Rangers get Brandon Mashinter from Sharks in minor-league deal


From the NYR:


Send Forward Tommy Grant and a conditional pick to San Jose

NEW YORK, January 16, 2013 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired forward Brandon Mashinter from San Jose in exchange for forward Tommy Grant and a conditional pick in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft.

Mashinter, 24, has registered two goals and three assists, along with 44 penalty minutes in 30 games with the Worcester Sharks of the American Hockey League (AHL) this season. On November 11, he notched his first goal of the season with a power play tally against Providence and, on December 29, recorded the gamewinning goal with 3:37 remaining in regulation for a 3-2 victory against Providence. Mashinter registered three points (one goal, two assists) in a five-game span from November 9 against Portland to November 17 against Connecticut.

The 6-4, 230-pounder has skated in 236 career AHL games over four seasons with Worcester, registering 54 goals and 54 assists for 108 points, along with 324 penalty minutes. He ranks fourth on Worcester’s alltime goals list and seventh on the team’s all-time points list.

The Bradford, Ontario native established AHL career-highs in goals (22), points (37) and penalty minutes (117) while skating in a career-best, 79 games as a rookie in 2009-10. He became the first player in Worcester history to record double digits in goals and fighting majors (13), and the second Shark in franchise history to eclipse 20 goals as a rookie. Mashinter finished that season tied for third among AHL rookies in goals and ninth in penalty minutes. He also made his professional playoff debut in the 2010 Calder Cup Playoffs, which he finished tied for third on the team in scoring with six points (one goal, five assists) in 11 postseason contests.

Signed by San Jose as an undrafted free agent on March 3, 2009, Mashinter has skated in 13 career NHL contests with the Sharks, making his NHL debut on December 29, 2010, at Minnesota.

Grant, 26, has skated in 34 games with the Connecticut Whale (AHL) this season, registering nine goals and eight assists for 17 points, along with 15 penalty minutes. The North Vancouver, British Columbia native was originally signed by the Rangers as an undrafted free agent on March 29, 2011.

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  1. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    Carpy, Reason I ask is that I moved up to second level, second row. It seems there is a press box in part of my section. Haven’t been there yet, so don’t know particulars. Would be kind of ironic/funny if you are in that one. Would be great to meet you sometime, if possible. Thanks.

  2. Carp, you tweeted “With Brandon Mashinter trade and Brandon Segal recall, Rangers replace two Brandons they lost over summer (Dubinsky, Prust).” How is that the same thing as “First is awesome. Loading up on replacement Brandons”?

  3. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    Looks like Mashinter can play on the same line as Haley and Asham. No need to drop the puck. The gloves will come off before that.

  4. If you’re near the box, come by just before gametime, or between first and second periods. Between second and third I’m pretty busy.

  5. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    S.Nation – I hear you my Brutha. Machine Gun insurance carries a high premium. But freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose. BTW, are you packing heat? I drive around in my new aircraft carrier. No one messes with me.

  6. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Want to get rid of fighting in the NHL? Let the players carry AK-47’s on the ice. Prolly have to make it double minor for shooting up the rink I suppose.

  7. So – “Bleacher Report” is saying that the Rangers have waived Wade Redden…if things go according to plan, some team will pick him up cheap, and he’ll manage to hurt us a few times, even during the shortened season…

  8. TSN confirms Redden’s waiving, too…maybe it was mentioned here earlier today, but I was out…

  9. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    Yea, Jimbo. We’ll be paying him and he’ll be playing against us. Sounds too strange to be true.

  10. Stranger Nation on

    E3 – will need to make the glass bullet proof as well. remember guns dont kill people, people with guns kill people…

    wade Redden, we hardly knew ya

    who scores more goals this year – Nash or Gabby?

    who will lead team in fighting majors – Bickels, Ashram, Healy, Rupp or someone named Brandon?

  11. Stranger Nation on

    has anyone seen Sauer? how is he doing?

    the key to this season is Biron’s shootout coaching

    bigger ovation in return to garden, Prust or No Gomez?

  12. Stranger Nation on

    beginning of last season weakest position was LW – now we have Nash, Hags, Gabby (with the switch from RW) and Kreider

    oh, and a pre season hattie, thank you very little

  13. And seriously, if both of those guys don’t get prolonged standing ovations, the Garden sucks. Whatever their shortcomings, they were “true Rangers” or whatever the cutesy term is.

  14. Dubi was way overpaid. why should he get an ovation. columbus also does not come to msg this season

    Prustie was a warrior

  15. Jimbo, they have to waive them in order to do the buyout. Nobody will claim Redden. But somebody will sign him cheap after the buyout, I’d bet.

  16. Yes, Carp, you’re right – maybe the Fishsticks will sign him….wouldn’t surprise me. They like doing that kind of thing.

    46 million for Zajerk!? Are they kidding!? I thought the Debbies were broke!

