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To repeat, because the post with this info yesterday got buried by the Redden buyout …

We are going to do the volunteer Three Rangers Stars thing again this year. So if you are interested in doing a game, or games, email me at I will assign you a game, then that night you pick the stars to be included in my game wrapup. We had a lot of fun with it last year.

And we’re going to try something new … a separate polling post we will put up during the game in which everybody can vote for the Three Rangers Stars and we will tabulate the votes and come up with a consensus Three Stars selection. Some high-tech stuff here, folks.

Also, while I will be on the game thread with you in the comments, I will also be tweeting during games. No, I will not be doing the play by play. Not a chance. But I will be on there with news, comments, etc., so please follow me at @RangersReport … and tell everybody about that and about this blog.


Here’s how I see the 2012-13, er, I mean, the 2013 season shaking out:

Eastern Conference

1. Pittsburgh (Atlantic winner).
2. Boston (Northeast winner).
3. Washington (Southeast winner).
4. Your New York Rangers (second best record).
5. Philadephia.
6. Ottawa.
7. Tampa Bay.
8. New Jersey.
9. Carolina.
10. Florida.
11. Buffalo.
12. Winnipeg.
13. Toronto.
14. Montreal.
15. Islanders.

Western Conference

1. Vancouver (Northwest winner).
2. Nashville (Central winner).
3. Los Angeles (Pacific winner).
4. St. Louis.
5. Detroit.
6. Chicago.
7. Phoenix.
8. San Jose.
9. Minnesota.
10. Calgary.
11. Colorado.
12. Dallas.
13. Edmonton.
14. Anaheim.
15. Columbus.

What do you think? Would love to see your predictions in the comments. Also, how many points do you think the NYR get in 48 games?


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  1. First (even though I took a hiatus during the lockout because being here depressed me but now I’m happy to be back again?!)!

  2. If Redden becomes a Flyer and he doesn’t stink, I’m gonna be pissed. But, more importantly, how is more attention not being given to the fact that the league had to change a new CBA rule to handle contracts given out by Slats. His craziness literally rewrote the rules. For shame.

    Though he has done some good stuff lately.

  3. I’m tired of people picking the Penguins. What have they done to improve over last year? They lost Jordan Staal and didn’t really replace him. I think the Rangers win the division. I would also flip Ottawa & Carolina.

    For the West, I think the Wild sneak in so I guess that leaves San Jose out.

  4. I hate ’em, but what have the Penguins done? I don’t know, hang on to the two best scorers in the entire game?

  5. Greg, I picked them because minus the best player in the league for all but 22 games, they finished one point behind the Rangers … and because I think the Rangers will have a hard time duplicating the type of regular-season success they had last year.

    But I also think very strongly that it doesn’t matter even a little where the Rangers finish during the season, as long as they’re in the top eight.

  6. I agree with your division winners Carp. The only changes I’d make are Ottawa and NJ out, Carolina Buffalo in. Rangers beat Pens in East final.

    In the west I’ll say St Louis beats out NSH for the division and ends up in the finals with our boys. I’ll say Phx out and either Minn or Edm . If Edm gets off to a fast start with their young legs, they may hold on to a playoff spot. Otherwise Minn has a lot of talent which should be enough to get them in for a short season.

    Cindy Crosby wins Hart
    Quick wins Vezina, mostly because there will be a contingent that will think he got jobbed last season.

  7. Carp I agree about the Pens. They actually have added the biggest piece in the whole league for a full season, Crosby.

    Of course with any of these guys, every team is one cheap shot to the head of a star player of not making the playoffs.

  8. Imagine if Minnesota doesn’t make the playoffs with all that money spent (and half a season killed because of teams like the Wild) … I really believe it’s possible they won’t make it. Rangers fans know that $$ spent doesn’t always equate with playoffs (see 1999, 2000, 2001, etc.).

