Associated Press/Canadian Press photos by Nathan Denette.

(Photo No. 3, USA captain Jake McCabe (Caber!).


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  1. usa d and goaltending was the best. miller looked ok, played center instead of wing.

    good win. seth jones and trouba are studs………

  2. For the last ten championships the us has three golds and two bronzes. Five of our eight total medals are in the last ten years. We are just now beginning to emphasize this tournament on a real level. Of course we did come in 7th last year. When I was a student at McGill in the early to mid 90s I barely even cared about this tournament and I lived THERE. By there I mean land where this tournament is king. So a fourth place finish for THEM is unacceptable. Trust me.

  3. just late late late
    Happy (belated) New Year!!
    to all the Boneheads
    Old (hello again)
    New (hello, i’m jpg. i type funny. get used to it.)

  4. without hockey
    life has just been
    and not much else

    actually turned to nhl network last night
    and watched a couple minutes of whatever was on
    (sweden vs russia?)
    actually felt strange watching hockey because my view/cheering rhythms are off.

    back to keeping a low profile.
    see youse later

  5. there is only one thing i look at in this deal if done

    what is the cap for next year and going forward. this year at 70.2 mil no issues for rangers. after that could be.

    all other issues on table are pointless to us fans

  6. Is this optimism warranted? My wife’s birthday is tomorrow. Hopefully that luck gets us hockey.

  7. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    As much as I’ll miss the pruster, and I will, the way the cap is going to look his contract would be a killer

  8. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    Sorry to post more than once in a thread and then to make it worse it was hockey related…my apologies ;)

  9. Well then jan 19 is a must win. No fatigue. Better go 48-0. And then 16-0 in the playoffs . Unless we get five rounds with expanded format. 20-0! Lundqvist and hagelin avenge your junior team.

  10. with the season potentially coming soon, i find myself thinking about the 48 game season and how this place is going to react the first time we drop two in a row… i think we are break the record for ‘game over, season over’

  11. @JSportsnet@ : Told the pension issue was resolved a while ago. For all you Actuaries….it will be a Defined Benefits pension, funded by the players.

  12. So many games in a 3 month period, presuming playoffs start around mid-April, will leave this team out of gas by the start of the playoffs like last year. Avg of 1 game every 2 days. And physical intra-division matchups with devils, flyers, penguins.

  13. Gonna have to manage minutes differently than last year, Hedberg. Cant be playing Girardi 26 minutes a night. There’s going to 3 games in 4 nights and 4 games in 5 nights, if someone has a small injury (like Callahan), theyre going to have to be extra careful, because small injuries can turn into significant injuries with fatigue.

    Meanwhile, the Bruins will have a cakewalk to the 1 seed, filled with 5 goal blowouts of the Maple Leafs, Canadiens, and Senators.

  14. Yeah, they were out of gas when the playoffs began last year … that’s why they went to the conference finals, winning two Game 7s and a triple-OT game. They were out of gas.

    Here we go again.


    And if they were out of gas last year, then they will never, ever, ever win four rounds because they were pretty healthy and in good condition when the playoffs began.


  16. They are probably already fatigued. I don’t yet care about anything but WATCHING HOCKEY.

  17. But the Bruins will have to ride that awful backup. Tikka Rask. He stinks. I think he had a GAA of like 1.4. Crap.

  18. You mean the schedule won’t actually be massively compressed if the playoffs start in May and every other team plays the same number of games in physical divisions, Carp?

  19. Thats why it took 2 seven game series against clearly inferior teams and a conference finals loss against an inferior team.

    But you’re right Carp. No such thing as fatigue. In that case, let’s play Henrik every game and Girardi 60 minutes a night.

  20. in fact, the schedule will favor the Rangers because A) they are one of the youngest of the top teams and B) they will have to travel the least of the top teams (tied with the Devils).

  21. *IF* these negotiations succeed and we have hockey soon. Won’t the cup be tainted? Not saying I wouldn’t take it. Just that 82 is too many games anyways. Just saying. People might look down on whatever team wins the crapshoot that will be the compressed season (aside from the team that wins it of course).

  22. I dont have the exact records, but I think through about the first 62 games of the season, they were 20 games above .500.

    The rest of the season, they were. 500.

  23. if McDonagh doesn’t do a snow angel and if any of Richards, Hagelin, Girardi or Gaborik decide to pay even a little attention to Adam Henrique, maybe they get to Game 7 and the finals.

