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1) I’m not judging anything or anybody after one game. But I agree with Captain Callahan, who said, “we’ve gotta increase out battle level.” It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t where it was last year (or the year before), and with some of the guys they lost — who played top-nine minutes — I’m not sure it can be where it was last year.

2) There were plenty of bad plays. Start with a couple by Marc Staal, including the 1-0 goal, when the Rangers made a bad change, Henrik Lundqvist gave up a bad rebound, and Staal was bad on the backcheck against Milan Lucic.

3) Bad changes are definitely a byproduct of no preseason games, and there were loads of them all over the NHL yesterday.

4) Brian Boyle CAN NOT take an extra two minutes for arguing a penalty call, even if it was an awful call, and it was. Especially after Carl Hagelin opened the game with a bad penalty. The double minor got the Rangers into trouble that carried beyond the penalty kill.

5) If there is a five-minute penalty in the book for a hit from behind, then how was Lucic’s on Hagelin not a fiver? I don’t understand.

6) On the other hand, the Rangers got a great break on the “save” by Lundqvist that was video reviewed. Because, though the replay surely wasn’t conclusive, the puck and Lundqvist’s glove were just as surely in the net.

7) Faceoffs. Geez. The Rangers, according to stats, won 40 percent. Seemed much worse, and they lost some big ones badly.

8) Rick Nash. I thought his debut was pretty impressive. Especially on the penalty kill, and especially in buying into the Rangers’ style of play, going down in front of shots, battling for ice. Guy is buying in. He also seems to get it with the moving-the-feet thing on the power play, which too many Rangers don’t get. Of course he needs to score goals, and he will, but for Opening Night, I thought he was really good.

9) So was Ryan McMonster. And Block Ness Monster Girardi (who blocked three).

10) Going back to the loss of guys like Brandon Prust, Brandon Dubinsky … enough with the staged fights. The Rangers need guys who will fight because of what happened on the ice, when a fight is needed. Not off a faceoff for no reason whatsoever. But, in truth, on the top three lines now, there aren’t many guys who can or will drop ’em.

11) Big point in the game was the botched 5-on-3. And Brad Richards, who had one goal for each team, CAN NOT miss the net from that range on the 5-on-3. You just can’t.

12) A lot of ex-Rangers all over the NHL scored last night. I think Tim Erixon might have scored for Columbus’ minor-league team, Big John Scott scored at Buffalo’s practice, and I heard that Wade Redden scored in a foosball game against Scott Gomez.

13) I wonder if they polled Rangers fans on whether they’d rather have a regular post-game show, with interviews and a full John Tortorella presser, or Hockey Night Live, how big the landslide would be. Seriously, cut Torts short for a Buffalo preview? Really? Joke.

14) Jeremy Jacobs … shut the front door.

15) That was fun. Let’s do it again tonight.


My Three Rangers Stars:
1) Ryan McDonagh.
2) Rick Nash.
3) Dan Girardi.


Doodie Machetto’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Rick Nash.
3) Derek Stepan.


Josh Thomson, 26’s Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist.
2) Rick Nash.
3) Brad Richards.


Poll vote for Three Rangers Stars:
1) Henrik Lundqvist (28.57 %).
2) Brad Richards (15.15 %).
3) Rick Nash (12.12 %).

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  1. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I agree about the toughness in the top 3 lines as far as fisticuffs go…worrisome

  2. Been saying what you said in #1 for months… this team does not and will not have the battle level/jams/etc that last year’s team did. They might be more ‘talented’, but the heart and battle-ness will be far less. And that is a bad thing and might be this team’s downfall.

  3. ThisYearsModel on

    Jeremy Jacobs….what a putz. Those Bostonians spent all that $ tonight and this jerk cannot keep his pie hole shut. Rangers PP….same as last year tonight. Hank is great, but the 4th line ismamwaste of space. There has to be someone we can put on our 4th line that can actually play a bit. Kreider will die on the vine on the checking line. Put Hags down there and move Kreids up.

  4. What concerned me was getting outworked for such a long period of time. Hopefully just first game jitters or the like. In regards to having players willing to drop the gloves I think we have plenty of those still. If there is an instance where players have to defend a teammate these guys have fought before: Nash, Pyatt, Boyle, Callahan, Bickle, Rupp, Asham and that goon Hagelin/. I agree it’s not exactly a very impressive list of fighters but losing Dubinsky and replacing him with Pyatt is not a big deal since Dubinsky would lose a fight to everyone not named Mike Richards.

    I thought Hagelin and Boyle had terrible games.

  5. First game for Halpern and Pyatt under Torts and I’m sure they’ll catch on and fit in sooner than later. I think Asham will fit in well with this team and this style, and can become someone they depend on for added grind. Hoping. He would have helped some tonight I think with the sandpaper of tonight’s game. Rangers looked smaller and they’re really not.

    Time will benefit this club, and every club! Tonight’s home opener vs. Pitt will be a big test! Predict better game from NYR,…. and Pitt.


