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From the NYR:

January 20, 2013 (Game 2, Home Game 1)
Madison Square Garden – New York, NY

Team Notes:

–        The Rangers were defeated by the Pittsburgh Penguins, 6-3, tonight in their 2013 regular season home opener at Madison Square Garden.

–        The Blueshirts out-hit the Penguins, 30-21, in the contest.

–        The Rangers notched one power play goal in four attempts (6:00), while the Blueshirts tallied one shorthanded goal.

–        Two Blueshirts notched a goal while making their Madison Square Garden debut in tonight’s contest – Taylor Pyatt and Rick Nash. The last time the Rangers had two or more players tally a goal while making their MSG debut as a Blueshirt was Oct. 3, 2009 vs. Ottawa – Vinny Prospal, Michael Del Zotto and Marian Gaborik.

Player Notes:

–        Rick Nash notched his first goal as a Ranger with a shorthanded tally, tied for the team-high with five shots on goal and tied for the game-high with four hits while making his Madison Square Garden debut as a Ranger. He has now tallied 12 points (eight goals, four assists) in nine career home openers.

–        Taylor Pyatt registered his first point as a Blueshirt with an even strength goal at 6:04 of the third period, and was credited with three hits while making his Madison Square Garden debut as a Ranger.

–        Ryan Callahan tallied a power play goal at 9:55 of the first period, and was credited with three hits and three blocked shots in 19:21 of ice time. He is now one point shy of his 200th career NHL point.

–        Brad Richards recorded two assists, including one on the power play, won a game-high, 13-22 (59%) faceoffs, and led all forwards with 21:43 of ice time. He registered three points (one goal, two assists) in the Rangers’ back-to-back set to begin the season, after tallying a goal yesterday at Boston. Richards has now registered 13 points (five goals, eight assists) in 12 career home openers.

–        Derek Stepan registered two assists in the contest, including the lone assist on Nash’s shorthanded goal. He is now three points shy of his 100th career NHL point.

–        Michael Del Zotto tallied one assist, registered three shots on goal and logged a team-high, 23:35 of ice time. He has now recorded four points (two goals, two assists) in four career home-opening games.

–        Arron Asham was credited with two takeaways and assessed a fighting major while making his Rangers debut.

–        Henrik Lundqvist (14-18, 29:11 TOI) and Martin Biron (19-20, 30:42 TOI) combined to stop 33 of 38 shots in net (one empty net goal).

Post-Game Quotes:                                          

–        John Tortorella on Rick Nash… “He’s probably been our best player. I’m not too interested in singling out our players, but he’s the real thing. You can see that.”

–        Rick Nash on tonight’s game… “We weren’t sticking to our system. We have a great system if you stick to it – it involves everyone trusting each other and making sure everyone is in position. Tonight we weren’t.”

–        Ryan Callahan on tonight’s game… “We have to take these last two games and look at them, watch the video, and learn some things from them.  I think we got away a little bit from the way we were playing last year – the hard-nosed style, in your face.  I think it starts with that, and it trickles from there into our systems.  Obviously we expected our systems not to be perfect from the start, but at the same time, they need to be better than they are.”

Team Schedule:        

–        Please note there is no practice scheduled for tomorrow, Jan. 21.

–        The Rangers will return to action when they face-off against the Boston Bruins on Wednesday, Jan. 23, at Madison Square Garden (7:30 p.m. – TV: NBC Sports Network; Radio: ESPN 98.7), in an Original Six matchup.


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  1. Does anyone have any idea why Asham and Glass had to fight 2 seconds in? Looked like some bad blood…

  2. Nasty, I almost bought tickets for it, but decided against it.

    Manny, they’ve fought at least once before.

  3. Ash can throw ’em all night. If his feet were as fast as his hands, he’d be Hagelin on ‘roids.

  4. They have? Jets vs. Penguins? Canucks vs. Penguins? It doesn’t really make sense to me why they hate each other.

  5. ThisYearsModel on

    Defensive zone coverage is shockingly bad. Bickel looks flatfooted and lost out there. Nash is the real deal. Gabby needs to get into the game.

  6. Olga Folkyerself on

    Obviously, this is not the time to panic. They don’t play again until Wednesday. Give Torts a few days to blast them into submission. They certainly weren’t ready. Doesn’t mean they’re worthless.

  7. i think they need to see if they have a better option then bickel.

    they also should try to get kreider some shifts with some more skilled players…

    torts will need to do some coaching and adjusting….

  8. I would love to see Kreider on the line with Nash and Richards and play Hags more 3rd line.

    Bickel is sticking around.

  9. *they also should try to get kreider some shifts with some more skilled players…*

    Curse of Anisimov.

  10. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    Just back from the game.

    Did anyone but Captain block a shot? Did anyone but him drop to his knees to play defense? Nash, yes, did once. Anyone else??

