My notebook from today


Didn’t write a story today, and since we’re still wrestling with this audio thing, here’s the notebook I put together after practice:

By Rick Carpiniello

GREENBURGH – As the Rangers’ only unsigned player, and as a restricted free agent, defenseman Michael Del Zotto’s leverage is limited.

And it’s probably going to get more limited as we get closer the opening of training camps on Sunday. Teams cannot sign players until the new CBA is ratified by the players, which is expected to happen by Saturday.

Del Zotto, 22, is coming off a solid bounce-back season, after a break-out rookie year and then a sophomore-slump year in which he spent periods in the AHL. His entry-level $875,000 per year contract expired July 1 and he was unable to sign during the lockout.

“I’m ready to play and we just want a deal that’s fair for both sides,” Del Zotto said. “This whole process has made me mentally tougher – just with the whole roller-coaster ride of the CBA negotiations itself. So I know something’s going to get done. Sooner t han later would be great. We’ve missed enough time as it is.”

NOTES: Marek Hrivik, considered one of the top candidates in the Rangers’ system to get a shot to make the team, is not skating with the team after suffering a  concussion in the AHL. … The Rangers players hired NYU coach Chris Cosentino to run their informal practices until the team’s coaching staff is allowed to participate once the CBA is ratified and camps declared open. The coaches and front-office did watch the workout from a perch above the rink the last two days. … Still looks like opening night will be in Boston, 7 p.m., Jan. 19, with the possibility of a home opener the next night against Pittsburgh.  Those are “moving targets” teams say.  … Looks like Wade Redden will sit out this year since the new CBA will have his salary count against the cap, unlike the previous two years when he was in Hartford. Instead, they will likely make sure he doesn’t get hurt, which would then not allow them to buy him out in order to comply with the lower cap next year. The Rangers have enough room to fit Redden under the cap, but it could theoretically hurt their chance to add a player at the trade deadline.


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  1. MDZ is a good D man. He is not a rock and probably cannot carry the play if his partner hits a slump but he would be great with a Saure/McIlrath type player.

  2. Tough schedule to start the abbreviated season. Phlies brews and pens twice each in the first seven. All must win with focus and lack of fatigue. We will know shortly where we stand.

  3. To illustrate that MDZ is actually an “elite” or “top tier” defesemen, please last year’s Norris Trophy voting…

    1. Erik Karlsson, OTT 1,069 (66-31-32-9-5)
    2. Shea Weber, NSH 1,057 (49-54-32-9-2)
    3. Zdeno Chara, BOS 950 (32-48-47-19-2)
    4. Alex Pietrangelo, STL 381 (0-7-20-68-28)
    5. Nicklas Lidstrom, DET 132 (0-5-4-16-29)
    6. Dan Girardi, NYR 70 (2-0-4-6-12)
    7. Brian Campbell, FLA 58 (0-2-2-6-16)
    8. Ryan Suter, NSH 57 (0-1-3-5-20)
    9. Kris Letang, PIT 40 (0-0-4-3-11)
    10. Dan Hamhuis, VAN 21 (0-1-0-3-5)
    11. Ryan McDonagh, NYR 13 (0-0-1-2-2)
    12. *Michael Del Zotto, NYR 5 (0-0-0-1-2)*
    13. Duncan Keith, CHI 4 (0-0-0-1-1)
    Keith Yandle, PHX 4 (0-0-0-1-1)
    15. Dustin Byfuglien, WPG 4 (0-0-0-0-4)
    Alexander Edler, VAN 4 (0-0-0-0-4)
    17. Dan Boyle, S.J. 2 (0-0-0-0-2)
    18. Kevin Bieksa, VAN 1 (0-0-0-0-1)
    Willie Mitchell, L.A. 1 (0-0-0-0-1)
    Kevin Shattenkirk, STL 1 (0-0-0-0-1)

    He is going to get paid…

  4. I think the voting rank is valued. So most points for a first place vote and least for a fifth place vote. It’s a weighted voting system.


  5. Good evening, Carp!

    I am *SOOOOO* excited to be going to Western Mass next weekend. I’ll actually get to watch the Rangers game! And I’m going to start so many fights with stupid people from that stupid place! (Tiki, that was for you!). It’ll be “wicked”.

  6. a little math says

    10 points for first place vote
    7 for second
    5 for third
    3 for fourth
    1 for fifth place vote

    ; )


  7. 1. Erik Karlsson, OTT 1,069 (66-31-32-9-5)


    damn do I have nothing better to do… season really needs to start!