    I say it again. If they lost because they were tired then, they will never, ever, ever win a Cup ever.

    And it’s ludicrous to call any playoff team inferior.

  24. won more regular-season and playoff games than any team in the league.

    but, no, they should never lose a game or any stretch of games ever. they should have gone 72-10, maybe, then of course swept Ottawa and Washington and the Devils … if they weren’t fatigued.

  25. They lost because they couldn’t score. They went seven games in the first two rounds because they couldn’t score.

    I’m done with this conversation, if that’s what it is.

  26. If hockey is all about being the only not tired team them we should have a lot more call ups.

    That Senators team was good. Especially when combined with the uneven suspensions, ejections and penalties.

  27. I already considered the easier travel schedule. It helps, but the style of play of the team and the lack of 4th line really hurts. Like I said, minutes are going to have to be managed differently this year.

    Also likely is the Rangers will have the most stretches of 4 games in 5 nights. Last year after the NBA/lockout, the Celtics were the only team without a 4 games in 5 nights stretch, because the league-fairly- took into account their advanced age.

  28. I would also venture a guess that with more depth this year, and with the types of players they lost, they will distribute minutes differently and play a somewhat less physical game.

  29. That’s what I’m saying, Carp. You need to have two teams. Call one up and send one down night after night. KEEP people fresh! That’s the key.

  30. Their record in the tail end of the season speaks for itself. With 20 playoff games against inferior competition. It’s certainly not the sole reason, but it was a factor.

  31. Maybe three teams. Ok. Five teams. Six! Put each team in a different part of the country. Then, if you have a game in the Southeast, your Southeast team plays and all other teams are immediately sent down.

    Tort and Sully will be exhausted (and Rammer) but the players will be kept extra _Fresh_

  32. Yes, ridiculous. Torts should play Henrik every game and Girardi 60 minutes a night because fatigue (a medical term) doesnt exist. Because the omniscient leader of the free world Carp said so.

  33. @Craig Custance@ Text from plugged in player confirms things are close but hedges with “you never know.”

  34. @Nick Kypreos ?@RealKyper@
    Just watched @Sportsnet @CBC@ negotiate transmission issues in event live coverage needed here. No coincidence 2 women settled issues quickly


    As I said. Let Sally have at it.

  35. bull dog line on

    in game six against the Devs, the Rangers were the team taking it to the devils in the 2nd and 3rd periods. fatigue was not a factor.

  36. bull dog line on

    also, I watched Miller a lot in the tourney. I liked him. was in front of the net causing problems constantly. the move that put him centering the the eventual top turned the tourney around for the US.

  37. Also, utter ignorance to say that because 2 teams made the playoffs, you cant call one superior over another… especially when 16 teams get in the playoffs. The Rangers were 2nd in pts with the Vezina winner, while Ott and Wash were the 2 worst teams pts wise in the playoffs, with 2 loser goalies. They proved themselves to be clearly superior over the 82 game reg season.

    How about when they failed to show up in 2 or 3 games in the 1st 2 rounds, didnt even get off the team plane.

  38. don’t be a jackwagon. of course fatigue exists. to suggest that it was any more of a factor for the Rangers than any other team is senseless. to suggest that is any part of the reason they lost is nonsense. they lost because they couldn’t score. they slumped during the season because they couldn’t score. they had only two first-line players on their roster.

    they were no more or less tired than the Capitals or the Devils or the Kings.

  39. Ottawa was really good. Is really good. They are a BRUTAL matchup for the Rangers. We all said it heading into the playoffs. Have to avoid getting matched up with the Senators. Almost cost us early.

    I heard the Division Champ banner went up in MSG recently.

  40. bull dog line on

    with you being a football Giants fan, you should realize that at playoff time, teams get hot. sometimes regular season standings mean nothing.

  41. yeah, that team failed to show up. and my point was that supposed inferior teams beat supposed superior teams every single year in every round of the playoffs, always.

    and now I really am done with you trying to bait me into this, for lack of a better word, discussion.

  42. … oh, and one more thing, only a “fan” blinded by his anger claims his team didn’t “show up” every time it loses.

  43. A team that blocks the most shots in the league and has to work harder than most teams to put pucks in the net is going to have more of a struggle with fitness. It’s why during last preseason, Torts said he wanted to have the team physically prepared to play his style and outlast other teams. Teams with more skill, teams that can score on a power play, need to expend less energy. I don’t need to continue this any further. I disagree. You disagree.

