Statement from Bill Daly


from the NHL:



                        REGARDING NEW CBA PROPOSAL

NEW YORK (December 28, 2012) — Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner of the

National Hockey League, released the following statement regarding a new

proposal to reach a Collective Bargaining Agreement with the National

Hockey League Players’ Association:


“In light of media reports this morning, I can confirm that we

delivered to the Union a new, comprehensive proposal for a successor CBA

late yesterday afternoon. We are not prepared to discuss the details of our

proposal at this time. We are hopeful that once the Union’s staff and

negotiating committee have had an opportunity to thoroughly review and

consider our new proposal, they will share it with the players. We want to

be back on the ice as soon as possible.”

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  1. No point in sharing it and wasting another day. Reject, counter propose and get this done quickly.
    So is 6 year contracts the new hill to die on?

  2. Lol, UK….Also, “take it or leave it” and “final offer” should get a new definition in Webster’s

  3. True Blue Mike on

    I did not think the NHL would make the next move. The fact that they did makes me believe there will be a season. Here’s to hoping I am right. Lets Go Rangers!

  4. Maybe Tim Thomas is behind the lockout. It coincided with his “year off” to go join some weirdo Libertarian militia in the Midwest.

  5. That’s what Im thinking. Jeremy Jacobs is so in favor of a canceled NHL season because he’ll get Tim Thomas (the goalie who will do whatever it takes to win, risk life and limb for victory) back next season. Rask isn’t terrible, but he’s not great.

    If I were the Rangers owner, and Mike Dunham were the goalie prior to a lockout, I’d push for a canceled season too so nobody else could win what I knew my team couldn’t win.

  6. We need to start a list of 1 buy-out per team. nothing else to do. I’ll start Scott Gomez -Mtl…..sorry i really hate obvious people.

  7. True, Carp, but we havent seen much budge from the owners and we know Jacobs leads the owners.

    ilb, it’s not a huge “if” whether Thomas comes back. Trust me. He’ll come back. If there is a season this year, I wouldnt even be surprised if Thomas has already spent enough time with his family and decides to play a 4 month season.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    HOORAY! THE OWNERS ARE DEAD! I mean, I was led to believe five year terms was the hill that they would die on, so they must be dead now, right?

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Eric, Isles won’t buy out anyone. They are trying to stay just above the cap floor. Why spend a whole bunch of up front dollars to buy out a guy that gets injured all the time (and presumably those periods are covered by insurance) when they would then have to go out and fill the void left by his cap hit as well.

    But Rangers buying out Redden? Absolutely.

  10. Does the buyout take a guy off the cap? If so, no point in buying out Redden. He’s got either 2 years left on contract, or is in final year. Depending on new salary cap number or if players can still be Whaled with new CBA, Rangers could Whale him again or still be well under salary cap with him not Whaled. If you only get 1 buyout that takes a player off cap, Id save it for Richards down the line.

    Also, as a matter of principle, Id make him suffer in the AHL as long as possible. He only has a limited number of years to possibly play NHL hockey. Steal it away from him like he stole our money

  11. I think Jacobs really does lead the owners. More than Snider and the others. Nuts.

    I did hear that this will FINALLY be the year that the Phoenix Coyotes turn a profit. Seriously.

    Bonilla! HAHAHA

  12. Tiki- the new CBA will surely require all AHL contracts ( probably over $1M) tone counted agains the cap. They’ll buy Redden out.


    Remember when the Senators were the worst matchup ever for the Rangers?

  14. Prior to the lockout ilb, Rangers were at least $10M under the cap. Depending on new salary cap #, no reason to buy him out with 1 or 2 years left on deal unless the buyout must be used by a deadline. Is the buyout like an amnesty in relation to the salary cap?

  15. At the moment, the NHL is aiming at cap of $60M next year, Tiki. His $6.5M will count against the cap, that’s more than 10% dead weight in AHL. No way they’ll keep him. One time buy out gets him off the cap, while his salary still counts against the players’ share.

