Jeremy Jacobs/Board of Governors statement


This may fall into the department of “give us a break.”

From the NHL:



NEW YORK (January 9, 2013) — Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the Boston

Bruins and Chairman of the National Hockey League Board of Governors, today

made the following statement announcing ratification of the new Collective

Bargaining Agreement with the National Hockey League Players’ Association:

“On behalf of the National Hockey League’s Board of Governors, I am

pleased to report that today we unanimously voted to ratify a new

Collective Bargaining Agreement with the National Hockey League Players’

Association. Which means, to our fans all around the globe, hockey is back.

“This great game has been gone for far too long, and for that we are

truly sorry.

“The Board today also expressed its appreciation for the

professionalism and commitment, to our clubs and to the sport, that

Commissioner Bettman and Deputy Commissioner Daly displayed throughout this

difficult period. Gary, Bill and their staff worked tirelessly from long

before the lockout began in an effort to reach a constructive conclusion.

Gary and Bill have the complete and unconditional support of the Board

and our gratitude.

“As our League moves toward what we know will be a period of growth

for the sport, and a time of great excitement and entertainment for our

fans, I would add the appreciation of the Board for the dedication the

players showed during the negotiating process  and for their role in

securing an agreement that will move the National Hockey League forward in

the years ahead. There’s no doubt we all love this game.

“Together our collective future is extremely bright.

“Our only interest now is to look ahead and to focus on what this

great game can provide to the best sports fans in the world.”


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  1. I take it Jeremy Jacobs said a few words as a PR strategy just to make Bettman look like a more sympathetic character in comparison.

  2. What a BS artist. Bettman just saved him and his cronies 300 million a year over the next ten years. Going to charity?

  3. Worse than Give me a Break. What a joke!

    Just complete and utterly tone deaf…sort of how like Bettman and Jacobs have always been. Bettman must have missed the blog posts and tweets about how Jacobs was the consumate a–hole in this process.

    In re the NHLPA, they are taking until Saturday because Fehr wants everyone to feel like they’ve had time to understand it and review it and then vote? I get the logistics of having 740 members vote can’t be easy but seems like two days is unnecessary…

  4. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Bettman public apologized to fans, players, etc. “I am sorry”! What a ****

  5. Penguins/Lemieux got it right: “We offer our apology. There is nothing we can say to explain or excuse what has happened over the past four months.”

  6. I know he’s far from alone in this (and was subject to the gag order), but Lemieux’s complicit silence throughout the whole thing says more than any statement of regret afterwards.

  7. Still complete silence from the Rangers…

    Carp, you hearing anything in terms of outreach to season ticket holders and fans from MSG.

  8. Give me a hartnelling byfuglien break!!!! Ugh!!!!

    Sometimes, it’s best to shut up, or leave the lawyers out of the room….I would like to just get on with hockey, but these kinds of statements just make me want to boudreau…..or Burke, in the case of today….

  9. I think their lips are sealed until they get word from the Board and official word of ratification of players, plus schedule and opening of camp … MSG brass not among NHL’s favorites right now.

    I’m sure Jim Dolan will do something. Not sure on what level.

  10. Wonder what Dolan would do to a Ranger player who gave him the finger and repeatedly called him a fat MF during a Garden game, as Sprewell did. Sprewell came in as a visiting player, so if Avery re-signs somewhere, we may find out.

  11. The chances of Avery signing elsewhere are similar to chances of Latrell Sprewell becoming a role model.

  12. Sprewell choking PJ Carlesimo always made him a role model to me! How does ilb even know who Sprewell is?

  13. I wonder what all the Avery backers would have to say if Avery signed with Philly and came back to the Garden one night and started berating and waving his stick at Hank.

  14. Manny, if I had the opportunity to gag Schilling with his ketchup sock and choke him at the same time, I’d take the prison time for that honor. That’s a joke, but also serious.

  15. Hahahahahahahahahahaahahaha

    The statement is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.

  16. Schilling is way more choke worthy than pj. He’s a jack wagon. Ask the taxpayers in Rhode Island and providence plantations. Is it go time?

  17. I’m not going to a game in Boston again for a game while Jeremy Jacobs is the owner…

  18. snyrangers

    flyers primed to make run at luongo. buyout bryzgalov in june? his contract is forever

  19. Their best options is actually to waive him, assign him to AHL, and then not play him at all. Why absorb his whole cap hit, and lose one roster spot?