  8. He’s going to get paid, but as much as he thinks…If he isn’t in training camp, or shortly after, Torts will move on….MDZ knows it. His problem is-so does Sather.

  9. Dump MDZ…offer-sheet Slew-foot Subban instead then trade him for Nicklas Lidstrom’s pension

  10. It’s so tempting to go to the home opener on my birthday because hopefully that will never happen again, but I swore I wouldn’t be spending any money on the NHL this season. AHHH!

    Welcome back everybody!

  11. Yo Vibz! Are you joining my fantasy league or what? Gotta give me the answer by the end of the week and if not i am gonna have to find someone else.

    At least one more spot available… email me if you want to join ESPN Fantasy Hockey league

  12. *Carped 4 Life! League members*

    Sorry guys! I had a wrong day for the draft! Its next Friday, Jan 18th at 9pm! SORRY!

  13. Oh carcillo. I’ll be driving to Western Mass at that time next week. And I was totally planning on only this really rad drafting strategy this time around. Garbage!

  14. Avery is out of the widget … still waiting on youse to decide on Dubinsky, Prust, Anisimov. Doesn’t matter to me if they stay or go. Asham was added today.

  15. C3, I appreciate it but it’s not necessary. I’ll set up my draft autopilot and I’ll make Mr Hambone drive so I can try to play Fantasy GM on my phone. Can’t wait! Nosens!

    Carp, are you trying to make me cry? The Brendans stay.

  16. Haiku?

    I can’t do haiku, but here’s a little something for you.

    Her bouquet cleaved his hardened shell, and fondled his muscled heart. He imbibed her glistening spell, just before the other shoe.. fell.

  17. The Rangers are aware that Chris Cosentino is a very famous chef based in San Francisco. Right?

    Don’t see how that helps…

  18. Everyone on there is fine with me except for Avery and anyone who tries more than once to sell us something.

  19. Carp,
    I am sorry, but the Miss Alabama is really beautiful and we should be allowed to say that in any context, just as a teacher should be allowed to stomp on our flag for educational purposes.

    The 21% of murders in the U.S of A. are commited by “unregistered” baseball bats by “unregistered” crazies.

    Let’s ban everything that gets people in trouble, huh??? Like speech ? Like Tiki, huh -he does not amend the ludicrous LOL for idiots as is the WEB custom, and you are hurt by that omission and threaten to silence him – NSOH – sorry no sense of humor. NNtR – no need to reply (but you could ban me, no?)

  20. Good morning, boneheads!

    Apparently hockey may start a little too late for some people…they’ve already lost it.

  21. Well as a teacher we did discuss the armenian genocide during wwi for educstional purposes yesterday. Is that the same as stomping on the flag?we were very focused with little fatigue.

  22. CCCP i keep trying but the screen only comes up half filled and i cant click “continue” while registring

  23. McBust got an unlucky number of votes (13). Sounds like somebody’s going to have a rough mini-season…

  24. where the hell is this damn schedule. now i hear pens want to host carolina on jan20th so ranger home opener in flux. we all know players wll ratify stop waiting and release the schedule nhl

  25. Carp,

    Did the Journal News used to be called the Reporter Dispatch? I left Westchester in 1977, and haven’t kept up.


  26. Used to be nine newspapers in Westchester-Rockland-Putnam under the same Gannett umbrella. I was the sports editor for a while at The Reporter Dispatch, the biggest of the papers which covered White Plains and all the way north through Putnam. The Journal News covered Rockland. At some point we merged all nine papers under The Journal News banner.

    so yes.

  27. Stranger Nation on

    Sauer status? only good news please

    Hags chin strap status? small head, loose strap or both? He’s such a goon!

    Kreider savior status? AHL slowed him down, needs NHL playoff game speed?

    MDZ in 2013 (if signed – hah!)- Michael Does Zero or Managing Defensive Zone

    Monster Nash goal output – 20 goals; yes or no?

    In the next life, I come back as Redden’s agent.

    CT Dreary pizza for lunch?

  28. testing my memory now … Maybe it was eight papers? it was The Reporter Dispatch for WP and northern Westchester and Putnam, The Journal News in Rockland, The Daily Times in Mamaroneck/Larchmont; The Daily News in Tarrytown/Ossining; the Daily Item in Harrison/Rye/Port Chester; the Herald Statesman in Yonkers, the Daily Argus in Mount Vernon and the Standard Star in New Rochelle.

  29. Yea. Meet me there, Stranger. I got a booth in the back and a pitcher of Orange Soda. I think Chris Drury himself is making my pizza as we speak!

