Long night of meetings and no disclaimer (maybe?) UPDATED


So as of 1 a.m. the sides were still at NHL HQ talking, and apparently the NHLPA allowed the midnight deadline to file a disclaimer of interest pass.

Now, they can still file at a later date. And I have heard it both ways — that if they file, it could save the season, and that if they file, it will kill the season.

But I think the fact that they were going into the wee hours in NYC has to be a good sign. I still believe there will be some dragging out of negotiations until we get to the absolute deadline (which is around Jan. 11 if they really want to drop the puck on Jan. 19 or 20).

I also believe pretty strongly now that there will be a season.

Keep up on the news over there in the twitter widget ———–> I’ll be back at ya after the sun comes up.


Ooops. Just as I was about to hit the pillow, the meetings ended, and Don Fehr was to address the huddled masses. So I’ll do some retweeting before calling it a night (or a morning). But please continue to check over there ———->


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  1. I just don’t get it, surely Buttboy has looked at prospective cap figures for next year? Or has he and he wants to screw certain teams over? NYR won’t be the worst off but will certainly affect our chances of keeping our D together and re-signing or replacing Gaby.

  2. USA is looking great!

    Miller is having a good game too. What a difference from the first matchup.

  3. 4-0.

    The whole country of Canada cannot wait for the NHL now. The lockout has magnified this tournament. This is a big surprise. Just like Tebow, I am excited.

  4. Another great play by Miller. He had a great game.

    What total domination by USA. That was an ass kicking there.

  5. Have a great day tomb and the rest of the heads. Hope the lockout ends today. This tournament has me fired up!!!

  6. “Gary Bettman says the sides had “philosophical discussions” about why certain issues are important to each side.”

    Leaked partial transcript:

    Donald Fehr: You think this is all a big joke, don’t you?

    Bettman: No, I don’t.

    Fehr: I saw you on T.V. once; I remembered your name–from my list. I looked it up. Sure enough, it checked out. You think because you’re a commissioner that somehow the league rules don’t apply to you, that you’re above the rules?

    Bettman: Certainly not.

    Fehr: Well, let me tell you something, funny boy. Y’know that logo, the one that says “National Hockey League”? Well that may not mean anything to you, but that means a lot to me. One whole hell of a lot.
    Sure, go ahead, laugh if you want to. I’ve seen your type before: Flashy, making the scene, flaunting convention. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Why is this guy making such a big stink about an old sport like hockey? Well, let me give you a hint, junior.
    Maybe we can live without hockey, people like you and me. Maybe. Sure, we’re too old to change the world, but what about that kid, sitting down, opening the newspaper, right now, in a branch at the local library and finding drawings of pee-pees and wee-wees on the Sports Page and Rick Carpiniello’s column? Doesn’t HE deserve better?
    Look. If you think this is about CBA’s and contracts, you’d better think again. This is about that kid’s right to follow a sport without getting his mind warped! Or: maybe that turns you on, Bettman; maybe that’s how y’get your kicks. You and your good-time buddies.
    Well I got a flash for ya, joy-boy: Party time is over. You’ve got seven days, Bettman. That is one week!

    End transcript.

  7. “Who doesn’t have instant coffee? You buy a jar of Folger’s Crystals, you put it in the cupboard, you forget about it. Then later on when you need it, it’s there. It lasts forever. It’s freeze-dried. Freeze-dried crystals.”

  8. jt miller was very noticable today for the US. canada never had there legs. gibson the goalie for usa was terrific when he needed to be robbing ryan strome of canada(isles prospect) on breakaway. gibson is goalie of the future for the ducks

  9. Geez, the other semifinal decided on a breakaway contest after the hockey game ended (BCATHGE). That’s so special.

  10. Played a Seinfeld trivia game a family member got for Christmas … not even a challenge. Got every single answer instantly. So did many of my family members who aren’t the idiot Seinfeld junkies that I am.

  11. You mean there’s a hockey player named Ranger? That’s like an ice cream man named Cone.

  12. so my wife says what do you want to do for your birthday on jan 19th. dinner, night out with boys, or perhaps trip to atlantic city have my mother in law watch our 2 year old.

    i say i want nothing but nhl hockey all day long. not leave the couch unless its the ranger home opener. she responds i hope they cancel the season.

  13. @Aaron Ward?@ Indication NHLPA is on the way over to NHL offices for smaller group meeting. #TSN


    Here we go……..

  14. So we are back to discussing Disclaiming! Yay! NHLPA attempting to put it’s own deadlines on a deal.

  15. @Steve Zipay@ Told that substantial group of Rangers was skating today at rented MSG training center, including Richards, Del Zotto, Eminger…


    (A) Why is Eminger still a Ranger? and (2) is this legal during the lockout?

  16. Can’t answer A … except that they like the guy as an extra … As for B, it’s legal, but it shouldn’t be. Pens and other teams are renting ice at their team’s facilities, too.

  17. Thanks Carp. I guess they could rent ice at Rockefeller center or Bryant Park but….an MSG facility seems like a stretch.