  16. Would salaries be pro-rated since there’d only be a 3.5 month season? If so, his cap hit would be $3M.

    His dead weight on the cap doesnt matter if it doesnt affect any potential transactions for the Rangers. If the cap is $60M next year, what was it last year?

    In addition, he could be a valuable trade asset, as I think he’s an expiring contract in the 2013-2014 season. And his $6M cap hit could help a team get above the salary floor.

  17. Girardi-McDonagh, Staal-Del Zotto, who am I forgetting? Bickel? Stralman? Eminger? I’m sure there’s somebody else. No way Redden’s playing.

  18. Maybe they’ll move Bickel to center for faceoffs.

    You can tell I’m really into these basketball games I’m covering.

  19. Because if you’re trying to trade for a player(s) from another team at the trade deadline, and the player(s) from the other team have multiple years left on their contract(s), the Rangers or any team can get the player(s) for lesser value in terms of talent if they give an expiring contract to the other team.

    So you’re trading an expiring contract plus lesser talent in exchange for a player(s) with more money owed to him over a longer period of time. It saves money over the long term for the team trading for the expiring contract.

  20. Also, a team looking to add depth at the deadline for a playoff run might take a flyer on Redden at the trade deadline of the 2013-2014 season knowing his cap hit is less than $3M and thinking he might provide something on the ice.

  21. Expiring contracts is a way for owners to save money and push their unwanted signings on another team. We’re in this lockout mess because owners are too cheap.

  22. they’d still have to fit the entire year cap hit under their cap. only way anybody takes Redden is if he is bought out and signs a deal for low dollars. then he will definitely have takes. he will have no takers with the current cap hit, expiring or not.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Tiki, three reasons why Redden will be bought out:

    1) The amnesty buyout will likely function like it did last time: It’s a one-time measure to afford teams immediate relief in order to have cap compliance. It won’t be something that you can keep in your pocket for a one time mulligan at any point during the CBA.

    2) Even if the new CBA allows for burying contracts in the AHL, Redden’s cap hit still hurts the Rangers ever summer when he is on their summer cap. His cap hit eats the overage allowance every summer.

    3) NHL contracts will likely not be allowed to be buried in the minors and there is no way they carry his salary on the main roster.

  24. Brian “Ethics and Morals” Burke took (an injured) Kolzig off Tampa’s hands just for the sake of the draft pick that came with it, no?

    Sure, the deal doesn’t happen if Kolzig has term left on his contract, but the expiring contract had no value in itself.

  25. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    Looked at the NHL’s offer. No one can say they have not bargained in good faith now. The CBA needs to be longer than 3 years. Six years, up to 7 is long enough for those ridiculous player contracts that only work to put money in the players’ bank account with absolutely no accountability towards the team or sport. Enough already.

    Time for Fehr to grab a few more items to justify his pay and be done with his grasp on this great game.

    Let’s play some hockey!!

  26. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    So, when the new CBA gets signed, how much will ticket prices and NHL labelled items be reduced?

    Can’t wait to hear Bettman and Fehr with the empty thank you’s again.

  27. Matty, one good offer on Dec. 28 means they’ve bargained in good faith? … the CBA will be 10 years with an eighth-year opt out. which means, unless the Mayans go for a do-over, we will have another lockout or strike in eight years.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    LW, you are right in your analysis of Kolzig. It was the salary cap/financial strength that had value, not Kolzig’s contract. Likewise for when the Sharks took on Maladog from the Devils.

  29. Loved it when Sather signed Maladog and declared him “the best defenseman we’ve got.” … even though No. 2 was on the roster.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I’m not so sure. In eight years, I expect the league to have a new commissioner, and maybe his style won’t be to just play lockout drop-dead date negotiation.

    I don’t think Bettman gets canned, I just think he has made enough enemies this go around to keep him from getting his contract extended.

  31. Doodie, if you’re #1 and #3 are accurate, then yes he will be bought out. #2 doesnt really matter. He’s only on the roster for 1 more summer.

