It’s Go Time!


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Game 1

Have you waited long enough for this game?
Bunch of guys making their Rangers’ debuts: Rick Nash, Taylor Pyatt, Jeff Halpern and Brandon Segal. Plus Chris Kreider makes his regular-season NHL debut.

Check out the new thingy on the left … it’s our Three Rangers Stars poll. You can vote at any point during the game, but obviously you’d be better off waiting until late in the third, or shortly after the game ends. We’ll close the poll half an hour or so after the game. You can only vote once, and only vote for three players.  Hope you enjoy it.

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Your opening night lineup:


Del Zotto-Bickel


Asham is suspended for tonight’s game from last year’s playoffs, and eligible to return tomorrow. Gilroy and Eminger are prucha’d.

Must win. Obviously.

Finally, it’s a Saturday night, which means no real post-game show and an abbreviated John Tortorella presser, but, hey, Buffalo highlights and Stan!

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  1. So GCL seems to have crashed entirely. Fantastic. Good job, NHL.

    Might as well have Jeremy Jacobs personally defecate on my TV. (Hi, Lloyd!)

  2. Yes, Manny – LaGreca is *definitely* a lifelong Devils fan – he has admitted it in previous days. He grew up in NJ, and probably still lives there.

  3. Hags Richards Nash is one of those lines that has to work. It nay not click on Day 1 but once it gels its gotta be dynamic. Just hope Torts and the rest of you Boneheads can be patient and give it time to catch the inevitable fire!

  4. How long until Torts changes lines? I think he makes it through 2 periods before the urge to shift overtakes him….

  5. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " WE ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    IT IS TIME!!!!!

    3 periods of non stop hockey action!!!


    lets go go go gog og go go gog ogg!!!


    LETS GO BOYS , lets make sum noise!!!!!

    WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO we are soooo back!!!!!!


    GO RANGERS!!!!

  6. ok, my daughter and son in law drove down to the islanders game and she messages this:

    As if he wasn’t hated enough
    Only DiPietro gives a puck to a kid wearing a Rangers hat

  7. Looks good, Carp – but you’re gonna have to change it every game as scratches and injuries occur, no?

  8. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " WE ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    3 stars poll is a little long but looks cool Carp.

    Im so pumped , I can’t put it into words.

    can’t wait!!! 48 games , no time to play bad. Torts has got to have ’em play playoff hockey , right now. Blockin shots and ‘all. Hank is the best , Nash potatoes TONIGHT!!!!!!

  9. Yup, Linda…mrs asked me to try not scream too loud this time….then she looked at me and said:”Never mind”

  10. If Eric is not around, let me be the first to say that losing tonight would put the Rangers two points behind the Penguins and either the Devils or Islanders, which would be basically insurmountable at this point.

  11. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    Izzy, Olga, miked (riot), Staal, lloyd… and the guy with the sauces

  12. I wish the NHL Network would get rig of the crawl on the bottom of the screen during games. It cuts off the action at the bottom of the screen.

  13. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    YEEEEEEEEEEAH!!!!!!!!!! LETS GO BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash
    Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash
    Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash
    Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash
    Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash Rick Nash

    Just catching up with Duguay

  15. How about Duguay, blabbing like an expert, even though he didn’t set foot in the practice rink during camp, hasn’t even met these guys.

  16. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    someone needs to pick up Dubi’s nose picking duties

  17. Lots of chances at bad Bruin nicknames – Rene Rancid, Tuukka Dump, Johnny Boychick…

  18. HELLO to ALL!!
    finally got on your internet.
    trying to get radio rather than listen to bruins bozos
    on nhl network
    (can’t get msg)

  19. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    yea, that number 6 jersey needs to not be warn

  20. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    exactly what game are these NESN guys watching

  21. When (why) did Stralman change to Wadewitka’s number?

    Is anybody voting Asham for star of the game? lol

    Hey! No Buffalo highlights on HNL tonight since they’re not playing.

  22. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    that number is bad freakin luck and gives me bad chills whenever i see it.. get rid of it

  23. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    CT, cally can’t get hurt, we have not synchronized getting jersey/shirts yet lol

  24. you’re right
    thomas will end with mvp trophy this year
    (and yes, i’m beeing an aasen and then some)

  25. time to move on…Prust is the enemy. He wasnt crying too much when he got that deal from Montreal.

