Boxing Day and still no hockey …


… except the World Juniors (Yaaawwwwwnnnnn).

No bargaining sessions scheduled, which means we’re — as predicted — headed to a drop-dead date sometime in January, and then it will be a game of chicken played by clowns who care much more about money than about their game or its fans.

Freakin’ idiots.

Meanwhile, here’s a column by Pierre LeBrun of ESPN on what the NHL should do to please its fans if and when this lockout ever ends. Personally, I disagree with just about all of them, especially the realignment, 3-on-3 overtime, teams in Europe, and, well, just about all of them, as I said.


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  1. I also disagree with a lot of LeBrun’s points, but I’m happy to see him propose them (even though few are novel ideas).

    The best is giving away “Center Ice,” which we all know won’t happen.

    I think it’s be cool to have an European division and I think we WILL one day … just not ready right now.

  2. Oscar Madison lived in a large apartment on Park Avenue on the Upper East Side. Gees. How much do these sportswriters make, anyhow? I have a feeling the fictional ones make a ton more than the real ones. :-)

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Aside from giving away Center Ice, which I think everyone would agree would be a good idea, I’d be ok with realignment happening for 2013-14. And the rest of his ideas are dumb.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    All of Carp’s .25s are being held up by this damn lockout. How much of the make whole provision will be allotted to you?

  5. I disagree with most of them too. Especially reallignment. The only reallignment I want to see is to pre-1994 NHL of Wales/Campbell conferences, Patrick/Adams/Norris/Smythe divisions and fewer teams.
    Also, the shootout and Bettman Bonus Point must go!

    That is, if they ever get their act together and, you know, actually play games.

  6. >>…clowns who care much more about money than about their game or its fans.

    Since those clowns are running a business, why shouldn’t they care more about money? I never expect businesses to care about me. All I know is, the moment I don’t have any money to spend, I’m nothing to them.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Nah, I think realignment is in order… just not the stupid realignment that the league originally proposed.

    Winnipeg goes to Northwest, Vancouver goes to Pacific, Dallas goes to Southeast.

    Screw Detroit and Chicago.

  8. Did LeBrun say: “Fans want the realignment”? The one they proposed last year was designed to add two more teams to NHL. Yup, real fans want that….

  9. Manny, funny thing is, out of his 10 proposals, giving away Center Ice has the lowest likelihood of happening.

  10. absolutely, coos.

    the realignment proposal made more games less meaningful, had four conferences instead of divisions, and would assure that some weaker teams from lesser conferences would get into the playoffs while stronger teams from stronger conferences would miss out.

  11. Expect the league’s to now make a CBA proposal where they leak that Center Ice will be free to fans, but only if the players pay for it.

    So when the players reject the proposal for entirely unrelated reasons, the league can say “Look who really cares about the fans”…

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, yes, the previously proposed realignment was a terrible idea. But something has to be done about Winnipeg in the Southwest.

    Like I said; simple fix: Winnipeg to Northwest, Vancouver to Pacific, Dallas to Southeast.

  13. Calling divisions “conferences” should have been the nail in the coffin before the whole plan ever got off the ground.

    Freakin’ idiots.

  14. If Bettman was on the Price is Right he would totally underbid the showcase showdown and then demand he get both showcases because he overspent on his tickets to get into the audience.

    What a freakin idiot. Jacobs too.

  15. puck, i mean, doodie, i have no problem with geographical realignment … but this plan to have the top four from each “conference” make the playoffs regardless of record makes zero sense. I also think more non-division games is a bad thing.

  16. I dont think Pierre LeBrun exists. Peter the Bruin. It’s an alias for Peter Gammons. Has anyone actually seen Pierre LeBrun on TV or in person? I think not.

    Have a happy first anniversary next week, Manny.

  17. To be fair to LeBrun, he doesn’t actually say that he favours the realignment plan that was proposed last year, just that the two sides need to come up with something and that it creates interest.

  18. The only LeBron idea I kind of like is the 4 on 4 to 3 on 3 overtime…but screw the shootout…its soooo lame!

  19. The problem with the realignment plan is of the seven teams rangers isles devs pens Phil wash and car only 4 make it. The 5th best team in this Div could be better then 3rd and 4th teams in bost mont Div.

    Also me watching tons of center ice a bost montreal reg season game has no bearing on impacted rangers.