  6. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Love Bickel, thought Stralman threw some good hits

    Have we called Haley up yet? LOL

  7. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I thought Nash’ play was breathtaking

    Thanks for the update on the previous thread LW

  8. That move by Nash before Richards scored was an absolute beauty. I too expect a much better game from the boys tonight. Hope Torts doesnt start Biron just because Pittsburgh is putting Vokoun in net. Hank looked very good and should play until the team establishes some sort of flow. Teams that had worse nights than NY: Carolina, Washington, Vancouver (ouch…), Nashville (losing to Columbus at home????????????), and Detroit getting hammered by the Reddens.

  9. Stranger Nation on

    Pyatt looked lost out there – Bugsy Segal already back on the bus

    bicks gets my number 1 star for the right cross to Cambell’s nose, Ok maybe #2 after Hank who saved their arse all night.

    it was Hags with the screen on Richards goal which came after a true all star manuever from Monster Nash

    please get Richards off point on PP – i would trust McD can play point or Stahlman with MDZ

    it looked like the first game of the season for the rangers after basically no training camp. bruins looked in midseason form but only time will tell grasshopper…

  10. Loving the new three stars dealio, especially with Josh…who knows more than he at 26!

    Great to have all of this back! #14…Argo eff yourself!!!!!

  11. Since i cant sleep…. Think Vancouver is still 100% confident they want to trade Luongo and have Schneider lead them after that showing?

    Regarding the 2 min or 5 min penalty for boarding it is obviously called based on how bad the player gets hurt. I thought that it was which part of the face the player hits the boards with. Chin = 2 min. Forehead = 5 min. It is very subjective. Dont know how it should be done but I agree that what they have now isnt very effective. Though I did think that based on past calls the hit on Hagelin shouldve been 2 mins not 5.

  12. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I think one thing to consider is the bruins had virtually no turnover on their roster from last season (if any) so the lack of training camp will have far less effect on them than the rangers who had four new forwards tonight.

    Just an opinion though

  13. Some stats that show the game wasn’t that close.

    GIVEAWAYS….. NY:10 BOS:1

  14. Nash showed a few serious moves out there, haven’t seen any Ranger try those in years.

    I got stuck watching the Boston feed and they never showed Campbell’s cut then said it was even or edge to Campbell. They also gave a unanimous win to Thornton over Rupp. Jack Edwards is tough to listen to.

  15. I just finished watching the game and the only thing that comes to mind is at least I got to see Kovalev get a goal and 2 assists. However after the game the Panthers players came outside to sign autographs and Kovalev was pretty much the only one who didn’t come out.
    I was left standing with a Rangers jersey that didn’t get a Russian autograph.
    The players were awesome and took time autograph and chatting with fans. I was wearing my Panthers jersey and I kept moving back so others could get their stuff signed. I wanted top be able to wash my jersey. Then Dmitry Kulikov came by and decided to sign my jersey on his own. That opened the floodgates and I made sure to get everyone’s autograph from then on. Parros is a monster.

  16. takeaways and giveaways tell you all you need to know about the game….

    jack edwards is a small market homer.

    bostons owner may be the biggest jerk in hockey next to buttman…

    kreider, hagelin, and stepan need to produce at a decent level this year else there offense is 1.5 lines and a huge problem unless mcdonagh and mdz learn to score from the blueline…

  17. On the Ranger front I’m really looking forward to watching Nash. That guy’s got the stuff. That was an ugly game for the Blueshirts. You could tell that the team was rusty and that the players need more time to adjust to the changes in personnel and get used to each other. Hopefully it won’t take long. Unfortunately this is a short season so they’ll need to work it out quick.
    Lundqvist. Nothing else needs to be said.

  18. Some stats that show the game wasn’t that close.

    GIVEAWAYS……..NY:10 BOS:1

    that’s 16-2 on turnovers. ouch!

  19. carp, if it wasn’t so obvious…i’d say get out of my head. nash, quiet scoresheet wise, but good presence and good start. pp failed as expect but game 1 so who cares. too many penalties – even if at least one was ridic. Boyler with the extra and plus too many NYR trips to the box but overall thought PK was solid as expected and Nash looked good out there.

    Fix the byfuglien PP and I do think you’re right on answering the bell….though glab bickel got some revenge there. it will get better!

  20. I also thought the rangers looked disjointed, no flow. Passes weren’t crisp.
    It’s only game one.

  21. not that I thought Nash played poorly, I just think he played individually. probably had to create on his own in Columbus. here he has help, and should use it.

  22. Boston had their entire core (save superkid Dougie Hamilton) returning and it showed. The NYR are trying to jam a superstar and a couple of average guys (pyatt, halpern) who not only look new to the team, but weren’t terribly effective before they got here. Prust’s deal was crazy, but the NYR missed him tonight. Boyle, Hagelin, and Kreider looked like they regressed.

    One game against a great team so I am not too worried, but I was far from impressed.

  23. What a let down; I don’t know what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t …Tom Sawyer goes skating.
    They showed no semblance of an attacking system at all. And poor ol Lundqvist..they left him to the
    dogs. And it wasn’t as if they didn’t try. That’s the scaryest part of it all…they were alive, as the fights showed that, but they didn;t know how to attack. Once they got into the attacking zone it seemed as though they were waiting for someone to say, ” now do this ,,,or now do that.”

