Rangers-Bruins in review; Live Chat today at noon


REMINDER: We will have our third Live Chat of the season today at noon. Plenty to talk about, including the big win over Boston last night and tonight’s game against the 0-3 and very desperate Orange Crud. Be there. Or else.


Here’s the MSG link to John Tortorella’s post-game presser.


1) It figures, doesn’t it, that in a game where the Rangers are looking to regain their identity and find their jam that Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi go out and play like that. Pretty awesome that Callahan will still go down in front of a Chara shot after breaking his leg on one of them late in the season two years back. Awesome, but not surprising.

2) Goals can and will and do hide a lot of warts, and there were some warts in this game — blown lead, horrendous 5-on-3 and subsequent PP, terrible on faceoffs, benchings, penalties, giveaways, stickĀ  checks. And everybody looks like they’re trying harder when the puck goes in the net.

3) Please don’t take that previous paragraph to insinuate that the Rangers played poorly. But it was far, far from perfect. Much better, but there’s room for a lot of improvement.

4) Which takes us to Marian Gaborik. Some people will never be satisfied with what he does, ever, no matter what, but this guy has been the best signing the Rangers have made since, when, Wayne Gretzky? Just a humble superstar. Yeah, sometimes you don’t notice him, sometimes he doesn’t have jump. But man the guy can fly and has just an awesome pair of mitts. Of course, the next time he goes a game or two without a goal, some of you will complain about him disappearing or not trying. Whatever.

5) I said this yesterday. Gaborik loves to play and compete against his gigantic homeboy and fellow Slovak Zdeno Chara. Gets mashed and it gets him going even more. Gotta love that. He scored two goals with just quick hands and hand-eye coordination, and that first goal, on the tic-tac-toe play from Rick Nash and Brad Richards, not many in the game can put that shot where Gaborik put it. That’s also why he likes to play the off-wing.

6) That all-eggs-in-one-basket line was fun, too. I don’t think it will be permanent by any means, but we’ll see it from time to time, maybe most of the time if it goes like this.

7) Nash=Monster.

8) I thought Chris Kreider started out getting a piece of a couple of Bruins, using his size. Then dropped off. Then was benched. It’s going to take some time, but he will be worth the wait. I think he can learn it here. Not sure if the coach agrees.

9) About the draws. The Boston power-play goal started with a lost draw. The awful 5-on-3 started with two lost draws (by Brad Richards). Something’s gotta give here. Faceoffs have killed them or nearly killed them in all three games.

10) What a pile of crap, NBC overselling the rivalry because it’s “Rivalry Wednesday” or whatever it is. The Rangers and Bruins haven’t played an important game since the early 1970s. Boston is, at best, the Rangers’ sixth most hated rival — behind Philadelphia, the Devils, the Islanders, Pittsburgh and Washington, at least, and in some order. Then, NBC — after pretending to be all-in in this big rivalry game — runs from the telecast right into a football show. Not a single post-game interview. Nothing.

11) The one power play that went well had Anton Stralman on the point, and not just because of that one PP, but I think Stralman needs a lot more PP minutes. He has some puck smarts, good hands, and maybe the best point shot on the roster.

12) Taylor Pyatt moved up to Callahan-Derek Stepan line on merit, and Mike Rupp moved up to Kreider’s spot, with Brian Boyle and Carl Hagelin, on merit. And probably because John Tortorella felt he needed more bite against that growly Boston team.

13) Boston is really, really good. The Rangers only have to play the Bruins one more time.

My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marian Gaborik.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Ryan Callahan.
Kenny Albert Rules!’ Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marian Gaborik.
2. Rick Nash.
3. Ryan McDonagh.
Your poll vote for the Three Rangers Stars:
1. Marian Gaborik (33.77 %).
2. Rick Nash (24.5 %).
3. Taylor Pyatt (15.01 %).