  9. If MAF plays the way he played against the Flyers during PO, they can add extra 2 Crosbys and still be out sooner rather than later….

  10. You could make the argument that MAF is a decent/good goalie on a very good/elite team. But, he would probably be a below average goalie on a below average team….he is only as good as the guys in front of him…and sometimes he just plain sucks. When Fleury handles the puck behind his own net, Pittsburgh fans cringe…and he’s made some tremendous gaffes playing the puck…

  11. Not sure if that link worked, but Wade Redden has a player profile page on the Islanders website.

    My goodness.

  12. ThisYearsModel on

    I think the Rangers could finish second in the Patrick division. I don’t think it matters. Their ace in the hole is Henrik, who is the best goalie in the conference. As other years, the key will be health and level of play entering the playoffs.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, point that out to Katie Strang since she probably won’t listen to a schmuck like me.

  14. East:

    1 Pens
    2 Bruins
    3 Caps
    4 Rangers
    5 Flyers
    6 Canes
    7 Sabres
    8 Lightnings
    9 Sens
    10 Devils
    11 Panthers
    12 Isles
    13 Canadiens
    14 Leaves
    15 Jets

    1 Canucks
    2 Blues
    3 Kings
    4 Hawks
    5 Sharks
    6 Preds
    7 Wings
    8 Wild
    9 Yotes
    10 Avs
    11 Stars
    12 Oilers
    13 Ducks
    14 Flames
    15 Jackets

  15. predictions

    1. pittsburgh
    2. boston
    6. carolina(6-11 decided by 6 pts)
    13. florida

    1. chicago kings
    3.vancouver louis
    5.san jose
    7. minnesota
    8.edmonton ( 5pt diff from 8-12)
    9. calgary
    11. nashville
    12. phoenix
    13. colorado
    14.anaheim(perry or getzlaf traded mid season after bad start)
    15. columbus

    conf finals bruins over rangers in 7. (more heartbreak nathan horton in ot game 7.)
    hawks over blues in 6.

    cup final original 6 nbc will love it. hawks over bruins in 7. michael rozival the pt shot in game 7 wins the cup.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, I don’t know how I top predicting the Kings to win the Cup last year. But here goes nothing:

    1) Pens
    2) Bruins
    3) Canes
    4) Rangers
    5) Capitals
    6) Flyers
    7) Senators
    8) Sabres
    9) Panthers
    10) Devils
    11) Tampa
    12) Jets
    13) Leafs
    14) Islanders
    15) Canadiens

    1) St. Louis
    2) Vancouver
    3) Phoenix
    4) Chicago
    5) LA
    6) San Jose
    7) Edmonton
    8) Dallas
    9) Detroit
    10) Nashville
    11) Minnesota
    12) Calgary
    13) Anaheim
    14) Colorado
    15) Columbus

    Conf Finals: Pitt over Rangers in 6. Phoenix over St. Louis in 7.

    Cup: Pitt over Phoenix in 6. How does the NHL decide who to award the Cup to before the Final? I think they go Skidney.

  17. My fearless predictions:

    1) Pens
    2) Bruins
    3) Canes
    4) Islanders
    5) Devils
    6) Flyers
    7) Senators
    8) Sabres
    9) Panthers
    10) Capitals
    11) Tampa
    12) Jets
    13) Leafs
    14) Canadiens
    15) Rangers

    1) St. Louis
    2) Vancouver
    3) Phoenix
    4) Chicago
    5) LA
    6) San Jose
    7) Edmonton
    8) Dallas
    9) Detroit
    10) Nashville
    11) Minnesota
    12) Calgary
    13) Anaheim
    14) Colorado
    15) Columbus

    Conf Finals: Islanders over Penguins in 4. Phoenix over St. Louis in 7.

    Cup: Islanders over Phoenix in 4.

    Rangers with ZERO points.

