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Game 4.
Rangers at Flyers.

The Rangers come off their first win of the season, 4-3 in OT over Boston Wednesday night; the Flyers are winless (0-3) so far, and steaming.

They are also banged up, with Scott Hartnell and Brayden Schenn out, and it looks like thugs Jody Shelley and Tom Sestito will play (shocker) tonight.

First of five meetings this season. The Rangers were 6-0 vs. Philly last season, when Lockout Commissioner Gary Bettman decided it would be a good idea to light up the Empire State Building in Orange to honor the Flyers and Mr. Snider, et al. They have won eight in a row vs. the Orange Crud overall.

Arron Asham (groin) will not play, and it appears Chris Kreider will be a healthy scratch; Matt Gilroy will also be prucha’d. The Rangers recalled Kris Newbury from Connecticut of the AHL to play in Kreider’s spot, which means Stu Bickel remains at forward and Steve Eminger is the sixth D-man.

Henrik Lundqvist starts his fourth straight game in goal.


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  1. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " Philthy Flyers today!!!"...says Greg L. on


    IT IS TIME for 3 priods of rock ’em sock ’em Rangers hackey!!!!!


    go gog go gogg go gog go goggog!!!


  2. Tostitos and Shelley epitomize elite offensive skills.

    And by “offense” I mean thuggery. And by “skills” I mean lack of skating ability.

  3. You read way too much into it, Adam. That’s my point. He might get a lot more open ice with the big guys working the boards. He might be able to take a chance playing with more defense-minded linemates.

    What he needs to do is use his speed to force turnovers in the offensive end.

  4. Got to watch this one in SD (woe is me etc…)

    Probably a good thing if Shelley and Tostitos are getting face time though.

  5. lets face it, bickel is there for one thing tonight and one thing only, to fight, same goes for newbury. Sesito and Shelley can’t play hockey, the only type of hockey they know is slapshot hockey.

  6. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " Philthy Flyers today!!!"...says Greg L. on

    BIG GAME CARP , Flyers haven’t won yet and i’m hoping they keep losing. No Jagr , No chance.

    The staged fights are ok with me but I’m wonder why the players don’t use UFC smaller type gloves when they fight. I never thought i’d ever say this but bare knuckle fighting is so ‘ 70 hockey…like SLAP SHOT. I love the blood and stuff but seriously if i was gettting paid a million , getting hurt in the fight could make me miss icetime and my spot in the line up. Punching in the face is all cool but it kinda seems barbaric with no type of gloves or protection.

  7. That was a good hit… and the Rangers had an odd man rush up the ice… not sure that was smart by Bickel

  8. Love that the hartnelling Hattnell is out for most of season! Great evening all!

    Greg, you need more enthusiasm

  9. iDoodie Machetto on

    I got out late and I’m on the bus. The only place I can find the game is the flyers broadcast. Vomit. Who won the fight? And who got what penalty? Did Bickel get ejected?

  10. Bickel won the fight and got 2-5-10 for instigating we think … but they announced it incorrectly. Bickel definitely started it and won it.

  11. Bring back Prucha on

    I see Philly has adopted the Devils “turn your back at the last second to draw a boarding penalty” philosophy.

  12. is it me or does flyer bruno gervais’ name
    just sound
    like someone who
    used to be an old school

    like someone who
    would have been pummeled
    by Andre the Giant

  13. iDoodie Machetto on

    These guys are terrible. First said fight was between Sestito and Stu Barnes. Always pronounce V in Lundqvist. Just terrible.

    Color guy is Chris Therien. Lost respect for him, not that I had much

  14. Carp “So now somebody needs to drill Giroux.”

    I like the way you think… and they should make Giroux uncomfortable.

    Richards doesn’t look right

  15. This game is making me thirsty… I missing something, cause something seems to be missing…..

  16. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    I think the Flyers are a little amped at home and being 0-3. But, if this is the best they’ve got, it’s going to be a good night for us.