  26. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " WE ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    YESSSS !! I got my Game sound back!!!!!


  27. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    getting it out of the way early Jeff!

    lol Lev

  28. we look exactly the same as always. whats the surprise? u guys thought wed win the cup in game 1?

  29. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " WE ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Avery AVERY!!! Neeed Malik if this goes to a shoootout!!! I hate that dam shootout!!!

  30. Anyone else noticing DZ’s slap shot? I don’t remember it being a component of his game in the past. Looks pretty decent.

  31. Boston pretty much dominated that period. Not that unexpected to see them struggle a bit early.

    Long change this period, should play to the Rangers speed advantage here…

  32. Glad I paid the big bucks for NHL center ice so I can watch the NESN broadcast on the NHL channel.

  33. iDoodie Machetto on

    Gonna be tough to come up with three if they keep playing like that.

    Also, a suggestion: move the three star poll to the recap post. How can we vote on stars before the puck drops?

  34. N.Country_NYRfan on

    A little Helter Skelter there that 1st period, LQ looked sharp except for the long rebound.

  35. What, what, what???

    MLB ?@MLB

    We mourn the passing of @Cardinals icon and Hall of Famer Stan Musial, who has passed away at the age of 92:

  36. I see JM hasn’t expanded the words in his limited repertoire at all. Did anyone know Chara was 6’9? And that lots of players have big hands…. Argh!!


  37. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    Jeff, we’re stuck with a ton of NHL Network telecasts this month.

  38. The Islanders are playing three (of the four) players they only got on waivers this week. Solid, deep organisation still…

  39. “Punish them beaners!”

    Let’s not blame this debacle on the Mexicans – Blowmez isn’t playing in this game!

  40. btw folks, NHL gamecenter must be doing a free preview because you can watch the games online

  41. Fun fact: The Islanders still have more than half of Rick DiPietro’s 15 year contract to deal with.

  42. was expecting some rust, but they dont look good so far. its ok though, cuz we have each other!!!! yay! right?

  43. I take my last post *BACK!!* Center Ice is on free here on Time-Warner Cable in Queens…

  44. Center Ice is free til 1/31.

    Met Stan Musial once, a very nice, sweet man. His office was in the same building as mine in STL.

  45. heard C,%20oh&PageIndex=2enter Ice is free til the end of january

  46. sorry Carp
    i have NO byfuglien idea
    how that link popped up there

    was saying that Center Ice is free til end of january

  47. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    CT, isn’t that pretty much the same time frame?

  48. I’m not familiar with Musial, Carp, but would you put him just below A-Rod in the tremendous persons in sports list?

  49. Someone needs to call armstrong’s dealer…how can we be playing like we’re in a midseason slump if it just started?

  50. random q; but is anyone else having problems with their picture on MSG? / not seeing the full score on the top left of the screen…(have an HDTV)…

  51. Thanks for that info, Mickey – gives me a little more time to appear that I’m “holding out” on signing up for it again this season…

  52. So did they know there was a game today? Shouldn’t the team have someone responsible for telling the players when there is a game? That seems like an obvious sort of thing.

    Whoever the Rangers used to pay for doing that job must have gotten fired 3 games before the end of the regular season last year.

  53. True, try changing the picture size on your tv… worked for me.. a pain in the asham but it works. Last year it was fine.

  54. I should ask my in laws in the Hartford area for a list of good restaurants and send them to Bickel

  55. No offense, no discipline. Ugly. How the heck can they take this many penalties? C’mon Torts, get ’em going.

  56. its game 1 guys. perspective. ok. we will score a goal to tie this. but yea, wheres the offense? jeez.

  57. Of course, if you’re watching in SD, it looks like you don’t get to see the amount of time and the period number. That’s on the Devils telecast on MSG+2. Time Warner doesn’t let you see the SD versions of channels you receive in HD anymore apparently.

  58. Thanks Spider- yep, checked that one too (compared it to NHL network MTL. vs TOR)…but literally thought I was going nuts / the OCD was coming out.

