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Rangers vs. Penguins.

Game 2.

The 0-1 Rangers go with the same lineup, other than Arron Asham, coming off his suspension from last season’s playoffs, making his Rangers debut in place of Brandon Segal, who was returned to the Connecticut Whale (AHL) as planned.

Are you ready for some Sidney Crosby updates, interviews and general fawning?!

Here’s the lineup, at least to start, with Henrik Lundqvist in goal again:


Del Zotto-Bickel


Steve Eminger and Matt Gilroy are prucha’d.

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  1. ZzZz NASH ZzZz on


    Lets do this!!! Letssss go gog og gog gog og gogogogogoo!!!

    RANGERS will win , Gautreentee win night TONIGHT by me!!!

  2. ZzZz NASH ZzZz on

    3 periods maybe even ot , of non stop hockey action!!!

    BIG GAME !!!!!!

    GO RANGERSSS!!!!!!

  3. I think I was Carped, so repost….

    Avery is purposely distracting Lundqvist with fashion to get back at Torts.

  4. According to Crosby, the Rangers are in the conversation …..Are you as flattered as I am?


  5. The Rangers lost their first few games last year in Europe… look how they bounced back…. lasts night loss is just part of the process…

  6. ZzZz NASH ZzZz on

    RAAAAAAAANGERSSS googogogo go go gogogo!!!

    Ranger gametime is ….NOWW!! Be back in a bit!!!

  7. Was the conversation about “Home teams that are ignored by all broadcasters when Sidney is in the building”, ilb?

  8. Bah, NHLN not showing the intros. Musttalk about Flyers/Sabres for 80 millionth time and genuflect to Skidney.

  9. Hey did u guys hear Callahan thank us?! I’m so honored that I’m going to go buy an authentic jersey tomorrow!

  10. Carp- Pittsburgh thinks they’re tough? Pick anything in this room I’ll lift it over my head!

  11. Are you actually blaming Asham and the fight for that goal? Torts put Asham on the ice to start for the purpose of having that fight

  12. >>Darn! I was looking for Nash and Crosby to mix it up…

    You’ll Still be waiting by end of season.

  13. The purpose was for Asham to get one under his belt as a Ranger right away and to maybe rile up the crowd even more.

  14. WTB?!?!

    nhl network doesn’t show opening ceremony like it did with bruins
    it’s BLACKED OUT the game in MY AREA of NE OHIO!!!
    mothertruckin’ pieces of carcillo!!!!!!!!!
    then they come to show pens effin’ goal!!!
    so gd mad right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Haha yeah any good coach knows the secret to winning games is getting fights “under your belt.”

  16. Jog…you off the ledge? That was one angry haiku!!!!!

    Carp, does the crowd sound as out of it already as it does on tv?

  17. found the game on NHL Network, they keep changing the game to Calgary. Do they look that bad? Only down 1

  18. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    does not look like this Callahan and Gaborik line is going to work out. Gabby looks uncomfortable on the left

  19. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I have no prob with the opening fight, didn’t help/hurt either team. The b-rich penalty did hurt however. Nash with a great hit. Looks light Staal just stung Malkin with that cross check

  20. I like Stepan on the left wing half boards instead of behind the net on the PP. he has the option to pass or shoot.

  21. i cannot wait for “Rangers Goal His First of the Season His First as a Ranger Scored by #61 Rick NASH”

  22. If we don’t score on this PP, I’m going to wish Cooke had eaten a retaliatory crosscheck.

  23. I think they need to put November calendars up in the locker room, so rangers think it is nov. not the often seen january slump time

  24. Mama
    stepped away from laptop
    and had a very nice ravioli dinner
    that i see
    the score i’m hoping that
    the (anger) bile doesn’t swell up
    and i vomit all over the keyboard

    boy do i HATE the pens!!!

  25. iDoodie Machetto on

    We gotta be biceps, triceps, arseps hard!

    We gotta be ancient Greek underground gay porn hard!

    Rangers, gay porn hard!


  26. >>boy do i HATE the pens!!!

    I hate every team in the Atlantic Division whose name is not Rangers.

  27. Czechthemout!!! on

    They actually didnt play that badly in the first. Hank gave up one maybe two softies. This game is far from over. They are missing some obvious pass plays and coverage has been spotty at best but at least they have their legs tonight.

    This game is far from over.

  28. 25 P..a..r..r..y Road 06907 on

    is located on gun owner forums for gun owners angry with Journal News employees

  29. Not sure that wasn’t a better period than any of the three yesterday (still not “good”), but can’t keep up giving these easy goals.

