Rangers-Flyers in review



1) Look at the guys who played important roles and/or played really well at times, or for most of last season, who have played poorly through all four, or parts of all four games this year: Brian Boyle, Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin, Brad Richards to a degree; Marc Staal, even Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh at times, and Henrik Lundqvist, who hasn’t played poorly, but except for the first period last night, hasn’t been great. So 1-3? Can’t be shocking. Could be 0-4, really.

2) The Rangers’ supposed depth up front … that was all based on Chris Kreider and Hagelin being able to play top-nine minutes, and one of them playing top six. So far they haven’t. I think it’s going to be a problem if Taylor Pyatt plays on the second line and Rupp on the third. A problem.

3) Statistically, the Rangers were much better at faceoffs. But when they needed to win one, on power plays, and especially in that final minute when the Flyers kept icing the puck, they couldn’t buy one. And I still maintain that faceoffs are about concentration and bearing down. More about will than skill.

4) The 5-on-3 wasn’t as pathetic as some of the others, but you’ve got to be able to move it quickly to the guy on his off-wing for the one-timer, and that means players have to move. Creativity is what’s needed, and not happening. Geez, watch a video of the Penguins or the Red Wings, and how easy they make it look. It should be easy.

5) And while we’re at it, until he starts playing better, it might be time to get Richards off the power play point, IMHO.

6) I had no idea Rick Nash was so good in his own end.

7) That Stu Bickel pummeling of Tostitos Sestito (worst player in the league), that’s the kind of fight I want to see in the NHL … action/reaction. Not this stupid staged bullcrap. Have the Rangers had anybody who hasn’t fought that clown the last two years?

8) John Tortorella started the second period with two lines. There’s some risk there, on the second night of back-to-backs, especially when the first night was a three-line game. It worked for a bit. The Rangers got some offensive zone time, forced an icing, forced the Flyers to burn their timeout and Tortorella got his No. 1 line out against the Flyers thugs. But there was no payoff.

9) I don’t know how a guy like Kris Newbury  gets called up, sent down, called up, sent down, still has it in him to fight for his team …. knowing he’s going right back down and he will never have a chance to stay.  I guess you do it for the shot to play in the NHL, and for the bigger paycheck, but, man, that’s a tough way to make a living.

10) In the final 50 seconds, I don’t get why Marian Gaborik is stationed at the point, 55 feet away from the net. Worse, when the clock starts ticking down to 6 … 5 … 4 … why is he still at the point and not crashing the net. At that point, it doesn’t matter if the puck comes out, or if the Flyers have a breakaway or score into the empty net.

11) Do all teams have so many fans who hate so many of their players? And it cracks me up when all the anti-Tortorella (pro-Avery) jackwagons come crawling out like cockroaches at the smallest sign of adversity. They can’t wait for their team to lose.

12) I can’t believe I’m even going to type these words: Ilya Bryzgalov was actually pretty good. I had to work harder than he did, but he was pretty good.

13) Wait, did MSG Network really cut short — very short — the post-game show for the Dan Girardi “Beginnings” episode. Those things are really well done. Great watches. But seriously, leaping out of the post-game of Rangers-Flyers, no less? Honestly? Really? Wow. … Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, they come back after “Beginnings” (which was fabulous) and Bill Pidto and Ron Duguay are saying the same things they said earlier, but they showed just two answers from Tortorella’s press conference. What a joke of a decision.

Here’s MSG’s link to the presser.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Marian Gaborik.
3. Stu Bickel.
Dore33’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist.
2. Marc Staal.
3. Taylor Pyatt.

Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Taylor Pyatt.
2. Henrik Lundqvist.
3. Marc Staal.
Your poll vote for the Three Rangers Stars:
1. Henrik Lundqvist (25.41 %).
2. Taylor Pyatt (23.76 %).
3. Rick Nash (9.38 %).

Photo credits:
Girardi, Bickel by Getty Images.
Voracek, Lundqvist by The Associated Press.

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  1. It’s starting to get painful to watch. After the Panthers game I went to tonight I was going to say that the best part of being a Panthers fan is being a Rangers fan. I stand corrected. At least the Panthers don’t have much expectations to live up to.

  2. Boyle is lazy, especially in any play that involves moving the puck up the ice (this includes, defensive and neutral zone). He has been brutal clearing the puck at times. Boyle is clearly the player that Torts is in love with and won’t punish even if playing bad.

    Stralman is suffering because he has no legit defensive partner (Eminger or Bickel, neither gets the playing time necessary to form a solid 3rd pair). The team plays with 4 defensemen for 90% of the game.

    Newbury is the Whales leading scorer. It makes no sense to call up Hartfords best play and play him for 5 minutes and force him to fight. That’s not what he does in the AHL.

    It makes even less sense to sit Bickel and Newbury for the entire second period and send them out ice cold to fight. They got hemmed into their own zone, only to stop the play by starting a fight that Newbury didn’t look like he wanted to even be in. No momentum created and a waste of time. Poor coaching decisions.

    What is the point of having 12 forwards when you will only use 8. Why send Kreider to the press box if all he is going to see is poor coaching and benched players. Legit teams don’t use players like this.

  3. Torts’ *body language* in that presser is not too promising. Honestly the confidence level from 10 days ago that I had has made about a 165 degree turn.

    Has anyone asked him recently about face-offs and if he is concerned about that? He cant be blinded by his faith in Richards and Stepan and not see how terrible the % are especially at crucial times.

  4. I do feel for Newbury. Seems like he’s been called up and sent down about 30 times. Probably doesnt even know over half of the names of his NHL teammates and yet seems like every game he is called up for he fights. It’s just a problem when he is supposedly the best player in Hartford. Do we really have no one there that can play or is everyone just “coincidentally” in a slump that has lasted for 2 years making Newbury the only call up option?

  5. I don’t think Boyle is lazy. He lumbers with the puck and doesn’t use his size nearly enough. His physical game is not too intimidating either. Not quick handed either. not bad, just not that good.

    I doubt Tortorella told Newberry to fight. This is not the first or second call-up. He takes stupid penalties in the AHL too. almost regularly.

    Kreider was playing poorly, I have no trouble with him watching a few games.

    That doesn’t mean this team isn’t hurting right now, but I have faith based on recent history.

  6. Carp will Kreider ever play again. I followed him earlier in the season with the Hartford Whale & he did very little. No team Grit & passion this year. Did we over achieve last year.? How do we get it back.? Apparently the chemistry has changed quite a bit from last year. Can this team constructed as it is play the rest of the season the way we played last year. We’re a little slower (a lot). I miss the full court press type of hockey that we played all last year. We scored by playing great defensive hockey forcing other teams to make mistakes. I think this team has to forget the press clippings it has been reading.

  7. so Prust is making $2.5 Million. Rupp gets $1.5 Million and Asham 1.0 million.

    I would rather have Prust than have those two sitting on the bench. Just sayin.

  8. Great review, Carp. 100% correct on the Bickel fight.

    But that pp unit is awful. You can say that it’s guys not moving, but someone should get canned from the coaching staff. Send a lesson to everyone that impotence is not an option. whatever they are doing (and have been doing for a while now) simply isn’t working at all.

    It’s terrible that Torts only uses two lines. These guys are going to get wiped out and then beaten even worse over the season if the Rangers can’t even consistently and confidently roll three lines.

    Put in Biron. Not because Hank has only been kinda great, but to shake it up.

  9. Carp,

    Not to beat a dead horse or be obvious guy, do they watch video of the Hawks or the Penguins PP to get ideas? Is it a coaching design flaw? I know everything is magnified here but why is NYR so poor on the PP…esp 5 – 3 – and i mean why beyond the usual “execution” or “moving the feet”? Is there no answer? I love Torts and I’m not anywhere near a ledge but I do wonder if all the constant changing makes everyone too skittish on the PP so no one is playing free enough to get it done. My team I play on is much like the Rangers, we typically get buried on the PP but that’s cuz we mostly suck and didn’t grow up playing the game.

    Faceoffs are yet another ridiculous haunting issue.

