for the Rangers?!)

  20. Unnecessary fights that take years off these idiots’ lives. In 20 years, they’ll be lucky if their brains arent completely scrambled and they havent yet committed suicide.

  21. Why does anyone need to go after Phaneuf? That’s exactly what is ruining this sport. Going after players that deliver completely clean hits. Keep your head up and stuff like that wont happen.

  22. Looks like Mickey saw the deleted article/posting about female fans that a few of us missed!!

  23. Right before the goal I was going to say this looks more like NYR hockey but then of course our best Dman gives up the puck.

  24. Czechthemout!!! on

    Staged fights and staged fighters like Rupp and Asham and Orr have no place in this sport. They are ruining this game.

  25. I saw the screen caps, Jimbo. Was pretty insulting to me and lots of other female hockey fans that I know.

  26. Why opposition always got goals from nothing and we can’t score on hard earn 100% opportunities?

  27. agree Lev. were looking pretty good, bit of a forecheck, some d plays, good PK, some chances … then boom, bad plays by Hagelin, McDonagh and Girardi.

  28. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " TIME TO SHINE!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    Mickeyyyyy ease up on the Canada thingyyy : )


  29. But anyway, to me, Rangers looks much more willing and ready tonight in mood department at least.

  30. Greg, I was making fun of the singer who sounded like they said “WHOA Canada” not “OH Canada”. Not Canada itself. I love the country :)

  31. Meanwhile, Nash squishes somebody along the wall … not even mentioned because they’re yapping about the JVR trade. Who the ef cares?

  32. I’m afraid Rick will spend aftergame in the lockerroom’s corner on his knees on dry peas

  33. Czechthemout!!! on

    I have to say that Nash has looked really good. Second big hit of the game, made a great diving defensive play to prevent a scoring chance, breakaway, some great moves. Very impressive. I am sure the goals will come soon.

  34. I think it may have something to do with Nash being a superstar and Dubinsky and Anisimov being career 3rd liners.

    Feel better, Carp. I may be under the weather soon as well.

  35. You’ve got the HNIC feed up there, Mickey? Here in the city, we have the Hawks – CBJ feed on NHL Network.

  36. Isnt too many men on the ice on the coach/bench? I remember few years ago (may have been Renney’s last year) where we had one like every game called.

  37. Czechthemout!!! on

    Much better pp. Especially with the second pp unit point men. They both played on the off wing and generated some shot production. Keep it up.

  38. Once a night we’re treated to a replay of Staal knocking a goal scorer down ~3 seconds after they’ve scored.

  39. yea, I watched the islanders score 7 off these bums (maple Leafs). The islanders skated circles around the leaves.

  40. let me just this
    2 shots by leafs 2 goals. nash cant score on breakaway. for all thos media experts and handicappers picking the rangers to win cup yes you larry brooks and the 6 of 12 panel from barry melrose the jokes on you.

    this team will be on LIFE SUPPORT JUST TO GET IN.

    whatever they did last year went right this year team is destined for failure.

  41. Three or four more fights at the start of this game and I think we’re leading it instead of trailing.

  42. The Leaves will give up some goals before the night’s over …

    and, yes, eric, they will make the playoffs. I proudly say I didn’t pick them to win the East, even, and said since breakup day of last season that it would be extremely difficult for them to repeat the way last season went.

  43. Czechthemout!!! on

    Carp, you are right. Most of the forwards played a good period but it just seems like something is missing. I think the lines need to be changed. I think Hags needs to be put with Richards a nd Gabby. Nash needs to be put with Cally and Stepan. Boyle should play with Pyatt and Farrieo.

  44. If those skills on PP like Gabby, Nash, Callahan,etc. is not enough, it’s probably the time to fire entire front office, starting from accountants…no other measures are working.

  45. Awful. What is the problem with the Ranger defense. Way to many guys in front of the net all by themselves. This is supposed to be one of the strengths of this team. So far it is BY FAR the weakest area of the team. When is Torts gonna start kickin some butt. Theses guys are just to careless and carefree in their own zone.

  46. Team and organization thought that by getting the savior Nash, they wouldn’t have to work and everything would just be magical and amazing. They are finding out how very very wrong they were.

  47. There were enough stretches last year where the offense looked terrible and disjointed, but not sure I remember such a sustained run of goals against from bad defensive decisions and positioning.