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  1. Great Post Carp Was at the game tonite. Done a great job with the Garden overall considering that it was a massive morphing of two concepts. The upper level , I’m 210, 8th row, was in old 336, appears to be closer but far higher and steeper. Seats are about 2 inches narrower. The whole arena seems much brighter. Other than the tight seating the congestion in the food and bathrrom areas is worst than the old arena. Re: tonite’s game, it appears our team has gotten substantially slower. Little fore or back checking and did you count the hits. Miss Prust, Dubie and Fedo a lot particularly on the PK. The King is off a bit. Man is Pyatt slow but he can score. I hope Kreider doens’t become Torts new guy in the Doghouse, ie., Aves and Dubie. He sure can freek with one’s mind. I don’t really see how anybody can learn with splinters up their butt. Nash is really the total package; you can be taught to have such soft hands, great instinct and the speed he has. The tic-tac toe goal by Gaborik was well worth the price of admission. I hope Philly is not the perfect storm. re they in bad shape.

  2. I think Kreider will be given a few more games. Newbury is probably up to replace Bickel at forward against Philly, because Bickel looked like an absolute pylon out there at times. Bickel will stay in the lineup on D thought because they’ll want to have as many fighters in the lineup as they can fit for tomorrow.

  3. I think Torts is just setting Kreider’s bar for him and saying if you dont hit this level, then you’ll be getting splinters. No panic yet, he just needs to work on the smaller details.

    The Gabnashards line looked awesome on the goals, great pass from Richards into the path of Nash and a perfect cross ice pass onto Gaby’s stick, i think there’s less than 10 guys in the NHL can score that goal from there and Gaby’s hands for the other 2 goals were magic, great skill.

    How about Taylor Pyatt then? He’s not the fastest but he’s dishing out a few hits and potted a couple of goals and seems to be pretty good along the boards.

  4. I don’t know, noon comes pretty early around here. Somebody ask something witty for me.

    I was whooping it up on all of Gabby’s goals. It sure is fun to watch a good game.

  5. Some *excellent* points made, Carp! I could not believe how quickly that NBC dumped out of the coverage once Gaborik scored the winner – it was an incredible! They are BUSH-LEAGUE! (TM – Miami!)

  6. Kreider will not be anything more than a borderline 3rd liner…he needs to pick it up so we can use him as a trade bait as soon as possible. I rather have Hollweg than Kreider…

  7. It was indeed an inspiring feat from almost all sides, but there is one hideous practice that they brought along with them from last season and it really gives me the fits. Do you take notice of that idiotic practice of making long lateral passes just inside the other team’s blue line and also notice how often it is intercepted and springing a breakaway against Lundqvist? In fact there was entirely too much sloppy passing anyhow…this is a part of their game that ought to be attended to by the practice coaches.

  8. Why did we sign Halpern? Don’t we already have a 4th/5th Center in Boyle? If I am Sather, I am waiving Halpern and signing Arnott before it’s too late.

  9. …of the “Little Three” we signed this summer, only Pyatt is worth a lineup spot. Asham and Halpern are underwhelming at best.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    Great write up

    Asham seems invisible out there

    may need Hollweg more than Kreider tvonite

    Hags played his best game yet

    boyle played well too, especially on pk when he wasnt in box already that is

  11. CW I like the Arnott idea. Not sure we don’t already have that guy in Newbury or Kolarik both seem to be lighting the lamp in Hartford. Both players have all the Jam you can eat.

    Not sure about the Kreider so far this year. He might need a full year in In Whale to learn how to use his size, speed, and adjust to the Pro game. In a short season there isn’t much room for mistakes. Granted he’s only played 3 games, but something tells me we need more snarl on the third line. Lets see what Newbury brings to the table!!!

    Lets GO Rangers . . . We did go 6-0 against Philly last year right?

  12. Another nice write-up Carp, agree with your points and also with annoying complaints about NHL network. Rangers have a lot to work on, but they showed a lot of flashes of promise last night, and their stars shone bright for much of the game. Love watching Gaborik and Nash playing together…even if they may not always be playing on the same line all season. Entertaining combo! Staal showed nice improvement. Wonder how much of that was Dougie Hamilton playing for Boston (seemingly getting praise similar to that showered on Marc Staal when he entered the league). Only part of your appraisal I disagree with is Boston’s rivalry with the Rangers…having grown up listening to games featuring Andy Bathgate, Dean Presntiss, Harry Howell et al. I remember an intense rivalry…including rowdy Boston fans throwing beer bottles at ranger fans and at Ranger players.

