It’s Go Time!


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Game 3.
Bruins at Rangers.

Opening-night rematch already. Then the Flys tomorrow (so light up the Empire State Building in Orange and Black for Mr. Snider).

Ya boys sit 0-2, and panic has set in amongst the Faithful (even though they started last year with three straight losses, albeit with the two Bettman Bonus Points they achieved for losing).

Arron Asham (groin) will not play.  Stu Bickel moves to forward and Steve Eminger makes his season debut on defense. Henrik Lundqvist expected to start in goal.

Oh, yeah, it’s an NBC Sports game, 7:30 start; so no MSG tonight. But you do get Milbury, so there’s that.


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  1. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " no wins, no problem!!!" ...says Greg L. on





    3 periods of non stop hackey action , TIME TO SCORE!!!!!

    Lets gog gogogogoggogogogo!!!!

    Oh sureee I was wrong on last games gregareentee but just to make up for it…IM pridicting a win TONIGHT!!!! This time i will not be wrong or i’ll say I love Crosby all week everyday !!!

    RANGERSSSSSSSSS we believeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " no wins, no problem!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    Grabby doo doo is in affect!!!

  3. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " no wins, no problem!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    yeah Carp I CAN’T wait!!!! BIG GAME!!!

    Tonight is our night bros and girols!!

  4. Did you guys know that this an original six matchup?! Did you?! Thanks NBC! What would we do without YOU!

    PS. Jeff Skinner used to be a figure skater! Bet you guys didn’t know THAT!

  5. Does anybody think there’s irony in the Somebody left the gate open commercial being immediately followed by Dulcolax … makes it easier for you to go?

  6. Apparently lockout doesn’t improve anyone’s brain function. Listening to Milbury, it could be quite opposite, in fact

  7. I wish part of the CBA stated that Milbury could not be associated with the NHL in any way

  8. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " no wins, no problem!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    ilb , I agree , hes a moron!!

    FIRE OLGA!!!!

    lets go gog og gogg og gog ogo Rangers!!!!!

  9. What a pile of crap this whole rivalry thing NBC is trying to force on everybody … these teams haven’t played an important game against each other since the 1970s. The fact is, the Rangers have more of a rivalry with every team in their division, plus Washington, than they do with Boston.

  10. It’s a good thing Marchand doesn’t play basketball. If he did, every time he crossed the half court line, his nose would violate the 3 second rule in the paint.


  11. Boston-Montreal is still a great rivalry, but that’s been prolonged by some recent playoff series. I don’t really see them having any other true rivals, maybe Philly?

  12. Yeah!!!!! Kill them!!!! Murder them!!! Decapitate them!!!! Rip their necks off and piss down their throats!!!!!!


    Loved the set play and inspired by the tempo. Rich Nash is quickly gaining idol status in my mind and for all the lows, this is enjoyable. Not calling the game – just saying that it’s nice to see potential realized if only half a period.


  14. PHEW!!!! Made it home just in time!!!!!! Now this is New York Rangers hockey!!!!

    Good evening all!

  15. this reminds me of those playoff games last year where the team that just simply needed the game more usually ended up winning… pretty obvious that the nyr feel like they ‘need’ to have this game tonight…

    also, pierre couldn’t possibly get any worse here… he’s horrendous

  16. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " no wins, no problem!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    NASH IS A BEAST!!!! LOOK how he holds the puck…He dominates it. He worth Dubi ,AA and 3 first round draft picks!!! What a steal!!! Sather is a genious.

  17. Just a lucky guess – didn’t see two in the first 8, that’s for sure.

    Nash is really fun to watch – good for the NHL to get that guy in a major market. I watch a good bit of hockey and simply hadn’t REALLY watched him enough to appreciate his game.

    “Tough call” – Brian Boyle. Accurate.

  18. The Rangers dominated the first 8 minutes of the game, regardless of whether they scored or not.

    Doc Emrick is a complete toolbag. Instead of mentioning the reigning Cy Young Award Winner RA Dickey’s knuckleball, he had to get a mention of Tim Wakefield in.

