A new offer by the NHL … does this mean progress?


Well, it’s better than no offer and no movement and no discussion.

I think this is a sign that both sides know that the drop-dead date is coming, and the Jan. 2 NHLPA decertification date is out there (though my understanding is that they could decertify later).

Lots of info coming out on twitter ———->

No idea if it will be enough for the players to accept, or be the basis for a deal, or if it’s a take-it-or-leave-it proposal. Supposedly it’s comprehensive, with the max contract increased to six years (seven for signing own players), with language that allows teams to get under new cap (buyouts), and a 10-year CBA.

If this is a yes or no, I suspect one more no from the players. If it’s tweakable, maybe a deal is coming. I still suspect we go into January toward a drop-dead date.


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  1. N.CountryNYRFan on

    Haven’t posted in months, but man I hope this is progress this time and everybody involved pulls their heads out of their assens and get a deal done.

  2. Finally as the deadline draws close the side that needs to move, starts to make a move. This could be the first sensible move in months. Still I’d expect Fehr to hold out for a little more before taking the deal.

  3. Good morning, boneheads!

    I’m with Carp. They’ll still try to squeeze a bit more out of both sides. Freakin’ idiots.

  4. eh – i’ll believe it when I see it.
    And I’ll watch hockey again – because if I’m still here through all this, you know I love it :)

    I’ll just have to decide who to pay for it – I was going to buy the package – but maybe it’s HockeyStreams.com again this year :)


  5. You know, once on a time years ago, there used to be a sport called Hockey, and it was just coming into prominence as one of the major sports, but something happened………a strange combination of circumstances, that left it on the doorstep waiting to be rescued……..but that never happened.

    it has reached a stage where no matter what happens from this point on, it may well be lost
    for good, and will have lost whatever following they may have had, will have disappeared forever.

    Not totally perhaps, but memory is short and bad memory is sometimes long. Let us hope that this is a mere passing incident that will indeed be forgotten in years to come.

  6. Eh why not throw a post on here for the sake of bordem. It’d sure be nice if these idiots could stop stepping on the collective scrotum of the fan base throughout the world that they’ll expect to buy tickets and merchandise once resolved. Seems to be a reocurring event every time the CBA expires. Nothing that I’m sure hasn’t been said and discussed 500 million times since I was last here. Just sucks that our team is one of those in contention and theyre rotting away in the land of nod. Also a daily discussion Im sure. God get a deal done. Happy New Year kids!

  7. Seems from some details that the money doe the buyouts is coming from the players side of course. Owners can’t even pay for their own stupid mistakes. 100 bucks says its take it or leave it to.

    Im at a diner in Latham if anyone in Albany wants to come by for a cup of coffee on me.

  8. @NYDNRangers@ Bill Daly just sent out an email statement confirming the @NHL has made an offer.:”We *want to be back on the ice as soon as possible.”*


    While Del Zaster builds snow forts the NHL echoes what the fans have been saying ALL ALONG.

  9. I have a case of morning, afternoon, evening, and mid-night sickness. Does that mean I’m pregnant with quadruplets?

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