  13. 13) Boston is really, really good. The Rangers only have to play the Bruins one more time.

    Eastern conference finals baby!!!

  14. and man does pierre love him some bruins. “thats some team out there.” on the horton goal that apparently the king was hearing a who on.

  15. Bruins are the class of the east. I’m concerned that there size with the lucic line will be too much if we ever were in a playoff series with them. Said few days ago

    Bruins/hawks cup final. Imagine Eddie o and Pierre during that final.

  16. Stranger Nation on

    in two games, thought boston was all or nothing with their first line and the bottom 3 defense is very slow. the goalie is aggressive and according to Pierre is a thinking goalie who reads the play unlike every other goalie who just guesses…

  17. Was at the game last night, handed $300 a seat (WTF?) tickets at work.

    Some observations made by myself and the Rangers cognoscenti around me:

    * Kreids is woefully out of position fairly frequently. He fluctuates from wing to wing on D and honestly comes down way too low leaving his point man wide open. Hope Jerry Dineen spends some tape time with him, sitting 12 rows from the glass made his mis-positioning more than apparent.

    * I don’t think this team is capable of cycling the puck in the offensive zone – losing Dubi, Artie and Feds hurt the team in this aspect. Only remnant of the “cyclers” is Callahan, don’t see him playing like that if he’s on a Kreider-Stepan-Cally line.

    * Love Brad Richards but he has to hustle a bit more when he’s chasing the puck down in the zone. One point in the 3rd period he just dogged it and Bruins player flew right past him. If I was Torts, I would have nailed his ass to the bench for a few minutes, even in a tight game. Need to send message that that is not tolerated.

    * MDZ’s floating out there a bit too, one or two times I saw Bruins flying past him chasing down a puck. Need to put on the jets.

    * 1st goal was sick, OT goal was awesome, how many players could bat in their own rebound at that speed, good for Gabby.

    * I saw that piece of Cooke Lucic give Staal a slash behind the leg in the muddle of the 3rd period. No call, no nothing. I know Lucic is a monster but that’s when you send Bickel in there to send a message. Plus you get a potential threat off the ice for 5 minutes, maybe game doesn’t go to OT?

    Carp, keep up the good work. Love your post-game comments and always the 1st place I go to for my Rangers updates. Peace out y’all.

  18. I have to say, having Nash-Gabby-Richards on the same line was fun to watch. Reminds me of when Pitt plays Malkin-Crosby-Neal on the same line. I thought very underrated last night was the work of Straalman. I thought he was our second best D-Man after Girardi. I agree, he should get more PP time. With a guy like Nash crashing the net, getting that puck on net from the point would be big. I don’t know what is going on with faceoffs. I thought Richards was supposed to be really good on faceoffs. Guess not. Maybe we could use Halperin just to take faceoffs sometimes. He’s historically been one of the best. Yet, he’s not being utilized.

    As for Newbury, haven’t we seen him before? We’ve seen what he (can’t) do. ‘Nuff said. I’m for singing Arnott if he can still play a little.

    I’ve always liked Gabby. The only problem I’ve ever seen with the guy is he gets hurt. Well the two healthy seasons we’ve had him, he’s scored 40+. Don’t know what else you’d want from him.

    Hank had some great saves last night, but he’s fighting it a little bit. No camp has hurt him I think. He’ll come around. He’s the least of our worries.

    Oh, and Bickel is more of a stiff as a forward than he is on defense. Who would have thought he could be any worse.

  19. Stranger Nation:

    If you listen to Pierre, you’d think that Rask was the second coming of Terry Sawchuck and Patrick Roy all rolled into one. He’s been a good back up for a few years. Let see if he can do it as the number 1 for a whole season first before you make him out to be this great.

  20. Good morning, boneheads!

    Great review, Carp…That’s why you do what you do, you notice small things that casual fan doesn’t. Like a small detail on Rupp moving up on merit. I sense he is going to be a “go to” guy on the blog this year, with people calling him useless, slow etc. I thought yesterday he was skating better, was able to join the cycle, and backchecked efficiently. He isn’t a goal scorer or a heavyweight, but does small things and drops them when need to.