  48. I still believe, we will start scoring, – just need a can opener. Who it will be, that’s a question?
    Maybe some unorthodox player, like…(fill the blank)

  49. Czechthemout!!! on

    Last year, the Kings started off terribly. They only improved and started playing well after they fired the coach. Not saying by any stretch that it is time for Torts to go. The Rangers still have time to turn this season around but somethings have to be tried that are different than what they are doing.

  50. That may be the *most* creepy GEICO commercial I’ve ever seen….and they’ve had a few…

  51. right now the rangers do not look like a playoff team. They look like the Columbus Bluejackets.

  52. Toronto is the most expensive team in NHL. So, at least give them a ride for the money.(from the second expensive team). Please, for my sanity sake…!

  53. Sorry for another silly complaint but it seems as if the camera angles on the broadcast are different (lower?)than in the past. I prefer it the previous way. … I’m such a whiny SOB this season. Need an attitude adjustment.

  54. it is just a great feeling watching our first line head down the ice, a serious chance to score every shift. . .

  55. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " TIME TO SHINE!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Lets go go go gog g og go gog gogo!!!

    s’alls good Mickey!!! All Canadian teams SUCK!!!

    RANGERS!!! RAKE these guys up!!

  56. Manny January 26th, 2013 at 8:24 pm
    Bwahahaha. TEETHCHARDS. Genius.


    good morning Manny…how did your hibernation go?

  57. Carp, where are the regulars who were on the blog last year? It was fun last year to follow the team this way, it felt like a conversation filled with panic, serious hockey analysis,strong love for a franchise that has been hard to love at times, and a lot of laughs

  58. IBleedRangersBlue on

    It should be illegal for a goalie to take a stick laying on the ice and put it inside the net…it could of blocked the goal line…he should have to leave it where it is and wait for the ref to pick it up

  59. I remember Richards looking bad last year but got better as the season went on. I hope that’s the case this year also because Richards has been awful.

  60. Ever notice that ‘somebody left the gate oooppen’ before our PPs. Maybe that is the problem.

  61. Sometimes it’s seems to me, that Rangers provoke a dirty plays against them by their inaptitude on a PP. Nobody of opposition are too concern about being on PK in a game, knowing that.

  62. Not for nothing, but that R-A-N-G-E-R-S song is sung by the fans of the Glasgow Rangers of the Scottish Football League – and those fans are notorious for bashing the fans of the (largely Catholic) Glasgow Celtics..they are like many (but not all) Unionists in Northern Ireland, very anti-Catholic..

  63. having del zaster at the top of the pp is A WASTE. he will NEVER think shot. the shot needs to come from up top not off to the sides

  64. Joe says that they just need to keep on doing what they’ve been doing all game – whose side is he *on*??

  65. A little luck for our boys wouldnt hurt…this game hurts…so many chances and a lucky goalie on the other end. Smg

  66. Yes it is, Carp – as I understand it – they are a nasty bunch over there, and aside from the fact that the song blows, it offends me for other reasons!

  67. So after all the first 4 games brought us and so far this game, I have to say I am not exactly excited in receiving Nash. Is he good? Yes. Is he the best player on the team? Nope. Was he overrated on Cbus? Definitely. But I really miss the guys we gave up. Maybe it was just the HBO series, but they all seemed to have a lot of fun.

  68. I’ve not got a foot in either camp, Jimbo, but its fair to say the bashing occurs on both sides of the Rangers/Celtic and Protestant/Catholic relationships…

  69. boyle’s been bad, but has he been any worse than Hagelin, Richards, dare I say, Callahan, Stepan? Those guys are supposed to be top six.

  70. Jimbo, it was a joke. :) They’re rivals. And football fans have a lot more animosity towards each other than American sports fans. And it’s not even close.

  71. Point taken, LW – I don’t follow Scottish football, but I have seen many comments elsewhere about the followers of Glasgow Rangers being *brutishly* sectarian. I don’t live there, so I don’t get all sides of the argument, perhaps.

  72. Oh! OK, Tiki – I’m ignorant of all the nuances of Euro football rivalries, aside from the deaths that sometimes occur!