    Maybe the next time it will be better….it can’t get much worse.

  24. those 3 stats were clear throughout the game: our passing at times was terrible, predictable and through too much traffic, we didnt battle hard enough for the puck, apart from one or two the Bruins won all the big faceoffs, and the guy we brought in to win some was a terrible 2-8.

    Having said that Hank was beaten only by 2 deflections and a juicy rebound and was otherwise awesome. Nash looked good, at times brilliant, but gave away a stupid penalty. Richards was steady and i thought him and Cally and Nash were our best 3 forwards. Danny G and Mack Truck looked good all game, Stralman, Staal and Delz at times but i thought Bickel was terrible and Hagelin was worse not a game our Swedish speedster will want to remember and i think we may find Kreider and him swapped round this game.

  25. _Prust’s deal was crazy, but the NYR missed him tonight_

    Yeah well I don’t know… Scoring goals is what they missed.

  26. This team just doesn’t look like it has “the stuff” …

    Hagelin’s stupidity was epic.

    First good move will be to put THE Kreider on the first line, where he belongs.

  27. Paul in sunrise on

    Not one forward line combo was intact from last season. I agree with who said it that there is no chemistry yet.

  28. If Prust.Dubi, and AA are what made this team tick, then there are real problems…its one game against a really good team at home….Asham will add some spark, they will be fine. We started slow last year. The Habs didnt look that great last night..

  29. How much will Crosby be jammed down our throats today and how much will the refs tilt the ice for him ?

  30. Win, lose or draw; always love the CARP reviews. Insightful and on point.

    Unfortunately, with this very short schedule. Mistakes have to be corrected quickly.

    My 2 cents:

    I love hags and the speed he brings. But, Kreider should be on one of the top 2 lines and Hags should be on the third line.

    Ryan McDonagh gets better and better. He will one day be talked about as one of the best defenseman in the league and one of the greatest ranger trades ever.


    Can’t wait to be at MSG tonight. You know the place will be electric!

  31. Cross Check Charlie on

    I hope to see a better game out of them tonight.

    Among other things, I was disappointed in Stepan’s play. I thought he had a couple of good avenues to shoot and decided to dish it off. Just because you’ve got Gaborik on your line doesn’t mean you can’t take any shots yourself. Overall, I thought he looked pretty tentative out there.

    I can’t remember the last time the Rangers had a player with the talents that Nash has. I think he’s going to score a bunch before this season is over.

    On Hank’s brilliant save…you know it…I know it. The puck was in the glove and the glove was in the net, but there’s no way they could rule that a goal when you can’t actually see the puck.

    Beat the Cindys tonight!!

  32. Wow. Great to wake up to a game review!

    I was really pleased with Gaborik’s skating ability. Looked really refreshed and definitely more explosive. Maybe a little timid in traffic but he was shooting faster and getting to the slot with speed and agility. Shoulder fixed.

    Hagelin was god awful. All around. Passing up shots, giveaways, lazy penalties, etc. He paid for it by nearly getting knocked out on a weak call. That was a fiver all day. Shocked to see Torts roll with him for so long. Guess its true that he is a Torts guy all around and gets a long leash.

    LOVE the Nash. Guy was fighting to take shots. Love the shoot first mentality. It’s how Richards got our one goal. Hope it’s contagious.

    What was Stahl doing in the offseason? He looked very rusty.

  33. Woywitka and Redden. Rangers kept the wrong #6.

    Nash had some strong moves taking the puck to the middle, certainly uses his size to protect the puck very well. He’s not a speedster but he reminded me of Jagr where he doesn’t have great off the line acceleration but once he hits full stride he can motor down the ice pretty well.

    Best position player and really the only one that was anywhere close to Lundqvist in form was McD. He pushed the puck up ice very well and was a beast on the PK.

    A blowout of the Pittsburgh Crosbys means the Cup parade is back on right?

  34. Going forward, the question will become: was Nash worth team’s soul and all the garbage now populating 3,4 lines?

  35. Stranger Nation on

    Dubi Erixon and Artie were team’s soul? thats funny!

    boston D were really aggressive on the pinch, seemed to surprise Rangers who rarely got lean break out

    Bruins not only had intact roster but got two key players back from injury including Orton who was an animal

    lucic hits the smallest player on ice from behind, big surprise!

  36. lack of @chemistry@, lost *momentum* due to long lockout and early season _fatique_ are clear and obvious signs that Torts MUST be fired!

  37. No need to get worried yet folks…there were some really good things going on amidst the bad. We did miss asham and the team will gel. The king was brilliant and some of the kids just need a kick in the arse (including softy gabby).

  38. Oh before i forget, lucic is gonna get his…hockey justice style! oop oop oop oop hockey justice style! Rofl …sigh…

  39. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    What we need, what we need is solidarity.

    That and some line changes. Rangers just need to make top 8 in the shortened season. Just get in, then try to win…..the cup

  40. Faceoffs and stupid penalties, plus they all look a bit slow. I don’t remember Pyatt being that lumbering.

  41. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Alaska imports ice from him

    He speaks Italian in German

    Stay thirsty my friends

  42. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    I still think we are gonna find that Boston is on a mission, having ducked out early last year after winning the cup prior. They are a TOUGH team to play agains with good size and toughness everywhere and especially on’D’. I continue to wish for that one, big, Beuke-type d-man because it IS a game changer. Chara is THAT good, but he has great support back and front. Big team with skill.