    All right, the technical glitch seems to be a good parable for the play thus far- a bit off…

  59. TrueBlue – Did you mean you can’t see the numbers of the score or the top of the logos? Nobody can see the top of the logos, but if you can’t see the score, that’s a different problem.

  60. Spider, you got it…can’t see the full logos (I can see score, unfortunately, at this point). It’s weird though bc i changed settings around and ONCE and for one time only I could see the full “box” including full logos…

    thanks for responding, this has been driving me nuts

  61. Two bad changes- two goals against. I think they’ll be jumping over the board without pucks for a week or so

  62. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " WE ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on


    Rangerssssss baby!!! Win or lose im HAPPPY HAPPPY!!

    Wait till Nash n Gaborik start to shake N Bake!!!

  63. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on


  64. Jeff,

    You’re right there — as long as they’re “blue collar” it won’t matter if they can’t score more than a goal a game. Right?

  65. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    this dude needs to change his slacks after the fight

  66. Am I crazy or is the NESN guy’s fight calling almost not related to what is happening in the fight? It’s like old-timey radio.

  67. how the hell does Rupp
    with the arm length as long
    as some of my Italian relatives are tall
    not be able to reach
    his opponent and
    beat the carcillo
    out of him?

  68. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    EXACTLY JPG!!!!!!! he must have noodle arms and marshmallow fists

  69. give that one to Bickel, think he cut Campbell, then the wuss tried to hit him when they were down and getting wrapped up by refs

  70. too much ice time for Segal – need to give his minutes to Kreider try and get the kid going

  71. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    lmao refelting the balls Carp!!!!!!!!! he’s gotten pretty adept with the glue gun

  72. I am however slightly concerned that the Bruins seem to be outworking us, particularly in their own zone.

  73. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " WE ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Good game by by Nash so far. Nash is a beast. Nash is going to score . I believe in Nash. Nash is EXPLOSIVE, gotta love Nash. Yo Carp , Rangers gots talent eh?

  74. Nobody minds the staged fights. they just usually don’t accomplish anything … better to play nasty, and fight when you need to fight.

  75. czechthemout!!! on

    Rupp the moron was looking to change momentum away from the Rangers. He is a real intelligent player.

  76. me too, Doodie. That’s the dangerous part of volunteering to do it before knowing the outcome. I have to do it every game. Bickel?

  77. boring ass game. pretty much the dominated all night. but, its 1 game. did the bruins pump sleeping gas in the rangers locker room?

  78. Do you really have to do it every game, Carp? I don’t think anyone would mind if you forgot about it for a week or two. I certainly wouldn’t mind.

  79. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    i’d rather see that than listen to Don Cherry

  80. Do the Red Wings have to disclose who Bertuzzi was making out with when he caught mono? My money’s on Dan Cleary… he has a pretty kissable face. Then again, Datsyuk looks like he might have a few diseases.

  81. My feed seems to have slipped about five minutes behind, so if everybody could avoid making any reference to the game for the next 45 minutes, that would be great. Thanks.

  82. Kovalev makes it 5-0 Florida and Jagr with a goal in Dallas.

    Oh and trade everyone, Rangers suck

  83. Wrong, Duguay. Rupp switched wings on the draw just to fight Thornton. It wasn’t Thornton’s decision. jackwagon.

  84. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    i need to remove threeormore from my roster!

  85. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    oh wait! read that wrong.. i dont’ for now

  86. hopefully Boston plays some prevent defense. They’ve dominated the forecheck this game….

  87. Rusted or not, but if our guys will play like that tomorrow, I’m afraid Miami Pimp’s predictions will really come true. Gives a bad name to definition of the chaos so far…

  88. Rangers Report ?@rangersreport

    How do they determine two or five on those hits from behind? because if there is a fiver, that was one.

  89. Not much doing on that 5 on 3. Penalty on the Rangers to kill the rest of the 5 on 4. Tough stuff.

  90. Carp
    how about asking Dave Maloney
    to coach the pp?
    making sesne on the radio
    much more than what’s seen on the ice

  91. that’s another thing that NHL could have done
    give us the angles that they’re seeing
    in Toronto

  92. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    unless Superman is in ‘the war room’ with his x ray vision and the OFFICIAL game clock…

  93. with all of his prowess in the offensive zone
    maybe we should move Boyle
    to 7 dman

    penalty, not taking hits when he has the chance
    blah in O zone
    not happy with boston Brian tonight

  94. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    Mickey, i sense a disturbance in the Force

  95. So Carp, do the Rangers coaches ever actually talk about the power play? Or when someone brings it up do they just cough and change the subject?