    As a fan the only teams that matter are your Div 6 of 30 instead of 15 in east now out if 30 in league.

  20. Forget realignment…
    eliminate a bunch of non-hockey market teams…
    Goodbye Phoenix
    Goodbye Florida

  21. The best thing that might come out of this lockout mess would be several teams being forced to shutdown. Of course, knowing the idiots in charge, the league will buy all those teams to make sure they stay running.

  22. 4 on 4, 3 on 3. I dont like either. if you want games to end in OT, continue to give the point for regulation tie and then play 5 on 5. you will see more OT goals scored 5 on 5. that 5th guy makes a big difference. I do not know the STATS for sure, but I suspect more games are going to shootouts than ending in OT. team playing with 4 tend to play more for the shootout than go for the win. a 5th skater frees teams up to go for it, and still play it safer.

  23. but, Staal, that’s what this fight is all about … those teams supposedly can’t survive with the old CBA, so they need a better one. problem is, they probably won’t ever survive, and the big teams get hurt by all of this.

    plus, the cap from the last lockout hurt those teams because with a cap came a salary floor. so they ended up having to pay out more in salaries than they did pre-cap.

  24. What a concept- the league was making too much money. Because of that, the teams had to spend more. And some of them can’t afford it. But they are still part of the league. That was making too much money….I need Aspirin….

  25. Shootout/OT stats, for what it’s worth:

    2011/12: 300 games went to OT (24.4%), 181 to a shootout (14.8%)
    2010/11: 297 (24.1%) & 149 (12.1%)
    2009/10: 301 (24.5%) & 184 (15.0%)
    2008/09: 282 (22.9%) & 159 (12.9%)
    2007/08: 272 (22.1%) & 156 (12.7%)
    2006/07: 281 (22.8%) & 164 (13.3%)
    2005/06: 281 (22.8%) & 145 (11.8%)

    Total: 23.3% went to OT, 13.2% to a shootout

    Five previous seasons (where the OT loser point was given) for comparison:
    2003/04: 320 games went to OT (26.0%), 175 were tied (14.2%)
    2002/03: 312 (25.4%) & 157 (12.7%)
    2001/02: 270 (22.0%) & 149 (12.1%)
    2000/01: 274 (22.2%) & 152 (12.4%)
    1999/00: 260 (22.6%) & 146 (12.7%) (28 teams)

    Total: 23.7% went to OT, 12.8% were tied

  26. “… the league was making too much money. ”

    Yes, except Bettman and the ‘freakin’ idiots’ leading the NHL didn’t make anything. They redistributed wealth and increased their own salaries. They basically just played Robin Hood with the money from big TV markets and called it a loss…What a concept!

    “….I need Aspirin….”


  27. jay riemenschneider on

    What if the NHL were to move to a format like football in europe with relegation and promotion? Then you could legitimately have a pool of say 40 teams fighting for 24 NHL spots with the bottom 2 going down automatically and the next two having a relegation playoff to stay in the league. Then the same for the lower division… top two teams automatically promote and the 3-4 teams have a playoff series for promotion.

  28. Carp,
    I’m confused by your response. Or maybe I said it wrong, I realize the fight is over the “unsustainable” teams needed money from the big markets. Maybe you could explain?

    Also, by eliminated the unprofitable teams, realignment would certainly be necessary I’d think…
    however I guess the point is moot since the league will not downsize…

    Bull dog I agree with you…I was only stating that the only idea that LeBron talked about that even mildly interested me was the 4 on 4 to 3 on 3 idea…every other idea sucked.

  29. Find wall. Bang head against it repeatedly.

    That’s pretty much what the NHL has done since the last CBA. And if they think that even if they get everything they want in the new one (which I hope to freaking god they don’t), the GMs and agents will find ways to circumvent it. It’s the very nature of what being a GM and agent are about!

  30. Jay- if the NHL has a pool of 40 teams, Trevor Gillies will easily become a leading scorer of one of them.

  31. Staal, sorry if I confused you … bottom line: Gary Bettman would give the players 80 percent of hockey revenues, shave his head, grow a four-foot beard and walk around barefooted before he agreed to contraction of the NHL.

  32. the NHL

    Another casualty of labor unions. It took a little bit longer than GM but not much.

    if the US taxpayers give the NHL 49.5 billion dollars (gone) it might last a few more years.