    Hags definitely has to up his game

    Love Stu taking the Tostitos out of Tostito

    Agree on Newbury…imagine Torts loves him for it….prolly hopes the guys with more secure jobs would take a page

    The whole pp set up and all just boggles me … esp 5 on 3

    Agreed with Tomb….love Rupp but Prust > Rupp + Asham

    That is all

    Thank you

  10. –Dubinsky has four shots, no points and a minus-3 rating in four games. “Look, I know I’m not going to score 40 (goals),” he said. “I’ve said that all along. But I’ve got to contribute. I’ve scored 25 in this league before. I’ve got to contribute offensively.”

    poor Dubi

  11. I don’t offer these things as excuses, but no camp, no preseason games, and a 25% roster turnover is what we’re witnessing. The short season magnifies things, but they will get better… much better. Having said that, the power play is a huge problem and clutch faceoffs are not far behind. And these are two areas where I do blame coaching to a large degree. Halperin was brought here in part for his prowess in the faceoff circle, and yet he isn’t getting the chance to produce in key situations. The coach is too quick to shorten his bench and doesn’t allow payers to get into any kind of groove. As for the powerless play… maybe it’s time to bring in a specialist like Brian Leetch to coach that. It’s fairly clear that this coaching staff and these players have no answers.

  12. Damn it ! Got blacked out last night by gamecenter live. So got to catch up today, although given the result might just watch the condensed game, especially if Bickel is 3rd star!

    Hello NHL the game is not on national TV over here jackwagons, let me watch please!!

    I wonder how long the leash on a few of these guys is before Slats starts trading more than minor leaguers?

  13. Morning peeps, hopefully this team finds its identity sooner then later. As I mentioned a few days ago 4-3 after their first 7 games would be good. Technically still attainable.

    Off to the hospital, wifey is giving Birth to my second little guy! :-)

  14. You’ll be blacked out another three or four times over the next week, UK, looking at the schedule on Premier Sports.

  15. Look, Brad Richards has been nothing short of woeful these last few games, stretching back to game 6 against the debbies when he stood there watching Henrique. He’s been making some brutal decisions with the puck, awful shot selections on 5 on 3s, drop passes at the blue line that get turned over, missing passes, trying to skate through 3 people, and never dumping the puck when he’s supposed to. How bout the return of Del Zaster too?

    Not for nothing, about the PP, I don’t see the Rangers using their extra guys at all, not even in the neutral zone. If they can’t skate it into the zone, they just dump it along the boards, which is fine, except they either dump it to the goalie, or straight ahead, they never overload the far side with 2-3 players and have them win the battles along the wall for the puck. Then if they’re lucky enough to get in the zone, there is no movement, you have 2 of the premier snipers, and Richards takes knucklepuck shots from the point that always get blocked except for a lucky one against Boston? Awful

  16. Bichel 2.08 Newbury 5.00 Halpern 6.10 TOI Only 19 shots on net They have us at 33 _ 27 on draws i must have watched a differant game Torts needs to try Boyle on the PP he is the only one winnihg the draws BR was terrible again with the 5 on 3 . They just need tio try a differant combo 5 on 3 and even 5 on 4 . If it isn’t working change it

  17. If they are basing my blackouts on the most obscure sports channel you could find on UK TV then thats ridiculous. I can see their schedule and it 3 Ranger games in the next week, as long as i can watch a few hours later i suppose i can live with that.

    If they let a little known network, who are only available via satellite (not Cable or BT TV) and have been known to cut away to show live Greyhound racing in the middle of a live NHL game then the NHL really are clueless as to how to attract foreign fans. The way to attract a casual fan is ease of access, and with ticket prices high, TV coverage sketchy and online hockey subject to constant TV blackouts its not going to bring in the casual fan (in N.America or Europe) that is going to grow the league revenue.
    The NFL got a lot of fans over here because we used to be able to watch a live game on national TV (not cable or satellite) each week and the put together a decent highlights show each week with one or two condensed games.

  18. Good morning, boneheads!

    Nice review, Carp…
    Step off the ledge, folks.

    Traveling with 6 m. old is fun….

  19. I hate to say it big the Flyers beat the Rangers last night playing “Ranger” hockey of last year. They out worked us, it felt like eternity on there first goal. It was only a matter of time before that puck was going to make it into the back of the net.

    We had one nice at all night Gabby’s pass to Pyatt. If Nash had scored the goal on the 5 on 3 we might had a different out come.

  20. save of the game was by Bryz on Nash on the 5 on 3 Needed to play harder this was a game they should have won with the Flyers playing short handed .As for the PP maybe try Boyle in front of the net especially on the 5 on 3 just stand there thats all . At some point the PP has to starty to click you would think . Did Halpern and Rupp play last night or were they scratched LOL

  21. 5 guys under 10 minutes of icetime. outshot 33-19. nothing has changed with this team and unless torts changes his mindset, the tank will run dry again short of a cup.

    just get torts a leather jacket already.

  22. TherealMikeyNJ on

    To me our bottom six is really the major problem

    Yeah it’s early and only 4 games in. But I feel Rupp is going to be even more useless than last year if that’s even possible.

    Halpern gets no minutes and is invisible when we does play

    And Boyle like said above is mediocre so far at best

    Pyatt is a nice surprise

    Asham will be a good addition once he comes back

    I would bench Rupp, put kreider back in, and maybe sign someone like Jason arnott who can score and is responsible in the d Zone.

    Again top six are fine, just need to get going more( step, hags)

    Still not worried though only 4 games in, and pretty much with our record to start the year last season

    Now go get your shine box!!!

  23. I think everyone is just “off” on their game. You have roster changes and that just takes time to gel. That being said, you’d like to see more jam from the team in general.

    Overall they aren’t hitting anyone, and if the only reason that is happening is because Prust isn’t here, that’s a huge problem that actually has nothing to do with Prust.

    Nash is a Monster and looks like he is going to be a big contributor this year.

    Michelletti kept talking about how throughout the league on the 2nd of back to back games the team hasnt played as well. I know he is a homer but there has to be some truth to that.

    Lets not lose faith everyone, the team should be just fine. As long as they don’t fall behind too far early, they will make up some ground. We don’t need to end up first, just get in the playoffs and go from there.

  24. Hete are my top three excuses for the game
    1) tough bruin game makes for a tired team on the back end of the back to back!
    2) amtrak travel sucks the life out of you
    3) dangerous to play a flyers team missing weak players like briere, hartnell,etc

    I think we need to add top 3 excuses as a regular feature rather than listing the same 3 dmen and 3-4 forwards after each game…just sayin

  25. I can understand Premier wanting blackouts, UK, though definitely not for games they aren’t even showing live, as they were at first. But completely agree that the NHL has screwed up entirely by not having any interest in securing a rights deal with a broadcaster that has the capability to show games in HD and is available to all. Just completely shortsighted.

    I’m reluctantly paying for Premier, but the picture quality is really poor and I can’t say I’m enthused about them having so many Rangers games and blanket coverage (and blackouts) during the playoffs.

  26. Correction to my closing statement..
    ..and Hank….of course…because even on his worst nights..he is a still a top 3player…full effort every game!

  27. Lets lose another 5 in 6 … will CARP then sound the alarm bells and agree that these clowns all belong in the EHL?

  28. I was watching in a bar full of Flyers fans since I was blacked out. I missed the Bickel fight while en route. I thought Sestito’s nickname was “Fantasy Camp”

    I thought the first 3 games looked nothing like last year’s team. Last night, I thought the effort level was closer to last year. But then again, that wasn’t the Bruins, who I think are the best team, 1 to 20, in the conference.

  29. When people are saying somebody must be “accountable” for the PP failures, they really mean firing somebody, right?

    Obviously, something has to change with the PP, but the overall performance of the team (OK, not this year so far…) doesn’t justify The Tort or Sullivan being canned, the latter’s role in developing the D-men outweighs any of his failings as a PP coach, IMO.

    As to what should change…agree that Richards on the point just isn’t working – not a big enough shot himself and has nobody else to dish one-timers to, whether from the point or the circles. Add another coach to specialise in the PP? Makes sense in theory, but I’ll let Carp ask the coach about that one…

  30. LW – I’d understand the blackout to a degree if it were more widely available (ie on BT & Virgin). Its available this morning so thats bearable i suppose as it saves me staying up late at nights and i can just get up early and watch before i go to work.
    Its a 4 yr deal so unless Premier goes down the pan we’re stuck with them. Lets hope they don’t put the gamecenter price up too much next season!

