The lockout is over! Start the (shortened) season


While you (and I) were sleeping:

By Ira Podell
The Associated Press

NEW YORK — The NHL and the players’ association reached a tentative agreement early Sunday to end a nearly four-month-old lockout that threatened to wipe out what was left of an already abbreviated season.

A marathon negotiating session that lasted more than 16 hours, stretching from Saturday afternoon until just before dawn Sunday, produced a 10-year deal.

“We’ve got to dot a lot of Is and cross a lot of Ts,” Commissioner Gary Bettman said. “There’s still a lot of work to be done.”

The collective bargaining agreement still must be ratified by a majority of the league’s 30 owners and the union’s membership of approximately 740 players.

Under the negotiated CBA, free-agent contracts will have a maximum length of seven years, but clubs can go to eight years to re-sign their own players. Each side can opt out of the deal after eight years.

The pension plan was “the centerpiece of the deal for the players,” said Winnipeg Jets defenseman Ron Hainsey, who took part in negotiations throughout the process.

The actual language of the pension plan still has to be written, but Hainsey said there is nothing substantial that still needs to be fixed.

The players’ share of hockey-related income, that reached a record $3.3 billion last season, will drop from 57 percent to a 50-50 split. The salary cap for the upcoming season will be $70.2 million and will then drop to $64.3 million in the 2013-14 season. All clubs will have to have a minimum payroll of $44 million.

After the sides stayed mostly apart for two days, following late-night talks that turned sour, federal mediator Scot Beckenbaugh worked virtually around the clock to get everyone back to the bargaining table.

This time it worked — on the 113th day of the work stoppage.

George Cohen, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service director, called the deal “the successful culmination of a long and difficult road.”

“Of course, the agreement will pave the way for the professional players to return to the ice and for the owners to resume their business operations,” he said in a statement. “But the good news extends beyond the parties directly involved; fans throughout North America will have the opportunity to return to a favorite pasttime and thousands of working men and women and small businesses will no longer be deprived of their livelihoods.”

Time was clearly a factor, with the sides facing a deadline of Thursday or Friday to reach a deal that would allow for a 48-game season to start a week later. Bettman had said the league could not allow a season of fewer than 48 games per team.

All games through Jan. 14, along with the All-Star game, have been canceled, claiming more than 50 percent of the original schedule.

All schedule issues, including the length of the season and what the look of the schedule, still need to be worked out.

Without an agreement, the NHL faced the embarrassment of losing two seasons due to a labor dispute, something that has never happened in another North American sports league. The 2004-05 season was wiped out while the sides negotiated hockey’s first salary cap.

 AP photos, above.

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  1. The question now is will the rangers be able to sign there rfa’s next year and will they be able to re-sign Callahan, girardi and lundqvist and kreider after the 2013-2014 season?

  2. IBleedRangersBlue on

    and does anyone have ESPN’s phone number…if apreciate it if someone would give them a call and let them know the lock outs over…thanks

  3. IBleedRangersBlue on

    TY carp…watched all the videos…for some reason the live stream isnt working…you might have to live in canada to see it i dont know…but thanks

  4. Czechthemout!!! on

    Line guessing time.

    Hagelin Richards Gabby

    Nash Stepan Cally

    Kreider JT Miller Pyatt

    Halpern Asham Crapp/Haley

    McD DannyG

    Staal Mdz

    Stralman ?/? Boy do they need Sauer. Too bad he cant play.

    Some wildcards are Christian Thomas and Dylan Mcilrath.
    Thomas has played very well and getting better all the time. Big time shot from the point on the pp. dont know if the Rangers would be bold enough to use him there this season.

    Mcilrath has played pretty well since his return from injury. Should be even better in the next few weeks as he gets his legs back.

  5. carp

    i will be at the games and watching center ice all the time. will not buy merchandise just my ticket

  6. LW3H @LW3H
    Bettman: “We’ve got to dot a lot of Is and cross a lot of Ts.” Only two Is and one T in “I quit”, so presumably not everything people want.
    Retweeted by Rangers Report



  7. Trying to look at some details of the agreement:

    Surprised to see the league agreed to 35% contract variance, and 50% drop off on the last year. Gives some flexibility to the high spending teams. Also, $64.3M cap last year all but assures that players escrow will be way above 10%, if not closer to 20%, depending on projected revenue, and some of it will definitely not come back after next year. I guess they wanted to make sure they can stay with their teams, and not worry about moving their families too often.

  8. Not last year, next year, dammit!

    CTO- also, JT is a R winger even though he’s been used as center at WJC, Bickel and Eminger are signed too…

  9. I could care less about what side did better, or who got what! At least 8 years of Hockey with no lock-out, strike or shutdown!!!

    Can’t wait to see Rick Nash with this team.

    I think this shortened season really benefits the Rangers in terms of the style that Torts plays!


  10. The hill we were prepared to die on turned out to be a mound.

    Our fans are the greatest in the world. Thanks to that, they should expect to see a rise in ticket increases, especially in big market teams. We earned our share back from the players, now we need our fair share from the fans.

  11. Ok. I proved to myself that I do care and that I truly love the game by following all this lockout garbage – even if only peripherally.

    Being it Carp!

  12. Are youmkiddingme! USA gold!!! Tortorella time! The Kreider. The Nash!!! Captain cally!!! The king! We got HOCKEY!!!!!!! I’m like Greg zzzzzzz our Canadian positiveness personification!!!!

  13. Is Gabby healthy and ready to go? What about MDZ, Nash and Hags injuries?

    Truly a shame about Sauer. You have to figure at this point that Sauer’s career is over.

  14. WooFreakin’Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Carp Called it a couple of days ago!!!

    The season will look like its over then out of the darkness a deal will be made! And we have hockey. Nice to see the Rangers get a chance at a cup run when the team has all the right people in place.

    The love of the game and the Rangers out way the Hate for Bettmen. The Boos will only get louder for that weasel.

    So we go to the Sioux game last night at UND. Everyone is on cloud 9 happy to have home games. Lots of USA jerseys in the crowd. The UND fan can’t wait to cheer for Rocco Grimaldi when he gets back. And see his Gold medal on display at the Ralph. It was a perfect day USA wins gold, Bison win a Championship in College football, packers crush the Vikings, and the Sioux Sweep the weekend!