    Let’s not write off Kreider yet. I feel that his assignment by Torts so far was to learn defense and not worry about scoring. He made a few backcheking plays during the first period, but I noticed him being out of position when his line was in Boston’s zone. He is still learning. It may not be the best way to use him, but the goals will come later.

    I thought Hank was playing much better. Except I’m sure he wants Horton’s goal back.
    Let me tell you one of the reasons Gaborik had a hattrick last night. Apparently Chara can not cover both him and Nash, and Johnny Boychuk looked over-matched against Rick. I think Nash can make a lot of players look over-matched. Including Milan Lucic who looked like he should be playing in Mexican league when he tried to cover Nash.

    the team, in general, looked more like last year’s. But they aren’t there yet. Not even close.

  21. Blue Seat Horror on

    If that Nash-Richards-Gaborik line starts having fun together, the league will be their oyster. Tortorella must giggle himself to sleep every night.

  22. czechthemout!!! on

    Newberry is a scrub, period. Torts can call him up as much as he wants but the fact of the matter is that he sucks and that will never change.

    Rupp earned that third line spot on merit Carp? Really? LOL!

    Torts needs to let Kreider play his way out of whatever is wrong with him. Playing in Hartford is a big mistake.

  23. Lol, LW….

    I would wait until March or so before pronouncing Boston being no match for NYR….They have holes, defensively for sure. And let’s see if Rask can sustain the same level of play for longer stretches. And NY will get better.

  24. *Dudley* January 23rd, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    Gabby also gets on the board (fearless prediction but I expect to see the somewhat chippy Gabby tonight) thanks to a jam injection from Torts.


    Credit where credit is due.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    stevennj – sorry about your inability to recognize sarcasm – don’t think Rask is bad but agree with your take on Pierre’s analysis and the pro-Bruin broadcast which between Milbury in the studio and the clowns announcing made it a “must mute” rivalry game.

    Love Nash’s game, but agree with ILB and others who have noted he needs to start “playing better with others”. His puck possession skills are the best I have seen wearing blue since Jagr, he crashes the net, plays the boards and mans his point – very very solid – Flyers will be targeting him no doubt.

    Fact is he had Gabby in the final minute on the doorstep and decided to shoot. Can’t fault him but give them some time and only good things will happen. Now Richards needs to start catching up.

    Did Richards visit a gym in the last two years?

  26. Newbury is here because they are playing desperate Flyers with Sestito in the lineup. Not sure if Asham can play tonight. My guess is Bickel will go back on D, Eminger will sit.

  27. We are really feeling the loss of Prust and Feds in these three games. Much better last night, but still missing something. Hanky looks uncomfortable as well. Love to see Girardi takes some shots instead of throwing weak passes as the net which get intercepted and turned the other way. Big game tonight….expecting to be 3 and 2 after Toronto on Saturday.

  28. 7) Nash=Monster.


    Man I was waiting all off-season to see that one!

    I hate blowing a lead. It’s really, really frustrating. But it’s early and it happens. Just, this one was one by the offense and that can still make me worry about our defense.

    But hey, how’s that record in Heritage Sweaters looking?

    And totally agree about Strahlman on the PP. More please.

  29. That was a fun game to watch, big improvement from the first two. Still a long way to go though Torts hasen’t got enough guys he can rely on, that better get addressed soon or they are in deep dodo. Krieder was playing terrible in the AHL, and they decide to bump him up to the big show so more people can see him look worse. Not doing him any favors, the kid has lots of assets, but he needs to be sent down to learn to play at the higher level. There are guys in Hartford that fill a role a lot better than Krieder right now. The shortage of skilled labor will bite them soon, they will not get away with a short bench like they had last night very long, not with the back to backs they will have from now til playoffs. We will be watching a totally bagged team for much of the third period tonight I’m sure. They will have to make deals, or dip into the Hartford pool soon if they want to get a crack at the cup. Thats face it things are bad when Rupp playing and there are guys sitting. Krieder is just wishful thinking, and leaves Halpern,Bickel and Asham one of the worst forth lines in the league. They have to upgrade.