  20. Good, let Flyers make a run at Luongo and lose a few more blue chips. There will definitely be against Toronto with Nonis now running the show…

  21. I think that’s what McKenzie was describing, ilb, although he wrote it in a way that made it sound like they would keep him on the NHL roster and not play him.

  22. unconfirmed reports have rangers home opener jan 20th vs you guessed crybaby and the penguins

  23. Must win first game against Boston. Gotta stick them 1 under .500. Heinrich better have his focus like he’s had much of his career against the Booins! *FOCUS* *CONCENTRATION*

  24. tommy, I’m letting that go because I’m so impressed. I’ve heard it a zillion times, said it a lot, but never saw it in writing and had no idea it’s spelled that way.

  25. Just watched video of Ryan McDonagh interview today. This kid is quite impressive at such a young age and with less than 2 years experience under his belt. He definitely gets it. I am looking forward to watching him become one of the top defenseman in the league.

  26. Saw that movie “This is 40” last night. I was quite enjoying it until freakin’ Scott Hartnell and the rest of his Flyers cronies made a cameo appearance. It made me remember how much I hate those guys. I was THIS close to walking out.

  27. Carp, Evan, I spoke to my acct rep at MSG and was told they can’t do anything with tickets until full ratification.

  28. I was told the same thing. Hopefully they have all their ducks in a row to get things posted to our accounts right away. Paper tickets will say Game 1 … Game 10 for first 10 games.

  29. I can’t recall every reading such a crock s**** in my life. This guy was really shoveling it.
    Gary Bettman’s professionalism??? It shows that there is no shame anymore. These idiots really believe they acted in hockey’s interest and have come out smelling like a rose.

  30. Alert: Chris Christie eats Gerard Depardieu whole, will occasionally spell Lundqvist in goal when called upon.

  31. jeremy jacobs probably the biggest a hole owner. the competition for cheapskate scum is tough but jeremy jacobs may be the biggest d-ck owner…. the guy is cheap as can be.

  32. Im betting that sucking for 4 straight years had something to do with it. But obviously there has to be more. Unless they really are a bunch of idiots who decide to restructure the organization right before the season begins. And Burke is staying as President or w/e? Awkward……

  33. yeah in NORMAL organizations people get fired for not delivering…

    in not so normal organizations (Rangers) people get to do what they want and keep the job for over a decade…

  34. “But if this is your introduction to Garnett’s trash talk, you’re all forgetting about the time he said Charlie Villanueva, who suffers from alopecia, looked like a cancer patient. Or when he wished “Happy Mothers’ Day, motherfu$$er,” to Tim Duncan, whose mom famously died of breast cancer when he was only fourteen.”

    Man, this guy is amazing. Incredible. I wonder how Celts fans that either know someone who suffers from or died of cancer or have cancer themselves feel about him. Just incredible.

  35. Yeah, repeatedly making insensitive and ignorant remarks about the death or illness of others like that really is abhorrent behaviour, right Tiki?

  36. I like the way the Penguins apologised – not this flowery, patronising, feel-good BS shovelled by the likes of Leonosis, Jacobs etc..

  37. The Penguins apology is an example all NHL teams should follow. As part of the new CBA, I have the unilateral authority to award teams for what I consider ‘good’ deeds. For this good deed, the Penguins will be given a 40% “chance” to win the #1 pick in next summer’s NHL draft lottery.

    Congratulations, Mr. Lemieux. I hope you use your #1 pick wisely…that is assuming you get it.

  38. If Burke got fired for not delivering and for being an incompetent weirdo who couldn’t pull off the trade for his dream goaltender, Roberto Luongo, then why in the heck is he remaining on board to advise? Who would want his advice?

  39. Thanks for the article, Carp. Redden is really not going to like the best option. Although I would take it. You can pay me $5M to sit on my couch and make sure I don’t get hurt.

