Post-practice interviews


OK, now try it … SORRY — THE MGMT.


John Tortorella:


Rick Nash:


Henrik Lundqvist:


See if you can guess what story I’m working on today. No prizes for correct answers.


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  1. What The Puck?? on

    Great piece in yesretday’s NY Times on Beck and the ‘83-’84 squad laying waste to northern Westchester

  2. None of those interviews work for me. It tells me “File not found” when I try to play them.

  3. UK- I agree and am all for a more balanced attack. I think it’ll be interesting to see how the 3rd and 4th lines come together as well. As long as everyone’s healthy it doesn’t matter to me.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    “Bettman washed his hands of the issue, saying that the NHL weren’t “the distributors” of that service”

    That’s such a load of BS. They could pay for it on behalf of the fans. But they won’t. Because that would cost actual out of pocket money.

    God I hate them.

  5. Thanks for posting the interviews Carp. Please let it be known- 10 bucks and an oreo mcflurry to the first reporter that asks Torts if he’s psyched that they’re the Atlantic Division Champions and how he anticipates the banner motivating the team

  6. Thanks, Rob. My cable company is still acting as if the strike is going on; I’m not so much concerned with price (they’re gonna rip me off), but with service at all.

  7. I am happy to announce a 40% discount off the NHL Center Ice packages for the 2013 season. To clarify, the full season price will be discounted 40%. Thank you, fans!

  8. HockeymanRangers on

    1) Center has on their website FINALLY, 49.00 dollars for the rest of the season, Free preview starting the 19th until the end of January.
    2) Got to a WHALERS game last night in Hershey PA. The Whalers looked awful, I think the score was 5- ZIP. No wonder Krieder has no points this year, there is NO ONE there to pass or him to pass too on the team. Where the heck are our prospects everyone keeps talking about. Or I have heard this as well, IS IT TIME FOR GERNANDER TO MOVE ON AS THE WHALE COACH??????

  9. By the way, Rob was right, it’s already official. You can get NHL Gamecenter and Center Ice for $50 each.

  10. Stanger Nation on

    Rangers promised fans they would renovate Garden to make up for lockout

    Why worry about prospects when the Monster Nash AND Ashram, (the Hindu Sage) are here?

    Eddie, Eddie and Eddie (E3) are all back so wait no Further

  11. Long before and always, I was a fan of Rick Nash and wanted him be a Ranger, but listening his interviews, I like this guy more and more, for smart, quick and humble answers. Obviously, he possesses not only high hockey IQ but something for general purpose as well.

  12. Rob in Beantown on

    Even if Center Ice is free until the end of January, all but one of the Rangers January games are being nationally televised anyway (if you have NHL network). The Rangers are on NHL Network/NBC Sports a lot, so it makes Center Ice a comparatively worse value for Rangers fans than for some other teams

  13. How is Center Ice for $50 for half a season a discount? Isn’t that what they always charge for half a season?


  14. I owe an apology to Ibleedblue,
    yesterday he wrote that Gabby should play on a line with Cally, and Nash should play with Hagelin. I responded with it would not work having your top 2 right wingers one line, and your top LW on the same line. it seem as if Torts likes his idea.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    160 last year for the full season. So for half a season (and we are getting slightly more than half) it would normally be $80. In a vacuum, it’s a good discount. But we don’t live in a vacuum, so it’s awful.

  16. 50 dollars I will spend in a heartbeat. Rather free but with all conf games it’s a must. No 3 pt games. Playoff race is on. Must win starting Saturday the day of my 35th bday.

  17. and he obviously is calling me out, and it’s a really, really, really bad time to be doing that right now. and he doesn’t believe I will launch him. But I’m a hair trigger away.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    “Even if Center Ice is free until the end of January, all but one of the Rangers January games are being nationally televised anyway (if you have NHL network). The Rangers are on NHL Network/NBC Sports a lot, so it makes Center Ice a comparatively worse value for Rangers fans than for some other teams”

    Rob, I would argue that the fact that so many Rangers games are being nationally broadcasted makes it a better value for Rangers fans. The whole idea between gamecenter and center ice is to see as many games as possible, not just those of your own team. Because our games are being nationally broadcasted, they would be available to the masses anyway, so non-Rangers fans wouldn’t be getting extra Rangers games as a result of Gamecenter or Center Ice. Meanwhile, we, as Rangers fans, get a maximum number of out of market games because our local team is being nationally broadcasted so many times.

    The real reason we lose as a result of so much national broadcasting is that we are stuck with so many terrible NBC Sports broadcasts. *EDZO!*

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, from a friend, just relax man. It’s not worth it. If you feel compelled to say something that will get you tossed, why not just take a vacation from the blog for a while until you feel the urges pass?

  20. It was just a joke, I wasn’t calling you out, Carp. I told you via email the other day our mini-disagreement was over, too much other bad stuff in the world like school shootings to be angry over a difference of opinion.

  21. Thanks, Doodie. I appreciate the kind and insightful words. I hope the baby is doing well and you enjoy introducing the baby to hockey this weekend.

  22. No, you know what I’m talking about. 96. That’s the end, nothing to do with difference of opinion. just cut it the eff out.

  23. Rob in Beantown on

    Doodie, that’s reasonable. I was talking primarily from the perspective of a Rangers fan who doesn’t live in tri-state area and whose primary interest in Center Ice would be to see as many Rangers games as possible.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, thanks for the kind wishes. He’s got his Rangers onesie (heritage jersey colors) and knit wool hat (classic colors) all set for the puck drop!

  25. I would spend $50 in a heartbeat for the 48 gamer but I hate the NHL and don’t want to give them a penny of my money.


  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, fair enough for you, but as I said, I think the real way you’re being punished is by Pee-Air, Doc, and EDZO

  27. Hey Doodie. You know what’s funny? I’m at a CLE at PLI that is teaching me how GREAT mediation is at ending disputes quickly and fairly. Somehow I am too bitter to believe it……

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    iManny, apparently it was the mediator that really got the sides to work to get the deal done over that fateful weekend.

    The first go round, I don’t think either party really wanted to be there.

  29. Can you remind me where our Flying Dutch(er Chech) Jaromir Jagr landed this season. Balls boy in Australia Open?

  30. HockeymanRangers on

    Center Ice last year was 149.00. Yea some of you have to remember not all of us are in the NYC area. So if you don’t live local we HAVE to have it.

  31. anybody know if directv centerice carries the rangers feeds in HD? I had issues with Comcast last season with this. Yet I still wanted to hear Sam and Joe call the game

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