Rangers-Penguins in review



1) I still think the staged fights are dumb and mostly useless. But to a degree I agree with John Tortorella, that when a guy is in that kind of battle, right in front of your bench, teammates need to take that and run with it, at least a little bit … say, “Hey, this guy’s putting it on the line, the least I could do is …”

2) Arron Asham has now played for all five Atlantic teams. Interesting point by somebody in the pressbox. What if Asham’s suspension had been one game longer. Wouldn’t have been ironic that he couldn’t play against the team for which he took the infraction that brought about the suspension.

3) Thought Ryan Callahan played a much better game, a more Callahan game, especially with those two blocks on the 5-on-3 in the closing seconds of the second period, with the game pretty much decided already.

4) Didn’t think many other Rangers, or most other Rangers, played better than they had played on Saturday.

5) Malkin=Monster.

6) Faceoff violation? That’s what it takes for the Rangers to get a 5 on 3 and a power-play goal? Better not count on that.

7) I also thought Derek Stepan was better in a lot of areas. But he lost draw so cleanly to Sidney Crosby on 3-1 goal. Couldn’t have been more cleanly. Skid didn’t do much else.

8) If it’s any consolation, the Rangers just lost back to back to the teams that are going to finish 1-2 in the East. But I don’t think either of them played particularly great in beating ya boys. And if it’s any consolation, they only have five back-to-backs remaining.

9) By the way, this 48 games in 99 days thing. Last year they played their final 48 games in 100 days.

10) I am not totally saying this is because they don’t have the two Brandons around, because it can’t be. But they sure have been missing that Rangers’ “jam” the first two games.

11) The renovated place looks great, though I sure heard some complaints about the crowded concourses and people having their seats moved up near the roof. But man was it quiet in there. They also raised an Atlantic Division banner … without ceremony, thank goodness.

12) The “Bud Light first-period highlights” on the arena scoreboard included three replays of the Rangers goal, none of any of the Penguins’ three goals, and a couple of the 11 saves (on 14 shots) made by Henrik Lundqvist in the period.

13)  ps, I didn’t think Henrik Lundqvist played great in Boston. I didn’t think he was that bad last night.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash.
2. Ryan Callahan.
3. Derek Stepan.


Mitch Beck’s Three Rangers Stars:
1. Rick Nash – Total all-around game and the SHG.
2. Ryan Callahan – Goal, blocked shots and seemed to be in the middle of everything.
3. Derek Stepan – Two Assists and good overall play.


Your poll vote for the Three Rangers Stars:
1) Rick Nash (24.32 %).
2) Ryan Callahan (16.89 %).
3) tie, Taylor Pyatt and Martin Biron (9.46 %).

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  1. only thing I’m annoyed about is what the Garden pulled in terms of ruining the 300-level seats

    outside of that, this team doesn’t look good but I would imagine that most of them are still comatose and won’t really be in game shape for another couple of weeks.

    Mike Rupp is still god awful, though. And Stu Bickel still isn’t an NHL defenseman

  2. Agnus Dei qui tolles peccata mundi – for those of yous who abhor Latin, but still pretend….

  3. To have all these fights before the horn rings to start the game is more than silly…speaks to the state of the game. Agreed on that point. Said it in the other threads (always just before you started a new one!) they are giving up too easily…not the same effort as last year. By the middle of the Second Period (when I had left the TV on and gone to work at my computer) they seemed to give up and stopped trying. Don’t know if this is conditioning, shortened training camp, failure to buy in to the system, or lack of communication/teamwor, or lack of personal motivation for some. Agree on the stars. The Pens skated circles around the Blueshirts for most of the night, and our Rangers could not sustain any cycling or puck possession, aside for the few minutes in the first period. Wonder if skaters like Prust and Dubinsky were helping sell the system, and Tortorella needs some replacement salesmen to lead by example and motivate his team. BTW, how much are tickets to these games? When I clicked on a “Chase Bank” link it offered me $1,400 tickets…they won’t get me to MSG at that price..

  4. Stranger Nation on

    we must stop with the Dubi added value talk because the guy had been absolute garbage the last two years. unless we are now playing in the National Kneehockey Leage, he is not the reason the team is not gelling.

    Prust was all heart and soul. his fearlessness on ice and the comraderie off ice are missed right now. Boyle has to emerge as a leader and help show the wy, but has been off so far.

    The biggest dissappointment has been the backline play and I include everyone, even McD in that mix. There have been basic mite level positioning errors and against these last two opponents, those turn into goals.

    if Rupp’s skating and Bickels D are the biggest problems with this squad, we are OK.

    Expectations are a b!tch, no?

  5. oops, on those fights, before the horn sounds…I guess some computerized horns may be able to “ring” these days…and its the ref’s whistle, anyway. Chalk that up to 5:40 AM

  6. What a disappointing game! I actually thought they played much better in the first period than the 3-1 score. The Bickle mistake on that second goal was glaring.

    Rick Nash is going to be everything that was advertised and then some. He is huge!

    I love the new garden. They have done a great job.


    I am in section 115. I am not a particularly tall guy and don’t have long legs. It seems to me that there is much less leg room between your seat and the row in front of you. I am wondering if it is because they have jammed in more seats. Do you know the seating capacity now? Have they added more rows in.

    The Pens are a good team, but I think the Bruins are the team to watch. I am very impressed with their line up!

  7. Rick Nash probably feels right at home with the way we are playing…feels like he never left Columbus…..

  8. Stanger Nation on

    One added bonus of the Europe ‘vacation’ was the opportunity to for the team to spend some time getting to know one another without distractions from the home front. This team has had the complete opposite – almost no off ice time to build cohesion – especially a group with a number of new faces.

    They didn’t play particular well, but maybe that time was a solid investment which would reap returns through out the season.

  9. @DaveLozo
    Eight teams that made the conference semis last year (Rangers, Caps, Devils, Flyers, Blues, Kings, Coyotes, Predators) are 2-8-1.

  10. First we gave the cup to Boston and now we give the cup to Pissburgh…nice!

    I also don’t believe that missing two Brandons is an issue here but to say that Dubi wasnt heart and soul of this team and a garbage is a total bullcrap! Dubi was a productive player and hustled as much as anybody and was more than willing to drop the gloves and he actually won a few fights (unlike Prustie)! Dubi’s epic battles against Richards, Ovechkin and Crosby (just to name a few) is what its all about! Going after other teams best players! Can any of you recall at least ONE memorable fight Prust was involved in while he was a Ranger? Yeah… I didn’t think so.

  11. Cross Check Charlie on

    The non-star players need to pick it up. Hagelin, Stepan, Kreider, Boyle. Even though Stepan played much better than the first game his overall game needs to pick up. Yes, he made a good play on the shortie, but one play doesn’t mean he played a great game. The 4th line is useless. Of course, most 4th lines are useless, but still…

    What happened to Boyle? He had a good year two seasons ago. Now it looks like he can’t get out of his own way.

    This is the team that a lot of people thought would win the East?

  12. Just how badly do they have to play before one is ready to admit that, ” Hey- they were stinkeroo.

    Not so you would call it that, but this is a last season repeat.
    All the same features were involved, with Lundqvist dishing out rebounds like beaded necklaceses
    like New Orleans at Mardi Gras, and the rest of the team making passes to nowhere, and no one…just like last season where all that was necessary to compete was throwing the puck at someone who wore your shirt, whether it was within his reach or not….I had to run quick and check my calender…….sure enough, it still said 2013……….can’t wait for the next exhibition.

  13. Must say I enjoyed the comment about Tort being fired because of him making the team play a grinding style and replaced by Jacques Martin.

    Is there a different Jacques Martin I’m not aware of who has his teams play a freewheeling, offensive style?

  14. If it looks like amateur-hour, smells like bush-league, and walks like Mickey Mouse … then it’s the New York Rangers.

  15. Boyle is the same player he has always been, a marginal third liner who cant hit or pass.

    Richards had some bad moments last night.

    Bickel is getting outclassed more than a few times. I think he can settle down.