  30. Johnny Knightsbridge on

    okok…i sowwy…I was trying to combat the negative nancies. It’s really me, Mao..lol

  31. I thought that was our best period of the year. And i wont be one bit surprised if they come back to win this game.

  32. Pidto did the Lupul “joke” last year.

    (And yes, I appreciate the irony of me pointing out somebody making the same “joke” repeatedly.)

  33. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    The pens d looks porous, if we can get sustained pressure, they will crack.

    Rangers win 5-3

  34. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Im hopeful for the season..
    I’m more thankful that i don’t have to watch big bang reruns.
    half the fun is watching the team grow each year. They will be better each game

  35. uhhhhh…..i can’t even put my thoughts into words.

    i think it’s time for wine.
    at least if i get a headache from that
    it’s for a better reason than a
    byfuglien storm front coming by
    and ruining my night and day

  36. If Boyle could only stay on his feet when he throws a check. He ends up taking himself out of the play and usually wipes out a teammate or two sliding along the ice!!!

  37. This game would be more fun if there were a “pens” autocorrect. Or if we scored more and let in less.

  38. yeah stanley cup team…Not even gonna win half a cup…its over people…pack up and go back on the lockout…looks like they didnt keep themselves in such great shape…

  39. Carp

    do they still sell foot long hot dogs at the garden? If so…can you buy “tree” of them and throw them on the ice for me, please? thanks!

  40. just to end this on a “positive” note
    but the moment all these media types were
    talking about us winning the Cup
    i just had a gut feeling we’d do the

    sorry Carp
    while there should be some grit lost due to no Dubi, Artie and Feds
    (sorry, if we’re in a bind due to Mitchell then we should just fold up the squad)
    and that was a big part of team identity
    the talent upgrade should make up for it
    and like 96% of other NHL teams
    they play hard with the talent that they have
    Hags regressed
    Kreider, huh?
    Boyle, huh?
    Staal, same ol’ same ol’ mistakes that media doesn’t call him out for… (yeah, i ended the sentence in a preposition. sue me!)

    and don’t go with the pressure of New York b.s.
    as if there isn’t more pressure in any Canadian city?

  41. jpg, no need to apologize … but really, this team isn’t as difficult to play against. Or at least hasn’t been in any of the five periods so far, and some of that is the softness of the first three lines.

  42. I hate our new 4th line. I’ve hated all the lines so far, but I really hate that 4th line.

  43. iDoodie Machetto on

    Boy, I’m sure glad they got Richards instead of Kovalchuk. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  44. LOL Carp, i guess that can apply to most of the team today.. and yesterday. Ugly, plain ugly. Too bad there are no HBO camera recording Torts right now

  45. _Sid: Rather than a proper first question, I’ll just bask in your physical awesomeness, if that’s OK._


  46. iDoodie Machetto on

    Seriously considering going home now.

    Gotta get one before the 10 min mark. If they give up another I’m out of here.

    “This is what I gave up my overtime for? To see my kids taking falls!?”

  47. Czechthemout!!! on

    Its amazing to see Pittsburgh looks in mid season form and we look in pre season form?

    Prust is clearly the difference.

  48. like, the lower 300s are now what the 400s were

    if you’re in the upper 200s, you’re on the roof of the post office

  49. Egads… It’s only 1 2/3 games but they haven’t had much fight in them. Didn’t they lose a couple to start the season last year? I think they were in Europe though. I have no idea what planet they are on right now!

  50. Sitting here at MSG it’s ugly. Team looks lost and, worse, disinterested. Oh, and the renovations suck. People have no room to move. Complaints all around. And the new sections mean when one person has to get up to pee that twelve or more gotta get up to let them out. Miserable feeling in the crowd. Nash looks good. But the Rangers look horrible.

  51. look at the bright side, rangers don’t make the playoffs they have a chance at getting the lottery pick. The nhl is going to run it like the nba because of the shortened season.

  52. CJP:

    The concourses are an absolute joke – basically impossible to move. My once pretty good seats are now above the scoreboard and the lines are worse than ever. Bravo, MSG.

  53. Someone told me Maloney said the Rangers are bad because they lost Fedotenko, Prust, Dubinsky and Anisimov. To reach a conclusion like that after 1.5 games tells me Maloney has started drinking in the afternoon as opposed to his old routine of drinking at 7.

  54. CJP:

    Don’t even get how any of this stuff could be perceived as improvement – unless you’re in the boxes they crammed in to screw the rest of us, I guess.