    Glad to be back Carp!!!

    Have a SIOUXper Sunday :)

  16. “Without an agreement, the NHL faced the embarrassment of losing two seasons due to a labor dispute, something that has never happened in another North American sports league.” Ummmm…. Duh, it’s the only North American sports league that had done it even once. Of course two would be unprecedented. Bush league. I hope the Ranger players aren’t too fatigued from watching the world juniors or we might be in for a ton of must-win games!

  17. Any update on Sauer? Why does Tort have only one assistant? The PP stinks! Move your feet boys. If only we had a bomb from the point. Nash is a busy. Kreider is a bust!


  18. I see an old school Toews Sioux tee shirt at the “Pro” shop that night looked like something I should own. I find Mama outside waiting, she bought Parise’s new Wild Jersey for me. Knowing he was one of my favorite Sioux Players

    For the Poker room wall . . . So we’ve already broke down and spent $ on Merch. Oh we’ll.


  19. I will watch games because I can’t really be a hockey fan otherwise but will never spend money on anything merchandise wise that the NHL receives revenue from.

    At least until they can that shark Bettman.

  20. Czechthemout!!! on


    Forgot about Boyle. Thanks


    Thanks for that too. Its been a long time. Forgot about them as well.

    Revised lines

    Hagelin Richards Gabby

    Nash Stepan Kreider

    Pyatt Boyle Miller

    Halpern Asham Haley/ Crapp

    McD DannyG

    MDZ Staal

    Strahlman Bickel

    Eminger Gilroy/ Mcilrath

    Possible call ups Christian Thomas.

    Possible training camp invitee to make the team may be Oscar Lindberg. He has been tearing it up in Sweden.

  21. Josh, 26!

    Got my Prust jersey on today that I got on St Paddy’s Day with Blogmama! Bittersweet to have hockey coming back, but without the Brandons. Oh well. Life goes on. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I still have the Thank-You Fans banner the garden handed out after the last lockout. What are they going to do this time? It was also painted on the rink surface…..


  23. I stayed in the loyalty program with my half season tickets. Though, I am on the fence about NHL merchandise. I wanted to get a new home blue jersey, but remain hesitant to make the purchase. While I may change my mind, it is not something I see myself doing for a while.

    Just glad hockey is back!

  24. I hope Torts does not play McD and Danny G. 50 minutes a game with the shortened season, haha! Also, I hope all the players come in shape. Lots of skating for them coming up soon.


    happy 26th mrs. manny!!!

    I don’t care about the details either…just want to fire up Dolanvision and watch our boys!!!!

  26. Czechthemout!!! on

    Just some random thoughts on the team.

    -On paper, this team looks primed to contend for the cup. But as we all know, the game is not played on paper.

    -A line of Nash Stepan Kreider can be very scary for the rest of the league to play against.

    -As a group, we have the best defense in the league. Our first pair is in my opinion the best pair in the game.

    -Anything less than a Stanley Cup final appearance will be a huge disapointment. Only weakness i can see is the lack of a good shot from the point on the pp.

  27. It’s ok, CTO, it’s been awhile. also, you put Halpern on the L while he is one of the better defensive centers.

    Happy 26th., mrs. Manny! The next (first) lunch/dinner at Bogota Bistro is on ilb/mrs ilb/little ilbster

  28. Should we expect Kreider on the opening day roster? I remember reading that they weren’t definitely going to start him because he came out of the gate a little slow for the Whale.

  29. I hope we do just start him. I think he will play better with better players surrounding him. I know that can probably be said about a lot of players, but I think it Kreider’s case it is definitely true.

  30. Can we get to work on a remake of the Soft Cell’s song, “Tainted Love” rearranging the lyrics to “Tainted Cup” ?

  31. Czechthemout!!! on


    That could work well too. Stepan and Gabby have played well together in the past. And Step an Kreider have played well before as we all know.


    Halpern will play center. You are right. But he wont play on the first night of Passover.

  32. Such a shame about Sauer. A lot of promise there. Glad Hockey is back and No Carp I will not spend dime one this year. But I will be watching as always.

  33. Def Richards-Nash together. Gabby may play PP with the 2 of them though…could be a pretty nashty PP Unit!

  34. It’s been so screwed up for so long that I cannot recall what normal was like.
    Who are these masked men? I keep[seeing Hagelin’s name coming up in a derogatory fashion and can’t help but wondering what happened.

    I used to be able to get msg feeds on my
    TV but now I wonder.

    London man and AZ man, do you pick them up with no sweat?

  35. Ria(the silent bonehead) on

    This must be the “miracle” of the 3 Kings!!!!!! Merry little Christmas everyone.

  36. I am happy to face Prust in a fight on pay-per-view. But I reserve the right to lock him out right before the bout starts, and replace him with a small child.

    Plus, any revenues generated by this event will not be considered hockey-related.

  37. Looks like short training camp roster—–>

    Guess we won’t see Matt Maccarone trying to make the roster this year….

  38. I am so freakin pumped!!!!!!!!!! Let’s play some hockey boys. I could not have woken up to better news today.

  39. Does this mean I can finally move the nets back out into the middle of my street?

    Yes? AWESOME! I’m painting my face for work tomorrow!

    As Rodney Dangerfield so eloquently stated “I’m goin to Hawaii!! I’m goin to Hawaii!!”

  40. Welcome back, ORR. I too was gone for quite a while during the lockout. Honestly up until two or three days ago I completely forgot we traded for Nash and I was one of the biggest supporters of the idea of getting him. Hah! John, last I read Gaborik is good to go in regards to the shoulder. Just needs to get back to good ol’ U S of A after spending holidays in the motherland.

  41. Hope gabby didn’t overdo it in Slovakia with the pilsner or torts will have him barfing on Thursday at the guts out skate.

  42. Olga Folkyerself on

    Meh. Why the 16 hour session? They had a few more days to string it out…

    I’ll be back to watching games on MSG, but the wallet remains closed. No game tickets, no merchandise, no Center Ice. Thanks to the lockout, I learned to do without them, I can continue to do so indefinitely.