  44. bulldog, I understand. It happens in hockey all the time, lower seeds beating higher seeds. I’m just saying that the Rangers proved to be far superior than Ottawa and Washington during the regular season. And with a goaltender 382 billion times better than Holtby or Anderson.

  45. Lastly, just because a “supposed” inferior team beats a “supposed” superior team in a 7 game playoff series doesnt make that team any less inferior. The best team doesnt always win.

  46. Did the Rangers lead the league in blocked shots? I thought that was the Bruins or someone else.

  47. Also, Carp, on the “inferior” topic…Kings were #8 seed and cruised through the playoffs…they dominated, as an “inferior” #8 seed…

  48. Tiki, the Blues proved to be better over 82 game reg season than the kings, how did that work out? They didnt even make game 7

  49. Also likely is the Rangers will have the most stretches of 4 games in 5 nights. Last year after the NBA/lockout, the Celtics were the only team without a 4 games in 5 nights stretch, because the league-fairly- took into account their advanced age.

    I took the liberty to fact check and lo and behold:

    The Celtics played on March 22, 23, 25, and 26. Im not very good at math but I believe that is 4 games in 5 nights. And they won 3 of those 4.

  50. Manny January 5th, 2013 at 4:47 pm
    But no one is a fan of you CCCP

    (sorry couldn’t resist)



    I’m on my way!

  51. In fact they played back to back to back games on April 13, 14, and 15 making 5 games in 6 nights and 9 games in 11 nights. Seems easy enough.

  52. You guys are funny… there is a much simpler explanation why they lost last year. Forget * fatigue*, forget inferior team matchups…forget all of if… one thing and one thing only that held the Rangers from winning the cup last year – scratching @Sean Avery@! FACT.


  53. iWicky "Rupp Yours!!!" on

    I think the 100th poster on this thread should get a free autographed book from carp!!

  54. LOL. I guess I was wrong on the Celtics thing, despite it being a pretty safe assumption.

    I dont know anything about the Blues or Kings. So Im not in a position to opine what team was better last year. I do know that the Rangers were a better team than the Senators, Capitals and Devils. Even he we’d lost in a 7 game series to any one of them.

  55. The two goalies with most minutes played during the 48-game regular season in 1994/95: Brodeur and Vernon.

    Explains their early exit from the playoffs that year.

  56. so, in summary, the Rangers took some nights off, didn’t get off the plane, but burned out by not taking any nights off. and that’s why they lost … in Game 6 OT of the ECF after winning more games than any other team in the NHL.

    and if they’d had a PP and another scorer? then what? imagine how tired they’d have gotten raising their arms on more goals?

  57. Thanks CT. I wasted about 20 minutes trying to find that on the site. Thanks for having my back. Go Islanders I guess….

  58. Kings and Devils were the worst at blocking shots. But the best at making it to the Stanley Cup finals…

  59. Sean was not on the new jersey devils or los angeles kings now was he. he is history. get over him. get rid of his twitter feed too

  60. They should be much better with a healthy Gaborik and Nash. Any significant improvement on the power play from years past should lessen the burden on the rest of the team, especially the defense and Henrik.

  61. I think it was actually their even strength scoring differential that did them in during the playoffs. If I recall correctly, their PP% in the playoffs was actually better than the regular season.

  62. Sean is gone January 5th, 2013 at 5:35 pm
    Sean was not on the new jersey devils or los angeles kings now was he. he is history. get over him. get rid of his twitter feed too


    good to see someone still takes my serious on this blog…thank you :)

  63. That’s what I’m saying Carp, the PP was actually helpful in the playoffs. But they slumped from their elite level even strength differential that carried them through the regular season.

  64. I think their PP% was better in the playoffs. More offensive skill makes it easier for everyone, and a better power play, though i wont hold my breath, would make us favorites

  65. We cant use Gabby’s shoulder injury as an excuse Manny. Health, fatigue arent factors in winning or losing ;)

  66. Actually. Let’s not score too much. I want to keep the pressure on Hank since he’s the only one that can actually handle having the game resting on his shoulder night after night.

  67. If Kreider took 30 penalties I am sure there would be 14 Tripping calles and 16 Holding/Interference calls.

  68. Are youse really discussing last season?…
    why don’t we just discuss this season?…oh nvm…

  69. What if Bryzgalov is actually hurt? Do the Phlyers have anything else in goal? Not that it could be any worse or less predictable then The Universe. But speaking of Rupp scoring 2…..