    Gaborik…. I think he needs a few more games. he has looked pretty rough so far. It is hard to say if the injury is at fault.

    We have some new blood on every line, I think they will improve. Of course I think they don’t look very good at the moment.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I disagree with both assessments of Lundqvist. I thought he was excellent in Boston and lousy against Pittsburgh. The Niskanen goal was about as soft as they come. Also didn’t do himself any favors on the Kennedy goal by not having better control of the first shot. But Bickel skating past the puck and behind the goal was definitely more to blame there. He is not an NHL caliber defenseman.

    You nailed it on Stepan. I thought he was terrific, although he remains terrible on faceoffs. How do you not practice something like that every single day during the summer? It doesn’t take a lot. Just two other guys. Still, he’s easily been our best center. Richards looks very, very old.

    Anyone remember that Gaborik is on the team? Invisible.

    While Nash has clearly been excellent, anyone else notice he spends a lot of time flopping around on the ice, diving to try and make plays and take himself really far out of position?

  17. The one thing that worries me about this team, is that with getting rid of all the role players we had, Dubi, Artie, Prust, Feds, we are putting a lot of stock in guys like Krieder and Hagelin. While they looked really good at times last year, they are still kids. They have been pretty much non-existent these first two games. We know about Kreider not having the best time in Hartford, but Hagelin does not seem to be the same player since his suspension last year. One of these two is going to have to play on one of the top two lines. If not them, who else? Nobody else has the talent to play on those lines. So if at least one of them doesn’t step up, it really weakens the offense.

    Remind me again why Bickel is playing? I thought he was horrible again last night. Directly responsible for one of the first two goals (I forget which) where he was totally out of position. With Rupp and Ashem both in the lineup, they don’t need a THIRD goon. If that’s what Bickel is there for, then he is a waste. Gilroy and Eminger are not great, but at least they have some skills. I still think they need another decent stay at home D.

  18. Yev – my husband has the same problem in the new seats. The old seats were significantly lower so his knees never hit the seats. The new seats on the other hand are high back. It’s impossible to have your knees any other place than the back of the seat in front of you.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    I seem to be the exception to the rule. I didn’t have any problems with my new seat and/or concourse on my level.

  20. Why not reunite the first line of Hagelin-Richards-Gaborik and have a second line of Callahan-Stepan-Nash? This way you’re keeping the chemistry of the first line from last season and plugging Nash into a new unit.

  21. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    I agree Vitaly. You can tell Gabby is uncomfortable and trying to get used to his role on LW. I understand Torts wants to have Nash and Richie together, but i think it may come to reuniting the Hagelin – Richards – Gaborik line.

  22. Invisible is the exact word I used to describe Gaborik as well. I’m fine with playing Bickle against certain teams but not a team with the speed and skill we saw last night.
    On a separate note – One of my tv’s is still standard definition. With the new MSG graphic, I can no longer see the game clock and have no idea how much time is left in the period. Even though I do not watch all the games on this tv, it is incredibly annoying. Anyone else out there in the stone age with me on this?

  23. Trade Asham for Prust. Trade Halpern for Dubinsky. Problems solved. Start playing the goal song.

  24. Czechthemout!!! on

    With the exception of Nash and McD, everyone has played like crap. LQ was bad yesterday.

    Vitaly, you are dead on with your comment.

    Not for nothing but ever since Ken Gernander has had a chance at “coaching ” Kreider, he has not been the same player.

    I think Boyle and Richards Gabby have been particularly terrible.

    I still think they will be better in about two or three games.

  25. The thing is that it doesn’t matter who Nash plays with Richards or Stepan. I would argue that Nash is better with Stepan and Callahan than Richards and Hagelin based on yesterday’s game. It does matter who Gaborik plays with. So reunite the first line and put Nash on the second.

  26. Tom Fool

    I am still trying to determine how to get the games on Rangers TV, what channel do I use for msg
    hockey? I hate having to tolerate the stuff that comes with NHL center ice.

  27. Good morning, boneheads!

    Well, I’m sure Torts won’t listen to most of our suggestions and doesn’t start panicking and changing their lines, assignments etc. They look disjointed, out of position etc. They need some time to gel. As much as I love Nash on Broadway at the moment, he is still showing mostly individual plays. Great plays, but his teammates have no idea where to find him yet. Give it some time. And let’s not write Kreider off as yet. He is learning how to defend and is still as green as they come. He needs to make his share of mistakes before he is trusted enough to be placed back in his offensive role.

    Doodie, on Richards. He does look old and slow. But if he really had a flu, there is no way he recovered. 6-8 days of muscle aches and weakness, even when fever is gone. I just hope Ramsey is sure he isn’t still contageous.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, I did forget about the flu. But if that’s the case, that he still is fatigued, then he shouldn’t be the 1st line center.

    If only they had signed Kovalchuk instead.


    (and not some weaksauce cowbell)

  30. “I think they are all just fatigued …”

    = give up on the season already because this team is made up complete weaksauces.

  31. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    What did you think about what Torts said about maybe this team needing to get hit a few times to wake up lol

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    That first PK was *adysmal.* Guys were just flopping around all over, no shape, no structure, just haphazard pickup-game style defending.

  33. At the game last night. Our tickets were section 424 now 210. I can say unequivecollay that the seat is smaller with less leg room. The concourse was a mess – I don’t if this was because everyone was checking it out for the first time but in no way, shape or form is the layout sufficient to handle the volume of people. Overall it was a far worse viewing/game experience at a higher price point. Thank you MSG.

    I’m not ready to sound the fire alarm but I had a couple of quick observations. Nash looked like the real deal throughout. The D looked okay in my view although I still think fans give Staal too much credit/a pass for being homegrown. The forwards were largely unnoticable with a couple of exceptions. Nash obviously was in the game. I thought Hagelin used his speed well at times to forecheck and chase down pucks. After that I thought most of the forwards were invisible. When I notice Asham making plays in six minutes of ice time it tells you how the rest of the team is playing.

    They looked flat and it didn’t look like the conditioning was there, which is a joke. Someone needs to remind Kreider that he’s 225 and has to use his body as well as tell Gaborik that the season has started.

  34. I think its safe to say the worst 3 Rangers this season have been:


    Honorable Mention: Gaborik

  35. E3 pimp's angel on

    Rangers need worry only about getting top 8. Let them jell in due time. There are obviously flaws in their game at present. Soon enough – all in good time. Just make the playoffs. Then we will see what we have. Till then, no need to panic.

  36. They looked to me as if they have not had time to gel. The penguins skated circles around us the entire game…it was hard to watch.

    Regarding the renovations, as my name implies, I am 5’0″. I have absolutely NO leg room in our seats. We used to be 407, and are now 223. The stairways are cramped with people talking and blocking the way. The concourses are crowded and people block the top of the stairways. People come back to their seats without waiting for a whistle. Worst of all, we used to be in the 2nd row back from the rail in the 400’s. Now that the 300’s and 400’s are essentially one section with no separation, when the people in front of us stand up, they block the ice and scoreboard. I was so not happy. Does it look nice and sort of new (that flesh colored paint is just horrible still)? Yeah. Is it functional for most people, including this short chick? Not at all. Not to mention, I can’t think of what’s worse. Being seated in the middle of the aisle, without being asked much to get up for people to get by…or being seating on the ends, having to get up every time someone needs to get back in.

    And who’s idea was it to have the beer kiosks in the narrowest part of the concourse?

    Was it just opening night and it was more crowded than usual? I hope not…

  37. E3 pimp's angel on

    Rupp would be fine if he could go into the way back machine to the 1950’s. the speed of the game in that era suits him a bit better.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    oleo, Bickel and Gaborik have been far worse than Kreider.

    To me, its Bickel, Staal, Boyle, Gaborik

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    I was in 341, now in 208. Honestly, I thought it was great. I didn’t notice any of the problems anybody else is talking about.