  40. Disagree, LW. I hope those with cancer understand the hall of famer KG’s desire to win. He’s admirable IMO and oddly enough, I think he entered the NBA in the 1995 – (96) season

  41. Apparently Bob Gainey is at Dallas now, can we trade Redden to them for their top prospect?

  42. It’s time for Gary to step down. I say that putting the emotion of me despising him aside. He has had a tough job in his tenure, but all 3 lockouts are such a black eye on his name whether they were avoidable or or not. Every time I see his face I associate it with how we fans have been shafted 3 times. Someone else needs to be on the ice presenting the Stanley Cup this year. If he really cared about the game he’d step aside and and fall on? his sword.
    Word association…..
    Gary Bettman = LOCKOUT

  43. Charlie: If we were gonna kill ourselves, it would be awesome, right?
    Mac: Yeah. Yeah, if we were gonna kill ourselves, it would be with class, right? I mean, because if we—
    Charlie: Of course it would be with class! What do you think, I’m not gonna die with class?
    Mac: Maybe some type of explosion?
    Charlie: Of course there’s gonna be an explosion! You think I’m not gonna explode?
    Mac: I’m thinking, Charlie, it would be some kind of blaze of glory.
    Charlie: Of course it’s gonna be a blaze of glory! I’m going down right now. (squirts lighter fluid on his arm)

  44. Any chance the Rangers actually give Redden a shot to make the team? 7th d-man? The other options stink, unless they just pay him to stay at home.

  45. None whatsoever Chris. They will not risk Redden getting injured as he HAS to be bought out for us to get under the cap NEXT year

  46. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Some of the “liked” comments on the TSN article were funny. Canada sure doesn’t like the way the Rangers handled Redden. While he’s not at fault for taking the contract, the Rangers aren’t at fault for handling it the way they did under the old CBA rules.

  47. Yea. That TSN article really makes it clear that Redden has less of a chance than Matt Gilroy to make the team.

  48. I feel a bit sorry for Redden that he wont be able to play at all this year, but $5m is adequate compensation for that

  49. Canada doesn’t like anything the Rangers or for that matter what any US based teams do. They are so full of themselves up there…Sean Avery was right.

  50. Little Leni Redden on

    Oh great now daddy is going to be lying on the couch drinking beer in his underwear all year. But he’ll get paid! Cha-Ching!!

  51. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    According to Brooks, mid-ice collision in his last AHL game. At least if didn’t happen at -formal- informal practice with another Ranger.

  52. Apparently the Hrivik news is real!

    @Larry Brooks@ tweets that Marek Hrivik is not skating with the Rangers during their informal skates because he suffered a *concussion* in his last game.


    This is why Redden stays home.

  53. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Manny January 10th, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    This is why Redden stays home.

    Manny, vibin’.

  54. Whatever is up with Center Ice this year, I can guarantee it won’t be free (as it very well should be)

  55. Hey *Carp* , I have a question I meant to ask during that whole live chat thing.

    Was there any discussion during the CBA negotiations about the 2014 Winter Olympics? It would have been nice if they wrote them into the CBA. Like a couple week break in the NHL season for players to go play for their country or something.

  56. I’m sure both sides want to do the Olympics, but Bettman holds it over the players as a trump card. And the board really wants that ridiculous realignment plan that the players shot down last year. That may have been just a first shot in the CBA war. Not sure if the NHLPA is dead against it.

  57. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Carp, any indication how far apart the Rangers and MDZ are? He really doesn’t have much leverage, does he?

  58. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    The NHL doesn’t own it, but they could pay inDEMAND the anticipiated subscription fees on the fans’ behalf.

  59. Exactly. It’s really the least they could do. But they will do even LESS by kind of apologizing. Really giving back.

  60. Stranger Nation on

    Jacobs comments should be filed under, “shut the front door”, take Mr Snider and Scary Buttman with you and let the door hit you in the assen on the way out.

  61. IBleedRangersBlue on

    I know tortz is “not allowed” to run practices yet….but you think he relayed to the players who he wants to see skating together from his perch?

  62. Why wouldn’t the players want the Houston Astros in the Norris Division? Isn’t that exactly the kind of realignment that makes this country so great?

    …and by “country”, I include sub-Arctic Canada

  63. Gravy, Bettman gets no on


    Arron Asham ?@TheRealAsham45
    @Rupper17 Hi Mike. I’m Arron and I’m one of your new teammates. Can I get a retweet? #LetsGoRangers

  64. Any reason to believe that’s really Asham’s twitter? if so I’ll get him into the widget.

    IBleed, his fingerprints are all over it.

    Stranger, LMGO at Shut the front door.

    Gravy, he has zero leverage, especially with the cap going south after this year. Slats has him by the onions. Just a matter of when he takes it.

    Good to have you around again, Voice.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  65. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    Rupp retweeted, so it seems that he believes it’s the real one.

