MSG Network to broadast live Rangers practice special Wednesday


From MSG:


“Rangers Training Camp Live” Wednesday, January 16 Starting at 11:00 a.m.

Two-Hour Special to Feature Sam Rosen, Joe Micheletti, Dave Maloney, John Giannone, Al Trautwig and Kenny Albert, Plus Interviews with Players and Coaches 

New York, NY (January 14, 2013) – Just days before the highly anticipated 2013 NHL season takes off, MSG Network will telecast “Rangers Training Camp Live,” a live, two-hour look-in at the team’s training camp session from the MSG Training Center, on Wednesday, January 16 starting at 11:00 a.m.

Hosted by Al Trautwig, “Rangers Training Camp Live,” which will repeat at 5:00 p.m. and midnight later that night, will feature interviews with players and coaches and analysis from MSG’s Rangers experts, including Sam Rosen, Joe Micheletti, John Giannone, Dave Maloney and Kenny Albert, as Blueshirts fans get their first look at the 2013 Rangers team.

The following night, on Thursday, January 17 at 8:00 p.m., MSG’s weekly comprehensive hockey show, “Hockey Night Live,” will make its season debut. Hosted by Trautwig, the show’s panel of Maloney, Billy Jaffe and Ken Daneyko will take an in-depth look at the Rangers, Devils, Islanders and Sabres, as well as the rest of the NHL, and break down the upcoming season.




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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    iManny, apparently it was the mediator that really got the sides to work to get the deal done over that fateful weekend.

    The first go round, I don’t think either party really wanted to be there.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, that’s the first time I ever got the slow down warning from the blog across two different threads.

  3. I know. The mediator really helped. Just…the wound is too fresh and this Lemon Zinger tea they are giving me for free is only making it sting worse.

  4. Rob in Beantown on

    Does Center Ice give you both the home and away feed for every game? It’d be nice to get the MSG feed. Probably worth $49.00

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob, I’m not sure. I do know that for nationally broadcasted games, there is no MSG feed to be had.

  6. Do your CLE at PLI man. There’s unlimited Lemon Zinger. No honey though. Which is odd. So glad my new job pays for CLE for me. ‘Tis quite expensive.

  7. If you care at all Rob. You can listen to the on air broadcast for either home or away team on

    This is what I love about the MLB at bat app. I can listen to the opposing teams broadcast crew for every Yankee game. *NO* Sterling.

  8. BTW, can you remind me where our Flying Dutch(er Chech) Jaromir Jagr landed this season. Balls boy in Australia Open?

  9. I’m now an attorney for New York City conducting administrative hearings. With all said benefits therein. Including loan forgiveness after 10 years. Which, for me is like doubling my salary.

  10. Ok 11am i will be at work. 5pm i will be on the train homeward and by midnight i will be comatoast. Am i the only one? Once again MSG tanks for nootin’.

  11. Rob,

    My experience is that Center Ice offers a small percentage of the games home and away, and even fewer in HD. Game Cast offers both feeds to every game, often in HD, but since it is dependent on the internet (and therefore, for me) on a wifi network, it’s much less reliable. Also, Game Cast claims to offer the ability to begin a game at any time, but this seems to only kick in hours after the game is over. Cable offers DVR, which allows you to “tape” the game and start watching an hour or whatever in.

    I’d like to know if either package has upgraded, though it’s hard to believe they have. Anyone know?

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    He and another really old man landed in Dallas, where they could reminisce with Joe Niuewendyk about being in NHL 95.

    All they need to do is add Selanne, Hamrlik, and Brodeur and then they can have a real party!

  13. HockeymanRangers on

    Chris F. about Center Ice.
    All the games are in HD and they usually have dual feeds of games let you choose your home town announcers. Not sure about being able to tape games or when you can begin watching them. I have always been happy with all center ice productions.

  14. Does anybody know will there be a stream of Wednesday’s practice?

    Can’t get MSG in Alaska…… unless you go to a Chinese place.

  15. I was feeling so thankful for the return of hockey this morning that I sent a thank you email to the mediator, Scot Beckenbaugh. I wonder how many crazed hockey fans have done the same :)

  16. i get msg and I live in calif.

    center ice gives you the home and road feed for all games. i watch the ranger telecast all the time accept when they are playing the kings or ducks and then msg is blacked out.

    if nbc or nhl network have the game then they black out msg.