  30. Speaking of losses…Can you believe that Lupul signs an extension and then immediately breaks his arm?

  31. Kreider needs to be sent down to AHL to learn to play at the *higher level?*. Am I reading this right?

  32. Stranger Nation on

    Ashram has spent as much time (5:00) in the box as he has on the ice (5:53).

    Our fourth line is now Halpern/Newbury/Kreider?

    Kreider’s issue is he floats when playing D and does not ‘work’ hard enough. He does not look or play like 6’+ 230 lbs – more like 6’+ 170 lbs.

    Rupp on merit? oy vey – time will tell – this is why we miss Feds (for now)

  33. Anytime Shelley is in the lineup, it’s an automatic upgrade for the team they play against, I think….

  34. Cross Check Charlie on

    Nash is a threat to score every time he has the puck. It doesn’t matter where it is, he’s going to the net. I like that. I like it a lot.

    Gaborik, of all the failed superstars the Rangers have picked up over the years, he is one that has lived up to his contract. I realize he had an off season in the middle of his 40+ goal seasons, but come on. He is very underappeciated.

    Hype award goes to Mr. True Professional. In the third period, he says, “Bruins have not lost this season. Rangers have not won this season……” Ugggggh! They each had played two games. Give me a break.

  35. Bickel is definately one that could have done with some AHL time during the lockout, he is at the moment #7 or #8 on defense and if Asham was doubtful we should have had Segal back or called up Newbury earlier – or signed Jed Ortmeyer

  36. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    What this team needs is four lines of All-Stars that never make mistakes, and all the players that they didn’t resign are better than the ones they have.

  37. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Oh, and 6 All-Star defensemen because two, or possibly three, aren’t enough.

  38. I would think the reason Newbury is up because Tortorella knows Philly is a wounded team and will dress there goons and be looking for blood. Newbuy adds another body that can drop the gloves.

  39. Wow, was Pierre McGuire at his annoying best or what last night. My wife who usually doesn’t complain about the announcers wanted to know if Pierre worked for the Bruins as well as NBC. I couldn’t figure out who was Pierre’s biggest man-crush, Dougie Hamilton, Rask or Tyler Seguin?

    I loved how he couldn’t figure out why Rick Nash was playing the point on the PP when there was a faceoff in the Bruins end. Hey Pierre, it is called doing homework before the game.

    Slats has to address the need for help on faceoffs. Not sure why Halpern has been so bad given he won 58.3% 5th in the NHL last year). Jason Arnott won 50% last year and he would be a help on the PP.

  40. I think getting Jeff Halpern is the answer to not succeeding at faceoffs. I don’t think you can go out and get a guy that is much better.

  41. Keep Kreider in the lineup. Hoping he is not Torts Bette noire. Really starting to like Strallman. Hank? Or Marty tonight?

  42. I read Tortorella wants to discuss with coaches/management in sending kreider down to the AHL. I’m not sure that is going to help Kredier’s development.

  43. Anyone else notice all the praise that NBC gave Campbell for his assist on the Horton goal? I’m pretty sure that centering pass wasn’t even intended for Horton, but then Hagelin redirected it right to him. I hate NBC….

    On a positive note, nice to see Gaborik plans on scoring all his goals again this season in multi-goal games. I’d rather have him score enough to win every time he scores than give us a tally in a game that we lose by 3….

  44. But Gaborik scored the winning goal. So, without his 3 goals we don’t win this game. How’s that a problem?

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    My brother and I actually were talking about how Gordon Bombay needs to be brought in to teach this team how to receive a pass. Soft hands!

    Speaking of soft hands, the thing that has surprised and impressed me most about Nash is his stickhandling. The guy has AMAZING hands. He can grab the puck at the top of the zone, dangle through defenders in the slot and get right on goal. The rangers need to learn to have a guy trail him to pick up those rebounds. More than one opportunity went by the wayside purely because of the surprise that he managed to create those opportunities.

    Honestly, I’m thoroughly impressed by him at this point.

  46. OH! Doodie and/or Roe: I meant to ask you

    How was the atmosphere at MSG last night? Did the fans seem into it?