  17. Won’t defend the Flyers broadcasters for anything else, Doodie, but Lundqvist should be pronounced with the V. It’s everyone who says Lunkwist who’s wrong.

  18. Has anyone else noticed the clock/score graphic in the top left seems to be missing the top? Wondering if it’s my Tivo/TV or if it’s MSG…

  19. LW, I think RangerSwede would agree…..that’s why it’s easier for us Yanks to say Hank….:)

  20. rangers are really pissing me off!!! Did these guys train at all during the lockout? The rangers can’t make 1 friggin pass, everything is a weak flip of the puck along the boards.

  21. Czechthemout!!! on

    What a horrible period so far. Newberry is clearly making a difference in this game. They are dead out there, and I dont want to hear about back to back crap. This is just the fourth game of the season.

  22. iDoodie Machetto on

    LW, you are incorrect re: Lundqvist. He himself has said it’s pronounced Lundqwist. Therefore, v is wrong.

  23. Me thinks the team could use a little red bull in the intermission. They seem a little slow on the uptakes today.

  24. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Hank did his job, kept them scoreless. Fully expect them to come out flying in the 2nd.

  25. “Richards can do nothing wrong.”

    There’s actually some truth to that…but I do remember Torts putting Richards on the 3rd/4th lines for a couple of games last year…

  26. I will say this. Looking at the bright side, the rangers looked slow, sloppy, basically horrible but the flyers, for a team who haven’t won yet at home and supposedly a good offensive team, didn’t impress me either.

  27. Czechthemout!!! on

    Does playing the “right way ” mean only passing the puck or flipping it along the boards?

    Does playing the ” right way” mean not having a plausible offensive strategy?

    Does playing the ” right way” mean having two sometimes three fourth lines out on the ice?

    I swear, sometimes I really dont get it.

  28. Pfft, stupid Swedopånsies can’t read their own language, Doodie.

    Most Euros are too polite to complain about having their name Anglicised anyway.

  29. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Sally, if it’s buffering every two minutes, all you missed was a couple of Ranger dump ins between the Flyers owning the Rangers zone.

  30. Czechthemout!!! on


    I was referring to Sam and Joe. I know the players wouldn’t. Sam has already mentioned back to back at least a half a dozen times.

  31. LW, Pidto had some interview footage from the Paul McLean lookalike and a put a tweet on the screen from Joffrey Lupul….those were the standouts for me…

  32. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " Philthy Flyers today!!!"...says Greg L. on

    LW3H , I’d love to use a gergentree for this game but I dunno how the Ranger gods are feeling tonight …

    RAAAAAAAAAAANGERS you can do it!!!

    Flyer suck so bad our team just want to lull them to anutha loss.

  33. i put Rangers Radio on
    so i don’t have to listen to flyers announcers
    during NHL Network broadcast
    first time in a loooooooooong time
    radio/tv are in sync
    (actually radio is 1/2 second ahead)
    now the radio sounds
    like i’m listening on a terrestial AM station
    where something else bleeds in
    (here Knicks broadcast under Rangers)

  34. Czechthemout!!! on

    Hey, maybe Torts and Sully can suit up being that only six forwards are being played this game?

  35. So, he’s not supposed to try to force some of the play in the offensive zone, right? Supposed to keep rolling out Rupp and Newbury and Halpern, etc? Well, forced the Flyers to use a timeout and got the No. 1 line against the thugs. But the coach has no idea what he’s doing.

  36. Let’s says there’s a Torts look alike behind the bench, and things aren’t going well-does Torts try to kick his own ass?

  37. Man, Lundvquist is good. I hope ranger fans epreciate this guy. They don’t come around often.

  38. Czechthemout!!! on

    Yeah Rupp has been great Joe. Lets play him on the first line now.

    Wayne Ruppzkey! Rules baby!

  39. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " Philthy Flyers today!!!"...says Greg L. on

    I come to realize that the newberry line sucks…bigtime!! WE need more players!!! AA and Dubinsky were awsome 3rd liners!!! Still rather have Nash , other better STEP IT UP!!

    GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  40. Nice to see Hagelin using his speed there to create a scoring opportunity. Hope -The- Kreider was watching.

  41. Blue Seat Horror on

    another stupid cross ice pass at the Flyers blue line costs the Rangers a goal. Cally should have dumped that puck deep so the Rangers could have changed.

  42. Running only 2 lines this period? Yeah, the Rangers don’t miss the likes of AA, Dubi, Mitchell, Feds.. (eye roll)

  43. ThisYearsModel on

    Wy did these guys bother to make the trip down? They are being outworked all over the ice.

  44. well Newbury
    is the latest Ranger
    to offer his face
    as sacrifice
    to his team

    when was the last time that we actually had 1 or 2 legit fighters on our team?

  45. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I notice the flyers take that final stride to hit a ranger after the puck is gone and the rangers just won’t

  46. That’s BS. If you wear a visor you should essentially be fair game. For basically everything…boarding, visor grabbing, etc…

  47. listening to the Flyers’ feed, going crazy over this fight. He’s wearing a visor for crying out loud. How do you respect that sh*t?

  48. Blue Seat Horror on

    Do you think they’ll send Newbury back to Hartford between the second and third periods?

  49. ThisYearsModel on

    Here’s an idea……..let’s continue to allow 3 Flyers to stand around in front of Hank with zero consequences.

  50. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    As I told you guys, snozzberries cut from the same mold as weise and Byers….can not fight

  51. I have to say. I have been and NYR fan since the Whale left and also briefly had Blue Jackets partial season tickets when I was in Ohio for school. This team is kind of reminding me the 2009-2011 Blue Jackets. No discipline and not great defense, which in turn leads to a lack of offense. I am really beginning to doubt the Nash trade. Think we may have given up too much.

  52. yeah, i know we’ve lost grit this year
    but the new skill isn’t overpowering
    thug hockey

    maybe we should forfeit the next week’s
    worth of games and get some practice

  53. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Due to the lack of physicality from the rangers D again in this game, an opposing teams 4th line looks like all stars

  54. My god the Rangers are sleep walking. It’s not even a matter of slop, there is no battle in this team tonight

  55. djk- ur stating an opinion, not facts.

    DJK January 24th, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    Bottom line: The Philth wants this win more than we do.

  56. I know the Rangers want to do what’s best for Kreider’s development. Excuse me, Torts, but doesn’t he need to put on his big-boy pants in the NHL?

  57. remember when we said” if only we had an actual legit first line”? well now we do. and nothing else eithjer. ok wait, we have the goalie too. 1 good line and a great goalie. bam.

  58. We will know soon, NYR. If Kreider breaks his ankle, gets a DUI, gets Tommy John, becomes totally white trash and gets fat.

  59. The worst thing so far is that the awful “Somebody left the gate Oooooopen” commercial made a comeback. WHY!?

  60. Just got home….was listening on the radio, and it has been brutal – Dave & Kenny are tearing the team some new buttholes…

    Who the hell is Benn Ferriero!?

  61. cant watch the game but skimmed over the comments… sounds like we’re playing great. Not really. If Kreider cant handle being forced to watch how to play (like Hagelin was for example) kid has bigger issues than just not keeping his head up during the game. Maybe Girardi can teach him how to grow a pair if he gets his feelings hurt. The way he has played and the way that he is expected to play are so far away from each other right now.

  62. Let’s see…Torts pre-game checklist…

    (1) make sure wings are always way too deep in the defensive zone to cover points and do anything constructive when clearing the puck
    (2) make sure to instruct everyone NEVER to carry the puck into the attack zone – always dump it in
    (3) NEVER…and I do mean NEVER, attempt to use our speed

    Safe is death….please…he has become Roger Neilson II

  63. ThisYearsModel on

    Lev—-better to comment when you actually watch the game. Nobody would want to emulate Girardi tonight.