  17. ThisYearsModel on

    So we have an additional huge goon-type player. Someone to send after Lucic and Chara. Hank likes playing in Boston. Should be fun.

  18. You can always count on old Uncle Lou for a WTF! moment every once in a while. Is this proof that he’s going to have to overpay guys to play there? If thats what he has to pay a guy who is a 20-25 goalscorer and will need to find a new goalie in a year or two welcome to the basement Devils fans!!

  19. cccp you invite an ad hominem, please be more brave in your comments about (phantasy) ice hockey, real ice hockey may not concern you, but you are definitely an interesting head case – born after a Chernobyl mishap ???
    Don’t get me wrong – if you speak Russian or Ukraninian – you have to understand the phrase – TY PREKHUEL, I may not have the transcription to your liking, but I think you got the gist.
    I do not have an azbuka keyboard, unfortunately, but it is coming, just because of a lot of Ruskies 2nd generation hiding and diluting this blog with “Seifeldian” “humour”. LOL.

    Hats off to Carp for fending off this cultural misunderstanding with the customary Mediterraninan cynicism and wisdom-preaching to the ‘BONEHEADS”. This phony self-deprecation is the sign of secret narcissism, an apology for the things to come , and they are coming, for sure – some commenters are really exempt – you know who you are….

  20. OK, Boneheads, one more time, one more spot available in the fantasy league on Yahoo. ID 54580 password torts.

    Why do you keep giving out that address, troll?

  21. Good morning, boneheads!

    Two days to go, eh..

    Get some help, newbear, please. It may not be too late.

  22. Nice article on Marc Staal, Carp. Looking forward to watching the Blueshirts play! I don’t think Mashinter will factor seriously into the equation, but you never know…

  23. I think B-Mash is a depth move for Hartford/CT. If Haley is going to be a bubble guy this year (and i suspect he will get Asham’s spot on the 4th on Saturday) then the Whale will need a regular tough guy.

  24. Capgeek.com says the Debbies have $26m in cap space for next season even with that signing. Although they will need 6F and 1D, including re-signing Henrique. Going to be lots of new faces in the swamp next season i think.

    I presume Wade Redden clears waivers at noon ET?

  25. Cross Check Charlie on

    Who’s the other Brandon? Segal? Why was he called up? When did this happen? How did I miss it?

  26. Not being a member of the IN crowd here, a lot of what the Bonesters are referring to goes beyond me. ( I just don’t know who or what they are referring to.) I do know that there were players on
    Rangers that I really liked for their playing and one was Paul Mara ( not Gilroy). I thought that
    Gilroy was mis handled while here, but I thought the same of Christensen. Gilroy was stuck as a fill in on left defense when the left D was out of air or something, and he never had a regular roll…just now and then. But I saw quite a bit of him with the Bolts and he was playing right defense and on a regular shift and he did quite well there. I was a bit surprised when he was traded to Ottawa, but he played decently for them, but nothing stand out.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve heard that Chicago has already kicked the tires on Redden.

    And ESPN already lists Gomez as a member of the Devils.

  28. Really, Doodie? Come on. That cannot be real. Gomez to the devils. Ridiculous. At least his uniform will stay Red and they have plenty o’ cap space.

    The Blackhawks always like bargain on their blueline. They also like veterans. That makes sense.

  29. Segal, I think, is just here for Saturday because Asham’s suspended and they would otherwise have just 11 forwards.

    Good morning, Sally!

  30. E3 pimp's angel on

    Fran – gilroy, along with Avery were the lone bright spots in the ranger’s opening round loss to the caps 2 years ago….

  31. getting pumped up for tomorrow night’s draft for the carped 4 life fantasy league!

    let’s go taylor pyatt’s!!!

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I forgot about Asham being suspended.

    E3, I agree about Gilroy in that Caps series. I disagree about Avery.

    I’ll tell you who was awful in that series: *Caber!*

  33. I could see the Devils taking a chance on Gomez if he would sign for under $1M. Maybe because it’s something that I’d like to see personally…what a way to add some more heat to the rivalry.

  34. Segal is only here for a game until asham comes back Sunday. We all know torts won’t play segal more then 2 mins. Prob fight Thornton

  35. Segal is only here because Hrivik has a concussion and Asham is suspended. Eric is right. But Segal can get out there with his pony tail and leather trench coat and kick some butt. That will be good times.

  36. Are there any possible narratives coming out of Saturday night …

    Ranges win: Bruins fans in a panic that they can’t win with Rask / without Thomas

    Bruins win: Rangers fans in a panic that the team lost its toughness and got pushed around by Boston (whether or not they actually got pushed around)

  37. Smalls January 17th, 2013 at 10:26 am

    “Gomez in Devils uniform = Ranger killer”

    Smalls – Gomez in Rangers uniform also = Ranger killer.

  38. Carp – Based on what you’ve seen and heard so far this preseason, which one of us wackjob posters is poised to have the best season?

