Rangers go back to work, get set for short season


Here’s my story from The Journal News and Lohud.com:

By Rick Carpiniello

GREENBURGH – The Rangers hit the ice Monday – well, 15 of them did – and though they’d skated in groups throughout periods of the NHL owners’ lockout, this was different.
“It was great,” new Rangers power winger Rick Nash said. “It’s one thing to be out there skating and wondering when things are going to be happening, but it’s another thing when you’re out there skating and you know things are done and the season’s coming. It seems like everyone has a little extra jump in their step.”
Training camp and the actual start of the season are still being held up by the ratification of the new collective bargaining agreement, reached in principal Sunday morning.
It is expected that camps won’t officially open – meaning coaches present and mandatory workouts, etc. – until Saturday or maybe even Sunday. The regular-season, therefore, is anticipated to be 48 games worth of intra-conference play (not the 50 the league had hoped), beginning Jan. 19.
“Everything’s going to be more magnified,” Brad Richards said. “It’s more like a playoff mentality where, if you dwell on things good or bad it could spiral quickly. We don’t want to do that. We want to try to build on everything. Forty-eight games, you’re going to need a good start and that’s just obvious. There’s not many games to regroup if you don’t get off on the right foot.”
Rangers coach John Tortorella, who could not be with the skaters on the ice (and who insisted Marian Gaborik’s off-season shoulder surgery is completely healed), said he believes that the returning core of players maintained contact with the new players and that they all know the grueling camp that awaits, albeit short. And he is confident they will be ready for it.
He said he doesn’t believe last year’s success – best record in the East and a berth in the Eastern finals – is what motivates the Rangers.
“I think the hunger is that they’re together again and will be a team again,” Tortorella said. “We’ve gone through a few years of trying to cultivate it. I think the room is good. I think that’s what they want to get back to, and competing. That’s all these guys know how to do, is compete. That’s what they’re anxious to do. Sure they were excited about last year; we made some good steps ahead. But I think right now, they just want to play.”
The players are certainly not oblivious to the harm the 113-day lockout may have caused, or the toll it took on the fans.
“It’s their right to feel how they feel and I don’t blame them,” Richards said. “Unless you’re in the meetings and living it, it’s really hard to understand. I don’t blame them if they don’t come back. I hope everybody gives us a chance ot watch what I think is a great sport and to get out there and play our hearts out like we want to do. That’s what the game of hockey’s about, not what’s happened here the last four months.”
Nash was asked if there needs to be some damage control done.
“For sure,” he said. “We missed the game just as much as they did. Obviously we’re not happy with the way everything went down, but we’ve got to look ahead, look at the future, look at the positives. It’s back and hopefully everyone will be supportive of the NHL and the players and we can just go on with the greatest game.”

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  1. Very possible, Hartford. But as long he keeps focus during playoff games, he’ll be a’ight!

    Meanwhile, my one of my HDMI cables has either lost focus or doesnt care enough to work properly.

  2. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Its really nice to see CURRENT rangers faces on the rangers website again!

    ive been wearing something rangers since sunday morning…woke up through my jersey on….slept in my rangers teeshirt…wore my rangers tie to work….another rangers teeshirt to sleep!

  3. In 2008, the Houston Rockets traded Donte Green and a first rounder to Sacramento Kings for Patrick Ewing Jr. and literally, a player to be named later (Metta World Peace.)

  4. Stepan or Richards are going to both have monster seasons this year now that they will be playing with a combination of Nash, Gaby, Cally, Kreider & Hagelin. No more “dead-hands” Dubinsky or Anisimov to pass to, but talented, powerful, speedy goalscorers who arent always going to come up against top pair D. Torts has the ability to ice 2 very good lines and mix and match his wingers to get them away from oppositions top pairs

  5. Sioux-per-man on

    Good Morning Boneheads!!!

    Good to be back talking Ranger Hockey!