  31. I still think the complaints about depth are being overdone (how many worried about overplaying the top six also happen to think the bottom six is full of garbage?), but starting to lean towards acquiring another third-line type if things continue. Worrying about whether Newbury, Bickel or whoever plays on the fourth really shouldn’t be a big deal.

  32. I have paid for CenterIce the last 3 years through DirecTV, but Snider makes Comcast SportsNet unavailable on DTV. So the only time I get to see a Rangers/Flyers game here are the few times they are on the NBC mothership.

    The Flyer’s (and Comcast’s) owner is at odds with DTV so he punishes local viewers (I live two hours west of Philly) who do not buy Comcast. Brotherly love, eh?

  33. No idea how Premier’s business model works, UK, given the extremely niche (being kind) stuff filling the rest of their schedule. Going Michael Busto would not surprise me.

    GameCenter prices staying low next year = not happening.

  34. Carp, I agree with number 7 on the fight but I would like to have seen some life after Gaborik took his hit.

  35. I have to agree with tomb’s take on Prust. As much as I hated to see Dubinsky go, Prust is the one I want a mulligan on.

  36. Stranger Nation on

    Carp – thanks for the write up – great stuff

    Re #1 – we are not playing well down middle of all three lines so the team is going to suffer and not look pretty doing it. None of these three is a dominating two way player in size or speed. Looking at them one at a time:

    Richards – seems like he weighs 150 lbs the way he gets knocked around – defensively he is a liability so he needs to produce offensively – are we watching him get in shape during games? Needs to get off pp pt now – more Stralman (less DMZ)

    Step – has an unorthodox skating style so he never looks pretty out there even when he is producing. I like him and Cally together with Pie-hat or Kreider when he gets his bearings. Much better on pk this year.

    Boyle – BB is a love or hate him kind of player – fans want him to play bigger and at 6’7″ he looks big but has not reached the stride he made last season. Playing with Rupp is a challenge, but Hags needs to get it going. he has horrible hands – stick seems to have puck repellent on it.

    really just need to finish – not losing 7-2 games – all pretty close against good teams (save for pens). Lots of special teams play – pk is solid, pp needs work, most importantly cycling with the puck (movement!) to get D moving to set up easy passes and shots.

    Biggest problem last night were some mental errors – Cally not getting it deep on the change was a glaring one – probably just *fatigued*, right?

    expectations are a bee-atch, no?

  37. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I know some of you are worried but as Ari Gold from Entourage once said – “We’re gonna be alright.”

  38. All night we were winning faceoffs. Until we needed one in the offensive zone with seconds remaining. What did we lose there? 4-in-a-row?

    Hagelin had some jump at a few points which was good to see. Stahl looked more stable than before. But it all comes down to failing on a 4 minutes PP with 2 Minutes of 5-on-3. Got some good looks but, as Carp says above, you have to be able to get the puck to the forward on the weak side waiting on a slap shot. When Nash or Gaborik or whoever is sitting weak side, stick on the ice, tapping away for the puck…GET IT THERE. Come on. It’s a tap in if you can just make the pass through traffic (3 guys of traffic or 2 depending on where you’re standing on the ice). Which leads us to the last point. MOVE YOUR FEET. Please.

    Finally…am I the only one who thinks that Del Zaster gets worse as the game goes on and just has brain freezes in pressure situations? He must have given the puck away on that final PP about 3 times. Maybe cost us 45 Seconds with his total guess work passing.

  39. Rick Nash needs to find his game and start scoring. Once that happens things should fall in place.

    Diving in front of pucks is not a system for NHL players.
    Why is our captain constantly flopping on the ice to block pucks like a 4th liner?

    And I hated the signing of the guy from Princeton who is good on face-offs, Halpern. Hated it. He’s terrible.

  40. Oh…..and finally. What is this crap about fighting with visors on? I think it was McQuade who Newbury jumped for infringing on Hank’s personal space. Well, it’s got to be an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty to enter a fight wearing a visor and not take it off. Especially when the guy you’re fighting has no visor. That Eüropansy crap has got to stop. Seriously.


  41. Bickel had to be itching to Fight Tostitos. I mean…defending Halpern? I know it’s Tostitos but that hit wasn’t even that bad. Just a blind side hit while Halpern has his head down.

  42. Honestly, if I had to play Boyle on the PP, I would throw Pyatt out there. Maybe even Bickel. Boyle just doesn’t play big. I don’t know how his nickname was ever Big-Rig. Huge body to throw in front of the net but almost any Defenseman is going to be able to move him right out of his screen position.

  43. Last night’s game looked like the fellas on both teams got a call yesterday afternoon, ‘hey we’ve got 2-3 hrs of ice time at 7PM at Wells Fargo, wanna play? They looked like they haven’t been coached because they haven’t been coached. Still, why such an anemic 5-3 and inability to win a face off is beyond me. The Flyers were ripe to be killed, Bryz totally sucks yet it was the Flyers throwing the puck on net and reaping the benefits. Last night….when there was skating room we tried to pass up ice, we did not find the open man w/ the puck, when the best option was to shoot we forced a pass, we’d dump the puck in to nobody etc. etc etc All that is all a result of no practice….we’re basically watching training camp right now and the score is secondary.

  44. if stepan hagelin and boyle dont pick up there play we are going no where this year. the depth is worse on 3rd and 4th line this year and if these three play suffers we will fight just to get into playoffs.

    boyle lost without prust.

    step cant win faceoff defend looks awful

    hagelin speed but whatelse.


  45. I will just keep complaining. This schedule kills us. Think about it. We begin with back-to-backs. So that’s no practice Saturday, Sunday and Monday (off day). Then we practice Tuesday. Back-to-Backs Wed. and Thursday so no Practice Friday (off day) followed by game day Saturday. That means, we Tuesday and not again until Sunday. 5 Days between practices. And three games we have to play with no practice.

  46. I would have taken Jason Arnott over Jeff Halpern myself. So I concur with people saying we should sign Arnott.

  47. My two cents on the power play situation: I think we all agree it is terrible and has been for a long time. I like Torts despite his playing favorites/mismanagement of players and think he should stick around. That being said, what he’s doing on the PP is not working at all and the blame for that has to fall on the coach. Either Torts or Sather needs to get a PP specialist into practice to bring some new ideas to the table, and if the coaching staff is too stubborn to agree to that then maybe it’d be time for a personnel change…but I think Torts wants to win and would be willing to have a PP specialist act as a consultant.

    As for the team’s play, I think they haven’t bought into the system or the grueling style the team played last year and it shows. Hopefully that’ll change…it isn’t time to panic yet but a few more losses and lackluster efforts and it will be.

  48. These pp fails are like marching into the red zone all season, and then walking away with only field goals, and only 1/4 of the time

  49. Hey LW, are you seriously recommending that kid? I don’t know enough about him to know whether you’re joking or not.

  50. are some of our important cogs just burnt out? maybe we all ignored or underestimated that possibility. What was the feeling around the post-Cup Bolts?

  51. Rangers didn’t sleep all night before game, celebrated first win. They couldn’t win face-offs, because pucks divided in two in their eyes.

  52. I expect Richards to be a bit sluggish. The guy just had the flu. Before that, he spent the entire offseason arguing with Gary Bettman and Co. Guy has to be a bit out of shape. It’s not like he was off playing in Eüropansyland or anything.

  53. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I concur Manny. Even though he was skating, its alot different when everyone is off during their own thing.

  54. Calling BB lazy is just plain silly, IMO. He works hard, but he’s not overly blessed with talent.

    What I find particularly frustrating about him is that for a man of his size, he gets knocked down/off the puck too easily too often.

    I don’t really understand that because there are times when he just rolls over people – I gotta figure he simply isn’t ready for the impeding collision too often.

    That, like FO prowess, is concentration….

  55. Panic does no good. Torts is a good coach and didn’t forget how to do it overnight. Maybe he is realizing, or maybe he suspected all summer, that he doesn’t have the all around depth his system demands. He must be wondering how else these Rangers could lose to a depleted, comprimised, banged up, mangled Philly goon squad.