  40. The Rangers are great on the penalty kill. But it would be awesome if they wouldn’t play every shift as if they were on the penalty kill. Mad passing that effectively just shoves the puck into the opponents’ zone with no attempt at possession, immediately looking to jump in front of pucks instead of making defensive plays that result in a break, etc.

    They’ve got skill (Nash=Beast), now they should start trying to aggressively use it.

  41. E3 pimp's angel on

    My seats, in what used to be my library, now my den, have more leg room than before. Even better, I have easier access to the potty rooms.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    I don’t like the new concourses from a cost/selection/quality standpoint, but I didn’t notice any crowding worse than usual on my level. I didn’t go down to the main level. Last year it was a disaster since unless you wanted the most disgusting hotdog on Earth (National Deli? Couldn’t spring an extra .15 a hot dog for Hebrew National?) , you had to go down to that level. I imagine it was better now that the food choices are on the other levels.

  43. havent really posted too much last two days with my birthday and being at the game last night. so here it goes.

    this ranger team through two games looks so sloppy and in my view there 3rd and 4th line depth is going to be a major problem. for one taylor pyatt will not fit in the east conf. not enough jam out of him. the 4th line with rupp and asham is just uselsss. halpern how come he doesnt take most def zones faceoff if he has a track record of one of the better face off guys in the league.

    staal looks like he didnt get off the couch at all.

    also THE NEW MSG IS AWFUL. the concourse is so narrow you couldnt move. my new seats are in middle of the row instead of the aisle. not enough exits to get out of . the bathrooms are so small.

  44. jay reimenschneider on

    Regardless of why, this team was not prepared at the start of this shortened NHL® Hockeytainment™ season, to start the season. Kinda pathetic actually. If other teams could get their act together in 6 days why couldn’t the Rangers?

    And WTH is with this pawing the puck on a faceoff is a penalty crap? Seriously NHL®, can you please give me (a Rangers fan, the rest of this league can eat Byfuglien) a break and stop making up stupid new rules every season? If you don’t want hand passes off the draw, then just eliminate hand passes altogether and be done with it.

  45. can we please get rid of stu bickel. for all you lovers of him he is useless. eminger or gilroy better play on wednesday. at least they can skate

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Man, I must be the luckiest guy in MSG.

    Eric, come by my section on Wednesday and see if it’s different than yours. 208. And happy belated.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, I’m with you on Bickel. Garbage. He can skate…right past his man, the puck, and the goal, allowing for a free rebound goal.

  48. Hah! E3…
    My view is also fantastic from the couch! I can pee when I want, watch in pajama’s, eat all the food I want (and it’s free). My knees feel great!
    I can stand without people yelling “down in front!”
    During TV timeout’s I can attend other hockey games or a football game. It’s a beautiful thing!

  49. Gaborik hasnt looked in sync with his line so far but at least he has fired a couple of shots on goal. Kreider made one terrible giveaway that led to one of Boston’s goals if i remember correctly and has been invisible otherwise. The only time i heard his name mentioned yesterday was when he got cleanly knocked down by Orpik.

    Carp, do you get the sense that Torts is looking Asham’s way to take a leadership role on the team? That was the feeling i got after listening to the post game. Nash is a Monster and once/if the team gels the way we expect them to he will be absolutely sick.

    Someone asked if anyone other than Callahan blocked shots yesterday. Girardi blocked 3-4 on that 5-3 to start the 3rd.

    Boyle needs to get over losing Prust. Make a bromance with Pyatt and move along. Invisible so far.

    Hagelin hasnt been the same since that hit on Alfie. Worrisome.

    Biron did a nice job stepping in and stopping the bleeding but I didnt think the score was due to Hank not playing well. As Torts said he just couldnt keep him in there. Team needed a wake-up call. Concerning that neither Asham’s fight, not the switching of goalies, and not the time-out didnt deliver that wake-up call.

  50. Oh yea, Stu Bickel. Get Eminger in the game. Please. Torts can admire Stu’s size when he is in Hartford.

    I also didnt think Rupp had a bad game. I thought the fourth line, the few shifts that it got, tried to apply some offensive pressure. Doesnt matter though, there are about 8 other things that need to be addressed before trying to improve the 4th line.

  51. Anyone know why Sutter came out of the box after Callahan’s 5-on-3 goal, rather than Despres who took the first penalty?

  52. Yes. Because it was a faceoff violation, the actual penalty time was the same as Despres’ penalty. The official clock was reset. The 5-on-3 was actually 2:00, not 1:57 as showed on the scoreboard and the tv clocks. Technically, they happened at the same time. I imagine that Pittsburgh then had a choice which player came out of the box. It was explained to Torts and he was fine with it.

  53. Everyone is playing out of character. Perfect example: Richards making 2 drop-passes to nobody. I trust this team enough that they will get their act together. I don’t think any one named Brandon or Artem were the keys to last years team; I don’t buy that one bit.

    Hey, better a losing streak now than in March/April right? Hell, it’s only two games!

  54. the season is gettting late real early around here. you could make the argument if flyers and rangers both lose next game and fall to 0-3 that thursday game the loser is done.

  55. 4generations 4 cups on

    I’m 6’6″ and I wont go to another Ranger game due to the rennovations. Last time I went to a ranger game, the drink holders were so close to my feet i could literally not move my legs without turning my feet sideways. that room in between the seats is absolutely precious for someone my size and to take that away in place of actual drink HOLDERS in the spot where you could just rest your drink before is ridiculous.

    Oh well. I’ll watch from home. GO RANGERS!

  56. What’s with having a back-to-back and then a few days off and then ANOTHER back-to-back? Why couldn’t the have spread that out a tiny bit?

  57. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Manny – i think that its because they needed the Rangers to have a home game yesterday and the Knicks play the Nets at home today for MLK at 3. Just my opinion.

  58. 4generations 4 cups on

    I would have loved to play hockey as a career but I was born with heart issues (defective aorta, replaced in may 07, also had WPW) so I never could be too serious about hockey.

    Just a big dude.

  59. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Apparently back in 2011 – The Kreider suffered a broken jaw while at BC. I hope this isnt a reoccurence.

  60. One point is, a lot of teams are off to slow starts. They’re all in the same boat re: short camps, no preseason games. But a lot of good to decent teams are off to bad starts. It happens.

    Another is, while we lament the “toughness” the Rangers lost, they also lost four guys who were really, really, really good on the forecheck and cycle … even when Dubinsky couldn’t put the puck in the ocean, he could cycle. Few were as good as Fedotenko and Prust, too, and even Anisimov. Haven’t seen much of that at all so far.

    But they have to be better defensively. They just have to.

  61. Sadly, you could add John Mitchell to that list. He could get it down low and keep it there for a while … better than Halpern so far. Mitchell couldn’t hit a bull in the butt with a snowshovel, but he was good on the walls.

  62. I’m not happy at all with the new experience, but I’m hoping that when the 10th floor concourse/deck is ready, there will be more space.

    The new 8th floor concourse was smaller than the old 7th floor concourse, but has to handle almost as twice as many people this season. Apparently the luxury boxes took priority, but why should I have expected different?

    Now one thing the Garden needs to fix (performance on the ice aside), is this small ledge some people use as a pathway to go behind section 222 and reach the otherside/next section/bar stools.

    The ledge is not that big and some big dude fell off during the national anthem, who fell into the guy behind me, who then fell into my seats and crushed my legs up against the row in front. I happened to be holding my 2 small boys at the time. I’m glad I was holding them, or they could have gotten seriously hurt. It is a lawsuit waiting to happen….

  63. here is a stat for us to chew on in 1995 48 game season.

    according to jeff klein in ny times no team that started the season with 3 straight losses made the playoffs.


  64. Mitchell could also win faceoffs!

    But that’s not the answer. Our team is definitely better and will definitely be better. Don’t fret pals.

  65. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “the key to down low cycling is redundancy intermittent with synergy”

  66. Also, If Halpern and Co. aren’t going to get the job done, they are very inexpensive pieces and we can always reach down to Hartford to find a player with a bit of JAM to insert a little spunk and energy into the lineup. We have Gilroy and Miller and Bjork and Haley and Hrivik and Kolarik and Segal and Thomas, etc.

