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  1. Thank you for your help Jeff … if you are who i think you are.

    ilb, he’s a guy who was involved in a double homicide, and God allowed his bloody clothing to vanish into thin air, then God helped him cut a deal with the DA to rat out his friends (who weren’t convicted), and then God helped him pay off the families of the two victims, and then God helped everybody, especially those in the football media and ESPN, who had a job ready for him when he retires this year, forget this whole incident.

    Oh, he also plays middle linebacker for Baltimore.

  2. forgot, God helped him make at least six children with four women, and God helped him allegedly physically abuse at least two of those women.

  3. feels great! also very excited to have Seth Harrison there with me today, taking great photos for the blog … so rare that we shoot hockey these days.

  4. He is, however, the best inside linebacker ever to play the game. Off the field, he leaves a lot to be desired.

  5. Carp, please ask your tech gurus to install an HTML5 player for those audio clips. Tell them it’s time to cut the Flash cord.

    All iOS Device Owners

  6. hey Carp… i am a pretty good photographer… are there any openings for a photographer at your paper? I’d love to shoot sports with you, Carl!

  7. I’ll take Butkus.

    JBytes, that message was loud and clear this week, but we haven’t been able to figure it out yet … hopefully down the road. (TJN/Lohud.com been kind of distracted by another topic lately). I was able to post a short Callahan clip, less than two minutes. Anything longer wouldn’t go up. That won’t work for Torts or Lundqvist, etc.

    C3, do you have your own camera, or are you like Kramer? And will you work for free? (still probably, no.).

  8. i have a pretty good Nikon camera, yes…i’ll work for free as long as i get to go to Rangers’ practices and games!

  9. Butkus, Nitchki, Singletary, Carson, and Lambert. all HOF linebackers I would take over Lewis.

  10. TherealmikkeyNJ on

    Carp u know I love ya, and am a long time blog contributor, but can we be like that bartender in sleepers who told the guys from out of town at the bar: “no religion and no politics” on the blog?

    It will only get messy once others start chiming in with the same

  11. carp how is blog traffic since the lockout ended????

    LT best OLB ever… BUtkus for sure top 3 inside of all time, Ray lewis is top 5 all time ILB. Jerk off the field but monster on the field…

  12. Agree Mikey. But I was being a little bit sarcastic talking about Ray Lewis’ usage of “God” there. Was hardly talking about religion. And nobody hates politics or politicians more than I.

    JBytes, thanks. I will forward that.

    LW, I think Lundqvist’s focus was obviously a problem today. Again. :) Maybe he was fatigued.

  13. Carson over Lewis LOL…….. And I hate Lewis n love Carson who almost didn’t make the HOF. Let’s get real n take the pom poms off. Lmao

  14. Get ready, gentlemen.

    Ready for the bush-league, amateur-hour fiasco that begins on Saturday.

    This team is a farce and when they begin 0-2 next weekend, you’ll all come back and praise me and the sport’s premier soothsayer.

  15. So some teams are doing things for their fans in light of the lockout. LA’s decision was to announce that they were putting $1,000,000 back into the community. What do you guys think of that? I’d love to hear what any of you think of that. Personally I think it does jackschultz for the fans and is a P.R. move for the Kings. I mean who’s going to criticize that in the media? That’s like “I want to help the homeless….. but in India.” Bush league.

  16. Kathryn Tappen, I believe.. (I’m taking a wild guess with this).

    Also, howdy gang! Been enjoying the gorgeous weather here the past 2 days, and de-Christmas-ing my place so I haven’t been around, but reading the posts, as always. Also, if you have not seen it yet, GO SEE LINCOLN. It was really really good!

  17. One day closer to hockey!!!! No worse than 1-0-1 next weekend. Still considering the 48-0 prediction

  18. What a joy it was to watch Tom Brady and Bill Belichick destroy, aka 96, those bums from Houston 2 times in 5 weeks. They’re going to teach the remaining bum QBs and coaches in the playoffs how it’s done en route to their 4th Super Bowl (even though everyone knows it should be their 6th). Take note, Coughlin. They’re how you stay in contention every year.

  19. What happens if redden and/or Gomez get injured playing basketball around the end of the season. Does that get them on the ltir?

  20. True Blue Mike on

    There has to be something about injuries not related to playing hockey for the team they are contracted by.

  21. Thought NHL network would have something special of interest…same ol’ full of themselves shorts about hockey spirit and uninteresting commentary…guess the commentators need training camp, too! They need to warm up and get into gear. Nice that NHL network is featuring the blueshirts on opening day and should be an intense start to the season with Boston and Pens.

  22. Avery would be the only useful player. The rest of these bums may as well be manning the Honduran women’s breakfast league.

  23. E3 pimp's angel on

    JR – “by getting off to a fast start, the rangers will be in a position to determinate”

  24. What it be is that these no-talents couldn’t get back in game shape if they had 7 months of practice, never mind 7 days.

    Sweet dreams to all those fans here who have a shred of belief that these clowns will even win one game.

    0-48 is what our record will look like. Guaranteed.

  25. E3 pimp's angel on

    Pimp, my brutha, you be talking some serious positive vibrations….

    What we need, what we need…. Is solidarity!!!!!

  26. E3 pimp's angel on

    They wanna see the game on Saturday
    They wanna be somebody’s friend

    Solidarity, solidarity

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