  19. I like these lines much better. That looked like some sort of obstruction penalty on the Bruins though.

  20. Torts looks to be sportin some hair gel in the front, I attribute that to the stellar start tonite

  21. Really great coach interview. Learned a lot about what Torts is thinking. Got some in depth info about his strategy. Glad they spent time doing that. Wasn’t awkward or pointless at all. Love it.

  22. 1st period analysis. staal alot better then first 2 games same with gabby and stepan..

    2 bad penalties and a horrible PP at the end else the rest has been good.

    PP at the end was ugly, absolutely new offensive zone time or puck control.

    callahan and kreider did not have strong periods….

  23. At least Boyle knows he can’t fight, so knows to just hang on against someone like McQuaid. Surely better than opening up and getting smashed in.

  24. Man I thought Gaborik fumbled the pass on his first goal but he just got it and out-waited Rask. What a great shot.

  25. >>Anybody see that conehead in the stands?

    He reminded me of Peter Garrett, lead singer of Midnight Oil.

  26. Gotta love the hands on Gabby when he roofed that puck. And no, it is not too early to call Nash a monster. The guy is the real deal!!

  27. Blue Seat Horror on

    It’s music to the ears to hear there’s only one more regular season game after this where the Rangers will have to block Chara shots.

  28. Stranger Nation on

    Nice Midnight Oil reference – Blue Sky Mine – nothing is safer than a hole in the ground…

  29. Corned Beef Nash on

    —He reminded me of Peter Garrett, lead singer of Midnight Oil.

    Or the biker- teacher from weird science.

  30. callahan got stopped trying to get it out of the d zone twice and kreider still seems a little lost.

    just my opinion watching on tv. in person much easier to see the whole ice…

  31. I just thought Kreider (other than the penalty) played a really good, solid period without the puck … which is where he must improve and quickly, and Callahan was Callahan.

  32. Blue Seat Horror on

    You may be sick of hearing Dougie, but think how much worse it would be to have to listen to Michiletti saying what a strong young body Dougie has.

  33. Yup, PP looked better with Stralman on the point, even Girardi. Why? Because they can and will just get it to the net.

  34. Taylor Pyatt has impressed me so far. Happy for the kid.

    Anyone seen Stepan lately? Played pathetically in the playoffs and has continued till today.

  35. guys like stepan hagelin and del zaster need to take games to next level to get us to where we all want to be.

    by the way bruins/hawks cup final these 3 would be off the wall

  36. Staal has been brutal again today. Kreider continues to look overmatched and Boyle looks more like Rupp than Lucic.

    That said, Stralman having a great game and Nash/Gaborik going strong. Hagelin has been noticeable as well

  37. Is this an original six matchup? Is there any rivalry between these teams? Is the chat live now? Any update on Suaer?

  38. lev, i want u to know, that despite all our differences, i still hdbvhvbcudbcbnjuwihyeqchn anytime buddy!

  39. I did not see kreider at all I think.

    bickell, halpern ,rupp(sucks), kreider, and emminger all 5 minutes or less.

    hagelin looks bak. retrieving pucks and skating.

    need kredier to get going.

    girardi needs to play his position and stop roaming for the hit…

    i guess torts thinks kreider is playing as bad as i do…………….

  40. That wasn’t a change-the-momentum fight. That was shooting-the-puck after-the-whistle fight. Those are the kinds of fights most of us like, for a reason, for something that happened in the game, not a staged b.s. fight.

  41. bickel stinks. he has as much chance of scoring on offense as rupp does.

    not sure why they suit up bickell normally over stralman or gilroy.

    he is a pylon.

  42. Stranger Nation on

    did Kreider see ice time in 2nd? dont remember hearing his name.

    Strahlman with strong pp shift – how is he not on the first pair pp d pairing?

  43. I dont know I got more excited for the other 3 fights than I did for this one. Maybe it’s because i knew Boyle would get his butt kicked but that was not at all exciting. When the heavy weights drop them everyone gets up and waits for the bombs. Not so much there.

  44. iDoodie Machetto on

    I took a walk to the 400s where a couple of my friends are sitting. Having walked that far away from my section, I now understand the complaints about congestion. It was bad. And it’s all caused by the bathroom.

  45. ThisYearsModel on

    Better effort tonight. Kreider in the dog house already. Orpik put Lupul put of their game with a slash and no call.