    Bickel has looked very beatable and totally out of position based on some odd choices of when to go high or low but we have others: Eminger, Mcllrath, Gilroy, etc.

  67. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Rangers must win wednesday to clinch a spot for the may/June/July tournament.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, that stat is wrong. I just looked it up myself. Flyers started 0-3 and went to the conference finals.

  69. C3, I don’t see your comment in the Spam or Pending queues. when did you make it?

    eric, how many teams started 0-3 in ’95? Does he say?

  70. Just ask yourselves if you’re worried about other teams that started 0-2. Anyone worried about the Coyotes ability to make it back to the playoffs? Phlyers?

  71. I imagine it’s a pretty small sample size.

    Will add this, how long did it take before the Rangers lost three in a row in regulation last year? Pretty late in the season, right?

    But they did look almost this dreadful in their first few games, if I’m not mistaken. And by Game 48 they pretty much had a playoff berth clinched.

  72. Doodie: I am not talking about first game of the season. I am talking about 10 games in when they need a spark and someone to come in and give a real shot at making an impression.

  73. That 95 stat represents an extremely small sample, I’m sure….One year only, and a few teams. Statistically, it makes no sense to even mention…

  74. That’s the same point my wife (Mrs. Manny) made to calm me down last night, Carp. She reminded me that they looked awful last season and then went insane and just consistently didn’t lose two in a row for a very long time.

  75. As for Bickel, has he looked any more lost than Staal? So why pick on a guy who is just learning, and isn’t expected to be anything more than a third-pair guy until McIlrath arrives, when an in-his-prime, alternate captain of whom much is expected in all three zones is getting comparatively little flak?

  76. I had heard it last night, too, ilb, and thought it didn’t make enough sense to warrant a mention … and wasn’t sure it was accurate and thought it was too irrelevant for me to take the time to check, IMO.

  77. Good question, Manny. I don’t think any of us should be worried unless there is no marked improvement 3-4 games from now. I know we have a shortened season, but I’d rather go through something like this sooner than later.

  78. Fair.

    Is there any way to get a list of our roster and what they were all doing during the lockout? I would like to know who was playing where and who was training, etc…

  79. If im not mistaken the Rangers looked awful at the start of last season too. Wasn’t until Joe Thornton said something and everyone overreacted that the season turned around…

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, the following teams went 0-3:

    1) Flyers (conference finals)
    2) Panthers (missed playoffs by 1 pt)

    Also, since there were ties, the following three teams went 0-2-1:

    1) Vancouver (Lost in conference semis)
    2) LA (missed playoffs by 1 pt)
    3) Washington (lost in first round)
    4) Devils (won the Cup)
    5) Ottawa (missed the playoffs)

    New Jersey and Vancouver actually started 0-3-1.

  81. Correction: January 21, 2013

    An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that no team made the playoffs in 1995, the last time the N.H.L. played a 48-game season, after losing three games in a row. In fact, the Rangers and other teams did make the playoffs that season after losing streaks of three or more games.

    jeff klein caught his mistake it seems

  82. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Carp – spot on re: The Stu-inator. He is learning. He is not their biggest problem right now. Rangers must re-identify their identity and go from there.

    Must game Wed.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    Wait, the stat was losing three in a row, not starting 0-3? Wow, I’m sure PLENTY of playoff teams lost 3 in a row during the season.

  84. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, you’re half right on Bickel. But not the part where you say to not worry about him. I’ve been worried about him since last season when the Rangers only had 5 defensemen after the third period.

    The part you’re right about is Staal. He’s been brutal. So much for his fast start. If this keeps up, you should write a follow-up piece to your preseason story. Maybe he can go back and say it’s still the concussion.

  85. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “facts are not important. The only thing that matters is the truth”

  86. Bickel was caught flat footed, no doubt. But so did many, including some HOF d-men, I’m sure, especially if someone comes at you with speed and you didn’t gain enough speed going backwards. The goal was scored because of that, *AND* because Kreider was daydreaming instead of taking his ma.

  87. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Ilb – ranger power play is all flat footed as well – it isn’t only the D men

  88. Ma=Man. And give me a break, I’m off today. Gave my mother-in-law and our nanny day off. Mrs is working. So I am enjoying the company of my 6 month old queen. And if she sleeps at 1 pm I might even watch hockey….

  89. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    If the rangers win 20 or 30 in a row, this 2 game skid will be a distant memory.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah. That’s a pretty huge error by Klein. Not in the grand scheme of things huge, but by how wrong he was huge.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    Lost in the much and the mire of the Rangers’ piss poor effort last night was that Biron actually played pretty well.

  92. E3 pimp's angel on

    Physicists ask him about quantum mechanics

    He speaks Canadian in Swedish

    “I don’t inhale often, but when I do, it’s Maui Sativa”

  93. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR -“every team loses 2 in a row, it’s when you don’t lose 2 in a row is when you initiate to worry”

  94. Now at the bottom of the NY Times story:

    Correction: January 21, 2013

    An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that no team made the playoffs in 1995, the last time the N.H.L. played a 48-game season, after losing three games in a row. In fact, the Rangers and other teams did make the playoffs that season after losing streaks of three or more games.

  95. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Can’t use the lack of preseason as an excuse because no team had it this year.

    However, I think it’s tougher to adjust to game speed on D than it is up front, which may explain some of the positioning problems. Pittsburgh had the same issue. However, they got to the net more on the offsensive side than the Rangers did. As was pointed out on the broadcast, Vokoun did not do a good job controlling the puck, but they didn’t get to the net often enough for rebounds.

  96. By the way, speaking of compressed schedule. Last year the Rangers played 13 games in February, this year-12. Last March they played 17 games, this year-15.

  97. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Also, the negative Nancies still get more satisfaction when the Rangers lose than when they win.

  98. I wish I could be watching that game but it’s not on anything I get since I don’t get Center Ice..

  99. Doodie Machetto on

    This Klein business reminds me of a story my dad told me once about when he started working at a new job. My father works in construction as a project manager for a general contractor. On the first day with his new company (the project was at Rikers Island), he’s in the jobsite trailer with his new company’s superintendent of construction (super, for short) when one of the subcontractor walks in and asks about the location of where an electrical box is to be installed. Without consulting the drawings, the super tells him X feet high and Y feet over from the door. The sub asks “are you sure?” and the super jokes “if I’m wrong, we’ll chop it out!” Everyone had a laugh and the sub went about his business. My father was very impressed that the super was able to rattle off that level of detail without consulting the plans.

    The next day, my father was walking the jobsite and when he sees the subcontractor with a chopping gun, attacking the wall where the super said the electrical box was to be installed. My father asked what the sub was doing and the sub replied “yeah, the super was wrong so we have to chop it out.” My father found the super’s “chop it out” joke much less funny after that.

    Bottom line: look things up before you say something stupid.

  100. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, maybe add to your tweets that Philly started the season 0-3 and went to the Conf. Finals.

  101. don’t know if anyone else had seats in the old 330s, but yeah, can’t even begin to say how pissed I am about what’s gone on. seriously considering trying to cancel my tickets because of how lousy the seats are now. I mean, I’m above the effing scoreboard now. oh, and the seats are what, $17 more than they were a year ago? b.s.

  102. Doodie Machetto on

    I’d only mention that “beat the Rangers in the conf. semis” is a bit of an understatement of the beat down that actually occurred.

  103. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    I once lost 14 games in a row in blitz chess. There are always ups and downs!

  104. and no leg room, right Lloyd? Everybody in the row has to get up if one person wants to get in or out. God forbid if there’s a fight in the middle of a section.

  105. I hope that the day off entails Tort calling some of this players and having one-on-one, constructive phone conversations about how they are going to play on Wed.

  106. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Carp, any sense that the “no news” on Kreider is more worrisome, or is just that there’s no update on an off day?

  107. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s too bad that the season started when it did. You know if this was October there would have been a bag skate either today or tomorrow. No time for bag skating now.