    That being said, only a few of our guys played well. The bulk of them will get better as the season moves on. Not too many easy games, so it need be soon. Step, Hags, Pyatt, Boyle, MDZ, there were a lot that were just surfing out there and making mindless plays. It’s ok for a night or three.

    The team toughness issue was there at the outset last year. One of my worries, for sure. More finesse up front means less willingness to drop gloves. It could be a deadly offset.

    Halpern’s lack of size and hitting surprised me. Need to watch a few games to be sure.

    BUT, when you have Henrik and Nash with a smattering of good young budding players like McD, Staal (ok, bad one game there, too), and hopefully CK, at this point there need be some confidence this team will get better.

    I am confident after one loss. One 60-40, they were a bit better loss. A loss to one of the teams that had something to prove after ducking out early last year. A team that could go deep into the playoffs this year…..I can deal losing to them like we did.

  43. Its only one game, certainly not enough of a sample to push the panic button yet but a couple of observations coming out of last night………I stated it here in June and July when we Boneheads were debating who to “go get” in free agency. On a team that plays the way we do, under this coach with his style, in this division and in this conference, this team needed to acquire players with snarl / grit / toughness ( not drop the gloves toughness) that can cycle and are willing to play/compete (and ultimately control play by winning those critical one on one battles ) in the dirty areas of the ice ( sideboards, slot, behind the net). After watching last nights game, I’m concerned we still lack through the line-up enough players who are capable of competing successfully in the dirty areas, those areas where the critical physical one on one battles occur. ……Also, it’s a problem when Jeff Halpern is more noticeable on the ice than Derek Stepan.

  44. Boston was one of the worst possible opening matchups for us. They’ve had a relatively stable and unchanged roster for several years, whereas we played four entirely new lines. No worries.

  45. The boys didnt lose to the Debbies cuz we didnt bring the jam, we lost because we couldn’t generate enough offense-and after watching Nash last night if you really want AA and Dubi back, I’m not sure what will convince you of the ‘rightness’ of the trade, Nash does so many things well in the offensive zone-just gotta finish in the top 8 to get into the playoffs

  46. Torts should fish out Avery’s skates form the Hudson and invite Avery back to the team…until that happens these clowns aren’t going anywhere. Fact.

  47. I think Boston is a legitimate cup Challenger if Rask is up to the task. Wouldn’t you love to have Lucic on our team. That guy is a talented, tough, nasty SOB.

  48. Man, it feels good to have my morning coffee and read these game reviews again. I like this. What I didn’t like is the Rangers not showing up last night. Boston sure as hell looked ready, but we didn’t. If they’re still playing like this come mid-February, then we should worry. But for now, I’m just going to enjoy the January Pre-Season.

  49. Good morning, boneheads!

    Not too much negativity after first game, nice to see. Nothing can be judged after one game. Nash is what they needed all along, that much is obvious. We haven’t had this type of true power forward with skills since….gosh, can’t even remember. But he will take time to adjust. He is still playing like he is in Columbus and doesn’t have much support. One positive from losing game 1- it brings them back to earth, high expectations mean zilch without what they do best- battle. I’m not buying that somehow we lost all the necessary personnel.

    On #5. Tough call, very subjective, but I think Lucic held back a bit that’s why he didn’t get 5.

    One thing went unnoticed. Tuukka Rask looked very solid last night. Boston is a complete and dangerous team, it seems. Even without Thomas.

  50. If there ever was a player who always hustles that would be Avery. i still dont know (well, i do, actually) why Torts ruined Avery’s career. :D

  51. Stranger Nation on

    Hags may not make it thru season intact with teams gunning for him as the “grinder” on first line. not sure Kreider is the answer as the line of Kreider-Richards-Nash will give up as many as they let in 5v5 but it would be fun to watch.

    Rangers seemed to take the brunt of most collisions, especially Dmen. in bickels defense (ahem), having him play with 3rd and 4th lines on ice is an accident waiting to happen.

    Pyatt thought tonite was season opener, I hope

    what we need!

  52. Nice, perceptive review, Carp. I agree with Wick and CW that Boston has an advantage out of the gates due to playing with intact lines largely carried over from last season, also that Kreider, Boyle and Hagelin look stale. I missed the grinding cycling that we saw last year, and I think it will return after some practice and coaching. Only problem is the intensity of this season’s shortened schedule, that does not allow for as many practice days or rest days to absorb what was practiced. While Staal had a difficult game, I think he will round out back to form after the rust comes off.

  53. Czechthemout!!! on

    It s just one game but there are still some big issues on this team that have not been adressed.

    1. There is no puck possesion at all. They play hot patatoe with the puck. At least most of the players anyway. The moment a player has pssesion of the puck, they look to dump it into the zone. Most of them dont look to make a play with their skill. And its a shame because many of the players on this team do have a good amount of skill. It makes them easy to defend against. The same problem exhists when trying to come out of their own end. Every play is to chip the puck out along the boards. By doing this, they cut of most of the ice them selves. Boston seemed always ready for it by just having their forwards and dmen position them selves along the boards and force turnovers.

