Live chat Wednesday at noon


Just wanted to give youse all a heads up. Be there, or else … & tell your friends.
Also, hope to have Lundqvist & Del Zotto audio or transcripts later …
And a special bonus: Callahan strongly disagreeing when it was suggested team was fatigued last year. Loved that one!

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  1. Dr. Carp, -Award-winning journalist of the greatest newspaper in America- : “Fatigue doesn’t exist.”

    Stanley Cup Winning Head Coach John Tortorella: “We obviously didn’t want to lose, but especially not against the Devils. Maybe we were a bit tired the last couple of games against them”

  2. That’s classic Callahan. His focus was horrible that time he broke his leg and the other time he broke his hand.

  3. I would make that deal. Except then Milan Lucic would have a reason to get excited when he plays the Rangers.

  4. according to mckenzie

    48 game schedule you play two teams 5 times in div (hopefully isles/devils and two teams 4 times in div(pitt/phil ideal for us) and then 3 games vs rest of 10 conf teams for total of 48.

    i like that much better then 7 games vs div and home and home vs other 10 teams in conf

  5. Rob in Beantown on

    I don’t like that the proposed schedule is unbalanced, i.e. playing some teams 5 times and some 4, some teams at home twice and others once. Boycott the games!

  6. Yeah – I can’t even imagine saying goodbyes and closing my eyes for the last time, with young kids

  7. Didn’t they trade their first rounder in 2013 for Nash? Wanna go two years in a row without a first round pick?

  8. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Interesting breakdown of the schedule and division games:
    4 games against TWO divisional opponents
    5 games against TWO divisional opponents
    3 games against the TEN other conference teams.

  9. much rather that breakdown of schedule then 7 div games and home and home vs other conf foes. who the hell wants to play pitt 7 times in reg season.

  10. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Wow, Dominic moore’s wife passed away…thoughts go out to him and his family

  11. Maybe we should sign Dominic Moore so Taylor Pyatt can help him cope with his grief. That’s some sad stuff.

  12. Uh oh. MDZ, plus 20 in 77 games last year, was minus 9 in nine games in the Swiss League during lockout. What is he focusing on?

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  14. You know you’re in Floriduh when you go to grab the sports section and you have to wade through 4 full pages covering the BCS national championship. I know it was played right here but no Florida team was even competing!
    On another note I’m looking forward to starting the first Potvin Sucks! chant of the year for me when the Rags visit the Panthers.

  15. Tiki, why do you insist on acting like an idiot toward me?

    I didn’t say fatigue doesn’t exist. I said that’s not a reasonable excuse why they lost. And I still say that.

  16. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    And speaking of fantasy hockey, I have one spot left in my league as well…

  17. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Not sure anyone cares, but just a reminder that free-agent forward John Scott signed with Buffalo over the off-season. Watch out!!

  18. Carp:

    Any word as to when the modified schedule will be released and when teams will release their camp rosters?

    Any hunches/bets/predictions/etc. as to who might/will surprise everyone and make the team? Bourque? Miller? Koralik? Other? I do not consider Kreider a lock, but he’s by no means a dark horse. He should be expected to make the team. Just curious to see what others think.

  19. Yea I know. I was just giving you a boat load of crap over the whole thing. Now you’ll probably threaten to kill me…..

  20. Rangers West … no official info expected until the new CBA is ratified … though the NHL does have a presser scheduled tomorrow at 4 p.m., I believe. I doubt there will be any surprised making the team this year, because of the short camp and no preseason games, and because the Whale is in season already. I don’t imagine many kids will be even up for camp. Kreider will. The name you keep hearing who has impressed is Hrivak. Kid’s got wheels. But I think they have just about 23 NHLers with Kreider, and that they won’t have a lot of room or need for many, or any, more.

    But I’m sure we will discuss this on the live chat at noon tomorrow. Be there. Or else.

  21. It’s going to be hard to remember all the annoying questions we are supposed to ask during a live chat. Been a while…

  22. I think it’s 22 at the moment….Including Haley, who isn’t a lock, and not counting Sauer

  23. right, ilb, so actually 21 at the moment. but only 20 in lineup … and Asham suspended for Game 1 (Must win). Probably wouldn’t have a kid around to be a healthy scratch if Bickel or Eminger could play up front in the first game.

    Who knows? If they play NYI opening night, maybe they do bring up the clown. There’s another tough kid in Hartford whose name escapes me … and he’s opened a few eyes.

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