  56. There was no excuse for last night. They’re coasting. We know that. Not so much of this team has changed since last year that we don’t know they can play better or harder. They just look spent and totally out of sync, which the former is totally unacceptable given how much time they’ve had for conditioning. The problem certainly isn’t lack of talent. I think with this group Torts needs to just say to his forwards, “GO.” This team is filled with thoroughbreds; Gaborik, Nash, Richards, Kreider, Hagelin… there was NO SPEED last night in the transition. The Flyers defense is swiss cheese. It’s horrible. The M.O. should have been to attack the Flyers with ferocity, and leave our D and Henrik to handle the one decent line Philly has.

    Ive said it before and I’ll say it again, if Mike Sullivan is responsible for the PP, then he needs to get fired. The PP has been awful for years, and while we’ve cycled through multitudes of players ranging from fringe NHLers to bonafide superstars, the two constants have been his coaching and the garbage production. This year we field an all-star team as our first PP unit, and they can’t even manage a shot on goal up two men. It’s embarrassing. Th Rangers need to hire a PP specialist who can figure out some system that can best utilize the talent these guys have. They’re natural goal scorers.

  57. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    For how badly the Rangers were outhustled and outmuscled in last nights game, they were still in the game with 10 minutes to go in the third. It came down to one thing – execution. It is inexcusable to get only 2 shots off during a 5 on 3 for a full 2 minutes with that talent out their.

  58. Just about every power play I see around the league is better than the powerless version the Rangers keep throwing out there. It’s not rocket science. Here are the things others do that the Rangers don’t:

    1- Move without the puck, instead of standing down low at the goal line like a table hockey player locked into a slot in the ice.

    2 – Quick puck movement, taking what’s there and not forcing passes through traffic.

    3 – Shoot from the point without hesitation and before the shooting lanes become clogged with multiple bodies.

    Since there’s no natural PP quarterback with an intimidating shot, it’s going to have to be more versatile than that. The biggest problem I see in that regard is lack of movement. If you move you may open passing and shooting lanes and you may force the other team to follow you. As it is now, the Rangers make the PK much easier. Point shots that don’t get through or bad angle shots from forwards too low and too wide.

    It’s hard to watch. With a potent PP they probably win game 1 and last night even with uneven efforts overall. I know you can’t score on every 5 on 3, but you should be able to make the goalie work for it.

    4 – Gain the zone with speed before setting up.

  59. I was at the game last night….beyond the first line, and maybe Pyatt, there is nothing. I was sure they would score on that 5 on 3 and was stunned when they didn’t.

    Hagelin is playing like the lovechild of Scott Gomez.

    Boyle and Rupp are lumbering around like Frankensteins on skates.

    Stepan seems slow and lost, and there is little of the skill that he demonstrated last year.

    Nash is the only player who has consistently impressed me so far, and even he could stand for some improvement.

  60. Why the heck is Center Ice in analog? It’s pathetic. All that money and it looks worse on my new TV than it did on my old crappy TV. What gives? Why not HD across the board?

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Ugh. Brutal display, especially from the dot.

    Carp, I thought Stepan had actually been playing well before last night. Last night was bad for him though.

    Speaking of him, they finally almost did the right play on the 5 on 3, but Nash delayed his pass just a little too long and then Stepan couldn’t tee up the shot quickly enough. It’s the easiest thing in the world. Start with the puck high at the point. The D forms a triangle with one man down low, two guys up top. Then you make two quick passes. Pass one is from high to low, to a guy on the side of the net. Then, before the triangle can rotate to two men down low and one up high, you pass it across the goal to a guy waiting on the other side for the one-timer. After playing some back and forth high-low with Gaborik, Nash delayed a little but then sent a near-perfect bullet pass across to Stepan, who, instead of trying to one-time it or just redirect it towards the goal, tried to first stop the puck with his skate, giving Bryz just enough time to get across and make the stop. If Nash could’ve sent that pass a little more quickly or if Stepan can shoot that more quickly, you prevent Bryz from getting set to be square to the shot. But that’s the play. That’s all you have to do on a 5 on 3.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, Gaborik on the point on the PP and at the end of the game, why? He is not a good point guy. Let him be the guy at the side of the net to bury the puck.

    Pleasantly surprised by Pyatt, though.

  63. Still have not addressed the need for a guy with a rocket from the PP point that has existed since long before Sather was deluded into thinking Wade Redden had one…

  64. Stranger Nation on

    how many of the top 10 reasons why Rangers would lose from yesterday have been sited so far?

  65. Stranger Nation on

    Challenge with top 3 forwards are lefty – Gabby, Nasher and B Rich – someone will be off wing – throw MDZ and even superstar of the moment Pie-hat and they are all lefties. Besides Cally and Step no other righties with decent hands on team. Heck even Kreider is a lefty.

    One of the reasons you need Stalman at the point – he is a righty shot

    1st PP Unit: MDZ, Stalman, Richards (no point), Nash, Cally (on crease)

    2nd PP Unit: McD, Girardi, Step, Gabby, Pie-hat (on crease)

    The problem is *lack of balance*

  66. again, what would Bryan Trottier have done in this situation? Besides polishing his six rings after a wake and bake plus a bloody mary?

  67. Gaborik needs to be right next to the net or in the slot ready to one-time the puck at the goal. Point = bad.

    We need someone on the point like Strahlman or Girardi. Someone that can put the puck on the net. Del Zaster cannot hit the net. Strahlman has a pretty good shot so I’m fine with him on the point. Girardi has a weak shot but it’s ACCURATE. Just get Nash and Gaborik down low and let them smack in some rebounds.

    I don’t know about firing Sullivan guys. We could always ask Tort why he only has one assistant. Maybe suggest he hires another assistant that is a PP specialist. Because it’s bad. Unacceptably bad for a team with this much talent.

  68. Staal – You take it back. I hate you. Sorry. I can’t believe I yelled. You’re the best. I HATE YOU. Why did you say that. Seriously. Sorry. I yelled again. Gosh. What is wrong with me!

  69. The reality is, that was an undermanned Flyers team last night. We shouldn’t take anything away from “being in the game” considering they were missing Hartnell, Briere, and Schenn (spelling?).

    It’s still early in the season, but 4 games in, they’ve played maybe 2-3 good periods out of 12. That’s just not going to cut it. They aren’t carrying the play (or the puck) enough.

    Not sure why this is happening – I know we lost “glue” guys from last year, but the core is still there, especially the defense. The powerplay now has a new sniper (Nash). Yes, the second unit lost Dubi/Artie, but the PP should be a definitive upgrade.

  70. Stranger Nation on

    every line has a new line mate – for a team that relies on playing as a unit this is a big adjustment. Seems like the refs are calling it tight (see Girardi and Nash penalty against) or not (see Grossman bend Gabby like Gumby) but specialty units will play a huge role.

    Most importantly , out D which has had NO turnover should be a strength and it has been average.

  71. “When people are saying somebody must be “accountable” for the PP failures, they really mean firing somebody, right?”


  72. If you’re not going to fire someone how would you suggest holding them accountable? I think, in the context of “holding accountable”, the only alternative to firing someone is hiring someone to fill that extra Assistant coaching slot.

  73. I just wanted to say I hate Torts, Boyle, Rupp, Asham, Gaborik, Staal, Nash, Lundqvist, Richards, Halpern and Del Zotto. I want Dan Boyle, Ryan Getzlaf, Scottie Bowman, Illya Kovalchuk, Scott Hartnell, Evgeni Malkin and Roberto Luongo…that’s the roster I won With on ps3!

  74. Nash almost tied this game. Mr Universe did make a couple really nice saves last night.

    If Torts puts the super line together and they don’t score, this team is going to lose more than they win. They were all dog tired last night in the 3rd period. Torts had 2 lines going the end of the 2nd, and most of the 3rd period.

    What is scary is looking at Ottawa, Tampa Bay, Carolina, Montreal are all looking better than the Rangers right now. Even Toronto is putting in goals. Granted the Rangers have played only Boston, Pittsburg, & Philly, the 3 toughest teams in the east. Right now the Rangers are NOT playing at the same level as last year. Right now the skilll of the elite, players is getting out worked in all 3 ends of the rink.