  17. anybody know if directv centerice carries the rangers feeds in HD? I had issues with Comcast last season with this. Yet I still wanted to hear Sam and Joe call the game

  18. Congratulation to CCCP – Brooklynite (Park Slope) became our Miss America! True, she just came from Alabama, but it doesn’t matter…
    BTW, I never understood why do Americans choose from just two people to run for president and 50 for Miss America?

  19. Who wants to bet that Nash will score more than Parise this season?
    (and by far more points).

  20. Matty"DepthNeeded"Boy on

    So, let me get this straight.

    The three MONSTER signings of 2008 and 2009, Gomez, Drury, and Redden are ALL out of hockey and being bought out to the tune of $8.22M this year?

    Is there something wrong with this picture? Can anyone wonder why owners, despite the fact most are probably making good money, needed things to be tightened up a bit?

    Also, WHO made the decision to sign these 3 wastes?? Was this ALL Sather? Did he have ‘help’ in this? True, the trade of Gomez to Montreal helped relieve the problems caused by these FA signings, but, wowzo, what a triad of mistakes!!!!!

  21. Cindy Crosby for Miss America! Mission? Teach kids to: slew, complain, find excuses, play drama queen and be a pretty face of NHL and Nathan’s.

  22. We still need to put up with Daneyko and Jaffe (I guess, in place of “Herman” Goring?) during *Hockey Night Live*, eh? And now Buffalo is in the mix, too!? Why don’t they cover the whole frickin’ league while they’re at it!? Can’t those other “low rent” teams get their own coverage anywhere…?

    Maybe the Al Jazeera Channel would give them some coverage…..?

  23. Wow, it took me some time to catch up with you guys after busy day. A month, or so, ago it would take 15 min. So what’s new?

  24. Hey Carp – I hope you have a paper to work for after all these lawsuits are adjudicated…..

  25. We need *MORE* Alabamians like her in Brooklyn – *MANY more*!! I don’t care if she’s smart or not!!

  26. Hi, Eric – I’ve been OK – and how about you and the family!?

    I can’t stand seeing Daneyko on “our” channel – I really wish we could waive him to Al Jazeera…

  27. Well, Jimbo, Al Jazeera just purchased Current TV and is making a big foray into the Western market so maybe you will still see Daneyko even if waived.

  28. As long as I don’t see his big, misshapen head on my MSG Network feed, I’ll be happy, Manny – I’m sick up us Ranger fans having to put up with the gloaters and goofballs who work for our enemies!

  29. My cable system dropped the AlGore Channel as soon as the sale was announced – so I won’t see Daneyko or any of the other skankballs that were on that channel anymore anyway!

  30. stole this from facebook!

    “Looking back, I wonder what would have happened had Scott Gomez won the puck flip to wear #23 over Chris Drury?” LOL

  31. E3 pimp's angel on

    Why do the birds go on singing? When will the sign refuse to shine? Don’t let him know, it’s the end of the world, it ended when Avery said goodbye!!

  32. DelZ: “Need a hip hop techno banger with extensive portfolio. Can pay more now after recent windfall.”

  33. Yes Carp, I know there are MANY – what I was saying is that *I* know a few of them PERSONALLY – old ex-coworkers and the like. Incensed would not be a good enough word to use. Ex-policemen, actually…

  34. The best part of the lockout ending is we finally get some Stan “the Maven” Fischler back in our lives. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the next installment of Five for Fischler.

  35. E3 pimp's angel on

    Everybody knows rangers gonna win
    Bring on the bruins and the fascist tim …… Thomas

    Nash is the man, slats has a plan, Girardi comma Dan

    He wears five. Ain’t no jive, bees in a hive, my car I drive, bill barber dive
    Flyers suck, Gmen cut tuck, shoot the puck


  36. E3 is *BACK*!!!

    Tim isn’t with the Bruins anymore – I think he’s a free agent or something…

  37. hockey as far as i am concern has always started with goaltending. Bruins not having thomas in net this season is a plus for the rangers.

  38. I get the live telecast, but 5pm and midnight are stupid times to replay the live cast. Their numbers will be pretty bad, despite everyone being eager to see the team. I wonder if the times are because there is a Knicks game that night…

  39. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    Bruins be in ruins
    Remember Jude Drouin
    Dancin and a groovin

    Rangers win the cup
    We got the rupp
    Kitty and a pup

    My words be a verse
    Stiffs in a hearse
    Strict means terse


  40. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    I agree with you, tomg, on that. Unless they get some rookie sensation, despite the fact that the Bruins have licked their wounds, when the chips are down they have a lot to prove.