    Regarding MDZ, I know Sather has held the line pretty tough on RFA’s, but I don’t recall the final offers being unfair (Dubi, Callahan, Staal, and Girardi come to mind).

  66. MDZ will get slatted and then will score game winners in consecutive AllStar games while wearing a Brooklyn sweater

    When I say “Brooklyn Sweater”, I don’t mean salt and pepper chest hair

  67. Bruins have only 9 days left to convince Thomas to shake out of his hazy, smoky Ricky Williams sabbatical

  68. Jeremy Jacobs apology is about as hollow as the Grand Canyon, if you believe the rumours about him with regards to his role in the negotiations.

    He’s alledgedly one of the ‘hard-liners’ who would have cancelled the season rather than agree to what they did if he’d had his way.

    And he’s apologizing? How utterly insincere.

    Stay in the background where you belong and STFU!

  69. If the Bruins want to discuss things with Tim Thomas they better be prepared to shoot their way into his compound.

  70. Hey ORR. Why don’t you update us as to what happened in your life during the lockout when you chose to lockout Rangers Report. We are all curious…

  71. “Thomas is too busy plotting his Obama assassination to be bothered with hockey.”

    Too funny. I would insert a flip NRA/Tea Party remark here…but their casual ideas/memes are too offensive and tasteless to post amongst rational thinking well-adjusted humans.

  72. Tim Thomas is considering an offer from the WWF (yes, F not E) to be Sargeant Slaughter’s new tag team partner…hard to turn it down when Vince McMahon and Gene Okerlund call you directly

  73. I wish I can tell you I went on a great B&J’s “Lord Of The Rings” adventure, looking for the one pint to rule them all, but it wasn’t like that. Not much went on. Two times I was going to come back and post, but everyone was talking aboot baseball. I was too bummed out to talk baseball, since my Red Socks were Aha, Aha, struggling.

    I’m still in lockout mode though. I need hockey now! I need to complain aboot Joe Mich! And I really need to find a new Dublosky! Could be Del Z!

  74. I can’t wait until you’re out of it, ORR. I am looking forward to all your tom foolery and g/j-ibberish

  75. I wish I can tell you I went on a great B&J’s “Lord Of The Rings” adventure, looking for the one pint to rule them all,


    You and Dustin Byfuglien both huh?

  76. Orr

    Join the del zaster club. Always room for more. Keep in mind he got beat in the corner and pushed off the puck by tiny stephen gionta. cost us game 5 and perhaps much more

    Del zaster is a clown.

  77. Anybody else think that Marian Gaborik gets no respect? They posted the odds for Rocket Richard winner on Puck Daddy, and he’s nowhere on there. But instead they have Patrick Marleau, Taylor Hall, John Tavares, Jeff Carter… I mean it’s not like the guy had 40 goals in 2 of the last 3 seasons or anything.

  78. Show of hands … uh, you know what I mean … Avery’s coming out of the widget, Halpern’s already in, and Asham’s going in … what are your feelings on keeping Dubinsky, Prust, Anisimov in there? Or out?

    Good afternoon, Sally!

    LMGO at blasting into the Thomas compound.

  79. I find Anisimov’s half-English tweets comical, so I’d like him to stay in there. Not that you really care what I think, Carp.

  80. Gravy, Bettman gets no on

    I’d say out since the box says “tweets from members of the New York Rangers”, and they’re not anymore.

    Then again, I follow the rules on board games.

  81. Avery’s self-serving, non-hockey related tweets? I never look at them, good bye Sean.

    As for the rest…… I believe that if you like them you probably already follow them, so I am for removing non-Rangers from the widget.

    I rarely follow players, they are good at hockey. I really like watching them play hockey. I don’t want to know what movies they like or the last time they ate out.

  82. Avery and wyshynski need to go. I dont mind Dubinsky, Anisimov, and Prust but i wouldnt mind them being gone either.

  83. Don’t get why Avery’s still even discussed, let alone having his twitty tweeters posted. Well, maybe I do…..

    But it ain’t worth it Carp – annex the nob!

  84. Hey Anthony! How you feeling buddy? And atta boy! Say Hi to Rose from AZ.

    hockeymon, he will be signed.

    MattL, me too. Especially after he had the new clutch put in the clutchmobile. Maybe he’ll make an appearance during the early part of the season.

    Kovalev stunk the last time he was here, stunk everywhere else he went since then, and couldn’t make the Florida Panthers. OK?

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