  96. Jeremy Jacobs said transparent gloves were part of the NHL’s offer in November, but the union wouldn’t negotiate.

  97. yep!!

    ask jpg’s sister
    told her we’ll let one in to make up for that

    missing the playoffs
    with the pressure on ’em to win it all

  98. N.Country_NYRfan on

    seems like the Rangers have lost every defensive zone faceoff tonight and it has killed them

  99. do we have to pick 3 stars in the poll
    because right now
    Richards (who has 2 goals — 1 for us, 1 for them)

  100. bet hank was thinking about what he wants to buy next in ikea on that last goal… totally _unfocused_

  101. Can’t tell ya the last time the Rangers have been throughly outplayed like this.

    Boston has been the better team from the opening faceoff.

  102. Hank, Richards, Nash. I dont think there can be any debate about the stars. No one else came to play.

  103. Holy crap, these Dewar’s ads on NHLN are just absolutely awful. Like almost an SNL spoof bad.

    Not as bad the Rangers’ PP, though. I wish they would focus more on “finish” than “grit.”

  104. giveaways in there own zone about 9 to 2.. bad stat…

    2nd line doing absolutely nothing.

    stralman and bickell getting as much ice time as me..

    they need hagelin, kreider, and stepan to produce this year….

  105. … also, don’t want to get into this too early on but I think it’s shallow to say they didn’t come to play. They just didn’t play well.

  106. At least you know the Penguins will be easier. And less likely to punish the Rangers if they take a bunch of stupid penalties.

  107. Nash does not play well with others. to much individual stuff. MDZ has been awful. Hagelin too.

  108. Andy McCullough ?@McCulloughSL

    Here at the BBWAA dinner, Sandy Alderson says he’s in “serious discussions with several outfielders he met on the Internet.”


  109. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    that damned number is CURSED!! CURSED I TELL YA

  110. they just did not play very well. bad line changes, turnovers in there own zone, minimal pressure on the bruins d..

    stupid penalties(boyle 4 min) nash while on a 5 on 3..

    gabby was invisible tonight along with hagelin…

  111. Carp, no team ever lost because it played badly. They lose because they don’t show up or because they were out-coached.

  112. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    i wanna see someone, anyone knock lucic the firetruck out

  113. Can’t believe that anyone would want to have a child with Lucic. He’s hideous on top of him being a piece-of-Lucic.

  114. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    and sheesh, if Ovechkin can get engaged….

  115. Three positives from this game: 1) Nash looks fantastic 2) Hank is in mid-season form 3) PK hasnt dropped off it seems even with different players

  116. end this beuty with too many men on the ice.

    great display. they were running on all cylinders tonight. who was worse gabby or hagelin???

    alot of bad bad performances tonight..

    btw the games count…

  117. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    Latona, i don’t think there is a human mom lol

    so, half a season means immediate mass hysteria
    how many people are already on the freakin ledge?

  118. 3 stars are henrik and no one and no one..

    girardi and mcdonagh played fine and henrik and that is it.

    gabby, hagelin did not even play tonight.

    staal with some horrible giveaways and the PP was as good as the red wings in there prime…

    i especially like stepan never shooting the puck and looking for the perfect pass every time.

  119. N.Country_NYRfan on

    don’t forget Kovalev with a 3 point game so far and Jagr with a goal tonight as well.

  120. Johnny Knightsbridge on

    Don’t wanted to say I tolded you so, but I tolded you so. I still love the rangers, but understand that the team is infearior. Their play is commensurate with tapioka pudding. Looks tasty, but tastes like ASham.

  121. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    lmao Thom, from what i heard she’s some pretty tennis player lol

  122. Inferior to which teams, JK?

    The voting will remain open for a while. I understand it’s tough after losses, but gotta do it win-lose or … um, win or lose.

  123. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " WE ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Well we lost.