  55. Worst thing is that Crosby and Malkin have been relatively quiet so far -until the six points each they get in the third-

  56. I don’t get it. Sam and Joe said the renovations were great. Hardly think they would say it if they didn’t mean it…

  57. The team is trailing by three huge goals and all I’m hearing from these talking heads is blocked shots.

  58. 1. Sam and Joe are broadcasting from a lower spot than before
    2. Sam and Joe, although I leave at least one of them, are company men to the bitter end
    3. Sam and Joe aren’t paying for seats in the 300s that are now crap

  59. The team just went to the ECF when no one expected them to.. why would Torts be on the hot sat after a potential 0-4 start?

  60. Hartnell you Crybaby! Easy to be a big man after playing less than one season in two….argh!!!!

  61. Olga Folkyerself on

    Now if the Rangers can get a Power Play goal here, and another and another they might just tie it up and lose in OT.

  62. leetchy called it, go figure….

    Sam, comments like big man has the hands belong to Joe…don’t.

  63. Olga, a much as I miss hockey and our boys, I do not miss the evening intestinal twist……oy.

  64. Corned Beef Nash on

    Thank god hockey is back. I can’t take two weeks of talk of a HARbaugh bowl…or is it Harbowl?

    Come on gabby!!!!!!

  65. Niters all. It’s still early…..let’s all breathe. I’m just gonna pretend season starts Thursday and pray from there…TA!

  66. That was clean. Kreider needs to go down he’s completely lost. He played with his head down just like Anisimov always did.

  67. That’s not clean. You can assign blame to Kreider and still admit that’s an illegal check. His head being down the whole time, if anything, shows that the hit was delivered high rather than ducked into.

  68. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|


    RAY LEWIS!!!! BERNARD POLLARD!!!! My heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  69. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PRAISE BE TO THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAY LEWIS!!!!

    Youve helped me have faith in God Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. “They should play flag hockey.” – Lev, from his couch, where the odds of a life changing head injury are near zero

  71. I can now turn my attention to the Rangers!!!! Wahoooo!!!!! Id been so angry the past couple months because of them. Im free again!!!!!! Until April. I never stopped believing. I spoke to mrs ilb and mr ilb yesterday and today and I knew my faith would be rewarded!!!!!!!

    Only game I wanted today baby!!!!!!!!!! Ray Rice!!!!!!! Bernie Pollard!!!!

  72. Ye but my 2 concussions in past 10 years can speak for themselves. A clean hit is a clean hit. Keep your head up kid. They tried teaching it to Anisimov he never learned. Hopefully Kreider isnt the same. Orpik has delivered his share of dirty knee on knee hits but that shoulder hit was not dirty imo.

  73. Czechthemout!!! on

    I posted on friday that I thought it would take 6-7 games to come together as a team. I also hoped that it would not mean that they would lose all of those games. I will say that they look awful so far and have a lot of work to do.

  74. Slatsko Folkyerself on

    That’s the first thing I thought- “Keep your head up Kreider”. Because clean or not, the bell is still rung.

  75. He should be fine. I think he got hit in his chin area, same area Hagelin got hit yesterday. Going to leave a mark but should be ok this time. But he has to learn.

  76. Rangers need an Orpik on Defense. A player who smells a vulnerable opposition and snuffs him out with a clean but nasty “Scott Stevens on Eric Lindros” type bone crusher. I hate Orpik but I’d sure love to have a player like him. Kreider is not the first Orpik victim and he certainly won’t be the last.

  77. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hard to pick three stars worth mentioning… Nash for his first. Pyatt for his first and Cally even though he blind-passed the empty netter.

  78. Let’s remember that Pitt and Boston are expected to finish 1-2 in the East this season.

    Id be much more worried if we were getting blown out by Tampa and Carolina for example…

  79. Orpik hit was clean, unfortunately.

    So why didn’t anyone lineup Crosby/Malkin/Letang/Neal all game-long?

    Not enough jam.

  80. Rangers fifth loss in a row, if you include the last 3 games of the Devils series. They haven’t lost 5 in a row since the start of last season when the opened with three losses after dropping the last two of the Caps series in April of 2011.

  81. In all seriousness, I’m incredibly worried about the lack of urgency/fight/heart this team has showed so far. It’s Pre-2004/05 Lockout New York Rangers hockey all over again.

  82. Got to figure they won’t be plagued by the number of deflections, faceoff plays, bad changes and missed coverage that have been a feature of the goals conceded so far, but its not like they’ll get a huge amount of time to fix it.