  47. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Boston put pressure on their 3rd goal, but there was a lot of blame to go around the Rangers for letting that one in.

    Sending DelZaster to the minors sure ruined his development.

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    Actually, let me amend that and say the overall tone was louder than a bad game, but there was far less organized chanting. Less Henry, less Let’s Go Rangers, less Potvin Sucks. In the home opener, they didn’t do it once.

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    Aside from the beautiful layoff of Richards on the first Gaborik goal, he was terrible. I don’t know if it was him having the flu a week or so ago, but he seems REALLY out of shape.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m surprised we couldn’t get more for Kolarik, but imagine thta he was the guy who requested a trade.

  51. Rob in Beantown on

    Anybody think Biron starts tonight cause of the back to back games? Against 0-3 Philly might be a good time to use him. On the other hand, Hank doesn’t look like himself out there and there might be benefit to letting him build some of his confidence back.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    It was my first in-person hat trick last night (not counting those against the Rangers, of which I’ve seen two), and I didn’t have a hat with me to throw.

  53. Cross Check Charlie on

    When watching the replay of the OT goal and seeing the Bruin defenseman just reaching his stick out to try to catch Gaborik….I’ve been in that position. It’s not fun to be in that positiion.

  54. pp is awful and has been for years.

    i dont think having 5 fwds on the ice is a solution, in fact i think it harms more than helps the flow.

    torts needs to grow a pair and play kreider.

    bickel should not be on an nhl roster.

  55. Carp thanks for the review seeing how I could not watch the game due to it not being on MSG.
    I only have one complaint it should be eye hand coordination. The hand can’t do squat without the eye leading the way.

  56. I was at the infamous Mike Rupp hat trick game a few years ago vs the Pens. That’s a “they let who score a hat trick against them?” moment.

  57. Carp, “In Review” is always my favorite read on the morning after a Rangers game. For the most part, you’re always bang on, especially #11 today.

  58. Yes ilb you read it correctly. Krieder has excelled at the collage, junior level. He has not played well in the AHL, or the NHL level. I simply meant of the two pro leagues, the Ahl is the place to learn the game at a quicker speed. Krieder has certainly showed that he has the tools, but his hockey IQ drops considerly as the game speeds up. He has been basically ineffective in the AHL so far this season, and worse in the NHL.

  59. Yeah I don’t get calling it a “Rivalry” game – this isn’t Yanks vs. Red Sox- and I’m pretty sure we all pulled for the Bruins to win the Cup in that finals anyhow.

  60. Stranger Nation on

    Re Kreider – if we disregard the POs last season, he has looked out of sorts – but lets not forget he looked GREAT in the POs – supposedly the most demanding for hockey players.

    Let him work it out up here – speed is not the issue, positioning is.

  61. Trade of players who can’t pronounce their own names correctly. Kalorik for Ferry-o.

    Byfuglien should’ve been involved somewhere.

  62. Manny- my guess is that he tells people be called “Dougie”. He’s from Canada, where everyone prefers to be called Marty, Scotty, Eddie, Billy, Johnny, Joey, etc.

  63. Rob in Beantown on

    I was rooting for the Canucks to win the Cup, but living in Boston I relish in sports Schadenfreude

  64. Rob in Beantown on

    That said, I dont consider the Bruins a major Rangers rival and, among Boston sports teams, I’m pretty ambivalent about them

  65. Carp,

    I agree with you about Gabby. When he has the puck something positive seems to always happen and he creates chances. He also had one of the best first years I’ve ever seen in New York sports and didn’t get any credit because we missed the playoffs. No one has a good first year in New York.

  66. The universe has returned to normal. It’s great to wake up to Carp Notes after a game. No finer ritual in the world of sports fandom. As for last night…

    1 – If Torts needs more forwards he can trust, and if it’s determined that Krieder needs more time in the minors, does that open the door to one of the Europeans (Zucc, Fasth, etc.) joining the roster when his season ends?

    2 – I liked the signing at the time, but I now love the Pyatt signing!!! A grinder who can score.