  75. I agree Manny. Gaborik’s weapon of choice is the wrister, which is useless so far out on the point. Gaborik and Nash need to get in between the circles, open in the slot for a quick shot. Plus there needs to be a big body to work the top of the crease. This isn’t rocket science.

  76. That was completely uninspired last night. Probably the most boring Rangers/Flyers game of the last 3 years. Yuck. Was a total snoozefest, regardless of the outcome.

  77. It really _isn’t_ rocket science. Which is part of the reason that I think the fans are completely fed up with the inability of this team to have an effective PP. Especially when it counts. Like, say, down 1-2 with a 4 min PP, half of which is 5-on-3. Our 5-on-3 PP is running at 25% so far. I mean. Come on guys. Gotta put the biscuit in the basket when it counts most.

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t even think you need the big body in front. If you keep your feet moving so the defense has to move and can’t clog the lanes as easily, you can create good opportunities from the circles or through back door/soft ice plays.

  79. And also, a classic Rangers issue: Gaining the zone with the man (or 2 Man) advantage. Del Zaster must have lost the puck 3 times trying to get it into the zone. And then we play dump and chase with a man advantage. Jesus.

  80. Rob in Beantown on

    Especially cause we have the skill on the first two lines at least to skate in with the puck. Does Torts want them playing dump and chase in every situation? Even if we dont have the grinders anymore to win those battles on the boards?

  81. Doodie: Would your opinion change in 5-on-4 and 5-on-3? I think the big body is more useful in the 5-on-4 situation. Opinion?

  82. >>Why the heck is Center Ice in analog?…Why not HD across the board?

    Even if I end my lockout protest, I will not subscribe to that package until I can watch every match in HD.

  83. Need to roll 3-4 lines consistently first 2 periods then play it by ear.
    Play Kreider & live w/ some mistakes


    *** Keep Richards off of the point on PP ***
    1st PP unit: Cally/Richards/Nash – Stralman/McD
    2nd PP unit: Kreider/Stepan/Gaborik – Girardi/DZ

    Need to get pucks thru – crash the #$%%^ net

    Halpern needs to take more important draws if that’s what we got him for.

  84. >> I can’t believe I’m even going to type these words: Ilya Bryzgalov was actually pretty good.

    Rangers always had a way of making every goalie look unbeatable.

  85. why live with Kreiders growing pains when torts(bad decision) can play the likes of stars such as ; rupp, asham, stu bickell, and chris newbury. those stars obviously have a lot of upside and ring great skill to the dance…

    you need at least 9 forwards that have at least the chance to put the puck in to an open net, do the rangers? boyle is 3rd or 4th line material his offensive outburst 2 years ago was a mirage…..

    if you had a defense that could score that would change the equation a little, there defense cannot score. i give mcdonagh and stralman more offensive ie PP time they have not proven they cannot score. others have..mdz is not the high end offensive d man they thought they might get. good player but does not get his shot thru enough etc..

  86. Manny, just like you said, even if it bruises Sully’s ego, you bring in another coach to manage the power play.

  87. I’m giving the Rangers 10 games to show something. By then they’ll have played everyone in the division (some multiple times) and roughly a quarter of the season will be gone. I’ll deal with the bumps until that point. But right now, they don’t look very good and the folks being slotted in to alleviate the problems are not long term solutions.

  88. rangers peppered bryz with 20 shots…

    even the rangers inept offense of 2 years ago could not score but they could shoot. they are not even getting shots on goal. need 30 SOG per game .

    get everything to the net and look for rebounds etc. the top unit tries to make plays why would our plumbers on the 3rd or 4th line do anything other then try to get the puck on net…..

    torts showing kreider how it is done. some times he is a dinasour….kreider needs to PLAY…..

  89. My understanding is that Tim Kerr is now a very successful real estate tycoon down on the NJ shore – well, at least he was before Sandy

  90. almost every team in the league runs that backdoor 5-on-3 setup now and it never works. granted, the Rangers look worse than most but they’re far from the only team to look inept with a 2-man advantage.

  91. 3rd line material Boyle plays on the 3rd line, no?

    I suppose when players talk about being accountable, they mean they will have their TOI cut if they don’t perform. So maybe Tort and Sully could similarly be forced to just not coach for parts of games (e.g. not at all in the third period or when up or down by a goal late)?

  92. maybe you should find out who it is before firing somebody …

    maybe they’re still working off the dry-erase board Perry Pearn left.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, no, I think it’s even less useful on a 5 on 4. Too many bodies make shots even more difficult to get through.

  94. I don’t think it’s an issue of firing someone. Maybe just getting some fresh perspective on how to effectively score with a 1 or 2 man advantage and the game on the line.

    Benoit Allaire? He can coach that situation in reverse.

    But it makes me nuts. How can a team be so good at the PK and so bad at the PP. If you know how to kill a penalty then you know what the other team is going to do to try and score on you. So do that!

  95. Fair enough Doodie. Good point for thought. The umbrella style PP has been used pretty effectively against us. Might be time to try it.

    Thanks Fat Guy. It’s tough for Elijah having a background in Desert warfare to now translate that to the ice surface. Also, he’s wearing robes. Not the best for commanding the room.

  96. Manny – Hey, anyone who can make wine cups shake without actually touching them would get my attention even if he was only wearing Carp’s G-string

  97. Doodie Machetto on

    Our PK has gotten away from what made it good and has gone too far into just trying to block shots. What made our PK good was solid positioning, active sticks, and when needed, blocking shots. Now it seems like the whole strategy is to make sure you are in front of the puck at all times so if there is a shot, you can block it. All that leads to is a bunch of chasing the puck around and flopping around on the ice. The positioning and shape are lost, and so just simple umbrella can cut us apart.

  98. Rob in Beantown – “Especially cause we have the skill on the first two lines at least to skate in with the puck.”

    THIS. I agree that we have guys who can skate with the puck and control it. It seems like other than Nash, no one carries the puck in the zone and keeps control of it. The MO seems to be “fling it as hard as you can around the boards and hope your opposite winger gets to the puck first.”

    I’m not saying everyone on the team should Kovalev it and try and beat 3 guys into the zone, but damn, don’t give up possession because there is a D-man in front of you. Hold on to it, gain the zone and curl back.

    As far as the PP, I have no idea who runs it. I’m guessing Torts handles it himself, but I have no idea. they seem to try that goalmouth feed thing at least once a game, and I think the opposing teams have scouted that move out pretty well. I think someone should really move to the slot between the circles as an option. The last few 5-on-4’s, our D men were pressured quite a bit. Not enough movement, and with guys standing in non-dangerous positions (along the boards for example) you are turning the man-advantage into even strength.

  99. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    How much more time do you allow Nash to play with Richards, even though Gabby and Richards had their inconsistencies last yr?

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    Sally, what did you get licensed for? Being awesome? Because I wouldn’t want you to get arrested for being awesome without a license.

  101. Carp with only Miller left developing in the AHL, our prospects are getting a little thin don’t you think?

    Not alot of options to pull from right now.

  102. Manny

    I do believe that we need a change in language. I don’t believe that this team knows how to [pass. They dump and charge and hope. They see a blue shirt and they throw the puck at it hoping he collects it. As long as it is in the general direction of it’s intended, they seem content. But when it is along the home team’s blue line, all that does is spring unimpeded breakaways against Ranger goal. And they don’t do this once in a while.it,s a constant ,and it’s killing Lundqvist who has to face these breakaways.

  103. Stranger Nation on

    biggest issue – offensive zone puck possession – doesn’t always mean ‘wind and grind’ game but moving skates, making tape to tape passes and going to open space.

    Problem solved…next!

  104. Stranger Nation on

    Re Noberries – he DID NOT have to start that fracas – that was ill advised on multiple fronts:

    A – McGinn could kick his assen
    B – McGinn had a visor on
    C – McGinn’s actions did not warrant the NoBerries response
    D – brother Bickels was right next to hiim and would have handled the situation much more effectively.

  105. Newbury is brought up to do what? Not fight? Score? Come on. He was looking for a chance to make an impression.

  106. Manny don’t forget Korpikoski! He even scored a goal last night.

    Who did we get for Korpedo? Lisen???? Not sure if that worked out for us?

    Korp would look good on our 3rd line right now.