  39. Hey! The Doctor is *in* the house.

    Those narratives are both sure to be played out. I am sure both teams will panic regardless due to the condensed schedule and the travel that entails.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    I expect fighting to be way down this season. Season will get a playoff vibe early on, and you know how much less fighting there is in the playoffs. Rivals/vendettas may slug it out, but you won’t see many teams without histories going at each other without a specific trigger, i.e., a player getting cheapshotted.

  41. Well, happy to say I snagged two tix for opening night against the Pens and will also be going to Wednesday’s game against the Bruins.

    My bride of four months (and a recent Blueshirt/hockey convert) will get to wear her very own Lundqvist Winter Classic jersey which I picked up for her as an xmas gift long before the lockout began. She’s only been to two hockey games in her life…both 2-0 shutouts for Hank!

    Wednesday my brother and I got tickets in section 223 – the new barstool seats. Anybody know anything about these? I’m kinda looking forward to the renovations since last season…just hope some moron doesn’t take my barstool seat while I’m up getting a pretzel.

    Can’t wait for the season to begin. Tempering expectations based on the shortened season (hey, anything can happen…a poorly timed slump can kill you and leave you with no room to make up for it), but this by far the most excited I’ve been for a Rangers team since ’95 – ’96 when I thought they were good enough to reclaim the Cup.

    Who knows? They might have had a chance if Neil Smith didn’t make that horrific trade for Kurri/McSorley/Churla (funny…Churla worked out best for them in that one)

    And to all the experts saying the Pens will be unstoppable…how about we make a statement to the Pens and the league on Sunday?

    Great to have hockey back. The lockout sucked, and as far as I’m concerned it had alot more to do with the owners and Bettman than the players…but as a Blueshirt fan you’ve gotta be pumped for this season.

    Can’t wait.

  42. CJP, congrats! I hope your bride will have gone to four 2-0 shutouts by Hank when the week is over.

    I think the better test against Pens will be on April 3, both teams will be adjusted to season by then.

  43. Clive, I told her to keep knocking on wood to keep the streak alive!

    She didn’t know anything about hockey, but started watching a little with me until she suddenly started watching a game and started cursing and screaming and then gasped saying “Holy crap…I think I’m a fan now!”

    She’s never been to an opening night before (I think this is my 5th or 6th), so it’ll be pretty sweet.

  44. I saw the Rangers play at Montreal’s home opener in ’98, and even in the new arena it was wild. Scored first but then got blown out. Bars packed afterwards, Yankees at Indians in the playoffs, my two friends argued over a stripper and to this day never spoke again

  45. So according to puck daddy, the NBC Sports has a commercial for the Pens/Flyers game on opening day being promoted as “The Flyers looking to get revenge for their playoff loss to Pittsburgh”

    Wow…didn’t take the NHL long to push Sidney and The-Leagues-Favorite-Team did it? Even if they have to rewrite history?

    Talk about a league run by jackwagons

  46. Mashinter I think was a good signing. Tommy Grant is a decent AHL player, but that looks to what he is going to top out as. Mashinter’s role is grit and fistacuffs. The Whale have a murders row especially of the Fistacuff variety of them in Newbury, Haley, Mcilrath and Mashinter.

    Brandon Segal has been playing very well for CT and scored a beauty of a goal a week ago against Hershey.

    – Eddie

  47. I still am not sure how I feel about having Asham on this team. He definitely fits the Chris Simon/Donald Brashear category. Kind of like dating a girl who has been in relationships with every guy in high school that you thought was an…well, Asham..

  48. Dear Chris F and the rest of you fans,

    Let’s call a spade a spade- you probably have a better chance of it snowing ever-lasting gobbstoppers every time the opposition takes a penalty than you do of a productive power play.


    Torts : D

  49. _Get some help, newbear, please. It may not be too late._

    no no no… it’s too late. Too late… aha aha!

    hey new bear… tvoya mama prekhuela (whatever the hell that means)


  50. Stranger Nation on

    McIlbust bust anyone yet in Hartford?

    Mashinter is a real mashugana, me thinks

    Ashram has found a peaceful place

    Rangers PP ranking this season? Top 10 or bottom 10

  51. right or wrong, why would we care where Carp lives? A joke from someone Carp knows, or a bad attempt to get under his skin?

  52. Revenge! That’s great, CJP. Maybe we can look forward to opening day when the fans take revenge on Bettman and the League by not showing up to the games or by chanting FIRE BETTMAN day after day after day until the end of eternity.

  53. Cross Check Charlie on

    I think Nash makes a big differnce in the power play. I’ll say the PP ranks in the top 10 this year.

  54. Callahan, Doodie. Spoke to him about it briefly. Said he’s done it at times through his career and he’s “not uncomfortable” doing it.


  56. HockeymanRangers on

    Sooo can someone explain what this means about Reddon now that he passed through waivers?? Can the Rangers buy him out so his sallary does not count on the Rangers CAP. Oe what?? thanks.

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