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  1. Waffle board success on

    Love that I am now excited about reading the blog… I’m a sucker and can’t wait to see Nash on the ice…

  2. So forgive my lack of knowledge, but have the new Rangers had any chance to play together at all since the lockout? Or will training camp be the first chance Nash has had to play with anyone?

  3. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Carped already…mid season form carpinator


    Neil was a beast!!

    Will mcilrath get a shot if sauer isn’t healthy?

    Is sauer healthy?

    Gabby 100%?

    I think Nash is with brich, gabby has proven over the years to be able to score plenty without a top centre

  4. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Perhaps if you hadn’t purchased your MacBook from bettman, it wouldn’t be an issue ;)

  5. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    That sucks about sauer, I really feel for him. He may have played his last game as a ranger depending on mcilraths development

  6. sauer may never play hockey again. This is huge for him

    How much better are the rangers with nash in the line up?

  7. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Chris f
    He is soooo bad right now people want redden to play instead of him

  8. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Haven’t heard yet, they would be stupid not to…well bettman is in charge

  9. I don’t understand why die hards who missed their favorite team/sport are “suckers”. Life is too short to not take part in the things you enjoy. Anyone who tries to tell you different is selling something or stupid.

    I for one didn’t complain about the lock out. It stunk and was typical of the league but I for one havent been around because of 10,000 things going on in my life. Not to mention the best way to not torture myself was to just kinda block out hockey from the vocab until we were actually going to see some games.

  10. McIlrath needs to learn to stop getting suspended so he can actually get some ice time in Hartford.

    I except the “training camp” to basically be the guys on opening night sans maybe an extra few players like Newbury, Gilroy, Haley and maybe Kolarik and Segal. I’d be very surprised if any young player other than Kreider is even brought up. My guess is they take Haley and/or Newbury as the extras.


    Del Zotto-Eminger/Bickel

  11. Hey gang.

    Mondays suck.

    Also I STILL hate the Nash deal but whatever’s now, I suppose he could be good. His contract looks even worse with the lower cap starting next year though.

  12. The Rangers shouldnt have a problem with the salary cap. We are at 59.4 right now (not counting Del Zotto)

    That extra space, plus the deletion of Drury, Rupp and unfortunately Sauer, will more than cover the raises of Stepan, Hagelin and McDonagh

  13. Don’t be speaking no sense to me Manny, I like being bitter and cranky over that deal. Makes me look tougher. Hahaha

  14. Its so great to see youse/us talking hockey…
    Right now I don’t even mind seeing line combos…

  15. Oleo…
    Those first 2 lines could be scary…
    I’d never thought Gaborik would be second line…haha!
    And just think…Our Rangers have cap space…

  16. I look at our D and I worry that our top 3 guys don’t get burned out again, even in a short season. Imagine one of the top 3 get hurt for an extended period. I know there are a few FA out there still. Any chance there’s someone decent we can plug in as a #4 D? I like MDZ, but I’m not convinced Torts does, and if his minutes go away, that means McD/Staal/Girardi get overworked.

    Bickel stinks (I know some of you love him, but…well….he’s at best a 7th D), and Stralman, is only a 10-15 minute a game d-man, and Eminger, well some games he looks like he could be good, and other games, just awful.

    I just want a steady 4th defenseman who could give us 15-20 minutes a game and not make any huge mistakes very often. Sauer was that guy, until he got hurt, Could McI be him?

  17. DZ was 3rd on the team (for D) in average ice time last season and 54th in the league overall. For arguments sake there’s about 180 D in the league, so being in the top 3rd would mean he’s getting deployed as a marginal 1st pair/strong 2nd pairing D. I think that’s a sign of trust.

  18. CARP,

    If I am understanding this correctly, Wade Redden can be bought out of his contract prior to 2013 season with no penalty to the salary cap. Is this correct and when can it happen or how soon will it happen??

  19. Buyouts come after this season and you’re allowed two amnesty buyouts over the next two offseasons.

    The current cap is essentially last year’s cap + 10% overage that was allowed during the offseason.

  20. In a 48 game season, Rick Nash will only have to score 57 goals to not be considered a bust by the majority of Rangers fans.