  107. Nietszche also said, “There is no God” and that won’t go well with Mike Rupp a/k/a Bible Thumper.

  108. Make an impression by playing solid defense for a forward, not committing any penalties, being responsible with the puck, blocking shots.

  109. I too was apalled at the sight of that guy initiating a punch out while wearing full plastic shield
    helmet against a guy who was himself bare headed. That’s one thing about Asham that grew my respect some time back, when his opponent was wearing no mask and Asham doffed his own helmet completely, and they went at it…nobly I might add.

  110. But as Carp said, Newbury is here to replace Arron Asham. We didn’t sign him for his solid play, ability to avoid penalties and block shots.

    Has Newbury (who is what, 31?) ever been called up and _not_ fought?

  111. Yes, Blueberry and Asham are both here only to block as many faces with their fists as possible

  112. Since nobody took heed of my Evander Kane requests, I now propose we pursue Dougie Murray from SJS.

  113. a leftie shot, yes, but it would mean more Elin Nordegren sightings in the stands, which for me is worth at least one pp goal per game

  114. Yea but, come on Fat Guy, we don’t need any more players on our team with women painted on their helmets.

  115. Stranger Nation on

    Murray does not shoot much but consider the crease clearing defenseman problem solved

  116. That’s right, Stranger Nation!

    SJS has strong top three with Boyle, Burns, and Stuart. Vlasic is no pushover either. I think we could Pilfer him for a decent pick and a defenseman in return.

  117. Sather should have gave Gomez $700 for Gomez to come back :)

    Trade Gomez to get Gaborik & McMonster, then get him back for a dime on a dollar.

    Now THAT would have been pouring the salt into the would just a little don’t ya think?

  118. Stranger Nation on

    Re Noberries – if we needed a guy to try to injure someones fist with their face, Rupp would gladly do that. Oh wait, he is not too valuable on the third line to risk being in box for 5 mins

  119. That game last night was unwatchable for me. It seemed like it was in slow motion or something. A big snoozefest! C’mon Rangers-get it together!

  120. I actually would *LOVE* a crease-clearing Defenceman. Don’t we have that in Mcll(w)Rath? What’s he waiting for?

  121. Carp we lost to the Devils last year in the Conference finals because their 3rd and 4th lines outskated the Rangers, and they rolled all four lines for a large portion of the six games.

    It’s going to be a long year if Torts doesn’t break up the top line and have more of a balance.

    Put them together on the PP, and in the 3rd if your behind. But to work them ever other shift isn’t going to get us any deeper.

    How do they fix this?

  122. I would like to see:

    Hags Richards Gabby
    Kreider Step Nash
    Cally Boyle Pyatt
    Rupp Halpern Asham

    That top line really found their groove last leason. It is worth a shot. I do not want Nash Richards Gabby together all the time. Maybe if we are down in games or on the PP, but that is it. Spread it around.

  123. Good joke: “What do the Leafs and a lawnmower have in common?”

    Answer: They’re both in the basement in the winter.

  124. Yea, Kenny. I think it might be for women? Like someone at the NHL saw Coyote Ugly for the first time last week and decided, “Hey! Ladies LOVE Cowboy hats! Ladies love Hockey….”

    You can figure out the rest.

  125. they need hags, kreider, and stepan to become top 9 consistent contributors which they should be able to do. if that is the case this team can go places they will have 9 legit forwards and the defense will come..

    again i give mcdonagh and dtralman more PP time.

    the ennefectiveness on the Pp has already cost them points. 5 on 3 1 for 3 on the season…

  126. No fair blaming Newbury for anything last night he did exactly what he is paid to do, others did not.

    Another interesting question – are Taylor Hall, and Ryan Nugent Hopkins, and Tyler Seguin, and Logan Couture, and Tarasenko – are and or/were all of those guys much better in terms of their play away from the puck and in the defensive zone than Chris Kreider is? I recognize those guys are all better than Kreider, but they basically are told, I assume – as he was during the playoffs – to just go play and they are able to do that. Is Torts system that much harder to play? or do those guys just stink defensively but make up for it by having the puck all the time?

  127. 5 on 4 Power play is more about poetry than mathematics, IMHO. Most players can add, but they can’t rhyme.

  128. also try gilroy over bickell. why not? brings some more skill and if he is soft in the d zone play him the same 5 minutes you play bickell or sit him.

    why not?????

  129. Rangers need more from Boyle if he is going to center the third line and not the fourth. Thought he ws better against Boston but there waws an awful lot of gliding going on everywhere all night and definitely him. He may not really be the scorer he was 2 years ago but with his size and speed he needs to win those puck battles – then again, so does everyone. I dont think Hagelin is playing as poorly as many seem to believe. Kreider has been awful but Torts needs to let him play a little.

  130. Stuart – If Bickel is going to be playing Forward then I am find inserting Gilroy over Bickel. The team will lose the one guy that can destroy someone with fists though.

  131. I would actually be fine with Gilroy playing that 4th line Wing position. At least he’s a Right Handed shot.

    But then I would want Bickel playing over Eminger.

  132. Gilroy could play wing. Guy has some decent moves. Didn’t he play wing a game or two for us two years ago?

  133. I would actually be fine with Murray playing on our second or third pairing. At least he’s a Dougie.

  134. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Agreed Manny and Nasty1. Who knows maybe even sees a shift on the good ole’ power play?

  135. I think he did play wing for us a few times. Kind of like the way Tort uses Bickel as a 4th line Wing sometimes.

    Gilroy being a Right handed shot could be pretty useful to us.

    And that would clear up some room on D for DOUGIE MURRAY (Happy Latona?)

  136. Afternoon all,

    Point #11 from Carp’s review of last night’s game was the ideal summation of many people who post here.

    Particularly the part about the Anti-Torts jackwagons who come crawling out of the woodwork like cockroaches at the first sign of adversity.

    I wrote this last year after game three and now I will write it after game four:

    The one thing the coach has that none of you haters ever will is a Stanley Cup Ring. Note: His 2004 Lightning team that won it all was barely over .500 halfway through the sesason. But their talent ultimately took them to the top.

    Let’s face it. We’re not talking about the ’75-76 Washington Caps here, folks. Yes, its only a
    48-game sked. It’s a “sprint” to the finish and your beloved heroes have stumbled out of the gate. Whatever. Have some faith. The overall talent, leadership group and coaching staff will right the Rangers’ ship.

  137. my first pp unit

    is staal and stralman at the points with gabby nash and richy up front

    2nd pp

    del zaster and girardi with cally pyatt step


  138. Kenny Albert Rules – does your Uncle Steve still bust your Dad’s balls relentlessly at your Seders?

  139. someone tell prust to call boyle and so its okay i left. you should move on

    boyle is lost without prust

  140. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Latona – I am not Kenny Albert, but i have had the pleasure of meeting him once and getting his autograph.

    Fat Guy – I do not have an Uncle Steve, so there is no ballbusting at our Seders.

  141. Yes – The Dolans should film a remake of “A Love Story” starring Boyle in Ryan O’Neals role and Prust as Ali McGraw’s

  142. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Fat Guy – Do you know anything about watching a Giants game on a ipad while at a One Direction concert?

  143. KAR – sounds tricky. I think what you’d need to do first is wonder why you are at a One Direction concert.

  144. 1 for 4 on 5 on 3’s is not good enough.

    gilroy i play on defense over Bickell, try him, bad results prucha him.

    the rangers are tough enough to absorb not playing bickell.

    asham can drop the gloves and others could if need be. fighting is totally overrated…against philthy maybe not but most nights the fighting is not required.

    why does no one mention mcdonagh on the PP? the guy is a great skater, very skilled, makes good decisions. why not it is not like MDZ is bobby orr……

    as bad as they have played a better PP and less penalties and they are right there…..

  145. I am more and more intrigued by the idea of playing Gilroy over Bickel or Eminger. He’s a right handed shot. And from what I recall, a good one. Wasn’t he supposed to be a big scoring D-Man? Brian Campbell?

  146. Why does the name Lloyd keep the second, silent L? Shouldn’t evolution have taken care of that already, like an unnecessary appendix?

  147. good points all, I never meant to look like I underestimate the value of a good appendix or how much fun it is to say Luh-Loyd

    better metaphor would have been a skin flap

  148. I’m very disappointed with Steps play. He has not improved and he is no longer a rookie or 2nd yr man. I am starting to believe he’s a nice 3rd liner and no more. I also realize that Dubinsky is mired in another Dubinsky (slump) but I miss his energy and intangibles. Especially his play along the wall.

