Post-practice interviews


First some quick stuff:

Brad Richards missed a third day in a row with the flu.

The Rangers will not work out on the ice tomorrow, instead doing classroom/video meetings, so MSG Network’s training camp special has been pushed back to Thursday.

Listen to Torts when he is asked if he has to cut back on the ice time for Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh. “No, I’m going to play the hell out of them,” he said. He also spoke about how the Rangers will replace Brandon Prust.

The plan is for us to have our second Live Chat tomorrow at noon. Be there. And stick with me on twitter @RangersReport. Also, check out Henrik Lundqvist’s cool new site,

John Tortorella:


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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    So Henrik Lundqvist is having some giveaway contest. I had a thought. What if we teamed up as a blog and then donated the prize to be won in a blog contest?

    I started the process by sharing all of the stuff through my former Twitter @puckangavel.

    So if we all team up and click all of the stuff in my twitter and then you share it, I’ll probably win something, which I will then donate to the blog to be won by a Bonehead. Sound good?

  2. With Richards having the flu, the question is who is next…unfortunately, it is likely not an isolated thing. Hope I am wrong, and everybody is healthy for Boston opener.

  3. Three spots left in the Boneheads Dash for Nash fantasy league on Yahoo, drafting Thursday night. League ID 54580, password torts. Please join only if you will be active.

  4. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “Richards is a wimp, i once played 3 straight games with a 142 F fever”

  5. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “when i played, the second period followed the first…not like these pampered players”

  6. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “winning isnt the only thing, its the only thing”

  7. iManny – No, I really do love Torts…you know, defamations, false imprisonments, copyright infringements…but it would have taken WAY too long to shave all that into my mutt.

    To all those who thought I meant Coach Tortorella, sorry for the confusion

  8. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “I once had three different flu bugs at the same time and still played”

  9. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “some players see things as they are and ask why…I, too, see things as they are and ask why”

  10. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Brazil imports their coffee from him

    He speaks spanish in chinese

    the enemy of his enemy is his enemy

    Stay thirsty my friends

  11. Haha. Good one Fat Guy. But I also call Coach Tortarella, “Tort”. Long story around here…..

    Get a bigger dog.

  12. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Wade the blade, in the shade, about to fade, ….to black, on the attack, hacky sack, ticky tack, my sharonna by the knack, boys to men, mother hen, 8, 9, 10….


  13. Wouldn’t be surprised if Redden tries to sign with a team in Western Canada…he and his wife live in BC during the off-season from what I gather.

  14. I once had two broken legs, skated on my knuckles, and still scored two goals, kicking one of them in with my head, which is not against the rules. Players today are sissies.

  15. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Kooz-Kooz – exactly….JR says today’s players wouldnt last 14 years if they played during his era

  16. I think there are teams out there, even say the flames or oilers who have very young teams who would sign him for minimal $$ (he’s guaranteed the $5.6 million from NYR anyway) to be a 6th or 7th D and mentor to rookies and the like

  17. I can’t see Redden making a team out of camp. Although Phoenix and Columbus are need of another ex Rangers i’m sure…

  18. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    PBR – are you in a can? If so, say hi to prince albert for me :)

  19. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    JR – “I bet Fee-Knicks picks up wade redden and he then goes on to win 2 Norris trophies this year”

  20. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Rangers need to play with the heart and grit of the NY Knicks….

  21. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Amazing game today at Tata Steel Tournament between Aronian-Anand…0-1

  22. Once, during a blizzard, with a migraine and a bad case of athlete’s foot, and with airports shut down, I flew to Toronto just by flapping my arms and that night, I still recorded three assists, and dusted off one of their fourth wing goons.

  23. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    kooz – was that professional or amateur athlete’s foot?

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    I imagine Redden finds a job very quickly, especially considering that dollars probably won’t be so important in terms of picking his destination.

    Gomez, on the other hand, will have a bit more trouble. I think he gets signed after the puck drops by a team that is struggling or has an injury issue.

  25. Doodie,

    Happy New Year! Totally agree…though I think Gomez gets signed pretty quickly as well.

    Gomer was always known as good in the room, no reason a team won’t take a flyer on him as a potential offensive, face-off, PP guy who gets 10 mins a night for the 48 games…will cost nothing for the year and he won’t have the pressure of living up to the contract.

  26. It was a Winged Foot, E3. The next day was an off day and I still managed to squeak out a 76 and a 73, playing 36 on the 7300 yard West course. Athletes today are pampered.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Evan, because he isn’t really worthwhile at a 3rd or 4th line center and his days as a 1st or 2nd line center are long past him.

  28. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i have scorched st. andrews so bad they had to put in turf…

  29. I’m not sure he’s not worth a 3rd line center on a bad team. Also, I think given the short training camp and condensed season, I think injuries and depth will be a real issues league-wide and quickly.

  30. I had the sad experience some years ago of marrying a woman who later told me she was a hooker. I told her, no problem, just turn your bottom hand a little to the left.

  31. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    i lost to a strong chess computer once, but kicked its azzen in kick boxing

  32. Hey, Puck and Gavel,

    Why are you “@puckangavel” but also “”? Did you forfeit the “d” in your bankruptcy case?

  33. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    cccp – rumors was a good album……never break your chain

  34. I used to date a Siamese twin. She caught me fooling around with her sister behind her back.

  35. The NHL is wrong to let teams ruin players careers . Redden and Gomez would gladly sign for less if they thought theu could play somewhere this year .With contracts not being able to be front loaded now , teams should be able to buy out one contract each year , even tho player can’t help your team he can then sign on with a team that can use him

  36. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    kooz – we need to have our own juvenile puerile message board

  37. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    ranger 17 – especially Gomez…even with only a quarter tank, he is capable of something

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Latona, that’s a typo.

    And Puck and Gavel died when my firm was absorbed by a larger outfit that immediately put the kibosh on me writing that blog. My non-absorbed firm wasn’t crazy about it, which is why I had to do it completely anonymously and loaded with disclaimers, but the new firm wasn’t having it at all.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    e3, you think so? Because what would you call his last season? I’d say “something” is a bit of an overstatement of what he provided.

  40. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    its going…..havent been ’round these parts in a while – but glad hockey is back….i dont blame the players at all….how have all the wickys been?

  41. There seems little chance that Gomez and Redden won’t both get bought out, get signed elsewhere, and be great players. Because, hey, this is the Rangers.

  42. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    doodie – it all depends on how you define “something”….didnt mean to imply it had to be good…

  43. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    The ceiling is awfully high for No-Gomez however, possible Hart trophy

  44. Any player who thinks he is Poplar, but is Birching like a Crabapple and riding the Pine, should be asked to leaf.

  45. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    A goalie’s mask reveals much that is hidden. Out of sight, out of mind.

  46. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Press 1 if you want Gary Bettman for life

    Press 2 if you want Gary Bettman for life behind bars


  47. e3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my friends on

    Clive – by not signing Gomez, how much does No-Gomez cost against the cap?

  48. Gravy, Bettman gets no January 15th, 2013 at 3:23 pm
    Rangers should sign Gomez and re-trade him to Montreal.

    ^^^ :D and rape their farm system for the best prospect they have….again

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