  43. ilb,
    Miller is a center, who was moved to wing with the Whale. put back to his natural position on the junior team. my guess is that he will play left wing, if and when the Rangers bring him up.

  44. the lines will be,
    Nash, Richards, Gabby.
    Kreider, Stepan, Cally.
    Pyatt, Boyle, Hagelin.
    Rupp, Halpern, Asham

  45. CT,
    I would too, but I am just guessing at what Torts will do. flipping Cally, and Gabby, makes the most sense.

  46. Helll Ya!!!!

    Id go:

    Nash Richards Hags
    Gabby Stepan Kreider
    Cally Boyle Kolarik (torts loves the kid supposedly)
    Pyatt Halpern Rupp/asham


  47. think Gaborik-Richards isn’t happening … until they need to shuffle. it’ll be Nash-Richards, giving them two “scoring” lines.

  48. I think Gabby has shown that he can produce with just about any decent center (I mean he produced with EC as his center at times). I’d guess the tweaking will come with which center suits Nash’s style. In some ways I’d say Stepan would be the better choice since he doesn’t carry the puck as much as Richards and would be more willing to let Nash do the heavy lifting with rushing the puck.

  49. But we all know torts will change lines once a game so there really isn’t a point to speculate as of now.

    From everything I read, Gabby is ready to go and don’t expect Sauer this year

  50. Guys will skate tomorrow … camp can’t officially begin until CBA ratified (could take a few days), and until guys can get to NY from all parts of North America (and Slovakia). If they start Wednesday, season could be 50 games beginning a week later.

  51. This is how I feel about Hockey coming back

    JERRY: (impassive) Ah, I’m a little turned off.
    GEORGE: (standing) C’mon, what’re you talking about?
    JERRY: Ahh, I’m, I’m kinda soured.
    GEORGE: You’re soured?
    JERRY: Yeah, I’m soured.
    GEORGE: Don’t be soured.
    JERRY: I’m sorry. I’m soured.
    GEORGE: What’re you kidding me? We were all getting along so well.
    Where is all this coming from?
    JERRY: Well, you know, frankly, I don’t think she was too concerned about my
    GEORGE: What’re you talking about?! She’s very concerned! She said
    she was gonna get it back.
    JERRY: (indifferent) Yeah, we’ll see.
    GEORGE: (worked up) Because if she gets it back, then you’ll have no reason
    to be sour. You’ll de-sour, right?
    JERRY: I’ll try and de-sour.
    GEORGE: (aggravated) Oh, that’s not good enough! You don’t try and de-sour.
    You have to sweeten too!
    JERRY: (sharp) I’ll try! I’ll try and de-sour and sweeten.
    GEORGE: I wanna get it back when we were the Gatsbys.
    JERRY: I still don’t know what that means.

  52. How much of that $18 goes to the NHL? Because if it’s more than $.01 you should probably pack your own Prime Rib Sandwich.

    I am sure Boomer will have a “CBS Sports Minute” about the Lockout ending. Isn’t it ridiculous that a 24/7 Sports network has a “Sports Minute”? Wouldn’t that be more appropriate on say, 880AM?

  53. I have to imagine they’ll have a similar style schedule as the 95 season with only intra-conference play?

    Would you go with:
    6 games vs all teams in the division = 24
    2-3 games vs the other teams in the conference = 20-26

    4 games vs all teams in the division = 16
    3-4 games vs the other teams in the conference = 30-34

  54. My islander fan “friend” just said the isles have 21 games against Stanley cup contenders? Who be they?

  55. bull dog line on

    I would go with the 2nd one CT. top 8 is the conference make it. division play not as important.

  56. How soon we forget

    A moment of silence, please

    Somewhere, far away, on a hill that proved to have absolutely no strategic or tactical value, there lies a lonely, unmarked grave.

    All that remains of Bill Daly

    So sad

  57. Rangers, penguins? Flyers? Are fleury and universe goalies for Stanley cup contenders. Hate to say it if the rangers don’t make the finals trade everyone

  58. Which is unfortunate bull dog. I’d imagine any move to get the conferences back to two division with the 1st two rounds of the playoffs intra-division play would be highly welcomed by the hardcore fans. But you’d have either asymmetric divisions with the current number of teams or that would require the expansion/contraction of 2 teams.

  59. Leaves? Seriously I am trying to figure this out. Five vs rangers flyers and pens and three vs bruins and caps?

  60. what i find pathetic is the nhis was nhl network has no shows on today. if this was mlb or nfl network live shows all day long.

    whether we finish 1st or 8th just get into the playoffs. this 48-50 gm season will be a dogfight

  61. I bet we go 4-1 against flyers 3-1-1 vs pens 4-0-1 vs devils and 1-3-1 vs islanders just because.

  62. bull dog line on

    ottawa is going to be very good for a lot of years. have some real good prospects that are very close. goaltending is an issue.

  63. there has to some balance btwn div games and conf games

    no 7 div games and home and home vs rest of conf

  64. The problem with a 2 division conference in the East is that you’d have to break up the current Atlantic division.

    With the current teams you could have

    NE/Atlantic teams: Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Buffalo, NYR, NYI, NJD
    Atlantic teams: Pittsburgh, Philly, Washington, Nashville (swap with Winnipeg), Carolina, Florida, Tampa

    Central/NW teams: Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Columbus, Minnesota, Dallas, Winnipeg
    Pacific/NW teams: LA, Anaheim, SJ, Phoenix, Colorado, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver

  65. Ottawa? I remember them making the playoffs and giving us a huge run for our money. They are not bad.

  66. CT, you’re awesome
    and yeah gotta agree with Manny. The Sens were no freakin pushovers!

  67. The Rangers just need to get into the playoffs, anywhere 1-8, but avoid the other seven teams that are all nightmare matchups.

  68. bull dog line on

    Ottawa gave us trouble because the Rangers did not show up for 3 games. the four games the Rangers showed up for, they won. remember?