  73. Maybe we can be gifted another 5 on 3 from the refs this period, and this time capitalize on it.

  74. The cupboard is bare in Hartford and the best prospects in Juniors, College and Europe are borderline NHL. The shrinking salary cap will make it difficult to sign FA’s (although there may be some available on the cheap through compliance buyouts this summer). Trades will also have to fit within the shrinking salary cap. *Bottom line*……The Rangers better start drafting better.

  75. I wonder if the hand over the puck penalty is not because the refs lose sight of it. and its a lot differant control wise, if you can get your hand on the puck, as opposed to trying to bump it to where you want it to go.

  76. they’ve never drafted great, but it’s way too early to call the kids in the minors busts. and they have drafted Staal, Del Zotto, Stepan, Kreider, Hagelin (I think), Callahan, Lundqvist, etc.

  77. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    If only Avery was playing, on the ice tonight would be Elisha Cuthbert’s current fiance and last two ex boyfriends.

  78. birthday dinner for jpg’s dad
    and then some running around
    i didn’t miss much

    a couple fights (yawn)
    2 goals against (no surprise)
    1 goal for (slight surprise we haven’t given leaves goalie the shutout)
    0 for infinity on pp (no surprise)


  79. there’s a question for you Carp

    ask Hagelin
    What the hell has happened to you? does he need to watch film of his play in college
    to remind himself that he’s able to score?

  80. Stepan actually displayed some speed on the shift after the goal…. He has it. That’s what’s so frustrating about him… He has it.

  81. So my wife wants to make buffalo cauliflower. I really hope that does not make an appearance at our Super Bowl Party!

  82. Boyle is too far out. Get on front of the keeper. He gets soft so often. Sorry Carp, but get in front

  83. jpg, it could just be that sophomore slump, because the kid worked out hard this offseason, played in Europe, still has the speed. …don’t know what else it could be?

  84. Jesus Christ, that was a great shot by Redden. If only we had someone who could shoot from the point…

  85. We look like a totally different team. Finally. Completely out-working people. I actually am loving Ferrari out there on the second with Cally and Stepan on the 3rd. Even Hagelin is flying again.

  86. sorry Carp
    i know i’ve only been posting for a few minutes but
    i’ve been checking score and saw a bit
    of 2nd period earlier
    his inability to score or even assist on a goal
    is frustrating
    i forgot what write pointed out that he hasn’t scored
    in 30some games

    didn’t help when Hags made the blind pas
    to a leaf behind Rangers goal

  87. The new guy, Benn Ferriero and Hagelin work good together, small but very fast. This could be the new Ferrari line.

  88. Boyle didn’t get the goal
    but i appreciate his tenacity
    especially getting in front of the net
    and causing problems
    for the goalie

    as it should be

  89. 3rd period line combos are working well. D involved in offense. Best stretch of season so far. Optimism. Cheer. Visions of grandeur are creeping back into my conscious thoughts!!!!!!!

  90. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t expect a single thing from them after the first. I’m glad I was proven wrong.

    Now please play like this all three periods.

  91. not ready to plan a trip to
    NYC for a parade after this win
    and brace yourself
    i’m being positive here
    their 3rd period play
    is something they can
    build upon

  92. what in all that is good in hockey
    that “song” that they’re playing
    after the final buzzer??!?!?

  93. A win we needed! While I know it is still early in the season, a lose tonight would have really raised some eyebrows. Big test will be on Tuesday!

  94. Czechthemout!!! on

    Nice comeback win. But more importantly, several of the key players started playing more like last year.

  95. I’m glad they won but this was the leaves, not a good team, specially on the defensive side of the ice. I’ll take the win any day. Hopefully as the rangers play more games they play get better.

  96. But, the Leaves lost to the Isles who beat the Lighting who beat the Canes who beat the Buffalo Baby Buffaloes who beat the Flyers who beat the Rangers who beat the Bruins who beat the Rangers who beat the Leaves who beat the Pens. What does this all mean?

  97. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " #1 line in the NHL!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    NICE WIN!!

    Great game!! I love it!!! Nash is sooooo unselfish . He should be Captain.

  98. LOL. I went to college with Kathryn Tappen AND Sebastian Stan- the guy who plays Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier in the Captain America movies.

  99. no postgame is a joke. hade to watch nhl network.
    rangers dominated even when they were down 2.

    used mcdonagh some on the PP..

    pp was the worse part of there game.

    ferriro will suit up next game, good speed…

  100. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " #1 line in the NHL!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    ORR . Thats one firetrucked up soap opera if ya ask me.


