Reminder: First live chat of the season today at noon


Bring your questions, comments, opinions, g(j)ibberish, whatever.

Be there.

Or else.


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  1. No matter what else happens, it appears that the Devils STILL have to give up a (penalty) first round pick for signing Kovalchuk.

  2. If Bill Daly can be found on 5yr contract hill then i’m pretty sure we’ll find Maarty on Hamburger Hill

  3. Rob in Beantown on

    I bet that pretty boy won’t even win 30 games this season. Trade him while his stock is high

  4. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Does anyone here feel there is pressure to be a #1 seed again in this shortened season? or would you be ok with 3 or 4?

  5. not only can my boys swim, but my OTHER boys have started to skate!

    fasten your seatblets, ladies! (in my case, the seatbelt extender)

  6. Rob in Beantown on

    If last season revealed anything, the playoffs are a war no matter what your seed is and who your opponent is. I want us to win every game obviously, but I also want to have fuel in the tank for the playoffs. That’s way more important than coming in first, winning the president’s trophy, etc.

  7. i think there will be one or two surprises as to who gets into the playoffs, a 3-4 game losing streak could be catastrophic if it comes after the trade deadline.
    In 94/95 the Debbies were 5th seeds on 52pts and 47 was enough to get 8th. I’d love us to be 1st but i’d rather we finished the season strongly and healthy with a top powerplay.

  8. He is a virtual pressure on MDZ to sign fast, Manny…Besides, he is nowhere near Bickel’s prowess in the circle….

  9. Miami, is that you bombarding the poll with “Out of the playoffs” votes ———->

    Or do we have an Islanders fan among us?

  10. I suspect it’s another local fan…He calls himself Islangers….If someone wants to lose weight rapidly keep repeating that name for a few days…

  11. Rob in Beantown on

    “Out of the playoffs” is the only safe non-jinxing vote. Everybody should be voting that way.

  12. Since I’ll miss most of the chat, can someone ask whether there is any update on Sauer?

    Maybe ask seven or eight times to be sure.

  13. me too. Can someone ask what line Avery will be playing on too? and if Huge Specimen will make the team this year?

  14. Good timing by NHL to have a news conference right after the most controversial Baseball Hall of Fame announcement in history. NHL ought to get a lot of attention nationally with that.

  15. Craig Biggio is *not* a Hall of Fame player. Neither are all the idiots that ‘roided like crazy. Let ’em rot.

  16. I heard this year that they weren’t going to enshrine any players into the MLB Hall of Fame just HGH, Testosterone and Amphetamines to prevent withdrawal symptoms for players already there

  17. Do w know if the Rangers will sign Michael del Zotto? This year we care to have him back. Any word on Michael Sauer?

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