  70. I hate twitter tonight, too much anticipation about a deal. Sounds like they’ve agreed on 10 yr with opt out at 8. Grrrrr, get it done already!

  71. Just finished watching the junior championship game. Wow. Gibson is a beast. Anaheim’s gonna be thrilled when he makes it to the majors. The Panthers are happy as hell. Their prospects scored all of the goals for the U.S. They sent out an email to the fans today. Thank god I Didn’t read my email earlier or they would’ve ruined the game for me.
    Sidenote, I’m going to lay down now because I’m too fatigued from typing this post.

  72. I have to admit, I missed this type of convo and am enjoying it so much that I can’t even think about who’s right and who’s wrong. Keep going, ‘heads!

  73. I wanna mark this down for future reference. Carp believes in in-game momentum, but not any other kind. He believes in fatigue, but doesnt think it impacts outcomes of games or playoff series. Lastly, he believes that any team that beats another team in a playoff series is better than that team.

  74. Tiki, the Giants won the superbowl last year with 9-7 record; the worst record of any team to win a superbowl. They were pretty much underdogs for the entire run. Were they an inferior team by the end? Same can be said about the Kings. Not only did they beat every team they faced, all of whom were ranked higher, but they won pretty decisively. By the end of the playoffs both these teams proved to be superior.

  75. The Giants were not the best team last year, nor in 2007. Oft times, the best team doesnt win.

  76. i see my words are still being twisted by somebody who for some reason insists on goading me into a nonsensical fight about nonsense.

  77. And they are agreeing on the floor limit of $44M. Which is still $5M more than 2005 cap, and around $4M more than mr. Wang would be willing to spend on Islanders’ payroll. Freakin’ idiots.

  78. Not sure about the cap floor, but Mr Wang and the Isles will be familiar enough with a falling ceiling for it not to worry them.

  79. Carp, I am/was not goading you. I have no reason to goad you.

    Evrock, any team can win 3 or 4 straight football playoff games. Any hockey team can ride a hot goalie through the playoffs to the Stanley Cup. Not always the best team. The only major sport over the last 30 years in which the best team usually wins is basketball.

  80. I cant stop thinking about it.. we’re gonna have to work for every win, while the Bruins will have wins locked up against Montreal and Toronto 1 minute into the 1st period. Ahhh!!

  81. hoping the schedule is more balanced within conference play. if you have a 48 gm season and play div rivals 7 times and a home and home vs other conf teams the ATLANTIC DIV will be harder for rangers then boston or southeast teams

  82. A team cannot win the Stanley Cup just riding a hot goalie. The kings offense came alive in the playoffs as well. It might have taken all season to get there, but by the time they hoisted the cup they had become an amazingly well-balanced team.

  83. Carp stay away just read where you were finished with Tiki Tockey twice and you come back for more. I let him know he was thinking like a quitter at 3:15. Btw we like to think Hank was a billion times better than his playoff competition but it just wasn’t the case. Hank was great but was Caps/Sens were very good as well. What hurts is Fatso stunk n was lucky n we still got knocked out.

  84. Thinking like a quitter? Reading comprehension issues, eh Hedberg. I detailed what needs to be done differently this year to succeed, and that the Bruins will have easy regular season success. Henrik is a 100 time Vezina finalist. To compare him to the likes of Holtby and Anderson is like comparing gold to feces.

  85. This feels/sounds like goading:

    Yes, ridiculous. Torts should play Henrik every game and Girardi 60 minutes a night because fatigue (a medical term) doesnt exist. Because the omniscient leader of the free world Carp said so.

  86. this also sounds/feels like goading:

    I wanna mark this down for future reference. Carp believes in in-game momentum, but not any other kind. He believes in fatigue, but doesnt think it impacts outcomes of games or playoff series. Lastly, he believes that any team that beats another team in a playoff series is better than that team.

  87. I’m sorry, Carp. Looking at those posts objectively, the first one is definitely a goad. There’s no reason for that.

  88. I’m happy to see the NHL and NHLPA agreed on a 10 yr term with an out at 8.
    imagine this again in 5 years…sheesh!

  89. Hey mamaromeck modified beat suffern modified 3-2. First win for Mamaroneck over suffern at the modified level in ten years!!!

  90. Don’t worry, Staal, the league/owners will cry poor again in 8 years and we’ll go through allllllllllllllllllllllllll over again.

  91. 4generations 4 cups on

    carp can you make an “It’s Go Time?” cause that would really frickin make my night.