  108. pittsburgh practiced. i’m not doubting you Carp, but if it’s one thing this team needs is practice.

  109. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll admit the standing up for everyone to get by thing is REALLY annoying, especially since I’m by the aisle.

    Oh, and speaking of luck for my seats, the super annoying jackwagon, king of all asshats that used to sit behind me the past two seasons (first three rows behind and slightly to the right, then directly behind) is likely no longer in my section or is further away from me than he was last year.

  110. the leg room was poor but the view bugged me more than anything else because I’ve been pretty happy with my seats for the last three years. I realize I’ve already said this a million times but these seats are now the 400s but at a higher price than the 300s. Feels a lot like what happened in the upper level of the new Yankee Stadium because of the luxury boxes. Dunno if anyone has been up there but between the height and the 60-degree gradient, it’s like watching the game from the Swiss Alps. one of the nice things about sections like 333,34,35,36 and 308,9,10,11 was you had an excellent view for a relatively affordable price. Now you’ve got a crap view for more than you paid and if you want to get anything comparable to what you had before you’ve got to be willing to get robbed blind.

  111. Lol ilb. Didnt watch yesterdays game, but I really enjoyed the Rangers Bruins broadcast on NESN. Their broadcasters were so fair to the Rangers, complimentary of our players, yet still favorable towards their team, took issue with penalties against their team. A Boston broadcast thats more professional and fair to a NY team than any NY broadcast is, haha.

  112. That’s not nice, Doodie. Eric isn’t that bad. He’s a pretty nice guy. Especially at the games!

  113. no, it needs rest more than practice. lose a battle to win the war. Fact of life in 48-game season, or in the final 40-plus games of an 82-game season.

  114. yeah I noticed that a bit watching the Boston feed of a Rangers game last year…they did a pretty good job and remained fairly objective (although I remember them going into full-on homer mode late in the 3rd period).

    really, anything without Micheletti – the true New Yorker – is a place

  115. Doodie Machetto on

    I would love to see how Jack Edwards calls a completely neutral game. Like if it was Anaheim vs. Dallas or something. I think he would explode.

  116. Because I don’t want to spend an hour and a half of talking people off ledges — people who shouldn’t be on ledges at 0-2 — and because of the schedule (Boston Wednesday, at Phila. Thursday) I’m thinking Thursday at noon would be a fun time to have a live chat instead of tomorrow or Wednesday.

    would be fun whether they’re 0-3 or coming off a win. Plus the Empire State Building will be lit in Orange and Black.

  117. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, you mean it hasn’t been lit that way every night during the lockout in a vigil to support the Flyers and the benevolent and wonderful Ed Snyder? Did you know he made the Winter Classic so wonderful and that no other city on Earth could have hosted it and it could never have been as wonderful without him and that he and the rest of the Flyers should be revered and admired by the rest of the world and honestly why aren’t we just awarding them the Cup at this point?

  118. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, you don’t want to talk people off of ledges but you are willing to risk an 0-3 start before your chat?

  119. Completely honest, i was in shock. They were all over Lundqvist, Gabby, Cally, and others. They called Lucic Big Daddy (bc he had a child) after he scored, that annoyed me, but nothing else bothered me. Aside from the sloppy play and loss, it was the most enjoyable game Ive watched in a long time. Edwards even said “the Rangers play the right way, hard nosed hockey.” I literally took a knife, jabbed by shoulder to e sure what i heard was real.

  120. Doodie Machetto on

    Can I just say for a moment how much I hate the nicknames “Nasher,” “Staalsy,” “Rupper,” and any other nickname that adds a syllable to the name?

  121. Well, 0-3 might be slightly more legit reason to panic than 0-2. Maybe we will have a few more conclusions drawn. … well, I have to have a chat at some point, and can’t necessarily wait for them to win a game, right? … well …

  122. Doodie Machetto on

    If you’re waiting for a win, then you’ll never have a live chat again. They can’t even win an intrasquad scrimmage.

  123. First of all-Why is anyone even writing about statistical playoff chances two days into a shortened season? Talk about overly critical. Damn. Even if you wants to hang onto stats, that one is from almost 20 years.
    Statistics with much more clout have been proven wrong.

    Secondly, to even glance at the power button after two tough games and with the level of talent and coaching this team has, is silly. (no offense “sky is falling” worshipers)

    As far as I’m concerned (at least for now) this is no different than any of us going back to work mid week after a long vacation and needing until mid day Friday to have our bearings.
    In these first two games I watched a few guys make multiple mistakes that they didn’t make over 80 last season. IThey’ll be fine once they get their rhythm. Breaaaaathe.

  124. You know what I hate, Doodie. I hate when professional journalists call these guys those stupid nicknames, like when asking Tortorella a question, “did Cally do this” … or “is Gabby not doing this?” They all do it.

  125. The Philadelphia Classic was a celebration of all that is Orange and cruddy. A celebration of Bobby Clarke. A celebration of Philadelphia. Thank you, Mr. Snider.

  126. definitely didn’t think Lundqvist was as great on Saturday as Rosen and Micheletti made him out to be. also, a word about the awfulness that is Joe Micheletti…he was literally breathless when describing the glove save Lundqvist made (that was actually a goal btw.) I get that he wants to pump the home player but come on, man, try not to asphyxiate yourself in the process.

  127. Yea. Nicknames are really annoying. That’s why I put them in parenthesis. I feel like it emphasizes the hilarity. I much prefer McBust, Del Zaster, Capt. Callahan, Blockness Monster, Big Rig, etc.

    We can also call Rupp, Bible Thumper (get it?)

  128. Thanks for the explanation on the penalties, Carp. Makes sense. Not anything that Sam and Joe could explain above reading a few commercials, obviously.

    Though I think you mean it was Joel Quenneville’s choice of which player came out of the box.

  129. Micheletti will pump up any player, not just a Ranger. Im not accusing him of being one, but when i think of Micheletti, child molester is the first thing that pops into my head.?

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    “try not to asphyxiate yourself in the process.”

    Asphyxiation might be an improvement.

    And before anyone gets overly sensitive about it, no, I don’t wish him any actual physical harm. Losing his job? Yeah, maybe.

    Ugh, I dread the day of a Giannone-Michelletti broadcast team.

  131. Boston ties it up. Jets’ defense stinks. Looks like Bahston will have an easy one again…

    I think I’ve been talking to Tiki too much lately…

  132. Thanks Carp. And I was wondering why certain writers do that regarding nicknames. Equally as painful was Trautwig’s “the one and only Sidney Crosby” comment post interview after the 2nd period. Last time I heard that phrase I think Macho Man Randy Savage walked to the ring at Wrestlemania X.

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I can understand how that would upset you as a professional. But you can understand how your colleagues are lulled into losing their professionalism when they have to consistently deal with such an amateur-hour operation as the Rangers.

  134. I’ve thought about the day where Sam Rosen is no longer the Rangers play-by-play man. That may be the day I just give up on hockey.

    Don’t even have a huge problem with Giananone in the booth, though. Micheletti is just a cancer.

  135. Lol ilb. Be quiet. You brought up boston to me on the skype the other day and i didnt take the bait! Jets stink. Anyone on the Jets up for a butt fumble today?

  136. @rangersreport

    Going back to last night, Tanner Glass fought Brandon Prust and Stu Bickel last year … oh, and NYR lead NHL in fights again.

  137. Cancer is too kind a word for Micheletti. He’s a far worse affliction than cancer. *thats hyperbole/a joke.

  138. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    If the Rangers lead the league in fights, how are they 0-2? Fighting is the most integral part of the game, isn’t it?

  139. In fairness, the nickname thing is just a hockey tradition.

    And anybody in the NYR organization who addresses me by name calls me Carpy. I have tried to always ask questions with “John” instead of Torts, or “Ryan” instead of Cally, or “Mark or Brian” instead of Mess or Leetchie, etc. Though in non-interview situations, I admit, I have called Graves “Gravy” and Messier “Mess” and Tortorella “Torts.”