  69. Or Anderson is a perfectly decent, if not outstanding, starter and Bishop and Lehner are both fairly highly regarded prospects…

  70. But they have Ben Bishop, the Stormtrooper! I just don’t see Ottawa as a “bad” team.

  71. Right! Thanks bull dog. I totally forgot that. I must not have shown up for the conversation.

  72. Or Anderson is average, if not below average. And prospects are just that, prospects. They’ve never proven anything on the NHL stage.

  73. Ottawa is not a bad team at all and will be good for a while even after Alfredsson hangs them up. They’re not cup contenders yet but a few tweaks and they may be in the running sooner than people think. Anyone think Isles may finish ahead of Devils? (14th and 15th place respectively would be nice)

  74. Ben Bishop has. I guess he’s no Braden Holtby (AHL player of the month) but …….. he looked good. And has a stormtrooper helmet.

  75. Spezza managed to stay healthy so that was important. The bigger question is whether anyone thinks Milan Michalek is going to score on more than 16% of his shots again (when he’s more of a 12% shooter).

  76. They have this little kid…can’t remember his name. I think he plays defense, maybe pretty good? Oh, right, Karlsson.

  77. So far nobody mentioned Chris Neil….I thought he was a big reason why we went 7 games with Ottawa….as crazy as that sounds….

  78. And whether Karlsson can be the 6th defenseman (Lidstrom, Boyle, Gonchar, Visnovsky, Niedermayer) since the last lockout to basically repeat a point per game while playing virtually the entire season

  79. But cup contenders? I wonder with cam ward and a really revamped lineup just how good the hurricanes will be. As for the rangers they have shall we say expectations

  80. They’ve got Karlsson, Spezza, an old Daniel, and like NYR fan said, Neil. That’s it. In the weakest division in hockey. Everything else they have is spare parts.

  81. Depends which Cam Ward they’re getting. The one that backstopped them to the finals and the conference finals? Or the one that every of other year of his career has been a league average to below average goalie?

  82. Michalek can be good, Cowen is growing into a solid middle pair D. They’re not contenders, but could definitely be in the mix in the 6 through 10 slot in the conference.

  83. Cam Ward is average at best. The Hurricanes are the perfect example of riding a hot goalie to a Cup.

  84. bull dog line on

    Turris is a pretty good player.they have high hopes for Zibanejad, Silverberg, and Stone. and they signed Latendresse as an UFA.

  85. Manny

    Do you recall the originator of that quote, “uncomon valor” etc.?

    If not, then it was Admiral Nimitz describing the Marines actions on Guadalcanal
    early on during WWII

  86. In the east, the near locks for the playoffs should be:


    strong playoff possibles:


    most likely out:


  87. bull dog line on

    the Rangers have already been discussed. in case you missed it, Chad Kolarik is going to be on the 3rd line.

  88. Yeah Miller’s above average, but not consistently elite. His save % has trended above league average most years he’s been in the league.

  89. Here’s to hoping the Rangers still come to south Florida 2 times this year!
    (not bloody likely)

  90. the rangers were due to play at the isles on jan 15th original schedule. if 50 gm season likely to stay

  91. Does anyone know if teams can still bury contacts in the minors? I’ve got to assume that they can this year but what about after?

  92. You know, I’m actually not that excited to have the game back. Mainly because I won’t believe its true until I see an actual puck drop. I wouldn’t put it past Bettman to pull his weight with the owners in his pocket and have the BOG vote no on the CBA. He’s that much of a snakeoil salesman.

  93. PS. I sooooooooooo wish that one the stipulations of the deal was Bettman stepping down. I sincerly hate that man.

  94. Poor Mr. Bettman! He should feel like a deflated condom, now.
    Donald – The Fair Fahr is in opposite, as a fresh cucumber – green and blotched.

  95. bull dog line on

    if that is the case, may as well keep Redden up with the Rangers. 7th Dman. could do a lot worse.

  96. I guess the issue would be whether they want to have Redden as a dead roster spot for the season. Even with his cap hit still on they might as well keep the roster space open.

  97. @CCCP@ I would love to do a fantasy league as long as its on Yahoo! Because I hate the espn interface.

    I do Fran. Love that quote. It was true as well.

  98. Why don’t we bring Redden up and then get him inured and force him to LTIR. Wouldn’t that clear his cap hit?

  99. bull dog line on

    unless I am forgetting someone. the 6th and 7th Dmen are Emminger, and Bickel. could Redden be worse? its not like he would be in the way of a younger player trying to break through.

  100. Should be able to. I am sure Wicky would be in. Latona as well. Then it’s just a matter of getting a few more. NYR?

  101. I’m exited beyond believe! However, no more NHL merchandise, cutting to min. ticket’s purchases (just excepting my sons invitations), but planning to buy new big screen flat TV set instead. Most of my surrounding has the same attitude and response to this disgraceful piggery.

  102. bull dog, it has nothing to do with Redden’s ability, or lack thereof. It’s all about the cap hit, and getting rid of it. Plus they love Bickel. Good, tough, coach-able kid.

  103. So lets do it. I will set it up if you guys want. Or @CCCP@ can do it. I just demand that we use Yahoo! and not Espn.

  104. I just got an email from C3 about the league. I’m in! Let me know if it’s moving sites though cause I’m only doing one fantasy league this year.


  105. so the poor owners(the titans of industry) will be bailed out by the rangers, leafs, and others. so next time this jack-sses tell you about there business accumen call them what they are frauds.

    i am all for revenue sharing etc. but republithugs remember that is socialism,….

  106. bull dog line on

    LW said the Rangers were going to charged with Reddens hit whether he was there or not. I feel if that is the case, keep him up.

  107. Yeah, it’s choosing between having 23 roster players plus Redden’s cap hit or having 22 roster players plus Redden’s cap hit, assuming a demotivated player who knows he’s going to be bought out in a few months isn’t of much use, even as a 7th defenseman.

  108. bull dog line on

    I think he would be highly motivated. he would be playing for an NHL contract the next season.

  109. I’ve said before though, while not massively sympathetic, it’s still unfair on Redden to have been locked out of a league he hasn’t been playing in for two years.

  110. Maybe, but can’t really see it happening. And even the $900k or so they save in cap hit by demoting him again is worth having to make other moves.

