NHLPA confirms ratification of CBA, awaits MOU


From the NHLPA:


MOU must still be completed by NHL and NHLPA

TORONTO (January 12, 2013) – The members of the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) have voted to ratify the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the NHLPA and the National Hockey League (NHL).

While the players’ vote ratifies the new CBA with the NHL owners, a written Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) consistent with what the players voted on, must be completed before the Agreement becomes final. The NLPA and the NHL continue their work to finalize the MOU.

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  1. Again, if both sides have said yes, release the schedule rangle over the legalese in document afterwards. Hell argue over it till next Sept. NO ONE CARES ABT THE LEGAL NONSENSE!

  2. Today was supposed to be… See The Schedule Day. Now I’m MOU pissed off than any other time of this lockout!

  3. NHL =

    *N* ational

    ” *H* oly crap they do not know what they are doing do the people that run this league care at all about the fans or about keeping a fanbase or growing the sport I mean come on people”

    *L* eague

  4. If I haven’t said it before *FIRE BETTMAN*

    I guess they got cocky because people went to NHL.COM to see if the schedule was up and they thought they were more popular than they are.

  5. Please everyone give the attorneys time to put the finishing touches on the MOU. It is a complex legal document, and one of the final chances they will have to bill outrageous hourly rates until the next lockout in 2020.

    …and, of course, the fees for drafting the MOU must come from the players’ share.

  6. They can start another league that just argues about stuff and let this league just play hockey ?

  7. im getting really freaking pissed. where the hell is the schedule. all reports i am seeing has the schedule that was leaked on thursday on snyrangersblog.

    isles point blank reporting 3/7 and 4/13 for games at coliseum. i saw same dates thursday.

    check out snyrangers from thursday to see that schedule. its looking more like that from all leaks of games

  8. I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but I’m just *NOT* feeling at all jazzed about this stunted season getting started. My interest level is nil at this point. They’ve really killed my attraction for hockey this time, I think…

    At this point, I think they should have written off the season and started fresh in the fall…

  9. I hope Mayans have something more solid planned before that, Carp… Not sure we can go through again.

  10. C3, Manny – I hope that you’re both right – they beat the desire out of me this time, I must admit!

  11. And I’m also not thrilled with all the scheduled games being exclusively within our conference.

  12. Wonder who the 12 players who voted against the CBA are… I’m just curious as to why. Guessing we won’t find out…

  13. Haha, Yea. I put my faith in the Mayans ending the world before the next lockout. I wish! We should use this as a form of torture…

  14. Maybe some of the players who voted “NO” are ones that wanted to finish their seasons in Europe/Russia…?

  15. _Wonder who the 12 players who voted against the CBA are_

    i can give you at least 4names: Kovy, Ovy, Malkin, Datsyuk… maybe St.Louis, Shane Doan…thats six already.

  16. Damned Mayans! I was depending on them to have the right data – now I have to plan a lot of crap for the spring season in the organizations I’m a member of! I thought they were gonna get me “off the hook”!

  17. So you agree with my guess, C3? The guys playing in Russia wanting to stay there till their season ends?

  18. Jimbo – I feel the same way, but I know I will be into it once the season starts.

    What is the point of the MOU if it is a short version of the CBA, which is already ratified?


  19. is Avery officially retired?

    Jimbo – i think so… i think those are def. 4 players who voted against. The Russians.

  20. Ha! Avery – is he still qualified to vote on such things!?

    Spider, I’m really wondering if I will weaken – both sides have royally stuck it to the fans this time, and I don’t like being taken for a sheep!

  21. Well, gotta go to a meeting for work. Gross. Hope all this mess is figured out by the time I’m free.

    PS ilb, need a nanny? I have references.

  22. I don’t blame them, C3 – they’ve gone through such a major portion of the season over there that I’m sure that some of those guys are sorry that they couldn’t finish what they started..and they are “home”, after all..

  23. Beantown Brady on

    ilb, though I do not know you, may I have first crack at nanny duties? I have extensive experience with babies.

  24. Gross? I don’t think they call them “nannies” at your age, @CCCP@ but I am sure if you’re signing the checks then they will call themselves whatever you like…

  25. Nice how the NHL screwed Ranger fans. First they said we’ll play division rivals 7 times each. Great games to watch and go to. Now we got the crappy Southeast division 3 times. Who wants to BUY a ticket to see Panthers, Hurricanes or Win Jets play??

  26. Today is the perfect example of Bettman’s feelings towards the NHL. All that matters is his beloved owners and lawyers. Who cares about fans not having time to plan ahead for next weekend! Who cares that players lose an additional day of practice and NHL coaching and conditioning. He doesn’t care about the fans or what they think and the only thing he has less respect for than fans are the actual Players! At least the fans give him $$ that he uses to pay players and then fight to take away from them.

  27. Bettman’s order of importance. 0) Fans -10) NHL employees -100) The product known as NHL Players

  28. I thought Gary apologized to fans on Wednesday? Seems like it took him 3 days to hold the League hostage again. It’s hypocritical to leak to certain guys that this MOU is just dotting I’s and T’s when they could have released Schedule for fans today (even without player movement) and go into media blackout. It’s making the fans on the fence go back into “who cares” mode.

    Which by the way is what the owners really want. Less revenue = less money they have to pay players. Their franchise values be damned.

  29. There is a lot to dislike about Stern but he doesn’t treat his players with the same disrespect. He learned from Michael Jordan right away who is King. Even through their labor problems, you don’t see the obvious disregard for players like Bettman.

  30. Everyone hates Dolan (me included) but he’d be a better Commissioner. He actually has always treated the players well, even when undeserved.

  31. No MOU means No official camp! Which means players would have Mon-Fri to prepare for season. Good luck with those injuries. Oh wait, that would be mean Gary would care about player safety. That’s laughable.

  32. I hate to say this because of my pure hatred of Bettman and that I’m almost always a PA guy but seeing tweets from an agent like Brian Lawton asking for patience and the twitter silence of Alan Walsh who has not stopped pointing out fault of Owners deal tells me this might PA issue today which would really anger me and I think the majority of players not involved in day to day negotiations.

  33. Michael Russo ?@Russostrib
    Told Memo of Understanding should be completed and signed “very soon” #nhl #nhlpa

    As Carp will tell you, he’s one of the best out there when it comes to breaking stuff.

  34. Torts might be considering getting a Dubinsky haircut. His last words were, “I think I’ll have to part with you.”

  35. Are the everyday hockey fans going to care about this really? It’s brilliant by the NHL. Most of America is drinking at some singles bar or watching football. They will go to work on Monday and check back in and it will look like everything went according to plan.

    It’s only us saps. Staring at the Internet to see how we can complain about the schedule or to plan what game we are going to around our birthdays.

  36. Just a heads up Carl, I’m sick in bed so I am on my phone and might be a bit behind on my *new post* duties.

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