  64. first post of the night

    this team is brutal to watch. stepan has digressed. torts is afraid to play more then 6 guys and its game 4. and brian boyle is completely lost without prust. the 4th line is garbage no matter who rotates in and out.

    something is missing and if that is prust feds and mitchell and we cant overcome depth guys we arent winning crap.

    so disgusted and i didnt even mention del zaster tonite

  65. Lev: Kreider isn’t learning anything by watching this game! (at least thus far). They are playing very poorly. Flyers have owned the puck for the majority of the game.

  66. Ralph from N.M. on

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME ! Tort’s is worried about Krieder ? with this display of weak, puck chasing , scrambling to try to find puck hockey . I swear these guy’s are afraid to make mistakes . The process ? Tort’s kiss my process

  67. Jimbo, Dave & Kenny should give Sam & Joe some pointers on “just telling it like it is”

  68. Wow – nice recovery by gaborik and pass to Pyatt. This doesn’t happen unless NASH hangs on to the puck and draws 2 guys to him along the boards.

  69. Papa Bear, you are absolutely right! Dave especially does not pull any punches when he’s commenting on the NYR team..

  70. Jeff did you read some of the ridiculous comments. You’d think they were the Islanders, hadn’t made the playoffs in years, and no chance this year.

  71. Carp, they aren’t playing well. They got a power play goal… but they haven’t looked very good all game.

  72. Nash is the real deal… and one of the few guys that doesn’t chip the puck in when there is a d-man in front of him. I like the fact that he carries it in and keeps control of the puck.

  73. Blue Seat Horror on

    Rangers need to send one of their enforcers out to take some more hits to the face. Grossman’s been pretty rough with Gabby tonight.

  74. An actual human being just typed “The Return of Noobs” and put it on a real live professional sports broadcast.

  75. Maybe they should fire the NYU Club Coach who ran training camp. He took the starch out of them.

  76. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    Dave doesn’t pull any punches, but he doesn’t want anyone throwing them either

  77. Can’t blame Richards failing miserably at the point on the 5-on-3 on anyone other than Richards and the coaching staff for keeping him there inexplicably.

  78. I am shocked. Our PPs need to be the focus of every practice from now until the next game! We have 5 on 3s every game and yet have 1 5 on 3 goal!

  79. what an absolute disgrace of a pp. put some freaking def that will shoot from the point.

    god this team is making freaking ill

  80. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Same old same old.

    How about watching the penguins play 5 on 3 PP. They score everytime.

    Big torts supporter up until now.

    How does Boyle and Rupp get ice time and Kreider goes packing.

    Clean house and bring back mike keenan!!!

  81. What a pathetic power play. They have zero creativity. Can’t believe how little Nash touched the puck during that 4 minutes. Torts just keeps putting the ssme clowns out there. Stepan looks lost. Why why why?

  82. As I said last year, this team is not a real contender with this kind of power play. Too many games given away. For the love of god, get Richards off the point.

  83. Funny, Islanders scored 7 goals tonight against the Maple Leafs. Rangers probably will score one Saturday.

  84. its getting late real early around here.

    watch all these media experts all over picking rangers win cup prob miss the playoffs

  85. Carp – I just don’t see how you can win a championship with a below average pp. It has to win games for you occasionally. The hard work stuff only gets you so far.

  86. So yeah. Bad at faceoffs. Terrible power play. No offensive presence.

    But has anyone addressed the real problem yet? The lack of grit.

  87. 4generations 4 cups on

    i just hope that they can click like they did at parts of last game against the Bruins.

  88. Ralph from N.M. on

    4 games of piss poor play ! yeah they won one . but totally out played & out coached in all 4 games . poor d poor puck ownership. Tort’s kiss my process

  89. 4generations 4 cups on

    this is it. doesnt matter if you suck for 59 minutes. if its 2-1 and we score….anything could happen! :D

  90. Team hasn’t had a lead *once* yet in a game this season during regulation time – not even for a minute…

  91. We look like we did 5 yrs ago. No jam. No nothing as far as I can see. Love Nash in theory but he needs to start to finish. Thank you and arrive home safely.