  21. Looks like camps by Saturday at earliest, more probably Sunday or Monday. Hope for 48-game season opening night Jan. 19.

  22. I really, really don’t think Bickel stinks. At all. He’s a fine #6. I wouldn’t even mind him on our 4th line of forwards if our team wasn’t so deep.

    What’s the problem with Bickel?

  23. I’m with you Manny…
    I thought Bickel did pretty good last season…I’ve seen far worse and
    I think he can be better. He’s a big body, not a afraid to hit, and damn can
    he drop the mitts.
    Plus he can kick some serious cooke on opening faceoffs!

  24. Yea. I would play Bickel over Rupp on that 4th line. At least Bickel can, and will, fight people.

  25. Bickel is definitely better than Eminger. I think it’s unfair to get all over Strahlman as well. He was put out there in some situations that were above his head because of the length of the games. Those games in OT and multiple OT, well, we needed to share the load on D and Stralhman got in there in a few situations where a top pair should have been and he got burned a bit when he missed hip checks and didn’t pinch fast enough.

  26. Rupp is useless. If you can't skate, you shouldnt be playing on

    Rupp is useless. If you can’t skate, you shouldnt be playing, especially for a Cup contending team. The sky is blue.

  27. Im not a fan of Bickel either, but I don’t expect the team to be the same by the time the playoff starts.

    I expect one forward and one d-man to be added. Not sure what caliber of player, but I expect some changes given the cap space and limited window we have…

  28. Let the empty “Thank You’s” begin. For this email for the Panthers (I apologize for the length):

    The Florida Panthers are back! As I am sure you are aware the NHL and NHLPA have tentatively agreed to a
    new collective bargaining agreement, pending ratification, which means your Southeast Division Champion
    Panthers will begin their title defense later this month.  
    Needless to say, we know how challenging the lockout period has been for all of our supporters and hockey fans
    everywhere and before moving on, we want to sincerely apologize for the trying time that you had to endure.
    We realize that we must now go that extra step to show you how much we truly appreciate your dedication, loyalty
    and fandom and we are more than prepared to do so as our Panthers prepare to “Get It On” and make another
    run toward the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  
    In that vein, and to truly recognize your incomparable dedication to this franchise, we have decided to dedicate this
    season to the fans with our new “7th Man” initiative. Panthers fans are the best and most passionate in the NHL,
    and we want to recognize you all season long with a host of special experiences and promotions.
    The most important thing, though, is we make sure the BB&T Center is packed and rocking all season long. So spread
    the word, and make sure all of South Florida knows that all your favorite Cats are back and ready to defend that
    Division title…ready to recapture that RED magic from last season.  
    RED is truly Rising in South Florida, and we feel so lucky to have you and your fellow fans behind this franchise. Thanks
    again and see you on Opening Night.
    Best regards.
    Michael R. Yormark
    Florida Panthers

  29. Also do we know how trades will work with regard to eating contracts.

    For example if the Rangers wanted a guy with a big contract/cap hit can the other team swallow part of the cap hit like Washington did with Jagr…

  30. Good afternoon all! All those talks, and we still have the hartnelling shootout! Byfuglien! :) (please don’t bother to correct me….i know one thing has nothing to do with the other)

    Carp, your column totally proves why institutional memory is the most under appreciated part of journalism….:) Great job.

    I just may have to go to Greenburgh with a sign welcoming back the boys :)

    welcome back Staal and all!!

  31. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Nothing really as a 3rd pair guy. Some folks just think your top 6 d men should be all HOFers

  32. What else are we to do Manny? I predict (I think I said this in 2004) that MSG will be “sold out” through the season…..and that cows across the country are being readied to sell for pieces at $18.50 a pop.

  33. oleo

    There’s supposed to be some provision for that in there (thanks to Brian Burke complaining for years), but no real detail is out yet. Based on previous ideas that came out, it’ll probably be pretty limited and complex. Can’t believe there will be any Jagr-type deals permitted.

  34. Gravy, for Beckenbaugh on

    Bickel stinks, Rupp stinks, MDZ stinks….all we need is a “Boyle is a dime-a-dozen”, and we’ll be in mid-season form. Or is it quarter-season form?