    No worries , we lost now but will beat these bum next week . I’m feelin good about our chances…

  124. Carp
    just to be nice
    i put in a vote for Richards
    because he scored

    maybe there should be a poll for the 3 Non-Stars
    you’d get more hits that way

  125. They came to play, the effort was there, Lundqvist outstanding as ususal, Nash is and will be a beast. They played horribly tonight, not for lack of effort, they just made tons of little mistakes and their timing was just not there. This team is good enough to play safe is death, and this team is much more talented than Boston for sure.

    Just played poorly, Boston kept it simple and did better. It will take them a few weeks but once they get rolling the Rangers are going to be a great team.

  126. The ones Lundqvist kept out don’t make up for the ones he let in. He didn’t have as good a game as everyone is making out.

  127. Johnny Knightsbridge on


    Infearior to most teams they play. Granted they play a spirited game, and as a fan I love them. I just know that they play an old school LA Rams type defense. Bend but dont break ’em like BEckham.

  128. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    i expect the infiltration of MEGA ASSHATS in the half season!

  129. Like what I saw in Nash. Needs to learn how to play with his new teammates. Richards looked like he didn’t practice much. Tried too much. Hank, Nash, McD are my choices. Gaborik didn’t look comfortable on the R, may take time.

  130. yeah,
    i know that this should have been on earlier post
    in regards to thoughts on final standings
    other than last year’s team playing with a lot of HEART
    i really can’t understand
    how so many media folk have us penned in for the SC finals

    it’s only one loss
    first game
    even on paper
    i don’t know about our 3rd and 4th line
    other teams
    especially with some that have a top 2 lines
    that outdo ours

  131. ZzZz NASH ZzZz " WE ARE BACK!!! "...says Greg L. on

    Jonny knightrider , you my friend are a moron.

    Told you so.

  132. Can I interject something, JK? The Rangers already look much better than last year. The level of skill now is obvious. Actually potential for offensive pressure. Stepan is a little adam oates. Give ’em a chance….Nash move to the net is an option this team never had. Should be fun year. BUt I ain’t a negative nancy like 87.31416% of the posters in Rangersville.

  133. I’m sure Lundqvist will think he could’ve done better on the rebound on the first goal, Jeff, but the deflections on the other two?

  134. Gee, I think the gloom and doom after one day is done with tongue planted firmly in cheek! Nash is going to be a monster.


  135. Those angle shots on the pads are specifically designed for those types of deflections. Staal could’ve been better covering Lucic there. He was watching the puck.

  136. The standings points show that there are several teams that are already literally infinitely better than the Rangers.

  137. And the newcomer JK is simply, and successfully, trying to get our goat. That is also obvious by looking at his supposedly broken English….

  138. ilb

    how many times has that been said about Staal?
    “watching the puck”
    or about this team?
    can’t they EVER stop their BAD habits?!?!?

  139. if you thought tonight was a rough game, wait until they play the pens tomorrow. I wonder how many goals the rangers will score tomorrow, probably one and again it won’t be Nash. I wonder how many games it will take before ranger fans start knocking Nash for not producing and getting paid 7.8 million per year. Maybe that should be a poll to the right.

  140. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    tommyG, you’re new here arent you? we’ve been trading Nash since since the puck dropped

  141. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the seaon's over" on

    all this fancy technology and they STILL can’t have an ignore feature in here lol

  142. Learned my lesson. Should have stayed home with you guys…..

    Ok boy, Hank is ready….now let’s go….

    I think this season (year/months) is going to be ridiculous….

  143. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Tough loss but this is still training camp to some degree. This year the goal is just to make top 8. I am confident there will be a second season for our boys.

  144. It is just 1st of 48…Relax. So far, in this one, Rangers were much,MUCH less physical than last season(fatigue, Prustless, whatever, but they were outcallahaned most of the game). One positive sign, though, – Stralman is really good…Played like they are progressively paid by mistakes made.Coda.

  145. Andrew Gross ?@AGrossRecord

    Torts says none of his players were particularly good. Said early Bruins PPs hurt. And he says 5 on 3 was bad, puck never got to Nash

    God, Torts is already infected with the over-love mancrush on Nash. Barf.