  92. They BETTER practice tomorrow. Please no “off” day. At least sit them down in the video room for a really long time or just practice faceoffs all day.

  93. Czechthemout!!! on

    The right way= zero offense, hope LQ doesnt give up more than 1 goal and that your team scores two. It doesnt matter who this team puts out on the ice because they will still not produce anything of quality in terms of offensive chances. MSG can greatly increase their profit margin by trading all their high priced talent and just going with mediocre players because they produce no offense and they wont ever produce any offense until Torts remembers what he did with the bolts.

  94. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    I think the best chance the rangers had late was when Nash skated in on a 2 on 2 (I think) and Nash made a beautiful pass to someone and instead of shooting they passed it back to Nash

  95. Even though it was a loss, this looked more like a 2011-12 Rangers game than the first 3 games.

  96. That was Pyatt Wicky. I’m glad someone else noticed that. You’d think he’d have some confidence having scored three goals now. Instead he passed it into a crowd for no reason.

  97. Yea that Pyatt pass instead of shoot was pathetic. But whatever. He did score our only goal. We _have_ to score in that situation.

  98. Whatever. Can’t blame Taylor Pyatt for not scoring on a 5-on-3. Guy is overachieving like crazy in his young career here so far.

    You have to blame Richards. He’s the point guy directing everything. Bring back Kovalev!

  99. Anyone remember the days when you had to make sure your health insurance was all payed up before hanging out in front of the net?

  100. Thought, at least tonight I won’t have to listen to Doc, and Grumpy and …whoever is on the wretched NBC broadcast. Was screaming at the tv tonight by the second period- Sam and Joe are horrible- ( maybe I should listen to the radio since I read earlier here that Kenny and Dave were ultra critical of NYR)- no clue what they are watching- Flyers took over game midway through the second- yeah as soon as the Rangers stopped using G-N-R every other shift. A lot of passengers here: Boyle? awful- Callahan? shockingly irresponsible… and on and on. BTW-5 on 3 has now changed personnel 100 % since Torts arrived and added 3 superstar players who were deadly on teams they came from- so how come it still stinks? Hmmm, what is the common factor here?

  101. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    not on the rangers since beuk and ulfie were around (maybe a little kaspar time)

  102. The only quick hands on this team belong to Gabby and Nash. Since nothing else works, let ’em practice some face offs and use them in critical situations.

  103. Czechthemout!!! on

    Mike Sullivan runs this joke of powerplay for three seasons and the results have been the same. They have no one on the point who is a threat to shoot the puck, and its killing them.

    Several players have been awful through four games.

    Cally ,Staal,MDZ, Richards, Stepan for 3 of the four, Hagelin, Boyle,Rupp(always awful),Halpern,LQ( 2 out of 4) and Torts.

    Still not panicking yet but if this continues for another 8-10 games, the season maybe in in trouble.

  104. Wow. when things aren’t going well, everything looks worse.

    A 2-1 loss. It wasn’t nearly that close. We should have lost 5-0. I don’t think that would change anything, but who knows. McDonagh even had some bad moments tonight, watching the puck instead of the guy in front of the goal.

    We have some good material to review in practice now.

  105. Right. And practice won’t begin until ………. Sunday? These back-to-backs are killing out practice routine.

    No practice Tomorrow. Game Saturday. Practice Sunday.

  106. _The St. Louis Blues announcer just called it the Tarasenkshow!!_

    yeah well… imagine how much more this Tarasenkshow will sting us when McIlBust (who was picked BEFORE Tarasenkshow) turns into a real bust…

  107. Already started Voice. I should post a cleaned-up version of the knuckleheaded Avery lover whose post was blocked for language last night. One of the most brainless anti-Torts comments ever.