  41. Wow!!! Carp, don’t go to any social get-togethers with all those folks for awhile, please…? We don’t want anything bad to happen to The BlogFather!

  42. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    Carpy, where the Drury, Gomez and Redden deals ALL Sather?

    Who masterminded the Gomez to Montreal deal?

  43. E3 pimp's angel on

    Mickey Mouse – all is good, in my hood, when I’m Choppin wood, rather be hammer than a nail, if I could, I surely wood….. How be your dad?

  44. Robert, no, there is no room, no bleachers at the practice rink, so no public allowed. I am surprised, though, that they aren’t doing one skate at MSG for the public. Plus it’s good for the ice to get chipped up.

    Matty, yes, all Sather. And yes, the best trade in Rangers history was also Sather.

  45. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “the owners made a crucible mistake by thereby locking out the players. A long memory is one that is forgettable”

  46. Eddie, can we assume that if the Rangers don’t win the most games in their division then they won’t win the division?

  47. So according to some source (Rod??) Lance Armstrong confessed using PED’s to Oprah. I guess she wouldn’t let him join her book club otherwise.

  48. E3 pimp's angel on

    Manny – I have said that very thing for years. The key to most games, it seems to this casual observer, is to score more goals than your opponent – thoughts?

  49. I still don’t feel jazzed about the season starting – maybe after a few games….but right now, I’m still ticked -off!

  50. Agredd, Eddie. This team has *got* to show up for the games. Step 1 is getting in the building and getting on the ide.

  51. Dad’s doing excellent, Eddie. Back to his normal grumpy and yet loveable self. LOL.



  52. Good evening all!!! Motherhartneller I have missed too much lately! I liked it better when I had no job and could live here….welcome back and congrats to everybody!!

    Had to laugh at this: MSG’s Rangers experts, including … Joe Micheletti

    Oh well, we all must sacrifice something for the greater good, eh…Kinda felt bad for Gomez when I read the news today…

    Football is almost over and hockey is about to begin!!!!

  53. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    Boy, Carpy, I would of had to have thought someone would have showed him the way on the Gomez North-of-the-Border-Clean-up-the-Mess Trade. It was a nice eraser for past awful signings. Thanks.

  54. E3 pimp's angel on

    Cccp=Brooklyn pimp – lance did nothing wrong. Blood doping and shooting steroids into your hi-knee, having everyone lie about it, and covering it all up – deserves nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

  55. E3 pimp's angel on

    Manny – if I have said it once, I have said it twice – you hope on game day that the rangers show up – otherwise it’s a forfeit. That, and they have to win the key battles.

  56. Yes, Jimbo no more for me. Yet, I got used to Pang on the games and going to Scottrade for games.

  57. You’ll get five, one for each feather on a jive-turkey-on-rye painted handprint project. Only if you can ensure me that you’re not being a jive turkey about eating the jive turkey on rye.

  58. Matty"Nash Rules"Boy on

    Eddie, I’ll take 2 No-Gomez’s, 3 Non-Drury’s and 1 Un-Redden. Bill me yesterday.

  59. E3, my mathematicah :)

    Latona, nobody can beat this lunch….went to the famous Sylvia’s soul food in Harlem today … best fried chicken ever, collard greens, pickled beats, sweet tea….heaven.

  60. why is this awaiting moderation??

    E3, my mathematicah :)

    Latona, nobody can beat this lunch….went to the famous Sylvia’s soul food in Harlem today … best fried chicken ever, collard greens, pickled beats, sweet tea….heaven.

  61. E3 pimp's angel on

    Latona – nutin tastier than a shuck and jive turkey on rye – hold the mayo-nays

    Matty – I be billin yo azzen some serious green backs

    Did czech them out survive the November election?

  62. A comment of mine is oddly awaiting moderation….and I think the worse thing I said was pickled beats….Carp?

  63. Latona, nobody can beat this lunch….went to the famous Sylvia’s soul food in Harlem today … best fried chicken ever, collard greens, pickled beats, sweet tea….heaven.

  64. Tried again….odd. Seriously, odd. No more tries. I’ll wait to carp to moderate, but E3 there’s a hello to you and Latona, the best lunch menu….

  65. I have direct TV, and I had been getting NHL CenterIce last season, but now I’m not sure if I will be getting Rangers home and away games, ( I also have the package)…….I’ll be avidly watching these games coming up with those three people ( Milbury and another couple of guys and the girl) this was coming across for me today nice and clear…does this mean I’m set for this coming season?