    You guys are arguing semantics, that expiring contracts have no value by itself. They especially have value by itself in the case of teams that are barely over the salary floor and look to dump a player they no longer want with a reasonably high contract. For example, a player with limited talent and $4M salary (Brandon Dubinsky). The team would need to match up salaries or take more salary in a trade to stay above the salary floor.

    No, Carp. You’re wrong. When you trade for a player at trade deadline, only the player’s pro-rated cap hit is on your cap for the remainder of the season.

  32. Tiki has a point. Maybe we could trade Redden to a team that is desperate to get their payroll up?

  33. Wouldn’t go as far as saying expiring contracts can’t be trade commodities of some value in some circumstances, but (without being much of a bouncyball expert) it doesn’t seem as viable as the NBA tactic.

    (And Anson Carter had a year-plus left on his deal at the time of the Jagr trade…)

  34. seems to me there was a lot of hand-wringing about how they were going to fit Nash in under the cap at the deadline last year.

  35. Tiki, this year’s (whatever is left on it) cap will have no meaning. It’ll be a transition year to allow for current salaries to continue. The one-time buy out they are proposing is for 2013-2014 year. Redden will have one year at $6.5M left ($5M) salary. Even if the NHLPA negotiates better than $60M cap hit, it’s still too much dead weight to keep in AHL. I haven’t looked at capgeek, but I believe the Rangers will have very little flexibility left even without Redden being on the books. He’s as good as gone.

  36. We’ve had a nice discussion. I’m sure you guys are right, that Redden will be bought out. Im just not sure I agree with it, especially without having the details of a new CBA and our cap numbers in relation to the salary cap.

  37. The Rangers have $10.9M in Cap Space. Under the current and non-existent Cap. Their payroll is at $59.2M currently.

  38. That would make Redden’s cap hit after buyout just over $850K. A/k/a all the remaining room we would have at a $60M Hard Cap (not mid cap).

  39. How is Gabby doing? Can he play baseball with his shoulder? Amazing, how RR faithful activated from hibernation in balk, with even slightest sight of Hope for season. Two good things comes if season will be saved – No more discussions about fatigue in a playoff and opportunity to start immediate speculations about trades coming right now, before February deadline. (btw, not sure how does it works – like in regular season?)

  40. This year is irrelevant, Manny. Not counting Redden, they have $52M commited to contracts for 2013-2014. That number doesn’t include MDZ, Stepan, and McDonagh. I don’t see Redden being around.

  41. The first round pick the Sharks got along with the late Vladimir Malakhov from Lou “No Cap Circumvention Here” Lamoriello ended up being traded for 16 games and two playoff rounds of Bill Guerin’s expiring contract.

  42. It is funny that this place went nuts again when a little news trickled out. I don’t want to get my hopes up but we could really have a 48 game schedule in place by January 11th. This could be the one.

    Or we could just wake up tomorrow to, “Conference Call highlighted that we are _very_ far apart and no talks are scheduled” – Bill Daly

  43. according to brooksie

    nhl wanting to flop winnipeg for columbus this year pending realignment.

    columbus to southeast winnipeg to battle in central with wings.

    would columbus finish in top 8 in east prob not.

    dubi arty will haunt us

  44. Rick Nash may have something to say about it, Eric. But I agree, next game vs Columbus- must win :-)

  45. A relevant question: How many goals would acceptable for Nash in a 48 game shortened season? 7 goals? 10 goals?

    Follow up question: What if Dubinsky scores more goals than Nash?

    Final question: Is Mr. Snider the Devil?

  46. The forumla for Nash’s scoring is: Games Played / Shifts X Shots / shots blocked X Salary X Goals – Shots taken by Gaborik = Acceptable Goals for Nash(er)

  47. anything less than 57.5 goals for Nash will not be acceptable…even in 48 game season

    Dubinsky! Four million!

    Mr. snider is not the devil…he’s an idiot.

    hope that helps, NYR_FAN

  48. czechthemout!!! on

    Hi guys. First post in a long time . Hope everyone is doing well.