  18. @Renaud Lavoie@ Gary Bettman in the room right now, with the mediator for these afternoon talks.


    Bettman and Parros are now in the same room……….Come on George. Drop those gloves!

  19. iDoodie Machetto on

    Since we are close to getting hockey back, it’s time tonask:

    Any update on Sauer?

  20. I read somewhere that sauer is still suffering from post concusion syndrome. I hate to say it and it’s a shame but i think his career is finished.

  21. Please George Parros, I’m begging you, one punch to Buttman’s stomach followed by one right between Buttman’s eyes.

  22. Still would rather have Eminger over Bickel in a meaningful game. Rangers and others appear to like Eminger mainly for the fact that he’s a good teammate. Not a big deal if he is or isnt on the team.

  23. Sauer may as well be dead. Amazing how he’s the one concussed athlete who’s just done for his career. If I had his address, I’d send him a Red Sox hat so he’d miraculously start to heal.

  24. I do not understand. One tweet says NHL teams telling their coaches to be ready and book flights to their cities. Next tweet says this could be an interesting day and not in a good way. What?

  25. @Aaron Ward@ As we discussed on #TSN this morning, small meeting dealt with the NHL changing penalties for ‘hiding’ HRR. The issue has been resolved.

    @Aaron Ward@ NHL has gone back to original language on HRR after they changed the language this week.Severe penalties still apply. #TSN

  26. “A Maple Thief.” Even better! They’ll win a Cup when Hell freezes over. Imagine the size of that Zamboni!

  27. On my next visit to NY, anyone want to visit Michael Sauer’s career in the morgue with me?

  28. Carp, please tell me this idea of using the 2nd buyout on Gaborik isnt being considered by the Rangers. It’s so stupid beyond belief. If you are trying to sign guys like McD, Kreider, and Stepan (who i would definitely not keep if it means losing Gaborik) long-term and need to eliminate Gaborik’s cap hit then you trade Gaborik for at least some value. 40+ goal scorers dont come around that often.

    Waiting patiently for “he’s injury prone” comments.

  29. unfortunately you cannot trade gaborik because gaborik has a NO trade clause in his contract.

  30. Why will the NHL refuse to budge from the $60M cap? What is the deal? Don’t the owners know that it hurts their chances in the long run since many will have to dismantle their teams?

  31. dont believe that gabby in 2013-14 in last year of contract at 7.5 mil will be bought out to get down from 70mil to 60 mil. whos replacing the 40 goals. kreider aint exactly tearing it up in minors. been struggling big time

  32. My opinion and my opinion only. From day 1 of the lockout Buttman’s goal was to destroy the ranger, maybe indirectly, maybe not. We all know how much Buttman and dolan love each other. It’s no secret the rangers can spend as much money as possible, probably more than any other hockey team in the nhl. All this so Buttman can save his small market teams that have no business being in the location they reside or in the league at all.

  33. Kreider will be fine. His place is in the NHL. Not the AHL. He’s just keeping his legs warm until the season gets underway. Whenever that may be.

  34. They will not buy Gaborik out…Nor they will need to. His contract runs through 2013-2014, that is when they’ll need to sign more players. As of 2013-2014 season- they will have around $8.5M left even if cap is $60M. As important as McD/Stepan etc are, none of them will be arbitration eligible and won’t require extreme dollars. Unless he has poor season, he is staying at least through the end of his current contract, imho

  35. Also, something tells me that unless NHL changes its position on $60M cap next season ( or caps the escrow, which is doubtful ), there will be no deal.

  36. tommyG- it affects a lot of other high spending teams, not only Rangers. Is he trying to destroy Jeremy Jacobs, who is one of the reasons Bettman is still here? Or is he trying to destroy Ed Snyder, who pays the NHL TV contract? Every team will have to deal with the same amount of cap. And every low spending team will still be reluctant to spend above the floor.

  37. Right after they buy out Gaborik they trade Stawhl to Carolina since he’s a goner in a few years anyway.

  38. Last season 14 teams were within 5% of the upper cap limit, 19 teams were within 10%. A significantly reduced cap affects a lot of teams.

  39. Exactly. It affects almost every team in the NHL. It’s a disaster. Why won’t the NHL budge?

  40. since there’s an expensive gag rule in place, we can’t, but it would sure be interesting to hear what GMs (and coaches) think of the $60M cap. Bet they wouldn’t like it as much as the owners and the Lockout Commissioner.

  41. Carp. I’m afraid the language used by them to describe what they think wouldn’t be permissible on the blog anyway….

  42. @John Shannon@ NHLPA’s Defendant’s Memo. Motion to Dismiss NHL Complaint: http://bit.ly/VlwYXB

    For all those idiots who, like me, chose a profession in Law, a/k/a the most boring thing on earth.

  43. Mario Lemieux will write about how he wonders if this wil be a league he wants to remain a part of if there’s a cap that prevents him from re-signing Matt Cooke.