  92. Kevin Paul Dupont @GlobeKPD
    Vet agent: deal as good as done, league now taking it to final hour, grabbing what’s left to take off table.



  93. COME ON. Be inspired by our gold!

    As Atmosphere says: “when life hands you lemons you paint that [Cooke] Gold”

  94. when i see first “It’s Go Time” post of the season i think i am going to hurl really hard!

    not gonna lie…i can’t wait to see some Rangers hockey!

  95. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    As I have been saying we are close to hockey. These guys are NOT going to work this hard on a number of areas, agree on some tough ones, and do so with the thought of NOT making a deal.

    A deal will get done. It’s a matter of when.

    I continue to work on my beer drinking arm exercises. One-two. One-two.

    Can’t wait to see Nash in a Ranger uniform!!!! Gonna happen!!!

  96. I can get excited about the right things now.

    Who is going to play with Nash, should Kreider make the big team, etc

  97. Wow, am I the first post lock-out post?

    First of all congrats to the USA for a tremendous win in the world juniors! I think the Rangers have a real keeper in JT Miller. Bless you Gordie and your staff.

    Rick, the lockout out is over and I am back!!!

    Can’t wait for my Rangers Hockey. Don’t care how they settled it, but it is done. Gonna be exciting.


  98. someone better wake up uncle glen!

    also, i hope the del zaster has come to his senses and is prepared to sign his contract.

  99. Good morning, boneheads!

    Congratulation, it’s finally over! We are going to have hockey after all. The question is: What took them so long? Freakin’ idiots!

  100. whoops I meant new drink

    hA HA HA


  101. Hooray for a return to sanity in the NHL? At least their mediator (psychologist) has sent an agreement for a vote by both sides, and there seems to be a will to approve the agreement, despite a vote to dissolve the players’ union. My favorite quote from the NY Times article is from Mike Babcock: “Hate to say it,” Red Wings Coach Mike Babcock said last month, “but we could end up like bowling.” The league has damaged its reputation and following in their vain attempt to shore up money-losing franchises and correct their expansion into areas that cannot support hockey teams.

  102. he was off by a couple of minutes.

    what a fool. some people hoard their information like they are…… well you know how Rod is.

  103. from everything I read, the owners gave in.

    I thought the owners were all losing money and would invest it in Microsoft.

    That is why their self-imposed lockout lasted this long?

  104. Rangers blog guy knows a deal is close and goes to bed…………………………

    Everybody else is awake…………………………..

    just kidding. You are great………….

  105. I have decided to end my boycott of receiving news about the NHL labor dispute. So can anyone bring me up to date?

  106. tsn…”great day for hockey”.
    uh…no its not, its the day the idiots final gave the few die hards their game back…
    I’m thrilled its over, but ticked I had to go through 113 day’s of stupidity.

  107. Glad that the players were able to bring the cap up to 64.3. That should be high enough to retain everyone they want and still add another piece as well.

    Also do we know if teams can buy cap space or work out cap hits during trades. That would be a huge thing for us as Sather would be able pick lower teams apart that way

  108. We also need to hope the rangers stay healthy as there is no depth at all in Hartford especially on defense.

  109. Hartford has been examined closely….

    Yes the the cupboards are bare…………………

    Here is to a healthy half-season

  110. Guys,

    I couldn’t bear check the blog during the entirety of all this. So let me just say…


  111. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Who cares what the darn settlement is about. They settled. Hopefully the game is not permanently destroyed by their combined greed, both sides. As I have been asking all along, what IS in it for the fans???

    As we move forward, two things:

    1. We NEED depth. Where are we gonna get it?

    2. Where is Eddie x 3????? Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!!

  112. We’re back! Who’s doing the line combinations? My initial thoughts:

    1-sign Sean Avery
    2-make Drury play 3rd line center
    3-Biron is clearly our #1 so get him work early.

  113. To appease to fans the NHL should let each of us kick Bettman in the balls.


    With a pair of skates on?

  114. I want to thank all the fans for their patience during these difficult few months without hockey. Our beloved sport has returned, and we can begin the our attempt to award the Penguins the Stanley Cup.

    I look forward to a kick in the balls…err, at least the place where they should be.

  115. Frankly Laughter on

    CCCP January 6th, 2013 at 9:06 am
    To appease to fans the NHL should let each of us kick Bettman in the balls.

    You assume.

  116. Frankly Laughter on

    Ticket Prices to rise.
    NHL Center Ice price to rise.
    Owners get richer
    Players get richer

    Who cares about the fans?

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