    I think I’m the most excited to see Nash playing for a winning team. It is going to be a fun year with all this scoring potential on our team.

    Have a Sioux-per day boys. Thanks for all the insight Carp. Just can’t get enough of a good thing.

  6. Jlone2Bubblehead on

    Dubi will be successful again if he can stay on his skates. Both He and Ani spent far to much time getting back up off the ice last year. For that reason alone, I am happy they are gone.

  7. This team is going to come in behind the Islanders. Playoffs are just a dream. This squad is as bush-league as it gets.

  8. Good morning, boneheads!

    Rumors about Kovalchuk not coming back from Russia this year—->

    Doubtful, considering there is an agreement between KHL and NHL to not dress NHL players under contract, but if he stays in Russia, Marty may have to become a leading scorer for NJ….

  9. I am only happy Artie-Partie and Dubinsky are gone because they were replaced by -Steve- Rick Nash(er)!

  10. It’s finally sinking in and I’m feeling pumped as we near the drop of the puck. In fact pick anything in the room – I’ll lift it over my head!!

  11. Sioux I was thinking the same thing then laughed to myself and decided that they’ll do the typical NJ thing- have a terrible off season and come in with a team of mostly unheard of guys and probably win the damn division the final month and a half of the season. Then they’ll have to get one of those stairway chair lifts to bring Brodeur up to the stage at the NHL Awards to claim his Vezina.

  12. Just read that seconds before you posted it CT. my prediction- Adam Henrique = 2013 Ranger killer

  13. Henrique already ended a Rangers season.

    As long as Elias is still playing for them he’ll be their Rangers killer. He’s the Devils version of David Ortiz to the Yankees/Chipper Jones to the Mets.

  14. Wouldnt it be great if Kovy stayed in Russia and ALL the others return! Think Lou would go all Elmer Fudd on him.

    Maarty already has his next post-hockey career move mapped out – he is a researcher for Adam Richman.

  15. My biggest problem is getting them on the TV station which last year I was able to dial msg at 6, 106. HOw now?

  16. Obviously mojo and work ethic won’t alone win a championship – they’ll get us far enough to lose to the Devils in the ALCS – but until proven otherwise, I’ll really miss seeing Prust and Dubi on our PK.

  17. Now that the real league is back, does this mean we won’t have to watch the MSG Vault’s 35mm footage of the 1978 Sabres playoff game?

  18. You don’t like it, Fat Guy? I think it’s pretty artsy. I think they are all directed by Lars Von Trier.

  19. Manny – No, I LOVED the Vault, but only the first 75 times. Now I want live games, instead of ones that were filmed live in front of a studio audience

  20. Kenny Albert Rules! on

    Good morning boys – anyone read that article about the CBA allowing teams to trade 50% of a players cap hit/salary to another team to facilitate a trade.

  21. you can’t buy out players now though. I assume the Rangers must now carry Redden’s cap hit this season?

  22. If our pathetic team can score on Hank what chance do we have when _real_ NHL players try to score on him.

  23. Kenny – yes, it seems true – the 50% of salary and 50% of cap hit up to a total of 15% of team payroll (so up to $10.5m this year and $9m next season). GM’s should be loving that – if they hadnt given out so many NTC’s in the past few years.

  24. Can Torts get Kenny Albert to run the stairs in the Garden until he pukes on Dave Maloney’s shoes?

  25. Carp: “I know him. It’s incorrect that you have any idea what his focus was, or that his personal life had any effect”

    Lundqvist: ”Between whistles I’ll think about my wife, or maybe my parents coming into town. I lose my thought and my mind will go where I don’t expect it.”

  26. can you imagine that – being asked to make up the numbers with the Rangers at practice, even if it meant getting peppered with vulcanized rubber for 2-3 hours, would be something to tell the grandkids about – if Bettman’s next lockout doesnt kill the game completely

  27. I think Sauer is back. I heard he was out half the season and we already missed half the season.

    Does his Cap hit count?