    There are many obvious things not yet working when you’re watching these guys. But, and I know it’s early, and they haven’t had much Torts training….they aren’t playing team defense, they are not checking, and their team toughness, SO apparent last year from day one, is thoroughly lacking. I am not firing anyone. I believe they will work it out.

    I also believe that Nash is heretofore called Monster Nash! This is THE real deal. Without injury, he will be one of the best ever on Broadway. Wow!! He had some terrific plays, both ends of the ice tonite. Best Ranger forward by far.

    I hope the other guys can learn to play with his highness. That includes Gabby and Richards who looked slow, lethargic, afraid to hit and get hit.

    I also wonder how long the Bickel experiment will last. Will it pay dividends? Hope so.

  11. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    Manny, don’t know what they showed on tv, but Kreider (no longer ‘The Kreider’ for me) was slow, lost, inexperienced. Seems he needs to be told where to go and get there. Keep it simple for him.

    They can try him anywhere. He is very raw. I hope his good fortune in the playoffs can be repeated one of these years. He needs some confidence back.

  12. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    Great presser, as usual, by Torts.

    “Marty was a positive for your team, coming in in a spot like that” “If you want to search that far for positives, then, perhaps he was” “our guys sucked”

    Love the guy. He tells it like it is.

  13. Bad Faceoff losses and Worse changes! Your 2013 NY Rangers!

    Just Kidding. Shake off the cobwebs….

  14. I think I’m gonna be nauseous. I never, ever, ever, ever thought I’d say or even think this, but…. The Rangers are making me happy to be a Panther fan. lol
    I know it’s early and there’s no need to get upset yet but, c’mon. It was bad enough thatjust they ran around looking like they all just met each other, bit did they have to have so little energy and gumption? A majority of the game they looked like they didn’t care. Way to fight right off the opening face-off and never again to get the crowd back in it. Bush league.

  15. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    We miss Prust big time. Also, Anisimove and Dubie. Even Mitchell and Feds a bit. We do.

  16. people are hysterical when they say we are missing mitchell..

    long season not how you start but how you finish.

    dvr’d the game will watch shortyl, game 1 gabby and hagelin awful and bickel not good either.

    saw a juicy to by rupp when i turned from the football tonight.

    rupp is an awful player he use to be decent and he skated well for a big guy.

    again amazing the rangers cannot develop offensive players…

  17. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    I was quite impressed by the Richards behind the back pass back to the blue line to ….LeTang. It sprung him to almost make it 5-1.

    or both of his bonehead penalties.

    John, if you’re asking me, it’s ok to bench him.

  18. Matty"Monster Nash"Boy on

    Listening to his presser, Torts may have practice both days. He might be a bit upset.

    Hey, Carpy, I am by the radio and tv guys. Kenny and Dave right by me. So you aren’t around my area are you?

  19. Am I the only one that saw the fourth line getting a lot of offensive opportunities? Any other line and we’re back in the game.

  20. its only 2 games…

    {three weeks later}

    its only 15 games

    {three more weeks later}

    its only… wait, are we missing playoffs?! GULP!

  21. Blasphemy! … no matter what, he is always referred to and revered as “The Kreider.”

    Case closed.

  22. Any chance someone could trot down to Radio Shack and get a couple of $50 microphones for the after-game Press that work? You have to infer the questions from Torts’ answers. And when he just says “No,” and looks for the next question, you don’t know if he’s saying the boys will not make the playoffs or if he was asked if he likes rough sex.

  23. Sorry. Just enjoying the Rangers in 60, because, what’s better than watching your team lose? Watching your team lose twice!

  24. Did other teams get a longer pre-season than the Rangers? Because all that cohesiveness talk and “tight group” b.s. has amounted to nothing. They look slow, confused, and panicked at most times. Terrible passing. Not picking guys up. Passing to thoughts and not guys on O. Not good.

    Hank’s gonna be great, but maybe he should have played with his brother instead of playing on Fallon.

  25. Stranger Nation on

    one thing you notice in these back to backs that the opponents forwards on first two lines were as skilled but mostly bigger and played with snarl. nash is the only top 6 forward over 190 lbs, we better pass and shoot amazingly because the grind game is not there.

    if your first line center is not playing well you’re team will have trouble scoring goals. only two games in but B Rich has sucked eggs both games. bad decisions with puck, horrible D and should not play point on PP, period!

    The D, as a unit, has had trouble clearing the puck. the play of Staal and MDZ has been uneven.

    not the end of the world but painful to watch. just played best two teams in east and hey are better than us now.

  26. No need to panic after only two games but did we actually think this team was going to overachieve like they did most of last year or have Lunqvist have another Vezena year. Kind of miss Prust and how he affected the whole team. Other than Nash who I feel is going to be a great addition these other new additions do not quite replace Dubi, Atem, Fedo & Mitchell. Big problem this year is we have no gimme games in this division so each game becomes far more important. Man did we give up a lot of rebounds in front of Henrik but couldn’t convert a lot in front of the Penquin net. The King had two rough games. We should get our sh t together shortly once we start playing Tort’s system. By the way he seemed like he was on Valium during last night’s post game. We’ll be fine.