    Calder: THE Kreider
    Art Ross: THE Kreider
    Hart: THE Kreider

  18. East
    1) Pens
    2) Bruins
    3) Capitals
    4) Rangers
    5) Flyers
    6) Canes
    7) Tampa
    8) Jets
    9) Devils
    10) Islanders
    11) Senators
    12) Sabres
    13) Panthers
    14) Leafs
    15) Canadiens

    1) St. Louis
    2) LA
    3) Phoenix
    4) Chicago
    5) Nashville
    6) Detroit
    7) Minnesota
    8) Columbus
    9) Vancouver
    10) San Jose
    11) Dallas
    12) Edmonton
    13) Anaheim
    14) Colorado
    15) Calgary

    Conf Finals: Rangers over Flyers in 7. LA over St. Louis in 7.

    Cup: Rangers in 6 over LA. “Capt (booooo!!!!)ain Rya(booooooooo!!!!)n Cal(booooo!!!!!!!!)lah(booooooooO!!!!!!!!!!)an, come get (booooo!!!!!!!!) the Stanley Cup!” – Bettman amongst the boos of the Garden faithful.

  19. I should also add: this shortened season is really going to benefit smaller teams, which means I can absolutely see Columbus scratching their way to the playoffs, especially with JD in the office and Dubi/Anisimov becoming an unstoppable pair of chemistry. Seriously, I wouldn’t instantly write off that team just yet. One good winning streak is all it would take.

  20. Let’s instead fast forward the videotape and predict which Rangers will be on which parade float, and with which teammates and hangers-on

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    the only way Christensen is lifting the Cup is if he gets a job at the Hockey Hall of Fame.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Someone in my office is eating something that smells like Salisbury steak. I haven’t had Salisbury steak in like a decade. Damn. I want some goddamn Salisbury Steak.

  23. I still hope that airlines start serving salisbury steak again. Now THAT was James Bond treatment, forget about Eastern Airlines givng out those little pins and letting us into the cockpit to meet the pilot.

  24. You know, this picking of lineups and final positions and all is really interesting to see, but I simply
    am not capable of making any predictions whatever, especially concerning Rangers, for I am at a total loss in imagining what their final lineup will look like.

    As for other divisions and all, I was quite surprised to see the Kings win it all, for during the season I thought many other teams played better than they did….. but the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say, and they showed the world. For instance, in the few times I saw them play I thought the Miami Cats were more impressive…and you see where they finished.Also with Hurricanes.

    I also was more impressed by Islanders than with Toronto. Strange strange sport this hockey.

    And that big goal tender for the Coyotes is incredible in the nets.

  25. @TSNBobMcKenzie@ Well, there it is. Wade Redden a STL Blue. Hearing 1 year deal, $800K base salary with GP bonuses that could make it $1M total.

  26. Cross Check Charlie on

    Minnesota 9th? With their two new expensive acquisitions they’d better do better than 9th.

  27. I predict that I’ll make no predictions this year, and that the Rangers take the East again and…wait a minute…d’oh!

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    fran, yes. Mike Smith is the spitting image of his coach, Sean Burke. Also, Dave Tippet’s system really helps goaltenders. Just ask Marty Turco.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    CTB, unfortunately, I think a school cafeteria is the only place on Earth where it is served. And since I haven’t been in school in quite some time, I have been forced to endure without.

  30. I remember a game either during 93 or 94 when the Rangers were playing the Whalers and things got ugly on the ice. Pretty much everyone had dropped their gloves and found a dancing partner. Richter goes up to engage Burke, who was probably a good 7 or 8 inches taller and Burke simply grabbed the wiring of Richter’s facemask and held him away at arm’s length. I think Burke was probably doing a Richter a favor there.

  31. Scott Stevens really turned around the Blues franchise when he went there – I bet Redden unturns them around

  32. Which suckers will grab Gomez now? And how’d you like to be the last player cut from that organization as well as the Blues?

  33. My prediction for the season is the St. Louis blues fans will be singing the blues when they see Redden play defence for there team.