    2. Power play is still the same predictable mess its been for several years. They refuse to play the defenseman on the off wing. Mdz has no shot of any strenght if he shoots from the left point. However,on the rare occasion that he has had a chance to shoot off the pass from the right point, he has demonstrated a decent if not pretty good shot. He also has a chance to use his vision better. I think Stralman can do the same as he has also shown to be pretty effective on the point.

    As as side note, Dubi Prust and AA are not whats missing on the team. Creativity and some offensive strategy is what is missing.

    Torts needs to give Kreider top 6 minutes and linemates. He earned that time by being one of the best forwards in the playoffs. Playing him with Boyle who has the offensive ability of Nick Fotiu will destroy his development. Let the kid play.

    Carp great review as always except will you ever call for Mike Rupp to be benched? I mean he actually looks slower this year than last year when he had bad knees. He can skate he cant fight and even worse, he cant play. He needs to go!

  54. Surprised Lucic hit Hagelin like that, he wasn’t wearing goalie equipment. Not sure I agree with the major talk, but could have easily been a double minor… But nowadays it’s either the full 5 or (rarely) just the 2, they never give double minors for that anymore!


  55. That was the sloppiest game I’ve ever seen a rangers team play, and I agree about what Czech said about hot potato puck possession.

    Puck possession is what made the rangers viable last year. Even if it wasn’t pretty the rangers where one of the top forechecking teams.

    Idk what that was last night but if the Rangers don’t want to get blown out and actually compete against the Sidney’s. then they have got to shake out the cobwebs, buckle down and get to business.

    The off season was long yea, and some players used that time to improve like good professionals. I hope it doesn’t take the Rangers 2 weeks to get started because every game counts twice right now.

  56. Nash trade not an issue for team toughness. Continue to believe letting Prust walk is.

    Will be interesting to see how Gabby responds to not being the go-to fwd. Stepan progression will be impt– agree with those who say we need more this year from him. Occasional good pass but would like to see a more consistent game, harder on the puck.

    Need to keep expectations managed on Kreider and Hags. No need for this with Pyatt, Rupp, or Halpern, just don’t have any.

  57. Avery is not what this team needs…avery is a cancer to the locker room and his nihilistic mannerisms do not inspire loyalty. It only breeds chaos. Im glad that punk is gone.

  58. For Carp or anyone else to answer…

    I don’t agree with “Henrik Lundqvist gave up a bad rebound” in thought #2 above. I have never played goalie but I don’t understand how that is giving up a bad rebound. The shot was low and he tried to kick it away with his pads as I’m sure goalies are taught to do. It’s not like it was in his midsection and he gave up a bad rebound by not wrapping it up or dropping it out of his glove. I’m just not sure what you expect a goalie to do when he faces a shot like that. I think you have to give credit to the shooter in that situation for taking that type of shot. Am I missing something with this? Thanks.

  59. Carp,
    I apologize if you mentioned this earlier, can you explain what purpose Rupp serves on this team? He really does not fight well ( I can count on 1 finger the number of fights I saw him win) and he really plays slow and does not hit particularly hard. If he is good in locker room, why cant he be an assistant coach? His fight was poorly timed as was Bickels, except that perhaps Bickel was trying to regain some of the momentum that was lost after Rupp got beat up. I just dont understand his purpose. I realize this is not why they lost. Thanks for the insight.

  60. CIt’s gonna be like this for a bit. The guys are rusty and most didn’t play during the lockout. Not to say they ate Cheetos and played video games (maybe some did), but when 12 or 13 bruins were playing quality hockey since October, you’re gonna get beat, outplayed, made to look like vomit on the road opening night.

  61. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    Morning ILB and all!!

    Huge mistake not drafting Matteau’s kid. no way we should have taken the d man over him,

    I also think that Prust just had a certain fit with this team he probably will not have with any other team. I don’t think he will be as valuable to any other team as he was to us and I don’t think he will be as good a player with any other team as he was for us in his role.


  62. Rangers with points last night:
    Kovalev, Jagr, Poti, Wolski, Tyutin, Anisimov, Korpikoski, Mitchell, Prospal, Higgins.
    Rangers with goals last night:
    Kovalev, Jagr, Wolski, Anisimov, Korpikoski, Mitchell.
    Almost forgot…. Richards, Nash and Girardi

  63. Guys, I’m not going to get into it with people who have an obvious bias against a certain player and demand for me to explain why he’s on the team. Especially a guy who plays four minutes a night. I’m not a big Rupp fan, as a player. He’s not a great fighter. But he will fight anybody and he’s a much better player than most of the good fighters. So pick your poison. Rupp or John Scott?

  64. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    Rupp is a light heavy weight and not a heavy weight which is the main problem right there. He doesn’t throw the hardest punches (easy for me to say, he isn’t hitting me with them) and he is pretty tall and lanky and loses his balance easier than some of the more compact guys, Thorton is a horrible match up for him. Against actual heavyweights Rupp is a 50/50 win guy.