  108. Girardi scores a goal on Beginnings and is immediately hugged by: Prust, Dubinsky and Fedotenko. Oops.

  109. Please do share that stuff, Carp! It sounds great. We get most of our amazing and never-ending blog jokes from idiots jackwagons.

  110. OK. Here it is, somewhat cleaned up:

    This is tha saaaaaaaaame old garbage with this bum , we have ZERO shot with this coach. Game THREE and the bench is already shortened, and this dope has ruined Kreider already, How the f does Boyle keep getting ice time ? The kid has to watch that absolute bum and say to himself, if I’m not better than him…………also year SIX, SAME OLD GARBAGE POWER PLAY!!!!!!!! Rupp, Pyatt, Asham,(I know he didnt play but f him get this cheap shot garbage off my team, same as signing Brashear and hiring Trottier, fn joke) Devils draft Mattaeu last summer in the lineup already, and hacking away in front of the net, our guys spend 4 yrs in hfd, and then TORTD…..BAG says Brandon Segal 50 yr old career minor leaguer earned a shot opening night, but then he plays 5 mins.

  111. Blaming Torts? He’s a pussycat. Bobby Knight would have them doing two hours of wind sprints after the game at the Wells Fargo Center in the dark, and then bill the players for the ice time.

  112. I know Tort is unassailable here…. but the power play issues are on the coaching, and although Tort doesnt run the power play, someone needs to be held accountable.

    Faceoffs take practice. It’s not some unearthly skill that only few have, it just takes practice.

  113. Been reading all these remarks about Torts tonight and it makes me laugh. The PP struggles are on the organization and not Torts. It’s been the same way since they traded Zubov almost 20 years ago. That is the last time they had a legit PP point threat. Even in the pre lockout All Star Reunion tour of the early 2000’s they spent 70 mil on has beens like Fleury, Bure, Lindros, Messier (sorry but the 2nd time around was not good) even then they didnt have a legit point man. Do they watch Chara in BOS, Doughty in LA, Keith and Seabrook in CHI, Letang in Pitt. They dominate the game. Oh look at that they all won the last 4 Cups. NYR will never take next step without it. Girardi, Staal and McD are all very solid 2 – 3’s but you need Norris trophy level D to win. Heck, Markov back healthy in MTL (3 goals already) and look at that they dont stink as much.

  114. What team has the won the CUP in the 2000’s that didn’t have a Norris Trophy level defenseman?

    The answer is 1. The 06 Hurricanes did not have an elite defenseman. That is it. Even the 04 Lightning Dan Boyle had 40 pts and Kubina had I believe almost 20 goals.

  115. By the way, it’s no accident the Isles actually look ok right now with Mark Streit back in their lineup. Sorry, but in the entire NYR organization they don’t have a defensemen better overall than him. Yes, he isn’t as strong defensively as our 3 guys but the difference between his offensive abilities far outweighs his defensive drop off.

    If u grade from 1-10 our top 3 all would rate abt. a 8/9 defensively and about a 4 offensively. Hes about 8 offensively and about a 6 defensively.

  116. “…amazing and never-ending blog jokes…”

    I’ve seen a raft of the never-enders; where might I find at
    least a glimpse of the amazin’?

  117. Carp – The Devils didn’t have one but Kovalchuk’s shot on the PP was able to mask it better. That’s why your Richards point is very accurate. They want Richards to mask not having a legit point man then he has to be more assertive.

  118. Maybe, just maybe, McDonagh, Staal or somebody else might develop into a somewhat legit, dare I say even good, point man if they would just get Richards off of there.

  119. Carp – Although with that being said, I don’t agree with Torts saying he needs more from his top guys, unless he’s including Hagelin, Stepan and Boyle in that group. Very hard to win with just one line as other teams can match their 1-2 defense against that. NYR best bet would be to split up Gabby and Nash but can’t because Stepan not playing like a 2nd line center.

  120. Blue Seat Horror on

    I was never a fan of putting a forward at point on the PP. Just lets the opposing team know they won’t be shooting from the point and encourages the penalty killers to take chances on a SHG.

