Ryan Callahan interview


Fingers crossed, I think this Ryan Callahan interview, albeit brief, might work. Still having major tech problems with audio, though and this one might work sometimes and not work other times.




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  1. IBleedRangersBlue on

    After the deal got done….one thing I never heard about again even though it was a hot topic for two months is the make whole 300 M….did that end up staying in the cba? Snd if salaries arent being rolled back what is the 300 mil for?

  2. Are you kidding me, Carp? It works on iPhone!

    IBleed- yes, it stayed in new CBA. $100M installments over three years, starting next season and not as a deferred payments, as it was originally proposed. The details on how it’ll be distributed are not clear yet.

  3. They all understandably sounded very enthusiastically. Captain in particular, according scenario…

  4. I bleed blue

    the 300 million will cover increased escrow resulting from players share reduction

  5. Callahan appeared fatigued. And his focus seemed directed more on his upcoming evening dinner at Per Se featuring Tsar Imperial Caviar, Kobe Steak smothered in Heirloom Onions and Glazed White Asparagus than it did on Carp’s “interview.” Fatigued and Unfocused. We’re in a world of trouble.

  6. Draft A. J. McCarron in the first round if he agrees to marry Miss Alabama and gives her Carol Alt’s old seat at the Garden.

  7. Kovalchuk rumored to have purchased a rusted two door Zaporozhets and took a long term rental efficiency apartment with a shared toilet down the hall in Vladivostok. Does this mean he’s not coming back?

  8. Rumors abound that Kovalchuk and Gerard Depardieu were seen together skating outdoors in Moscow and holding hands. Maybe they’re going to give it a chance.

  9. Good morning, boneheads!

    Carp, tried your new audio format on every single possible machine:PC, Mac, iPhone, Ipad…It works! Including connecting it via bluetooth in the car. Amen!

  10. So, the situation with Kovalchuk isn’t as straightforward as was originally reported. No lock he is coming back. Take a look at what Russian government was offering for 4 marquee Russian players to stay there. Another reason to be careful when we say we are not going to support NHL financially and such. They now can make more elsewhere…And as important as SC is for a lot of hockey players, it’s still business.


  11. Apparently Kovalchoke has a date with (the man who ate) Gerard Depardieu on Saturday night and a KHL All-Star game on Sunday so will have to wait for a reunion with Maarty, Cory Booker and Elmer Lamoriello at an all-you-can-eat Hot Wings night in Jersey next week.

  12. If I was Kovalchuk I would stay in Russia. Who knows, maybe Kovalchuk realizes without Parise on the devils and other key players getting old that the devils are on a down cycle as being a good team. Like said above, can get more money in the KHL. Kovalchuk forces the devils to buy him out in june.

  13. They don’t have to buy him out, tommyG. If he doesn’t show up this year, they simply void his contract.

  14. I will ask question(s) in your ‘stead, Sally! I think I recall you like to ask Carp to come to Buffalo and have a Sangwich?

  15. Thx, Carp.

    I think I’m going to tally how many times we hear the phrase “part of the process” from Torts and the team this season. I almost want to bet it’s going to hit triple digits

  16. Kovalchuk could void his contract by not reporting (which i think Lou wold still need to sign off on) but he would also need IIHF clearance to play on in the KHL and given the legal ramifications and the existence of the transfer agreement i doubt they would.

  17. Works great Carp – thanks. Now you have to figure out how to do audio for these comments. Would like to hear all the carcillo’s, byfuglien’s, cookes, etc. in hi def!
    See you at noon!

  18. I guess I might miss Wolski when we have the first stupid Bettman Bonus Point Competition of Skills Contest.

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