New Year’s Eve, and still no deal


First and most importantly, please be safe tonight. Don’t drink and drive, or even dream of it. Take a cab. Use a designated driver. Crawl. Whatever it takes. But don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. DO NOT.

The NHL-NHLPA meetings in NYC ended early this evening. Apparently the NHLPA made another proposal, which the NHL will consider. According to reports the league and the Lockout Commissioner will get back to the players union on New Year’s Day.

The news, from those covering it, is right over there ————-> in the widgets.

Some details may leak during the evening.

So have a Happy New Year, which annually begins with the Honeymooners Marathon on WPIX, and I think Three Stooges marathon somewhere else.

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  1. Fehr knows the best offer from NHL will come between now and January 11th. Whatever his counter offer was today, it’s still his stalling tactics. Don’t get frustrated, ‘heads, Bettman is in his worst position since September at the moment. Under pressure to start January 19th, and trying to hold on to short contract terms, and $60M cap next season. He is going to have to give in this time.

  2. And Happy New Year, heads! Big party tonight, my family has a lot to be thankful. Which reminds me, another nice thing about having a wife who is breastfeeding is that she is always a designated driver :-)

  3. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Happy New Years everyone! enjoy…hopefully the begining of 2013 brings us hockey!…in the words of Prust “see ya next year!”

  4. Happy New Year all! Enjoy the vodka ilb! Be safe all! I have to work tomorrow (hartnelling byfuglien carcillo) so it’ll be a safe night for me for sure….oh well. And so, to ring out 2012, a final TA!

  5. I don’t even own a car. My life is a free-for-all. My New Year’s resolution is to force the NHL and the NHLPA to make a deal.

  6. Sorry about the potty mouth, Carp. I forgot that this place isn’t Fight Club :-)

    Thanks for keeping it safe.

    And Happy New Year!

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