  121. Great point. Was thinking same thing myself about McDonagh. They don’t even give him a chance at it. To me, and u see him in practice so you’d know even better, he looks to be the most complete of the 3 in terms of skating, movement etc. Why not try it. Can’t say because it’ll add to his mins. because I’ll say, “Good, get more reliable 5-6 guys.”

  122. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t like the five forward PP either. The forwards can’t hold it in at the point, because they aren’t any good at it.

  123. Blue Seat Horror on

    Gum legs is probably the funniest, and most accurate, description I’ve heard of old number 3, that was number 33, that is number 32.

  124. Oh God, here we go once again about what we need who we need who has better players. Where was this talk when they were winning at a clip last year? What this team needs is for even 3/4 of their players to play to their potential and they’re going to pull a 180 out of this. They look sloppy. They look unsure. They look…well like a team that started mid season without a real training camp. Say what you want about 29 other teams being in the same boat but Torts preaches his camp torture in order for them to play within the system that made them successful under his watch thus far. So yes, He needs more out of the top guys on the team- and Hwirth those do include names like Hagelin, Boyle and especially Stepan . Those are the guys that made this team a meal before Sather served up the Nashed potatoes. catch my drift? They start playing better and suddenly line combos fall into place and the team gets in sync.

    PS Carp- has this PP not be painful to watch already? Man mid season, pre season off season, apple picking season ski season. Are they contractually obligated to not put Nash at the front door of the crease and stop with this Jagr era perimeter passing?
    I’ll agree that its too early to criticize ANYthing else but this has been a well documented saga. Starting to think one of those federal mediators from the lock out meetings could probably draw up a better PP than Sully.

  125. The Rangers lost 6 of their first 9 games last season (3 of those loses were Bettman bonus points).

    I’m not worried. Too much talent on this team to not finish in the top 6…

  126. Oleo, thank u. Yours was exactly the kind of post I needed to read to calm down about these knuckle heads and their impressions of Randy Quaid in Major League 2! Gnight all!

  127. James – I won’t speak for other people but I’ve been talking about the Number 1 defenseman problem well, since Leetch starting getting on his last legs before being traded and it did cost them a chance to go all the way last year. A better PP might have shortened the 1st two series.

    As for just assuming the team will be fine because they were fine last year. The reality is they are not the same team. They added a big time star (who has played very well – not complaining abt. him) and sacrificed a lot of their signature grit and team toughness. Prust will be a bigger loss than people are realizing. Better hope Asham gives them that physical lift because they don’t have the same defensive/forechecking integrity right now.

    And again, I still think it’s all mute until they get the PP QB they’ve needed for years.

  128. PP just has to do better… they are too predictable (as always)… Nash just standing on the side of the net wont do crap… Pyatt has been pretty hot lately and saw only last 30 sec or so of that long PP at the end… instead, Torts put Boyle out there… why?

  129. Wow, that was disgusting. Me thinks it’s time to review the PP and faceoffs. Did we play 5 forwards on the 5 on 3 again?? I was one of Richards’ biggest supporters last season but this face off stuff cannot continue. I mean he lost them cleanly 3 times in a row at the end of the game to Claude Giroux. When Crosby entered the league he was one of the worst in the league. Now he is the best. It’s all about practice. They need Stepan and Richards to spend time practicing. This is where Id like Richards to show his leadership and admit that yes I need to lead by example and practice it.

  130. Also, this game was much less physical than I and I think most expected. Last year we loved to play grind it out physical games. We needed to set the tone tonight and we didnt .

  131. so if the faceoff thing and PP thing not getting better for a couple seasons now… is this on the coach?

  132. Olga Folkyerself on

    A good PP takes a lot of pressure off other aspects of the game. Not just in scoring goals. Teams are less likely to take liberties with players if they know a killer PP awaits them. PP goals are such momentum swings, it can sting the opposing team for several minutes.