  111. Agreed bulldog. No reason to not have him skate regularly with the team in practice. He’s of no use in the AHL. Injuries always play a part in hockey. A few injuries to the defense, and his number could be called. As you said, if he has any desire to play next year for another team, motivation wouldnt be a factor.

  112. Czechthemout!!! on

    Redden on the roster? Seriously? Come on guys. Redden sucked from the first day he came here. At this point in his career, Carp is a better option on the roster than Redden. Cheaper too.

  113. Once he was down in the AHL last season, bringing him up would’ve subjected him to re-entry waivers. Having him on the roster at the start of season would’ve affected salary cap. Lastly, to say an NHL player would be demotivated is like saying he “wouldn’t care enough” which I’ve learned that on RR is considered foolish.

  114. He’s not, bull dog, but not because he shouldn’t be. Always best to keep as many options open as possible.

  115. No, if Redden had been the team’s best player for five years and didn’t carry an unfavoured team to the Cup Final because he shot some commercials, then he would be demotivated (medical term). My mistake.

  116. Manny

    You suck! And yahoo fantasy league sucks too!

    I restarted to league but I’m gonna cut some teams out…will have 10 teams this year instead of 14.

    Sally’s in! Who else? Think quick! Tickets are selling fast! :)

  117. If one player can be unmovitvated, then any player can be.

    IMO, the guy who’s fighting for his next contract is more motivated than the guy who knows he’s financially secure for years to come and knows he’s a God to his fans.

  118. bull dog line on

    Girardi, McD, Staal, MDZ, Stralman, Bickel, and Emminger. Redden is better than 3 of those guys. I get it, he’s not going to be up, but if you are paying for him anyway why not consider it.

  119. Oh man, all this yapping here make me sooooo happy!

    I’m in! I’ve always been in! But I forget whose league I’m in with! Someone help me! FB or e-mail me…..

  120. If it stays at ESPN then I am out. Unless you need me. I barely pay attention to that interface and therefore will not be a valuable member of the league.

  121. Is it completely outrageous that Redden could be motivated (unlike the complacent bum in the #30 jersey) and still have enough game to be worth a roster spot? Absolutely not.

    Are there a few other reasons why it probably won’t and shouldn’t happen? Perhaps…

  122. JimboWoodside on

    Seriously!? There will be NHL Hockey again? Before October of 2013!?

    In all honesty, I’m not too thrilled with the prospect of a season that starts in mid/late-January. I *know* I will get interested once the puck drops, but at this moment, I feel *so* ambivalent about the NHL and the players. I feel like we’ve been “used and abused”.

    Thanks to Tiki for getting me back to Bonehead-ville!

  123. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    LOL Lin ;)

    So will gabby be ready to play and is sauer’s squash any better?

  124. Injuries are a pretty good reason why he shouldnt be down in the AHL and then be subjected to re-entry waivers. In a 50 game compressed season, it’s very possible for injuries to hamper our defense… with Sauer already being done for his career. Like I said, it’s best to keep all options open… mainly because his salary and cap hit are non-issues this year.

    Let’s make this clear. Being unmotivated (or not being entirely motivated) is different from being a bum. I’ve never called Henrik a bum. If Henrik was being completely honest, he’d probably acknowledge himself that his mind wasn’t entirely focused on hockey last year, with having a pregnant wife.

  125. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    manny and cccp
    I’m in on both

    Is orr the magic goalie switcher in?

  126. I am so happy right now I don’t even hate the Islanders today……Ya I do,Potvan sucks.

  127. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    you may want to delete south detroit from your league, doubt if he plays this year

  128. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’d use Redden as the 7th defenseman if he was one of the best 7 defensemen. But not because “he’s making a lot of money so you might as well play him”.

  129. Um, Osi had a contract and wanted more, didn’t he?

    Del Zotto has no contract and should try to get as much as he can.

  130. Well Carp
    spot on deduction

    Buttman and the owners were surprised that they didn’t
    crush Fehr and NHLPA like they thought they would
    so they got what they could…which isn’t all that bad at all
    from what little i heard about new CBA

  131. it’s been sooooooooooooooo long
    i’ve gotta admit that Life swallowed me up during
    the absence of hockey and while i’m pleased that they finally
    got to real negotiating and a new CBA
    i haven’t reached that super-excited stage yet
    and what’s weird is i’ve been watching hockey since ’79
    ANYTHING hockey
    hell, i even dragged poor mrs. jpg to a junior tournament at a rink near our hotel
    in Niagara Fall, Ontario
    all that will change when they finally DROP THE PUCK!

  132. The NHL proposal that came out before New Year proposed that re-entry waivers would be eliminated anyway (presumably unnecessary with the new cap charge mechanism).

    So Redden could be ferried up and down without the same consequences of being claimed on re-entry (which was already a pretty unlikely event), if this is still in the final CBA.

  133. anyway
    HELLO again to everyone here — old and new
    i haven’t contributed much
    but i just haven’t felt like i’ve had much to contribute

  134. oh yeah
    now i remember what i wanted to say
    a Thank You to Carp
    for keeping this spot on www afloat

  135. JimboWoodside on

    Hello, jpg – I feel exactly the same way. Following the Rangers since 1967, but this last labor dispute really disgusted me and my feelings for the NHL – they are *really* “Bush-League”, to quote another of our Bonehead brothers!

  136. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    anything for you…If i wasn’t so poor from feeding all the wicksters, I’d by another macbook…LOL

    instead I keep apple in business with the iphone and imac

  137. JimboWoodside on

    I thought Macs were the be-all and end-all of personal computers!? Is there dissent among some in the Brotherhood!?

  138. could be middle of next week if ratification goes well and training camp/preseason are short. That’s the goal.

  139. Er, probably not, CCCP. Ended up in three leagues last year (winning all of them, obviously…) which was enough for me to handle.

    Please donate the fish and chips to the Brodeur lockout survival fund.

  140. Manny

    If you ever come upon a Marine wearing his dress green uniform ( or the blues) take a look to see if he had a shoulder patch that is a blue diamond with a red vertical line and a large number 1,
    in white letters with the number one displayed. It means you are looking at a member of the First Marine Division, who really made their bones during the battle of Guadalcanal.