  149. Hey, that was pretty good, cooscoos! You could replace Nabokov with Butler for a true skating line, though.

  150. 4generations 4 cups on

    meszaros was injured last night and we couldn’t get past the Flyers.

    Not really worried about the team, honestly. I know a lot of ranger fans immediately turn but this is preseason in my mind. Next game will tell a little more of a tale at least IMO.

  151. Next game will be crazy, get-out-on-the-ledge telling if we lose to the Make Believes minus Joffrey Lupul.

  152. Games against Toronto at MSG have been high-scoring the last few years, if I recall correctly.

  153. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Kreider in tomorrow. Asham’s return also a possibility.

  154. I’d like to see us get back to processing teams that have the nerve to visit our MSG shark tank

  155. I expect Kreider to play or be sent down. The Rangers aren’t going to Prucha the kid at his age and with his need to play, play, play.

  156. Fat GuyJanuary 25th, 2013 at 3:38 pm
    or Chad Pennington

    Nah, if Pennington’s slap shot is anything like his passing, then it will be like a feather hitting the goalie.

  157. I really hope Gilroy gets in the lineup so we can make fun of him by calling him “Girloy” (recent iPhone autocorrect dis)

  158. Chad must be putting in a ton of time on the Pensky file today…having seen him Charping with us much in this post

  159. That’s hysterical Evan. Did someone write that who regularly posts around here? It’s pretty accurate.

  160. Dubeliveau,

    Agree a bit on Stepan…biggest problem is that he seems incredibly soft and is starting to remind me a bit of Anisimov. Notice on special teams situations that there’s no grit to his game at all and that’s making him a far less productive center than he could be.

  161. I like the part about High School Freshmen sending degrading tweets to Rupp and Del Zaster. Also the part about recovering Sean Avery’s skates from the Hudson.

  162. I don’t think Kevin DeLury and Adam Herman (they write a great blog also by the way) post over here much but their comment section can be often very similar!

  163. so stepan is soft. why he does not fight? the guy is 23, has 3 points on the season and besides being horroble on faceoffs he is not exactly a bum..

    he is a passer, i think he does not shoot enough but a softie. do not see it..

  164. So if JT Miller is good enough for the AHL All Star game, but Kris Newbury isn’t, why isn’t JT Miller up in the NHL yet?

  165. Hey – at least Derek Stepan is right handed. We could always move him to the wing with Richards and Nash if need be.

  166. I believe he was. I know people (around here) were displeased with his play at times but I thought he looked surprisingly physical in the medal games for the size of the ice.

    2 Goals, 7 Assists, 2PIM, +5

    But remember. We had Gibson in goal. Who joined the ranks of Montoya and DiPietro as award winning WJC goaltenders.

  167. Torts: “We have to pick it up.”
    Press: “You have a point.”
    Torts: “No we don’t.

  168. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Last year, they were 0-1-2 after 3, and 3-3-3 after 9, including losses to the Ducks, Kings, Islanders, Oilers, and Leaves.

  169. like I said earlier, if this team is sitting at at or around .500 by February 8, they’ll be fine. have to wait a while to pass judgement.

  170. Torts is overreacting to the 48 game season. no reason to bench Kreider. have to let him play and live with mistakes. if he is sent down, they have to replace him with a top 6 type of forward. that would have to come from outside the organization, because there is no one in the organization that is top 6 material.

  171. I don;t know, it is probably true that all teams know each other’s breakout patterns, but the way that the Rangers get trapped in their zones for an hour and a half at a time makes you wonder if these teams attend Ranger practices. They seem completely predictable in their defensive and offensive zones. Nash is great. Gaborik is dangerous. Richards? Meh.

  172. If only we had several first-rounders to spare. Just another thing we let get away, eh, Carp?

    Hey hbomb. Welcome. When you’re around her a bit longer you will learn to understand sarcasm. I was making a joke.

    All we can hope for is that Tavares follows suit, like so many Islanders before him, and demands a trade.

  173. Stranger Nation on

    Sitting Kreider is not the be all end all if it is not drawn out. Love his game in POs but he has looked lost. Where is hurt them last night is double shifting Nash during first on second game of a back to back so he was a little gassed at the end.

    Benching kreider now and having understand his responsibilities is absolutely critical to his development. If it extends of some time they will need to move him down and get another body up here.

    Using the color coded Ranger Fan from earlier link – if we lose tomorrow night and Hank gets injured the answer is fire Torts, bench Step and bring up JT Miller.

  174. just joking hbomb. his contract will be worse than Drury’s in a couple of years. And the Islanders would not trade Tavares to the Rangers at any price, much less a price the Rangers would be willing to pay.

  175. Carp, the re-cap of last nights game… You must be kidding with #11? Taking a shot and questioning the loyalty of fans whose expectations in part are derived from the overstated prognastications of the expert pundits and beat writers who cover the team?

    As fans we root for the team, the sweater, the tradition, the legacy the franchise. Players and coaches come and go. The one constant in the equation are the fans.

    Are we not “entitled” to be critical of sub-standard effort? So what if our frustrations are sometimes voiced in what may be perceived as a personal attack. Who are more disloyal, the fan who criticizes a lack of effort, preparation and commitment or the loafing player, the player who fails to improve due to lack of effort, the player who fails to give his full commitment to team success or, the coach who remains clueless on who should play where on a power play, who should play with who on what line? Especially after the last 4 months, I think you should point your gun in another direction.

  176. … and I don’t see how it’s loyal to say this guy is useless, this guy stinks, this guy doesn’t try hard, etc. and then all of a sudden, everybody thinks Taylor Pyatt is great because he scores a couple of tap-ins. If he had zero goals, he’d be lumped right in there with Boyle, Rupp and Halpern … and you know it.

  177. Loyalty? When have the players, coaches, owners, league officials etc. displayed one iota of loyalty to the fans???

  178. loyalty was your word. I said i can’t believe people hate so many players (and coaches, in some cases) on their team.

  179. “They can’t wait for their team to lose”…Carp your words… Is that not questioning fan loyalty??

  180. Mitch Beck, who covers the Whale, is all over Newberry and his constant untimely penalties in his column today.

  181. As for Pyatt, more power to him for his early season goal scoring. Personally though, I have not been one to advocate judging the worth of a player to his team based solely on number of goals scored or points attained. I’ve watched this game long enough to understand there is much more detail in placing value on a players contributions to his teams success or failure than numbers. Stats are for rotisserie leagues, contract bonuses and personal awards.

  182. Boy, I’d hate to see the mood if we go 1-4…

    We’re still in pre-season IMO, and they lost the second of back-to-back games against a depleted (but rested) divisional rival with something to prove. I won’t take a serious look at the standings until after 10-12 games.

    And I know it’s a short season, so there is some implied importance to a fast start. But I’m happy they’re going through this now than in March or April. I believe the Rangers are a playoff team, and I will try to reserve my judgment of this team until after the playoffs are under way. That will be a big challenge…

    And Carp, you are so objective that I think it is difficult for you to understand the level of emotional investment some of us fans have. Venting can get pretty negative, but its good therapy.

    That said, I do appreciate the sanity check you provide, and I hope you post a good mental health hotline if these next few games don’t go well.

  183. here’s my random questions/thoughts…

    why do the Rangers let Gernander pick who to send up? Isn’t Schoney in tune with the Whale? Of course Gernander is going to pick the career AHL journeyman, just like he was. Newberry is their best player? If that’s true, the Rangers are in big trouble.

    and another thing! nobody on the team cares that Grossman is thumping Gaborik all night? Maybe we can trade for Mike Rupp. He sure isn’t on this team. Maybe he’s hanging out with Halpern cuz i have yet to see that guy play for the Rangers.

    On the positive side, Taylor Pyatt is pretty good. so’s that Nash guy.

  184. No, I mentioned the cockroaches who scurry out of their holes whenever there’s a tailspin to tear apart every player and especially the coach …. those people can’t wait for the team to lose. they never comment when things are going well, or even mediocre.

    then today I posted one such comment as an example.