    There are more hockey leagues than every sport but soccer. Let the NHL die.

    It sounds crazy but the sun is only up for a few hours here in Anchorage in the winter. it is light from 11 am til it sets before 4 pm. Dark thoughts.

    next year

  33. Cross Check Charlie on

    Wow, that LeBrun column had to be one of the dumbest things I’ve read lately. Has he gone stir crazy from no hockey?

    Really, who in the US (or Canada for that matter) would give a rat’s patoot if there are teams in Europe? Wouldn’t it be great if your team is playing at 3am our time? I’ll bet the teams on the West coast will have a grand ol’ time on the plane to Zurich or Prague.

    3 on 3 hockey? Sure. Why not two-on-two? One-on-one? Yeah, one-on-one. That’ll be wide open.


  34. That LeBrun column was the stupidest thing you’ve read?

    You must not have read LeBruns tweets after the shootings.

  35. Is there anyone in the world who actually likes the shootout? Forget the 3 on 3… just get rid of the shootout. There’s nothing wrong with ties.

  36. i have a great idea! make two of your worst dmen play in OT one-on-one with no goalies! first who scores 5 goals wins the game!

  37. Matty"DepthisWhatisNeeded!!!"Boy on

    There are a handful of issues on both sides that are SO ludicrous that both sides should be ashamed. Word has it that the concept of the longer than 5 year contract is a breaking point for the NHLPA. Really????

    Meantime, the NHL owners can’t get enough of them, even down to the deadline this year prominent contracts were signed over 10 years.

    When has one, just one, of these contracts turned out fair for the owners side? I’m thinking Gomez, Drury, for starters. Sprinkle in a Dipietro, Yashin, A-Rod, Bobby Bonilla!! 95% of them are failures and protect ONLY the player. Add some more….
    Why can’t the NHLPA be happy with 5 years at max?

    In the meantime, the lines are drawn. And we are left shaking our heads.

    Freakin’ Idiots.

  38. I think a Europånsy division is a non-starter too, but which part of Europånsyland exactly would mean 3am ET starts? Beijing?

  39. Thanks Carp!
    Teams in Europe…
    Rangers back to back games… First game in Prague second game in NY…

  40. Staal,
    they would not allow that 2nd game of a back to back, be at home. it would be in Pittsburg!

  41. Sorry but I didn’t read the 62 responses to your post, Carp. First thing that comes to mind when I read what you say is I agree with everything Carp says! Again!! What they should do for fans, but they won’t, is to lower ticket prices for the duration of one season! Not a Bettman-shortened season, a full 82 game season! Half price on tix!!!! “Welcome back fans, we’re sorry we showed how greedy we are so please, come back & enjoy the game you love at half price.” No? Not happenin’? Yeah, I agree.

  42. iDoodie Machetto on

    That Derek Jeter 10 year deal and the first Aroid deal went pretty well.

    We are also 5 years through Mike Richards’ 12 year deal and that one seems like it’s going pretty well.

    Gretzky’s long “personal services” contract turned out pretty good as well.

  43. This sucks. I just had to take down my Rangers banner in my office because it was depressing me too much. I was really sick of people walking by my office and saying, “Hey! The Rangers! I heard they were going to be good this season. How are they doing?”

  44. Cross Check Charlie on

    Boxing Day is where you put on gloves and beat up the people that gave you lousy gifts for Christmas.

    Artie – this whole lockout is about money and how the owners can keep more for themselves. I highly doubt that they’ll even consider taking in less money.

  45. Doodie Machetto on

    LW, winning a franchise its first Cup is a success. Just like all of the Rangers’ moves that led up to the Cup in 94 can’t be questioned (i.e., trading Amonte and Gartner in 94, Weight a couple of years earlier) because you don’t question Cups, especially when it’s been a long time without one.

    As for it not being with the Flyers, just because they made a bad decision to trade him doesn’t mean that the contract was a mistake.

  46. 4generations 4 cups on

    i miss hockey so frickin bad. lets hope that these frickin idiots will resolve for a Jan 14th season start :(

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    Grimaldi continues to impress me, but I’m beginning to wonder if it’s only impressions of watching him or whether I’ve become biased in his favor. Objectively, I can say that he never stops churning his little legs, and that goes double when the puck is on his stick. We’ve seen several smaller modern NHLers with a ton of heart and drive do well in the NHL (i.e., Fleury, Verbeek, St. Louis, Gionta), and Grimaldi could be next on that list.