  83. Well would you look at that Torts says:

    1) Nash has been the best player. He’s the real deal
    2) High marks for Asham. Pisses me off that team doesnt feed off energy he brought from the long fight
    3) Clean hit by Orpik. Teams needed a wake up call and hopefully that was it.

    Sounds what ive been saying the past 3 hours.

  84. And while I’m still of the thought that if the sixth D-man position is the main problem, the team must be in decent shape, Bickel is spending most shifts stuck in his own end at the moment. The “process” with him needs to accelerate at some point.

  85. Hit may have been clean, but I can still hate on the pen….liked the Torts presser….and goodnight

    Cally beginnings on now…..

  86. Looked very sloppy and uninspired most of the first two games.

    Nash is the real deal.

    I am holding off on judging the team until after 1o games. I usually do 20, but with the shortened season……..

    James Neal is a stud. I knew from watching him at Operation Hat Trick he was going to have an amazing season.

  87. Things will get better. Henrik will be back to top form. Good move to pull him after 4th goal, no need to waste him in a likely loss. Not this season. Might have to do that a few times this season. Bernie Pollard

  88. I was really suprised when they brought Krieder and Gilroy. Krieder was having a very hard time in Hartford. He was playing much the same as he has been these two games. He just doesn’t seem to engage the play. He just skates around a lot of the time, not getting anything done. I don’t know why they would expect him to be better in the NHL than he was in the AHL. As for Gilroy he was minus 16 in Hartford, but in his defence he was getting a lot of ice time. He played pp, pk, and took a regular shift. He’s just a bit loose in his end of the rink. He’s always been like that. Overall there were a few Rangers that look like they needed time in Hartford these two games. Could be some changes coming.

  89. Welp…it certainly isn’t going to get any easier…Rangers have to work harder…and have to start doing the things that made them win games the last 2 years.

    Clean hit by Orpik. Reminder: This is the NHL, Chris Kreider, keep your head on a swivel.

    Sweet play by Step and pretty finish by Nasher on the SHG.

    Richards = Horse Teeth. What else can you say?

    Boyler and Staalsy are clearly rusty and need to return to form.

    Stralman also needs looks rusty.

    Way too early to panic…but that won’t be the case in a few weeks.

  90. Doodie Machetto on

    Boy, that did not go well. This is not a good hockey team. And I heard some people talking about not having training camp. That’s BS. Nobody had it. Not an excuse.

    On the bright side, my commute home was super fast. Honestly, it was faster than my commute from work. I left right after the 5th goal. I was in the bathroom during Pyatt’s goal. I saw the replay. Really nice finish.

  91. Wow. Ugly, Ugly, Ugly. What is with Bickel?? He looks like he had too manycheese burgers during the off season. I still don’t understand what Torts doesn’t like about Gilroy. He certainly can not be worse than Bickel. Wasn’t Gilroy a regular on the Ottawa team who extended the Rangers last season.

  92. Not quite the 6-0 thrashing I remember Jagr, Lemieux, Roszival et al. inflicting on the Rangers about 15 years ago in my only live game at the Garden that year, but a pretty convincing win by the Pens. The Rangers seemed to have lost all their confidence by the middle of the 2nd period and stopped trying. I attribute it mostly to the compressed pre-season and lack of conditioning/training. This is partly a tribute to what Tortorella had done as a coach last year. The newcomers have not yet learned their responsibilities during the game, and the system was breaking down and not working effectively, despite the players’ trying to play into Torts’ system. How long it will take to get going is anyone’s guess, and no amount of bus rides to Hartford or street clothes attire at the game “punishment” will cure this.

  93. One other question…when I clicked on a link to Chase tickets on NHL.com, it offered me $1,400 tickets to tonight’s game…if these are the new ticket prices, they can count me out. What is this about?

  94. “48.1 Illegal Check to the Head – A hit resulting in contact with an opponent’s head where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact is not permitted. However, in determining whether such a hit should have been permitted, the circumstances of the hit, including whether the opponent put himself in a vulnerable position immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit or the head contact on an otherwise legal body check was avoidable, can be considered.”

    Immediately prior to. His head was down the entire time, Oprik hit his head. Illegal does not always equal dirty. Still illegal.

  95. little girls panicking after 2 games. same whiners whoi said they were going 30-10-8…

    they will be fine, need to play harder and smarter else they are not talented enough.

    amazing they cannot draft guys who have offensive skills..

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