    Just wanted to add my two cents on the latest offer from the league. I think the biggest carrot here is the performance bonus not counting against the cap. This is a huge loophole that can be exploited by high end revenue teams and allow them to sign free agents in a very creative way. They could offer a player an amount of money against the cap and a much larger but easily attainable personal performance and team performance bonuses. It may also save teams from themselves and prevent the Redden and Gomez type contracts from killing their cap
    Fehr and the NHPA should jump at this deal!

  49. Thanks again, CCCP. I knew I could count on you.

    Manny, correct. By the way, I hope you are having a magical holiday season. Cool runnnings, mon.

  50. 1. 15-20 goals.

    2. Not really a big deal. On a terrible team, some guys that aren’t really good can be stat compilers. Even a bad team has to score occasionally. Wouldnt surprise me if Dubinsky scored some in the extensive garbage time the Blue Jackets are accustomed to playing.

  51. God can’t fit into a Graves jersey. He can hold the whole world in his hands. Whether He likes it or not, it will have to be Brodeur’s.

  52. i will believe it when the lock out is over.

    some absolute truths are; the owners are friggin greedy morons and there are about 5 teams that should move including; debbies, islanders, phx. cbj., and florida…

    the moron dope owners at a minumum have destroyed 1/2 the season and since the players are not revolting and back stabbing each other the owners are screwed… newsflash certain teams cannot survive financially ie they should be moved……….

  53. Islanders are moving in 2015. To Brooklyn. They will have a great start to the season and then get mired in an adysmal slump and their coach will be fired. It is known.

  54. So I’ve heard…

    The fact that NYI management has let this moron Capuano take the helm as coach for so long is friggin’ mindbogglng.

  55. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    I was fortunate to have had dinner with Adam Graves two years ago. What was said about him above is true. He is a very very special person. We were blessed to have him in a Rangers uniform and to continue to have his services.

  56. IBleedRangersBlue on

    while everyones talking about Adam Graves ill share my graves story:

    It was the 06-07 season, i had season tickets at the time and i had worn my Adam Graves Jersey to every game since probably the 96 season, except the game before i had just purchased my new Petr Prucha Jersey (couldnt tell you where it is now). I had entered the garden from the club enterance as i usually had and the Rangers were doing some type of event for season ticket holders in the purples and Adam Graves was singing autographs, somone standing outside the event said to me they had a ticket, they didnt wanna use, to get in to meet him if i wanted it. Of course i took it and went in, he signed a picture of himself he was giving to the attendies but i told him the story about how i ALWAYS wore his jersey but of course the FIRST game i wear my Prucha Jersey, my luck, i meet my childhood idol.

    The great man that Mr Graves is, asked me if i was coming to the next game, when i told him yes he gave me a time and a place in the garden to meet him so he could sign my jersey.

    The next game when i got to the spot where i was supposed to meet him he had security blocking off where he was and they stopped me and told me i could not go up to him to have him sign my jersey. He saw me, recognized me, came over to the security and told them to let me through and signed my jersey. One of my best Rangers Memories of all time! He is a true scholar and a gentleman!

  57. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    IBleed, that is a great story and it doesn’t surprise me a bit that he did that. A true gentleman who is humble as the day is long.

    I was so very fortunate to have sat for about 2 hours with my 18 year old son, about 10 other people, and Adam for dinner. My son was next to him, me next to my son. He told some great stories about Esa Tikkanen, Coach K, Mess, etc. Very comical and special stuff. But the best was him talking about his childhood, mother, father and family. Above all, when we were parting, he pulled my highly impressionable son towards him and put his arm around him, walking away for privacy. My son told me later that Adam told him that while hockey is great it has it’s place and that family is the most important thing in life. He told him to always make time for family and to cherish his moments, which should be daily, with his parents, brother and sister.

    There is no better professional sports role model than Adam Graves.