  34. CTB, Richter and Burke tangled in Richter’s first NHL (regular season) game … asked what was going through his mind, Richter said, “I was wishing my parents were taller.”

  35. Cross Check Charlie on

    I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have steak that wasn’t damned by anybody.

  36. I wonder how Redden’s psyche will hold up when he’s a healthy scratch within a month

  37. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Wade is a solid two-way defenseman,” said Blues general manager Armstrong”

    Bwaaaahahahahaha. Yeah, sure he is.

  38. You think I could get Redden to send me some Schafly beer and BBQ sauce from Banadana’s?? And a concrete from Ted Drewe’s??

    Mmmmm I miss STL food.

  39. When I was in Disneyland, my kid said he wanted a Mickey Mouse Outfit, so I bought him the Islanders.

  40. bump bump bump bump bump…I got the blues…I got the blues…I got the-
    35 year old 6’7 couldn’t skate his way down a bunnie sloap in vermont with a jet pack up his butt but it’s ok because Glen Sather liked his break out pass capabilities back in 2008 bluuuuuu uuuues! *twang*

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    This team is so bush-league that they won’t even be allowed to buy tickets to the playoffs.

  42. ralph from N.M. on

    Tort’s said we’re off to Boston , now ” CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR”

  43. The lock out is over? must have missed it while in hibernation, anyway…

    “Expert predictions” over at ESPN: 8 of 12 pick NYR to win the Eastern Conf. and 6 of 12 have NYR winning the whole thing……..keep in mind that Linda Cohn counts as an expert. Although, I probably value her opinion more then Barry Melrose’s, who has the Minnesota Wild winning the cup.

  44. Redden accepts the Cup from Bettman and then turns to give it to -Steven- Brandon Segal. Cup is raised and all are happy.

  45. I bet Redden will put up vicious numbers … I’m talking about 50 assists. He’ll make all you look like clowns.

    I wanted him back as captain.

  46. Not a bad financial year if your name is Wade! Wade’s wife must be vey happy! Wade takes a bus to Hartford no mo!

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    just crushed an assignment from the new firm’s head honcho. Feeling pretty good right about now.

  48. Rob in Beantown on

    Not one of ESPN’s “experts” picked Quick to win the Vezina. And Linda Cohn didn’t pick Hank. Surprising.

  49. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Interesting that if you take 92 points as being the cutoff for making the playoffs in a full season, it would translate to 54 points in a 48 game schedule. Then, translate the Rangers 109 points and you get 64.

    Five wins is not a big gap between first overall and potentially missing the playoffs.

  50. Puck and Gavel, if you crushed the assignment, how is the head honcho going to be able to see it in its completion?

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Manny, just a simple research assignment. But you always want to make a good first impression.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, the baby got weighed at the GI and came in at a whopping 12 lbs, 10 ounces, already more than double his birthweight before 4 months. So, apparently things aren’t nearly as bad as everyone thought.

  53. Great job, Doodie. I guess you didn’t need to ask for my help but it’s always there if you need it.

  54. Hey Carp, are you staying on the Cambridge side of the Charles again? If so, go to Hungry Mother. Awesome place.

  55. sadly, Mister D, I am not on the trip (Other job has me really busy right now). But I’ll file that away for future use. thanks.

  56. Ironically last time I was in Boston was on vacation in a dingy bar watching our boys get eliminated by NJ. The rest of that night….it was not a good night!

  57. True Blue Mike on

    Rangers finish 38-8-2 = 78 points LGR!

    Eastern Conference

    1. NYR (Atlantic winner).
    2. Ottawa (Northeast winner).
    3. Washington (Southeast winner).
    4. Pens (second best record).
    5. Philadephia.
    6. Boston.
    7. Tampa Bay.
    8. Carolina.
    9. Buffalo.
    10. Florida.
    11. Devils.
    12. Winnipeg.
    13. Toronto.
    14. Montreal.
    15. Islanders.