  101. Czechthemout!!! on


    I have been saying for two years now that they should use McD on the PP. He is much better offensivley than people think.

  102. Well-deserved win tonight…finally kept the puck in the offensive zone with energy and persistence! Some of last year’s players looked like their old selves, and the team as a whole stepped up. I seem to remember that they almost always won the games they were supposed to win last year, so not a surprise, but a confidence builder. Let’s see how they fare against the Phlyers. Wonder how they will use Arnott…perhaps replacement for Halpern, who doesn’t seem to belong on this team so far. Nash is carrying his line…amazing player. Anyone here who doubted his value should think twice about that.

  103. mcdonagh is 23. can skate and make good decisions. he should definitely get some PP time…

    he is not replacing leetch or Orr on the PP..

    mcdonagh is there best d man, the league does not even realize how good he is…

  104. Ferriero seems to have some bite and speed to his game, but also made a couple mistakes, one led to a late penalty. Seems motivated and didn’t look out of place.

  105. Rangers dominated from the opening whistle and came back strong after an unlucky first period. What can you say about Gaborik and Nash. World Class.

    Ferry-O looked pretty impressive although I hope he isn’t the one who sits for Arnott. Should be Halern and Great signing btw. Arnott really made too much sense for them to not pick him up…

  106. for the life of me i cant understand how torts gets 1 to 2 min air time before they cut him off on msg.

  107. Not having Butch Goring’s face live (well, half-live half-dead) on screen sounds like an improvement.

    So Tort has revealed the new guy’s nickname to be “that little Carcillo Ferriero”?

  108. I imagine Butch Goring still has a telephone with a huge dial, the talky bit on a stick and a separate bit held up to his ear.

  109. carp

    how many people watching rangers post game know who daniel winnik is on anaheim. what a disgrace

  110. Carp

    Is MSG aware of how bad their pre/post game shows are? I know its much more cost effective to have all 3 teams sharing the stage, but it’s something that needs to change.

    They should take a look at what SNY does for the Mets. The organization might be a mess, but they produce a terrific pregame and post game show…

  111. Chris from Albany. on

    Up until he third period, the best part of my night was my $13,95 chicken sandiwich topped off with my $5.00 bottle of water.

  112. me, too, Orr. I thought Halpern would be an upgrade. very underwhelmed by him … and Arnott probably takes his place.

    Fischler thinks Ovechkin’s going to win the scoring title … obviously hasn’t watched a minute of Washington hockey yet.

  113. Chris from Albany. on

    Delicious yes. $13.95 no. And apparently the caps on bottles are more dangerous then assault weapons.

  114. Amen, Lev. I will continue to say that Ferrari looked great. Boyle can continue to center the 3rd line with Stepan on the RW and Ferrari can hop up with Cally and Hags. That line had a lot of JAM.

    Of course, that’s just based on tonight’s third period. But it looked good.

    Dr. Halpern played 4:15 tonight. Asham 1:57. Eminger 4:12. Rupp 2:08. (Those aren’t Bible Verses, they are TOI stats)

  115. LMAO @ “those are bible verses”

    Well Asham made the most of his 1:57…1 fight and 1 Nasham move.

    The 4th line had that one sick shift if i remember correctly where they looked like the first line.

  116. They really did. For upwards of :35 seconds that 4th line looked like they might actually make an impact on the season. Then they didn’t. Arnott to the rescue!

  117. Arnott seems great for a 4th line center in a short season. Could reall be a great addition. However, if he is out of gas the Rangers will have a junk yard of rusting parts for 4th line options (Rupp, Halpern, Arnott, Asham).

  118. Carp
    thanks for keeping this blog alive. You have certainly worked hard to make this what it is. its not just a blog, it has become a society and I like that. I have not been a regular poster, but I read every day.

  119. The extended NHL looks more like a freaken Zoo/aquarium, full of animals like Predators, Ducks, Coyotes, Canucks, Sharks, Blackhawks, Sabres, Bruins, Panthers, Penguins, Yellow Jackets, Flies and Devils. Pathetic. Since all governance, like Capitals, Kings and Senators are incapable to keep this Wild bunch in order, NHL really need Rangers to Rule NHL.

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