    I qualify it as “modern” because the average player size has increased dramatically from the time that guys like Richard, Keon, Gilbert, etc. were playing. Even Marcel Dionne is kind of borderline in terms of era.

    But the player who has impressed me the most is Galchenyuk. That dude looks legit. Looks like a great player for Montreal to rebuild around.

  48. Carpinello's grocer on

    Rag contraction, no more stupid lockout causing contracts.

    Richards can take his 30m already in his bank account and start a full time charity cleaning up after Dolan’s dogs.

    Fire grocery boy.

  49. Sometimes when I think you’re the shallowest man I’ve ever met, you somehow manage to drain a little more out of the pool

  50. Not arguing winning the Cup or LA’s acquisition of him wasn’t a success, Doodie. But they didn’t happen _because_ he had seven years left on his deal rather than one or two, so I don’t see how it makes the contract length itself good.

    And whether or not the Flyers made the right decision or not, presumably they decided one way or another that they had a better option than having Richards (and Carter) around, so they must have at least some regret.

  51. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to assume that I couldn’t exactly not say that it is or isn’t almost partially incorrect.

  52. The best proposal which he left out is to fire Garry Bettman. That would show all the fans that they care about hockey and they dont need this clown continuing to mess up the game.
    All his other proposals, with the exception of free center ice, is dumb.

  53. Richards (Mike) did perform exceptionally well out there in LA. Get those old morons back together and put them in the playoffs and they really played well. Let’s see if he has a bit of a post-cup, post-lockout sleepy period.

  54. Oh, the grocer is back. Bet you he is happy with the lockout, Why wouldn’t he? The Fishsticks hasn’t been officially eliminated from the playoffs and it’s already after Christmas! Bet you long contracts given to DP and Yashin largely contributed to that success.

  55. Cross Check – I hear ya’!!! If it wasn’t for owner greed, we’d have NHL hockey right now!! But ya’ gotta admit, it would be a novel idea to really give the game back to the fans!!! Whenever one of these suits says they want to get the players back on the ice and give the game back to the fans, you gotta throw up in your mouth a little bit?

  56. It’s hard to blame Bettman – he is obviously distracted by his copy of “50 Shades of Grey” that he seems to bring to every meeting

  57. Bettman originally bought it as a Hanukkah gift for his wife because he thougth it said “50 Shades of Gary”…once he learned the truth, well, it was obvious to all who know him that the book would never leave his clutches

  58. Who would have believed that two days after Christmas the Rangers would still be unbeaten, untied, and unscored-upon?

  59. Last year, after they beat the Islanders on 12/26, the Rangers improved to 22-8-4. They lost their next game to Washington on 12/28. The season was over.

  60. I figured out, that if I drop post every 40 minutes, it will take 184 of them to realize that season is finally over…

  61. I take a great offence, that some gross scunkbag misspells Carps name. Be pro, bro, learn your dirty trade, for Buttman sake…

  62. Giving away GameCenter Live would be nice, except first they would have to improve the service, get rid of blackouts, and expand it to work with other devices like

    3v3 is a terrible idea. Players like McDonagh and Girardi are going to rack up minutes and be put at risk for injury to some dirtbag like Ovechkin (although last I remember he doesn’t play after 40 minutes anyway).

    My idea: Stop marketing sausage lips.

  63. Unbeaten, untied, and unscored upon since 1926. I must have been thinking of Sarah Lawrence Football.

  64. Golfer with diarrhea to playing partner:
    “You got any toilet tissue in your bag?”
    “You got a towel you don’t need?”
    “You got an old, used golf glove I could borrow?
    “You got ten ones for a fifty?”

  65. is it ok to tell slightly dirty jokes? after-hours after all…

    two girlfriends talking,

    One chick goes to the other – “You know, i gave Santa Clause a bj last night”

    The other chick “oh, really? How was it?”

    First chick “It melts in your mouth”


  66. Yep, another terrible article by a bored hockey writer with a bunch of ludicrous ideas. No.1 would be nice but knowing my luck they would only make 1 free in the US and Canada!

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