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First the news. Brandon Segal practiced with the team … he did not have to clear waivers to get here, but will need to go through waivers go back down. Tortorella spoke pretty  highly of him afterward. He will wear No. 42 in Boston.

Wade Redden cleared waivers and the Rangers have begun the process of buying him out, which could be completed as early as today, but surely will be done by tomorrow or Saturday. Then he’ll be a UFA with this year’s pro-rated salary on the Rangers’ cap.

John Tortorella:



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  1. Doodie, the PK was whoever was ready and not going to play the PP … so at times it was Asham and Bickel and Gilroy, FWIW.

    They also practiced the 5-on-3 with five forwards. And gave up a 3-on-5 SHG, FWIW.

  2. What happens when Newark, NJ sells the fracking rights for the land underneath the Pru Center?

  3. Join my league, too. Drafting tonight. I think CCCP is already there. Yahoo ID 54580, password torts.

    CCCP – I’d join your league, but I don’t think I can make it tomorrow unless the draft is really late.

  4. HA! yes you did, BANJ! yes you did! And i enjoyed your pay to the last pull!

    i still need to get to the post office to return the favor ;)

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Who was the fifth forward, Stepan? And was he playing the point? And was he the guy who got beat? If not him, then who?

    Also, who scored the shortie?

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    I had an Islanders friend taunt me about something: besides Messier and Jagr, when else have the Rangers traded for a star player and have it work out well?

    I honestly can’t think of any.

  7. Always liked him, but if Prust insists on promoting products to us on his tweets, let him join Avery in netherland.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Fleury had one good year, one bad year, then half a good one until he fell off the wagon. So I wouldn’t exactly call that well.

  9. Spector’s Hockey
    Looks like Alex Kovalev will return to #NHL this season. Florida Panthers reportedly close to signing him to 1-year contract.


    Good for Alex. He’ll be a good mentor for those young Panthers.

  10. I agree with Carp on Mike Rogers…he was a big deal at the time, and he was automatic on even partial breakaways. I wish I could grow a beard like that.

  11. And Gartner did play well for us for the most part…not sure he’d survive under Tort/Torts, but obviously skilled. Makes you wonder how the Caps couldn’t win it all with three HoF players on the roster

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  13. CCCP, if I can get a semi-affordable ticket I’ll be on the Post Office steps. Lol, The Flying Puck didn’t work out to well.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Gretz was a free agent. Larmer, Rogers, Espo? Man, we have to really dig back. History is not on our side with this one, boys.

  15. Just found out that the NHL is now allowing blackouts on GCL coverage in the UK now, including “the majority of the playoffs and the entire Stanley Cup Final”.

    That would only be annoying rather than a complete slap in the face if the UK TV rights hadn’t been sold to a bush-league subscription channel with no HD coverage at all and an amateurish reputation.

    And the NHL makes no mention of this applying to international viewers when you subscribe to GCL.

    *Thank you fans*

  16. Of course, loads of star players performed to a high standard after being involved in a trade with the Islanders. Chara, Spezza, Luongo…

  17. As for solid players traded for, do we not count the Habs hosing to get Mc-D here from Montreal? Granted he doesnt have “superstar” status. Ironic that it’s the fans that want to say “star players dont make a successful team” that want to forget the wise trades Sather HAS made. What teams have consistently traded for “names” and had them all work out? certainly not NYI

  18. The trade for a star player that worked for the Islanders is pretty obvious though….Alexei Yashin…They’re still paying for it…Literally.

  19. Well Ilb (good to speak with you again btw)- Islander fans also would classify the likes of Rich Pilon, Chris Simon, Eric Cairns and Eric Godard as “stars” for their again, consider the source

  20. And before random “Brooklyn Cockroach” fans (I think that has a nice sound to it for when they move to Jay-Z land) make this a “Urination match” Let me go on record as saying that I know full well that Sather made disastrous moves in his tenure. But I don’t think there’s a single team that hasn’t been guilty of letting a talent slip through their fingers. Most residents of this blog know the names i’d mention if I went through a tri state area “bone head move” list..

  21. Maybe there’s more truth to the rumors of Kovalchuk dragging his heels to come back to NJ than was initially reported.

  22. Kovalchuk is back and was named an alternate captain. Whether his hissy fit caused him to be passed over for the captaincy is another story. He said all the right things about Salvador getting the C, fwiw.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    “As for solid players traded for, do we not count the Habs hosing to get Mc-D here from Montreal? ”

    No, because McD was just a prospect at the time. I was merely inquiring about trading for actual star players, not players who were prospects/throwins that the Rangers then developed into stars.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve actually read a lot of stuff saying that this Salvador captaincy wasn’t really a surprise to anyone around the Devils.

  25. I gotcha doodie. As for “star players” I think the good/bad ones have already been mentioned. I tend to think Lindros would have been fine here if not for the concussions. He was productive at first.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s BS that sather couldn’t unload him for an eventual #1 D and the pieces to later acquire an excellent 4th line/PK guy.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    James, but you were buying the concussions. After Stevens laid him out he would forever be damaged goods.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Stevens would have been suspended about a million games in today’s NHL, but I think he probably would have gotten off (pardon the pun) scott-free on that hit. hit a player going north south with the puck. shoulder was part of the body he made contact with. stayed on his feet until after contact was made. And even though it was shoulder to head, Lindros had lowered his head so that it was level with Steven’s shoulder because he was reaching for the puck. If Lindros had picked his head up, it would have been a shoulder right to his chest.

  29. They’ll owe Kovalchuk $77M over the next 12 years, DJK….Compliance buyout would look like this: $2.13M per year, over 24 years, total of $51.3M…Ouch…

  30. If the Rangers have a big lead late against Boston, Segal should be told to make three bonehead plays in the last two minutes, leading to at least one goal so that he will be sure to clear waivers. Hank won’t like it, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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