    You tell me that guy’s loyal.

  185. you don’t need to jump in when a guy hits your guy clean. Grossman was a monster all night. If you don’t like that, hit Giroux.

  186. I know my wife loves me, but I only hear complaints from her. Maybe the same dynamic applies here…

  187. …and I don’t think some of her complaints would it make it through your censoring software.

  188. Look at all the new guys with the Whale:

    Mitchell R. Beck ?@HowlingsToday

    Ferriero gets his first point with the #CTWhale. Sends it low. Segal on the left goalline. Segal puts it off Maninno, Mashinter knocks it in

  189. Whale goaal!

    Mashinter from Segal and Ferrerio. These guys don’t look too bad in the AHL.

    Mashinter crashed the net, and he is 6′-4″ 230 lbs. I bet he gets a call-up this season.

  190. If the Rangers’ 4th line doesn’t improve, call that line up in 2 weeks to replace them.

  191. I don’t know why people keep referring to the penalty kill when commenting on the power play. I’ve heard too much “with such a good pk why is our pp so bad?” Their pk is pretty awful as well; they’re in the bottom half of the league.
    The Rangers were a half step, and at some times a whole one, behind philthy all night. That’s gotta be chalked up to not being in game shape yet, especially on the back end of back-to-back games. However something’s gotta change…. soon. This season’s too short to be relying on “don’t worry, they’ll be ok” for much longer. Plus they keep separating themselves from the top teams in the conference by losing top them. Now they have the added problem of having to play catch-up.
    If they’re still this (unbelievably) horrible after 10 games we’ll be allowed to start crying about the first rounder we gave up in the Nash trade, as our draft position could wind up being the best in years.
    They’ve got 6 more games…….

  192. Hey Carp, when the Panthers successfully kill off a penalty the p.a. system plays a loud “ch-ching” and occasionally announced the end of the kill. I know home ice advantage means certain things, but how can it be legal to help notify the players that way?
    Your thoughts? (or anyone else’s who feels like jumping in)

  193. Caps making some horrible passes on their power play. I hope one of them takes a slap shot and breaks Kovalchuckles’ foot.

  194. Look at that 5 on 3 for Devils (on 2 very questionable calls)… they had 1:37 2 man advantage. Scored about 20 seconds into it with moving the puck and moving their feet.

  195. Unbelievable. Elias just runs over Neuvirth and chico is defending Elias. I dont think ive seen a bigger goalie interference in about…ever.

  196. I was jealous of that Grossman hit last night! Imagine that was a Ranger thumping Giroux or Crosby?? That is the kind of check McIlrath brings to his game… Hope it carries into the NHL game.

    I was however wondering the same thing… But perhaps an Asham would have taken a shot at Giroux, if he had played. Nobody did anything about Gaborik almost getting maimed and then pushed around again later by the same guy. I’m usually someone who would rather the team get even by outplaying and winning, but when your 40 goal scorer gets rocked consistently you react in some way… It’s code!


  197. Hey! DiPietro is playing for the Fishsticks! 2-2 game after 2 periods. No body parts have fallen off of him yet…

  198. So, does Fatso get another shutout tonight? The early part of this season is getting very hard to stomach…

  199. That’s what home broadcasters are supposed to do… like Jack Edwards, Tommy Heinsohn. Defend your team against referee calls.

  200. Part of the issue is that the call was more or less indefensible. The other part is that it’s Chico.

  201. Our boys have yet to bring their “a” game because……..

    Boyle misses Prust…..

    Callaghan misses Dubi and Artie……..

    Torts misses Fedotenko…….

    Cmon guys…….I miss Messier, Graves, Leetch, Buekeboom and Richter but I still bring my “A” game……..every night. Just ask the wife ;-)

  202. Is it so much to ask to just have the Devils suck for a good stretch of time? Do they always have to be so good?

  203. Papa good point. Devils are playing as if Parise was never on the team. But the Rangers are obviously missing the high end skills and talents of 3 career 3rd liners. 2-1 Devils.

  204. Lev, you noticed that too, eh? Like Zach was never even there – nobody cares, they just keep rolling along.

    I think Lou Lam must have sold his soul to *The Devil* to have his damned team always so consistently ready to play…

  205. Yea and he said “I think Marty may have deflected that puck” when the puck was behind the net and Marty was still in crease….

    Jimbo, ye it sucks to see their young guys playing so well so early.

    LOL did you hear Chico about to start crying when he thought another penalty was going to be called? I dont know how anyone can listen to this guy.

    2-2 Caps!!

  206. Chico is in a special (no)class of his own!

    Yeah, Lev – nothing seems to affect those Devil-rats…..like “Old Man River”, they just keep rolling along…

  207. Did the Capitals stick not just get slashed in half in the corner, or did I miss something?

    I hate the Swamprats.

  208. It looked like Ovie got tripped on the way into the Devs zone, but no call on that one, of course…

  209. I’m so happy I wasn’t raised a Devils fan even though I’m in NJ. My life would have been horrible.

  210. I don’t know, Latona – they were terrible in their first couple of years, but they’ve been a pretty successful team (in the standings, not at the box-office!) for many years now.

  211. Oates will be fired within 3 weeks. They will continue to look for a coach that will re-ignite Ovechkin. Not sure if that’s possible, but Leonsis will keep trying. His cash flow depends on it.

  212. Have you ever interacted with a Devils fan, Jimbo? I would be a wretched freak with no morals! I don’t care about the success one bit. NYR are the best, even when they’re the worst.

  213. He has no new tricks…dare I say one-dimensional? I said that a few years ago and I got skewered on this blog…

  214. Yes, a few in my time, Latona – but one was a very good friend of mine, and he would not give me “the business” like a normal Devs fan would…..

    I thought it looked like a real trip, Lev, but the refs must have been looking elsewhare. Maybe they have something against Ovie….?

    How many coaches will it take!? They’ve gone through a bunch of them in the last few seasons, and nobody has managed to light a fire under him..

  215. I understand that, Jimbo. The only way to establish a friendship with a Devils fan is to learn of their fanship after you form a bond. I’m sure that was the case with you. Otherwise, all is lost.

  216. anybody happen to know what the story was that the NY Rangers “deemed inappropriate” and removed?

  217. That was exactly the case, Latona! He did not know I was a Ranger fan, and I didn’t know he was a Devs fan for the longest time….

    Kovalchuk is just so annoying – he sets himself up at that spot on the right side of the ice, and he just keeps swatting away at shots like a player in a table hockey game…shoot, shoot, shoot…and nobody can get to him and knock him on his damned ass…..

  218. “anybody happen to know what the story was that the NY Rangers “deemed inappropriate” and removed?”

    Yeah, what was that all about!? Got my curiosity up!

  219. NYR Fan …the good…… Ovie is fast north / south skater with an above average shot which is lethal when he releases it in stride. The bad……He does not have very good peripheral vision and unlike Malkin, Crosby, Kovlachuk, Datsyuk, he has never really made other players around him better. The ugly…….he is a selfish me first, team second athlete.

  220. Jimbo as much as I hate Kovlachuk , I must also give him props. He is a fearless beast, a game changer whose presence alone on the ice puts fear into opposing players. While he’s not quite as imposing as Malkin, he can certainly dominatle within a game. The true essence of a power forward. I had no idea he was this good when he played in Atlanta. Lamoriello’s best player acquisition. Oh if only Slats had the balls to get him.

  221. >>Chico…I dont know how anyone can listen to this guy.

    Since Mike Emrick left, I always mute the sound when trying to watch a Devils game. I just can’t take Chico and that new play-by-play guy.

  222. Papa Bear, we didn’t see him as often when he was in Atlanta, but you sure do have a point – he really makes the opposition have to “key” on him, and that seems to make things better for his teammates – and really, nobody gets in his “grill” – Avery (ducking!) was one of the only players who seemed to be able to annoy Kovalchuk and take him off his game..

  223. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    One of the things Kovalchuk has learned to do is not try to go 1 on 4 and try to carry the Devils like he had to do with Atlanta. Nash has some of that, still, and I hope Torts is working with him on that.

    Not complaining. This guy is awesome, Prust saying.


  224. was about women fans. implied they were not real fans and cared about players looks and the like

    puck daddy had article with screen shots included

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