  30. Anyone know if Hrivik’s concussion is serious? Is he out for awhile? He had one during Whale camp, too.

  31. Careful with this flu outbreak in NY, ‘heads! It’s getting nasty, started seeing some complications, kids included. Get immunized, if you haven’t yet, the vaccine appears to be effective this year.

  32. Carp – any chance Del Zaster goes into the season opener without a contract? Kind of a post-lockout holdout by him?

  33. ilb, not trying to be an assen but really just curious… every year more and more people say make sure you get vaccinated and more people do but at the same time more and more people continue to get the flu. This year especially. What’s the deal?

  34. I think he’s smarter than that, and his agent (Don Meehan) too. The deal’s not going to get better later. I think he will sign by Saturday or Sunday morning and be in camp.

  35. Briefly, Lev….Flu virus changes it’s properties every year in order to survive within humans and don’t get killed by antibodies developed by them one year before. It has a few different ways to change itself, and it is not easy to predict which type of virus would appear each year. That is how vaccines are created- scientist are trying to predict by previous years of it’s behavior which one would appear this year. Vaccine is available before the virus strikes. Last year the vaccine wasn’t very effective, apparently, but the virus was “weak” on itself and we had very few cases. This year vaccine is effective. It became obvious after the first few cases and they recovered the virus. Put it this way, if there was no vaccine this year, we would’ve potentially seen a pandemic spread, but more importantly, a lot of complications and death cases.

  36. You don’t need a shot, if you’re between 2 and 50 yrs of age, and don’t have a chronic respiratory illness, you can get a Flumist- it’s a nasal spray.

  37. I have a question for Carp: WTB is Girardi doing blocking shots during informal scrimmage? Not run by Torts either….

  38. Thanks…. entire family has gone through the flu the past 10 days or so…although grandmother was told she has bronchitis…Flu season isnt even at its peak yet, right?

  39. Yes, Manny….I’m surprised you haven’t gotten yours yet considering your heart condition….Call your doctor and tell them you want a Flumist….

  40. and yet another example of how stupid twitter is … immediate panic tweets of his injury, one saying right leg, other saying left leg, and within minutes he’s back. In other words, not news whatsoever. It is hockey, right?

  41. I think it is, Lev….We’ve had it for almost 2 months, it’s peaking now…A lot of cases, but not too many complications yet…

  42. The question was more rhetorical…I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually *DID* block a shot….I don’t think these guys know any other way, we’ve learned it last year.

  43. I’m just joking around. I would not be surprised if he did block a shot in practice. Dubinsky did it in Anchorage. These guys are just wired like that.

  44. Yesterday’s selection of poetry was a piece by the unknown 20th century poet, Newman. Today, I bring you a stanza courtesy of George Gordon Byron.

    She walks in beauty, like the night, of cloudless climes and starry skies. And all that’s best of dark and bright, meet in her aspect and her eyes. Thus mellowed to that tender light, which heaven to gaudy day denies.

  45. I may be an idiot and a troublemaker, but at least I’m a refined one.


    Any good lunches today?

  46. And from W.H. Auden:

    ‘I’ll love you, dear, I’ll love you
    Till China and Africa meet,
    And the river jumps over the mountain
    And the salmon sing in the street,

    ‘I’ll love you till the ocean
    Is folded and hung up to dry
    And the seven stars go squawking
    Like geese about the sky.

    ‘The years shall run like rabbits,
    For in my arms I hold
    The Flower of the Ages,
    And the first love of the world.’

  47. >>… [Redden] they will likely make sure he doesn’t get hurt…

    What if he gets hurt while doing household chores or golfing?

  48. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    That would be funny, but i would addume JBytes that there are clauses that have things in place. (i.e. Wade slipped in the tub)

  49. From the LW archive, hockey haikus:

    Only one small thing
    Desecrates Gretzky’s legend:
    Well done, Nickelback

    Donald S. Cherry
    The acceptable face of

    If Mike Milbury
    Had been hit with his own shoe
    Would the Isles still stink?

    Why use six letters
    When you can use three extras?
    Right, Dustin Buflin?

    So if a tree falls
    In the Prudential Center
    Does it make a sound?

    Goles son raros
    Dinero abundante
    Se llama Gómez

    Old backup goalie?
    Call now for top exec role!

  50. Good point, Kenny. Didn’t Rocco Baldelli fall down the steps while carrying groceries and break his leg? Some NFL player got Nintendo Thumb a while back. Redden needs to be put in a padded room. He might start gardening or something. That would be horrible.