  141. RE Manila John, he went back with his troops and eventually was killed in the battle of Iwo Jima.
    His wife never remarried.

  142. JimboWoodside on

    Sorry to hear that, Carp! Maybe the company bought some factory-seconds or refurbished models to give to employees!?

    Good to be here again – and to communicate with The *Blogfather*, too!

  143. I’m asking again. Could someone tell me if the February trade deadline is in effect this season?
    …and if answer is “yes”, why we didn’t start regular rumors about it? Puleeese!

  144. Carp, it’s really not something to be argued. When you have a pregnant wife, some of (if not a lot) your focus will be on her well-being and the baby’s well-being. It’s not that easy to completely shut that off just because you’re in a game, a playoff game, a Super Bowl, a PGA Tour major. He’s only human, though he may look like a God.

    He’ll never admit that to a reporter. And no reporter would ask that, because it’s not a tactful question. Hey, Henrik, did you have a poor performance tonight because you’re concerned about your wife’s pregnancy? Never gonna happen.

    Doesnt Henrik also suffer from migraines? He struggled his first year in the playoffs because of migraines, I believe.

  145. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    my guess is sather really wants nash and you can bet if he does, nash will be a ranger…never play trade poker with slats

  146. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    look, I don’t even know hank’s wife…the fact that she is pregnant has nothing to do with me…honest

  147. John Clark NBC10 ?@johnclarknbc10

    Snider tells NBC10, “If any of the fans are thinking of not coming back, please understand that nobody wanted this.”

    What a steaming pile of Clarke.

  148. True Blue Mike on

    I got half way through these comments and realized I have to get ready for my fantasy team!! Are any if you starting a league for the boneheads?

  149. It’s incorrect that some of his focus was on his pregnant wife and that he previously suffered from migraines. You’ll disagree just for the sake of disagreeing.

  150. it’s incorrect that you have any idea what his focus was, or that his personal life had any effect on his season — his best, by the way, and incorrect that any of your theory needs to be accepted as fact, just as your Boston, officiating and anti-New York theories/fantasies.

    also incorrect that i agree to disagree. i just disagree.

  151. Speaking about Brizg. Read a “solid” rumor, that he wants to stay in KHL. Not sure, if can. But who cares anyway…right?

  152. If he has the best season of his career every time his Mrs is eating for two, he should try for a Nylander-sized family.

  153. His best season had nothing to do with having a viable backup in Biron and playing less games than any season in his career.

    You’re also a psychologist now, on top of omniscient leader of the free world, that can definitively say what his focus was. Or maybe you’re inside Henrik’s mind??

    I see your reading comprehension is in mid-season form. I didn’t say we agree to disagree. I said that you will disagree for the sake of disagreeing with me… because you are a bully and intolerant of opinions that differ from the ones you were raised with.

    I wonder where your focus is when you’re supposed to be covering women’s HS basketball games or any of the other events you cover. Oh, right. You’re focus is here. A real professional.

  154. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook! on

    I dumped 4 teams, 3 that really didn’t participate and sally who is too lazy ;)

    So it should be a bit more streamlined and I dropped some of the stats, we should be all good for a LW repeat title!!

  155. Yes!!

    I won’t curse Carp!

    …but I think my little proclamation about the first day of the season being an all-day affair and getting inundated with “WE LOVE YOU”, “WE NEED YOU” stuff on the NHL airwaves will be over-baring, but we’ll eat it up like puddin’!

    Can’t wait to eat!

    Thank goodness!!


  156. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Hey guys if you still have an open spot on that fantasy id love to join you guys

  157. I’m not in his mind, but I think it’s fair, or even a gross understatement, to say I know him a whole hell of a lot better than you do.

    and if you’re going to start badgering me, my finger will go directly to the ban button … because, as many have learned, I no longer suffer harrassment even a little bit. Sorry, bud.

  158. I’ll take the word of millions of psychologists who have addressed the topic in studies of the human brain.

    It’s human nature. It’s unconscious. Even if Henrik thought it had no effect, it did.

    I’m not going to pretend I know how much of an effect it had on his play, or if his play suffered as a result, but I know it would be impossible for his mind to not have lost some portion of his focus.

    I like the way you went immediately to the “ban” for the women’s basketball comment. You can take personal shots, but I can’t.

  159. True Blue Mike on

    I think the Rangers should used Redden as the 6th/7th defense men, or at least how him an oppurtunity and then buy him out come summer time.

  160. Incorrect opinions of millions of psychologists and others who’ve studied the human brain.

  161. WTF does what mean? Studies of the human brain address the topic of focus, pregnancy, and the desire to bear and protect offspring… and reporters speculate frequently.

    I have no desire to be banned, so no more personal shots from me to you Carp. I’d appreciate, but dont expect, the same respect.

    You’re a sick loser and a moron, Hedberg. Carp was never going to apologize.

  162. We haven’t lost a game yet!!
    Let’s go Rangers
    Thanks Carp for hanging in with us through all of this SNL material
    Let the games begin!!

  163. What did I miss? Looks like we are trying to catch up on 3 months worth of bickering….And we also got Redden back with the big team, I see….

  164. bull dog line on

    thats right, ilb
    discussed having Redden on the team, Chad Kolarik on the 3rd line, and put JT miller back to center where he belongs.

  165. jpg haiku is back!!!!! Now we know the world is back on its axis!!!!!!

    and stupid fighting! Oh yes!!!! Welcome back everybody! If we lose the first game, I can’t wait til the season over chants begin!!!!!!

    RR lives in all its glory!

  166. LW, where did you find $325K rule for AHL players this coming year? I know they proposed to count any contract over $675K next year, haven’t seen this year’s rule yet…

  167. Was in the link I posted, ilb.

    Not entirely clear that it applies this year (or whether it is this year’s salary or cap hit that is used in the calculation), but would seem to. Brooks also tweeted that Redden’s hit would be $5.875m this year. Not sure how you get to that figure though.

  168. One of the reasons Redden was sent to AHL was because Torts thought his presence on the team was detrimental to its core. So unless that changed, he isn’t coming back regardless whether his cap hit counts or not. And I can’t really be so sure he is better than Eminger, Bickel etc. at this stage of his career because I really haven’t seen him play on NHL level for years.