  66. Mama went to Sylvia’s!? I’ve heard that there are a few other places up there that have even *better* chicken than hers (Amy Ruth’s and Charlie’s Southern Kitchen, I think are two), but I’ve not been to any of them yet….

  67. I had the Center Ice package on my Time-Warner Cable last season, but it does not look like they automatically renewed my service for this season, which was good, since there wasn’t a season. But now, I’m wondering what happens – will I have to re-up for the remainder of this season (if I decide to give the NHL any money at all after the travesty) or will they connect me up and resume my service when the “new” season starts…?

  68. There is a modest amateur team in Orlando called the Solar Bears, but I just can’t bring myself to
    drive into Orlando ( it’s about 35 miles from me,) but for amateur league ahhhh, I Hate that drive to Orlando besides, I always get myself lost in Orlando. They keep changing the names of some of
    the streets, and going to the airport is now becoming a battle with the gps and toll booths……..
    they just added another new one since the last time I drove there.

    ( Did I read somewhere that said that Gilroy was around ….I thought he was out of hockey.)

  69. As an avid cyclist myself I can only say that when I think of the sport I think of Lance Armstrong. My opinion of him will not change. I realize that I am in the minority.

  70. E3 pimp's angel on

    Lev – it’s not that Lance cheated, it’s that he didn’t cheat enough. What should have been lance’s greater concern was the effect this had on his ball cancer.

  71. Matty Boy

    I’ll take 4 Waiverys and 5 Duby Duby Doos as long as we’re talking about overpaid stiffs

  72. Will be getting NHL Gamecenter live this year $49 is about £30 for me, although no playoffs included which i will will obviously need this year. As far as i know i have no blackout problems and can get live feed or delayed for every Ranger game. Its either that or search the internet for pirate feeds (har!har!me hearties!) each night.

  73. Anyone remember this from 2001?

    I used to think it was an honest, genuine look at Ullrich to see if he had the legs to go with Armstrong, now we know the question was “has he had enough med’s to go with Armstrong?” . Not saying Ullrich is innocent as he is a doper too, but his defence was that he had no choice if he was to compete with the likes of Armstrong.
    Verbruggen and McQuaid need to go and be replaced with someone like David Millar or Greg LeMond

  74. E3 p/a

    All is well by me at least. so kind of you to ask, but alas I’m not getting any younger, one does slow down when father time creeps by…..but… there’s something about Ranger hockey when it is in the air, and seeps into one’s awareness, that lets all other concerns fall by the wayside. I can’t believe the eagerness with which I await the TV games coming up this weekend. I am so glad that they kept their familiar faces for the most part. Is Duby still among us? They do carry on in Pittsburgh, over Crosby though, don;t they. I have the widow of good friend whom I served with, who reports that her late husband was a big Penguin fan. She takes in all the Pitt sports as he used to, and I’ve found some right good quality folks from that State……who take all their sport teams seriously.

    TBW now has our daughter and grand son having moved down here and living just across the Indian River from us on Merritt Island, and she’s a nursing assistant, and a very good one, while the rest of our brood still remain in CT. My son was an outstanding player in his teens and was approached by the old Minnesota North Stars who wanted to bring him in and attend their Jr hockey program with the Oregon Winter Hawks, but he has always been an out doors man, and to him hockey was just a fun game, but his passion was ( and still is) hunting and fishing. And I do mean big game hunting with bow and arrows. He has trophys that are hard to believe adorning his home in
    Moodus CT. ( Do you have any idea how huge a Caribou head is?) When I call his home, his wife says something to the effect, ” Oh, he’s up in Newfoundland, (Bears)or “Oh he’s down in Arizona ”
    ( Cougars), or in Germany ( wild Boars). Ugly looking buggers.

    But hockey is now back and I can’t waste my time seeking him out…….he knows where we live.

  75. Good morning, boneheads!

    A couple of more days, keep it together….Eddie appears to be in December form already…Or is it in March form this season?

    Fran- a few things are different on this team…Dubi is in Columbus along with Anisimov and other pieces…We got the big fellow back in that trade-Rick Nash. Also, one of your favorite players, Matt Gilroy is back with the team, signed one year contract…Remains to be seen how much he is used. Glad to hear you and your family are doing well….Also, check your email every so often, will you?

