Rangers camp interviews


John Tortorella:


Henrik Lundqvist:


Michael Del Zotto:


Ryan Callahan:


Ryan McDonagh:



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  1. Understood. Our lines are very similar. Despite our lockout rust I think we are really honing in on the shape of our team.

  2. I said as a lot of folks did about MDZ yesterday am MDZ 2yrs at 5.3 would be done on Sunday… about right good for him and more importantly good for NYR

  3. Is there a ways I can listen to these audio clips from my iPhone? It says I need to enable JavaScript and have Adobe 9 to listen to it ‘on this browser’. I thought with these phones I didn’t need to upgrade or download anything in order to listen to such files? Anyone familiar who has one of these phones? I would prefer not to download anything?


  4. MDZ got a fair deal. he is a very good 22 yer old d man.

    this team is loaded if the king, nash, gabby, or mcdonut stay healthy they can challenge for it all.

    imagine if sauer was healthy there d would be totally loaded and young….girardi is the old man at 28…..

  5. Making me nauseous watching the replay of the 2012 playoffs on NHL network. May have to switch channels.

  6. Thanks Clive! First time iPhone user. Oh well, no biggie…

    Sure hope this flu bug passes quick… Been tearing thru my family, friends and just about anyone I know. Forgot how it rips through hockey teams too!? Hopefully they get it all out of their systems now! I wonder if the coaches ever think about the flu virus affecting their team, especially when their camp is less than a week long!


  7. Told some fellow writers/broadcasters today about Gomez for McDonagh, Gaborik, Prust and No-Gomez today. They loved the last part.

  8. LW – NO Gomez is always better than Gomez!

    Wonder how many guys will be sitting out the season due to teams not wanting them injured when the buy out window comes around in the summer. I still dont understand the timing of the window – should have been one now, one in July or 2 now, otherwise you get guys who could have played somewhere for minimum salary this year in an attempt to get an NHL job.

  9. As an aside from hockey, Ray Lewis talking about God last night was one of the most ridiculous, absurd things I’ve ever heard in my life. Guess He let you get away with murder, huh?

    Anyway, like both the signings. LGR!

  10. I suppose they will be adequately compensated Manny. $6.5m to stay at home – yes please!!

    $650k for Gilroy is a bargain even if he spends the year on the bus to/from the Whale. Good on DelZ to accept the deal, its a fair one and if the revenue grows (and therefore the cap) and he performs as expected in 2 years time he will be in line for another raise and he can look for $4-5m then.
    Only 7 days to go!!

  11. Brooks addressed that today, UK. Apparently NHLPA didn’t want too many players scrambling for work during one week…

  12. thanks for the audio Carp
    can’t listen to it now
    because my laptop
    HATES ME!!!!!!!

    will check it out later

  13. Ahh. The smell of rancid hockey equipment fills the air again. What a great feeling. Does anyone know if GAbby practiced today?

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