  169. Captain number-cruncher CBA master! Don’t you have a diaper that needs changing? :) (fyi for those who think I’m being insulting and don’t know…he has an infant. Fair question :)

  170. Oh lordy, back to fightng again.

    Tiki, I like you, but man, you have GOT to learn when to just step away from the computer for your own sanity and serenity. Go take a walk and get some fresh air, it will do you a lot of good.

    They key question on Redden is: Can he take faceoffs as well as Bickel?

  171. i got it, LW, thanks….Sheesh, had to scroll through 300+ comments…What is this, playoffs time? :-)

  172. Had that now changed though? Link states excess over minimum salary ($525k) plus $375k, which would make Redden’s charge $5.6m.

  173. bull dog line on

    well if Redden is not better than Bickel, or Eminger, they better find somebody that is. the depth on D is weak. not the biggest of Stralman fans either. next man up on D is McIlrath.

  174. TherealmikkeyNJ on

    Glad hockeys back

    Will not buy one god d$&m thing front these liars

    Will not go to one game

    Carp, amazing pre training camp , pre season ban!!

    Hope u told him to go get his shine box

  175. The site is in midseason form. Flame wars starting…. People complaining! It warms the cockles of my heart! And as woody Allen once said there’s nothing like Hot Cockles.


  176. I think Larry was using the original proposal ( Dec 6, I think), where the league suggested anything in excess of $625 would be counted against the cap.

  177. Carp, I hope with this shortened bullcarcillo of a season, and the returning blog love, you will be relieved of you “other” job for a long while….prust saying :)

  178. Not claiming Bickel/Eminger to be Leetch/Zubov, Bull Dog, but they’re lightly-used 6/7 D-men being lightly-used as 6/7 D-men. I don’t see their presence as being an especially stark sign of a lack of depth.

    Yes, another body is probably needed, but it’s unlikely to be a huge upgrade.

  179. bull dog line on

    short season, expect injuries. they lose one of the top 4, they have big issues. the less Eminger, and Bickel are out there the better. need an upgrade on D.

  180. I like Bickel, he’s still relatively young and could be better this season.
    He can fight for sure and makes a good 6/7 dman

  181. Sure, but same could be said for most teams forced by injury to overplay their 6/7 D-men. Just wouldn’t expect much more than someone like Gilroy if they do add someone, rather than any great upgrade in advance of any adverse circumstances.

  182. wicky,

    I left the league. I wasn’t active last year and felt badly about it, so I’d rather someone eager to participate can join in. Thanks again.


  183. LW, at this point it’s the amount of limbs he’s got left to kick up and use his remote.

  184. I’ve gotta say it really sucks trying to keep up with all the posts on the mobile site with my phone. You miss like 10 minutes and by the time you catch up and refresh you’ve already missed 6229650 posts. I rounded up.

  185. holy hartnell! Season still a smidge away and the debate begins…mama love to all. LGR! I think Jan. 15 this place will blow up!!!!

  186. Wow. I missed a good argument there.

    Really though? The Vezina trophy winner had focus issues? Hank is really open, as I remember, about his level of focus during games and stretches. Come on…

  187. Man, hockey comes back and this place goes back to insanity. I love this place.

    Maybe we should just do as LW enjoyed and talk about Senators line combos for the year…

  188. Hi all.

    Redden’s contract is a cap hit this year? This fact or speculation?

    If fact, it would be changing the rules retroactively, pretty unfair if not allowing a buyout this year.

  189. Appears to be fact, Matteau! but not every detail is confirmed. Might be unfair, but not really a huge deal for the Rangers this year and I don’t think there are many players at all across the league now stashed in the AHL on large contracts.

    If this Cap Benefit Recapture Formula thing is applied to existing long-term, front loaded deals though, that might have more of an impact on a few teams (if only a few years down the line).

  190. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Thanks for being honest and we will miss you ;)

    True blue mike
    Post your email (if you don’t mind) and I will send you an invite

  191. with the new CBA there will be allowed two buyouts but not until june of this year so the rangers are stuck with reddens’s cap hit this season.

  192. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Meant to bring this up a few days ago but the Swedish goalie lundstrum reminded me a lot of hank…wonder why lol

  193. LW doesn’t it put the Rangers at a disadvantge at the trade deadline? Say for example Flames drop out and want to move Iginla?

  194. It’s just that you’re such an idiot around here I never thought you would be very good at Fantasy hockey….

  195. The HRR (hockey-related ridiculousness) is finally over!

    Life sucks without pucks.

    Glad the boys are back.

  196. Pierre LeBrun, says possible April 5th trade deadline…
    How’s that going to work?…Isn’t April 5th about the end of the season?

  197. Flames drop out and want to move Iginla? They’ll never do that, judging by the last four years..,

    But yeah, some truth to that. Depends how tight up against this year’s inflated cap the Rangers would want to be anyway. Plus you’d figure the Flames would want at least some salaried NHLers in return. Plus there might be some limited provision to trade cap space and/or salary in the new CBA…

  198. Guess we’ll have to see how the language plays out. Ability to trade cap space could mitigate the concern. Otherwise screws Rangers. Iginla is one example but I think there will be lots of activity at the deadline ths year with big contracts and cap space will be king.

  199. By the way, difference this year with Iginla is it’s his last on the contract. Hate to see us not able to make a play because of Redden.

  200. The only way the Flames let Iginla go is if it’s an agreement between him and the team and they try to move him somewhere with a real chance to win. Other than that, the Flames are not going to move Iginla unless they get something serious in return (e.g. Richards, Nash, Gaborik).

  201. Even with Redden’s cap hit, and after signing MDZ, the Rangers will not be exactly against the cap. But it’s true, it all depends on the specifics of CBA. We’ll have to wait and see what the language is.

  202. If they are out of it at the deadline why wouldn’t they move Iginla (end of his contract) for a decent player and prospects? The only marketwould be cotending teams and a contending team won’t trade a top player if they’re going for the cup. They would give Iginla a chance to win, like Boston did with Bourque.