  28. Remember when Tony Romo broke his hand on Jason Babin’s helmet? Remember when Modano broke his wrist and netted 4 assists?

  29. I was just doing the capgeek thing and i dont think our window is as short as we make out.
    Next season we have to allow for 2nd contracts for Hagelin, McD and Stepan (but Redden presumably comes off the books as does Drury’s buyout so thats $7m extra space – so $10m total per year to sign them) and the following year it is Hank, Girardi, Gaby and Cally maybe Boyle too (none of which will be due massive raises).
    It also gets affected by how much we give DelZ this year and if he gets a multiyear deal. Say 3 yrs at $2m per?

    This window of opportunity only falls apart if one or more of these guys starts seeing themselves getting way more money

  30. Remember when Messier almost killed Modano with a brutal shoulder to the head hit and then paramedics dropped the stretches with Modano on in a tunnel?

    Sam Rosen: “Oh my goodness! I can’t believe what I just saw!”

  31. Sounds like Putin is trying to tempt the Russians into staying at home (Kovy, Ovy, Datsyuk)

  32. does anyone have the short list of people that Paulina Gretzky is NOT dating? I know we are all on it, but who else?

  33. LTIR for Sauer only effective if the Rangers are at or within $1.25m of the cap.

    I like how Cap Geek now has a special “Buried” category for Redden.

  34. _Sam Rosen: “Oh my goodness! I can’t believe what I just saw!”_

    The correct quote was: “Oh my goodness! I can’t…We’re now entering the Foxwoods Final Five…believe what I just saw!”

  35. 2 of the prominent Rangers 1st time, non-arb eligible RFAs have gotten a 2 year deal (Dubi and Cally), leaving 1 year of RFA status for their next deal. Staal however got bought out of his RFA years and a UFA year with his deal.

    I’d expect DZ to get similar treatment as Dubi/Cally, ditto for Stepan. I could see McDonagh getting a similar deal as Staal.

  36. He actually appears in 2 categories- “buried” for $5.6M cap hit, and “non-roster” for $6.5M. Lol

  37. If this Cap Benefit Recapture formula is as it’s been suggested (which apparently it might not be), if Richards retires in the final three years of his deal, the Rangers would now get a cap hit of $5.7m for however many years were left on the contract, rather than zippo.

  38. “Cap Benefit Recapture formula”? Am I gonna have to recruit Board members from my synagogue to figure out what youse guys is talkin about?

  39. Henrik Lundqvist mental assessment: experiencing sympathetic postpartum depression after the birth of his daughter, resulting in total lack of focus.

  40. Realistically, it shouldn’t apply to existing contracts, only going forward. Why punish teams that already committed? But you never know. I would be very surprised if NHLPA agreed to extend it to existing contracts, if anything. How do you like that rule being called *Benefit*?

  41. Or say Richards gets traded after six years (five from now) and then retires with one year left, the Rangers would get stung for $17m in that year.

  42. Mannu, I am rich with love. But I just realized there are holes in the knees of my favorite work pants. So really, I’m a hobo.

  43. It will be good to have the Rangers back again. A few thoughts…Sauer might never play again. ZsaZsa’s shoulder seems fine. To create some cap space…trade Nash for Dubi straight up. Get Wayne Deadden to sign with Minsk. Are we still paying Dreary?

  44. Joekuh - Want some waffle with that board? on

    Speaking of lack of focus, there’s a story that Carp told of Richter doing a dance to pre-faceoff music and getting scored on after we lost a faceoff. The point of this story is…….thank god there’s hockey to talk about again!

  45. I’m finally starting to get excited! I’ve been so drained from work and having no hockey has been depressing. I can’t wait to see Nash!

  46. IBleedRangersBlue on

    After the deal got done….one thing I never heard about again even though it was a hot topic for two months is the make whole 300 M….did that end up staying in the cba? Snd if salaries arent being rolled back what is the 300 mil for?

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