  76. Kreider with Boyle and Pyatt could be an interesting line….Big, and, I imagine, will be deployed for defensive assignments….Which isn’t Kreider’s game….In fact, everyone knows it’s his weakest link. I guess it’s the way to learn the system. On the other hand, if this line can score a few goals and be an offensive threat, it could be a big bonus. Kreider is certainly capable of scoring, big shot being his main weapon along with his speed. I wouldn’t be surprised though if at some point he and Hagelin change lines….

  77. *Borsalino!*

    Where is everyone? Three days to go, we need traffic….Unless you want Carp to be assigned to more basketball games instead…Or to the new gun control legislation…

  78. I’d very much appreciate it if everyone game the man his due respect and referred to him as “The Kreider”.

    Thank you.

  79. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    JR – “pregame rituals are indiviualized for each unique player”

  80. E3 (pimp's angel) stay thirsty my freinds on

    The KREIDER is the real deal, Curley Neal, lemon peel, defensive steal, jerry’s The wheel, ankle and heel, Jennifer Beale, hands can feel, ate a big meal, sharks wear teal, zest and zeal,


  81. Heidi Klum dumped Seal, General Zod made Superman kneel, why eat steak when you can eat veal, Joe Namath made Suzy Kolber squeal, good thing Carp has an even keel

  82. I really hope the Devils stink this year – they have lost their Captain, their goalie is close to retiring, they have to give up a 1st rounder this summer or next and their actions on the Kovalchuk contract were key to this lockout dragging on so long while Gary got his contract limits, variances and early retirement penalty clauses in there.

    I cant wait to see someone hip-check Kovy and Nasher zip a few pucks past Broduer’s glove

  83. You bet. Don’t worry. I am making sure to stock up on the buffet as well.

    Hey. At least I don’t work at Legal Aid. Your IOLTA Isn’t paying my salary as well as your taxes.

  84. I haven’t looked forward to a season this much since 91-92. Hope we all get what we want this June. I’m going to start staking out my parade spot this weekend. Mailbox at Broadway and Rector!

  85. Hanks’ website is definitely geared towards the ladies.

    saw that he tweeted it…

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Maybe they will get Redden a job at Drury’s pizzeria. But then again, he might burn hiself on the oven or get into a car accident while delivering pizza.

  87. Doodie Machetto on

    I think the NHLPA and the NHL are discussing allowing MTL and NYR to buy out Redden and Gomez now instead of making them sit out for a year. But as it stands, they are both being paid not to show up until the summer.

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    I think that’s really the best situation for everyone involved. And it would be great to see NHL and the PA actually agree on something quickly that benefits everyone, for a change, instead of just posturing and ruining everything for everyone.

  89. Redden in the pizzeria will be the dirty old man playing Ms. Pac-Man next to the counter, asking kids if they want extra anchovies “BUT I LOVE YOU!”

  90. I was under the impression the NHLPA didn’t want to allow buyouts this season because they didn’t want a flood of free agents 1 week before the season starts.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    Clive, I think they are acknowledging that Redden and Gomez present special circumstances since they otherwise would not be playing hockey, at all./

  92. rangers would use compliance buyout now instead of summer but still be responsible for 5.6 cap hit this year even if redden signs elsewhere.

  93. Doodie Machetto on

    So Henrik Lundqvist is having some giveaway contest. I had a thought. What if we teamed up as a blog and then donated the prize to be won in a blog contest?

    I started the process by sharing all of the stuff through my former Twitter @puckangavel.

    So if we all team up and click all of the stuff in my twitter and then you share it, I’ll probably win something, which I will then donate to the blog to be won by a Bonehead. Sound good?

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    eric, it would also be a modified compliance buyout, because he would have to be paid his full salary for this year.

  95. The league would have to deal with all other NHL teams potentially asking about an immediate buyout. Not sure they want to go down that road.

    That said, if they do allow it we could sign Gomez and trade him somewhere for top prospects (and No Gomez).

  96. Doodie Machetto on

    Clive, since the buyouts come out of the players’ share of HRR, I think the best spite would be to ensure that teams get to buy out the players they want to buy out.

  97. I understand your point, Doodie. And I imagine that could be enough motivation for the league.

    If I were Gary Bettman and I could show the players that Fehr overlooked this dynamic, and that it cost some players their jobs, I think I would do the same…even if it would weaken his image just slightly.

    The only thing that might make me agree to this from a league perspective is for the teams to get some considerable financial compensation. Something like a significant buyout reduction. But then the union wouldn’t go for that because a bunch of other teams would line up for the same treatment.

    The union got what it asked for, and I don’t see this significant of a change to the CBA happening. What a waste of the MOU it would be…

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