  203. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I think the rangers traded all of their tradeable NHL players in the Nash deal as far as the organization is concerned…speculation on my part

  204. I think defense is the least of our worries. Obviously along with goaltending (although Tiki may argue otherwise…) Most teams would take McD, Staal, MDZ, Girardi as a Top 4 any day of the year. And with Sauer in the lineup that D is pretty much scary good.

  205. I understand and respect your point of view, Manny.

    Sports psychologists exist for a reason. Family issues, marital issues, financial issues, illness issues, physical and mental health issues, team-related issues. Henrik Lundqvist, Tom Brady aren’t immune to the challenges of everyday life. They’re both the greatest at what they do, but they’re human beings. Here’s a possibility I never mentioned, it’s possible Henrik sometimes loses focus in-game due to his team’s inability to score. Nobody here can claim with certainty that he does or does not lose focus. He may not even realize it himself.

    Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2005) 4, 543-549

    “Regardless of skill level or type of sport, PET’s (e.g., self-talk, imagery) allows coaches,
    trainers, athletes, and sport psychologists seemingly limitless opportunities to design treatment plans, which focus exclusively on an athlete’s intellectual, emotional, and physical strengths and weaknesses… The possible presence of fatigue, environmental stimuli (i.e., weather, visiting crowd/opponent’s verbal distractions), and performance anxiety may also contribute to an athlete’s loss of concentration, focus, and inability to think clearly.”

  206. True Blue Mike on

    Nash – Richards – Callahan
    Kreider – Stepan – Gaborik
    Hagelin – Boyle – Miller
    Rupp – Halpern – Pyatt

  207. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Good evening to you all!!!!! So nice to be here!!!!!!! So nice to see some real activity!!

    Carpy, I believe I know the answer to the “Poll” to the right. I believe the correct answer is the second answer:

    “they will be playing in January”.

  208. Why would Tiki argue goaltending is a problem for the Rangers? Maybe in someone’s imagination I’ve argued that, but that doesn’t make it so. I believe that the addition of the Rick Nash and a full year of Chris Kreider will greatly help Henrik lead us in the playoffs (if we’re fortunate enough to qualify). IMO, their addition will take some of the weight off of his shoulders, and allow him to play without the enormous burden of having to shut every team out.

  209. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Lev, about a week ago, someone wrote that Sauer is out again all year with post concussion symptoms. I would like to know if that, in fact, is true.

  210. Lev, before last season, they didn’t have Staal, Nash, Hagelin, Kreider; didn’t know McDonagh was going to be a first-pair Monster, didn’t know who would play with Richards, or if Gaborik could come back from his poor season before.

    So, on paper, yes.

  211. So, Dr. Tiki, without starting up all over again, do you really think Lundqvist lost or lacked focus last year?

    If so … wow. Just wow.

  212. Larry wrote that, Matty…

    True Blue- Miller will have to prove he belongs, it’s a short training camp, they won’t take chances. Asham is in unless he is out of shape….

  213. New poll right over there ———->

    … by the way, “no season at all” got the most votes in the last poll … which means the most wrong votes.

  214. I think there were instances in which he lacked focus. For example, the 3rd goal in Game 4 of the ECF. In your opinion Carp, is that fair?

    I think the greatest QB in NFL history, Tom Brady, lacked focus during his team’s early season loss to the Cardinals. His decision-making in that game wasn’t the decision-making of Tom Brady. Almost like Mark Sanchez inhabited Brady’s mind for one game.

  215. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Thanks, lib.

    Man oh man, if they had a healthy Sauer that’d be so much nicer. But, ok. We can hope. And hope he has it in him to recover.

    Randomly, I state I still wouldn’t mind a real banger back there. Bickel is one, but his skill set needs to improve some.

    However, it is exciting to think of how our young defense will play with a year of great playoff experience under their belt. Not to many teams jump from nothing to win a championship. These guys had to have learned a real lot last year!!

  216. Wicky©Carp jinxed my macbook and bought his from bettman! on

    woo hooo I’m the only vote, guess what I picked

  217. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Carpy, I’m pretty confident that the bottom choice on the new poll will not be selected much at all. Just a hunch.

  218. I’m out of this, Tiki.

    Nobody’s 100 percent focused 100 percent of the time, but I wouldn’t say that Lundqvist’s focus or lack of focus or lost focus was ever a problem or a weakness. Nor would I go as far as to say any bad goal was the result of a lack of focus — being a former, albeit poor, goaltender myself.

    Now, when Mike Richter gave up a goal at Nassau Coliseum because, he admitted, he was listening to the Chicken Dance … that’s lost focus.

  219. I voted for no season because if I voted for a shortened season there would have been no season. I sandbagged myself

  220. I should have been more clear from the outset. Sometimes, I forget that one things people write can be misconstrued unless perfectly worded.

    That’s all I was talking about, nobody, not even Henrik or Michael Jordan or Mariano Rivera or Tom Brady can be focused in-game 100% of the time. I was not saying that Henrik goes out there for an entire game and sits in the crease thinking to himself “I’ve gotta pick up ice cream on the way home for the wife” or “these idiots in front of me cant stick a puck in the net”

    What helps make some of the greatest athletes so great is their focus. Tom Brady’s performance year after year has all to do with constant focus (and his coach). Mariano Rivera’s focus on repeating his delivery time after time is what helps make him so great. It didn’t matter that Michael Jordan suffered from the flu in an NBA Finals, he went out there with the utmost focus on winning and not on his own ailment.

  221. So do we yet know if Redden will count against the cap? Pretty sure he will. Dont know how much of a problem it is or exactly what the implications of his buyout counting against HRR are, but they do lose the cap hit of Drurys buyout – or a large chunk of it – this year which has to help.

  222. I’d like to thank Mr. Carpiniello for the valuable service he provides to hockey fans everywhere. His traffic has grown to record numbers. I’m afraid in spite of that success, we will have to lock him out from his blog because blogs from other NHL teams still struggle to survive. The blogging prices are just too high, and blog relocation is out of the question.

    We need to reduce costs significantly so the tens of people reading the Coyotes Report can continue to enjoy their monthly postings.

    You can trust that I will bring this to a quick resolution.

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