Live Chat Thursday at noon; tonight’s a 7:30 start


Just a quick update. I am not at the Garden tonight. Brian Heyman is filling in for me, but I’ll be here on the blog all night, and on Tweeter @RangersReport.

We will do our third Live Chat of the season tomorrow (Thursday) at noon, when we can discuss the one-game winning streak, or the three-game losing streak, or tomorrow night’s game against the 0-3 Orange Crud. Or whatever or Woywitka.

Torts’ pre-game presser is not until 6:20 for some reason, so we won’t know for sure about the lineup until then, I suppose. Though if Arron Asham is ruled out, that could be announced earlier … check the widget right over there ————>

See youse at Go Time! if not sooner.


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  1. Better not be, Latona, you trouble-maker. Also, about the snide Big Brother comment earlier … nah, it’s just that I see the comments in a different window, so if somebody (Manny, Sally, ilb) is dumb enough to go back to an old post for one of their private logging sessions (whatever the byfuglien that is) I still see their comments pop up.

  2. Mr. Heyman is filling in for you? Didn’t he once make you wear a jock on your head for an entire class?

  3. Cross Check Charlie on

    After reading the quotes from Redden about his time with the Rangers, I almost feel bad about the things I’ve said about him. He could have bashed the team, but took the high road.

  4. what channel is this game on tonight? I have to DVR it so I can go see Soundgarden at Hammershhhhhtein tonight!

  5. Hartnell is out indefinitely after blocking a shot last night with his foot. Getting tests done to see further damage.

  6. Flyers will probably play Sestito now tomorrow. And if Rinaldo also plays they may goon it up especially being on the brink of going 0-4.

  7. the good news is hartnell and Rinaldo are hurt and out od tomorrow’s game against the Rangers. The bad news, yea, most likely sesito wil play tomorrow.

  8. Stranger Nation on

    sesito v Bickel – bring it on!

    has Milbury’s head actually gotten bigger?

    next to Milbury, Jonesy seems reasonable

    Doc Emerscreetch tonite?

  9. Sam Carchidi @BroadStBull

    As of now, no recalls have been made, Homer said. #Flyers might play Sestito and Shelley on Thurs.

    dont know who that guy tweeting is but this just gets me even more concerned about gooning it up

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