    3 – Nash reminds me of a combination of Malkin (size and hands) and Ovechkin (speed and power). I only knew the player on paper before the trade. He was an invisble superstar to me because of where he played. What a revelation. We haven’t had a player like this in his prime for a long, long time.

  67. Believe me, I am not Scrooge, but I was not impressed with last night’s win at all. In fact, it still feels like we actually lost the game. We only controlled about 10-12 minutes. Am I clinically insane?

  68. And I’m not ambivalent about the Bruins. I never want any Boston sports fan to be happy about anything.

  69. When they brought Krieder up from Hartford to start this short season, it was just wishful thinking. For a player drafted first round with the tools he has, he was failing miserably with the Whale. If he was not reliable in the AHL, I fail to understand why they would expect him to succeed in the NHL. You would be hard pressed to find a forward in Hartford that was not playing a better two way game than Krieder, and they still brought him up. If they keep him with the Rangers it will not be doing him or the Rangers a solid.

  70. I think Kreider should just focus on becoming a goon, so we’ll all love him no matter what else he does or doesn’t do on the ice. The quickest way to a Ranger fan’s heart is to bloody Mrs. Clarkson’s son David. Take a few boxing lessons next summer, The Kreider!

  71. I disagree. Kreider needs to be playing top 6 minutes for the Rangers right now. I do not like how Torts is handling him right now. I think it is very shot sighted. if Kreider is not top 6 right now, they are going to need to go outside the organization to find a top 6 forward. that is unless you believe Hagelin is top 6 ( i do not). play Kreider, and let him be. they are going to need him.

  72. Beyonce could be live, “live”, invisible, a ghost, a figment of my imagination, she could be whatever she wants, as long as she calls me back

  73. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Based on Torts theory of players earning ice time, Kreider deserves to be playing right where he is. No one is entitled to anything. When he proves he can handled top 6 minutes consistently, he will get them.

  74. They keep saying that “Dougie” is actually listed on the roster as Dougie! OH MY GOD. STOP THE PRESSES…..it’s a bit of overkill.

  75. And that’s how I look at it too….He may well go to AHL, but not based on 3 game sample. He is going to be their top 6, but he can’t be trusted defensively yet. Let him learn the system, positioning etc….He showed he could score, now he needs to earn his spot by showing he can hit and defend. Being around Torts and other guys is more helpful than playing with Haley…

  76. I’m with Fat Guy. Kreider is best utilized as a fighting machine. Have Prust train him in the offseason a la Barb Underhill.

  77. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    I think the problem with the shortened season is that there is less time to allow players to learn on the job. But, he would probably learn more with the big club.

  78. Manny – I’m glad you’re with me, but you might find that when anyone joins me anywhere, we run out of room real fast

  79. Sorry, Fat Guy. I guess you will just have to slim down immediately.

    Also, interesting story about my pants I had let out. Instead of letting them out 1″ they actually took them _in_ 1″. That didn’t go well. It was an all time low for my self-confidence before I realized the error.

  80. loneranger, I had seats in 336, too, Row G. I sat right in front of Max. Do I know you? With the renovation, I relocated to 212. If we don’t have more concourse/bathroom space next year, I’m going to ask they replace my seats with toilets.

    What a difference a win makes…not anywhere a complete performance, but enough to get the job done.

  81. Manny – Slim down? You’re asking me to change what took a lifetime to achieve just so you can be a bit more comfortable?

  82. I am Fat Guy. That’s what marriage is about. It’s a two-way street. Kind of like how Kreider is going to, one day, be a two-way player.

    Haha. Big Boy Pants. Good one Stranger! They are now.

  83. Manny – Come to think of it, you are right, how could I be so selfish. I’ll start by tossing the last half of my Krispy Kreme breakfast double donut bacon cheeseburger. Actually, wait, no, I promise I’ll start my diet *TOMORROW*.

  84. gravy,
    did not say he was entitled to anything. it is the coaches job to put players where they have the best chance to succeed. playing 7 minutes or on a checking line is not putting him in the best place to succeed.


  86. ill admit it, i was the clown who picked Gaborik, Nash, and Lundy as my 3 stars in that order prior to the game starting. not too bad, knew gaborik and nash on the same line meant business

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