  140. Howie Rose is a Rangers fan supposedly, and i like his Mount Vancouver call from 94. I wouldnt mind him. Kenny Albert looks and sounds like he’s brain damaged, is awful on NFL broadcasts, never heard him on Rangers radio, and is the offspring of woman-sodomizing transvestite Marv.

  141. I feel like Andrew Gross is the worst offender in press conferences with that nickname b.s. It’s something that’s always bugged me about hockey in general but when a reporter does it, it’s just the most desperate and contrived attempt at “being one of the boys” when you’re so obviously not

  142. LOL I’ll try to stay in line Doodie. Gravy, I’d SO hit that button if it’d get him healthy and on the bench.

  143. ThisYearsModel on

    No surprise that the Rangers began sketchy. Look at Boston and Pittsburgh….a lot less turnover in their lineups and, as a result, more cohesion at the start. Staal will be fine, as will Gaborik.

  144. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’d take either Albert or Rose, no question. I actually really like the way they both call a game, especially Kenny Albert. I like guys with radio backgrounds. With Howie, you can tell he cut his teeth in radio because even though you are watching on TV, if you close your eyes and just listen, you’ll know exactly where the puck is at almost all times. Problem is it seems like it’s Giannone’s job as he always gets the call whenever Sam is unavailable. Seems like it is also MSG Network’s philosophy to go that way, like they did with Steve “SCARRRRRRRRRRR!” Cangielosi replacing Doc Emrick.

    Speaking of radio, I would LOVE for Maloney to get on TV, but he is a little too blunt about the organization for the regular TV color commentary.

  145. Doodie Machetto on

    Edzo looks like he was demoted to the B team. He had the LA-Chicago game on opening day.

  146. And Carp, I think that’s totally fine for you or anyone else who has a personal relationship or even just an “off camera” relationship. But to do that on a television broadcast or while writing an article for the public is awfully Chico Resch-esque. I think it’s only appropriate to be a fan when these guys are off the clock so to speak.

  147. Even though I am a Yankees / Rangers fan I really, really enjoy listening to Howie Rose. I always wished he would take over for Sterling. He would be great with Rosen.

    Also a fan of Giannone.

  148. Rose is dead to me since switching to the Islanders

    plus he’s got a face that could stop a freight train

  149. Doodie Machetto on

    Tim Thomas came out of his bunker and didn’t see his shadow, so it’s four more years of Obama.

  150. ThisYearsModel on

    And I agree with CARP….there is nothing more useless than these dopey staged fights. I am ready for them to ban fighting for good.

  151. I’d dare say that Howie Rose is a bigger Rangers fan than you or anybody else on this blog. He switched to Islanders because MSG made him switch … and what broadcaster is going to turn down a TV gig in this market?

  152. ThisYearsModel on

    I hope that Howie Rose is Sam’s eventual replacement. He is a huge fan. Too bad he got banished to the Nassau Moseleum.

  153. Either Albert or Maloney would be perfect. And if it’s a game against Pittsburgh a chimp on Ecstasy would even suffice. I respect Joe M but sometimes I need to mute the TV. I

    ps- Maloney at half the bluntness would still be at least similar to Davidson during his last couple years. I’d take it

  154. Carp whats with everyone? We are half way through January and we are only 4pts out of 1’st place?

  155. Matty"MonsterNash"Boy on

    Carpy, my new seats are in 200’s. Moved up after being right in the middle of a row in 115. I hated it. No leg room, very ‘shoe horned’ feel. Felt the glares every time I got up or sat down. Now, seat 3 and 4, even though the view is higher and I would have to go downstairs and check, but it feels like there’s more leg room to boot.

    The writing press, is it behind the benches? The radio guys are right near me now. Dave and Kenny. Friendly chaps, for sure!

  156. Look at the bright side? We won’t face Redden or Gomez until the Stanley Cup finals!!!!

    Nice to see they are both going out west to work on their frequent flyer miles :)

  157. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, while true about being the Hawks’ regular guy, I’ve seen him cover non-Hawks games plenty of times to stay with the A-squad.

    You’re also right about Howie. You could hear it in his Matteau call. That guy is True Blue./

  158. Doodie I completely forgot Tim Thomas wasn’t playing this year. He’s larger than life, hockey, and probably Brodeur by now..

  159. While we are making the commentators a side show- maybe we can have them dress in little outfits every game? One game they can dress like a couple of the guys from the A-Team, then characters from Family Guy…Come on who wouldn’t want to see Sam Rosen wearing a Macgyver mullet wig?!

  160. This Isles vs. Lightning game is pure, unadulterated Sloppiness. And, as I said earlier, the ice looks horrible.

  161. CCCP – put them on the ice in “Yoga-shorts” cleaning up the ice.

    One thing Chicago does better than the Rangers. There “ice-girls” are HOT HOT HOT!!!!

  162. Doodie Machetto on

    Sioux- the guys for the Sharks do a tremendous job. Randy Han play-by-play and Drew Remenda color.

    But to me (and I’m sure a lot of other people), Darryl Reaugh does the best color in the game right now.

  163. What the hell just happened in here? Ice Girls? I thought you had to be above 12 to post here…

  164. You would think some hockey market would pick up Gary Thorne.

    Remember him calling game 6 in ’94 against the Devils? Great Game. I always thought he called a great hockey game. Is he still working baseball?

  165. Easy Manny it’s -35 with the wind over here.

    Beside I would rather look at Salma & Scarlet, than listen to them :)

  166. Ha. Last time I went to the Islanders game I was very glad that there was a large piece of glass between me and their “ice-girls” because I was not excited to catch anything at a hockey game other than a puck.

  167. Looks like REDDEN with have a shot to win be on a Stanley Cup team out west.

    Carp – wouldn’t that be a story to right about. Sather buries REDDEN with a $6.5M contract, buries him in the AHL. Gets bought out, and paid by the Rangers, to play for an upcoming young team out west. St. Louis has a well coached team with Hitchcock, and could very well take over the Central Division out west.

    That would be more than a little bit funny, IF Redden get a ring and the Rangers don’t.

  168. And they have Petrangelo. And Backes. And Oshie. And Sobotka. And Shattenkirk. AND WOYWITKA. And others

  169. Manny they remind me of the Rangers. Strong goalies, Young core of scoring Defensemen, talented rookies coming up, ……. and the one reason I watch them from time to time….. they have a talented Fighting Sioux Sioux group playing for them, leading the way with TJ Oshie.

  170. No, no. Redden was *assumed* . That’s why I used “and” . Whenever describing a team you begin with @REDDEN@

  171. Totally Sioux. They really are similar to the Rangers. Really fun team to watch. I have an obsession with Petrangelo…

  172. Doodie Machettoer,

    I agree with you on Reaugh. And although he’s far (extremely far) beyond his prime, I have a soft spot for Bob Cole.

  173. I just like saying “Woywitka” I’m sorry if that sounds immature. But it just flows. WOWWWWWW-WIT! KAAAA!

  174. All this Redden talk is making me thirsty. and I have a sudden urge to brush up on my parallel parking

  175. What do I have to do with Pietrangelo, whose name you have massacred for at least several centuries?

  176. It’s true. I don’t spell his name well.

    I thought you enjoyed what he brought to the game?

  177. I really dislike the concept of ice girls. I’d gladly prefer having the mindless livestock who currently tidy up the ice and come dangerously close to scrums at MSG if I had to make a choice between them and some scantily-clad women who’d attract the same half-soused nightclub rabble as Jerry Seinfeld (although the only inane observations they’d be lapping up would include the putrid efforts of Henrik Lundqvist, Ryan Callahan, Dan Girardi, et. al).

    Remember when Henrik went Keith Hernandez on one of the ladies employed by the Fishsticks? I think their ice girls better embody that organization’s focus and purpose better than Tavares does, for the record.

  178. Even though Guy Boucher’s ingenious, innovative tactics allowed at least ten breakaways and odd-man rushes to those same Fishsticks today. Also four goals.