  46. Halpern and Rupp got a few shifts though, Carp.

    Kreider got one shift in the second. Only full shift since he took the penalty.

  47. I’d be scared out of my mind climbing a rock that high and that tiny!

    Call on Rupp was a little tough, but all I saw was a helmet laying on the ice thanks to NBC.

    I thought Kreider looked ok in the first, even back checked and broke up a play due to his speed. He should have shot that puck in the first though instead of trying to force that pass.


  48. What was I saying about Rupp before? Dude is as useless at tits on a bull. We could be going into the third up comfortably with a 2 goal lead, instead we’ll be hanging on for our lives for 20 minutes.

  49. was there opening night not tonight the garden is so tight around concourses better off going in your pants

  50. Should that have been a penalty on McQuaid hitting Pyatt after the goal?
    Or does it have to be a full Dale Hunter?

  51. Give Boyle credit for dropping them (not that he really had a choice at that point since the other guy dropped the gloves and instigated it) but there was no excitement from that fight for me.

  52. @rangersreport

    Win, lose or Bettman Bonus Point tonight, the Rangers look like they’ve gotten back to what made them successful.

  53. Im just glad that Im having some difficulty determining the 3 stars of the game right now. Progress.

  54. is it me, or is NBC’s main center-ice camera much farther away than MSG’s camera? Do they know there’s a “zoom” feature?

  55. The later this goes, does Torts break up Nash-Richards-Gabby for a more defensive player on that line?

  56. Eric I don’t recall problems where you sit….

    My bathroom is the best, if you can get past the cat hair …

    Jeff, so sorry…..sometimes us locals forget this is an international/ national site :)

    Whenever I hear Horton I think of bad coffee….

  57. Blue Seat Horror on

    Girardi still insists on taking a big enough wind up so that the defensive player can get into position to block his shot.

  58. Mcquade is a nasty SOB. ….love to have type like himon our blue line.. Maybe McIrath????

  59. I know Carp – trying not to be a debbie downer, but we just never seem to be aggressive on 5 on 3s…

  60. Ha! But I like the elephant Carp and the coffee so my reference works better for me.

    This is my first season with a BIG screen HD tv so I’m just happy about that…

  61. It will never cease to amaze me how there cant be a goal with a 5 on 3…though quite happy when we PK it

  62. “News alert…. Kreider gets a shift!”

    Follow-up …. It should be his last for this game.

  63. that PP was embarrassing. Richards lost both draws, played poorly on the point, and then ran out of gas at the end and was bailed out by Boyle’s backcheck. You can’t score on every one, but you should never have one where you don’t get a scoring chance.

  64. No reason to put 5 forwards on the ice there on that 5-3. Girardi can score, no reason he shouldn’t be out there

  65. No chance of this place ever getting lice….the nitpicking every play takes care of that :)

  66. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " no wins, no problem!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Lunqvist’s mask is the nicest mask in the NHL. It looks like royalty Ranger style!!!!!


    gog gog gopg og gog gogogogoo!!!!

  67. Carpy, can you ask that question in the postgame? “John, when does someone get held accountable for a subpar power play year after year?”

  68. except it worked last game, Joe. If they changed it up after scoring last game, everybody’d be going, “What the eff did they change it for?”

  69. ~Tiki is upset at the goal given up by Heinie. Heinie had a clean look at it and allowed it 5 hole.~

  70. I’ve noticed no one is ever in the slot for us. WE stand right on the goal mouth and around the perimeter… WHY? Get in the slot!!!

  71. Both Girardi and the player before him played the puck the wrong way. Knew that was gonna happen.

  72. All Pierre Maguire has talked about all game is the Bruins. Everything. He hasnt uttered a Rangers player’s name all game.

    I wish I could Todd Bertuzzi him.

  73. Blue Seat Horror on

    Love to see Nash driving to the net. Don’t love the other 4 players standing there and watching instead of driving to the net to create havoc. Ever heard of a rebound?

  74. Sad that Pierre Maguire is able to live. There are plenty of people more deserving of living than Pierre Maguire.

  75. Rangers will win in Shoot out…. NASH will get the winner… dont need to watch Artie miss the net again in a shoot out anymore!