    Western Conference

    1. Vancouver (Northwest winner).
    2. Nashville (Central winner).
    3. Los Angeles (Pacific winner).
    4. St. Louis.
    5. Sharks
    6. Chicago.
    7. Phoenix.
    8. Edmonton.
    9. Minnesota.
    10. Detroit.
    11. Colorado.
    12. Dallas.
    13. Calgary
    14. Columbus
    15. Anaheim

  58. I mean, how do the chiefs at the Journal News quantify and value your considerable aptitude for your current position? When’s the last time they told you that you exceeeded their expectations and handed you a three day weekend?

  59. rangers are not going to go 38 -8- 2 that is the canadiens of larry robinson and the canadiens.

    no chance….

  60. I remember sitting in my humanities class junior year of HS and turning to my friend Drew, who is a die hard Devils fan. I told him the Rangers were going to win the Stanley Cup. It was just a feeling that I had and his eyes widened and he said, “I don’t know if the Devils will win the cup, but I will be money that the Rangers won’t be winning anything.” My other friend Mike, another Devils fan, and Bob, an Islanders fan, all wanted in on the bet. It was me against the world and I loved it. I was sure we were going to have a big year, so I took the bet and the season went on. I won’t get in to the season, because we all know how it ended, but I still remember the night we won the cup as clear as day. We were all at my house. My brother and I in our Rangers gear and everyone else there were not fans of the Rangers. I can still remember my mom coming down every few minutes to check the score and see what was going on. I remember with about 5 minutes left in the game, all of my friends stood up, put their money in the middle of the room, and left. LOL. They just couldn’t stay to watch. I remember my mom coming down and asking where everyone went, and seeing the giant pile of money on the floor. She looked at the TV, smiled, sat on the steps to watch the last 5 minutes. As soon as the game was over I went and got a bunch of buckets, cans, and tin foil. I made my own Stanley Cup to bring to school the next day (yup, I was that guy). Most people say that their Senior year was their favorite year of HS, but hands down, I don’t even have to think about it, mine was junior year.

    My prediction, Rangers will hoist the cup this year. I have the same feeling I had that year.

  61. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I hope you’re keeping your head above water with all of this gun business. I know you can’t comment, but jeez, what were they thinking?

  62. I wonder if Carp’s honchos are like Ron Burgundy’s bosses in Anchorman, and if they give props for the fact that Carpsy moderates comnversations between a Nasty and a Doodie

  63. records shmecords. it’s a 48 game season. step one: stay healthy. step two: make the playoffs. It’s just about anyone’s year if they’re playoff worthy

  64. Wayne Redden Blues, as per Joe Walsh

    I have three mansions, forget the price
    Ain’t never been there, they tell me they’re nice
    I play in St. Lou, havin’ a ball
    I have some agents pay for it all

    They say I’m lazy, but I have a good time
    (oh yeah, oh yeah)
    Madison Square was the scene of the crime
    Life’s been good to me so far

    Lucky I’m sane after all I’ve been through
    (he’s cool, he’s cool)
    I can’t complain but sometimes I still do
    Life’s been good to me so far

    Torts tried to burn me, dug me a hole
    I’m Still makin’ a million a goal
    They say I’m lazy, but I get the dime
    Met Glen Sather at the scene of the crime
    I keep on goin’, guess I’ll never know why
    All I can say is that money don’t lie
    Life’s been good to me so far

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    “Torts tried to burn me, dug me a hole
    I’m Still makin’ a million a goal”


  66. LOL “I was a NY millionaire for a while. wrote a lil song about it. like to hear it here it go!”

  67. Czechthemout!!! on

    Rangers win the presidents trophy with with a 35-10-2 record.

    Rangers over the Penguins in seven in the conference finals.

    Rangers over the Blackhawks in 5 for the Stanley Cup!

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