    I can’t understand how the Rangers management can let such a lousy PP languish for so many years. They need to research and find the best PP coach in hockey. and pay him whatever he asks to fix their PP. That salary doesn’t go on the Cap so to NY, it’s only money. They have spent far more on a lot less…

  133. Stranger Nation on

    NYR – Nash was double shifting in first and then with all the PP time he logged a lot of TOI in back to back games

  134. The Flyers are a badly flawed and injured team that I doubt will make the playoffs.

    The Rangers played horribly, Henk kept them in the game, and they had huge opportunities to tie and win the game handily on all those PPs in the third. Could easily have won.

    I’m not worried. Annoyed and frustrated, but not worried. yet.

  135. Flyers really beat us at our own game. They were very solid defensively as a team and they blocked a lot of shots. Rangers really didn’t get quality scoring chances…

  136. I do think the PP is on the coach at this point. I mean we’ve heard all this talk about them practicing the PP but obviously nothing has changed. At some point you need to look in the mirror and see that the current PP strategy isnt working and try something else. You cant get outworked to the puck when you have a 5 on 3. You just cant. And you cant have 2 shots on goal during PP time for about 5-6 minutes.

    Aside from Nash the most positive thing about this year has been Pyatt and Im glad to see he has been rewarded with ice time. Now if only Stepan, Boyle, Kreider, and Hagelin would decide to play hockey we could be in business.

  137. Stranger Nation on

    because it was against the filth with an opportunity to kick them when they are down, started getting frustrated, esp with 5 on 3. Stralman should be back there, hell, bickel should be back there before B Rich goes back there again.

    put on your pie-hat, this kid can play

    thank you bickel for pounding tostitos

    got to score more than obe vs loafs, no?

  138. gotta agree with Lev
    need to bring SOMEONE ANYONE in
    to coach the power play
    the Torts/Sully method is NOT working

    didn’t watch ALL of tonight’s game
    had some stuff to do
    and was too frustrated at them looking like
    a team that’s playing with all the passion
    and urgency of a scrimmage for a
    share 12 pack of aged Schlitz beer
    i missed the powerless 5 on 3
    and the Pyatt goal
    if it’s anything like the past
    it’s ALWAYS a problem of
    too many Rangers NOT
    moving around
    and (hat tip to the Rodent)
    pointmen moving down too low
    which makes it easier for
    opponents to defend
    we moved with any urgency
    then it would look as if we have
    ONE more man on the ice
    than our opponent
    but we Tra-La-La it round and round with the Board Hockey
    til someone on the other team gets in the way and sends up ice.

  139. The Leafs just lost 7-4 to the Islanders…i dont know if they have a game before they play us but i can imagine they wont be a pushover either. I am beginning to be concerned.

  140. Olga Folkyerself on

    They can practice the PP all they want. If they don’t have a good plan to execute, practicing does no good. 5 forwards is a desperation move to find something that might work. Pick a shooter, put him in the high slot and feed him. Let him blast away until the goalie gives one up or gets chopped in half. When they get wise to that, move two guys down in front and screen the low shots from the point and look for rebounds.

  141. Nevermind they obviously dont play again before playing us… i thought there was 2 days off between our next game. So im assuming theres no practice tomorrow and then we go to battle Toronto. Expect more of the same.

  142. Oh ye and if Newbury is really the best Hartford has to offer we are in more trouble than previously thought regarding depth.

  143. I want nothing to do with Slewfoot. He has talent, but needs a serious attitude and ego adjustment.

  144. _needs a serious attitude and ego adjustment._

    what are planning to date him? lol

    SlewFoot is mean…and this team lacks mean!

  145. I dont know CCCP, i dont follow AHL or anything like that but id love to know where JT Miller, Ryan Bourque, Christian Thomas, and others are.

  146. Did not see the game. but no scoring depth. boyle is a 4th liner and newbury is a career 4th liner, and bickell has no purpose but sit the 21 year old with high end talent…

    they need more scoring upfront especially since there d cannot score ever…

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