Are you ready for some … disappointment?


As key people from the NHL and the NHLPA meet on a lovely, snow-covered winter day in Manhattan amid so much enthusiasm of the league’s latest proposal, here’s a warning:

Don’t get your hopes too high.

The latest proposal was a very strong step by the ownership group (and it came with rumors and reports that the Lockout Commissioner was told by his bosses that canceling the season is NOT an option).

But I’d be surprised if the NHLPA simply said today, “We’ll take it,” like Kramer settling out of court with the coffee company.

I suspect there will be some give and take, and maybe even one more gloomy breakdown in the negotiations. And even if it all remains positive, I still believe an agreement won’t come until we get just a bit closer to drop-dead, which is in about two weeks.

The league wants everything signed, dotted and crossed so it can get players into training camps around Jan. 11 or so, and on the ice by Jan. 19 or so for what will be a 48-game, conference-only season.

That will all happen, I’m pretty sure. I just wouldn’t get my hopes up that it will all be nailed down today.

I could definitely be wrong about that.


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  1. I love hockey, and I hope the people who rely on it for income besides the players and owners can get back to work. However, what exactly is the point of a 48 game conference only season? I don’t personally consider the ’95 Devils champions of squat that year. 83 games, I feel, is it what pushes these players to the brink before the real show starts. Even if the Rangers win a 48 game season, it still seems empty to me. Meh.

  2. Thanks Carp. And i had such high hopes for today. What with the Giants on the verge of clinching a spot in the playoffs if only the Cowboys, Bears and Packers all lose (and the Giants somehow win).

  3. Carp,
    I’m ready for disappointment and so I’m going sledding like a little kid….
    I guess I’m also ready to be really sore tomorrow

  4. Afternoon, ‘heads!

    Winning the Cup isn’t a done deal for anyone, be it a 82, 60, or 48 games. That’s why if they win- it’s legit.

    I can’t link it on iPhone, but take a look at Larry’s article today. He has a very good explanation why $60M cap next year would be a killer for a lot of players, and some teams.

  5. IBleedRangersBlue on

    I don’t understand why the nhl would be so hard set on a 60 mil cap right away…lets say the players say they want 65…what’s the diff if a few teams who can afford to have the ability to spend an extra 5 mil

  6. Yes, we all are ready for disappointment…why?

    “Small markets that cannot produce sufficient revenue will still fail. Mismanaged teams will still fail. No amount of scheming on Sixth Avenue meant to redistribute personnel wealth around the league will succeed in transforming losing operations into winners or loony owners into intelligent ones.” -Larry Brroks

    I am also ready for a Prime Rib sandwich…

  7. And…..wide right for the Bears just after Brandon Marshall gets hurt. Everything’s comin’ up Millhouse.

  8. Doesnt matter anyway, Giants deserve to be golfing next week. The fault of Kevin Gilbride. There’s a reason why no other team comes calling Gilbride about being their head coach.

  9. I guess the Lions don’t want to help us out. It’s true, the Giants have been horrible although since they are my team I would always root for them to move on. I can yell at them later.

    When’s that whole NHL season starting?

  10. realize folks………one can only be disappointed if one were expecting something good,,,like NEWS…….now when is the last time that truly Good News has been sighted in this blog.
    ( OK OK I didn’t mean my birthday, but a slightly less momentous occasion).

  11. January 19

    If they get in, good. But they didnt get off the plane in Atlanta and Baltimore, Gilbride showed no desire to do anything differently. And ill-advised people will say Gilbride is a 2 time SB winning OC.

  12. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Bryzgalov left his team in russia because “the lockout is ending”

    And we all know Ilya would NEVER say something CRAZY like that if it was true!

  13. Bryzgalov getting some practice in at leaving your place of work early, in preparation for every Flyers game he starts.

  14. IBleedRangersBlue on

    LeBrun says the NHL welcomes a counter proposal….does that mean the last few days of take it or leave it are over?

  15. You can see the relief in Tom Brady’s eyes on the sidelines. He’s got a bye week (at least) and a Super Bowl title wrapped up with the Giants out.

  16. I see another take it or leave by the owners . Ugh. I really hope the next time Dolan sees Bettman he smack him in the head with a shovel.

    And ten bucks to anyone who can prove that Gary didn’t have this newest CBA on his computer for months if not years.

  17. This may be a dumb question (coming from me that’s nothing new) but in a 48 game season would players still be subject to trade and would there be a trade deadline?

  18. The 94-95 season had a trade deadline. Not sure if that means they’ll be one if there’s a season this year.

  19. Good evening all! Just spent an amazing late holiday weekend in Maine with family….a Festivus miracle indeed.

    a 48-game, conference-only season…bush-league.

  20. I’m sure this has been asked before somewhere…but why does Kreider only have 5 goals and 11 points in 30 AHL games??? What the hell is going on there?

  21. Ummmm…..Just catching up on this thread….I have four days of newspapers in the recycling bin, including Sunday, that are about to be put to use…..WTB???? Carp, you get one too!

  22. More seriously, it’s still Kreider’s first pro season (handful of playoff games aside), so not sure how concerning it should be.

    The Whale seem to be a struggling, low scoring team all round, based on my vast research (one game watched, five minutes looking at stats).

