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  1. Hey, I started (via Barry Trotz) the *big-boy pants* thing and now Mannu runs away with it like it’s a stolen double issue of his preferred subway stand periodical?

  2. Carp – Question for you. What is your thinking on Kreider’s future with the big club this year?

    And, can you perhaps explain why the high stick on Gabs wasn’t a double minor? I thought I saw blood.

    Thank you.

  3. I did nothing of the sort. I believe Stranger made a pretty funny joke using your Big Boy pants joke. I am sure people are paying Homage. Stop being a EĆ¼ropansy and crying about it…

  4. The live Charp is the last place I’d want to talk about real hockey. I’d hate to defile a place that so many consider sacred

  5. Carp, for some reason when I type questions they dont go into the chat. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong. Was curious if your comment in the morning review about Kreider meant that Torts isn’t as high on him as he was or if you just meant he feels the kid has to learn in the AHL instead of here.

  6. Did we name our top line yet? I like the “G ‘N R” line for Gaborik Nash and Richards, or Guns ‘N Roses (guess who are respective the guns and roses!)

  7. Cross Check Charlie on

    Kreider isn’t the first person to be benched by Torts. Don’t you think he ought to be given more than a 3 game trial before sending him to the AHL?

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