  51. Carp, ask jpg…He is a pro….

    Jbytes- it has to be protected against buyouts….At least in old CBA.

  52. sam carchidi who covers the flyers. nhl has changed schedule again. teams only will play div teams 4 times not the 5 and 4 prevoiusly reported. so thats 20 games vs div 28 games vs other 10 teams

  53. are we now just a bunch of Europansie poets? If you’re not careful, Bluto will take your guitar and smash it over your heads

  54. Guess they figured more balanced schedule makes it more fair since teams are seeded by record, not by strength (or lack thereof) of schedule.

  55. Hrvik was cheap shotted by none other than Phillys weasel Zac Rinaldo.

    Carp with the shortened season and the Rangers in desperate need of any offense from the back end and with relatively no time to go out and get one and nothing in the minors that resembles one why do you see MDZ ashaving little leverage.


    – Eddie

  56. Eddie, what’s he going to do? Hold out? Go right into the doghouse and maybe the Whale? He’s restricted, and there’s a lower cap coming. He won’t get the moon if that’s what he’s after. He’ll sign Saturday or Sunday morning.

    Thanks for the info on Rinaldo-Hrivik. Geez. Good to see you around these parts again.

  57. According to Brooks, the Panthers have decided not to give Kovalev a shot … and he’s now been invited to Rangers camp.

  58. If the Rangers decide not to sign DZ, which would be a big mistake I’m thinking. I liked the way he played last season, and I don’t think that was a one time deal. He’s come into his own, he has loads of talent and has turned his game up a notch. I believe there is still more we haven’t seen. I would be really suprised if Sather doesn’t get him signed. With DZ signed the Rangers would really well off on the back end. There are a couple of good ones in Hartford that will give the guys they have signed a run for their jobs. Mcilrath has be looking pretty good, and he is just getting back from the knee injury. He is close, and he is going to be a good one. tough as hell, he can hold his own with the best of them, all that and he’s twenty one years old. Another guy is Blake Parlett, He’s coming along well. He has size, and has developed a fairly solid game Gilroys down there also, he’s minus sixteen, or something like that, but he’s on the ice a lot. He gets a lot of shots carries the puck a lot, He is up the ice as much as he is back, and when he is in his own end its loosey goosey at times. His game has not changed since he was a Ranger. He does it all in Hartford though he plays the powerplay, kills penaltys, takes long shifts, and looks good doing it. Sometimes the end results are not positive though. If he ever gets past making real stupid mistakes, and starts using his frame insead of poking at the puck. He would be a good Dman.

    This should be a good season for the Rangers, they have great goaltending, and Hank will play a high percentage of the games, maybe all in this short season. The defense will be super solid, and Nash can score goals. Everyones healthy, now if they can just stay way. it all adds to stanley cup time.

  59. the problem with del zaster he thinks he’s in that 3-4 mil price range which is just absurd. 2.5 max he should get

  60. Beantown Brady on

    Kovalev was a very good hockey player. Christensen, Rupp, among others have never been.

  61. I agree on Kovy – he would have improved our 2011-12 pp even on his worst day

    can he skate hard enough for Tortsy is the $1 question.

    Anybody got $1 that I can borrow to pay off the winner?

  62. Good afternoon all! Haikus for everyone! I am not going to let the flu ruin my season or home opener…


  63. For me, Kovy is just a sentimental pick

    He’d be the only living human being to play for 2 Rangers’ Cup winning teams

  64. MDZ will be signed…Most likely by the time they start the camp.

    Bid fan of Alex’s here. And, admittedly, a biased fan…But last year Koalev would’ve been opening a bench door during PP, at best….

  65. Beantown Brady on

    Carp tweeted yesterday that he spoke with Mark Messier. Mark Messier at age 60 could be more effective than Rupp, Christensen, or John Scott at any age. Let’s get Mess in camp.

  66. now hearing again back to 5 games vs 2 div teams for rangers it would pens and flyers. and 4 times vs isles devils.

    pens beat writer rob rossi says pens play isles and rangers 5 times

  67. What exactly is a “bid fan”, ilb? Do you follow him to auctions and cheer when he places an offer?

  68. Just heard that within the last hour, the Rangers schedule had some changes. Geez. what league.
    but that Jan. 19 in Boston and Jan. 20 vs. Pitt look pretty solid … nothing 100 percent though.

  69. I apologize for the confusion with the schedule-making. Because of financial commitments made to players with the new NHLPA CBA, we’ve locked out the NHL schedule-makers. We just believe we were paying them too much.