  44. What if we have to release Rammer because of the cap? Who will invent new hockey gloves to protect vulnerable hands from hurtling pucks?

  45. Why can’t they just make Benoit Allaire do it? He doesn’t seem to be doing anything else.

  46. Or just have Sully yell at everyone more often. BUCKLE THOSE STRAPS BOYS THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG NIGHT

  47. So 7 Intradivision games and 2 intraconference games. Looks like the Bruins will have an easy #1 seed.

  48. or hire Perry Pearn. I hear he was good at it.

    and then ask Torts why he only has one assistant coach. or why he called timeout after an icing. He likes those.

  49. Why don’t they just settle this the old-school way. BARN FIGHT. Fehr vs. Bettman. One night only. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

  50. Paul Holmgren: “So you’re saying I can buy out Bryzgalov and then I’ll only have $7m per year to sign Steve Mason?”

  51. “KatieStrangESPN #CBA PA’s court filing asserts that NHL’s doesn’t have requisite subject matter jurisdiction & is being used to force union to remain intact”

    Gulp….That qualifies for WTB….

  52. Going to post this for about the 10th time in the past three months:

    there will be no hockey season this year

  53. IBleedRangersBlue on

    ive been following this lockout everyday since it started….and for some reason these last two days of CBA and legal tweets might as well be in a different language…i have NO idea what there talking about nemore…who wants what…confused

  54. it’s very simple

    the league has been running a dog & pony show for the last several months hoping the players are both stupid and desperate enough to bow to their demands. where the key issues are concerned, the league has no intention, and from their perspective no reason, to capitulate. Bettman will cancel the season and the players will be forced to come crawling back in the summer, hat(s) in hand, accepting an even crappier deal than they’ll get now. not sure how effective dissolving the union will be in all of this and it’s entirely possible the players’ position may improve considerably because of it, but they won’t be playing hockey this year either way.

  55. Don Maloney: “I’m confident current team ownership will spend to the cap and support any creative and aggressive moves I make to exploit loopholes in the CBA.”

  56. Wow 6:39 pm is way more pessimistic than 6:39 am. Cancel the season. Clowns. Way to ruin a great day

  57. and we see the latest maneuver from Bettman and Co. designed to turn Donald Fehr into Bob Goodenow was a rousing success.

  58. Carp – I need to ask nicely on behalf of those who were not and are not fans of Avery. Please remove his twitter feed.

  59. lots of tweets about a deal. announcement tomorrow?

    sure throw enough darts…………….

  60. I’m indifferent.

    If we have a shortened season, that would be OK. Not good…but just ok.

    Honestly, if we don’t have a season, I really don’t care. That would be OK too. This will keep happening anyway until the issue is solved (contraction). And, NHL bcontraction=not happening. So the ultimate end game is the death of the NHL as we know it…and the reformation of a new league

    THE NHL IS BANKhRUPT. There isn’t enough money to honor player contracts and “share” revenue. It’s that simple.

  61. They should…

    but if the players get to keep the contracted money in a new CBA deal there is really no incentive to decertify…

  62. yeah, new league isn’t the objective of decertification. it would never, ever, ever work in a zillion years. and everybody knows it.

  63. i wish I could take bets with all who think there won’t be hockey this year. There will be. it will just take the deadline to get it done. Jan. 11 deal. Jan. 19 opening night.

    it’s all a script, first used by John Ziegler in 1992. “It’s a sad day for hockey, my friends,” he said, looking as if he would cry. “A sad day for hockey.” Then he canceled the rest of the season and the playoffs. Then they had an agreement within days.

    Happened again in 1995. Season was over. Done. Ooops. All of a sudden they had a deal. A miracle!

    In 2005, the script was different. The owners weren’t signing off on a deal without a salary cap. So they canceled.

    These owners just want the best deal they can squeeze out of the players, and they definitely do not want to kill this season. And there have been reports that owners have told Bettman that is not an option, and the players know this. So it will, again, take until the drop-dead date (and then maybe another day or two after that) to get it done.

    There, now you’ve read what was going to be my morning post. Probably still will be.

  64. I agree with what said, Carp. Very eloquent and spot on (as always).

    My point is…as a fan of the sport, we shouldn’t get to excited because this type of work stoppage is destined to happen again…3 years? 5 years? who knows….but it will keep happening…and franchises will fail…and get moved to another city…and then fail again…

  65. Yeah, post it again tomorrow. The whole thing is much more transparent than they all think it is…The NHLPA didn’t notice highlighted changes related to HRR? Bettman says there will be no season if NHLPA disclaims? Change of negotiating techniques after the deadline for disclaimer passed? All bullcarcillo designed to squeeze more from each other. How is it a deadline if they can have another vote done in 48 hours?

  66. NYR_FAN- we will all forget about 48 game season in a year or so. Looks like they’re determined to make it at least 8 year CBA. Stoppages happen in every league, longer or shorter, 2004 was an aberration. Come to think of it, Bobby Holik’s $9.5M salary was screaming that something needed to be done.

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