    He is smart and is great against guys like colton orr that just throw bombs and don’t defend well, guys that are smart and get in tight and don’t throw like bickel (love the guy) will give Rupp problems.

    He did get Lucic to take a 10 minute misconduct last night and his fatso incident in the playoffs last season was absolutely priceless.

    He is valuable to this team, and I like him, but I would like to see a true heavyweight on this roster even though I know most of you think that is an antiquated thought process.

  65. Rupp got beat up? I thought the fight was pretty even except that Rupp had a bloody nose and Thornton didnt. It wasnt lopsided in any way. If Rupp is the biggest issue we have Ill take it. People are saying we are not as tough as last year…take Rupp out and what does that make us now? There were about 10 Rangers that had worse games than Rupp last night. Stepan continued his act from the playoffs. He may become the next Dublowsky for ORR i think.

  66. Carp,

    On a situation like the Hags hits — similar to what he was suspended for, actually — does Slats or the Rangers go to the league to protest and call for action? Or is that whining and frowned upon? Or just water under the bridge of a violent sport?

  67. Good point about drawing Lucic for the 10, wicky. If the Rangers had played a better game that could have been very important.

  68. Without getting into Rupp’s overall value or whether the fight was well timed, does whether he (or anyone else) actually won or lost a fight matter at all?

    Even if you think fighting can be a huge momentum changer, Prust lost a lot of fights, Avery lost more than a few (or just avoided getting hit). I didn’t see that as being especially influential to much of anything.

  69. By the way, and I should have mentioned this … Boston, with all its key guys healthy now and Rask playing like that, is one of the Beasts of the East. Will be the second seed easily, and a much tougher out than last year.

  70. czechthemout!!! on


    Totally agree about not drafting Matteu over Skjei. I think he will be a good player but nothing we dony alreay have.

    I hope your boycilrath can step up and make yhe team soon. They could use his snarl and toughness the third pair. Its neen three years. Its time.

  71. I see Hags did the Q&A before the game in the Post. Maybe he shouldn’t be spending his time doing PR and should be focusing on not diminishing from the top line and ruining an incredible career opportunity with weak play and stupid penalties.

  72. LW, no i dont think winning or losing a fight matters either. Prust did lose more than he won. As did Dubinsky. As did Avery (i dont think he ever landed a punch in a fight). Not even that convinced that a fight has an effect on the momentum of the game. Maybe a little. Rupp and Thornton just started jawing with one another, both knowing their roles on the team, and dropped the gloves. What was the need for Bickel to drop them 2 seconds later?

  73. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I really hope he is a call up this shortened season. I would love to see him take stralman’s place in the top 6. Not that I dislike Stralman, he threw some good hits last night, but he is the most logical to come out for mcilrath IMHO.

    Speaking of D, love the bruins D with four guys that can absolutely hit and throw!!

  74. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I think rupp’s true is his in lockerroom body language and the ability to give me what I feel is a very good screen motto

  75. Czechthemout!!! on


    I would rather see Bickel come out because Bickel and Mcilrath on the same pairing would be trouble.

    If it were up to me, I would play Bickel on the fourth line instead of Rupp. If its only a matter of 5 minutes a night as Carp said, i would rather have someone who can skate a little play those five minutes. Plus Bickel can mve over to play defense in case of injury or a penalty.

  76. Agreed on McIlrath into the 2nd pair, bu that may be because I don’t like Stralman. I don’t really have a good reason either, just can’t stand watching him.

  77. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I don’t think torts really wants Bickel as a forward unless it is an absolute must. I also think torts really likes Bickel and wants him as a damn. I would be fine with mcilrath as a 2nd pair guy. There needs to be more nasty in our top 4 IMHO.

  78. Again, don’t judge so seriously off of one (incomplete) week of practice and one game. There’s a lot that has to come with time and mainly it’s just chemistry and game-conditioning… Give it at least the first several games before drawing conclusions. Rupp healthy serves a purpose and its mostly because he actually has some skill away from the fists. Asham will be noticed on this team, hopefully more for the good than the bad.

    As far as the Undertaker, McIlrath is just getting back to playing again after knee surgery and I’m not sure he gets called up this season even if that didn’t happen?? His time will be soon though…

    Matteau is not going to matter down the road… He will not. Having another possible Ryan McDonagh in 3 years does though… That’s what Brady Skjei (Shea) will be. I’ll take the Dman. Good pick!


  79. Bickel played about 5.5 mins last night. Granted he probably wouldve gotten more ice time if the PK unit wasn’t getting a week’s worth of practice. But if he continues to get used in such a sparse role I can only imagine what Torts thinks of Gilroy and Eminger if they don’t see the lineup over him.

  80. Those who think it doesn’t matter if you have an intimidating heavy should remember that next time a Matt Carkner takes out a Boyle and there is no answer. I remain convinced that incident had an impact on the series. If you think intimdation no longer has a place in the game you are mistaken. It is not the WWF days of the 70s and 80s but the players on the bench like knowing they’ve got a guy who has their back and puts a lttle fear in the other team.

    Thing with Prust losing his share is he would fight heavies and held his own. That kind of bravery gets his teammates pumped. It is much worse when your guy is 6’5 and gets beat up consistently.