  35. bull dog line on

    I know you are joking LW,
    but, this is not a deep team right now. they are going to need Kreider to be good, and Hagelin to continue to be good. Miller and Thomas have to be ready when called upon. injuries happen. if healthy, this is a Stanley Cup contender.

  36. Via Cap Geek:

    Teams can retain salary/cap hit for up to three SPCs, to a maximum aggregate cap hit of 15 per cent of upper limit.

    Up to 50% of SPC can be retained in trade. An SPC can be traded twice with salary/cap hit retained.

    That’s about $9.6M in cap money teams can retain in trades, under a $64.3M upper limit.

  37. bull dog line on

    no LW,
    he underachieved. Miller will eventually replace him. its more an acknowledgement of Dubi’s value.

  38. Seems more flexible than expected, on the face of it. So plan should be to trade Anson Carter to the Flames for Iginla, with the Flames keeping half the cap hit.

  39. bull dog line on

    yeah sort of. I think Miller will eventually replace Anisimov. Miller’s game fits the Rangers very well. I liked what I saw of him in tournament, and he was playing very well with the Whale before he left. Dubi brought a different element to the game. he could play physical when needed. had value even when he was not scoring. Dubi will be harder to replace.

  40. Seems pretty generous, LW….If that’s the case, it’s good news for both high and low spending teams…

  41. Since capgeek is posting it on their website, it appears more CBA details should be coming up soon, no…

  42. Stralman was one of our best players in the playoffs last year….He actually played like a solid #3-#4 guy. I was very surprised and impressed. Regarding Bickel/Emingers by now you guys know my opinion on this.

  43. Oh dear, seems like Visnovsky really doesn’t want to show up on Long Island. He was _so_ keen when he tried to get the trade annulled too…

  44. Exactly on Stralman, Lev. I suspect Bickel may surprise us this year. but even without that, he brings a different dimension to their defense.

  45. I’d like to share one final thought on Lundqvist before I stop mentioning it anymore. You all can think I’m insane for having an issue with Henrik (seeing as how he’s the best goalie in the league for 4 years running), but he is not the best he can be. He too has room for improvement, especially with the mental aspect of his game. I believe we can win Stanley Cups with him and because of him, and I believe we’ll win the Cup this year because of him. Without him, we’re not even a playoff team. I’d appreciate either no response or a peaceful, mature response. Preferably no response.

  46. If Biron is our starting goalie last year we still make the playoffs last year. Most definitely not as the #1 team in the East but somewhere in the 5-7 spot I would guess. For the first time last year Lundqvist didnt have to do absolutely everything for the team. This year he will probably have to do even less. Or at least that is the idea behind getting Nash here and having one of the best if not the best D in the league. We are definitely a playoff team without Hank but we are not contenders without him. If we win the cup I think it’s “with” him not ” because” of him. 2 years ago I would not have said this.

  47. Staying in the KHL all season, ilb. Presume this means he’ll get suspended and his contract tolled, like the last player who didn’t want to play for them.

  48. Dubinsky will forever get credit from me for throwing himself in there to defend Boyle. Guy was a seemingly great teammate and a someone who played hard. I wish him all the best.

    If I were Miller I wouldn’t want to replace Anisimov or Dubinsky since everyone was constantly on them for underachieving.

  49. Visnovsky also worried that as a Slovakian defenseman, he would get traded away by a terrible GM and turn into a dominant, All-Star player.

  50. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I think the 100th poster on this thread should get an autographed….

    Ah, nevermind

  51. bull dog line on

    I think Dubi underachieved last season. he has an awful year. I don’t think he underachieved in any other year. Anisimov underachieved every season he played.

  52. I was actually curious to see where Maria Kirilenko lived. I was thinking that if she lives in Russia, well, I doubt he comes back.

  53. LMAO….”season” opener still days away and already the heads know who will rise or fall on their sticks, so to speak…..I love this place!