  146. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the season's over" on

    thank JImbo ( s missing on purpose there lol)

  147. I think the NYR would be better off starting this shortened season keeping Gaborik, Richards and Hagelin together. Put Nash with Callahan and Step and let then gel. By moving Gaborik off the top line your top two line have no chemistry.

  148. Lundqvist gift wrapped the first goal against and probably should have had the second goal against after it bounced off his back.

  149. I think Johnny Knightsbridge may be a World without End fan…does he also collect King Edward the 2nd memorabilia?? lol

  150. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    In fact, it’s obvious Bergeron’s nose was working out this off season – it is even bigger than last year – and that I didn’t think was possible.

  151. Czechthemout!!! on

    I give them a pass tonight overall. They tried hard they just didnt have their legs.

    Just some observations from the game about some of the players.

    Nash was good, not great tonight but he will be great. He still had at least two good scoring chances and some nice plays.

    Richards was ok but looked like he had cement legs.

    Hagelin might have played his worst game as a Ranger tonight. He needs to shoot the puck more.

    Stepan played well but he was not on the ice nearly enough at even strength.

    Gabby was invisible.

    Cally also didnt get enough time tonight at even strengh.

    Kreider got less time than segal through two periods. That cant happen. Oh and Kreider will never develop playing on the line he is on.

    Boyle was terrible. Could pass, or shoot or win a face off.

    Pyatt is very unimpressive. Not at all as physical as he should be.

    Halpern I thought played well. Should have been used to take more faceoffs. After all, thats one of the reasons they got him, no?

    Segal is horrendous! Just an awfull, awfull player. No wonder he hasnt become an NHL regular all these years. They would have been much better off bringing up JT Miller and playing him on the third line instead of Pyatt.

    Rupp is a buffoon! He has no buisness playing in the NHL anymore. He skates just as badly now as he did with supposed bad knees he had last season. And he cant fight anymore either.

    Girardi was a bit shaky at times but i would chalk that up to rust more than anything.

    McD is the best defenseman on the Rangers by far! Period!

    Staal was bad, real bad tonight.

    MdZ was terrible and once again played scared tonight.

    Tort’s line combos made no sense to me but hey, its just one game.

    Again just one game. I think they will need about 5-6 games to really get going.

  152. big day for the former rangers.

    Anisimov, Jagr, Kovalev, Mitchell, Wolski, Korpikoski all with goals tonight…

  153. SO, everything I did today and wore tonight during the game are NOT my new season winning superstitions

  154. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Wasn’t Stepan, cally, and the KREIDER a fantastic line in the playoffs? Why not play them together?

  155. I will be more positive than my brother, jpg

    It’s only one game. BUT it would have been so nice if we had scored on the pp plus SO many penalties, again.

  156. Look at that, Minnesota scoring on a 5-on-3.

    Think it’s important to have a successful team in a traditional hockey market like that, though. Happy for the franchise.

  157. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Dvr’d the game and some nugget here at work blabs the score…aasen!!! Haven’t read the thread yet, but did we get any season over posts or that the teams body language indicated they were fatigued??

  158. With new AA (Aarroonn Asham) on the team tomorrow, I cant wait ALL our fist fighter’s in action(Rupp and Bickel are done).

  159. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the season's over" on

    pen()s tomorrow night, and for those of us out of area, WORSE announcers than tonight.

  160. CalLindaHan 'every game is a must win or the season's over" on

    seriously fox sports south?????? you cut away from the shootout for commercials??????????????

  161. I was not dissing my brother ,jpg, just trying to be suzy sunshine if I write it, then maybe I’ll believe it, Keep Saying, it’s only the first game, it’s only the first game, it’s only the first game

  162. Latona, maybe his girlfriend is a Hungarian, they really like to mate with Croatians and the male progeny, if it happens that way, has to be watched closely from thei birth on. The female babies are usually harmless with some dark exceptions. Anthro 101.

  163. Carp

    I’m sorry to be such an itch about this, but I just don’t know what to dial on the TV to get the Rangers games on TV from msg broadcasts. One of the bonesters mentioned that he’d posted it, but somehow I missed it and can’t find it. Could you just let me known what I dial on the TV to pickup these games? It was no sweat last season, but so far I’m adrift. I’d really appreciate it.

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