    We’ve replaced them with a trio of chimpanzees diagnosed with ADD. We’ve had to deal with disagreements within the group. It became very tense at times, poo being flung. But it is all part of the process.

    But if all goes well in the end, we will have a solution to the supplemental discipline process. YouTube videos will continue. Consider that one of the givebacks to the greatest fans in the world.

  70. LMGO @ Tort’s wife being happier than him about lockout being over—–>
    I don’t doubt that…Imagine being around him when he was waiting for it to be over?

  71. Did I just seriously use “being” three times in two short sentences? Perhaps I should stick to Flumist….

  72. Way to catch that one William! We can keep those going if you want…..


    I will say this now and then in a few months come back and tell you guys that I told you so. This team is going to miss Ruslan “Rosie Cheeks” Fedotenko.

  73. Ok. Then I guess in a few months you can be all, “Hey Manny, I told you so. You didn’t believe me but I was RIGHT.” You probably have sources and all that…

  74. Beantown Brady on

    Miss Fedotenko? Disagree. He is an average player. He did the little things that every team needs, but Torts is a coach that can get his replacement to step in and do the same things.

  75. Beantown Brady on

    Any player can be taught and coached to do anything that doesn’t require a high skill level, or a skill set that the player does not have.

    Example: Fedotenko’s replacement cannot be taught how to fire a puck at 100mph like Chara.

    Example: Fedotenko’s replacement cannot be taught the vision and ability to score like Malkin.

    Fedotenko’s replacement can be taught and coached to penalty kill, backcheck, block shots, and play hard.

  76. but there is a certain level of hockey IQ and intelligence involved in that particular role. Kovalev could not be brought in to play that role, for example (and I’m not picking on him, just giving an extreme example).

  77. Fedotenko will definitely be missed. He will undoubtedly play a big part in a Flyers-Rangers game doing all the little things. He played well under Torts because like with Richards they had a previous relationship. I hope this Pyatt kid works out. He’s been through a lot.

  78. TheRealAsham45 @Rupper17 Hi Mike. I’m Arron and I’m one of your new teammates. Can I get a retweet? #LetsGoRangers


  79. I take Pyatt over Feds anytime. He’s bigger, younger, stronger,and he probably gets more points. Pyatt’s tough to, he doesn’t get pushed around much.

  80. MDZ may hold out. I can easily see it happening.

    It is the only leverage he has left. It is easy to blame him, but we are talking about a lot of money.

  81. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I know Arron “the circle is complete”Asham isn’t on most of your lists as a ranger you like, but I like what he brings to the team. He isn’t close to the player prust is overall, but salary vs salary he is a good pick up. He seems like he has just enough of a loose screw to make the opposing team a bit uncomfortable (the after fight gesture he made was classless IMO, but the high cross check to the flyer player in the playoffs last season was more of what I’m talking about)

    I like having a guy with a bit of screw loose on the roster ;)

  82. well put, Wick. He’s not going to play in situations where Prust was trusted. But he is a little more dangerous, more of an agitator, too, I think. He will hit guys a little harder and dirtier and engage in the occasional face wash. I always thought Prust needed to be a little more of a jackwagon in that way.

    guys really like him, too, and the nutso thing he did to Schenn last year was kind of out of character from what I hear.

  83. Can you imagine what kind of silence would be in the world, if people would talking only what they know about…
    …not to mention all bloggers would go bankrupt.

  84. Ah, real hockey talk…Music to my ears.
    Hey, surprised no one commented on the Rangers seemingly having the toughest schedule in Atlantic Division. NY conspiracy? :-)

  85. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I couldn’t agree more, I wish prust had a bit of ulfie in him. He was just a little to “pleasant” on the ice. Loved the guy though and I will miss him on the roster for sure, just not his current salary.


    If for some odd reason Michael Busto doesn’t re-sign, the guy I worry about is Boyle, losing mdz and prust would suck for him.

  86. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    We are too tired and lack the focus to see the obvious body language of a Boston conspiracy theory!

  87. Sorry, Carp. I am the bringer of darkness. The evil that lurks. That which will not be spoken of.

  88. Uh oh, LW. ……

    @Helen Elliott@ tweets: @helenenothelen@: again, likely to know more on Willie Mitchell once lockout officially lifted. then again, it might just become a ‘lower-body injury.’


    @helenenothelen@: update to the update on Kings D Willie Mitchell is ‘impingement’ in knee, timetable unclear.

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