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Or else.

Bring your questions, comments, ideas, thoughts, j(g)ibberish, whatever. Ya boys are off the ice today, so we can chat it up through lunch time.

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  1. Put on your skates and try it out!;>)) But lLooks a little too fluffy for that, at the moment.

  2. The way a crow
    Shook down on me
    The dust of snow
    From a hemlock tree

    Has given my heart
    A change in mood
    And saved in part
    I day I have rued

    -Robert Frost

  3. What’s all this white stuff on the ground!

    Oh, I’m in Miami, so it’s something else …

  4. Boneheads fantasy hockey on Yahoo: ID 54580, password torts. Drafting tomorrow night. Three more spots!

    Why wouldn’t the Rangers buy out Redden? They would end up paying him less and get the cap hit in these season when they have the space to absorb it.

  5. Morning Carp.

    Watch Gomez will be back in Jersey to help fill the void after Parise left.

    Redden will end up an Islander, to fill in for the Russian that doesn’t want to play for them.

    My question is, will they haunt the Rangers this year, or help us :)

  6. Personally, I like to see past Rangers do well. Just don’t get the game winning goal against us.

    It’s not like it was Redden’s or Gomez fault for getting overpaid. Anyone of us fans would gladly sign a contract that is going to make mulit MILLIONS of dollars. To bad their contracts hurt their careers.

    So if one thing happens from the CBA, these type of contracts are going to dry up, now that the loop holes are closed on buring them.

    Carp – if the players get bought out, and they will. And get signed for $1M, why would that $1M come off the “Rangers” Cap amount? That to me just makes perfect common sense.

    Gomez will get his $7.1M from Montreal, plus what he signs with another team, he will end up one of the top 5 players paid this year. That’s just CRAZY…..

    Still have to laugh at how Sather traded his way out of that contract, and get McD in return, and space to sign Gaborik. Best move of his career!

  7. SON OF A MOTHA!!!

    My wife made “dinner plans” for us (eye roll) with old friends on Saturday nite at 7!!!

    What kind of world are we living in? Dinner Fascists!!!!

  8. Exactly! What’s wrong with that quiet little table for four, in front of the Rangers game??

  9. What The Puck? on

    This is Fat Guy’s chance to live the dream – excusing himself from dinner every 15 minutes to run back and forth to the Garden – changing clothes and replacing face paint along the way. I smell a hit sitcom in there somewhere!

  10. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Anybody ever think about the Lisin for Korpikoski trade and curse themselves? I think about that trade occassionally.

  11. Morning, ‘heads!

    I’m out…For the live chat and looks like for the rest of the day. Darn Flu…

  12. What The Puck? on

    This season will be like having the best conditioned horse and starting the race in the homestretch. I’m goin to Hawaii! I’m goin to Hawaii!

    Let’s not pull a Barbaro! I’m not going to Hawaii!

  13. Carp you’ll be competing with MSG TV’s Rangers training camp special @ 11am – 1pm! Oh well I guess I’ll multi-task. Glad I’m working from home today!

  14. Headzo – i heard they moved it to tomorrow as Torts changed the training schedule for today to be a non-ice day. So Carp should be in-the-clear.


  15. How much more seniority does Carpsy need before Tortsy runs his scheduling ideas past Carpsy first?

  16. Yeah, Headzo, Torts squashed the MSG show when he heard about our Live Chat … knew MSG couldn’t compete with that. So MSG show is now tomorrow. Live Chat right here today. Be there!

  17. Thanks for helping me see the light UK & Carp. Not even uncle Larry could intimidate Torts like Carp & his chat nation!

  18. Rob in Beantown on

    The Ticketmaster website has to be the most frustrating user experience on the internets. How is this company so ubiquitous when they suck so much in every way possible?

  19. My wife and I both got flu shots and our 15 month old got the 2 part flu shot. She has the flu.

  20. quite shocked at how quickly these teams are selling out. NYR not so much because we’re vibing this year. but other teams?! In the sunbelt? we’re gluttons for punishment

  21. The sunbelt teams are giving a good amount of perks. While the Rangers don’t need to do that to sell tickets, it is odd that we have heard nothing from them regarding any outreach

  22. Rob in Beantown on

    Why should they? If they’re going to sell out MSG every night at exhorbitant prices.


  23. Doodie Machetto on

    “DaveMaloneyMSG No NYR skate today. Good pace first 3 days. Shootout end of practice yesterday. 31 tries before Hank was beat. Think he’s ready?”

    Of course, you could look at the reverse of this and say it took our guys 31 tries to score one shootout goal.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Sean O’Donnell retired. If he were a right-handed defenseman I wouldn’t have minded giving him a tryout to be our 6/7 guy. We need someone who can play after the 2nd period.

  25. Subban still not signed – oh must be fun being a Habs fan eh? And to make it worse for them they will get to see the awesomeness of the Mack Truck start another season on the #1 pair for us while they get No Gomez

  26. Rob in Beantown on

    It took our bum hockey team 31 tries to beat our bum goaltender? It’s going to be a long season

  27. Headzo, thanks i commented before reading comments and it figures, yesterday, the first day i havent read the blog in months, he posted that the special got pushed back….unfortunately, today i was off and able to watch, tomorrow i have work, of course lol

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    UK, If I were a Montreal fan I wouldn’t want him back this year. Sink like stones for Jones! No winnin for MacKinnon!

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Best goalie or not, I’d like our shooters to be able to score at a better clip than that.

  30. Keep in mind A) Lundqvist is competitive as hell; B) a lot of guys were probably trying fancy moves they’d never use in a real shootout; and C) that shooters no doubt included Asham, Rupp, Pyatt, Halpern, Bickel, Eminger, et al.

  31. Carp – What would it take for you to get a shootout attempt on Hank, a la Rich Eisen running the 40 at the NFL scouting Combine?

  32. Why should the Rangers take time away from the already shortened training camp to “reach out” to the fans???

    The Rangers have the best team in the sport and are favorites to win the cup, they have no problem selling tickets and the Garden will be packed for every single home game. Plus the Rangers wanted to keep the status quo and not miss a single game so the organization really is blameless in all this.

    Let the struggling teams find a way to win back fans, while we focus on more important things like winning games and “going through the process”

  33. Carp did you notice all the Ranger games that will not be shown on MSG this year? Every game is NBC, TSN, NHLN – does this mean I won’t be able to listen to Sam call the game?

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Malik beat Lundqvist by putting a no-look tape to tape pass on the opposing team’s sniper’s stick.

  35. If I have to listen to the Boston or Pittsburg feed I’m going puke!!!

    Does anyone else get this feeling, when you have to listen to the “other side” call the game?

  36. Wholly disagree Olesmirf. Like or not, they were part of a league that royally screwed the fans. The charge high prices for food and merchandise. A little outreach is not going to hurt them. We can’t all be sheep and simly repear slogans like “the right way” and “going through the process.” Besides, a little outreach would be “the right way.”

  37. I need help boys. 3 things starting at the same time.

    7:00 pm Ranger’s 1’st Game, Fighting SIOUX vs Gophers, Garage Poker Tour all starting at 7:00 pm.

    Yes I have DVR, but still?

  38. Cross Check Charlie on

    Drop the puck! Saturday’s game is on NHL Network. Look out couch. Here I come.

    With Richard out with the flu will we get any kind of idea what the line combos are going to be?

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