  27. If some of these guys would learn or get the gonads to crash the net, there were 2 dozen rebounds laying around.

  28. Don’t worry guys. It’s early. We had 6 days of camp. Most of these guys haven’t worked with Tort before. I expect great effort and a really cohesive team. I am not worried about winning the Division or Conf. because the Penguins kind of look like they will have that sewn up (as expected). Be cohesive and make the playoffs. We will be fine..


  29. Olga Folkyerself on

    No Manny, Sather only drafted Hank in the seventh round. So he wouldn’t want Joel. But he would probably have paid dearly for free agents like Sam Crosby or Freddy Ovechkin.

  30. Olga Folkyerself on

    You know, the short season means the East doesn’t play the West so there is no conflict of interest if you root for the Chicago Black Hawks. You double your chances for a Cup Winner and if they happen to meet in the finals, well, just root for your #1.

  31. ; pewatched most of the ranger game after the fact; penalties and PP most of the reason for 0 and 2. stupid penalties by richards delay of game, mdz silly slash, bickel roughing etc..

    PP 1 goal on a 5 on 3.

    this team went far last year, is young, and got nash who is a legit stud….

    gabby does not think the season has started yet, kreider seems to be a little lost, rupp just sucks…

  32. Hey, Ed Jovanovski is a really talented guy. I can’t imagine flying back and forth between Florida and Australia to pursue your passions on the ice and on the tennis court!

  33. Olga Folkyerself on

    Chicago scores 5 in LA and 6 in Phoenix. Good strategy, score two goals a period and see if the other team can catch up.

  34. Anyone who doesn’t want to play in the corner scrums or defend in front of the net should be left out by the red line, so at least with 60 breakaways, we can score 5 or 6.

  35. “It’s not an individual thing. As a group, we didn’t have the fight level the past two games,” [Tort] said.

  36. They hang out in bunches on the ice like it’s a Sadie Hawkins dance. The 5th goal was atrocious. All the Rangers on the ice were focused on the puck. “Hey wait! What’s that guy think he’s doing in front of our goalie all alone?”
    They bumped into each other more than the pens did. That’s probably why the rangers had so many more hits than them.

  37. Torts will be gone within a month. Both Gaborik and Nash are not “his” type of players. Enough with this pathetic “grinding”. This can help you to win some games, but will NEVER bring you the Cup. Tortorella is going to be replaced with Jacques Martin, the Rangers will make play-offs as the #7 seed.

  38. Manny, i didnt see tonight’s game, but with the Bruins, they brought back largely the same team while we had a lot of new faces. I have no idea about other teams. Bruins are a good team, but i laughed tremendously at the foolish Rask “playing like that” comment from someone on here. He’s a good goalie w potential, but has played one good season in his career thus far and lost his job last year to Thomas, and faced a measly 20 shots in Gm 1.

  39. Dinamo, you are aware that Tortorella has won a cup, correct? Nash is actually exactly a Torts kind of guy….

  40. Rangers lose 10-1 to Columbus. Official Ranger Report says: “Rangers notched one power play goal.” “Rangers outhit Columbus 29-22.” “Stu Bickel added to his league-leading penalty minutes per minute played.” “Two nifty behind the back passes by Richards unfortunately went awry.” “Brian Boyle racked up his first face off win of the year on home ice.” “Kreider, though still scoreless, impressed with brief forechecking tenacity.” “The combination of Henrik Lundqvist and Marty Biron combined to stop 19 of 29 shots on net.”

  41. boy, there is some dumb stuff being spouted here after two losses to two very good teams. not surprising. Check out the first week or so of last season’s posts. This isn’t even that dumb … yet.

  42. Torts will be gone within a month? that might be the funniest yet. He’d have to be 0-16. And then he’d be in a little warm water.

  43. Actually, Carp, you seem to be the one person that I CAN hear. Maybe the others whisper in the face of the Caesar? :-)

  44. I think Tortorella is growing on me. He might be tight-lipped and on-edge, but in the end, he never doesn’t tell the truth. And he lives and dies with each performance and ALWAYS works to make them better, even in good times. They’re lucky to have him.

  45. only thing I’m annoyed about is what the Garden pulled in terms of ruining the 300-level seats

    outside of that, this team doesn’t look good but I would imagine that most of them are still comatose and won’t really be in game shape for another couple of weeks.

    Mike Rupp is still god awful, though. And Stu Bickel still isn’t an NHL defenseman

  46. ccp

    I really do appreciate the effort that you made, and I tried finding it, but couldn’t.

    If you could do it again I’d be grateful.

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