  76. At least we got both points. Well done, Gaborik. You shut that criminal Pierre Maguire up for a moment.

  77. Just froze the screen and gave the cats a heart attack with my scream….first star…..DUH!!!!!!!!

  78. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " no wins, no problem!!!" ...says Greg L. on


    Game over !!!

    Seasons on!!!



  79. >>So stupid. You beat a team in your conference and gain only one point.

    Tell me about it! I just can’t wrap my brain around the fact that some games are worth more points than others. The NHL could learn a thing or two from fútbol.

  80. is nash on the list of the candidates for 3 star??

    good gabby, nash, and mcdonagh. notice that you never notice mcdonagh because he is so damn good. good with the puck and skates like crazy.

    THE HORRIBLE; faceoffs, pp,and depth.

    there ineptitude on faceoffs is going to kill them

  81. When is MSG going to run postgames (and pregames for that matter) after every Rangers game?

    Carp – You’re gonna have to wait an hour for the NHL show.

  82. boxcareddiehospodar on

    Kreider’s worse night is better than Boyle’s and Rupp’s best night.

    We still run around like chickens with no heads in our defensive end.

  83. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " no wins, no problem!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Love the voting thingy Carpy!!!!

    Rangers win tonight!!!!

  84. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Carp, when I refresh, I am able to vote again (but won’t due to the stringent regulations).

  85. I’m kind of okay with this Nash guy.

    Also, Columbus is only five hours away and BJ’s games are, like, 15 smackers. So…

  86. Wow that pp sucks. Wowiwowow Nash. Just wow. Great Hattie by gabs as well. Henrik is definitely not focused and fatgued as well as lacking jam.

  87. Yes, I was really desiring football recrap immediately after game….hartnell you No Brain Carcillos!!!

    Can I at least get my stick salute!!!!!!!!

  88. rangers after taking the 2-0 lead got sloppy with the puck, partly because of the bruins skating and fore checking. Boston is very good team. I think the rangers will get better as they continue to play.

  89. Didn’t Dudley say that Gaborik would go off? I believe he cited his gut as the source on that one…

  90. Pierre is currently waiting for Dougie Hamilton to show up for his scheduled interview with Dougie Hamilton so he can can ask Dougie Hamilton what his favourite thing about being Dougie Hamlton is.

  91. DJK, if ultimately that works out, then great….tad too early for me to compare but hey, I think he is the *Real Deal*

  92. Kreider is not going to HFD. He’s just gonna barely see the ice when we are playing a top team like Pitt or Boston.

    Plus even if they wanted to send him down, there is no-one in HFD that is any better than him. I would like to see them call up a spare forward because Bickel is useless if he isn’t fighting. Would much rather see someone like Segal, Newbury or Kolarik who is actually capable of playing the position.

  93. It’s ashame rangers fans were callin for torts to get fired a couple days ago. This was nyr hockey Nash is the real deal Pyatt is nice but we miss prust :( it’s all uphill from here

  94. And that talk of Torts being on the hot seat was just nonsense. He’d have to go about 3 weeks without a win to even begin having some worries.

  95. Glad that they won this game – sorry that they gave up that tying goal, though. Would have liked a regulation win better, but I’ll take the 2 points!

  96. Wow. Great game, just got back. This looked like the Ranger team we know.

    Still very concerned with how Richards is playing. I don’t think he is worth much to the team when he plays like he has (this is how I remember him most of last season)

    Gaborik and Nash were awesome tonight. Hagelin and Pyatt were very effective.

    The “transformation” of my section is awful. It used to be 306, now it’s 226. The aisles are crowded because as there are more seats per row. The “amenities” are the same old crap and the seats are more expensive. I can’t wait until PSLs and more price hikes come because I’ll probably be done complaining and stop going altogether!!!

  97. Anybody that willingly goes by the name Dougie disgusts me. Id love to toss Pierre Maguire into the same jail cell as Sandusky

  98. To be honest I dont even know what our 2nd line is since the lines are jumbled so frequently. All I know is that Mitchell, Prust, Dubinsky, Anisimov and Fedotenko have been replaced with Nash, Asham, Pyatt, Halpern. I really dont think we lost any physicality from the team. In fact I think we added it. Im not saying we’ve seen it at its best yet but I think we’ve improved. Talent wise there’s no question we’ve improved.

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