  23. leetchhalloffame on

    Kreider getting triple teamed every time he comes near the puck in Hartford. Ain’t exactly playing with NHL linemates who can make some room for him. He’ll be fine.

  24. Nope. But we’ve still got that amazing win against Germany! After watching the U.S. against Canada, I’m not convinced that they’ve got what it takes to even beat Slovakia. Oh wait, I forgot it was today and taped and ready. I’m gonna go watch it and hopefully eat my words. lol

  25. who cares, like I posted on here several times last year, buttman and the owners will get there way eventually and the cap will be lowered to where the rangers will have 1-2 years before they will have to dismantle the team because they won’t be able to afford resigning there players under the new CBA. This is why I was against trading for Nash because his contract is a killer against the cap and he isn’t worth 8 mil a year. If the do play this year, enjoy it because it’s not going to last very long.

  26. The players need to accept SOMETHING. They can’t flat out reject everything in the offer.

    Obviously the cap is too low, but There is no reason why 6 year limits on contracts should be rejected.

    As for Kreider, he is what he is, a very talented force when he wants to be, but doesn’t have the drive and killer instinct that the great players have.

  27. Since the Cap is related to revenue then, if the NHL stops having lockouts every few years and actually GROWS the sport, the cap could begin to climb which would allow us to re-sign our youngsters. But guys like Del Zaster keep getting expensive haircuts and then they become very expensive to keep.

    It really sucks for the players who will have to sign shorter contracts and uproot their family every few years. Sure they get a lot of money but their kids are going to be in a new school, state, country, etc. every few years and that certainly takes a personal and emotional toll on a family.

  28. on the other hand, Manny, if dad makes $150M over his career, those poor kids who had to switch schools a few times will never have to work a day in their lives.

  29. True, Carp. But not many NHL players are making that kind of coin. Regardless, when you’re a youngster and your wife is nagging you to stay put, it’s gotta be stressful. There is a real life component to the whole thing.

  30. no doubt about it. on the other hand, if a player wants to stay in one place, he probably could in most cases by not demanding top dollar.

  31. Those fighting hillbillies have lost the forest for the trees, Carp. I don’t expect a season…and wonder whether they’ll get it together for next season. Even if they have a season, they have lost any media momentum that last year’s resurgence on national TV brought to the sport. Shame on them all for not getting serious until it was too late.

  32. That’s some good tasting humble pie. After hearing about the Slovak low scoring overtime loss against the Ruskies, I figured they’d be a tough opponent. It just goes to show that certain teams might play well against one team but then hit a wall against a team with a different style of play. The Slovaks almost beat Russia but the U.S. ran roughshod over them.

    On another note, I am extremely unimpressed by T.J. Miller. He looked good in the game against Germany (who didn’t?) and showed flashes of talent, poise and confidence has looked almost out of place against the 3 other teams the U.S. played against. I was more impressed with another player drafted by the U.S.: Slovakian Peter Ceresnak. He made a great move right in front of the net where most players would try and stuff the puck in themselves, pushing the puck over to a teammate instead for an easy goal. Florida’s got a handful of players in the tournament that have me looking forward to seeing them fighting for a spot on the NHL roster.

  33. wildplaces, this was the script, by the owners and the Lockout Commissioner, all along.

    Freakin’ idiots.

    But there will be a season, I’m pretty sure.

    and to clarify, I believe in momentum, especially within games. I just don’t believe there is ever any momentum carryover from one game to the next in a playoff series. There may feel like there is, but time and again it’s proven that what happens in Game 3 has nothing to do with whatever happened in Game 2.

  34. At least if there is a season we won’t have to worry about calling it the 2012-2013 season. We can just simplify that to 2013. Nice job NHL! Jagaloons.


    Players attending CBA meetings today in NYC: Chris Campoli, Jamal Mayers, Rick DiPietro, Ron Hainsey, Martin St. Louis

  36. Rangers Report ?@rangersreport

    Guess DiPietro is there to defend longer contracts. Hope he doesn’t break a hip going into the meeting.

  37. Happy new year heads. Hope we get hockey soon. Watching the juniors is getting me in the mood. Stay safe tonight. Designate a driver or stay indoors. If you stay indoors designate a non biased family member to keep the conversation pg.

  38. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Ive been trying really hard NOT to get my hopes up today with the negotiating going on in NYC but a tweet like this….
    RealKyper #NHL has new #NHLPA proposal and now reviewing it internally. Hearing a few tweaks in offer but sounding like no major changes as of now.
    how could i not

  39. IBleedRangersBlue on

    actually now that i think about it…its unclear if that ment few tweaks on the NHL’s recent proposal or a few tweeks from the NHLPA’s last proposal

  40. No major changes from their previous offer—–>. Which means Fehr still thinks the NHL hasn’t presented their best offer yet.

  41. IBleedRangersBlue on

    Ilb he never said “their” even when he tries to clarify its still unclear what he ment

    RealKyper No major changes from previous offer. Let’s see if it sparks talks. “@BJaffe: hey Kyper, meaning no major changes from previous PA offers?”


  42. meetings over in NYC … no indication of progress … NHLPA apparently made a proposal. NHL reportedly will look it over and get back to union New Year’s Day.

  43. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Thanks, Carpy. You have yourself a Happy New Year. Good health!!
    Thanks always for this blog!! It’s the best!!

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