    Anyway the bigger issue is not the fighting it’s the overal toughness on the top 3 lines.

  81. Matteau, if John Scott was in that game and later beat up Carkner, how would that have changed the game or the series? Absurd.

  82. Indeed, the intimidation in that series was all initiated by Chris Neil, who ran around and hit people, ran the goalie, caused a concussion, and is not legally allowed to be penalized, apparently.

  83. Scoring a goal on the PP earned from Lucic’s boarding would have been a more effective response to intimidation that an enforced dropping gloves with another enforcer.

  84. Absurd is that you think it’s absurd. It’s beyond absurd you don’t think that incident pumped the sens.

  85. Neil impact was obvious, anyone could see that. Less obvious but definitely a factor is what the Carker incindent caused.

  86. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I think the gilroy signing was to a premeditated move to cover the at that time upcoming redden buyout

  87. LW that’s just silly. It’s not about Carkenr in particular it’s about having an answer for guys like Carkner.

  88. I have a feeling the rangers are going to struggle for a while, get better as the season progresses and will sqeak into the playoffs and than it’s anybody’s guess what happens next.

  89. But you’d agree that if Gilroy is left on the NHL roster but doesn’t get on the ice while Bickel continues to get table scraps for ice time then it implies something about the coaching staff’s confidence in Gilroy?

  90. 1 game. 1 loss. 47 more to go….

    Dave Maloney was making a great point during the 5-3 last night:

    You have to question Richards’ decision making…he was taking all kinds of low percentage shots that didn’t even get through…they had a grand total of 2 shots on that 5-3..

    Gaborik and Nash need to be set up as the shooting threats and they weren’t. Both hardly touched the puck on the 2 man advantage…

    I thought Richards was supposed to be the set-up guy…

  91. Wrong outlook CT. Should not have gone 7. And no it was not because of that one incident it was a number of factors. The Carkner-Boyle inident was a factor. If you think the players don’t appreciate having a heavy to watch they’re back you’re probably among the same group on this board who thought the Ranger room must have been happy at the trade deadline that they didn’t trade any of their teammates for Nash.

  92. 4generations 4 cups on

    Why is the general tone so negative after only one loss? Rick Nash is an absolute star, and all of our guys haven’t played together. Give it a few games before everything is in parts and being sold off.

  93. I think it had zero relevance in that series. The Neil hit n Boyle did. The Prust fight with Neil did. Carkner beating up Boyle? Um, no.

  94. and I repeat, do you think if Scott was in the lineup that wouldn’t have happened? Do you think if Scott beats up Carkner later in the game, it changes anything? … and by the way, Carkner is perhaps the best fighter in the whole league. So what happens if the Rangers do have an “answer” and that guy then gets beat up by Carkner, too?

    Absurd is the word, and I’m sticking to it.

  95. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    So my take on whole carkner type situation is this, you don’t have your fighter go after their fighter, your fighter goes out and and removes a few chiclets with a high stick from one of their top 6 forwards. I take the penalty and suspension to a player who only gets 4 or 5 minutes a night without batting an eye.

    Or John Scott goes out and just grabs lucic the next time they are on the ice together and starts beating the hell out of him whether he is a willing participant or not (ie carkner and Boyle). I lose John Scott for the rest of the game and a few more, oh well, I will find someone else for his 3 minutes a night.

    Lets not forget carkner did to Boyle (whether we liked it or not) because of what Boyle did to karlsson.

    Most, of you think this theory is ridiculous and I’m a young relic, but after lucic gets his aasen handed to him in the above manner a few times, he might just “mellow” a bit…might

  96. I would argue, even, that what Boyle did to Karlsson had more of an affect on the series than Carkner’s response. (and, didn’t Carkner give the Rangers a 5-min PP?).

  97. is it possible it went to 7 games last year against the sens because the sens are actually a good team and the past several years have been a team the rangers struggle to beat, just saying…

  98. Yeah the Rangers struggling to score at even strength (a theme that carried through the playoffs and was a departure from their regular season) is a big reason they went 7 in the first two rounds and petered out vs the Devils.

  99. We don’t need fighting. And if we do, we have Bickel and Asham. Goals > Fights (overall).

    What we need is our third line of Kreider (6’3″, 230lbs) , Pyatt (6’4″, 230 lbs) and Boyle(r) (6’7″, 250lbs) to play their freakin’ size!

  100. I’m not familiar with lower rungs of Ottawa’s lineup LW but every team has different budget priorities so if they don’t have a Carkner type replacement they will either get one eventually or have decided to focus resources on skill to get to the next level.

  101. I think Colton Orr pounded Carkner a few years ago, Carp. The same Orr who wasn’t of use to the mighty Leaves last year (though he seems to have cracked the roster again this year).

  102. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    My last post is one of the reasons I like asham on this team, capable and at time to do just that type of thing.

  103. yea, actually, scoring goals was and still is a problem for the rangers, 20 shots on goal last night, pathetic.

  104. Not am I especially, Matteau. But why is it an OK *strategy* for the Senators to decide “to focus resources on skill to get to the next level”?