  58. IBleedRangersBlue on

    In college my professor wanted my english class to write an essay about a role model, I mentioned who mine was going to be on and the teacher told the class athelets were not allowed because there not true role models. I wrote the essay about graves anyway and recieved an A despite the teachers restriction

  59. Coincidence that both Graves and David Wright were raised by police officers and, of course, by special mothers.

  60. not so sure anout that on

    i think that is only regarding minimum cap not the top cap

    czechthemout!!! December 28th, 2012 at 6:42 pm
    Hi guys. First post in a long time . Hope everyone is doing well.

    Just wanted to add my two cents on the latest offer from the league. I think the biggest carrot here is the performance bonus not counting against the cap. This is a huge loophole that can be exploited by high end revenue teams and allow them to sign free agents in a very creative way. They could offer a player an amount of money against the cap and a much larger but easily attainable personal performance and team performance bonuses. It may also save teams from themselves and prevent the Redden and Gomez type contracts from killing their cap
    Fehr and the NHPA should jump at this deal!

  61. Good morning, boneheads!

    You are right, “not so sure”, performance bonuses not to be counted against cap floor, not the upper limit. There is something about availability of performance bonus cushion every year of CBA, but it isn’t clear what it means. I doubt the league would leave that obvious loophole and allow performance bonuses to not count against the cap. A few more things aren’t that clear, like “Cap Advantage Recapture” formula applicable to existing long-term contracts, and Ability for Clubs to retain/allocate Salary and Cap Charges in the context of Player Trades within specified parameters. I guess the details will be available later. Most still think $60M cap next year could be an issue.

    Here are the highlights:

  62. Today’s hockey news on Twitter:

    Important NHL-NHLPA conference call later.

    MDZ now follows “Girls In Yoga Pants” (@girlsinyogapant).

  63. I agree Manny and eric. how about practicing when to pinch and when to stay back, and most importantly, your shooting so you can hit the net once in a blue moon.

  64. with all of this del zotto hammering, it is starting to feel like we actually might be getting close to hockey season again

  65. always so hard for me to fathom all the hate on a 22-year-old kid with so much upside, who was so good in the playoffs (and, who, by the way, does have a good work ethic) … but I am starting to find out that every player is disliked by a certain portion of fans. don’t understand it, but it’s the truth.

  66. Just to distance myself from the hate mob, in case it was necessary…

    Quite happy to make a joke at his expense, but I don’t give a damn what MDZ does off the ice and don’t expect him to provide visual evidence of his 24-hours-a-day training regime (though he does tweet that too).

    And most of the dislike of his on-ice play wasn’t justified last year.

  67. Carp,
    Del Zotto may have earned some of the dislike before Torts sent him to the minors…however
    his game last season was far better than I expected and like you said, he is still soooo young…
    freakin’ idiots…

  68. BTW…the picture on TSN of Buttman and Daly…
    Daly looks like he’s got a black eye…maybe some one took him
    out behind the woodshed…

  69. I was kidding around. I wanted to get my MDZero joke in somehow. Played well, but has room and time for improvement in the areas I specified. I do, though, get disgusted by tweets of athletes. Focus on your job, find ways to get better.

    Michael Jordan. If he could keep playing now, he’d want to destroy the competition, his will to compete and win was 2nd to none. I guess players with that heart and desire come once in a lifetime.

  70. I think the hate for Del Zaster has been born of his tweeting and juvenile antics surrounding girls and young women.

  71. If so many people here have a problem with MDZ and his tweeting of his activities that any and every young adult with any sense of a social life partakes in i dont even want to know what people here would think about Carey Price going coyote hunting and tweeting a picture of the carcass in his hands.

  72. One thing I will say for MDZ is he played more physical on Chris Neil than the whole team combined in the playoffs, with a edge of chippyness just to get under his skin. And I do think his upside is huge. So he likes hot girls. Wow! Let him go and we will be calling him Ricky Middleton II

  73. If I ever have the crazy idea to have children… someone please remind me not to. Too much stress and worry.

  74. I just watched another Whale game. Nice win.

    Newbury and those darned penalties.

    I think I’d be calling up Kolarik before Kreider based on my limited exposure.

    With such a short training camp, maybe roster size will be allowed to be a little larger for the first month.

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