  179. I also hate ice-girls. It’s stupid and a ploy and has nothing to do with Hockey. Really glad we don’t have them.

  180. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m so tired. I wish I was allowed to take a nap at my desk. Honestly, that would be so much more productive, because I’m completely incapable of focusing on my work right now.

  181. Carp, Matty. Our seats are in the upper portion of 109. We are toward the end, but had to constantly get up and down, because there is no exit at the other end of the row. Though, I will say that having a wall behind us means we can stand from time to fime without blocking anyone.

  182. Whether or not there is enough room to let them out without standing, people who get to or leave their seats during the period (even if play has stopped) are probably among the worst people on Earth.

  183. Doodie, you’ve been watching the Rangers too much…they have set a perfect example on how to do exactly that.

  184. Matt Martin doesn’t seem to realize that the “rocking” at the Coliseum originates from the crumbling foundation, not from a “loud crowd.” Silly Matt.

  185. Ilb2001

    Down here we have Direct TV, and that has different programs within it. I got MSG all last year and same with the Mets games…no problems.

  186. And since reporters using player nicknames was mentioned, can’t go without mentioning my usual disgust at the two amoebas in the Pittsburgh broadcast team who continually gush drivel about “Sid”, “Geno”, “Flower” and “Porcine Creature 48” in their immensely unprofessional manner.

  187. I’m sorry, fran, but I only have basic cable and don’t subscribe to any out-of-market packages, so I have no idea. I am sure some of the out-of-NY Boneheads could help, though.

    Gary Thorne would pronounce one out of every three or four names correctly. Dale Purington was one of my favorites. And he’d start screaming the moment he entered the building and didn’t stop until he left (well, I don’t really know if he stopped when he left). I couldn’t stand him. He also said the Rangers were going to the finals for the first time since 1940. Ugh.

  188. Doodie Machetto on

    You think someone tries too hard but then suggest Gus Johnson? Nobody goes overboard like him.

  189. No JD. Every broadcast, he would go out of his way to over compliment everything-from the stickboy to the league bosses. Everyone was “wonderful” and “tremendous.” It got so deep, I wounder if JD had a shovel handy.

  190. I have to tell you, I really couldn’t care less who is announcing. I know it’s important to most of you, but I simply do not hear them most of the time. I attribute that to two reasons:

    1. If you ever heard any announcements in Russian sports you’d know that your preference would be to be born deaf.
    2. I work in the environment where there are screaming and crying kids all day long.

    Because of that I’ve learned to simply tune them out. My story and I’m sticking to it.

  191. Argh! As Doodie said above, even the Fishsticks are doing better than the NYR so far. Only 2 games, but very ugly ones!

  192. ilb, 100% right about Russian sports announcing. Id probably choose listening to crying babies over listening to 3 hours worth of announcing in Russian. I dont really listen to the announcing during the game but it’s nice hearing Mike Breen’s “Bang” when there is a big shot in basketball and Sam’s “It’s a POWERPLAY GOAL”

  193. LOL I remember one time against Colorado in the late 90s Thorne called Kovalev “Kivaliv”

  194. Jimbo

    Thanks mucho, I’m gonna give it a try, and I appreciate all who went to bat here..it is not the play by play that I am concerned with , it is the actual televising of the game that I have been trying to nail down.
    I don;t want to wind up with Greta goes to Singapore, or some other odd ball program. It’s the program out of the Garden that I seek.

  195. If I closed my eyes last night there were times I thought I was listening to Pitt announcers. I really miss JD. Actually closing my eyes would have been less painful as well. Bickel is a 2nd year defenseman, what’s Staal’s excuse? Although as mentioned earlier no Dman has been real good so far. And Nash is the real deal! You don’t get drafted #1 overall for being just ok. Not including the NY Rangers only #1 ever though. Sheesh! Talk about bad memories!

  196. You’re welcome, Fran – no reason why you should HAVE to put up with the antics of the vagaries of the Center Ice package if your DirecTV subscription includes the MSG Network coverage. Good luck!

  197. Only once so far during this truncated season, Carp!

    Yeah, this Tarasenko fella is looking pretty darned good – did we have a shot at drafting him? Probably….

  198. iWicky "Frag Out!!!" on

    If it takes the team time to gel, it could work out in our favor as they peak at the right time in this shortened season…entering the playoffs

    We need a top 8 finish, that is it

  199. Glad to see someone else talk about this 48 game season being no different than the second half of any other season! I know it’s semantics but its been driving me nuts how many analysts have been running with the ‘condensed’ idea and how it will benefit this team over that team!! Maybe you can help spread the word now Carp and get some other hockey people on board!!

    Damn, it takes a really longtime to read the entire 333+ post blog when you can’t keep up throughout! My eyes hurt! Worth it though.

    Contemplated not reading the posts cause I knew there would be plenty of asps in the den… Two games after no games in 8 months as a team with new talent is not an invitation to jump…


  200. Yes, Jimbo. We took McIlrath tenth that year, St. Louis selected him with the 16th overall pick.

  201. I may get jumped for saying this, but outside of the Winter Classic, I think Rupp has looked like he may be back to normal… his normal anyway. He’s never been fast, but he can handle the puck and I agree with the poster before that said the fourth line played decent last night.

    Those giving up on Pyatt after two games better have watched this kid in the playoffs last year and still say he’s not a useful player. He can bang, and he does have grind in him… Can also put a few pucks in.

    Gary Thorne, for what it’s worth, also still does hockey play-by-play for the college ranks… Used to haaaaaate listening to him as a kid, but doesn’t bother me anymore. Love his baseball calls.


  202. Tarasenko scored on his first two shots in the league, good stuff. I think Penguino Lemieux scored on his first shot, didn’t he?

  203. Thanks, Latona – I suspected that we had a shot at him – McIlrath still has yet to prove that he can play in the big time, but he’s still young, I guess.

    This Tarasenko looks like the real deal, though – NYRs haven’t had much luck drafting or trading for Russian players in a LONG time.

  204. Unfortunately, I think that has to do with Cherepanov, although the rationale is somewhat misguided. Ever since his passing, I feel like NYR haven’t made many “risky” draft picks. What a great player he could have been, what with his natural ability and Jagr mentoring him. RIP Alexei.

  205. Yeah, Manny – we did…we drafted quite a few Russians in recent years, but none of them have become reliable players for us. Tyutin is doing OK for Columbus, I guess, but he’s not helping *us*.

  206. I was really hoping for a better brawl there. Too bad Scott Johnston slipped. Those are two big time fighters. Maybe they go again later…

  207. Orr is back up in the NHL? Well, I may have to switch to that game, if it is on Center Ice!

  208. I actually thought about Cherepanov the other day. Then i got sad. I came upon the pic of Dubinsky kissing Zherdev’s helmet when Zherdev sat alone on the bench during moment of silence.

  209. I miss Dubinsky. I know it’s ridiculous. But I do. I liked the guy. Good teammate. I miss Prust. Obviously. I miss Erixon because of who his father is. I miss John Mitchell because I like him more than Halpern.

  210. Oh, and Korpikoski – he’s doing pretty good for Phoenix. I wish we had him back. I’m not 100% sure if he’s Russian, though.

  211. Just in case anyone wants to know how long I’ve been a Ranger follower, let me put it this way. I was listening to that game in NY against I believe it was Detroit when Pete Babando scored the overtime goal that gave them the cup. I was hunched over the radio ( no TV coverage then) and Chuck Rayner in goal, and I really thought I was gonna see the Rangers win the cup.

    And another little item,………I jsut heard the name come up with one of the teams, and it was Conacher. Lordy what a hockey name that is and has gone down in history for decades, and I was still in Chicago when Roy Conacher won the scoring title. And a steady succession of Conachers came into the league ever since.

  212. Jimbo, Korpikoski is Finnish.

    Look-it, Manny. It’s not Latons. Alright? It’s La-to-na. My name is La-to-na!

  213. Aha!! Thanks, Latona – Calling a Finn a Russian is cruisin’ for a bruisin’ – I’m glad that Korpedo isn’t near me here!!