  54. Dubinsky will probably put up 25 goals this season. But I for one was losing my taste for him because of his playoff performances. One big goal doesn’t equate to the kind of player we need for late April/May. Not saying Nash is a savior either but Dubinsky was given his shot more than once (prior to diminishing ice time last season of course)

  55. I still think we’ll win it this year “because” of him. We definitely have more scoring this year, and that will help if we make the playoffs, but he’s still our best player and hot goalies have a way of carrying a team to a Cup. Carp suggested in his article for the paper that Henrik will play a larger percentage of the games this year, seeing as how there’s only 48. But with those 48 games fit into a compact schedule, a viable backup, and his physical and mental health the team’s top priority, I hope we are a little lenient with the use of him, get into the playoffs with a top 4 seed preferably or ultimately any seed, and then ride him to the Cup.

  56. Ovy’s agent has confirmed he will be back in US this week, no surprise on Visnovsky.
    Dubi will do well for CBJ i think, but they will stink this year

  57. Dubinsky, IMO, isn’t a very good player. Maybe he’s got potential and could succeed in a different system with a different coach. But when you can’t make a pass, you can’t control a pass on your stick, you cant shoot, I doubt it. He may pick up 20+ goals this year, only because someone has to do the scoring on the lowly teams, they cant get shut out every game, and depending on their roster, he may get more TOI and/or PP time.

  58. Actually (and thanks for the word on Ovi)…..Can Dubinsky play? Didn’t he break something blocking a shot in a league in Anchorage?

  59. Yea. Dubinsky was pretty hurt last year. Hard to judge his career on that performance. Especially since he came back for the playoffs I believe.

  60. otto going to back off his demand for over $3 million per year?

    He might have pinched at the wrong time.

  61. Dubi was back playing for the Aces on 12/28. I know because i looked it up the other day.

    Anyone here play Xbox? Just got one cheap and trying to figure out how to set it up and use it,lol

  62. Just my opinion. He is a 6th year player this season, I wasn’t judging his abilities based on last year. We’ll see.

  63. Dubinsky only missed five regular season games last year (but 11 in the playoffs).

    It was the season before he missed more time.

  64. uh oh Torts, fatigue admitted………….

    “I think everyone has a sour taste from last year,” said winger Carl Hagelin, who scored 14 goals with 24 assists as a rookie last season. “We obviously didn’t want to lose, but especially not against the Devils. Maybe we were a bit tired the last couple of games against them, but at the same time, we know we have a strong group and everyone will want to improve from last year.”

    from: http://aol.sportingnews.com/nhl/story/2013-01-07/nhl-lockout-news-ny-rangers-schedule-rick-nash-henrik-lundqvist-atlantic-divisio?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=jessespector

  65. Yea. Nash Sucks. All those inflated numbers from playing on such an inferior team. He’s going to totally disappear on the Rangers like that Dubinsky guy.

  66. Nash’s jock strap shouldnt be mentioned in the same sentence as Dubinsky. It’d be an insult to Nash’s jock strap :)

  67. Mr. Scott is now protecting Ryan Miller up in baby Buffalo. Will no doubt score the game winner in game 48 against us.

  68. Well, I havent posted since that awful night last spring which seems so long ago. But I come on and find that Dubi/Artie/Nash are still being discussed and maybe it wasn’t that long ago. Or maybe youse guys are desperate for material after day 113 or whatever it is. Oh Well, DROP THE PUCK! LGR!

    Oh Carp, shouldn’t Bettman be wearing the bucket?

  69. I’d figure shooting % would be an ok stat with you bull dog. It’s not one of those fancy Corsi/QualComp/Fenwick/PDO/Zone Start calculations.

  70. bull dog line on

    ah, I’m just grumpy today. I don’t mind any of your STATS. I think they are all equally meaningless, but they don’t bother me.

  71. 4generations 4 cups on


    carp i told you we’d all come back. we all love the game way too much, as well as your blog.

  72. That’s classic. Scott Johnston to Buffalo. I wonder what incident including Milan Lucic led to that signing….

    Who wants to bet they make him fight Tyler Myers daily to toughen the lad up?

  73. Not even gonna lie ive been waiting for lockout to end and fully intend on going to games and wearing my already owned jerseys…cally winter classic and brand new white Nash ive been saving since before lockout…maybe im a sucker but i love my Rangers and idc if its a 10 game season ill be screaming my aasen off

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