  105. I think Carkner also caused one of Orr’s many concussions … and wasn’t it Carkner who ended Pillow Hands’ career? Or was it another Rangers goon’s career?

  106. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I agree about the karlsson comment

    ILB would pay that fine, that’s sofa change for him ;)

    Because I don’t coach any of the teams that lucic plays against :)

  107. I honestly don’t think there is any honor left in NHL fighting. These fights usually break out “just for the hell of it”. They are 99% staged and for the belligerent drunk dudes in the seats to scream at. It’s WWF.

    Guys don’t have targets on their backs anymore. It’s much more sneaky and dirty these days if you want to even the score with someone…

  108. Like defenseman that can help the Sens climb out from being a bottom 10 defense in the league?

  109. Carp John Scott is a bad example because he flat out can’t play. So no I wouldn’t have him out there to fight or anything.

    When I say answer that includes a deterrence factor. It is possible that Carkner never does that to Boyle if we have our own Carker because he knows he endangers himself or his teammates who will potentially face the same response. Before all the smart-aasens jump on this comment, I said “Possible”.

    I am not saying these guys win games. I am saying the guys in the room love them and love to know they have someone who makes the other think twice. I can’t even believe this is being debated. You guys need to get out there and talk to some real players about this.

  110. yea carp, he caught boogard right on the button, caused a concussion and was the last shift (may his soul rest in peace) boogard ever played.

  111. the funny thing is Cakner is now playing for the islanders along with Eric Boulton. I see that help the isles last nght.

  112. Ahhhh LW I knew I could count on you to ask that question, thank you. Yes there is a difference because of the different levels the teams. One team wants to be a playoff team and needs more skill. One team has skill and wants to contend for the cup in which case you need all the pieces in place.

  113. Don’t doubt players do love having teammates back them up, Matteau, and I don’t think anyone is debating that.

    Just not convinced the Rangers are any worse off now in that sense than when they had players who were Carkner-level fighters/goons. Early days with this line-up (and the Bruins push around every team in the league), but completely disagree that last year’s team was intimidated.

  114. Did you guys just see where Giroux just scored from on the PP?

    That’s where Gaborik and Nash should be set up and shooting from on the PP. Top of the circle and the slot.

  115. Carp – Carkner giving the Rangers a 5 minute power play had little to no impact on the outcome of the game other than to deflate any momentum they may have had prior to the idiot mugging Boyle. Their PP was it’s usual horrible self, as it has been for most Torts tenure. Teams do not fear being short handed against the Rangers and correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Nash has been much of a scorer on the PP during his career either.

  116. I think some of the players were mildly intimidated. I think the Sens got pumped. The two together were contributing factors in the earlier games.

    Anyway where this all started was the comment about it not mattering that there is no legit heavy on this team. Can they win the cup without one? Of course. Will it help them to have someone? Yes. All I’m saying.

  117. Anyway, wouldn’t surprise me at all if Slats went out and got another heavyweight, because he clearly believes in them, regardless of whether his coach has any use for them.

  118. What NYR said. No honor in fighting. We need more, “hey you can’t shove our Capt. like that!” fighting and less, “hey you guys just scored and I need to stop your *momentum*” fighting.

  119. Doodie Machetto on

    I had McDonagh penned in as #3 but then changed him for Stepan. I thought he distributed the puck well and played a good two way game. Gaborik should have buried that one feed from Stepan.

    I don’t know how Carp didn’t put Lundqvist on his list. Sure, the rebound was ugly, but he was the only reason it wasn’t 5 or 6.

    The e-mail I sent him listed the three stars, but then it also included the disclaimer that it should be Lundqvist 1, nobody 2 or 3, honorable mention Nash. The effort yesterday was pathetic. They got beat from pillar to post. I’m sure Torts’ words are still ringing in their ears.

    But honestly, we know what the problem was: *fatigue*

  120. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    At the end of the day its about putting the puck in the net and keeping it out of your own. Look for us to have a good game 2nite.

  121. Czechthemout wrote:

    “Torts needs to give Kreider top 6 minutes and linemates. He earned that time by being one of the best forwards in the playoffs. Playing him with Boyle who has the offensive ability of Nick Fotiu will destroy his development. Let the kid play.”

    I could not agree more. This kid in 18 games under the most intense pressure showed that he is the real deal. He should NOT be on the third line!

  122. Gritty skaters with some talent who will drop the gloves get a wider berth than the nonchalant. See (among others) Probert, Secord, O’Reilly, Tocchet, Shanahan, Iginla, Neely, Domi, and yes, Messier.

  123. Maybe, God, the outrageous Press pandering to Ray Lewis will today come to a screeching halt.

  124. I can’t get over some of these comments…especially about Nash…How many negative Nash comments are coming from people who were dying to have him here? ~duh!~

  125. Can someone alert me into what channel on TV I have to go to for the play by play on TV of the RAngers games” ???

  126. Girardi. One of the top 3 stars? While most of the team looked a step slow, Girardi looked 2 steps slow. On how many ocassions he did not get the puck off his stick quick enough. Looked like he enjoyed his off season too much. Just my opinion.

  127. No problem. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just catching up on the posts tonite. Sorry if I’m a bit behind. Been out all day.

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