  214. If he had been, he might have invented the “Jimbo cocktail” as a result, and thrown one at an armored vehicle.

  215. ok so hold on…did i miss any giveaways to the fans by the Rangers or the NHL for raping us with this lockout?? wtf is going on here? where my free crap at, yo?!

  216. Kenny Albert doing the Det-Columbus game….good to hear him instead of a few others..

  217. I mean, they handed out some shirts last night, but who knows if they intended on doing that prior to the lockout for opening night.

  218. Wow. -Latons- Latona. Sorry about that. Look at me sitting here with egg all over my face on that one. Sheesh.

  219. OMG!!! it’s like
    Yearning for My Ex Day

    i wish Mitchell well especially since he’s out
    but he was so despised here
    even if he got a goal or assist (rare)
    or blocked a puck with his
    face (didn’t happen)

    yes, i wish Dubi and Artie were here
    (and Feds too)
    but it’s not like we lost all of them to
    free agency
    and it’s not like Nash doesn’t look
    like a total, paycheck cashing bust
    it’s not like we didn’t Gnash our teeth
    when either one of them didn’t shoot
    or shot wide or into the goalie’s chest
    on multiple occasions

    as far as the lack of grinding
    or as i call much of it from last year
    Board Hockey
    i’m not gonna miss watching the puck
    go back and forth along the boards
    until the opposition either
    got it out of their zone
    or finally got crosseyed
    and one of our players
    took a shot

    i’m VERY frustrated that we’ve come out
    flat compared to two teams that are
    slated as rivals in the standings.
    if they played to our sloppy level
    then maybe it would be less of a problem
    they did enough and then some to win

    hoping that some time to feel shame
    and a good practice tomorrow
    will get their byfuglien heads on

    (sorry this is so long)

  220. If Nash wasnt such a Monster Id probably miss Dubinsky and Anisimov more. Im over Prust. Btw Orr pulled a Prust there in that fight with Scott, a bunch of body shots against a bigger man. Im standing by my belief that Prust will become pretty much irrelevant in Montreal. Just like he was before he came to NY. This situation here was perfect for him and he left it for $$. That’s the nature of business but he wont have anyone to blame but himself. It’d be great if we could have kept everyone and somehow added Nash but that just wasnt possible $$ wise.

  221. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Ah, man, nice to see Dubi and Artie paling a big role in Columbus!! Wonder how hard it is for the guys like Cally that came up with them, or Boyle that had a mancrush on Prust, to be without their buds. It’s tough enough as an unattached fan!!

    Wish them all the best!

  222. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Well, Lev, we agree on one thing. Nash-er-ator is a Monster-ator. He could be the best Ranger we have ever seen. Stay healthy, learn to play with your teammates, trust them. This guy is for real in a big way. Some great moves last night, especially. And even a drop down blocked shot (wish the role players would do that, not him, though).

  223. I totally miss those guys. The way I would miss a friend or brother. I would also trade all my friends and brothers for -Steve- Rick Nash.

  224. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I found myself wondering if…and it is ‘if’….this guy stays healthy and is here for years….what guy had more talent than him. Mess? Leetchie? Dunno. Who?

    But we are a long way from that, two games into his Ranger career.

  225. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Lol, Manny. Yes, he is that good.

    The big question is this: Did they loose too many key elements in their pursuit of him? Did it kill team chemistry? Must be hard to be a GM, but it’s the risk you take. Most certainly Slather got himself a star.

  226. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I think you have to give these guys 10-15 games to feel themselves out. There are a lot of changes on this team and it takes time.

  227. Don’t think it killed team chemistry necessarily, I just think that the application of the system will be different than last year. While Dubinsky, Anisimov, Prust, Fedotenko, and Mitchell were all adept at cycling in the corners and behind the nets without generating any offense, I think now we’ll see shorter periods of puck possession with more chances and shots on net, and more chances on the rush for sure. But that doesn’t excuse a lack of work ethic or a refusal to grind it out anywhere on the ice.

  228. I think it will be fine, just think the teams with little to no turnover look a lot more cohesive already whereas a team like ours would have benefitted from an actual pre-season.

  229. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I agree with both of you. Maloney said last night between 2nd and 3rd that it was obvious which team had more skill and less turnover. Certainly Boston was same.

    Detroit looks unexceptional tonight. So did Tampa today.

  230. Yea. Those teams did not look good. The Lightning / Islandorks game was horrendous. Even the ice was crappy. Sooooo sloppy

  231. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Aside from team defense, on offense, it may take time to see who fits with who. Gabby and Step worked so well at times last year. But Gabby is coming off a serious injury. I would imagine he’s a little gun and hit shy. Takes some time.

    Boyler lost his buddy. As much as he likes CK, he’s got a totally different role with him.
    We’ll see if it works, or Torts shuffles.

    I most certainly believe we have good talent. And really believe in our coach.

  232. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Woulda thought by now the Icelanders, after so many high draft picks would be a better team. They do have a good future moving to Brooklyn in a few.

  233. I thought they did, Matty, but I also thought guys like Okposo were going to be better players. Tavares is an absolute star. Moulson is a good player. I like Hamonic, but don’t know if he’s a first-pair guy … other than that, I don’t see a bright future. And I don’t know if the fans will go to Brooklyn.

  234. They definitely do have some good players and Tavares, well, who wouldn’t want him on their team? But they spend so much time and money on their Goalie situation. So much.

  235. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Carpy, the Nets didn’t have many fans in NJ. They seem to be doing ok with sales (of course, with a winner, it helps) in BK, no?

    Do you think hockey draws differently there?

  236. Maloney’s a great analyst, Matty.

    That Paul MacLean thing is pretty great, Manny.

    Fiststicks suck. Didn’t they get three or four players on waivers this last week that are in the lineup? Sad. I hope they fail in Brooklyn.

  237. I would assume Matty is right that the Fishticks moving to BK at least draw an initial hype. Unless they screw up the promotion.

    I’m sure their ice girls will draw a good BK crowd!

  238. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    sorry, my bad. That’s a chance he gets around here after ….oh…about 10 guys.

  239. I think that the decision to go to Brooklyn will save the Islandorks franchise – it was a no-brainer on their part. I’m hesitant to say this, but I think that they might eat into the Rangers fan-base (or attendance-base). Especially since the Garden has gotten *completely* out-of-sight with ticket prices.

    I don’t know what the ticket prices will be like in the Barclay’s Center for hockey, but they probably will be lower than those at the Garden.

  240. Fishsticks moving to BK, Manny? Maybe people will stop going to Long John Silver’s. Anyone know what kind of fish Burger King uses?

  241. agree.

    “LatonaJanuary 21st, 2013 at 10:16 pm
    Don’t think it killed team chemistry necessarily, I just think that the application of the system will be different than last year. While Dubinsky, Anisimov, Prust, Fedotenko, and Mitchell were all adept at cycling in the corners and behind the nets without generating any offense, I think now we’ll see shorter periods of puck possession with more chances and shots on net, and more chances on the rush for sure. But that doesn’t excuse a lack of work ethic or a refusal to grind it out anywhere on the ice.”

  242. And the beat goes on! Year after year comments,discussions,speculation etc. ad nauseam!
    This roster as sooo many others lacks the key ingredients for long term success.

    They still have no large,physical lock down D,with a mean streak.

    They are still over rating the Hagelins,Stephans as true offensive contributors.

    They are still a middle of the pack roster with respect to speed,size and toughness.
    And speaking of toughness especially in the regular season,who deters the other team’s bullies? Rupp, Bickel can’t fight and Asham is punchy!

    The Sather follies now in it’s 13th. year are still trying to import and overpay other team’s stars.

    Nash is an excellent addition since they’ve never developed a true power forward of their own. Gaborik and Richards are grossly overpaid and declining vets,with Gaby no longer hungry. Move him and bring up Miller.

    Is McIllrath still playing hockey?

    As repeated numerous times,one injury to Lundqvist and they are a potential lottery team! The yearly bandaids don’t work and the GM should be sacked!

    Krieder does not play to his size

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